I’ve not been blogging as I injured my right wrist, which affected my right arm. It must have hit a nerve because my back and right leg started aching too 😦

There is so much difficulties going to work as well. I try to write and type with my left hand. There are limitations. The doctor has said I should not use my right hand for six weeks, but it’s not possible.

I’ve missed a lot in blogging but will catch up soon.

There are other little tragedies, like my mails being blocked because it had reached its limit. GMAIL says I never have to delete an email. But I suppose these are all lies.

I finally got the message that I could no longer send or receive emails unless I delete some. After deleting thousands, I am still stuck.

In the process of deleting unwanted emails, I have got rid of some very important ones, especially my short stories. I can’t seem to retrieve it.

I thought I could at least have a copy on my laptop, but that machine of mine collapsed, too. Attacked by vicious virus, which came from my office!

Sad. Sad. But all this will pass. Now, hopefully wrist and arm gets better and then I can start writing and blogging again.

Meantime, hope you are well, and happy reading updates on other people’s blogs 🙂


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  1. monsterball says:

    Hope you are well too.
    Life is such…so many unexpected little bad incidents creeps into our lives for no reasons. To is testing your patience and one day…you will understand.
    It’s letting go and move forward and accept whatever comes…..good or bad…with a positive attitude.
    For few years now…..knowing you…I have read and know you have gone through few bad incidents…that have no explanations.
    To my own experiences…I take it that they must come to protect me from harm’s way.
    “Que sera sera…whatever will be will…the futures not ours to see…que sera sera”
    Relax…smile and be happy.

  2. monsterball says:

    Susan..I have some good news to cheer you up.
    Sultan of Johore had rejected Najib’s 3rd bridge proposal.. to S’pore.
    It is a slap to his face….like he did to Mahathir ….30 years ago.
    New 3rd bridge means ripping off billions by land deals and over priced building cost….trying to kill two birds with one stone by UMNO.
    The Sultan of Johore do have Malaysians in his heart.
    Once again…take care of your health.

  3. harrison says:

    howdee pal… I am really sorry to hear about your right wrist and arm. You blogged that you ever been admitted to a hospital for arthritis/back pain before? Hey, maybe it’s shingles. many middle age, 50 and above who lacks excercise are highly susceptible to these disease.

    I was a blue-belter in Taekwondo in my schooldays and in my 20s I visited the gym a lot. I like to spar with an opponent. Sometimes back with bruises. I wanted to learn jiu-jitsu but unable to find any classes in my State.

    Now that I am in my early thirties, I am normally at the computer table monitering the local stock market and forex. It causes me uncomfortable at my back. So, if you are always at your computer, ensure that you have a bit of a stretch-up.

    By the bay, about “Gmail”, it’s quite dishonest if they(the provider) reneged on thier promise. I was forced to pay RM75.00 per annum for my hotmail account until I ceased using it. I have been using yahoo.mail for more than 4 years and it have not cause me any problems. So, try yahoo rather than “gstring”. :D.

    About your injury on your torso, you are not alone. Hilary Clinton broke her arm. She(US State Department) just re-instated Malaysia as a country prone of human-tracffiking. Maybe Musa Aman cursed her. haha.I am glad that the Americans are the sole superpower. If Iran. North Korea replaces the U.S., you can just imagine….

    Take good care and lots of rest my dear 😀

  4. eeyaw says:

    While you are incapacitated your blog invaded by nincompoops n umno scumbags. Good to hear you again. Take care!

  5. Lim Ann Hock says:

    Susan, get well soon… We all missed you 😦

  6. Richard Loh says:

    Take it easy for a while, don’t worry, the news ain’t going away that fast. I understand Thai massage is very good, why not give it a try.

  7. dragon says:

    Hi welcome back. it was really boring without you there.Hope you will recover soon. Another good news…according to HKL report, there is no penetration on Mohd Saiful anus….so our man DSAI will be free man soon.

  8. whispering9 says:

    Lots of kisses from me. Hehehe. MissU. Whoa…to beach GMail is no joking matter.

  9. Klaw says:

    Well, Gmail’s tagline is really for marketing purposes and the limit that they have really is sufficient for most people.

    If you want your mail to be saved somewhere, I suggest using an email client like Thunderbird to download your email via POP3 (and leave the messages on the server so you can still access them online).

    And no harm creating multiple gmail addresses for various reasons 🙂

    Get well soon.

  10. TheWrathOfGrapes says:

    Oh dear, Susan, does that mean you have a limp wrist now?


  11. ktteokt says:

    Take good care of yourself Susan! Bless you.

  12. Leong Yook Kong says:

    Do take good care of your health and wish you a speedy recovery. God bless you.

  13. Pegasus says:

    Take care Susan and no worries, your blog are in in good hands literally, Cheers!!!

  14. pilocarpine says:

    speedy recovery!!… May you be well and happy!!!

  15. hutchrun says:

    Hi there, you been missed quite a bit. Do take care, hope you get well soon, cheers and all 🙂 🙂

  16. kittykat46 says:

    Very sorry to hear your troubles. Get well soon !
    I injured my left hand (fortunately) last year, and the fastest way to get a complete recovery is to rest the hand as much as you can. Don’t try to soldier through – just prolongs the injury.
    May be hard to do that with your right hand – good idea to learn to do things with your left hand

  17. wits0 says:

    For Susan:

    More cream?


  18. monsterball says:

    It sounds like you are being marked by UMNO on you blog problems.
    Inside job? Yes I had that too …in business….workers I feed and ganged up to cripple the be my competitor.
    But I blamed it all to myself as bad manager….so sacked all….good or bad … time to think…and start all over again.. 4 years ago…and so far so good.

  19. justme says:

    Darn, Susan, at least its good to hear from you again. Get well soon.

    witsO gave the impression you may have been on honeymoon, with the “even if i know i won’t tell” thingy. Haha.

  20. storm62 says:

    let me massage your arms, sure get well very soon.

    if not use your toes to type…hi hi hi…cheerssssss

  21. limpek says:

    Positive side..Blessing in disguise..

  22. Kamal hassan fan says:

    Take care.We miss u

  23. Vivian says:

    Get well soon Susan, miss your posts. Take care

  24. justgovt says:

    It’s great getting some news from you. It’s been a while and I’ve been wondering what’s up with you. Get well soon Susan and take great care there.

  25. zztop says:

    Great to have you back Susan. Understand your situation perfectly.
    Hope you recover soon.
    Take care and bless you!!

  26. Kancilandak says:

    To Susan, Good you are back Susan. We the so call umno cybertroopers have be disturbing you blog like usual, but we always disturb in your blog right? Anyways dont go for kampung masagge. Better to medical doctor. you be okay soon. God bless you. Thanks.

  27. rainstorm says:

    Get well soon & take care Susan. God bless 🙂

  28. Menyalak-er says:

    Oh there you are Susan… wasn’t overly worried about your physical health etc. but was pretty worried about those flurs who use neither cerebral hemispheres hogging your blog.
    Yep it’s gonna take up to 6 weeks, and don’t argue. Best to just blog with the nondominant hand; i.e.”- good idea to learn to do things with your left hand.” kk46 5.01pm.
    But that porcupine mousedeer still hasn’t started using his atrophied left brain – Kampung massage? Medical doctor? Cretin, i say… can’t even read things properly.
    Hahaha… wits0, whats with the tongquai stuff?

  29. robin hood says:

    Suggest you get hold of a bomoh or something. Might be the ol’ rasa man did some mumbo jumbo on you :)))

    The most telling symptoms are getting porkier and singing ‘rose, rose I love you’ all the time.

  30. kesava says:

    Hey, what`s with all the gals. Sotomayor, fractures an ankle, Hillary Clinton fractures elbow and……
    Anyway, Susan you take care, you hear girl….like suggested above go left-handed and reduce aggravation on the right as far as possible (esp at pc, carpal tunnel syndrome could follow).
    Just wish you get well soon….stay happy….and lotsa smileys.

  31. wits0 says:

    Tongquai? Many formulas in traditional medicine are proven for certain circumstances and, thus, are used as starting block for herbal medicine healers when treating a person(male or female). 😉

  32. wits0 says:

    Susan: “..Attacked by vicious virus, which came from my office!”

    Usually the case. Someone just need to make one slip and everyone gets it. Often times the symptom may be even delayed so that one may not clearly attribute to their immediate source of infection.

    These days ’em viruses are brought in by malware trojans/worms and may come in a group. It takes a much experience user to detect the initial suspicious signs of infection. Like the PC mysteriously rebooting without reason, browser taking a long time to launch, e.g. A healthy PC should not suddenly experience slow browser launch.

