I said it earlier here. And even before this, I said something about “the biggest nightmare“.

“It may be unfair to compare a man who has been in power for 22 years against one who has only been at the reins for 59 days. But, so far, it is clear that Najib’s administration has not heralded the return of Mahathirism. So far, it is worse”.  Source: MalaysianInsider.

To me, Mahathir Mohammad had finally got what he wanted – a successor who would do whatever he wanted, and more. So much more that he became and can become even worse.

I have only two words.  “Padan Muka” – serve you right. Do we deserve the PM we get?

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  1. kekekeke says:

    “Do we deserve the PM we get?”

    I would say “definitely”…..and that is good. There can only be change if the people suffer……if not y change?

  2. kekekeke says:

    This is NOT funny, and the Royalty talk of “derhaka”:

    Model flees from her Kelantan prince, claims abuse

    JAKARTA, May 31 — Indonesian model Manohara Odelia Pinot, whose family claimed was abused, fled for home today from Singapore where the Kelantan royal family was accompanying the ill sultan undergoing medical treatment.

    Local press reports say the Indonesian-American beauty met her mother Daisy Fajarina in the city-state and flew home this morning.

    She met reporters and told them she was no longer in love with the prince, Tengku Muhammad Fakhry, whom she accused of sexual abuse and violence.

    “I am afraid of the daily sex abuse and violence,” the Banjarmasin Post quoted the 17-year-old as saying.

    She married the prince last August 26 but her mother claimed she was kept incommunicado last February 26 after the family went to Mecca for a pilgrimage.

    “I don’t sleep every day until about 4am in fear of getting an injection or being drugged,” said the model who was named one of Indonesia’s 100 Precious Women by Harper’s Bazaar magazine.

    Family lawyer Yuli Andre Darma told reporters that Manohara has yet to decide her future and will stay at the family home in Slipi, west Jakarta.

    “What is clear is she won’t decide in the near future. But it is up to Manohara whether she wants to return or not,” the lawyer said

    He did not have details of Manohara’s shock return, saying all he knew was she met her mother at a hotel.

  3. jimbo says:

    May 31, 2009

    Manohara makes DRAMATIC escape from S’pore hotel, returns to Jakarta

    She vows never to return to Malaysia

    Sunday, May 31st, 2009 21:59:00

  4. And they continue to waste the rakyat’s hard-earned money paid in taxes in wasteful projects. The anacondas involved in the multi-billion ringgit PKFZ scandal, like all other scandals in this country, will just slither away and enjoy their ill-gotten wealth…

    Malaysians must change all these in GE13!

  5. storm62 says:

    “Do we deserve the PM we get?”

    anyway, he’s NOT my PM. he’s umno’s PM.

    i respect my dog more then him. he’s a disgrace to Malaysia.

  6. wits0 says:

    “anyway, he’s NOT my PM. he’s umno’s PM.”

    True, but the people do deserve the government they voted for. And they better reexamine the situation.

  7. Kancilandak says:

    The PM is we deserve. He not interest in all the rowdy behavoir like what happen in Perak create by PKR roadside people. He got more impotant work other place. He got a duty to his rakyat. He cannot simply wasting time and the taxpayer money to trouble people in unesessary stupid pilihanraya create by unresponisible people

  8. paraquat says:

    No worries mate, Najis` Election Commissioner is trying to ban death

  9. wits0 says:

    “No worries mate, Najis` Election Commissioner is trying to ban death”

    Because he was destined(divinely ordained too) to be the Hedgehogs’ PM.

  10. lompatjau says:

    Apa benar di sana Anda digaji?

    Terus terang saja, di sana Mano membuat kue. Memang sempat dulu dikasih 3000 Ringgit, tapi nggak pernah dipakai karena sulit harus ada perizinan untuk menggunakannya. Kalau pun saya menggunakannya, saya akan memilih untuk membagi-bagikannya kepada waitresses (pelayan) di sana.

    Di istana ada semacam waitresses yang satu bulannya hanya digaji 500 Ringgit. Mereka bekerja selama 24 jam. Kalau mereka memecahkan sebuah gelas, mereka harus menggantinya.

