See DAP’s HQ video here:

To me, this is a case of robbery by 11 unidentified, unknown persons.

Without a search warrant, these robbers may be masquerading as policemen.

But who do we report, too?No one can be trusted?

And what are they looking for? BLACK T-shirts? BLACK pamphlets?

My God, this is the level the country has descended to?

No wonder crime rates are growing? Where are the police when needed most?

Breaking into people’s offices or home, and kidnapping those who protest or speak out against what is happening in the country!?


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  1. aljuburi says:

    DAP offence under the Printing Press Act, and the police have a right to act against those who break the law. They are paid to do their job & DAP is not above the Law.

  2. hasilox says:

    I propose robbers and snatch thieves to be paid monthly salary. If the poolice are paid, why shouldn’t they? Similar job but no pay, how can?

  3. giko says:

    What can I say except it’s POLIS RAJA DI M’SIA instead of PDRM!

  4. joshua says:

    Only one force above the law: The police force
    Only one org above the law: Umno

  5. Jed Yoong says:

    AlJuburi. Please.

    Gobind, DAP’s legal affairs chief, allowed Ooi to sign a form detailing the list of items taken but later told reporters that the Act still requires a search warrant.

    “He did not even know which provision. This shows that the police do not know what they are doing,” the Puchong MP said, adding that he would lodge a report against the “trespass” and also write to the Selangor police chief on the matter.

    The police should have just played it safe and used the Sedition Act again…..

    According to Weng San’s blog, an officer actually claimed tt it was under Police Act!!!!

    What happened? DAP HQ harbouring stolen goods now???

    Then seizing earphones??? So lame….

  6. smileys says:


  7. Bentoh says:

    DAP offence under the Printing Press Act, and the police have a right to act against those who break the law. They are paid to do their job & DAP is not above the Law.

    aljuburi – May 23, 2009 at 8:48 pm


    I beg your pardon, Under section 16 of PPPA, a search warrant is needed, from magistrate court to enter and search a premises…

  8. smileys says:

    Similar job but no pay, how can? – hasilox

    Polis got lesen man

  9. budakindia says:

    Police? We actually have police in our country? I thought those are political masters running dogs? They barked and bit defendless people like us? Oh… what a revealation in deed. Malaysia has police!

  10. A1 says:

    Why MCA perak can print DVD for distribution? MCA big running dog!!

  11. aminiskandar says:

    There’s a music band called A.C.A.B.

    Please find out what’s the meaning of A.C.A.B.

  12. Bluekinetic says:

    what a nonsense acts by Police nowadays. To me, they seems act above the law. They can use whatever acts they like, same to our judges, by intepreting the law by their interest.

    Police is now always cracking down PR, and serve as bodyguard to BN but not for rakyat.

    What’s wrong PR to express the dissatisfaction to the goverment? What’s wrong with the peaceful candle vigil and wearing black shirt to protest. What’s wrong DAP’s computer has document that critic the goverment. Are you saying our goverment cannot be protested and critic with peaceful behaviour? Look like police is making our nation into police state.

  13. Khan says:


    go and get some education idiot!

  14. Kancilandak says:

    Kihkihkih! The oposition have bad luck after bad luck after bad luck. Mahu kasi mandi bunga sama Dap baru boleh!

  15. ACAB says:

    A.C.A.B. = “All Cops Are B*****ds”

  16. City says:

    The police are worst than gangsters these days. They can do anything they want as they are not accoutable to anyone. When was the last time you see police officers being charged for abusive? Even the Boy Scout Association of Malaysia has a better reputation than Polis Diraja Malaysia. Can’t fight crime but good at harassing oppostion parties and crush peaceful demostrations. I guess when you pay peanuts , you get monkeys!!!!!!

  17. wandererAUS says:

    These blue uniform baboons were in the wrong place! They should be digging at C4’s closet…if they have the balls of course.

    Correct dickhead
    aljuburi -( May 23, 2009 at 8:48 pm)…….no one is above the law…… only Ketuanan Melayu OMO scumbags!

  18. stopress says:

    These are what we call gangsters in blue or samseng berbiru. I dare them to undo their uniform and melawan us 121. They are merely hiding behind their uniform and are lost in upholding democracy. In theire own words they claimed that they are upholding the law, my kaki, how much they know about the rule of law anyway. Quoting Police Act sect.26 bla bla bla, that’s all they know! What about upholding democracy?

  19. Allriffraff says:

    stopress, you are very right. deep down they are cowards led by the biggest one without b***s, fondly called inspector general of pigs

  20. Spiceygoat says:

    The police probably looking for Naif billboard stolen head at DAP Hq?? Kahkahkah! the idiots are capable of anything! Go look for baby Sharlinie or Nurin’s murderers lah! Or get videotechnicians from USA to identify the graffiti artists lah fools!

  21. budakindia says:

    When malaysia was accused of supporting tamil tigers, they quickly put the hindraf leaders in, but have never investigated the top MIC leaders who have the finance and connections for arms smuggling. People like ananda krishnan, samy vellu dll

  22. crappy says:

    PETALING JAYA, 23 May 2009: Police this evening raided the DAP national headquarters here and confiscated computer equipment, leaflets and DVDs.