  33. 1world says:

    Just take it easy dear sloone and don’t over strain yourself.

    You are still young and have a very bright future ahead.

    You have a respectable place in this 1world and thanks for caring 1world.

    All the people of 1world wishing you all the best and get well real soon!

  34. brad says:

    Seriously speaking – Bamboo River & Stensen using other nicks. Hutchrun using multiple nicks. Jean(cum*lately) /Sofiairdina using other nicks.

    What the hell is going out with you guys? I suggest you all to download a photo in the avatar section and say “hi”.

    Susan will jump up like a 7 year old kind and her hand like a piston if Brad Pitt happened to pass by semi-nude. hahaha.

  35. monsterball says:

    Start with you downloading your photo…brad.
    Telling others to do what you dare not do…is not right…….and how do you know all those you wrote are true?
    For a fact…bamboo river will never use another nick.
    Why should he disguised himself.,,.when he hurts no one?
    Being a business man…there are limited time to do blogging…and his priorities are to his company and family.
    His absence…I hope is for the better and not struggling to make ends meet.

  36. Brad Pitt says:

    “For a fact…bamboo river will never use another nick.” -Monsterball

    You should ask yourself your very own words- “and how do you know all those you wrote are true?”

    Almost everyone here has 2 or more nicks and I assume Susan even comment under another nick.

    And you can forget about my photos, coz I got my name….

  37. OrangRojak says:

    ‘back and right leg started aching too’ – sciatica? You poor thing. When it happened to me, someone said ‘see a physiotherapist’, so I went to a Sports Uni for a free exam. Apparently you know you’ve got a good one when they say “you’re a mess!”. A lot of what causes those pains is to do with posture. We need exercise, and to remember to stand like a professional dancer from time to time (not legs akimbo, grasping a pole – the other kind of dancer).

    Time to go get lots of advice. Not from me, I’m not a doctor. Oh hang on … I am. The wrong kind though, in almost any circumstance! Glad to hear you’ve only been L4ed (it’s a lower-back nerve). get better soon!

  38. creative says:

    Seriously speaking – Bamboo River & Stensen using other nicks. Hutchrun using multiple nicks. Jean(cum*lately) /Sofiairdina using other nicks.

    What the hell is going out with you guys? I suggest you all to download a photo in the avatar section and say “hi”.


  39. straycatstrut says:

    Hei, sorry to hear that sue. Get well soon sis.

  40. bee yong says:

    Susan, from now you will be okay. The Chinese believes that minor tragedy comes by 3 times. You have 3 unlucky periods and you will be back in luck.

  41. creative says:

    “straycatstrut” that is a good nic, reminds me of my friend


  42. straycatstrut says:

    Creative, hahaha…

    But my dad’s favourite cat is here:

    and the one named kitty too.

  43. Ray-of-Hope says:

    Dear Susan,

    Please take good care of your wrist, we need your good hand to continue writing for us to enjoy reading, and continue doing your “National Service” to highlight the injustice n malpractices in our beloved country…

  44. selvarajasomiah says:

    Hey Susan, take it easy lah.


  45. wits0 says:

    Hi Susan,


  46. mahyuddin says:

    Take care and wish u get well soon.

  47. harrison says:

    My friend wits0, wow. I just had a peek at your creativity. Susan must be a proud person to have a friend like you. Thanks my friend. ;D

  48. joshua says:

    Get well soon, you, everything and anything!

  49. Great , that tiny weeny lapse shows you are a warm human after all !

    Like they say , after this intermission you will become 10X stronger , 20X faster and much more deadly ! The enemy is getting more desperate & dangerous

    Good luck !

  50. Hitam Had says:

    Looking forward to your writing and blogging again soon.

    Chin up!


  51. monsterball says:

    I am all eyes to read James comments on the subject and any other comments for the good of all Malaysians.
    Judging me…and advising Susan how to manage her blog…is saying he is smarter than Susan?
    Show your brainwaves…with some solid stuffs..or shut up.
    For goodness sake..if you are pro BN…do that with comments favoring them…..but you can be very sure….I will gun down any comments that are trying to fool voters. ..and we can debate on and on.
    Why talk about me?

  52. shantaram says:

    Get well. Bad times will pass.

  53. Jerusalem-X says:


    Get well soon Suze.

    I hear ice cream helps.

    Specifically Ben and Jerry’s – Cherry Garcia. :p

  54. Phillip says:

    Hi Susan,

    I was wondering what had happened to you. Everytime I open your blog, there wasn’t anything new, just the “incompetence” article which you last posted.

    Wanted to see what you would say about all that was happenning these last few weks, including the visit by MM.

    As of now, Gmail is giving us 7.3GB of space (and increasing every second), more than enough for most people, so you can’t really blame them if a popular celebrity like you receives and stores more that the usual no.. However, the one that really gives you unlimited space is yahoomail. you could try that, although personally I prefer using gmail because the format and layout feesl better for me, or you could use an email client and download your mail onto your pc/laptop whilst still leaving a copy (just in case) on the gmail server.

    Hope you get well soon. Take care.


  55. amoker says:

    Take care susan…

  56. monsterball says:

    All are Malaysians….but racialists should be banned..yet Susan let them in.
    How democratic minded… Susan is.
    And this post is about her personal minor tragedies..turned to me again.
    Noted and thanks..lets move on.

  57. monsterball says:

    Alot of rubbish you say…sam?
    Show me the rubbish?
    Show me your smart comments?
    Anyway…this is nothing new.
    It’s been on for years….and i am still commenting everywhere.
    Live with it!!

  58. I-4-C says:

    Susan, my sympathies. Well, the CIAs are really busy at Iran targeting the vulnerable minds of uni students since they have failed miserably in Malaysia. Good thing Malaysia got ISA to prevent such occurrences !!!

  59. raven says:

    Iran got mullah dictators to make people shut up……
    Msia got UMNO Dictaors, IGP, AG, Hisap Pudding……
    Susan blog got Dictator sam and Saiful egg I-4-C

    It is very lively susan 🙂

  60. james says:

    james – June 20, 2009 at 9:05 pm is not me…… I was here before him.

  61. james says:

    Blocking the Media

    A democratic country is supposed to have media that is impartial to politics. Its purpose is to report the events in an unbiased manner without conviction.
    Of course it goes without saying that these reports must be as close to the truth as possible. The Federal Constitution provides for the freedom of speech.
    Sadly this is not the case in Malaysia as media interference is the vogue here.

  62. james says:

    “…..a lot of what is reported on the print media is regarded as absolute truths by people who are plain ignorant or who are not informed otherwise, and no because the reporters are not programmed to care if what they report are half-truths or blatant lies.
    This about sums up what work pride means to the average reporter here in Malaysia.
    Having said so, this does not mean that they are absolutely dishonorable because most of the reporters and editors are handicapped by Malaysian laws and by threat of closure.”

  63. I-4-C says:

    Should a bankrupt country with thousands sleeping at “longkangs” and “tents” lecture other countries how to run their countries??? The only reason the others live comfortably is because of hefty borrowings from all the countries of the world !!! Now they are printing more money and spending more like there is no tomorrow !!! Hilarious economics and I would call their economists with PHD to stand for Permanent Head Damage!!!

  64. wahab says:

    Mahathir economics teach in university……telo saiful graduan

  65. kittykat46 says:

    “Should a bankrupt country with thousands sleeping at “longkangs” and “tents” lecture other countries how to run their countries??? The only reason the others live comfortably is because of hefty borrowings from all the countries of the world !!!”

    I-4-C, have you ever been to the United States ?
    Make sure your brain is switched on (assuming you have one) before you comment.

  66. I-4-C says:


    Wow. You got brains to figure out which country i am talking about. With debt of US$11 trillions going to $20 trillions soon, it’s technically a bankrupt government living on borrowed time !!! That’s why they borrow more hehe !!!

  67. whispering9 says:

    “With debt of US$11 trillions going to $20 trillions soon, it’s technically a bankrupt government living on borrowed time !!! ”

    There is a quote that goes something like this “If you owe the bank RM10,000.00 you will be sued for bankruptcy by the bank. If you owe RM10 million, the bank will listen to your problem and work out a solution.” Hence, with a supposedly USD20 trillions debt, many countries are now be at US mercy. Bankruptcy is not even in the equation when she still command the best military forces. We have to ‘listen’ to Uncle Sam, perhaps, even more earnestly now. Economy and enforcement is like horse and carriage, tax and death.

