Has it gone off merely in a fart?

There is an interesting project going on at this site:

Get involved. And make your contribution. Let’s show Najib Razak what we think of his 100 days in power. You only have to be creative!

And while you are at it, may be you can tell me what you think of his performance as Malaysia’s PM?

Lets see if we can get a better statistics than Merdeka Center!


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  1. storm62 says:

    ya, najis has done a 100 days farting,

    and the Rakyat has gone thru 100 days of mourning.

  2. UMNO PM is all talk and no actions!
    Until now, what has he done for the nation, except playing dirty politics….UMNO style.
    This lover boy CEO of the nation is behaving like a lady-killer coaxing Malaysians into his parlour of disaster…….

  3. jungleboy says:

    100 days of farting – from the mouth. Should had drawn the gas shooting out from the mouth instead of the arse

  4. Suddenly I have lost respect for Merdeka Poll. I smell a rat!

  5. khy says:

    the saying is that,when you farts loud it usually don’t smell.but he farts 100 times loudly and all smell horrible.appointed guy,no way!

  6. MP Nabhan says:

    1 Malaysia is farting – talks loudly but smellc fishy. So close your ears and your nostrils. Ha! Ha! Ha!

  7. dragon says:

    So umno have in filtrate the Merdeka polls. With all farts going around the country is stinking.We all know about it but not this power crasy umnoputeras.Welcome back Susan…you are very sharp now. keep it up.

  8. wits0 says:

    “DEMORCATIC Congress to impose Cattle FARTING TAX !”

    Not to worry here though, all bumno kok fart tok-oh tok-oh will be exempted if ever this sort of law comes to M’sian shores.

  9. xpose says:

    eh………………. now i know why for last 100 days, i woke up with foul smell in the air

  10. 100 days…………..

    Eerr….! What was that..????
    What happened arr….??

    Sorry ya’ll……. I was awake but “didn’t” see & hear anything.

    Aiyaaa….! I missed the Merdeka Poll lah…!!!
    Can we start all over again….!!!

    Start one please.
    At least we know it’s for real…!!!
    Thanks !

  11. monsterball says:

    Those goons dare not go to pasar malam and food court centres and ask the same questions to the thousands of Malaysians.
    I dare say….at least 75% hates Najib.
    Najib dare not call for a snap 13th GE….so safe….since he got 65% Malaysia support..why delay?
    Why not go and win one full term under his leadership and establish himself…as PM…. elected by the people?
    Presently he is UMNO elected PM….not elected by the people at all.
    Najib’s 100 days is full of shit…the only unelected PM…putting out low class performances …by walking at pasar malam…eating stalls…to act…to show how humble a PM he is.. for all races.
    Is UMNO BARU a party for all races?
    Perhaps he likes making woopies with other races..all his life…besides his own kind….and marry his own kind…out of no choice.
    He will go down in histroy…as the one and only unelected PM…..came out with the slogan…”1 Malaysia”….when UMNO..MCA and MIC are clearly three….and Perak is one…so disunited…where is his oneness and concern….never shown at all….to practice what he preaches.
    This PM is the worst of the lot.

  12. Menyalak-er says:

    Farting is popular – all of us do it! Flatus leads to Global Warming.
    Looking at the populist policies that naif has so far implemented, he is indeed taking some flatus off PR’s sails.
    Only thing is that he still hasn’t done the really right and honest things – like DSAI’s case, dropping ISA, clearing up the Mongolian bony-bits issue, ‘subduing’ mme Lumpiolus, querrying ill-gotten gains by comestic dentists and ilk, the Perak fiasco and other crooked ‘bridges’. But of course, it’s his genetic hypocrisy.
    He is about to get his just desserts from headmaster Octokutty who will strangle him ala David Carradine.

  13. Pegasus says:

    Naif wanted to fart but shit instead!!!..Naif will lead the country to disaster with his plans…changing from English to BM for Science & Maths does speak well for the future…they should have retain it and pay more attention to upgrade the teaching of English in schools and not being regressive.. the BN regime is solely responsible for the decline in standard of our education overall.From being one of the best English speaking nation in Asia around the 70’s we have sadly decline over the years…Naif is just another coconut from the umno tree..he has his hands full to pull through with his agenda…and the people are not easily going to forget what has taken place all this while…Time to put the right person at the right place…meanwhile bring on the polls..!!!

  14. You can see him off and on on TV , when he is supposed to say something important.

    His body language is akin to a farter who is worried about tomorrow’s stench. His tired draggy vocals , his twitching eyes , his tired looks , his unsure demeanor …say it all !

