By: P Ramakrishnan
28 May 2009

Justice is becoming a rare commodity in our courts when judges of questionable ability Parties sit in judgment. This situation raises serious concerns regarding the appointment of judges and their elevation to the bench.

In the recent cases involving the Perak crisis we wonder whether the Federal Court judges and the Court of Appeal judges who heard these cases were right in ignoring Article 72(1) of the Federal Constitution. We are appalled with their judgment which went against the grain of justice.

On what basis did the Federal Court judges rule that the Speaker of the Perak State Assembly had no power to suspend certain BN Assemblymen? In any case, it was the Rights and Privileges Committee that had suspended them – not Sivakumar. That fact fell on deaf years.

But the moot point is can these judges ignore and discard the provisions of the Federal Court in deciding their cases? Aren’t decisions based on sound reasoning rooted in precedents and written law?

In a well-argued article the former Court of Appeal judge N H Chan has clearly established that the Judges’ Code of Ethics had been breached by these judges who had not paid any attention to the Federal Constitution.

N H Chan has pointed out that Article 72(1) specifically states, “ The validity of any proceedings in the Legislative Assembly of any State shall not be questioned in any court.” How come this provision did not mean anything to them?

The words of this provision are written in unambiguous terms that it is not too difficult to understand what they mean and imply. It is crystal clear that the courts have no business in getting involved in this matter.

And yet, the supreme law of the country which should be the corner stone of our judicial system and justice have been totally side-stepped and circumvented to the utter disgrace of the judiciary.

In the case of the single junior Appeal Court judge, there was no basis for him to grant the stay in spite of the declaratory order of the High Court – which was the outcome of a ‘well considered judgment’ as stated by N H Chan – is deemed as absurd according to authoritative legal circles. The grounds for the stay have not been stated or supported by any sensible logic.

In all these cases there have been no written judgment. This is a ridiculous situation that is not fair to the aggrieved parties, to members of the public and to academia.
Judges simply cannot pronounce judgments that are not backed by sound arguments, reasoned logic, precedents and written law. Litigants have a right to know how a particular judge arrived at a decision so that the aggrieved party has that fundamental right to challenge that decision. That is the only way to seek justice.

N H Chan has suggested the use of the Judges’ Code of Ethics 1994.

According to him, “The words of section 3(1)(d) (of the Code) are so clear and easy to understand that we do not need any court of law to explain it to us ordinary folk. We know what the words mean. By not administering and applying the law, which in this case is the supreme law of the land as it stands the errant judges have brought discredit to the judiciary – a ground for their removal from office.”

Aliran supports the view that these judges should at least be investigated as to whether this Code has been violated.

Their continued presence on the Bench is alarming. What is at stake is justice itself when these judges sit in judgment. It would be a travesty of justice if they are allowed to occupy the hallowed positions on the Bench, if they have broken the Code or have not discharged their duties properly.

When justice is not rendered based on precedents and the Constitution, it becomes a costly and futile attempt turning to the courts for justice.


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  1. anonymous dud says:

    On what basis did the Federal Court judges rule that the Speaker of the Perak State Assembly had no power to suspend certain BN Assemblymen? In any case, it was the Rights and Privileges Committee that had suspended them – not Sivakumar. That fact fell on deaf years.

    so you’re saying the speaker empower to suspend all 31 duns from bn and have the dewan sitted by 28 from p-r ….

    that’s democracy ala p-r oppos style …….

  2. bee yong says:

    Judging is an intentional action. The occurence of good and bad effects is in consequence of corresponding good and bad intentional actions. This is the Law of Nature and it applies to every living being.
    “You Reap What You Sow”…Beware and Bewarn…HELL is indeed a very terrible, unbearable, horrible, sickening, painful place to be in. A day in HELL is thousand day on earth…is it worth it to be evil????

  3. heikal says:

    Its normal nowadays when opposition handed victory in courts they will says it purest democracy. But when any judgment not favor them, its hell on earth to the government. What a bunch of idiots…

  4. wits0 says:

    “We are appalled with their judgment which went against the grain of justice.”

    Justice must be done and ALSO seen to be done. This means, keep it simple so that the laymen can understand. Don’t beat about the bush and confuse the people with tortuous interpretation.

  5. ajajal says:

    Just go no futher then what is in Art 72(1) FULL STOP.
    The answer is YES or NO is YES where is the written judgement.?????? UMNO judges

  6. Whatever happened to the results and recommendations by the Royal Commission on the Lingamgate case? Do you think Malaysians lekas lupa?

  7. Chinpenze says:

    WTF…when we lose the case we investigate. WTF when we win we WTF the judges

  8. storm62 says:

    kalau mahkamah M’sia boleh dipercayai,

    if the M’sian courts can be trusted,

    at least half of bn/umno reps should be in jail NOW !!! that’s a reality !!!

  9. Menyalak-er says:

    This statement: “Investigate these judges!” as it stands is a no-brainer, Susan.
    Who on earth will investigate? The super-duper politikus apointee Chief Justice Zippo? At best he’s the world’s most reknowned goal keeper – at worst, FAM would buy him out!
    To be brutally honest, in the present scheme of things, NH Chan’s rantings, like ours has no effect whatsoever on the Palace of ‘Justice’ – where weaklings are downtrodden and the strong are worshipped.
    In this nation, justice is not so much seen, wits0 – it’s felt!
    Justice, like history, is made by the victors – but it does’t mean we just lie down willingly to be euthanisized!

  10. fearnoone says:

    Tackle the root of the problem…change the govt. Because you do not know how many of them are out there. All the “kutu-kutu” had multiply over the last few decades.

  11. Bentoh says:

    so you’re saying the speaker empower to suspend all 31 duns from bn and have the dewan sitted by 28 from p-r ….

    that’s democracy ala p-r oppos style …….

    anonymous dud – May 28, 2009 at 12:57 pm


    Remember that speaker is an elected office… If one does that, he or she would face huge criticism from the court of public opinion and would ultimately lose his elected rep status, or speaker status in the coming general election or house election…

    Dude, check and balance, understand?

    and for what reason a judge, who is not even elected by the people or the people’s representatives, be vested with a power to be superior over an elected speaker? Oh well, that’s BN style of politics, Polis Raja-di Malaysia…

  12. eeyaw says:

    I remember the 3 Court of Appeal Judges said they will come out with a written judgement in 1 week time. That was last week, so what happen now or do you need Lingam to draft out one for you? Moronic product of NEP!

  13. pat matterson says:

    There is no need to investigate all these judges. We all know that these judges are corrupt to the core from day 1 when they are appointed to their posts.

    How could they be promoted if they are clean and just in their tasks? Right?

  14. pat matterson says:

    These judges should be whipped, all their haram assets be confiscated and sent them to prison.

    It’s a open secret that Mahakutty would only appoint judges who are corrupt to the core and venal.

    This corrupt culture is imported from Kelera by Mahakutty and Linggan.

    There is no justice in Malaysia if this Mahakutty from Kelera is not locked up in jail.

  15. pat matterson says:

    This Mahakutty, polisputras and judicial judges are in 1 entity, so what do you expect with the verdict?

    Only orang bodoh will believe in the court system in Malaysia.

  16. pat matterson says:

    Why did rpk abscond from attending his court cases?

    Well! Rpk knew that all these judges are corrupt, nothing but corrupt to the core.

    Before the verdict, we also know that all these judges had found rpk guilty ala the these coa judges mooted out the verdiict.

    Only a nincompoop like Nizhar would believe in the Federal Court with the toddy guy from Malacca coconut estate sitting on the bench.

  17. Govinda says:


  18. jungleboy says:

    Remember high court judge “irrelevant” in the Anwar-Mamak case who was then promoted to appeal court (or is it federal court)? Where did he get the money to pamper his only son (a bit cuckoo) to the tune of RM30-40k per month plus a brand new mercs whenever he wanted one. The son’s expenses are always paid in cash.

  19. monsterball says:

    Yes….so many events to create havoc…confusions…tensions….divert our attentions…made by Najib for his first 100 days as PM.
    What about the LINGAM TAPE matter?
    What actions is he taking?
    You see….anything against UMNO people…all forgotten…exactly like what like mamak hope too….that people have short memories.. easily forget and move on….to vote UMNO to govern again.