    You should travel more often to broaden your horizon. But don’t forget your face mask; H1N1 yeah. 🙂

  68. I-4-C says:

    I have been “reliably informed” from the highest sources that the supremacy of the United States will come to an end soon. Maybe sooner than you think hehe.

  69. Richard Loh says:

    Hi Susan,

    Would appreciate if you could allow me to highlight this important Forum.

    Forum Name: eLawyer – Exabytes Penang Bloggers & Law Forum 2009

    Date: 27 June 2009

    Time: 9.00am – 12.30pm

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    Registration: The admission to this Forum is FREE. However, due to limited seat, please R.S.V.P by sending your details (Name, Tel, Email, Occupation and Company/School) to before 24 June 2009 or call 03-2782 5399 for more information.

    This event is supported by USM and Penang Bar Committee. It is open to anyone. Please visit for more information.


    “that the supremacy of the United States will come to an end soon”

    Malaysian thief abandons bid to forklift cash machine: reports

    It was no speedy smash-and-grab when a thief, dressed like a Formula One driver, failed in his attempt to break open a Malaysian cash machine with a forklift, reports said Sunday. – AFP

    Now that`s a tragi-comedy of errors.

  71. kittykat46 says:

    The country which has a substantially higher risk in the near future of becoming a failed economy is much, much closer, right in front of your eyes.

    That is, if it continues to be ruled by a corrupt, racist regime which treats the nation’s resources as its private piggy-bank. Led by a PM who got there by Entitlement. Otherwise he would be retiring as a ummm..junior assistant in a GLC bank somewhere.

  72. I-4-C says:

    The subprime crisis triggering a worldwide financial crisis proves beyong any reasonable doubt that the US is the most corrupt country in the world !!! Look at Madoff and Stanford guys. They make our corrupt leaders look like petty thieves hehe

  73. I-4-C says:

    The US Govt is a Ponzi Govt issuing endless bonds that will default soon hahaha

  74. I-4-C says:

    To fool the world about “green shoots” , they have a covert operation giving G Sorrows a few hundred billion US dollars to play up the US and Hongkong share markets only to catch unwary “investors” hehe

  75. Menyalak-er says:

    Wah… very ‘canggih’ economists and apocalyptic prophets running around eh?
    The aphorism: “When US sneezes, the rest of the world catches pneumonia”, still applies. Otherwise, why is our most cerebrally challenged ForMin so keen on appearing with Mdm SoS Hillary?
    The no. 2, 3…230th economies of the world are terrified of a bankrupt Uncle Sam. But it behooves the unthinking ‘experts’ to come up with less than intelligent comments at inoppurtune times to slam Sam as per their agenda… Anal fixators.
    Btw, dear Susan, feeling more comfortable yet? Swelling down?

  76. whispering9 says:

    For the first two months of 2009, large double-digit declines have been registered in Malaysia’s industrial production (-18.8%), manufacturing sales (-26.1%), exports (-26.4%) and employment (-6.5%). As a result, real economic output could contract in the first quarter of 2009 by 2% or more.” Steven Wong.

    Our economic data is more like dried lallang rather than green shoots.

  77. monsterball says:

    Whispering9…..restaurants..down 25%.
    Retail shops….down 30%
    Shopping complexes….down 20%
    Small trading companies….down 35%
    Petrol stations….down 17%
    Only food stalls and Chinese coffee shops with various foot stalls…have increase businesses.

  78. pandamaran says:

    “Only food stalls and Chinese coffee shops with various foot stalls…have increase businesses.”

    Generally, one can tell the state of the M`sian economy by looking at the occupancy of the coffee shops – which are all in sorry shape now.

  79. monsterball says:

    Where is hell…Danny?
    I am living on 7th heaven right now.
    Danny must be working for UMNO to be so pissed off with truths.

  80. Menyalak-er says:

    What qualifies as recession? 2 quarterly negative GDPs. Are we in recession? Yep, not technical but real. So is sandy Singapore and they don’t hide it like our economic professors of all and sundry. Our fundamentals are strong izzit? Yep, but of the wrong kind…
    This is not kopitiam tok-kok. It has devolved into mamak stall tok-kok.
    How long can we tahan? Until Uncle Sam tickles us, when the arse bangers bang Anwar – then we “Teheran-ize”… i.e drop dead!
    Orange, red, velvet, yellow, green revolution? When the push becomes a shove, it will be rainbow hued.

  81. I-4-C says:

    This aphorism “When US sneezes, the rest of the world catches pneumonia” is history and no longer applies as the US experiences one of highest unemployment in the world, bankruptcies of big big banks and GM and many more. People are forced in tents and big longkangs. These sad scenarios dont exist in Malaysia hehe.

  82. I-4-C says:

    Yes, the US is having pneumonia now and Malaysia is only sneezing hahahaha. They like to behave like Big Brother when in fact they are Big Bully especially to Muslim countries pitting brothers against brothers. Good thing Malaysia got ISA to prevent this happening !!!

  83. monsterball says:

    I recalled when Russia was getting more and more influential is Asia….on the cold war against USA…Malaysian government and it’s people were praying and hoping USA will come to help Malaysia.
    Between being conquered by Russian or USA…they prefer USA.
    I recalled Tunku said….we are a small and helpless country against such super powers.
    Now no cold war….USA is a good country to be insulted.
    Yes…USA are bullies…but they have so many great qualities in life…that put us as jungle people. How can jungle people talk so big?
    S’pore did nothing wrong to Malaysia…also targeted to be insulted and made fun with.
    Yes..we are trained to believe..we are the greatest and purest people on earth…or are we trained to be arrogant and have no manners….ignoring what great hypocrites …we are?
    Pulling in those that are not hypocrites be lumped with the real hypocrites.. ..for the whole world to laugh at us.

  84. whispering9 says:

    For I-4-C,

    “The Government has revised Malaysia’s GDP growth forecast this year to between -4% and -5%, down from – 1% to 1% earlier, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, who is also the Finance Minister.”

    From my experience, in the business community there are two types of clients. One usually drives expensive cars, live in posh homes and work in posh offices. They usually boast about their business acumen even during recession. The reality is this class don’t pay their vendors, suppliers, contractors, staff and workers when the going get tough. Blame it on the economy is always their motto.

    Another class, is usually the more prudent and down to earth businessmen. They live modestly and humbly. They pay what is due and rarely allow debt to accumulate. They try to retain or retrain their staff and workers to survive economically.

    Which class does your politicians belong?

    At -4%….a lot of Malaysians is going to feel the heat in another 3 months. Better try to get some green shoots sprouting instead of pointing fingers at the Americans. But if you are getting paid for doing it….well, that is good enterprise but you really got to get new horizon and perspective. You are sounding like a broken record. Cheer.

  85. whispering9 says:

    I-4-C, here are some points from the latest World Bank Report (sorted in ascending order 😉 ).

    “Malaysia’s real gross domestic product (GDP) is expected to fall by 4.4% this year before recovering to 2.2% next year and 5.3% in 2011”

    “Thailand, a slump in exports, exacerbated by heightened political uncertainty, was set to cause output to contract by 3.2%”

    “Philippines would see 0.5% fall this year, before climbing to 2.4% the following year”

    “Both Indonesia and Vietnam are projected to register 3.5% growth in 2009 and 5% next year”

    “China is expected to grow faster than most other countries this year at an estimated 9.3% but was likely to drop to 8.3% next year.”


    “The bank said thanks to China, the growth in developing East Asia and the Pacific would be the fastest among the world’s regions and was projected at 5%.”

    What do you think about DSN trip to Chine? I would say as flat as an airstrip.

  86. straycatstrut says:

    Which class does your politicians belong? – w9

    Come on w9. Businessmen and politicians are in two different categories (while monsterball is in the third on his own). There is nothing immediate after DSN visit to China but I don’t see anything bad coming out it to give me an excuse to wear a black t-shirt and “mogok lapar” either. Flat? Yes but I am not complaining. Atleast I think he made the right move to visit China.

  87. I-4-C says:

    The “green shoots” planted by G Sorrows on US and HangSeng markets using billions of covert US govt money, are now wilting and drying up. So much for his idiotic theory of reflexivity (ie market prices according to his sentiments instead of fundamentals). Certainly, I shall coin this Sorosconomics hehe

  88. rem_brand says:

    Sorosconomics is Obamanomics – printing money. Same as Mahathirnomics.

    Printing Money Scandal Malaysia under Investigation

    Sources close to Note Printing Australia said it had paid large commissions to agents in Nepal, Indonesia and Malaysia.