    He is guilty as charged , and he knows it !
    100 days of shit stench

  15. hawkeye says:

    Najib or Rosmah makes no difference,we want them and Be eNd out of the way.Malaysia deserves a better future.Anarchy is better than the shit we are in.

  16. Pegasus says:

    sorry,my earlier comment…should read ..does NOT speak well for the future… & piss to Naif

  17. apapunboleh says:

    100 days of contradiction……nuff said

  18. wits0 says:

    Menyalak-er, we fart out of need, he farts for his greed.

  19. Menyalak-er says:

    Yes wits0, not only for greed or need but also to breed.
    All those convenient ketuanan krises – as Pegasus says the latest example being the 180 deg turn on that curious 6 yr. education policy. Now, that’s a super-duper no brainer – kang-tau’panda Muhi shafted the bamboo stalk up octokutty’s farting os.
    Is there any wonder why His Master’s voice is growling, soon to bite back?

  20. storm62 says:

    haven seen such a farking umno pm before.

    he fark fark here, and fark fark there…like what Menyalak-er says farking is a global warming thing. too much CFC gases release to deplete the ozone layer.

  21. wits0 says:

    Global warming(i.e, man made global warming especially) is a world wide scam and Bodohland is one of the supporters of that populist pseudo science.

    Naif does not believe in anything but “perception”. It’s a true Freudian slip that implies the person himself has no morality or principles. Such a person therefore believes that, given enough influence and ownself’s cleverness, he can change reality to his own favour and that’s all that ultimately matters.

  22. monsterball says:

    Never in the history of any Malaysian PM been fark non stop for 100 days.
    Naf Ton Raza carries the burden of proof as Min.of Defense…promoted to DPM and now…as PM as the Mongolian first suspected murderer…with style..with cheerfulness…with confidence…with so much shit …makes crooks…scoundrels….thieves…con men..from all over the world…take notice…Malaysia maybe the real place where pirates can dwell in peace…where heaven and hell is so clear and real.
    Naf Ton Raza 100 days as PM is proving to be the greatest UMNO hypocrite and actor of all times.
    He is a self made magician…with props made out of few corrupted police officers and judges.
    He can bribe frogs to jump….bribe few police and judges to stop thinking….be robots….listen to him.
    He is very generous with money..making sure..the bribes cannot be refused.
    He is enjoying the fruits of all his evils deeds with his famous smile…walking in the streets…talking to children in schools.
    He is the first PM that inherited the swearing by the Koran to proof his innocence is enough. He is above all laws….more powerful than any President in any so call democratic country and certainly..more powerful than a USA President.
    100 days…receiving non stop cursing and farking…inspired him to come out with the “1 Malaysia” slogan to give one back to Malaysians …a taste of his usual sly fox hit us back…and see who can convince the ordinary voters…the real scoundrel…..he or us.
    Let the people judge…he said.
    That did not work…now put out a rating he is 65% loved by Malaysians.
    Will that work? We must be idiots to believe that rating.
    RM billions allocated for this or that to bring Malaysia out of economy crisis…also did not work. How can that work when the billions are used to cover up looses of UMNO controlled companies…benefiting UMNO have billions ..ready to buy votes…buy frogs….buy up the country..wholesale.
    Will that work?
    Our own survey showed almost 80% hates Najib…and 70% do not recognized him as PM…and 100% agrees he should call for a snap 13th clear up his bad bad bad reputation.
    Mummy does not agree.
    Rosmah does not agree.
    Too soon …not enjoying enough as mother and wife of PM.
    Father with a boyish personality and low IQ….so happy.
    The show must go on.
    God help Malaysia!!

  23. tan kim heng says:

    where the FARK or FART happens to ALTANTUYA`s case???????

  24. Tamanong says:

    Frankly, what we are seeing right now is a struggling PM. Trying his best to please the Malaysian at large while in the same time protecting his votes from his cronies. I don’t think Najib will stand any longer! He should quit and let other races lead. Right now there is only 1 voice in the gov and that is UMNO! Do you call this democracy?

    UMNO is gone!!!!

  25. Leong Yook Kong says:

    Leading with a 65% in the recent poll, Najib still does not have the confidence to call for a fresh election in Perak. Just imagine????????????????

  26. april fool says:

    Susan, in the picture I do not perceive someone getting ready to fart but getting ready to be f*ck by all of you.
    He learn well from his mentor, Dr.Ma …”in politics it is a matter of perception”. All his recent performance is to create a perception in preparation of GE13. After GE13 we will see the real him, but the perception can only cheat the poor rakyat not the foreign investors who can easily seen through his action.

