I hear people praising Najib Tun Razak for releasing some ISA detainees. But now I hear that we have more, done secretly at that. Read this press statement from the Abolish ISA Movement.

It’s also done at the same time the government was showing off that it will review the ISA?

I knew they couldnt be trusted!

Gerakan Mansuhkan ISA (GMI) is astonished to learn of the latest arrest under the infamous Internal Security Act (ISA) in the midst of Government’s talks about reviewing the Act.

According to the information received, Sulaiman Bin Bukhari, Latif Bin Omar and Samsudin (full name was not able to be obtained) were arrested under the ISA on 25th June 2009 at Ulu Tiram, Johor Bahru.

They were alleged to be members of Jemaah Islamiyaah (JI). GMI calls on the government to verify this latest arrest.

If the information received by GMI is true then we completely condemn the arrest and demand for the detainees to be put on trial or released immediately.

If the information is true, it is ashamed that the government is again practising double standards and double talks in issues related to ISA.

On one hand, review of ISA and releases of detainees were announced in April and May but on the other hand, new detention were carried out and mind you, discretely at that as no announcements were made.

GMI finds it astonishing that the arrests were made on the same day (25th June) the Home Minister mentioned in Parliament of the government’s “plans” to review the draconian ISA.

He also mentioned that there were 12 people serving detention orders under ISA. The secrecy and unscrupulous practice that surrounds the use of ISA goes against the principles of justice, truth and transparency.

It again exhibited the true colour of the ISA, which is extremely arbitrary and has nothing to do with national security.

It has further confirmed that the ISA is only a political tool to silence dissidents and critics of the government.

We demand the government to release them immediately or charge them in open court.

GMI urges the people of Malaysia to demand for the release of all ISA detainees and abolish the ISA once and for all.

We would like to invite all the concerned citizens of all races, religion and culture to come and join us in the Abolish ISA Rally on the 1st of August 2009 in Kuala Lumpur in conjunction with 49th year’s existence of ISA.

Lets us fight for our rights and for a better Malaysia without the ISA which allows detention without trial.

Abolish the ISA!!!

Release all ISA detainees!!!

Close KEMTA!!!

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  1. Najib will be more violence compare to the previous PM. Before 100 days became the PM, he already arrested a lot of people who protest againsts his policies.

    The baggage that he carries with him when he sworn in is the reason why he will bo more cruel….

    Believe me… Soon Najib will show is true colors….

  2. bamboo river © says:

    While the gomen is ‘begging’ President Obama the release of the two guys in Gitmo, here they are using the draconian law to detain the three so called ‘suspected’ JI.
    What happened to Awang Selamat? Why is Singapore ‘silent’ about this case?
    Awang Selamat’s ‘loo escape’ had deeply embarrassed Singapore and I am sure they will do whatever possible to regain their well known security reputation.

    Fat Mama realised that pink lips has less than three years to reinforce the PM position or risk being kicked out on the next GE.
    I agree with you Amin aka Black that pink lips will start to show his true colors when the PR are gaining gound on him.

    My disappointment is the PR are having too much internal problems eg. like that chap from Kedah and another one in Kelantan.
    How to be a good Pakatan Rakyat politicians when these MPs cannot even ‘Pakat’ among themselves to serve competently?

  3. Antares says:

    The Najis crime ministership is entirely founded on GENERATIONS of Umno Baru-style pirate chief politics, greed, unbridled lechery & insidious violence. Why is anyone surprised? April 3rd was everybody’s worst-case scenario come true! Well, anybody with any sense of decency and ethics at all would have REJECTED Naif Ton Rasa as a suitable candidate for the nation’s highest office.

  4. Hitam Had says:

    Maybe I am missing the point here.

    Do we seriously believe that Malaysians will be adequately protected from without and within without such laws. It is the abject inability of the country’s administrators to enforce any law fairly and objectively that has clouded our thoughts. Surely we already demonstrate enough everyday through civil disobedience by breaking every traffic law in the book; and perpetuating or condoning daily crimes and acts of corruption; cheating others financially or morally etc. to show our displeasure of the present Government(?).

    I would sincerely like to believe that we really can exist and prosper in a safe, harmonious and civilised society without such laws, rules and regulations, but I cannot.


  5. kluangman says:

    Jumlah tangkapan tersebut terlalu kecil jika dibandingkan dengan ‘kerosakan’ yang sedang berlaku di bumi Malaysia, lagipun itu hanya ikan2 bilis.