    The 6.30pm raid, which was done under Section 11 of the Printing Presses and Publications Act, was carried out without a search warrant.

    After the recent ruling by the CoA in Perak matter, the law is now discretionary and the cops have ABSOLUT discretion. It can only get worse.

  23. PIG[police inspector general] says:

    The PIG Musang is angry, frustrated & retaliates as pressure mounts on him to resign as the stupidity, arrogance, selfish, biased actions by his orders on his juniors such as OCPD BARI, Perak “Gangster” coppers who vanished like copperfield’s magic.

    Nevermind, let them get angry, frustrated and anguished….as an angry man will make millions if not trillions of mistake as “mala fide” acts speak for itself.

    BAR Council you are next?

    Well I guess all Malaysians have predicted that Najis is and will always be a fanatic of MAHATHIRISM……authoritarian rule by fear.


    GOD BLESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. MadeINPerak says:

    Why double standard ah?? Apasal tak kacau MCA ..they produced so much..even the adult oriented Dr C’s.

    Ooooo…sorry wasnt aware they the MCA is the pet dogs of the THUGs…poodle, while the Guard Dogs do the dirty job just like the perak Assembly sitting.
    No wonder MCA so proud to produce thier version of DVD’s..its the UMNO guard dogs do the dirty bruttish job, while they sit with popcorns in hand & claim they are gentlemen.
    Insult Rakyat intelligence only.

  25. Lau says:

    under Msia law , police need warrant to search . Now 11 people no warrant , that must be robber, so go to report policelah ,but wait ,where is police?Oh some go to penanti , some is protecting all opposition leader,some visit lingam,some go to find submarine,some sleeping and all the head take care of big shit/big swipe/najis
    Malaysia is the top of the world

  26. Can I now believe it will be a better Malaysia, Najib?

  27. levee says:

    Najib has no time, he is busy selling to s`poreans whose secret service have the pic of him with Altantuya in Marina Square.

  28. ranger says:

    An article written by Subramaniam Bharathi

    I just watched the video of the Teratai candlelight vigil. If I consider everything there is for real, then it makes my blood boil just as with what happened all the times that Hindraf expressed their feelings or when Bersih expressed theirs.

    The Chinese citizens of this country are trying to make a point like the Indians and the middle class and poor Malays, about their dissatisfaction with the way things are run in this country. But what do they get, other poor policemen (all Malays) who have no choice but to do their jobs for a living , they have to follow orders to harass and to arrest these Chinese people – dragged along by their collars as if dogs, just as with the Indian compatriots during their expressions. This makes for a perception that it is the Malays who are under attack and the Chinese (or the Indians) who are under attack – funny isn’t it. Not at all….not at all. It makes my blood boil.

  29. Stanley says:

    After a busy week of BN crackdowns – judicial finding over Zambry as legal Perak MB, arrests at candlelight vigils, now police breakin into PR offices without warrants – I’m left with no words to say anymore.

    Read my lips …

  30. hutchrun says:


    YES 1069
    NO 20

  31. malaysai tamilan says:

    This democracy country ma..sorry la..democrazy country..!! this government can do what they like..!! polis can do without wrrants ,permit or anything..if we do that apa lagi ISA..!! tak malu punya menteri..tak malu punya ketua polis..tak malu justice at malaysia..!!

  32. sohib says:

    Thank you PDRM for being ever vigilant since 1948.
    Subversion against the Federation came and will come in different guises.
    Pacify them at the root.
    The life of the country depends on your delicate balancing of democracy and hideous subversion of democracy itself.

  33. monsterball says:

    This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever read concerrning dirty politics….unless…
    1.Checking out….who is financing DAP
    2.Which UMNO guys are on the list to cross over to DAP
    3.What messages transpired between PR parties….what are their plans.
    And the list goes on.
    That’s how fair and how sincere UMNO is..sneaking into DAP….with a raid warrant,…..yet no warrant issued at sturdy opposition moves….and they are very afraid of DAP…because MCA and Gerakan are not getting any head ways…no Chinese support…getting less and less members.
    Lets wait and see what Naif Ton Raza have to say.
    He said plenty on Zambry’s victory.
    Will his mouth be zipped up?

  34. […] Robbery @ DAP HQ !!! See DAP’s HQ video here: To me, this is a case of robbery by 11 unidentified, unknown persons. Without a search […] […]

  35. wits0 says:

    Arresting a PC is pointless unless the cops can extract the information they seek. Then they can also plant false info inside it too this way.

    There are so many ways of hiding the info in a PC ; do the cops know them all?

    Under the Multimedia Act the owner or operator of a PC must reveal the password for anything encrypted to them. But info can be encrypted without using passwords. Furthermore, in a PC used by many, there’s no telling who actually hid the info, if any. Info can also be hidden in an external server as well, so how to get at them?

    How to get at wiped info – if the user wipes all empty space and cache on his/her HDD?

    No self respecting operator/user of a PC will leave any sensitive info unhidden as is, if there is any worth hiding.

