I received an email from blogger ShiokGuy on the subject below.  I am really sorry about the Center and hope things will be better soon. I pray that many of you who read this blog are angels and could give Mr. Yong a helping hand:

I am a father of 2 autistic boys age 7 and 9, they are Yong Wei Xiang and Yong Wei Jie. I am a small freelance in IT and software design, business was good before but last 2-3 years have been bad.

I send my sons to the center for last 3 months because it is free and the teacher is very experience in handling autism related issue.  But that are closing down due to financial difficulties. I belief I will be able to turn it around but I need help for the first year. I am looking for angel who can donate to keep the center open for another year, thereafter I should be able to make it profitable.

I have blog about it in My Autism Resource >> This is a Autism Resource Blog that I setup to help parents who need information to face the autism disorder.

I am also a blogger at Shiok Guy Opinion >>

We need help, all the 20 odds kids need the help! I am willing to go on the news in TV or Radio to highlight the need. I am willing to be interview by any newspaper. My end Objective before the 14 June 2009 is a hope for the kids that the center will continue.

Yong Yek Ming aka Shiok Guy

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  1. It is really sad to read a centre like this is in bad need of funds while the government can send 59 backbenchers to Taipei to learn agriculture and came back with nothing. From what I understand, these backbenchers fly only business class and live in 5-start hotels… where is our priority… People First, Performance Now kononnya, just rhetoric and lipservice only lah…

  2. Menyalak-er says:

    Would be good if Shiokguy can provide details of the location, ‘cos need to know where the place is, before commiting. Not to cast aspirations of course, but to see which locations can suit the new site better. I’ve read the site and still haven’t got a clue to location.
    P’haps i’m blind, but this autism thingy is dear to me.
    Will help, asap.

  3. ShiokGuy says:

    Dear Susan,

    Thank you for highlighting my plea. The current location of the center is in PJ. And the owner who run this center has decided to close it down for good! We are taking over the kid and some teaching material, but not the company, liabilities and what not.

    We will setup one center to provide the needed EIP for autism related disorder. My contact number is 012-2082818 if you need to call and find out more about who I am.

    First priority is a premise! A corner lot house will be ideal because we need some outdoor sand and water play area. We have zero fund to start with and most of the family who attend the current center are from low income group.

    I know it is going to be tough without funding, somehow I need to do this not just for my 2 sons, but those who suffer from this disorder call autism. I might failed to set it up, but I will never regret trying.

    Shiok Guy

  4. ShiokGuy says:

    We have so far no concrete offer/support/funding for a premise before 14 June 2009.

    We know a lot of empty property cannot be rented out around this area. Calling the owner of those corner lot property to let it to us cheaply or even for free for 1 year or more.

    Calling corner lot house owner around OUG, Seri Petaling, Taman Gembira, Puchong, Kinrara or even Shah Alam. Call me if you can offer us a home as soon as possible.

    Call Yong 012-2082818

    Yong aka Shiok Guy

  5. monsterball says:

    My Chief Reverend Dhamaratana …from Buddhist Vihara…Brickfield Rd…started an orphanage home with 20 kids of all races….and now have more than 200.
    Shokeguy should approach him for advises and help. He is very influential.
    I read the message…it’s vague and no details.
    When one have no clear plans…donations will be difficult.
    Maybe need management man to help and putout clearly how much needed per year and why.
    I used to pay US1 per sponsor a child in Ladakh for years and she call me papa.
    Now all grown up…she is helping others.
    Million of children and babies.. need help.
    The worst is to feel helpless…as there are so many millions…how much can one do for so many……from different countries?
    Right here..we have dozens of old folks…orphanage homes…..disabled…deaf and dumb….lepers….all need help.
    When you think most are depending on good samaritans…I wonder where are all the RMbillions gone to.

  6. […] via Susan and others, I came across this appeal from a father of two autistic kids who’s looking to […]

  7. piddypot says:

    Mr Yong, I am so sorry to hear this news. I think my nephew (who is also autistic, age 10) used to attend this centre when they firstly open.
    Now we have put him in NASOM centre (National Autism Society of Malaysia). In case if you need to temp put your children, they have schools for autistic kids until teens.
    Also, there is a centre in Kg Sg Kayu Ara, called Bridge EIP which is run by a church (in Section 13 – near UNITAR). I don’t have their contact, but you can go to that church to find out.

  8. ShiokGuy says:

    Dear friends

    Yes, I have quite a close relationship with NASOM (Mr Teh) and surely will be an alternative for all those kids.

    NASOM has a set of program with are different in certain way. If I took over the center, it will be turned into not just for autism as per se. It will be a community center for the neighbourhood provide extra service like Art and Music. Why? Beside helping the kids, we also want the society to accept them. This is what I call awareness and empathy from the public. In last 7 years I have been doing my part via PR4A to create awareness and raising fund too.

    This Challenges and Calling making me wanting to do more, after helping the kids and making a world or Malaysia that know what is Autism, and accept them as part of our society.

    Even if i fail this round, which I think it look set to be. I belief this appeal has create some awareness about autism. Not a total lost to me. However I will fight on with the center even when I might have to fund it myself.

    Anyone want their blog design? especially if you are having a blog on Blogger. Check out some of my work on All income shall go to the center fund!

    I don’t mind if an angel is giving us used piano or electronic teaching tools. We will accept with open arm. Anything teaching tools and material that you do not want anymore.

    Until then, thank you for all your feedback, wishes and suggestions

    Shiok Guy

    Shiok Guy

  9. anonymous dud says:

    “I am willing to be interview by any newspaper. .”

    you need to approach the gov ala bn and entice more ppl to have faith in them, and i’m sure bn will happily without any hesitation to help you….

  10. kayla says:

    Hi shiokguy,

    there are 2 contests running now and the other is from cimb. I believe they are giving away cash for the one with the best cause. M sure u will have a chance to win

  11. kayla says:

    Hi yong,

    there are 2 contests running now and the other is from cimb. I believe they are giving away cash for the one with the best cause. M sure u will have a chance to win

  12. tan send kee says:

    go to web site n u will find the centre in malaysia

  13. jayanta das says:

    i have need loon for stone indestry .Big project kindly consider
    the project

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