  20. monsterball says:

    Judges are human too.
    Don’t tell me….judges cannot be bribed.
    Since UMNO master the art of bribery and corruptions…hoping to rule forever…the whole country has turned upside down purposely.to suit UMNO.
    Mahathir once said…very cheap to buy up Malaysia.
    That old man have an art to encourage corruptions and be sarcastic about it.

  21. PeoplePower says:

    PR and NGOs should pressure PM to request DYMM Yg Di Pertuan Agong to set up the Royal Commission to investigate all these Judges!

  22. monsterball says:

    Dozens of Royal Commission set up.
    Latest findings on the LINGAM TAPE should move government arses to arrest or prosecute people like Lingam …Mahathir and Eusoff Chin.
    Not one word…..not one comment…not o0ne actuio0n….yet Najib declared…. he is people’s PM.
    Najib and UMNO is full of shit!!

  23. Billau Chris says:

    “Investigate the Judges ” is not going to be an easy proposition for the UMNOputras and the BNputras who depend for their posiional security and corrupt power on the existence of half-baked judges.

    In a democracy, the Judiciary plays an important role to protect the weak, the down-trodden, the deprived, the discriminated and those who have been “yianwonged” (meaning in Chinese those common innocent citizens who have been unfairly accused, indicted or framed for offences they did not commit)

    Justice Bao or Bao Kung was one of those rare Chinese judges who always upheld fairness, dignity and justice in his Court. Many officials in the imperial service were fearful or scared to appear before him because he was strict and thorough in his inquiry beside being fair and rational in meting out justice to those who sought it.

    I do not wish to compare the level of jurisprudence of our local COA judges with that of Justice Bao. They are no where near his class.

    Instead of carring out fair trials and meting out justice, our Law Lords appeared to find the “wrongs” to wrong those seeking justice before them. Why can’t they just follow the Constitutional provision pursuant to Article 72(1)? Have you forgotten what you learned in your law school? The Constitution is the supreme law of the land. Is not upholding the Constitution a tenet of the Rukunegara? Instead, you have assumed the role of the devil advocate and play the role of fault-finding souls.

    Don’t ever try to to pull wool over the eyes of the informed Rakyat who know what justice is when justice is done. But look at what the mess you guys have created in the COA and FC? They are no different from the arena of the circus!

    If you continue to come out with such irrational judgements in the face of clear cut constitutional provisions and legal precedents, the democracy of our beloved country with your abetment will degenerate in no time to deMOCKracy.

    For heaven sake, be guided in discharging and exercising your role by the National Ideology and the prudent Legal Doctrine of “Rule of Law”.

  24. Topaz says:

    Correct, correct, correct …

    Three blind mice.. three blind mice… see how they run…
    see how they judge….kah kah kah.

  25. hahaha! says:

    I think bolehland must build a refresher course centre for judges, who had performed below par…they must be made to sit for the 1st. Year law eamination again. Those who failed should be removed from the bench….since this country do not promote judges on their merit …this is the only way, Malaysians can be track on the judiciary and be accorded with some sort of justice in the courts!


    Ha, ha, ha.

    APEK Cork, APPEAL Cork, High Cork, Low Cork,…

    Many are Kangaroo Cork. All fill with NAJIS (SHITs).

    Very very sori, my ENGLISH very POUR because MONEY keeps on POURING into these CORK’s POCKETS.

  27. donplaypuks says:

    When they don’t give written decisions, they can rule any which way they want!

    The Constitution clearly says that no proceedings in the State Assembly may be reviewed by any Court. What could be simpler than that?

    Yet, the honourable judges ruled that Perak State Assembly Speaker Sivakumar had acted wrongly.

    It really means, FU People of M’sia, we will do wahtever we like for UMNO/BN!

  28. hahaha! says:

    If we strike an official of the law, we will be punished severely….likely so.
    But what happen if the officers of the law and judges are found to be corrupted…what shall the punishments be?!
    Shall we sack them and confiscate all their haram money and properties or subject them to public whipping and after that, hang them up by the balls!

  29. We think it looks like the people have to wait till the next GE for all that is needed to be done.

    But the important thing is have the IGP, AG, CJ not to forget to have the most hated thenman in Malaysia, pariah Mahathir and above all have all the corrupted UMNO goons indicted. Only then can anyone can expect to get anything decent done. Some of above may have retired by then but there is such a thing as a retrospective legislation to have these goons put in Taiping for the rest of their lives !

  30. sherry says:

    Its the nature of PR and Opposition , if the decision favours them, then it’s a good judgement,free court etc but of it is not favouring them, then the judge is bias,the court is bought by the government etc.such low class mentality, what to say more.they can make a sodomizer as their head, what to expect from them.

  31. Menyalak-er says:

    Keep in view that it is not only constituitional and political issues are ‘pre’judged. In many instances – criminal, commercial and civil cases are whitewashed especially those that involve vvip’s or their relatives. Selectivity with authority.
    When we look holistically at this whole system of law enforcement, prosecution to the judiciary, it is one of Dante’s Inferno, not a pretty sight. The smell is indescribable and the taste is abhorrent.
    When (not if) the gomen changes, the priority must be a complete overhaul of this whole mess.

  32. Bloody Money says:

    Its all about bloody money with bloody power,bloody fools!!

  33. pat matterson says:

    Mahathir is the epitome of the accelerating rate of crimes in Bolehland.

    To retard this crime rate, Mahakutty must be locked up in jail.

  34. pat matterson says:

    This sorry state of affairs in Bolehland is due to the haprak useless opposition.

    Lks of the archaic rocket was the opposition leader and must take responsibility for such quagmired state.

  35. pat matterson says:

    If lks has got balls, lks must castrize his dick. He doesn’t deserve orgasm deriving from the rakyat.

    Actually, the rakyat must get multiple orgasms from lks and all his family members- all growing up at the expenses of rakyats’ flesh and blood.

  36. wandererAUS says:

    When Pakatan comes into power, all these Kangaroo court judges will be emigrating to Aussie land!
    Interpol will have a very busy time!
    RPK, you have company…but, you can walk straight, unashamed!

  37. pat matterson says:

    Come next GE, the Perakians must boot this ‘democratic’ action parasite from Perak.

    Else the Perakians must be pleased to let him have another 5 year lease of orgasms on their sons and daughters in Perak.

    Lks can join his ancestors in the 18 level ‘prison below’!

    Then following his eunuch son and the Malaka empress..

    His son can jump into penang ocean whereas his dil can jump into Hanh Tuah perigi!

  38. telur dua says:

    Buta huruf punya Hakim.

  39. monsterball says:

    It’s the nature of sherry lamour to come once awhile….to prove he/she can be a pain in the arse …..calling all of us..having low class mentality and supporter of a sodomizer.
    With a itchy areshole…..sherry lamour needs lamour…. again..
    Worldwide people never talk about sodomising….not important issue..except great UMNO muslims.
    Only UMNO can cooked up such a low class act.
    Knowing fully well,,,,,,no muslims will approve it publicly….it needs Mahathir to show how to put Anwar into 6 years jail with this most cunning …cruel…political stunt.
    Now we have sherry lamour….admiring Mahathir…ignoring all that have proven …no one cares nor take mamak seriously ….except die hard idiots ..like sherry lamour….and Najib trying to do second round….same stunt.
    UMNO Muslims are shaming all muslims in the world with such low class idiotic and hypocritical charges.
    They know it…but they are enjoying it….as they know…this is one charge….all muslims will not comment or disagree.
    UMNO thinks they have found the right formula to destroy Anwar.
    But the 4-1 by elections..favouring Anwar signals….muslims had enough of UMNO nonsense…yet sherry lamour is so proud of this charge against Anwar.
    Now you know…why I said…..f…k her/him no time… physically…….but as long ax he/she keeps insulting us…I will f..k him/her with plenty time to spare….in my comments.

  40. sherry says:

    Someone said “kalau mahkamah M’sia boleh dipercayai, if the M’sian courts can be trusted, at least half of bn/umno reps should be in jail NOW !!! that’s a reality !!!”

    So why is it now that “if the malaysian court CANNOT BE TRUSTED NOW” why the whole of pr/dap reps ARE STILL not in jail NOW!!!??? This is a reality too….

    And since Msian courts cannot be trusted, why this Anwar and Nizar and Sivakumar keep going to the untrusted bought by umno Courts, and wow with countless RM100 juta terbeliak biji mata summonses brought to so-called tipus courts???

    Mind boggling and sheer hipocracy at its best. And anwar never won any court case lol???

