najib-100Couldn’t sleep. So had a look at this: Najib’s passing mark

Ceh. Only 65 percent? With all the propaganda blitzzz lately, I thought Najib Razak would have scored above 80 percent ! Maybe even 90.

Those 22 percent who are unsatisfied, who the hell are you? Unsatisfied with what and what else do you want?

And the 13 undecided? What are you undecided about? You can’t have it both ways. You either like/love Najib or you hate/loathe him. 

If you can’t decide why take the poll by Merdeka Center at all?

Truth is, I would like to see Najib getting a higher score in the next poll.

That would beat some sense and sensibility into the heads of some  Pakatan Rakyat politicians.

Already they are running their respective states like headless chickens when the people have given them a chance to make good their promises.

Above all, people want to see solidarity among the PR partners, not childish squabbles through the media. 

So, in a way, I do encourage everyone to send PR a loud and clear message: that they better get their bloody act together.

Or else…give Najib 99.99 percent!

In fact, I even wish there was a snap poll! In this way, Najib can really show those PR lousies that he really has the 65 percent and maybe even more!

But I also long for the day when we could have another [better!] viable alternative than the sickening BN or PR, more choices for the people.

PSM, CPM…maybe you could fill the gap?

Will there ever be a a third, principled and trust worthy coalition someday?

Or else, I am quite sick at going to the polls, knowing I would only be getting rotten apples.

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  1. Das says:

    Dear Susan!

    Eith the main stream media at the disposal of BN and with some “goons” in PKR trying to steal the limelight with the hope of coming back to the BN fold someday, what more can you and I expect from the current developments in Malaysia!!!! Each one for their own and that’s what BN wants in order to prolong their stay in Putrajaya!!!!! WAIT FOR THE NEXT GE, MY DEAR FRIEND! See Najib “LIVE” bein booted out of Putrajaya! His and his croonies days are numbered!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. wits0 says:

    The Merdeka Centre Poll Index is like the CONsumer Price Index. It has to be suitably malleable.

  3. gun & bungarayas says:

    Bull…shit!!! Merdeka Centre Poll Index .

  4. monsterball says:

    65%??….why if that’s true….he will call for a snap 13th GE…to establish himself as people’s PM.
    Right now…he is the one and only….unelected PM…elected by UMNO….not by the people.

  5. Perakborn says:

    When even the Federal Court could compromise on verdicts to please the power that be, what makes you think Merdeka Center do not.
    I reckon this survey is a big bluff.
    The people hate Najib like hell as they did before he became PM. He can get no more than 35%.

  6. Are we sure Merdeka Poll Centre is giving a accurate count…??
    Or just for the sake of pleasing someone…????????

    Hopefully this polling will “wake-up” PKR gangs…! How long more do they need to get their “house” in order..???

    Next GE is comming & we are oredy in the middle of the year 2009. Time flies…!!!
    If everyone is acting like a “PM” in PKR then how are the rakyat gonna make sense of the party…??????????????

    We want “GOOD” governance…..!!!!
    We want change…..!!!!!!!!
    We voted PKR in…!!
    We gave them a chance…!!!

    “We can NOW compare both….!!”

    PKR is “still” having internal problems.
    Their problem is………………….. “Who’s the BOSS….!!!”

    DAP, PAS, PKR & whoever is having a tough time “accepting” the “togetherness” eventhough they’ve agreed to work hand in hand.
    That’s how PKR was formed & named…….!!!!

    They each have their own “TOP” man & own agenda….!!!
    So I guess it’s not easy to put all the “TOPs” together.


    No matter what. They have to & must get their “bloody” act together lah…………!
    I, myself am so bloody sick & tired of PKR’s “all that”…….!!!

    Any more “other” choices besides BN & PKR……??????????

  7. guler gul says:

    merdeka centre poll index…
    under the auspicious of apple polishers..& scum bags.

    The survey….is a piece of shit!!!

  8. charleskiwi says:

    What a lot of bullshits !
    If Najib truly believes in it have a GE next month and see the end results.To retain his tenure kick out pariah Mahathir and his baby, this way he may still have a chance. I said he may have a chance as he would have given hope to more people who hate him than lose support from less people who support him.
    There isn’t a day in the internet I would not read anything negative about this dirty old Indian man.

  9. chanjoe says:

    Yes…65% is good reason to go for a new mandate and this time BN will be the end. PR should register a common symbol for the GE 13 as we dont want to see any 3 corner fights as in GE 12. It has proven that even strange bedfellows can come together for the betterment of the People and Country. I am afraid that these strange bedfellows will still want to stick to their egos and not agree to a common symbol for the GE 13 to take over the Govt from Najlis.