  27. jebat baru says:

    Malaysia is a corrupt and crimes infested country all due to that Mahakutty.

    Else Malaysia is a beautiful country akin to an utopia land with all the denizens living peacefully, harmoniously and prosperously together as 1Family!

    To renege to her original state, all Malaysians must concentrate in weeping out all those menacing culprits.

    The biggest culprit is Mahakutty. If Mahakutty, after committing all the heinous crimes and yet could enjoy all the loots he garnered during his 22 despotic rule without going to jail, don’t you think there is something wrong with us?

  28. jebat baru says:

    Is it fair if all of us are working diligently for a basic living whence this Mahakutty could rob the nation blatantly with impunity?

    Can the nation operate peacefully if this blatant culture which is destroying the nation to continue?

    Who would want to work diligently and yet could not sustain a reasonable lifestyle whereas this Mahakutty with his all dirty tricks and crimes could reap monolithic rewards and enjoying a hedonistic lifestyle for the rest of his life- without hard work and prudence !

    The denizens would therefore pursuit Mahakutty’s dirty- techniques and would also want to reap huge reward without working diligently ala Mahakutty.

    As such Malaysia is filled with all kinds of racial slurs, discriminations, unfair trade, educational, job-opportunistic practices just because these culpricks are doing a deja vu of Mahakutty’s broad-day-light-robbing culture!

  29. jebat baru says:

    This practice of Mahakutty’s broad-day-light-robbing culture would ultimately sinking a resourced rich Malaysia and the denizens are feeling the crunch now.

    Now all the denizens especially those in the opposition are all also following this broad-day-light-robbing culture-all epitomized by Mahakutty.

    This broad-day-light-robbing culture must be halted advance.

    To put a stop to this broad-day-light-robbing culture is to lock-up this Mahakutty for life- for the good of the nation, for all the denizens and their children!!

    Else, sink Malaysia with this broad-day-light-robbing culture by all.

    This will not be the exclusivity of Mahakutty!

  30. Ray-of-Hope says:

    Mamak Kutty is celebrating his B-day today, why did Jeff Ooi wish him to continue to “rock” on? Doesn’t he think this ole bloody Malay ultra-racist had done enough of destructions to this this sad nation?

    Doesn’t he think this Kutty robbed us blind for 22 yrs was more than enough? Want somemore shiit from Kutty?

    or Jeff Ooi hadn’t tasted Mamak Kutty’s iron-fist n lockup in ISA like his seniors Unker Lim and Kapal Singh?

    Mamak Kutty = Bapak Perosakan Maresia!

  31. woit says:

    Pelajar UNiSEL mahu Rosmah undur

    Bestari Jaya,

    Seluruh pelajar Universiti Selangor (UNISEL) bertepuk menyatakan persetujuan apabila salah seorang daripada pelajar mereka mengajukan cadangan untuk menukar Canselor mereka sekarang, Datin Paduka Rosmah Mansor.

    hangjebat Jul 10th, 2009 at 2:02 pm

    Saya rasa keluarkan dia juga dari slot Berita di TV3. Tiap-tiap hari ada saja berita tentang dia. Muak dan bosan. Tapi, saya rasa susah selagi ada Farid Riduan dalam Media Prima. Dia tu bapak kaki bodek.

  32. vsp says:

    Pakatan wake up and seriously start working for the people. Even if what Najib’s spinmeisters is doing to shore up his credibility is a publicity stunt, Pakatan frequent and crazy idiosyncrasies of shooting themselves in the foot will soon drive people to believe in his propaganda.

    I think Anwar should spend more time nurturing the coalition instead of missing in action. He is spending too much time overseas to win a different audience instead of noticing how little Napoleans within Pakatan are wrecking havoc.

  33. ishe says:

    And then the politician was asked his view of Najib’s “positive” points.

    “Well… he has also been meeting more people,” he smiled, referring to Najib’s walkabout attempts to endear himself to the public since taking office, before dropping the punch line.

    “And secondly, he doesn’t sleep,” Dr Mahathir added, in an apparent dig at his successor Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi who was widely seen as sleeping on the job — literally and metaphorically.

  34. Ray-of-Hope says:

    M’kini 10.July news: “The NEP should not be blamed for the falling FDI”, says Mahathir……

    This Mamak Kutty turned Malay-Champion ultra-racist demon is at it again…

    God, where art thou? please help us all……

  35. nate says:

    Are you free?

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