  41. Ex Neutral says:

    Investigate. it will not happen at present time, but when and should PR come into power, not only the judges, a lot of others should be facing the music. They can’t be awarding Tun’s to everyone. Then that will be the time.

  42. wits0 says:

    Sherry, the third ascarid worm after 1-4-C and the anon dud, is here demonstrating its sophistic skill in argument for that most amoral Keralan ex-PM who was also so fond of making sophistic arguments in support of his own self-serving actions that has sent this country into the present moribund state within all its institutions. Typical umno minion, with a little ‘education’, all out to hoodwink others.

  43. monsterball says:

    Reading sherry lamour arguments can make you wake up and think.
    Better ignore IT…….until all government machinery are back to normal..after 13th GE.
    Under present abnormal conditions….all favoring UMNO ….sherry lamour can put out as much ….to convince fools to rush in and support Najib.
    Daily events will reveal the truths.

  44. wits0 says:

    These vile worms forget that with or without PR, we will never vote for their ilks and this is a certainty!

  45. sherry says:

    monsterball, that sums up about all that you could say – which is really, I must say, nothing much, as you have proven. Typical of a low class mentality….foul language being your trademark, but I couldnt be bothered.

    A sodomizer is a sodomizer lah and if you dont mind having a sodomizer as a PM thats fine with me lah.

  46. sherry says:

    wits0, once a liar, always a liar lah. Never rebutt my accusation that you are a liar eh!!! another typical LCM.

    Btw, next time tell la your hero RPK to apologise to the Whole World, not just the Nation, that he n Marina had to run away from Court hearings coz all the courts in Malaysia including badminton courts have been bought over by umno/bn and Sultan Selangor.

    Wat the….

  47. hick says:

    “A sodomizer is a sodomizer lah and if you dont mind having a sodomizer as a PM thats fine with me lah.”

    kekeke ebelybody know najis lah he play bodowee wee wee oso

  48. wits0 says:

    Sherry cum lately now becomes the chimney soot that swears at the pot and kettle being black! Your spew hole has already been fully exposed as situated in your your wormy butt. What further rebutt is necessary? We let worms alone to revel in the feces.

  49. hick says:

    najis sulah main bodowee punya belakang lama lama panjang panjang kuat kuat, lepas tu lua lua minum sherry

  50. sherry says:

    These monsterball dud telling that there’s UMNO Muslims, then he’s implying there’re PAS Muslims, PKR Muslims, DAP Muslims, PPP Muslims, MIC Muslims, Orang Utan Muslims, hmmm u must have attended kuliah suboh by Ustaq Nga lol.

    Such ignorant and divisive dud, but surely bolagergasi will “BETTER IGNORE IT” to my comment, as he had advise others to ignore me dud.

    I wont be surprised if this dud choose to ignore his own advise later on….but i will respect him as “cakap serupa bikin” if he stick to his own advise. Bravo.

  51. angryPAS says:

    sherry abusing Nik Aziz PAS now….calling Nik Aziz liar…tak lama sherry disembayangkan

  52. sherry says:

    Wats0, U said “what further rebutt is necessary?” Yah, that’s so true, once a liar, always a liar.

    I agree with you this time, no rebutt necessary! coz u have none.

    Hey guys, respect la sama mr bolagergasi, he gave you all the advise “BETTER IGNORE IT” for my comments. I pity u guys, or should I pity bolagergasi for ignoring his advise? hehehe

    He must have real big balls to ignore my comments, so principled LCM person lol, must be a DAP Muslim ma

  53. sherry says:

    dear angryPAS,

    dont be like that ma, it monsterball yang cakap pasal jenis2 Muslim, I thought he learned from kuliah suboh from Ustaq Ngo.

    About Ayahanda Nik Aziz, dont be angry la. i think Nik Aziz is maksum too never a liar, sorry ya. But also I think Anwar is a saint, never made mistake and never bribe2 people one. U dont believe, u ask la all PKR people, they all agree with me you know.

    btw, please respect monsterball’s advise – BETTER IGNORE ME

  54. angryPAS says:

    lu jaga talqin disiapkan untuk mu

  55. wits0 says:

    The worm in the turd claims. “I agree with you this time, no rebutt necessary! coz u have none.”

    Rather, coz your reality is a surreality. Your anus is where your mouth is.

  56. remember says:

    Statement by MAT ZAIN BIN IBRAHIM
    Thursday, 28 May 2009 19:38

    1. I am the person named in your reports, which appeared practically in all the mainstream media or otherwise today. Please allow me to respond to your publications.

    2. Friends and relatives have called me wondering how on earth a matter which is a non-issue and most of all not worthy of publication have been given prominence at par with national issues. I was never the IGP, nor a Director or a CPO when in the service. I am just a common retired Senior Assistant Commissioner II who went on optional retirement some 8 years ago. I am not a member of any political party and have no intention of being one. Surely you too are curious to know the reasons why the above news on me had to be played up as such. No ordinary person can influence the entire media to run this sort of news simultaneously and over radio and TV. (I shall touch on the subject matter later).

    3. I say with certainty that there are very powerful hidden hands that wanted it so. Their reasons are to destroy my credibility and/or to paralyze my capabilities and preventing me from giving evidence against Attorney General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail (Gani) and IGP Tan Sri Musa Hassan (Musa) for fabricating evidence in the “Black-Eye” case of 1998 involving Dato ‘Seri Anwar Ibrahim (Anwar).

  57. remember says:

    Brief Facts: Allegation by Anwar

    4. I was the Investigation Officer of the infamous Black-eye incident in 1998 which I assure you was done professionally and without fear or favour.

    5. On 1.7.2008 Anwar lodged a police report alleging four persons namely Gani, Musa, one Dr. Abdul Rahman Yusof (Dr.Rahman) and myself have falsified a medical report on him (Anwar) in the black-eye case. This allegation was investigated by the MACC (then ACA).

    6. My detail statements were recorded no less than five times by the Investigation Officer. I made full disclosure and provided the MACC with documentary evidence which I believe, was more than sufficient to proof criminal wrongdoings on the part of Gani in particular.

    7. On 1.3.2009,Dato Seri Ahmad Said Hamdan (Ahmad Said), the Chief Commissioner of MACC announced in The Star that a 3-member independent panel appointed by the Solicitor General to scrutinise the investigation paper have found Gani and Musa cleared of any criminal wrongdoings

    8. Again on 11.3.2009 YB Dato Seri Mohd.Nazri Abdul Aziz(YB Nazri)Minister in PM’s Department in answer to a question posed in Parliament repeated that Gani and Musa are both cleared of any wrongdoings except with regard to Gani, where one of the panel members dissented, but still leaving Dr. Rahman’s and my position in jeopardy..

    9. In view of this, on the 15.4.2009 I submitted my appeal to the Chairman of the Advisory Board of MACC and extended copies of same to all the Committee Members as well as to the Chairman of the other Panels, including all members of the Select Committee to review the above findings. I provided the members with detail arguments and attached supporting documentary evidences that I believe would be sufficient to proof that Gani and Musa were involved and/or abetted in the falsification of the medical reports on Anwar in the black-eye case, and that they should not have been cleared. I have yet to receive any response from the Board but believe it is still under their considerations.

    10. Yet again on the 7.5.2009 I followed-up my appeal and extended copies to the Solicitor General as well as to the Solicitor General II.Once again I provided them with arguments and submissions which I believe could show that Gani not only falsified 1 (one) medical report as alleged by Anwar, but instead THREE , with Musa believed to be involved in at least two of them. I hope this too is being looked into seriously.

    11. However, I am justified to state that YAB Prime Minister, was never told the true and entire facts of this issue. Should the truth be told, I believe YAB PM would have taken the appropriate actions.

    12. Looking at the contents of your publication, the bankruptcy notice was issued on the 21.4.2009 whilst the order was issued on 14.5.2009.Why was it only publicized on the 27.5.2009? I have reason to believe that the notice was obtained about 1 week after I have filed my appeal to the MACC Board on 15.4.2009 while they were only published on 27.5.2009 after Anwar vowed that he will provide a tough defence in the sodomy charge against him fixed to be heard beginning 1.7.2009 when he addressed an International Correspondence seminar in Singapore a couple of days ago.

    13. I have reasons to believe that the Prosecution team anticipated that Anwar will certainly raise at certain point of his trial the issue of fabrication of evidence in the black-eye case. My evidence would be vital at this stage. Their only option is to destroy my credibility.