    And dont forget some super heros within PR who always comes out at the wrong time and says the wrong tgings which is out of the common grounds of PR. Its really a shock that the respective party did not do anything to either suspend or sack these morons….what are they waiting for…. Chinese saying…
    “Kill one and you will automatically clean the rest.” All we can do is to sit and wait and during this period of no NATO (No Action Talk Only) by PR…I am afraid the sand below their legs is eroding fast and something must be done to contain the erosion. I wont be surprise if the GE 13, BN is returned in Kedah….you know better than me.

  10. wandererAUS says:

    If this poll is has any merit, Mongolian C4 should call for a snap election to establish his popularity and a mandate from Malaysians to rule Bolehland but, “Has he got the balls?”
    Hiding behind the ‘Red Guards’, Blue uniform baboons and flashy skirts are the things he does best…….lady killer come clean!

  11. calvin tan says:

    speculate!speculate!speculate first to con the rakyat ,same old trick
    lah, 52 years we should have know n read them like books.Making use of MPC, mind u those 1000 plus polls might be taken from those around BN circles to bluff the rakyat.He will promise the sky at this stage BUT once he got the mandate from the rakyat assuming GE13,he`ll do an about turn.remember nothing is black n white or passed by parliament, all we hear is from his stinking mouth.beware wolf in the making from an old wolf(toon kutty)

  12. jungleboy says:

    Right on calvin tan. Come every GE the PM will promise everything under the sun. Once voted in with vast majority their racism and arrogance will reappear like leprosy. Do we trust the BN politician? KSK made a statement that he will never accept a backdoor cabinet post! What is he now? Definitely not a Penang Laksa seller.

  13. wits0 says:

    Probably the KPI wonder secretly advised the Merdeka Centre that they better come up with something like 65%…..or else!

  14. People forget very fast. Bring back the c4 affair and the Altantuya episode. He has to come clean on that. Swearing on the koran can be done by anyone. Najib will have to prove that he was not involved . Recenctly Malaysia has been ranked one of the most corrupt and of the police force, say no more. They love their uniform but not their job. Throw the cards on the table and lets see the results

  15. K2 says:

    Why am I not surprise with the poll result? Hurm..

  16. k1 says:

    control all media and agencies and only get 65% and not 99.999%!! so it means that if “real and independent” survey, the score will be 6.5%.

  17. jungleboy says:

    Najib swore on the koran that ‘ he did not know that mongolian woman’ but in his mind he was focussing on a random mongolian woman.

  18. If it is indeed true that the Merdeka Poll gave Najib 65% approval rating, then he didn’t earn it. Rather the childish and immature behaviour of some of the Pakatan Rakyat members like Hadi and Nasharudin and the recent internal back-stabbings by PKR in Penang and the Kedah abattoir incidents… all these give Najib the votes.

    Susan, I have worked so hard since the last GE12 and I am also giving up lah. Pakatan needs more credible candidates who are matured and not so blardy silly in their behavior…

  19. eeyaw says:

    65% is exactly 2/3? Too hard to believe coming from this Merdeka Centre and we are not so gullible as to accept this result. If it is true of Malaysian opinion of Mr C4 then he should call for a General Election but knowing him wouldn’t dare coz he’s CHICKEN.

  20. Ray-of-Hope says:

    Dear Susan,

    Be careful with what you wish for!

    I fully understand your frustration though… Last month one survey showed that more than 60% of the indians are happy with Be-eNd govmen (only 15 months ago, more than 80% indians voted PR in GE-12!). These surveys proved yet again that we M’sians are very forgetful ppl, now 65%, before GE-13, Najis popularity may rise above 80% as you wished…

    Maresia Boleh…!!! Be-eNd Boleh…!!! Long Live Najis…!!!

  21. justme says:

    Am I surprise with his 65% approval rating? Not exactly, what the MS bombarding his message of change and his liberalisation of some policies.
    And to think, PR is able to topple BN in the next GE, I would venture to say at best, its a pipe dream. With PR having no second echelon of leaders capable of capturing the public’s imagination, but dependent on the same old horses who seem to be running out of steam, what can we expect? In my opinion, PR will find even have a hard time maintaining the seats it now holds.
    What with the bickering and the cracks between Pakatan partners widening by the day, and the public becoming more sceptical in PR held states, each wanting power more than serving the people, its beyond my imagination how PR could wrestle power from BN.
    Some PR members may even now eying positions in BN and the riches which probably follows. Why not strike while the iron is hot and what with leverage to be able to negotiate.
    Don’t get me wrong, I want PR to topple BN as well, but reality on the ground speaks differently.