  11. monsterball says:

    666 sign was clear.
    It’s light against darkness.
    Good against evil
    True believers against actors/hypocrites.
    Malaysia is ruled by the devil……..but TRUTHS will conquer all.
    Lets not forget how a Monoglian lady was C4ed.’…and Najib swore by the Koran…..he does not know her.
    All you need to conclude…is he telling the truth or lies.
    if he is so so truthful…..and .being the PM…why not sue anyone and everyone to prove he is innocent….like Lee Kuan Yew?
    After all….he said he wants to be people’s PM….and people demands our PM not to be insulted so easily. Anwar is answering people’s wishes …by suing Foreign Minister.
    Why is Najib talk and do not do?
    Why so low class actor?

  12. oA says:


    not only worst .. this current uselss pm is a known coward.

    what happen now to this country is a very strong reflection of his image … very much contaminated with diseased pollutants (police, judicial etc.) that he has been hailing all this while of course with the help of the supposedly unmo’s intelligence unit that is consisting of morons.


  13. […] I told you so. It’s really a nightmare. I said it earlier here. And even before this, I said something about “the biggest nightmare“. “It […] […]

  14. justme says:

    What would a canine do if forced to a corner?

  15. middleground says:

    Don’t tell us Sloone, tell the fence sitters and those with self interest who voted for BN. As far as non-BN are concerned, Mongolian C4 is PM for UMNO…..I did’nt give him my vote!

  16. george says:

    all this dirty roots of all evils will explored in front of our Rakyat’s eyes… and this will be a Greatest Fear & Nightmare for them… trust me…

    It is happening now… 🙂

  17. hutchrun says:

    I have been telling so for many years now, and latest is that with the najis out of the country the “Muhi” dpm is out to create a riot:

    UMNO mouthpiece Utusan Malaysia’s weekend edition, Mingguan Malaysia just carried another editorial which was entitled “Melayu Dikhianati” or “Malays Betrayed”.

    Who betrayed them? Apparently it’s the “kaum pendatang” (again) who are ungrateful towards all the “kemurahan hati orang Melayu”.

  18. Teh says:

    The problem is still there are so many IDIOTIC Chinese and Indians voting for MCA and MIC respectively.

    Anyway, I am going to buy a BLACK T-Shirt to wear …

    Our dear PM said he was shock to see how AH Longs treated those borrowers, i was thinking was he not shock to see a young beautiful foreign lady blown into pieces???

  19. Kancilandak says:

    No Malay in Malaysia is betrayed. Only the coward malay think they is betrayed. Utusan is a coward newspaper, talking nosense. Our PM is genuiley concern on Ahlong victims. I am sure he will do something to solving the Ahlong problem.

  20. hutchrun says:

    “Our PM is genuiley concern on Ahlong victims.”

    Hahahaha i qm genuiley ROTFL

  21. sarawak says:

    “Do we deserved the PM (Najib)we get?”No No No!He is not elected PM.People did not vote for him.Only 2000 UMNO members voted.27,000,000 malaysian did not voted for him to be PM.Najib become “PM” through back door.

  22. hutchrun says:

    M`sian Ah Longs?? I`m genuinely concerned:

    Manohara was only 16 at the time of her wedding and her American father, Reiner Pinot Noack, was said to have disapproved of the marriage. The seemingly blissful life of a Malaysian princess soon became a living hell, Manohara said, as she was constantly guarded and spent most of her time in her bedroom in the palace. “Every time I went out for events, they forced me to smile and would torture me if I did not do what they said,” she said.

    Manohara said she tried to escape, but was caught by royal family staff and injected with drugs that made her vomit blood. “I was injected twice,” she said. When confirming a reporter’s question about whether her husband had cut her ni**les, she was reluctant to give details. “Yes it is true. Some parts of my body were cut by a razor,” Manohara said.

  23. middleground says:

    kancilandak says;
    The PM is we deserve. He not interest in all the rowdy behavoir like what happen in Perak create by PKR

    Correct ,correct, pink face prefers the soft touches and foreign beauties. He is only rowdy and behaved badly shielded by the 4 walls…a lot of belakan and depan main main…are you not aware?….. you are bloody slow man!

  24. jungleboy says:

    Najis swore by the koran that he did not know “that” mongolian woman, no mention of name. When swearing, his mind was focus on the name ‘AYUTNATLA’

  25. hutchrun says:

    So what could BN be up to now:

    4. The finding of the M16 with plenty of bullets and silencers raised a lot of questions. Where did this M16 does come from? The M16 is a controlled item. It is in the inventory of the Malaysian police as well as the Armed Forces. The findings of silencers may suggest that it came from the government inventory. M16 was the standard rifle for Malaysian Infantry man but in the last 10 years or so there were replacement program involving Styer.