    Wajar ISA dikenalan lebih kepada golongan pemimpin politik yang membuat fitnah, mengapikan perkauman, menyeleweng ugama dan lain2. Nama2 besar seperti yang pernah dikenakan ISA semasa zaman Tun M wajar di ulangi kerana jika mereka ‘bebas’ rakyat Malaysia terus porak peranda.

  6. kittykat46 says:

    Welcome back, Susan. Hope your hand is better 🙂

    PR has had a bad couple of weeks.

    The PAS own-scored goal over “Unity Talks” – don’t know how they allowed it to be twisted into “Unity Government”; maybe some of them really were hoping to jump into bed with UMNO, after having been raped before.
    DAP -PKR argument in Penang over the MPSP councillors.
    PAS – DAP argument in Kedah. Frankly the Kedah PAS government is sometimes even more insensitive than UMNO over cross-religious and cross-cultural issues.

    Look at the smirk on Najis’ face..
    Sigh… 😦

  7. bebek says:

    some insane people deserved to be put in jail for good, no matter jailed in Kamunting, Robben Island, Guantanamao or a far away south Pacific island. I mean people who have only one thing in their mind – blowing up strategic places like airport, and not giving a damn on collateral damages, like Mas Selamat Kastari, the JI hardcore and other extremist elements. These people should not be allowed to walk free.. so what is wrong in arresting them and jailing them before they create havoc and misery on the innocents…??

  8. Pegasus says:

    We are far away from the right track..Naif doesn’t look sincere in his plans..he says 1 thing and does another silently…what the right gives..the left hand takes back..the world is changing rapidly..its becoming borderless..if we don’t want to be left far behind…then Naif should expedite on his moves and not seen doing some the end ..its the country and the people who will suffer…if the corrective measures are not taken after all these years of bad mismanagement by BN. The country’s wealth have been robbed rampantly the last 30 years especially after the Mamak kutty took over. These are the robbers who should be behind bars and under ISA!!..pirates like Daim zainuddin,ling leong sik,samy vellu should be caught and thrown behind bars…but this is Bolehland..the more you robbed..the higher the security given by our laws and police..!..real humbug!!! hopefully all this will end in the next 13th GE..! Enough of BN rule!!!

  9. smile says:

    Aiya! Dear Sloone, let them do whatever they want. But when PR becomes the government, it will be what you do to others, others will do the same undo you.

    Just record down all the names of the culprits and isa them after the next GE.

    Let them taste their ‘happy-hour times” in Kemunting.

    Mahathir is being locked up in jail

  10. Shamsul Iskandar says:

    I hope trouble makers like Nizar and Anwar and their supporters are arrested under ISA for threathening the country’s peace and stability.

  11. Square One says:

    This country is back to square one!This guy blaming that guy.That guy blaming everyone but not himself. This nation is not going to change because nobody is changing and no one wants to change.

    No one is doing the job they are requred to do. Everyone is happy doing their own thing.But, why drag the rakyat into all these?
    A hopeless situation!

  12. monsterball says:

    So glad Amin Iskandar and Bamboo River are commenting.
    Amin have been saying that to me….few times..and I think much much more people could have been arrested to create fear and turmoil in the country by Najib…had the oppositions did not practice patience and tolerance….inspired by M.Gandhi….even now…everyday.
    There is no doubt in Amin’s mind…Najib will try all sorts of stunts to stay in power.
    People’s power and NGO like Amin Iskandar will take to the streets…to fight for democracy with their lives.

  13. jungle mushroom says:

    The Bnputras and PRputras are just not suitable to manage the wealth of the nation.

    They are all cuckooed mentally.

    These Bnputras and Putras are akin to those wild monkeys in the jungle fighting for bananas with all kinds of dirty tricks.

    Can the wild monkeys look after a banana farm?

    No wonder Malaysia is sinking with all these low mentality monkeys running the country.

  14. jungle mushroom says:

    ISA all these mentally crooked monkeys and start afresh again like a newly independent country, minus all those parasitic and obsolete royals!!!

  15. i walk the line says:

    Najib’s 1 Malaysia? Porahhh! 1C4Malaysia or 1ISAMalaysia is more appropriate!

    Cakap tak serupa bigin is the culture of all these BN monkeys!