    13. Though this publication may cause some inconvenience to me and my family, but I take it as a blessing and that it will only enhance my resolve to disclose the whole truth of the “black-eye” episode. Believe me, that this is not the only case the duo had their fingers in. There are others which are as sensational. The truth shall prevail.

    14. With regard to the bankruptcy matter, I have instructed my lawyer to look into the matter which came as a surprise to me especially when I was never served personally of any notice of the hearing I hope this explain my position.

    15. I am in no position to demand my response to be published in its entirety, but certainly there are issues which are of common concern.



  58. boleh tahan says:

    Anwar will sue this Mahathir for sodomize and very soon Mahathir will have fun in Sungei Buloh writing his cyber back-side!

    Che det blogging from Sungei Buluh jail, room no. 1.

  59. genghis khan says:

    The British colonized us for a few hundred years and left us with a Judiciary Heritage rather than the Portuguese as at Macau and Goa, India; or the Dutch in Indonesia; the French poorly in Indo-China and Spanish-American in Phillipines.

    While Islamic Legal system were being practised and I dare say, very haphazardly by the Malay Sultanates; we never quite build up with a fraternity of Muslim Solicitors, Barristers, and Hakims, nor a proper Islamic Judiciary System to be proud of.

    If our Muslim Judges care to simply go thru’ cursorily on British Judiciary, they may find startling history and legacies. We find most, if not ALL, the Lord Chief Justices are excellent students of jurisprudence coming from Oxford and Cambridge or the ancient universities of Scotland [as Scotland has its own judiciary system].

    Most, if not vast majority of the Judges of the Appellate Courts and the High Courts are filled by persons with excellent academic record and ALL are KNIGHTED.

    The point I am making is this, as Muslims either you become an excellent SECULAR Judge in a SECULAR system for which there is NOTHING wrong , in fact EXPECTED, of a true Muslim to EXCEL as fair judges, even in a COMMUNIST countries.

    [I am sure there must have been secretly some Muslim Judges in the former Soviet Muslim countries !]

    Or, if one wants to become a Hakim, become an excellent one …
    and the word “ihsan” comes into the picture.

    There is no two ways about it ……. understand fully, the legal philosophy of the Judeo-Christian-Greco-Roman-Modernist worldview that forms the basis of Western Jurisprudence.

    What is the meaning of Justice to them, as say, Justice in Islam; and mind you, the word Justice or rather “Haqq” is also one of the beautiful names of God.

    It is rather very very sad to see Muslim Judges neither excel in Western-Christian-Greco-Roman legal system nor as Muslim Hakims.

    [NB. if candidates for Judgeships have not excelled in their legal studies eg. failing a few subjects, repeat papers or obtaining poor grades like Cs or Bs, they don’t deserve to be judges …meaning they have not understood legal principles, concepts, philosophy etc etc etc …… and they sit on the Bench and trying to apply legal principles, concepts which they have not quite mastered]

  60. monsterball says:

    Grandfather stories coming out again…..when all were revealed by non other than ..from the main culprit…the ex IGP…who confessed he punched and gave Anwar the black eye. He asked Anwar for forgiveness…which Anwar forgave him and Anwar told him to donate the RM2 million he received from UMNO..to charity.
    Sherry should get all facts right…and what is Mat Zain trying to say…I don’t quite understand.
    boleh tahan should know..Anwar forgave Mahathir too.
    Why do Malaysians easily forget and twist with lies… like anonymous dud and sherry?

  61. kekekeke says:

    “Believe me, that this is not the only case the duo had their fingers in. There are others which are as sensational.” – MAT ZAIN


  62. monsterball says:

    Sherry can pour out as much insults on me as he/she likes.
    What reputation have this sherry got….except appear lately to talk nonsense here.
    If Mahathir really want to put sodomizers into jail…almost all cabinet ministers under him…should go to jail.
    We may have no proofs….but the way these rouges crazy for sex…are welknown.

  63. monsterball says:

    Sherry can pour out as much insults on me as he/she likes.
    What reputation have this sherry got….except appear lately to talk nonsense here.
    If Mahathir really want to put sodomizers into jail…almost all cabinet ministers under him…should go to jail.

  64. monsterball says:

    You got it right this time….sherry.There are PAS ..DAP..keDAILan .MIC muslims…totally different from UMNO muslims.
    Certainly Malaysians that are muslims with no parties are also different from UMNO muslims.
    Is this clear enough?

  65. Menyalak-er says:

    Have you’ll paid your income tax?
    That’s why we have these nematodal parasites laofing around – paid for by our taxes. Some of them are amorphing into ascarids – longer, better and more sophisticated, like them judges.
    But like them hypocritical yg ariff’s, they’re quite easy to get rid off – a dose of antihelminthic then flush them down the toilet.
    Now, mat zain is doing exactly that, though his dose is a mite inadequate. Somehow, he got himself tied up in a hoary brankruptcy civil suite – which mysteriously impacts itself on Anwar’s politically motivated court case, which was re-hatched by neuronally challenged ascarids, who were feeding on their own ani.
    Now if that ain’t enuff to curl your toes, we have little bitty baby body parts filling up our landfills and a collapsed Jaya supermart.
    Have a nice day/night or whatever…

  66. Menyalak-er says:

    Btw, “laofing” above is spelled correctly after lao-lao, a nematode which causes river blindness…

  67. focussed08 says:

    “……..Its normal nowadays when opposition handed victory in courts they will says it purest democracy. But when any judgment not favor them, its hell on earth to the government. What a bunch of idiots…….”

    heikal – May 28, 2009 at 2:05 pm


    You are absolutely right!

    Those who write without knowing and swears without meaning are a bunch of idiots…..just like YOU!

    Don’t you even bother to know whether judgments dished out are correct, logical, reasoned, independent or manipulated or not?? Too difficult?? Too lazy??? …or perhaps, too ignorant and gullible!

    Maybe you are not able to appreciate what justice means and how precious untainted justice is. There are people who just accept whatever is dished out by those in positions of authority and they just follows blindly and unquestionably….but, those are the ones who cannot or will not see but will accept whatever is given and I am sure you are one of them.

    Only empty vessels makes lots of empty noises!

  68. erratum says:

    “Only empty vessels makes lots of empty noises!”

    That ler “Tong Rosak” semua bapak “Najis”

  69. sherry says:

    oMIGOSH monsterball,

    I don’t mean to be rude, but ain’t you supposed to BETTER IGNORE my comment????

    U advised others to ignore my comments, but u seem to ignore your own advise….what more can i say.

    “Sherry can pour out as much insults on me as he/she likes”. Oh, u liar like wats0 now, u 1st commented 5.59pm on my 1st comment here 5.16pm with slanderous words and foul language, then put it that I insulted you….

    Once a liar, always a liar.

    Oh, pls better ignore my comment (your own word ma).

  70. chambering says:

    PETALING JAYA, 28 May 2009: For the first time in its annual human rights report for Malaysia, Amnesty International (AI) has highlighted racial discrimination as one of several human rights violations in the country.

    The 2009 report said that racial discrimination was institutionalised in Malaysia, particularly in government-backed affirmative action policies for bumiputeras such as the New Economic Policy, in land ownership, employment and education.


  71. amoker says:

    ah.. judges…..

    baliklah… no backbones

  72. sherry says:

    PKR prefers to be judge, jury and executioner
    I read an interesting article in one of the many rabid Opposition blogs/newsportals which are now trying to rubbish independent cadidate for Penanti, former PKR Penang Wanita Chief, Aminah Abdullah for revealing the party’s dirty tactic of offering her money and position to persuade her to withdraw her nomination.

    After making the report she promised to make at the Election Commission she was asked about the matter by the Press and her answer is that it is up to the EC or SPRM to decide whether what PKR offered here was tantamount to bribery or corrupt practice.

    She was merely leaving the matter to be investigated by the authorities, she did not want to make wild allegations, she had evidence, she presented it to the authorities, let them decide if there is a case for the prosecution and leave to a judge to decide if Cheah is guilty of a crime.

    You see, she wants to see due process take place before accusign anyone of anything but for this rabid Pakatan supporters call her unflattering names and make fun of her as if she does nto know whether there was attempt to bribe her or not.