    5. The presence of multiple M16 and silencers suggest that a covert operation was being planned. This is not a rouge one man show. This is a team arrangement. A team that consist of well trained sharp shooters. Only well trained sharp shooters would use silencers.

    6. The million dollar question is who is the target? The fact that it was found in Tasek, Perak which is located near Ipoh suggested that it has something to do with the political scenario in Perak. It could also be related National Politics. The Perak CPO had confirmed this matter. Has it got anything to do with the sitting of the State Assembly recently? Was it someone plan B?

  26. hutchrun says:

    9. Recently, I met YB Azmin Ali during COBARA launch in Bukit Antarabangsa. He told me that he has been a target of several mishaps of late. He claims that at one time his car hydraulic brake cable was cut on both sides and on several occasions’ people has entered his house. He claims that at one time the intruders startled his wife when she came out of the shower. The funny thing is they did not take anything from his house. They just laugh at her and left. He felt they were putting things into his house rather than taking anything out.

  27. Najib is even worse than Bush and may I remind you that no one in America liked Bush much. At least Bush is not a murderer. I can give you that.

  28. hutchrun says:

    Oh boy, now it`s going to be shooting off at a tangent.

  29. Loo Si Fer says:

    Is There Anyone Really In Charge of Our Economy? If The Central Bank, Treasury and EPU Can’t Get Their Facts and Figures Right, How Can Najib Get It Right?

    I have given up hope that our Prime Minister who is also the Finance Minister will be able to chart a course that will enable Malaysia to overcome the deepening global financial crisis.

    One would have thought that with all the resources and expertise at their disposal and the benefit of hindsight, our experts ought to be able to put their act together and get their economic analysis right, but the recent press statements by Bank Negara, Treasury and EPU regarding the massive contraction of our economy are most distressing.

    What is more depressing is that the data presented by the relevant institutions show that the key advisers to Najib are involved in some sort of turf war and are at logger heads with one another as to the extent of the downturn and what needs to be done.

    Judge for yourselves from the following news reports:

    It is the NAJIB NIGHTMARE (From BN to NM) for malaysia, and well deserved.

  30. Loo Si Fer says:

    “Let me say it here and now, loud and clear – we will have negative growth even in 2010 and will be lucky to see some “green shoots” in 2011.”

  31. dev says:

    Dear Kancilandak,

    Please go for some English lessons and get your writing act straight before you decide to comment. WE don’t deserve the PM that we get, in this system of ours, they usually appoint themselves and then go around claiming to have the people’s support.

  32. mazen says:

    PM? Not yet. A PM without the mandate of the rakyat is no PM. Najib should be called a “baton relayed” PM and in this sense, we definately don’t deserve a “baton relayed-PM”.
    Get the mandate Najib, call for a snap election if you really want to be a “democratic” PM.
    We don’t an umno PM, we want a rakyat elected PM.

  33. rajiya says:

    Australia welcomes IGP Musa Hassan!

  34. storm62 says:

    wei kancilancau,

    kalau tak pandai inglis, aku rasa lebih baik engkau tulis dgn bahasa melayu. jangan dok memperbodohkan sendiri kat sini.

    “Our PM is genuiley concern on Ahlong victims” – kancilancau quoted.

    how come our PM is NOT concern about the mongolian lady who was blown to pieces by C4?

    boleh tolong jawab ke kancil?

  35. Kancilandak says:

    The mongol is a illegal entering Malaysia, she an Russian mafia try make comission from govement deal so our special agent demolish her. If James Bond do eveybody clap hand. If our patroit secret agents do eveybody cry “murder”. How?

  36. wits0 says:

    BN counts on Mail & Mirror to win hearts & minds

    KUALA LUMPUR, June 1 – The race is on for the Najib administration to have a bigger footprint in the one space where it has not been able to dominate or influence discourse – the Internet……………
    Meaning the CT worms and mutant landak ain’t pulling any weight in the Net so that the refocus on the traditional smoke and mirror becomes necessary.

  37. My2cen says:

    You’re not the only one who saw through it. Those of us who followed Najib’s career and read Malaya’s history/politics have also feared the worse would come – and I tell you, the worst has yet to come. Ini baru 60 hari, kak!! The last card on hand will be Emergency, all in the name of our safety. Our economy already tanked; at -6.2%, it’s even worse than what the economist predicted. The Finance Minister said at worse, it’s going to be -1%, apalah!!! I could have told him it’s easily -3 to -4% then. But now we know it’s even worst. So he’s got nothing to lose by declaring emergency if the political situation gets more murky, to UMNO that is.