    It has won contracts in recent years to print polymer banknotes for Nepal and Malaysia. “The commissions in these countries were not relative to the value of the deals … They were too big,” a source said.

    “Just like Securency, these commissions left NPA vulnerable to allegations some of the money could be used to pay off politicians or bank officials.”

  89. BULLDOG says:

    “Atleast I think he (Najib) made the right move to visit China.” – Straycatstrut

    Oh, really? The trip to China was really cloying, riddled with masquerade like the emphatic Premier of China whom pretentiously ordered his subordinate to go and search for PM Najib’s father photos, Tun Abdul Razak’s visit to China in the 70s where in actuality the “missing” photo was in the premier’s pants.

    Failing to draw due attention with congratulatory messages from world leaders for his inauguration as PM in April, he wanted to be recognized by touring and making friends with rogue countries and policies for example;-

    1) Malaysia’s condemnation of the Iranian opposition who took to the streets in Iran having supported the facts that reflected in her(Malaysia’s) own act -the illegal power grab in Perak and as usual turning a blind eye to the fact – the admission by the Iranian election body that there are discrepancies and irregularities in the recent voting counting system that led the evil Ahmadijenad(now, I don’t even know how to spell his name) to power again. How could the ballots counted turned out to be higher than the voters?

    2) The shameful arrest of Myanmar dissidents who assemble outside Myanmar’s embassy to celebrate Daw Suu’s birthday.

    3) The blatant police disruption AGAIN at the recent DAP ceramah at the vicinity of MP Charles Santiago’s service center.

    And oww Straycat, come on…….Oh yeah I almost forgotten…and

    4)The next time you go for grocery shopping again, buy a can of potato chips and stick in in your mouth will ya, hmmm… 😉 Just joking…haha.

    Do you know that Edison Chen is in KL? I am not sure whether he has left KL but I am sure that Gillian Chung surely won’t wanna bump into him again, at least for quite sometime…

  90. kesu says:

    “Just like Securency, these commissions left NPA vulnerable to allegations some of the money could be used to pay off politicians or bank officials.”

    At least the BNM tea lady (Zeti) is making money in these bad times. How much is No.2 Rosmah getting

  91. wits0 says:

    BULLDOG, like I’ve opined before, there is nothing respectable or honorable in M’sia’s foreign policy all along. Always a reflection of the gormen’s self servingness. We know that generally foreign policies are selfish but Bolehland’s has always been exceedingly so!

  92. Menyalak-er says:

    “…cloying…” Exceptionally appropriate term, bulldog.
    I cannot understand the emhasis of the father-son relationship of TARazak-Naif in this ‘tour’ of Beijing. To me it reeks of paying tribute (like bunga mas – or more likely bunga ubi) just like in the days of the Melaka Sultanate.
    This time though, the Chinese ‘royalty’ mistook Mme Lumpiolus as a tempayan and that was why she was left to her own devices, while Naif was reminiscing about those sepia photoshoots.
    Who are we to ‘condemn’ the ‘terrorists’ in Teheran or KL?
    The mindset of K9 pdrm is basically to kick our own poor and marginalized when they are down, whatmore those poor Myanmarese demonstators. Perhaps the humane authorities were trying to force feed these starving flurs with prison food!

  93. kittykat46 says:

    The word “Honorable” is an alien concept to the UMNO-BN regime.
    Watch how Ong Tee Kiat tries to defend the indefensible over the PKFZ fiasco.

  94. tricksntreats says:

    And, impotent ex-porn star Chua Soi Lek, Chief BN Coordinator, has made a great discovery:

    “The consensus was that BN needs to move as a team. The YBs should serve their constituencies well,”……. blah blah blah

  95. kesu says:

    tricksntreats my other nic….nice huh….and i`m here to stay… copying like james pls

  96. kesu says:

    I like monsterball, much fun he drives them cuckoo…..heehee
    —kesu the kiasu or kiasu the kesu

  97. kesu says:

    you`ll be surprised, they sing songs of him on the blog….some do rap like `filthy nick` and `70 year old mad goon` recently…….i love heehee
    -—kesu the kiasu or kiasu the kesu

  98. kesu says:

    Banning another imposter

    I am banning this imposter. Why do you need to immitate someone else, especially a regular commentator on this blog? Because you don’t like his or her view? Then argue intelligently, and your comments will be approved. I don’t moderate. But I hope people respect my decision enough not to abuse this space.

    Impostering is a crime on this blog. Views, no matter, how deranged, are even forgiveable. Understand?

  99. wits0 says:

    For Susan 😉

  100. liza2 says:

    Bloggers like Susan Loone who chooses to let commentators like ‘monsterball’ run amok on her blog, spews racial hatred and launches into a tirade of abuse against practically all well meaning visitors, are no better than the character she lets in on her blog.
    No wonder her blog could only attract hits from the same visitors who visit her blog to make meaningless comments.

  101. alim says:

    That goon MONSTERBALL,
    Thinks he’s walking TALL,
    Falls into a PIT,
    Eats his own SHIT…..

    You will it…and him too…..ha ha ha

  102. alim says:

    That comment was meant for you, kesu. try rapping to it

  103. kesu says:

    You will it…and him too…..ha ha ha – alim

    You got a nice laugh esp when the fish you eat has been fed on pig and chicken shit…….make you strong as lion hahahahaha

  104. kesu says:

    Hahahaha your sister liza 2 eats the same hahahaahaha

  105. kesu says:

    Next to the Pizza Hut counter was Sugbahan Food Counter and that’s where I got to try two bizarre seaweeds. In between these seaweeds was another green thing that looked like Japanese “green tea” cold soba noodles. You’ve probably seen those thin green noodles.
    But these turned out to be something other than soba. I asked the ladies behind the counter what each of these items were, but they were lazy and annoyed with my obviously silly and tedious questions. They just nodded and yawned when I asked if the green noodle things were noodles or not.

  106. I-4-C-2 says:

    Soon the Arse Bangers will be eating shit together in Sungai Buloh

    “Despite strong protest from opposition lawmakers and amid heavy public criticism, Najib image Razak’s government has hammered through a highly controversial DNA Bill that could help it win a sodomy case against Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim. The democracy icon has pleaded not guilty to having sodomised an ex-staff in June last year, counter-accusing Najib of political persecution.

    The amendment effectively allows the government to take samples from anyone and not just those suspected of having committed serious crimes like murder. Even those arrested for taking part in peaceful protest can now be compelled to give a sample.”

  107. I-4-C says:

    Say what you like, Malaysia has done very well economically now considering the fact that it’s still recovering from the financial attack led by G Sorrows in 1997/8. The economic fundamentals are solid thanks to good governance from Bank Negara. Those arse holes in US need to learn from us hehe

  108. BULLDOG says:

    I dare almost bet on my life that I-4-C(not I-4-C-2) is the former commenter Bobby NZ. ;D

    Thanks witso. I know it but just to justify my points against some pro-UMNO PAS faction commenter.

  109. monsterball says:

    Not running out of steam nor running scared.
    Simply I am too big for you waste my time.

  110. whispering9 says:

    To I-C-4,

    “Say what you like, Malaysia has done very well economically”

    I didn’t say it. It was a quote from DSN and Steven Wong that our economy is not that well. At least, they are not in denial mode now.

    “…considering the fact that it’s still recovering from the financial attack led by G Sorrows in 1997/8.”

    Yes…unlike many other affected countries, Malaysia (sadly) is still recovering while others have recovered. Don’t only blame the robbers that came in the nights when you left the door wide open too often enough.

    “The economic fundamentals are solid thanks to good governance from Bank Negara.”

    Yes, agreed. We have good people in Bank Negara and Petronas. But, alas, that might change if history is allowed to repeat like in the recent Proton case.

    Hopefully, the above replies are useful. Maybe you should just stick to Sigmoidoscopy. 🙂 Cheer.

  111. I-4-C says:

    Thanks whispering9.

    I meant Malaysia is doing very well relative to US which is still in “crisis” mode. Because Malaysia is not a stooge of US, therefore they were not exposed to junk securities from Lehman brothers and others whereas our kiasu neighbour is badly hit.