    That was not what she said, she simply said the evidence is before the authorities let them decide, unlike Anwar fanboys who prefer to label and accuse and ridicule people based on allegations and rumours and made up stories.

    I guess this shows what kind of a Government we will get if Pakatan comes into power, anything that catch them out is an evil plot and everyone who go against them are stupid

    Oh dear Deja Vu again….
    Posted by Shamsul Yunos

  73. sherry says:

    Sembang Kosong RM80K
    Ahli MT PKR, Cheah Kah Ping claims that he went to Aminah’s house to shoot some bull or ‘sembang kosong’.

    In a carefully worder article in Suara Keadilan, it appeared that Cheah went on Aminah’s invitation to just catch up. Oh yes, he did know that Aminah was going to contest in Penanti.

    There is of course nothing wrong with old friends catching up, Cheah says he ahs known Kak Min for more than 10-years, but by his own admission he has not met Aminah for years.

    That does not sound like they are good friends does it?

    To spend three hours talking, making offers of cash and posts does not sound like old friends catching up.

    When I catch up with old friends, I talk about the old days, I talk about family, about life in general and the changes that we have gone through in the passing years.

    The SK article does make a fatal mistake, however, it first claims that Cheah went to Aminah’s house on the invitation of his friend Peter Chin

    But later says that it was Aminah who invited the men to her house.

    I would like to point out here that Cheah did not deny that he made those offers. He just claims now that they are just idle talk.

    I cannot imagine idle talk involving offers of bribery, request for not contesting in a by-election and offering plum jobs… Can You?

    Well, you arrive at your own conclusions.

    Pakatan likes to tell peopel that BN is reprehesible in its tactics in Perak because they allegedly bribed the three independent reps but it seems that they are no better.

    At least BN is trying to reform itself because it acknoledges that money politics is a problem within BN, it is openly said at nearly every Umno General Assembly since thelast 10 years, meanwhile Pakatan continues to market itself as whiter than white while they make offers to election candidates…..even before the election…

    And for the icing on the cake, PKR Wanita Chief Zuraida Kamaruddin says in Suara Keadilan that Aminah’s recording of the conversation is ‘dirty tactics’…huh?

    You get caught offering bribes and the person who catch you out is the dirty one???

    Sounds familiar???? that is typical Pakatan

    They start with September 16 threats, chase BN reps to Taiwan with offers and suddenly cry foul when their own reps cross over. When they plotted to topple the Federal Government through crossovers it is a noble fight but when their own people cross over, the three reps are bad people and BN practice dirty tactics

    Of course, what else could they say, They learn it from the master propagandist Anwar who learns from the best…
    Posted by Shamsul Yunos

  74. monsterball says:

    I changed my mind.
    People like yiou cannot be ignored.
    You come here to belittle us….you need to be responded.
    Otherwise you will have wrong conclusion….how great you are.
    Ignoring is wrong. Maggots like you needs special attentions immediately….although face to face….f..k you no time.
    Slap you is best.

  75. stlchik07 says:

    Apparently Justice is NOT blind, it is partial and “Empathetic”. But that’s not racist. Oh no no no, the white Republican male is the racist supremist. The Founders are turning over in their graves as we speak!

  76. sherry says:

    monsterball – (is slapped) Er. Ouch? Haha. Okay now, chill pill. LOL! This is turning to be really amusing. No, seriously. Your reply is truly entertaining.

    Alas, here’s what I’ve got to say. “I changed my mind as well. I choose to ignore you instead”. 😀

    You can continue to give this “maggot” special attention all you want. I want to sleep. Goodnight.

  77. Kancilandak says:

    See what the Aljuburi effek done to the people. We dont trust our own judges. All becoz of this pembangkang fellow and Raja prata kuih, we becom like enemy to own brother and sister inside own family. Pity the woman Aminah Abdullah get bad name all becoz one Aljuburi and his gang.

  78. Actually, there are some faults in the Constitution of Perak.

    Article 16(6) states that a Mentri Besar shall tender resignation if he ceases to command the confidence of the majority of legislators in the House and fails to request for House dissolution.

    Zambry’s counsels led by Hafarizam argued on the point that the constitution does not specify clearly on how to determine whether a Mentri Besar has lost confidence of the legislators in the House or not.

    That is why when those three legislators defected from the People’s Alliance to support the National Front, the Sultan was convinced that Nizar had lost the confidence of legislators in that House.

    P/s: I admire you for being one of the prolific bloggers in Malaysia. I am a novice blogger and hoping to learn something from you.

  79. ghphoto says:

    Justice no longer exists. Power has replaced it.

    Check it out. I’m posting a new blog post on the hour, every hour, for a year http://24blogsaday.wordpress.com
    also check out my photoblog http://ghphoto.wordpress.com

  80. I-4-C says:

    When monkeys try to play “technicality”, it is the duty of the highest court of the country to throw them out of office and duty of the govt to cage them in ISA prision. !!!!

  81. jimbo says:


  82. Malaysian justice…….????????????????????

    Very bitter taste in my mouth…!

    We all know where has the “cases” gone to lah……….!!!!
    What more to say people…?????

    Malaysian judges………??????????????????????????????

    Ok..! Ok…! Got to go…!!!!
    I feel a “shit” comming…………………………..!!!


  83. The Malaysian courts are only a stage of UMNO’s dramas !
    The judges are actors appointed by UMNO’s ‘big chief’ and will act
    according to the ‘big chief’s ‘ instructions.
    Everyone should know these by now-UMNO just transfered their legal
    advisor to be the CJ !
    Have these actors removed after the next GE and don’t forget your
    right to vote in the next GE. Of course UMNO goons hope everyone
    will have a short memory ! So don’t forget they have robbed the country for too long, just boot them out !!

  84. monsterball says:

    When monkey like 1-4-C loves monkey politics….you can now understand how this 1-4-C monkey thinks and say things…with an unstable monkey mind.
    Witso is a liar. Monsterball is a liar and was slapped….so said sherry.
    Sherry is a young fut….just like the rest.
    The 3 stooges……Sherry…anonymous dud and 1-4-C make excellent bedfellows.
    But the 3 maybe one….Malaysian new magicians.
    Yes..sherry….you need a slap on the face and some may love to please you..to give you a ride…..you yearn so much…from your itchy…you know where.

  85. berak says:

    Sorry Malaysian, democracy is dead.

  86. Kancilandak says:

    Yes, Aljuburi make demokrasi dead. This time must ISA Aljuburi for good.

  87. boleh tahan says:

    When Malaysia is ruled by Umno folks coming out from the kampongs, this is what going to happen.

    The umno kampong folks surely will turn the cities upside down.

    Remedy: Send all these umno kampong folks to the kampongs.

    They are good only in playing around and having funs in the kampongs!

  88. Morning Dew says:

    P.Ramakrishnan wrote :

    “We are appalled with their judgment which went against the grain of justice.”
    Susan, how about acts that would deny justice and went against the grain of the same justice ? If the 6 ADUN were not suspended PR would already have lost the majority in the legislative assembly. Even if the 3 frogs were suspended PR would also have lost the majority in the legislative assembly. This was why the privilege committee , chaired by Siva, had to suspend all 6 ADUNS.

    PR had 28 members while BN had 28 members. The speaker can’t
    vote and so BN already had 1 vote more than PR.

    One blogger in railing against everyone who had disagreed with him(some bloggers resorted rumour, fear and disgust mongering behind posters back) made a mistake in recounting event. He said siva called for an emergency assembly sitting on the 4th but the sultan refused . I went and rechecked the time-line of events and there was no such call as the speaker knew very well then if a vote was taken PR would lose. So after the special privileges comm., chaired by Siva, made its decision the 6 ADUN was suspended.

    If Siva had called for the emergency sitting on the 4th. and suspend the 3 frogs as he had deemed that they had resigned, would Siva – supposedly imbued with righteous,fair and democratic spirit allowed a motion of no confidence against nizar ?

    While the question is academic it is important as this is taking a step back to see things clearly and not caught up by the torrential flow of unimpeded delusions. Many of us – bloggers as well – had their head stucked up an *elephant’s ass. By stepping back we could see things a bit clearer. A few more steps back understanding may even emerge.

    * Metaphor used by a great man who described our delusions. The ‘ass’ part was my exercising of poetic license.