    And to put the record straight, we didn’t pick this PM, he’s UMNO’s Chief Minister only. Malaysia continues to run on autopilot, with police raja di Malaysia, the judiciary and SPRM running on UMNO’s bidding. No, we deserve better. But we have to survive the dark times that looms before us before we see better days.

  38. kooler says:

    “The mongol is a illegal entering Malaysia,……” – Kancilandak

    Your pedigree may interest a geneticist…….but is it also so necessary for you to lie? To what end when it is so blatant?

  39. kooler says:

    “But we have to survive the dark times that looms before us before we see better days.” My2cen

    There is a slow build-up of longing for tumbrils.

  40. wits0 says:

    Hutchrun, note this :

    “written by budakindia, June 01, 2009 13:30:40

    Oh please lar! Each gun has a serial number. Why didn’t the police check on that? Or is it belong to the Malaysian armed forces? Trying to create a diversion for the communists eh? You goons think we didn’t know this eh? Each firearms has a serial number on it. Check lar if you dare! Even the ammunition used also can be traced back to it’s origins. Come on lar! We ain’t that stupid to know that! ”

    It might also be added that the serial number on a gun can be retrieved by modern forensic science even if that serial number has been ‘filed’ away.

    It’s just a question of will and intent as to whether the truth is to be pursued.

  41. whispering9 says:

    When you think it wouldn’t get any worse under DSN, KL is now among top riskiest offshore place. Great…arresting more citizens will ensure that we stay top 5. Send a couple into ISA and further abuse the police plus the judiciary offices will definitely get us top 1 posting beating Bogota next year.

  42. Pegasus says:

    Relax Whispering9,we are on the way there..these s-holes we make sure of that!!!All right minded Malaysian , Malays, Chinese , Indians and others should unite and ensure we get this nation back on the right track, and we have a long way to go.!!!

  43. toyol says:

    Look at video clip at Kerry Jambanluddin thuggish and boorish behaviour, leading a mob.

  44. guanobn says:

    It is 2.30 am in January 2010. Najib and Rosmah have just reached their official residence in Putrajaya.

    Their arrival is met with a letter by the King declaring that Najib has to vacate the residence simply because the King has appointed a new Prime Minister to replace him.

    The letter sets out the reason for this act – the Members of Parliament (MPs) from Pakatan Rakyat (PR), together with a few MPs from Barisan Nasional (BN), have expressed their undivided support for Anwar Ibrahim to become the new Prime Minister.

    The letter ends with the following ultimatum: Mr Najib, you are hereby ordered to tender your resignation, failing which your premiership will be terminated forthwith.

    The bewildered Najib immediately seeks an audience with the King. The audience is duly granted.

    Najib expresses dissatisfaction with the King’s decision. He laments that it is unfair for him to be swiftly removed as Prime Minister in the absence of motion of no confidence against him in the Parliament. He confidently cites Article 44 (4) of the Federal Constitution and, in turn, contends that nowhere in the said Article empowering the King to remove him as the Prime Minister.

    The King smiles and softly reminds him with this timely advice: “Mr Najib, don’t you remember that on May 22, 2009 at 3.30pm in the case of Dato Zambry v Dato Nizar, the three judges of the court Appeal unanimously held that:

  45. guanobn says:

    Like other Dr Mahathir supporters, Chang also commented on “rumours that Najib is putting his cronies in charge of Petronas – our country’s cash cow!”

    “I suppose, if one is going to be a one-term prime minister, there is only so much time to loot the dwindling coffers!” he said sarcastically.

    (Malaysian Insider)

  46. nightmare says:


    Now please do not mistake nightmare as Caligula`s horse

    Najis sleeps with another kind of mare

  47. bee yong says:

    “If James Bond do eveybody clap hand. If our patroit secret agents do eveybody cry “murder”. by Kancilandak.
    Hey, small fut. James Bond is a make believe. The beautiful, lovely Mongolain is a real person. You want to go to Disney Land?…ask former MB.

  48. Pegasus says:

    Bee yong,don’t waste your time with this S-hole,his brain is small and at retarded level, your comment will sent him to coma just trying to understand it!!!

  49. wits0 says:

    “When you think it wouldn’t get any worse under DSN, KL is now among top riskiest offshore place. ” – W9

    And at the personal level is what matters most and at all times:

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