    Cheers 😉

  112. monsterball says:

    One forgets….Malaysia has always been financially sound.
    Not depending on IMF loans or any US govt. aids can be translate into not having a financial partner that is non corrupted to look over the shoulders on crooked deals.
    One forget….in the past..when we borrowed from IMF…they rejected so many projects.. UMNO wanted .
    The moment Malaysia increased in exports and tourists keep pouring in…plus oil prices…jumped from RM20 per much much more….we were actually…..the riches country in Asia…at one time.
    That is the reason.why we do not need IMF…and Mahathir took the advantage to play International hero….choosing USA a punching bag…with great success…as US govt…. was seen bullying and protecting anything for USA benefits…out of USA.
    The 22 years shouts and cries of Malaysians…ad how Mahathir dealt with anyone opposing him…even pay US1 million to met Bush for 30 minutes..all exposed….and the world knows what kind of leader we have in Malaysia.
    Concerning Soros…it is a money gambling session…that Mahathir lost …and started to blame this and that.
    Did you not see both are friend again? So don’t blame Soros…or anyone. UMNO is very good to blame are pro UMNO tape recorders…no need to do proper researches..just believe all UMNO said are all true.
    Cat out of the bag….end of story ..22 years greatness under Mamak,.
    We are now known as the biggest gas bags and hypocrites to the world.

  113. monsterball says:

    I wanted to give away a pug dog and Amin Iskandar told me buah buah restaurant boss….Hisham wants it.
    Both met me and Hisham immediately hugged and kiss the dog..and the dog took a liking on him. That settle it. The expensive dog was his….last night. I need to give he was fighting non stop with another male.
    Amin told me to give him one….2 years from now. I still have 8 dogs.
    Do you know…in Morroco and Afghanistan….Muslims simply love dogs?
    One must know Hisham who was jailed by Mahathir and now works for Astro….owned by UMNO.
    He has a strong mind of his own….and will not carry anyone balls nor cow to any political pressure to succeed in his job…as a script writer. It’s his works that counts.
    He belongs to no party too.
    Such is a Malaysian…if you talk to him and Amin Iskandar..both are welknown NGO bloggers…they will not want to waste time to talk grandfather stories or punch below the belt..if ever needed to debate with each other.

  114. monsterball says:

    Rocky is a weak double headed drunkard snake.
    He was my friend…..and he bullshitted me.
    I am hopping mad!
    The show must go on…..hahahahahahahaha
    I give… up to date news and datas.
    Rocky’s machais knows how to dig grandfather stories that are meaningless to others.
    Pure insults are signs of low class UMNO racialists goons.
    Kiddos do make my blood pressure up..and sometimes…it is good..for my health.
    When Susan’s blog is too much on me…I will run again..not scared….not out of steam…..but plenty smart……hahahahahahaha
    Next..I will fark RPK…if he turn coat to fark Anwar anymore.
    Hero he is to me…..but not at the expense to hero worship his character too…not even Anwar or Lim Kit Siang or anyone.
    People’s Power do not carry balls.
    We are freedom fighters….who are those insulting me?
    Did I owe anyone of I have not paid?
    UMNO buggers took millions of loans from Mara.. and did not back back…so if ever we want to talk…who is a good paymaster…those idiots are the worst…but then they are trained to easily forget and accused others.
    Goodbye….get lost….you UMNO worms.

  115. Sesudah Subuh says:

    In the future, when ever or who ever want to find out who this Gremlin is, SS Goh aka Monsterball, can google and refer to this posting.
    Its comprehensive information about Monsterball.
    For example, he keeps attacking Rocky as being unqualified as a ‘leader’ of All-Blogs where else, if anyone look at simonscwee’s info, SS Goh is a company director who doesn’t even bother to file in annual reports (as required by the law).
    These are not smut, neither poisonous. These are facts. The man “cakap tak serupa bikin”, in every single damnest things!
    I want to add Shar101, Monsterball even has a propensity to ask the Blog operator to change topic!
    Like I said earlier, in the Bible and Quran there’s mention of the ‘Devil’ and ‘Serpent’. Doesn’t mean its mentioned, more than once, we should revere or worship the ‘Devil’. Its mentioned so that mankind can be wary and learn to avoid these “diabolical”, in this case, “monsterous” manners


    You are so cheap to expose people in this blogsphere.
    Stupid people who don’t have ideas always use this kind of tactics to scare their opponents like what Mahathir Mohammad always did to his opponents.

    Operasi Lalang, Memali Incidents and what he did to Anwar Ibrahim is the example of his acts againts his opponents.

    Biggum is just a dog of Mahathir. That’s why he fought Monsterball by using this “mala fide” tactics.

  116. Sesudah Subuh says:


    Use your brain to fight ideas, not energy and dirty tactics….

    Ha ha ha

  117. Sesudah Subuh says:

    Blogs is the space for the Free Man.
    Monsterball is a free man.

    Don’t talk about freedom and freedom of speech if you cannot tolerate Monsterball….

  118. kittykat46 says:

    “Malaysia has done very well economically”
    Like a katak bawah tempurung. Only people who never step an inch beyond Bukit Kayu Hitam or Johor Bahru fail to realise just how many countries are leaving us behind, breathing their exhaust fumes. Don’t mistake current economic cycles with long term economic strength.

    “it’s still recovering from the financial attack led by G Sorrows in 1997/8.”
    Many countries which suffered even worst than Malaysia have not only fully recovered but come roaring back even stronger. Hint :- lots of their cars on our roads, their mobile phones in many people’s hands.
    Its an indictment of how stagnant our economy is. Don’t mistake stagnation with economic strength.

  119. Anti Stupidity says:

    Joe and Alex,

    Both of you are cheap minded.
    Don’t attack Monsterball on his personal life.

    Attack his ideas if both of you have something in your mind….

    Don’t be Cheap Minded!

  120. kittykat46 says:

    You may or may not like what monsterball says, but at least he has something meaningful to say.

    A lot of tiny little monsters who come here just to attack monsterball. Nothing else to say. Kepala Otak kosong.

  121. I-4-C says:

    Only arse bangers cannot differentiate between right and wrong. That’s why they go for the wrong hole hahaha

  122. wits0 says:

    Kittykat46 : “…little monsters..Nothing else(more) to say..”

    Say more, ler! 😀 Why hold back if supposedly you have more?

  123. monsterball says:

    Tommy …you can go fark spider with your advise.
    I will leave to give peace to this blog…..not because of your idiotic one sided advise.
    I a sure….you love to see me leave this blog and win your stupid game?
    DREAM ON!!
    Thanks kiitykat46…Seudah-Subah.Tommy will never read your comments..or anyone defendng me.
    He is interested I go play with my grandchildren…how nice.

  124. monsterball says:

    yeayeayea…”tommy” and you ..”abe” are kind souls.
    Tell that to the marines.
    I leave…your mission accomplished…be it.. by insulting…by irritating….by such kind souls…..all want me to leave. really think I was born yesterday
    This is a repeated old performance done over and over ……using different nicks…by one…insult.irritate and adviser…all asking me to leave. If that formula would have worked 3 years ago.
    Why are you so dumb…….like UMNO….same old style.
    Anyway…goodbye…for peace sake.
    Remember not out of steam …not running scared…simply out of respect for Susan and others.
    Time is too precious..and Ong Ta Kut….needs to be fark up in LKS blog..RM12.5 billion con job….by MCA.
    Come over and leave Susan’s blog in peace…if you got the balls.

  125. wits0 says:

    Alto, Bob, Ben, Abe, Sesudah Subuh, Biggum, Joe, liza2, alim etc, if Monsterball is rude to you people, then bang him back(you all surf the blogs and should have that capacity) but things are sometimes more than meets the eye. Some of you attack like ravenous piranhas, displaying more feeding frenzy than anything else

    It, however, is quite a different thing to run down Susan’s blog on account of Monsterball, about her letting him in. This is Susan’s choice and I’m sure, one made with sufficient rationale.

    Kittykat46 recognises that Monsterball is not on the side of the Forces of Mala Fides, and so do I, cranky and disagreeable as he may often conceivably be.

  126. disgusted says:

    Anyone teaching susan how to run her blog should be banned.
    They dont pay for it, what business do they have to teach her how to run her blog?
    It`s like someone going to someone else`s house and telling them what to do and how to do it. RPK has also admonished his readers on this disgusting habit.
    Certainly pathetic what this country has achieved.
    Even monsterball has never done such a loathsome thing.

  127. Pencuri Belacan says:

    To be honest, Monsterball at times have made too many enemies and there are opportunists who arrived here and there to “insult” him.

    For the records, Monsterball just hit his septuagenarian. He is probably “saltier” than salt. He invited someone from other State (actual State unknown but in Malaysia) for coffee at Starbucks (see FSZ3) and appointed De Summit only as a place of meeting (because his business office is near).

    You guys take a break lah. Like I say of his age, he’s probably doing a “David Carradine” act. Ow cUm on, leave Monsterball alone, please. He ain’t worth “it”.