  89. I-4-C says:

    This blogging has tons of frustrated bedfellows of that Arse Banger cos things dont go their way hehe

  90. monsterball says:

    You are so right…i-4-C
    Arse banger Najib is so frustrated..he needs you bang balls at Susan’s blog.
    You need help…for balls banging is hard hard work.
    Your firing balls of fire experts…….anonymous dud and sherry…doing their part.
    Ding…dieong…..punk…..poook….peek…..are all the sounds you three put out….if one is smart like monsterball to translate all your messages.
    From trying to arse banging with no results…with frustrations..the Three Stooges is here.
    Larry ..Minnie…..and Moe are reincarnated by you three.
    Soon….three 3 blind mice will be you….when Najib act as if……he is……’Dr.NO”
    All you three idiots are good at..playing to the tunes of your masters.
    Do not forget…Sherry needs to be serviced..once awhile..with your 1-4-C lubricants….and shaft it in with your 4 inch Cock….saying “I DID IT!!”… 1 4inch Cock DID IT!! WOW…..great job man.!!

  91. monsterball says:

    You are so right…i-4-C
    Arse banger Najib is so frustrated..he needs you bang balls at Susan’s blog.
    You need help…for balls banging is hard hard work.
    Your firing balls of fire experts…….anonymous dud and sherry…doing their part.
    Ding…dieong…..punk…..poook….peek…..are all the sounds you three put out….if one is smart like monsterball to translate all your messages.
    From trying to arse banging with no results…with frustrations..the Three Stooges is here.
    Larry ..Minnie…..and Moe are reincarnated by you three.
    Soon….three 3 blind mice will be you….when Najib act as if……he is……’Dr.NO”
    All you three idiots are good at..playing to the tunes of your masters.
    Do not forget…Sherry needs to be serviced..once awhile..with your 1-4-C lubricants….and shaft it in with your 4 inch C….saying “I DID IT!!”… 1 4inch C DID IT!! .praising yourself.

  92. Kancilandak says:

    Monsterball, In the politikal history of Malaysia the only arse banger come to internasional popularty is Aljuburi of PKR. The present PM never get that kind name. Ask who ex sodomy minister of Malaysia whole world tell you. Hee hee.

  93. PIG[police inspector general] says:

    To say this is only going to fall to the deaf ears of the authorities……as Bolehland or is “TAK”BOLEHLAND[cannot wear black, yellow,orange etc cannot “puasa”; cannot drink teh tarik in chinese coffee shop (only those owned by PEWARIS); oh yes cannot light candles even on your birthday].

    BUT all this is not lost…it is an omen….time is running out for them…….how long can one lie and remain happy…sonner then later the truth will prevail.

    The takbloehland encourages lawlessness, dictatorship, authoritarian rule, police “raja” d takbolehland, police brutality, civil service abuse of power is but a mere FEAR of this “culprits” that the a two party system will ruin “ketuanan” & NEP & bumi status……correct me…..but lets all grow up and accept the fact that the younger generation give no two hoods about this…all they want is peace, wealth, happiness and tranquilty in live…racism & religious politics is a whole CRAP to the youth, except the amino & be end putras.

    God Bless.

    NB: Syabas SAC II Mat Zain – finally there is one police officer who has the “balls” to call Musang Hassang a criminal, power abuse “kingpin” and a liar……Great man..Mr Mat Zain.

  94. the Pride of the Malays says:

    “arse banger” , “Aljuburi” all these are uumno “creations”. All these started with uumno and should end with uumno. These “creations” shamed the Malays worldwide and not an individual.

    How come we don’t hear of any of this kind with PAS.This “highlighting” shames the malays only and this should stop. What the rakyat see here is plain political “revenge” and being revengeful is very ungodly. This should stop now.

    Pas and Pkr and Dap are the the parties for Malays now. They should do everything they can to salvage the pride of the Malays.

  95. Kancilandak says:

    the Pride of the Malays = UMNO

  96. aja49 says:

    So we see that even up to Najib’s regime the BN government is giving way to have judges with questionable integrity and morale. During Mahathir’s era it was already very bad and it is going continue to be worse today.

    I just cannot understand these type of judges can sit on the bench and knowing very well in advance that they are going to give a very wrong decision and judgment to fulfill their political masters’ agenda.

    Ordinary people like us can very well see and judge their ill-gotten judgment what more to other learned and retired judges who would like to see justice done but somehow just could not uphold what they are fighting for.

    Certainly these type of judges need to thrown into the dungeon and fed to hungry wolves.

  97. sherry says:

    To Mr Yeow Chee Kheong,

    The lawyer representing Govt on Perak Issues, Hafarizam Harun has his own blog : puu-umno.blogspot.com.

    He has written specific arguments on the relevant cases from the Govt. point of view, i.e. MB Perak case, Suspension of 7 Aduns by Speaker case and the Immunity of Speaker issue.

    Of course, the Oppositions will not agree with his views, however, it would be good if you study both sides’s view for your own judgement.

    In fact, he invited bloggers to rebutt his argument if they want.

    I believe, without being prejudice, you may be interested in the legal arguments. I am not legal expert, but I can read and make my own interpretation without forcing anyone to agree with me.

    Please check puu-umno.blogspot.com (although one don’t like the name of this blog).

    There’s no slandering words there to worry about.


  98. sherry says:

    Read this blog: puu-umno.blogspot.com

    It proves that Speaker YB Sivakumar is “IMMUNE”

  99. monsterball says:

    Useless to talk to kancilandak
    Useless to talk to sherry..anon dud. …1-4-C
    All are the original arse banger’s machais……the son of the devil..protected by the devil reincarnated….who chose one and ignore all ares bangers.. to crucify.
    Naif Ton Raza banging arse….ran out stark naked…Highland Tower tragedy. All Malaysians know… the incident..
    UMNO can cover up massive corruptions….covering up arse banger…covering up Naif Ton Raza….so easy….so much so…C4ed…also no problem.
    Sherry loves lamour. 1-4-C loves sherry’s arse…and anon dud like tiger show…three of the same kind…..like hands and glove…keep stretching out…to beg Naif Ton Raza…to bang them up.
    She bangs…he bangs…they bang…yet accused others for banging.
    That’s trademark of the real devil….all his students are learning ….plenty smart..to be like him.

  100. kittykat46 says:

    PKFZ super-fiasco …I don’t know whether it was MCA banging UMNO’s arse or UMNO banging MCA’s arse, doesn’t matter.
    Its impossible to cover up now.

    Heads must roll….
    Heads must roll….
    Heads must roll….

  101. monsterball says:

    Yeow Chee Kheong….Please feel free to comment.
    I read your message and we need level headed people like you….to talk sense ans sensibility back into this blog.
    Sherry is guiding to you lawful rights……ignoring moral and democratic rights of the people’s wishes.
    Perak matter is thrown out of proportion…with a clear touch of favoring race and UMNO.
    If it is based on for the people….by the people…and with the people…in short…..true democracy….the deadlock should be nullified by Perak Sultan and declare State Election…simple as that.
    Just ponder…how much freedom of speeches and rights do we really have.
    If you agree with me….almost none….concerning our children futures….our way of life….especially by the Malays…you can understand no matter how right UMNO maybe…the have the clearest bad reputation to be all wrong and only for their benefits….never for Malaysians and country..always for UMNO.
    Out of 100 incidents…only Perak hangs on a balance…which may give UMNO the benefit of the doubt..lawfully right.
    Yet..if Najib wishes to live by his declaration to be people’s PM…so simple….maybe not majority to his eyes and ears..but almost half of Malaysians shouting for State election. Why is he not listening to the other half?

  102. wits0 says:

    “She bangs…he bangs…they bang…yet accused others for banging.”

    The ‘smarter’ of the 3 ascarid worms entered with a bang and shot its own lying self in the foot by falsely accusing RPK of being unapologetic over his prodigal son leading a life of crime. Then tried to weasel itself out.

  103. wits0 says:

    PKFZ super-fiasco – super premier time at the theatre nearest you!

  104. monsterball says:

    But I say…vast majority Perak voters want State Election to settle the matter. Najib knows it….Sultan knows it. Why dingle and dangle on?
    UMNO will loose big….that’s why.
    Sherry knows that too. ..but “IT” has a mission in this blog… to confuse…insult and disturb.
    With…1-4-C and anonymous dud …they are the 3 Stooges..with blockheads.