  16. machitam says:

    agreed wuth Hitam, They’re holding on to this “barbaric” ISA because it is their greatest political weopon. The police are working hand in hand with UMNO to make this happen. They actually are not interested in fighting against terrorism because terrorism to them is trivial…

  17. Jeancumlately's Pure And True Friend says:

    People’s power and NGO like Amin Iskandar will take to the streets…to fight for democracy with their lives. – Monsterball

    HAHAHA. Are you Amin Iskandar’s spokesman, Monsterball?, or are you are taking charge and control over Amin Iskandar ala the powerful forces(herein refers to the black militants of Louis Farrakan’s 1 nation of Islam) who has been in the “driver’s seat” of Wacko Jacko’s life, profiteering most of his earnings.

  18. This Chew mee fun is just a joker. She should fight against this isa building more Chinese schools, fighting for more jobs for the endemic Chinese in government depts, universities, temples..but instead she is closing down Chinese schools, refusing to let the endemic Chinese (her Boss) hiring Chinese maids.

    This Chew Mee Fun is anti Chinese. Who would want to support her accept Umnoputras.

    This Chew Mee Fun is a traitor to the Chinese. No wonder she was booted out in the 12 GE.

  19. She doesn’t represent the endemic Chinese nor want her to reppresent the endemic chinese.

    Just by looking at her chibai face 1 also wants to pukes.

    This Chew Mei Fun better don’t appear in the news else she will have have endless bombardments from the endemic Chinese.

    If she ever goes to China, don’t expect her to come back though!

  20. charleskiwi says:

    Shamsul Iskandar,
    I agree with you but you must have forgotten to add that you should be taken along to Taiping to keep them company.
    You can then tell them all your stories for some time !

  21. Pegasus says:

    Yes Charleskiwi,this nincompoop must be spoon-fed by papa umno and as grown up not being able to see right and wrong..everything done by umno regime is god given to shamsul..poor soul..these are the group who are lost in papa umno’s hug..don’t waste your time with this kind of people.. if taken to Taiping..he will be looking forward to sleep with someone name isah..such is the mentality…!!!

  22. lebai says:

    I believe the Government did not simply detain people under the ISA for political or personal reasons.Those who were detained under the ISA were people who had attempted to threaten security and peace of the country. The Government detained certain people to prevent them from acting in a manner which could endanger the peace in the country.

  23. tourman53 says:

    It was widely reported that in 1987, as Umno Youth chief, our current prime minister Najib Abdul Razak vociferously defended Malay privileges in a fiery speech featuring the Malay ‘keris’ shortly before the government launched a crackdown on extremist elements code-named Operation Lalang.

    At the same rally, banners were hoisted with phrases such as ‘Revoke the citizenship of those who opposed the Malay rulers’, ‘May 13 has begun’, ‘Soak it (the keris) with Chinese blood’.
    A Government White Paper entitled ‘Towards Preserving National Security’ tabled in Parliament on March 23,1988 records all this.

  24. loud and clear says:


    I knew they couldnt be trusted!

    The cardinal rule in politics is:

    No. 1 – never trust a politician,

    No. 2 – never trust a politician,

    No. 3 – never trust a politician,

    in the past, present and future.

    A politician is the greatest menace on the face of earth!

  25. machitam says:

    loud and clear,
    maybe you can stay in the jungle. be like Tarzan. Tarzan don’t trust politician. but arghhh… the tiger and the lion also playing politics in the jungle.
    o.k you can chose where you want to stay. in the city? in the urban area? everybody is playing politica. even the protitutes are playing politics. there are also politician patronising the GRO! one even pinch the bottom!
    so, where to go brother….

  26. loud and clear says:


    maybe you can stay in the jungle. be like Tarzan. Tarzan don’t trust politician. but arghhh… the tiger and the lion also playing politics in the jungle.

    The way you think one also knows you are like a politician. Therefore whatever you said is just garbage and you can’t be trusted.

    Are you some kind of a hyena who is fond of terrorizing the peace loving animals in the jungle?

    Tarzan is the lord of the jungle who protects all those cute-little animals from a hyena like you, hahaha…

  27. loud and clear says:


    o.k you can chose where you want to stay. in the city? in the urban area? everybody is playing politica. even the protitutes are playing politics. there are also politician patronising the GRO! one even pinch the bottom!
    so, where to go brother….

    A politician is akin to a computer. In the beginning, it works according to a programmed system. But after sometimes, it’s being infected with viruses like spyware, email viruses, worms, and Trojan horses.

