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(Image: A self-portrait, drawn with my left hand)

You know what tortures me? …. Read Rocky’s Bru.

Did it all begin merely to oust Abdullah Ahmad Badawi from office, give Mahathir Mohammad a voice and install Najib Razak as premier?

Now that Abdullah’s butt has been kicked, Mahathir has become the most popular blogger, Najib has his 1Malaysia, Pakatan Rakyat in a disarray, plus some people got what they wanted, we will lose All Blogs?

Even bloggers are at logger heads with one another,and this includes not only Pro-UMNO or Pro-Pakatan Rakyat Bloggers, but those in UMNO itself.

A mere coincidence?

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  1. Stroke Patient says:

    Susan, did you suffer a stroke or what? The self-potrait drawing depicts one!!!!! Well hope not…

    The blogging community also had a ‘mild-stroke’, if unchecked, may lead to a permanent one. That would mean ‘slurred’ messages and disability to move on.

    The reasons maybe due to too much smoking,drinking,eating,lack of exercise, in other words: nothing better to do…..just sit there and type.Something to worry about….

  2. calvin tan says:

    i miss ur article very much , u hit the bull`s eye, this is the day tun
    kutty is waiting for. butt tun badawi put his puppet student there temporary ,disarrayed PR, LOGGERED THE BLOGGERS.first round he wins.beware more old tricks coming out of this old fox(lau hoolee). all bloggers and PR supporters got to be strong and mindfull be very careful of this old fox.

  3. JP says:


    what had I already found early was ….. check on , [HERE]

    The rotten fish floated up to surface. With his initially hidden intension (but now forced to admit open secret) to join back the newspaper group, off course he should have done some contributions or showed his blind-folded royalty to the people in the corridor of power.

    We are now wondering whether this guy is still fit in his position as President of NPC and All-Blogs where these two organisation sounded in representing lots of writters, columnist and bloggers which included me.
    …..check out more at

    Thre word to expressed my feeling now :
    ” Ha ha Ha “

  4. escape says:

    It is proven time and again, Malaysians be it in sports, politics etc, they are in for personal gain. It is so obvious Rocky, Nuraini blogs to bodek to get something. These are low life individuals with no dignity, no shame, making use of people to get things.

    To me, this type of people are even worse than animals.

  5. We are terribly surprised that you are surprised ,
    indeed tortured by this turn of event.

    You really have to re-read the Art of War,
    it is not an easy thesis to understand ,
    but you must at least try

  6. Leong Yook Kong says:

    How are you? Anything wrong with your right hand? Do take very good care of your body and health.

  7. monsterball says:

    Rockybru is full of shit.
    Long ago “All Blog” never existed legally nor recognized from the start……but he kept promoting himself as President….attending few interviews as the President with no shame….with his one man show..supported by Zorro and Big Dog..fooling Anwar too.
    His latest post….is an art of a cunning liar…a good student of Mahathir.
    “All Blog” never existed from the start…which was very much a con job in the making to lure subscriptions..donations…by the millions…if ever it succeeded.
    Strange he left out Zorro in his latest post…his right hand man on “All Blog”…..besides Big Dog.
    The two frogs….Rocky and Zorro leaped to different directions…now sworn enemies.
    Can you trust slimy filthy old frogs?
    I did and was a fool….but never too old to late anything.

  8. Shower says:

    The AK 47 reported ” they Babi here and Babi there” ,therefore the closing of bloggers house was not coincidence,the main reason was a secret marriage between the Rock and the Nurse from the house No 35. All the best to them.

    They have actually reaped the real Mongolia Mongo from Atan. Pekan. Pahang.

  9. monsterball says:

    I sincerely hope Susan is in good health…and I take her self portrait as a sign of a female Picasso in the making…who suffer so much secretly… one knows.
    But a little NGO bird told me…Susan is happy and well.

  10. genesispassion says:

    glad u are back….!

  11. machitam says:

    wine, women and song. this make ones lost it dignity but gain the “false” reputation. but if you lost both position and money, you’ll lost both dignity and reputation.

  12. Orang Sabah says:

    Haha, Susan, my guess was right. No wonder this piece of big news about Toyo’s mansion was missing in the chairman’s blog. It started with a purpose and it’s time to close down …soon… Someone was loaded after opting for vss and now back to the same place…Just Bravo, simply Bravo…..

  13. monsterball says:

    Wine women and song are natural if you can afford it….and why not?
    Do not compare with those who are filthy rich and do not know how to enjoy life.
    Enjoying like….to each it’s own… likes and dislikes…as long as the wine women and songs do not hurt others by some who enjoy that way…and can afford them…..why not?
    “Money is power”…so said Mahathir.
    Loosing money in business…becoming poorer does not make that looser… looses his dignity and reputations…as long as he cheats… no one.
    “False” reputation applies to crooks and scoundrels… Mahathir and Rockybru.
    False interpretations on wine women and songs…by religious fanatics and jealous people..who cannot afford them..very common.
    Thought out the world….wine women and songs are one of the most powerful main attractions to keep the world economy going.
    In natural world….so many thousands have lost all money through bad luck…and that do not make them loose their dignity nor good reputation.. one bit.
    If wine women and song are so bad….smart guys will not invest these trades. It’s call paradise living to some…but where is hell….God only knows.
    Live with it…for happiness and peace.
    Do not judge others based on wine women song and money.
    These so call evils are very much alive and strong.
    Live with it.

  14. monsterball says:

    Ah..but talking about someone always…trying to get free milk..with his smart mouth..trying to con to get rich and drink like a fish…is another story.

  15. 4RAKYAT says:

    welcome back sloone…

  16. wits0 says:

    All-Blog imploded so infinitely far from the Super Nova stage. It happened at the amoeba level as Rocky’s Black Magic vaporizes as the sun rises.

  17. wits0 says:

    Aiyoh…Susan why is your portraint so melancholic ah? Moves me to sing the song “Vincent” by Don McClean:

    “”Starry Starry Night”….”


  18. Menyalak-er says:

    Haha, wits0, Susan is indeed a mystical genius of the van Gogh type. Her intuitive and imaginary skills definitely reside in her right hemisphere/left hand – so unlike that mineralized metamorhic lump which has shone like “Lucy in a sky of diamonds”!

  19. wits0 says:

    An instant tweak makes a different Susan!


  20. anonymous says:

    Lesson learnt – trust no one.

    Esp those who have lost their lucrative positions.

  21. JLconman says:

    The bigger question is how to keep evil people like genesispassion off the streets. His name is Loh Chee Yuen, a well known conman who has cheated countless innocent women of money by masquerading as a millionaire gentleman & intellectual! The police are after him and we know that if the Malaysian Police are dilligent enough he will soon end up in prison where he belongs.

  22. mccann105 says:

    politicians in this country make more money then just be accountants,,lawyers…these people come in the name of serving the people,..,,once they become elected ..the people served them …

  23. Tommy Lee says:

    Interesting post.

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