  128. I-4-C says:

    Warren Buffett says US Economy in “Shambles”. no signs of recovery yet. Why? Corruption and greed lah. What to complain about Malaysian economy? Only the ill informed says otherwise hehe

    (see )

  129. Menyalak-er says:

    Kenyesian economics and the laissez faire Smithian are essentially dissimilar, the tendency in the US is mainly towards the former with minor modifications here & there. The ideal is to strike a balance between the two with people like P.Kruger et al are trying busily to. Warren Buffet is ‘confused’ too but the recovery will take at least another 6 months, if ever. Susan’s aches will have disappeared by then…
    But we have such clarity of thought with some commentators in regards to Soros’ean (whatever, that is) predatory instincts etc that the global avalanche is only linked to subprime mortgages fiasco in the US (which was the trigger)! This is truly simpliscitic ideation – for they cannot see that the world economy is so closely linked to US bonds as reserve currency, that any sciesmic shift in value will finish off midget export orientated economies like Malaysia.
    Our fundamentals are strong? Yep, like H1N1 is not pandemic. Basket of currencies? Yep, for basket cases of malaise economists.
    Stimulus packages? Yep, stimulating cronies perineum.

  130. I-4-C says:

    World powers in the past have collapsed but others still carry on life as usual. Its presumptuous to think that economies of the world will collapse if the US collapse. No, not anymore. It’s technically bankrupt and others are preparing an alternative currency maybe the UN dollar will do hehe.

  131. whispering9 says:

    The world is flat now lah…I-4-C. That is why….when Uncle Sam was in the verge of collapse, other countries quickly rallied to her support. EU, once thought to be fairly isolated from Uncle Sam cold, was not spared too. If Uncle Sam collapses, Malaysia economy will collapse because Uncle Sam is our number one benefice. However, life can go on as usual for Malaysia since she has been blessed with good soil, calm sunny weather, rich land, green forest, strong healthy middle class (hopefully so in another 10 years) and good people. It is mostly the politicians and their greed that are fairly ‘bad’ here, albeit some exceptions.

    Historically, a ‘bad’ economy usually imposes further taxes and burdens on her citizens so that the political power can still have employment and enjoy their shares of cakes. A possible rise of another Hilter type is seemingly a good deterrent to this past practice as noted in the current scenario. Are you a political squire, I-4-C? Try to be a honest and nice one, ok? You should appreciate the latitude Susan have given you to expand here.

    ps: You cannot just declare an alternative trading currency without a strong military deterrent to enforce accounting practice and discipline. So….meanwhile Uncle Sam will have to do. Yuan looks promising for some countries. But can the West really look East?

  132. kittykat46 says:

    The US economy is in deep trouble, no doubt about it. Don’t mistake economic cycles, no matter how serious, with fundamental national strength.

    There is plenty I dislike about US foreign and economic policy. But lets face the reality.

    The US economy and its people remains one of the most productive and innovative in the world. If you are reading this on a computer screen, I am 100% sure its driven by a microprocessor built by a US company, using software designed by a US company, running on an operating system created by a US company, accessing an application run by a US company, sitting on a database managed by a US company.

    Think of almost any branch of technology and science critical to the modern world (physics, chemistry, biology, agriculture, medicine, pharmaceuticals, computers, electronics, telecommunications, chemical industry, mechanical engineering, aircraft, metallurgy, optics. etc. , etc., etc.) US companies and research facilities continue to either lead the front or are near the front. They screwed up their car industry, but at the cutting edge of mechanical engineering they are still right up there in front beside the Japanese and Germans.

    In deep trouble ? Yes. Seriously need to reform ? Yes. About to collapse ? Nah….

    Will we be doing international trade in Yuan ? Maybe someday. Not anytime soon.
    Basic rule in this world. Your biggest or nearly biggest international customer gets to choose which currency he wants to pay you with.

  133. whispering9 says:

    When you research historical events, hardly any great power/country collapses as per se like what I-4-C trumpeted. They just decayed and disappeared during good times. Financial crisis like what happening to Uncle Sam will only make her more resolve. The only timeline she will ‘collapse’ when her people become bore with too much fun and good lives. Then destiny will overtake them and they just disappeared when others crept up upon them.

    I-C-4, u should stop comparing US economy with ours. Their is trillion dollar economy whilst ours is less than a 100 billion ringgit. It is like a poor man eating roti canai scoffing at a rich man who miss breakfast.

  134. justme says:

    Poor monsterball, being carpet bombed .Honestly speaking, monsterball is a harmless monster , speaking his mind and at times backing it up with facts. Though he and I has had some some words before.
    I believe a blog without monsterball won’t be that interesting. I suppose, if anyone engaging should him give as good as what he gave .
    Now it seems he has to run off to LKS blog. Pity!!!

  135. wits0 says:

    Hi there, pluto – June 24, 2009 at 5:46 pm, are you that Pluto who used to hang around SCM(Soc Culture Malaysia) and has that rabid CKSF as “best friend”?

  136. wits0 says:

    “The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.” – Mark Twain

    Likewise, for now :
    The reports of the Death of the US Economy have been greatly exaggerated.

  137. I-4-C says:

    The US economy is living on borrowed money and borrow time lah. If someone tells me he owns millions while owing owing billions, I am not the least impressed. Get it???

  138. I-4-C says:

    They are certainly innovative. What bothers me is that if they have 3 astronauts walking on the moon 40 years ago, why only send a probe over now??? Does that not sound like a cheat talking??? Yes a country full of cheaters !!!!

  139. crusts says:

    “What bothers me is that if they have 3 astronauts walking on the moon 40 years ago, why only send a probe over now??? Does that not sound like a cheat talking??? Yes a country full of cheaters !!!!”

    One of the stupidest comments ever,……… they have already gone for Mars now. And Proctor&Gamble (46th or something on the Dow) is bigger than malay-sia economy, which only managed teh tarik and roti canai on the way to the moon.
    And has a pm as a murderer and cant decide on what to do with the manglish brains. No wonder even the indonesians call them `malingsia` (malay thieves). Melayu means `orang pelarian`.
    Nazri is proud to amok, pasquale is proud to be `menang kerbau`…hahahaha……..rocky cannot brew anything….and they are mahathir`s babies

  140. Menyalak-er says:

    Well the Chinese want to moonwalk now, 20 years after M.Jackson moonwalked. When Pres. Kennedy goaded NASA to go for the moonshot, they did it within 5 years. There is no economic nor ‘scientific’ value for moon tourism except to irritate some religious types who hold high regard for the sanctity of the ‘moon’. This moon fascination is often regarded as lunacy! And the only reasons China are going is to:
    1. Advertise the ‘fact’ that they have ‘arrived’ while wearing refurbished ‘Soyuz’ space suits – it just shows that they are in fact two to three generations behind the U.S.
    2. To claim a bit of lunar surface, as they are trying to in the Antartic. They are very materialistic, u know – but just maybe the will allow a bumno moon creeper to tag along to claim a small piece of the nightside.
    3. Maybe they need more ‘factory’ space. As for ‘seminal thinking’ they are about the level of the Khoi-San of the Kalahari (no offence to the Khoi’san meant), and i’m Chinese Banana!
    kk46, wits0 and W9 articulated about what is reality, certainly not an apocalyptic ‘wish’ by prophets of doom. And as W9 puts it, the fall of an ‘Empire’ always starts with a decay in ethical-moral mores within, not without (the rotten kepala ikan), now what does tell us about the political and economic situation in our country?

  141. crusts says:

    Nontheless malay-sia manages to get famous on lanun-isms….

    Hotman talked about the use of credit card by Manohara, which was highlighted by Fakhry during the television interview. The credit limit of the card was only RM9, 000 which is equivalent to nine million Indonesian Rupiah. Manohara who was also present during the press conference said, that too permission must be sought from the Ruler before the card was used.

  142. crusts says:

    “In fact those items given by Fakhry are much lesser and of no significant value compared to what a noodle seller in Indonesia would have given during marriage.”

    Cheapskates who give high brow speechess faithfully produced by the New Shitty Times

  143. wits0 says:

    Lanun-ism is sacred here. Thou shalt not question it! It is verboten Otherwise, hrummpp…many peoples’ sensitivities get hurt!

    Selective Sensitivity terrorism is permitted. Some people has all the tender entitlements.