  22. Ray-of-Hope says:

    I also wanna make a wish, that in the coming GE-13 Najis & his Be-eNd Gang will win by landslide victory > 65% votes…

    Then come the post-election ArmKnow’s assembly, we would be grateful to watch Kerishamuddin…, ooops…, I mean MoreKeris (Khairy should be a goner coz he made a big mistake to say that it should be ‘Malay Leadership’, not ‘Malay Supremacy’, hence he has betrayed Bodohland’s most supreme race!) in TV live telecast showing his Keris shafting repeatedly into the hot air from his mouth spewing, “Hidup (Ketuanan) Melayu…!!! (Chorus)”

    Let’s look foreward to this bloody helluva sad episode…

  23. 2nd class says:

    Bravo Najib! Keep it up. That’s the way, ignore your opposition and works towards your vision, those ass ghost opposition can’t do anything.

  24. Ray-of-Hope says:

    Just look at the Kg. Buah Pala case, why those Hindraft gung-ho’s didn’t go after that bastard ex-CM Kiasu-Koon who caused this bloody mess in his tenure, but keep biting like rotweillers and won’t let go of the present CM LGE who’s in the “Be Damned if I do, Be Damned if I don’t” situation?

    This sad nation is a Gone Case, hopeless beyond help…..

  25. hans says:

    woi commentators

    when merdeka centre’s poll put support for najib at 45% a couple of months back, you guys hailed as a true and accurate picture of the ppl’s sentiment. Now the same poll put it at 65%, you dismissed that as a spin attempt! you ppl are loose cannon, bitter loser, hypocrite moron…

  26. wermalaysians says:

    Hans, ask your idol to be a man? Just call for an election otherwise you are just like him, a ball-less pig.

  27. wits0 says:

    The previous MC poll was just as dubious as the latest. More ppl ridicule it rather than agree with that previous one. This latest one reinforces the doubt over the first.

  28. mdjais says:

    malaysian, we will lost if we always condemn our leader. we must trust out leader to make Malaysia as a developed country. condemned and think negatively ar not come from a civilised people. as Malaysian, think positively, be united and trust the leader. plez..plez..plezz…. Gd Luck…!

  29. Pegasus says:

    With all due respect ,The MC polls must had been done amongst the Rumah Sinar Harapan folks or the umno bahagian Pekan..all Malaysian knows how we really feel about Naif..he has not come clean in various scandals and commission kickbacks…!!.This scumbag has more to do to convince the majority …he will go down in history as the last umno PM.!! come the 13th GE …the Rakyat will be wise enough to move on with a new government..!!! BN will be history…and the fat lady is going to be hysterical..!!!

  30. Gazetna says:

    More ppl ridicule it rather than agree with that previous one. This latest one reinforces the doubt over the first

  31. Menyalak-er says:

    Hi Susan, glad you’re feeling better except for that insomia bit. Try counting horny goats instead of sheep…
    Friends, let’s just take this MC poll as ‘reality’ just like the apocalyptic H1N1 pandemic, and all will be well.
    Just remember to wash your hands and nether regions with Clorox and you will be fit as any horny goat!

  32. anonymous says:

    Guess they massaged the poll…

  33. llheng says:

    If our Mr. C4 is that great, he should order his “Zombie” in Perak to hold a fresh election NOW. Then we will see how “popular” he will be with the rakyat. But make sure that 3 froggies participate. This will give the rakyat free frog legs la!
    By the way, that 65% are all from UMNO/MCA/MIC/Gerakan. Tha means 35% in BN are definitely NOT HAPPY with Mr. C4.

  34. justgovt says:

    let it be, we will know the real results soon. either 65, 56 or 99.

  35. monsterball says:

    hans…When Merdeka Centre declared Najib had 45%….they were accurate…free and easy.
    Malaysians believe Merdeka Centre guys are bought up by Najib.
    If Parliamentarians can become frogs….what are these few road side surveyors….easy small money given……all good news from now…to favour Najib.
    Ask those Merdeka Centre buggers to go to food courts….pasar malam and eating shops…and talk to the thousands customers….and put out the report.

  36. Melvin Ng says:

    If you didn’t vote for him (which I’m pretty sure…I can read your mind ok) and I didn’t vote either, how can he reach 90%?

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