  105. monsterball says:

    Ling Liong Sik is the dead duck…if all the truths are revealed in the PKFZ super duper..fiasco………but he will have few machais ready to take the blame.
    It is exactly same as you see DVD small fut caught…small fut Ah Loongs caught…small fut bookies caught….but the masterminds….never get caught…..for all machais have pledge their lives to protect him….after receiving their cuts consisting millions…from the huge pile of thousands of millions….some for party..all machais got their shares…all happy…must not show off….be natural…and mastermind keep the rest.
    PKFZ…one document signed by Ling Liong Sik..on his last day in office…how hard working….how thoughtful.

  106. chinlwu says:

    ” Investigate These Judges “is certainly a very encouraging statement . A step forward to win back the creditability of our Judiciary system.

    Hey ! Who is giving to give the order to start investigation. Have we not all notice, in recent months, police, civil service and judges , all have to receive orders and instructions to act.

    So back to the original question, Who is going to Investigate these judges ? The Chief Justice was a former UM, NO lawyer.
    It is a cul desac.

    Only the Almighty God can act for all Malaysian to get JUSTICE.

  107. Thumb Logic says:

    Governance is like how a football game is managed. The game is played in front of the people and the referee has to conduct the game in front of the public. The key word here is tranaparency. The game is played in the open and for all to see. With the advent of TV millions watch a single game thus giving credence to the value of greter transparency. The public have the opportunity to judge for themselves if the referee conducts the game is in a fair manner. Unfortunately this is not so when it comes to governance. Those in power constantly argue that transparency is like watering the plant. If you put too much water you will kill the plant.We have referee but he is appointed by the very people he is to oversee.This is called the Stockholm Syndrome where the regulators think that they should be loyal to the people they are to regulate without taking into consideration the larger picture – loyalty to the state.

    We in the developing world have allowed our leaders to emasculate the the key institutions of government so much so that positive assessment of government has become the key word for success in government service.Inthis regard even the media had assumed the role of making postive assessment of performance of government.

    I have been in government service for over 35 years and I am covinced that the existing rules and regulations are adequate to run the government in an efficient manner.I noticed that Heads of Depatmnts are unwilling, for reasons known to all of us but unbeknopwn to them, to take action against those who twist, bend, and violate the rules .
    It is simple and also difficult. If your son drives a car without the proper papers then it is up to the father or mother to point this out ant if necessary use force to prevent their son from driving the car. I don have to go on and on. We all know what must be done but those in positions of power are playing politics at the expense of the future of the state.

  108. wits0 says:

    It is that Stockholm Syndrome, Thumb Logic, the masochistic streak of acceptance of what’s screwed-up wicked and twisted.

    When gomen servant are told that they must vote for only bn, many are so fearfully intimidated. They forget that they too are also taxpaying citizens whose choice of governance is sacrosanct.

    Those in power depends so much on the civil and public services to make their own life easy and carefree that the heads of these departments have the laissez faire to do many outrageous things within, racism, favoritism etc….as long as a semblance of functionality is maintained.

  109. jungle girl says:

    Looking at the coa judges, we know that they are practicing kampong verdict.

    There goes the saying, you can take a kampong boy out from a kampong, but you can’t take the kampong out from the boy.

    Hence we can expect a kampong verdict from all these Umnoputra kampong coa judges.

  110. jungle girl says:

    This is the root of problem with the Umnokampong putras. It’s the kampong gene that makes them behaving or acting like a kampong pariah.

    This is congenital and it’s in their genes. Malaysia can’t progress with Umnokampong putras with kampong genes at the helm

    Looking at those kampong polisputras with kampong genes, why are they behaving like that? Bashing innocent and law obeying rakyat who pay their salaries, housing and food.

    These Umno kampong polisputras are supposed to protect the rakyat, whether in a city or a kampong!

    But the ignorant kampong Umno-polisputras cannot differentiate this but simply bashing good and innocent rakyat who are carrying out their civic duty.

  111. jungle girl says:

    The Umno polisputra genes and the monkey’s are in congruous if we were to compare the chromosomes of an Umnoputra and a monkey .

    Hence the Umnoputras behaviours and characters are synonymous/ akin to a monkey.

    Hence this is akin to the saying you can take a monkey out from a kampong but you can’t take the kampong out from the monkey.

    If you let a monkey in charge of a banana farm, do you think the monkey can manage the banana farm systematically?

    Hence if you ask an kampong umnoputra monkey to look after our money, do you think the kampong umnoputra monkey can manage our money efficiently and multiplying the money given to them?

    If we ask a kampong Umnoputra monkey to manage our education system, do you think the kampong Umnoputra monkey can coach our children to be good and honored citizens?

    The Chinese groups who met this kampong umnoputra monkey must be dreaming if this kampong uneducated monkey will agree with their ideas.

    What this kampong umnoputra monkey wants is nothing butbananas.

    Hence Malaysia is just a monkey nation with all these kampong Umnoputra monkeys taking helm- be it in the judiciary, education, finance, parliament, adun, polis. army, navy, air-force, government, non-government, private sector…

    Malaysia under all these kampong Umnoputra monkeys from the kampongs will never progress but we are now experiencing in a nation governing by monkeys and have to feed all these kampong monkeys with bananas perpetually.

  112. I-4-C says:

    To target the judges who are only performing their duties is certainly uncalled for. Their judgements have at times taken many by surprise. But can anyone rightly accuse them of erring from the law? But before their judgement, those monkeys are already jumping high and low crying foul. Were those in Pakatan Buntut trying to do exactly the same thing to wrestle their way to be the government? What a load of monkeys and arse bangers !!!!

  113. […] Investigate these judges ! (image) By: P Ramakrishnan President Aliran 28 May 2009 Justice is becoming a rare commodity in our courts when judges […] […]

  114. monsterball says:

    I-4-C forgot Chief Judge Eusoff Chin lied….Mahathir lied…Lingam lied…and nothing have been done by UMNO.
    Now that Anwar was proven innocent in the first sodomy case….no investigation done on the presiding judge.
    Why are Malaysians so smart to able to conclude Razak will be freed…months ahead of the judgement…UMNO is not interested to investigate.
    Royal Commissions set up this at that with findings…that are so clear..especially on Lingam case…UMNO hope Malaysians easily forget and move on….no investigation or charges. Lingam and Eusoff Chin are liars…still not strip of his law profession.
    Hundreds of past cases….proven judges favors UMNO….and it needs 1-4-C…to remind People’s Power…. how unfair and stupid we are…supporting PR.

  115. Morning Dew says:

    Sherry wrote :

    “The lawyer representing Govt on Perak Issues, Hafarizam Harun has his own blog : puu-umno.blogspot.com.

    Much of what he had written had been rebutted by Art-Harun in


    The arguments are very involved and tortuous but civil.

  116. monsterball says:

    Morning Dew is good for the skin.
    This is the most sincere and civil comment I have ever made….for a long time……….hahahahahaha
    Dealing with uncivilised UMNO stooges….one needs to try so hard to be civil minded ….to exposed them.
    That’s tough for me.
    So far..so good.

  117. I-4-C says:

    Monsterball. You are so full of bitterness. That’s the prime characteristers of born losers who cant accept the reality of life. Malaysia is such a wonderful place to live with no one having to live in tents like America. Even our kiasu neighbour is suffering worse than us. Bitterness can only cause toxins to self destruct the being. See what bitterness has done to RPK and that Arse Banger, one hiding in fear and the other on trial for arse banging!!!

  118. zztop says:

    The rakyat have already lost faith on the present bunch of guys running the country judiciary. Just look at the recent court cases verdict on the MB case in Perak will tell you what kind of justice we have in Bolehland. It is sad after all these years we still have people like these running the judiciary and PDRM.

    God save Bolehland.

  119. monsterball says:

    1-4-C reminds me of a smart UMNO veteran politicians saying why are Chinese so jealous of UMNO malays getting rich….when UMNO malays do not get jealous of Chinese being millionaires at all.
    Totally ignoring how UMNO is governing the country…..stealing plundering…arresting anyone against them…making democracy dead….he puts out the logic of RPK hiding..as if RPK is a coward…or anyone running way from UMNO are criminals.
    No matter how much one tries to reason with him….he still insults Anwar…forgetting arse banging are UMNO ministers favourite past time…starting from Najib.
    1-4-C took 12 hours to realised Susan was talking about her Uncle and not her father.That’s how fast his brain works.
    This idiot is trying to impress readers….how wise he can be…no bitterness…ever forgiving…calm and serene..and why not……
    His arse is being serviced…no more itchy …fully satisfied presently.
    Wait for another few hours…he will need arse banging sessions with his two pals.
    Want me to be contented and happy while your adopted father is robbing my tax money? How much is your share?
    I guess…zit…for this is an arse lover who is totally been brainwashed from child birth till today…behaving like a robot….with legs wide open….when ever ready to services his Gods.. from hell.
    Are you a tax paying idiot or just an arse selling night bird?