    So a politician will eventually infected with viruses and becomes corrupt and tell all kinds of lies!

    Looking at those BNputras and PRputras, their ‘central processing units’ (cpus) are all infected with corrupt viruses.

    Can you trust a corrupt cpu? A politician is a blatant and honest liar, period.

    Why does Sloone never trust a politician?

    Not only politicians in Bolehland can’t be trusted, but politicians all over the world are also can’t be trusted.

    What is happening in Bolehland is also happening in Nigeria… never trust a politician, period!

    Never trust a politician

  28. machitam says:

    i’m in a good mood because Roger had recovered in the 2nd set from 6-2 down to win the set and tie the score at 1-1.

    Anyway, it is your call to trust or not t o trust. Nothing to shout about. A politician is only pushing his vision and trying to make people support a course. If you don’t believe in the course and have your own, by all means go for your course. They are not shafting anything in your throat…

  29. machitam says:

    still in a good mood….
    Roger Federer is leading by 2 set to 1 against Andy Roddick in the Wimbledon 2009 Final.

    Do you have a course?

  30. Not far away says:

    We can expect some cleansing of the streets from all existing vices. It will surely come on those no matter what ‘clothing’ they are clothed with. We can see through them,don’t we? Well their actions do show in the end what they really are. Greedy and selfish pigs!

  31. machitam says:

    my mood is swinging…..2 all now..deciding set?
    since we don’t trust them and think that all of them are wolves in sheeps clothings… can we make them do the cleansing on issues that we brought up?

  32. machitam says:

    I am joyful. Roger Federer defeated Andy Roddick 16-14 in the decider and made history by Winning the Wimbledon for his 15th Grand Slam.

    Tennis is one of world two riches sport. The other is Golf. Many country especially Europe promote this sport which can bring glory to a nation.

    So much for the politician aspirations of that country.

  33. bijan says:

    If Sulaiman Bin Bukhari, Latif Bin Omar and Samsudin (full name was not able to be obtained) arrested on 25th June 2009 at Ulu Tiram, Johor Bahru are linked to Mas Selamat, it is appropriate to detain them, but under a new act, the Terrorism Act. Abolish the ISA

  34. machitam says:

    I’m against Terrorism in any forms. Bombings & Killings of innocent civillians is terrorism. It exist because a group is not satisfied of an agression by a Super Power and the weaker nations just bow to them.
    Mas Selamat is believed to hold on this course i.e of Jemaah Islamiyah which is link to Al Qaedah. They are fighting against US.
    I’m against terrorism of all forms including the US and Israel actions which I regards as terrorism.

    So much so of talking politics….

  35. Abangcina says:

    It’s ok to vest an important discretionary laws in a father like the Singapore government even in this time, but never never in an unenlightened racist chauvinist like the Bolehland.

  36. …Mat Amin’s blogsite reminds me of a poem I read off Han Suyin’s novel. It goes like this:

    I will go to the forest for justice,
    for justice and righteousness,
    and become a green-clad man.
    The rulers pursue me with soldiers,
    with riders, chariots and spears.

    I will go the forest for justice,
    the people will flock to me.
    I right their wrongs from the green shade,
    and kill the rulers with arrows.
    The horsemen stumble with fear!

    I will go to the forest for justice.
    The wind for my garment I wear!
    Together with my many companions,
    the wind for my garment I wear!
    Together with my many companions, the wind for my garment…
    “And the Rain My Drink”,
    We build a new heaven and earth!

  37. monsterball says:

    The “International Silly Arses” must “Invent Scary Agendas” to be at top of their dirty politic games.
    “Intentionally Scores Arrested”…is one example.
    They say ISA is for security purposes. Whose security are they talking about?
    Yes….we know..ISA protecting UMNO’s …”Internal Stealing Actions”…never ending,..never satisfied….real greedy rouges.
    Talk too much…Naf Ton Raza will say…..’I Shut All”…up with the flick of his fingers….”IGP Scare All”….on roll…on going…like goody dog.
    But Malaysians…will “Ignore Stupid Actings”….so low class…so hypocritical….with no fear.
    People’s Power…all ready to vote UMNO out…with a clear message… to them…”Internal Security Act”…..can go to hell.

  38. monsterball says:

    I hope SUSAN will look into the dustbin for my ISA comment.

  39. monsterball says:

    Thanks Susan!

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