  144. obamomoney says:

    There is definitely some slippage in the house of Obama. When that leftist propaganda organ, the New York Slimes, opens it’s pages to criticism of the team Obama economic recovery program, there has to be a little less joy in Mudville.
    President Obama regularly takes his eye off the ball relative to the economic mess we find all around us. He travels the world apologizing for American history. He makes a point of going to Cairo to reach out to the “Muslim world”, whatever that turns out to be. He does fund raisers in Hollywood and townhalls in St. Louis. He spends a quarter million tax dollars to fly to Chicago so that he can deliver a speech, and be booed by the crowd, in Chicago. He takes his wife out on a date night in New York rather than Washington. And so on.
    All the while, our economy continues to sputter, stutter, stagger and sag.

  145. whispering9 says:

    “The US economy is living on borrowed money and borrow time lah. If someone tells me he owns millions while owing owing billions, I am not the least impressed. Get it???”

    I-4-C, pity I have to travel again ‘cos you have some good insights (…plus bad insights, lol). Remember what I told you about economy and military muscle. That is how the whole present economical system works. Creditors and lenders will be lenient with the US but the opposite happen when Malaysia lives on borrowed money and time.

    Yes, we shouldn’t be impressed by those who drives big cars, live lavishly and lasciviously but owing other billions. That was why I asked you which category does your politicians belong (..SCS assumed your politicians belong to BN… 🙂 cos you sound apolitical to me). Should just forget whether your politicians dress in black or blue. Just insist that they can be made accountable and dispensable.

    Sending astronauts into the moon was just that PR which NASA needed to raise fund. It is much cheaper and effective to send space probes. Sending our guy to space was not impressionable.

    Hi Menyalak-er….yeah, it is always the self destruction button than destroy us.

  146. flagrantedelicto says:

    I am not the least impressed. Get it??? = I-4-C


  147. wits0 says:

    Susan time for :


  148. kittykat46 says:

    I’m not impressed at all impressed by those who drives big cars, live lavishly and lasciviously, owing tons of money. But I’m impressed with character, learning, knowledge , what I call “human capital”.

    Yes, the US is guilty of profligate and wasteful living, and its paying and will pay the price for that. But you need to look beyond that.
    That’s why I asked a question to I-4-C earlier if he had ever visited the United States. The US has, and continues to produce a reservoir of human capital which is second to none. Its one of the most innovative and productive economies in the world – and there’s a huge amount of human capital and know-how behind it. Why do you think China, and Malaysia, for that matter, continue to send tens of thousands of students to study in the US ? And there’s a massive queue of people trying to enter your “failed economy”. Not just the low-income poor, but highly trained and qualified people.

    Bank of Japan Governor’s off-the-cuff statement that Japan has an absolute confidence in US Treasuries. It’s a political “ncessary” statement, but its not JUST a political statement.

  149. wits0 says:

    Well said, Kittykat46, and btw, Obama is a fakir. He’s become the measure by which the astute people are differentiated from the shallow.

  150. I-4-C says:


    For your information, I got degree in Economics from US so do I not know what I am talking about. All those economic theories are only theories. But greed and corruption are the underlying problems in capitalism. That’s why they look so impressive outwardly but rotting inside out.

  151. kaifun says:

    Najib got a degree in Economics from UK……..doesn`t show much for it either. My neighbourhood coffee shop owner is a better economist. He does have a tea lady running BNM though for what it is worth.

  152. wits0 says:

    I once knew one medical graduate in a small town from a Taiwan university who ended up running his father’s coffee shop because the Gormen did not recognise his degree.

    “Greed and corruption are the underlying problems in capitalism.”
    So what’s the solution? Bolehland is reeling bad from that greed and corruption and lacks any pool of people of integrity within its present governance to arrest this decadence.

  153. kittykat46 says:

    If you have a degree in Economics from US, it must have been from Kellogs (cornflakes box). If you are a real US graduate who has lived there for a few years, you will understand my joke cum insult.

  154. Menyalak-er says:

    Naif’s really got a degree from UK? Really? Was it hononary or did he really graduate – what were his honors? What does it tell you when one gets a degree overseas? Nowadays it is definitely considered:
    1. An honor, showing that one is indeed of some calibre.
    2. Family is rich enough the send the child over or that they ‘bertungkus lumus’ for their offspring and therefore are commendable parents.
    3. The child is indeed smart, especially if he went through with scholarship (but beware of Bumno sponsored grads, who most likely rich influential parents but with a string of D’s and E’s).
    In the late 50’s – mid 70’s, going overseas was not the ‘in thing’ – the best students were schooled in the top universities locally, and most of the ‘left overs’ had to go overseas, and did so with much trepidation, because they had no option.
    I remember vividly sometime in the early 70’s when i was interviewed for a national scholarship, when i was asked the simple question on how many local varsities. Of course, being an idiot, i argued that Mara was not a varsity – and that was just before they made their diploma equal to a degree!
    I agree with you wits0, i too had my share of such sob stories esp. of Indian grads (Art 13) whose parents sweated blood to put them thru’ med school, and along comes a gomen scholar who couldn’t distinguish a tarsal from a carpal trained in Egypt! Idiocy is it not? I would have rather trained them for HO for 2 years, than to make them go through that ‘exam’ that was crafted by um/ukm. Unfortunately, as an invigilator i too was part of the system. Sigh…

  155. I-4-C says:

    If you think they have the smartest brains on earth, why do so many in America live in abject proverty, seeking shelter in big longkangs and now tent cities are everywhere? The filthy rich know nuts about economics. All their dishonesty, corruption and ponzi schemes make them rich. Not hard productive work but making surreal money from trading in securities. That’s why the realtiy has come to haunt them with this credit crunch!!! They were in fact building castles in the air hehe

  156. I-4-C says:

    My point is; dont be fooled by the Americans and their propaganda. They have caused a financial mess worldwide. They tell other nations to spend even more to get out of this crisis when in the first place, overspending is the underlying cause of the financial crisis. It does take an economist to figure that a bigger problem is imminent. So did they send 3 astrounauts to the moon? I am led to believe from a documentary that presented evidences that it was a big fat hoax due to their kiasu stand against the Russians !!!!

  157. monsterball says:

    Micheal Jackson died on Thursday.

  158. monsterball says:

    1-4-C is such an expert in USA.
    I wonder what knowledge have he got on our daily problems in Malaysia.
    Churning our garbage….day in day out…making a fool of himself or maybe he is thinking he is dong a great propaganda job to keep discrediting USA. He is trying to impress the half Indian …half Malay?
    How strange I-4-C is so well informed of USA only.
    Had he spend as time to study Malaysians affairs…why we may have the making of a self made professor to be recognized as ..” Royal Professor”… to replace aging ones.

  159. OrangRojak says:

    I hope you’re feeling better Susan, and if you’re not, that at least you’re bending some doctor’s ear about it! It would be great to read an article title “It hurts!” with content “can’t type”, or similar, just so we know you’re still around. It’ll save some bandwidth too!

  160. Faith Healer says:

    Susan, have faith in the Lord and thou shall be healed. U need an oil massage, Susan dear? I am sure if can’t heal you, my free massage will but if both still fails to heal you, oh dear, what can I say…..:D

  161. uselessi-4-c says:

    US is bad and I-4-C goes there to get Economics degree now complains here in a malaysian oriented site. Idiot should be on a US site. If that also cannot understand then the US degree is really useless and the greedy fellow only wasted his father`s money.

  162. kittykat46 says:

    “Naif’s really got a degree from UK? Really?” -Menyalak-er

    If you do the arithmetic on when Tong Rosak kicked the can, when Naif rushed home, his age at the time, when he was claimed to have graduated, something doesn’t add up.

    Methinks he was still an undergraduate student when he rushed back to Malaysia and never went back to complete it. Universiy of Nottingham gave him a post-facto degree. Hint : how do you think Universiy of Nottingham became the first foreign university to be allowed a full-fledged branch campus in Malaysia ?

  163. monsterball says:

    Thank you Tommy for your wishes. I expected that from your twisted mind. I return..I wish you a long life..for life is precious and your love ones… well and safe. My grandchildren do love me so much…keep praying your wish come true.
    Are you married? The way you talk..your balls seems to have not proven useful yet. Anyway..if you have grandchildren…I wish them good health and love you as much as you deserve.
    To me…at my age…everyday is a bonus…and I still do not understand what has this to do with my commenting.
    How old are you Tommy?
    All of you can continue to juggle …..judge me.. twist..and insult as much as you like.
    I intend to expose and tell truths as I see it….be it on the comment or commentator.
    Truth hurts and so far all your comments on me …did not hurt me one bit at all….as all put out are grandfather stories and when I give more new information…not interested…a style focus to get me out of this blog……by hook or by crook?
    When I keep quiet….what idiotic messages….what nonsense.
    So we can safely say….the main target is Susan’s blog……not me.
    Presuming it is me…Susan allow me in…..what right have you all to chase me…..or kind one like Tommy ….tell me to get out?
    I give peace to commentators in this blog………..not out of steam nor scared to come back at all.
    Do you understand English?