  120. monsterball says:

    hi arsehole 1-4-C..my bitterness and from millions of Malaysians towards UMNO..MCA…MIC….Gerakan is so clear.
    Thousands of messages written out…..yet you do not understand.
    Signs were shown in 12th GE..yet you ignored.
    Anwar is the hero..yet you insult him.
    PRK sacrificed so much bravely….and contributed so much to the results on the 12th election…yet you call him a coward.
    These two are the thorns to UMNO. With them .watching UMNO like hawks… UMNO……stealing jobs…no more easy.
    Come 13th GE…these two will do so many convincing speeches….so UMNO put both into trouble…best solution…yet you brainless person cannot understand.
    Bitterness you say…yes we have plenty and I speak on behalf of millions. We are one and the same….yet you keep your eyes closed.
    I guess you work at night at Chow Kit Road…selling arse….so your brain stays sleeping all the time.

  121. monsterball says:

    I am not a born looser.
    I loose or win …..like a gentleman…in everything.
    Those who steal and dressed up with false titles are born winners?
    The signs of you putting out all your rubbish is that you are a pure racialist…living in a fool’s life…….with false hopes and desires.
    That’s how you will become…if you keep selling your arse at Chow Kit Rd…to earn a living…no bitterness…no matter how rough the banger bang bang you. Money is all that matters…so bang bang bang…and you hate to feel …why Anwar do not want to bang you..for free.
    The point is….he is not an arse banger….you idiot!!
    You are the one with bitterness….not me.
    I am a self appointed Freedom Fighter.
    How to fight..if I smile at my enemies….you idiot!@!

  122. I-4-C says:

    Your bitterness is an active volcano spewing tons of ashes to the sky and overflowing with lava down the slopes. I hate to tell you that time will prove you an idiot hehe.

  123. monsterball says:

    Your foul mouth have been proven too many times…an arsehole speaking through your nose.
    My bitterness is well respected and received by millions of Malaysians.
    Yes Malaysia is a land of plenty and paradise living…but it takes your kind to think you own it and do as you like.
    If I am a volcano..I will spill my lava to roast you alive…..slowly…finger by finger…toe by toe..keep you alive…yet you hope to be dead.
    That’s how bitter I can be to your kind..with no fear.

  124. monsterball says:

    You are proving me …an idiot?….an UMNO bugger calling me an idiot?
    That is a sign of gone case racialist idiot with no sense of proportion..
    And I tell it straight to your face… you are a thick skinned good for nothing ….country pumpkin coming to the city…to brag and choose this blog to talk bloody nonsense.
    Fire away your nonsense…you will have so many put you back where you belong…in the tong sampah.
    Useless toad call me an idiot?
    Luckily I am in good mood to enjoy your idiotic remarks.

  125. monsterball says:

    Time and tide waits for no man.
    I have lived through time…for nearly 70 years..still no one say I am and idiot….that is no one face to face I know as friends or foes.
    Just few months in blogging …so many have actually call you balls carrying thick skinned idiot.
    Can an established idiot judge others as idiots?
    I guess so…in Bodohland.

  126. aca says:

    you cant even talk about it now in public cause its seditious.

    thats the order of the POLICE under Hishamudin.

    By the way, Hisha, can I talk about monopoly in security printing for cigarettes? or Duke Toll?

    May be it will be seditious too, ya?

  127. roroad says:

    I hate to tell you that time will prove you an idiot hehe.

    So you are full of hate ya…..hishamusddin, ahmad ismail oso full of hate…..big deal for small farts

  128. I-4-C says:

    Monsterball, I cant help getting the impression that you are speak with your arse instead. Please look carefully at the arse of a duck hehe

    Roroad. Full of hate? no no. This arse banger and his arse tool just need to be exposed as liabilities than assets to our beautiful Malaysia.

  129. monsterball says:

    hahahahahaha 1-4-C want to expose me…when all had been exposed!!
    I guess he wants to see my arse very badly. Itchy er?…..hahahahahahha

  130. monsterball says:

    roroad….he does not understand…” big deal for small fut”
    He just read and guess what you are trying to say..and blare out his usual nonsense.

  131. monsterball says:

    fart or fut…same meaning.

  132. muaaah says:

    Aiiyoh monty that idiot fellow`s one now so loose aeroplane can go in land, turn around and take off. Desperate, but he can get no satisfaction

    This one better, at least great music, enjoy

  133. monsterball says:

    muaaah….Yes one of the best rolling stone….evergreen song.
    You should dedicate this song…to jean.
    Thanks again.

  134. I-4-C says:

    For whatever shortcomings Najib’s adm may have, they pale into insignificance compared to that Arse Banger’s unholy liason with Al Gore and assoc. to conspire against his own country and countrymen. I would rank him the most despicable leader Malaysia ever had along his arse tool RPK. That’s the sad truth.

  135. xxxxxx@hotmail.com says:

    “Aiiyoh monty that idiot fellow`s one now so loose aeroplane can go in land, turn around and take off.” hahahahahahahahahahahaha

  136. monsterball says:

    It is good to see 1-4-C loyalty to UMNO gone too the extent… keep repeating useless stuffs….which were responded . I guess he thinks this line of writing will win votes for UMNO….self admitting UMNO get no foreign financial help…..need to steal billions..to buy our soul.
    Never feel shameful….no one respect UMNO at all.
    When Anwar is showered with as much money he needs from foreign countries…as legal donations.. to fight the devil…the said money are from conspirators. Why not say…UMNO enemies No1.
    As usual…..leave it to a holy person……..like 1-4-C… to talk unholy stuffs.

  137. kittykat46 says:

    I spent most of this morning going through the downloaded report on the PKFZ. I felt so dirtied and soiled after reading it.

    A bunch of UMNO/MCA/SUPP goons bought mangrove land at Rm 3 per Sq feet, sold it to the Port Klang Authority at RM 25 per sq ft, RM 1 Billion transaction, made a gigantic profit from it, THEN got appointed as Turnkey contractor to build the PKFZ to make more gigantic profits. Who pays ?….yes You, You, You, Tuan Rakyat.

    In terms of corporate governance it is the financial equivalent of incest.
    And, you know what, there is no regret, no remorse, nothing from the BN/UMNO/MCA…they were “entitled” to make the deal WTF.

    For Malaysia to live, the BN-UMNO government must die. There is no other way to secure our children’s future.

  138. Menyalak-er says:

    Hi kk46, doing due diligence eh? I don’t have the time or ability to read the report, could you be kind enough to let us have the salient points? There’s sure to be lots of ‘nice’ stuff to crucify those flurs.

  139. hamderhak says:

    Sherry intentions on this blog is obvious.

    To defend the indefensibles is his paid objective.

    After 50 years of BN rule, the rakyat knows the truth and cannot be hidden from all Malaysians. Corrupt, arrogance and divide and rule is the order of BN.

    Perhaps, Sherry would defend BN’s trait stated above.

    You can rattle anything but the majority of the people are in the know.

  140. heikal says:


    You are absolutely right!

    Those who write without knowing and swears without meaning are a bunch of idiots…..just like YOU!

    Don’t you even bother to know whether judgments dished out are correct, logical, reasoned, independent or manipulated or not?? Too difficult?? Too lazy??? …or perhaps, too ignorant and gullible!

    Maybe you are not able to appreciate what justice means and how precious untainted justice is. There are people who just accept whatever is dished out by those in positions of authority and they just follows blindly and unquestionably….but, those are the ones who cannot or will not see but will accept whatever is given and I am sure you are one of them.

    Only empty vessels makes lots of empty noises!

    focussed08 – May 28, 2009 at 9:58 pm

    So focussed08,

    What r u tryin to prove here? im not saying the gov is ‘saint’, blaming the gov for all problems and wrong doings is not U ‘bunch of idiots’ suppose to do man…U think that by blaming the gov will make u better…Ask the man who failed on his 16th sept mission for 2nd,3rd,…bla bla..

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