  164. monsterball says:

    kiitykat46 is telling truths on Najib’s so call degrees.
    Home made by Mamas and Papas.

  165. I-4-C says:


    You mentioned “I intend to expose and tell truths as I see it..” The problem is you are feeding on propaganda and giving a voice devoid of Truth. For me, I am connected to the highest level in Malaysian politics. I also spoke personally to the driver who ferried gay guys for that Arse Banger. And I studied the minds of the twisted American system to know what I am talking about. So who is closer to the Truth???

  166. monsterball says:

    hahahahahahaha…..1-4-C is a American mind reader.
    I give up!
    Have a nice weekend.

  167. Hitam Had says:

    Maybe someone will dig up the HR records of Petronas where the PM was reported to have worked as an Executive after graduating with a degree in Industrial Economics in 1974 until 1976; to confirm the myths and speculations about his academic qualifications. Or are those records also missing?


  168. Menyalak-er says:

    Hi Hitam Had,
    As we know, it is very easy to print diplomas, nowadays – from certificates to Phd’s. Also can get a ‘retgrade/retroactive’ one mah…See all those bunkum con-artists running around?
    And I really wouldn’t want anyone losing life or limb trying to look for the aforesaid HR records – the whole office block may end up as a burning ‘dick’ inferno spearing the nightline skyscape of K.L.

  169. kittykat46 says:

    Menyalak-er “And I really wouldn’t want anyone losing life or limb trying to look for the aforesaid HR records – the whole office block may end up as a burning ‘dick’ inferno spearing the nightline skyscape of K.L.”

    Hahahahaha……that’s a uniquely Malaysian problem-solving method.
    I remember some years ago there was a scandal about how many thousands of stolen cars from other states had been re-registered with perfectly official JPJ registrations in Penang, complete with “proper” grants and registration files.
    That was in the paper-file-based times, when you could “create” a new registration file even if another car already exists as long as the appropriate level officer created it, and a senior person willingly signed it off.

    Senior JPJ officers were implicated. Guess what ? The entire registration file archives from 1955 – 1998 was burned down.

    How convenient. They had the main computer database, but its just a record entry, doesn’t show the approval process, who was involved and when.
    End of case, no more proof who prepared and signed off those illicit double registrations.

  170. Menyalak-er says:

    Kittykat46, yes that way is truly original, made in Malaysia brand name of doing things! Besides the crappy Potongs.
    Remember recently they tried to hawk off Naif creds as “premier economist” trained in Nottingham as he took over the Fin. Min. portfolio? Nary a word after that, when they realized some of us started questioning the possibility of completing a 4 yr course in 2 yrs? Now he’s trying to mollycoddle his auld alma mater – St. John’s. Sheesh…
    But heck, he’ll have a chockful of hon. Phd’s, D.Divinity’s and D.Phil’s by the time he finishes, and so will the spiteful spouse.
    Meanwhile the truly worthy have-nots don’t even have a shot at the ‘franchised’ scholarships.

  171. epson says:

    You guys take a break lah. Like I say of his age, he’s probably doing a “David Carradine” act. Ow cUm on, leave Monsterball alone, please. He ain’t worth “it”.
    Pencuri Belacan – June 24, 2009 at 9:09 pm

    Ha ha pencuri belacan, that’s a good one! Monsterball is so stupid that even if he tries a David Caradine act, he will end up castrating what’s left of his pea-size balls, and instead of orgasm, he will end up howling in pain….ho ho ho

  172. wits0 says:

    Hi Susan,

    You got mail:


  173. Jean's Friend says:

    Nice one wits0, my friend. 😀 So Susan, take a break. U really need a masseur.

  174. Jean's Friend says:

    Will you do one for me with good words for me Wits0? I am a friend of jeancumlately.

  175. kittykat46 says:

    I-4-C “For me, I am connected to the highest level in Malaysian politics”

    You may not realise it, but its such a damning revelation; not that we don’t already know.

    The highest level of Malaysian politics, and the people connected to them, are among the most corrupt, ethically bankrupt, racist, crooked slimeballs this country has ever produced.

    You keep going on and on about Arse bangers. The problem is, you are too blind to realise, the issue is not about Arse bangers.
    The issue is Barisan Nasional and all the scumbags who are robbing this country wholesale in broad daylight.

  176. kittykat46 says:

    And yes, there are at least one or two unrepentant killers among them.

  177. wits0 says:

    “You keep going on and on about Arse bangers. ”

    The Nematode from Ur-anus cannot ever break free from that gravitational pull.

  178. I-4-C says:


    I will reiterate again. The corruption in Malaysia pales into insignificance compared to the corruption in US. Get it ??? And for your records, I am no part of it. That’s why I dont harp on it. For US, it’s different. They are bloody corrupt and causing a big mess in the world !!!

  179. kittykat46 says:

    I-4-C “The corruption in Malaysia pales into insignificance compared to the corruption in US. Get it ??? ”

    No I don’t get it.
    I have no doubt the US economy has serious structural problems in need of fixing, but the difference in governance with Malaysia is like night and day.

    Have you (so called US graduate hahaha 🙂 🙂 🙂 ) ever dealt with the US government on a commercial basis ?
    Federal Government Non-military purchases are administered by their central purchasing agency, the General Services Administration (GSA). Its a multi-multi-multi billion dollar purchasing function bigger than Malaysia’s entire economy. Obviously a lot of bureaucratic paperwork, but the process is remarkably clean.
    My own direct experience.
    Nobody steers you towards some funny 3rd party agent with just two desks and one clerk. Nobody phones you up about some funny fees not part of the actual product or service. They expect to pay market price or even below market price for products and services.
    A $10 Million dollar contract is $ 10 Million dollar contract payable directly by the US government to the manufacturer or service provider.

    I’m sure corruption does occur somewhere, but I can tell you my direct experience was totally clean.

    Kerajaan Malaysian ? Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah. Anyone who has been following Susan’s blog or the alternative media (not just Star and New Shit Times) will know what I’m talking about.

  180. I-4-C says:

    One just have to look at Iraq. War for oil. Who gets contract for rebuilding? Dick C’s company. Mass murder !!!!

  181. lotus says:

    If this fried Beefun is living in China, this fried beefun would have been sent to the firing squad for her treacherous acts in closing the Damansara Chinese Primary school, causing a lot of agonies to the endemic Chinese.

    The bullets recovered from her carcass would be charged to her fried koay teow father.

  182. Kancilandak says:

    My guru Monsterball is very clever. He know all the Malaysian business downfalling statistik. He is masterball in forcasting nasional economic gloom. Many of you dont understand this genius guy.

  183. Jean's Friend says:

    Dear Jean, should call Monty uncle, not guru.

  184. peasant says:

    This fried beefun is the number 1 enemy of the Chinese of the world.

  185. peasant says:

    If Najib is sincere in his 1Malaysia, Najib must sack this fried beefun now!

    Else this Najib’s 1Malaysia is talk only!

  186. peasant says:

    All the endemic Chinese must condemn this fried beefun, else the endemic Chinese will be seen as pariah Chinese in the eye of the human world.

    Now this fried beefun is putting the endemic Chinese as pariah Chinese.

    This fried beefun is just an ignorant stupid bit*h who doesn’t practice the Chinese culture and must be sent to the field for hard labor work for catharsis.

  187. Mike Tan says:

    I see the degree u obtained from US must be doing u some good,
    since u r now so well informed and well connected to the elite ruling group. Then u must in the know who is the actual mastermine in Altantuya’s murder. Perhaps it’s more appropriate
    to name yourself I-C4 :))

  188. Kamunting says:

    Don’t get your hopes too high.
    Most of the goons connected to the ruling elite leave their brains outside the door when they join the “membership”.

    Look at Reis Yetim’s transformation from PhD King’s College, London Uni 1994 to Id*otic Dic*head 2009.

  189. Kamunting says:

    One person who refused to switch off his brain at the door, got kicked out of UMNO/BN – Zaid Ibrahim.

  190. Jean's Friend says:

    I am just afraid that Susan might be ala Michael Jackson.

  191. sam says:

    sorry to heard tht susan …used Ubuntu….

  192. wits0 says:

    More for….


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