    Blardy stupid nonsense to arrest a PC. Largely intimidation, that’s all.
    Like arrested vehicles, they’ll come back part cannibalised/inoperable.

    It’ll be surely a miracle if Jed gets hers’ back in working condition.

  36. BadEgg says:

    This time we switch to RED T-shirt symbolizing violence and force take over. Probably this time BN has another color to add to their black list. As far as I know, these people wont get a chance to wear “black” tuxedo or coat anymore, lol.

  37. calvin tan says:


  38. calvin tan says:


  39. Leong Yook Kong says:

    Correct, correct, correct, this is robbery at DAP Hq. These 11 “head hunters” do not even know under what provision they are robbing. They have already resorted to lawlessness.

    The people must stand up now and say a resounding YES to defend Malaysia. Let us work together to bring lawfulness back into Malaysia.

  40. another x10 308 will coming soon ,and very soon believe or not ?

  41. Kam says:

    aljubri is menj = umno racist. what’s the point of listening to him.

    this is a blatant over-run of basic rights. malaysia is certainly transcending to zimbabwe and burma very soon.

  42. rakyat says:

    if tis is the situation that continue to be, it’s actually giv PR more momentums and provoked more rakyat’s anger towards them.

    BN just not smart enuf to evolve and realize that in the IT era, they hv lost more n more younger generations’s heart. Tat ll spell dooms for them eventually, no doubt!

  43. ktteokt says:

    Robbery at DAP HQ? Quick call the POLICE! But isn’t it the police themselves who robbed? Then who to call?????

  44. Menyalak-er says:

    There is marked escalation of dirty tactics, legal or extralegal due to desperation. The henchmen of dear cousin, whose level of professionalism has descended to prehistoric methods.
    No time in the past was there such trespassing @ any national political party’s HQ!
    Yeah, PM for the people, 1Malaysia, ISA selective release, pengganti Penanti ad nauseum…
    All they are managing to do is Ops Kutu – picking at their own lice!

  45. Mat Ngeow says:

    Yo! Somebody’s right! We, gangsters and robbers also deserve a salary like the polis. But that guy who suggested this must prove his sincerity by revealing to us his address…then we’ll collect payment from him by ransacking his home and molesing the family’s womenfolks. Shiok lah, this country is going to pieces!

  46. Menyalak-er says:

    “…Then who to call????” ktteokt.
    Guru Ji! Sami of TTLE! Vincent of Hee! Than Schwe! S.Milosevic!

  47. Morning Dew says:

    Police have a duty to serve and protect. In malaysia this seem to mean to serve and protect their political master. Police more than any other enforcement agent must follow due process of the law. This is to prevent the arbitrary excersise of those powers given to them. One very important requirement is that they be properly identified in carrying out their duties. The officers in the video do not have proper identification. They could easily have been from the neighbourhood gangster(nowadays the distinction is really less obvious).

    Look again at the video where the OCPD came out barking the order “tangkap,tangkap,tangkap”. There was no proper identification and if this is shown to a foreigner it could easily have been a movie clip of a person coming out from a nut house.

    While identifying themselves is important it is also important for bloggers such as susan to identify the few mercenary posters that seem to infest quite a few of such blogs after najib took over. It seems he is bent on winning the blog “war”.

    Few I could identify off hand on this blog would be cantilever and aljuburi. There is also another thread where a few of them talked amongst themselves in running down DSAI. I won’t be surprise if they are the same person – check their IP if your blog server allow you to do so. They can hide behind different emails but their IP will not change.

  48. kittykat46 says:

    If the police try to dig through a PC, and the person has taken reasonable steps not to make things too easy for them (e.g. non-obvious Folder and File Names), it can be very difficult to find whatever they are looking for.
    I don’t think they are going to find any Powerpoint file named “Civil Disobedience Plan for Perak”… hahahaha….

    The police action in seizing the the PCs are more intimidatory tactics than anything else. The work in the affected office grinds to a halt, and by the time the PC comes back it may no longer be in working condition, or key files may be missing.
    Eg. somebody deliberately deletes or corrupts a critical operating system file from your Windows XT folder, you may have to reinstall your whole system. It can be hell of a difficult to trace through exactly what has gone wrong, even for a very skilled software person. You just know something is wrong, but can be very difficult to figure out why…

    I wouldn’t discount the possibility of these Polis-UMNO thugs may even plant manufactured “evidence” in the hard disk.

  49. ask:why he select to suicide?

  50. danet7882 says:

    i’m lost of words.. but i’ll know who to vote in the next GE…

  51. bee yong says:

    Do you believe in Divination?
    RAHMAN has 6 letters with 6 periods.
    I CHING Divination mentioned that the 1st, 3rd and 5th represent Yang energy while the 2nd, 4th and 6th represent Yin energy.
    Therefore during the period of 2nd, 4th and 6th they are enveloped with negative Yin energy.
    We are now at the 6th period where there will be a lot of stealing, raping, murdering acts of evil.
    However there is also another Law of Divination, i.e. the Law of “Reap What You Sow”, which applies to everyone, lay people, lawyer, judge, police, Aduns, MPs, leaders, emperors, etc.
    BEWARE…you are warned….See all of you in HELL.

  52. jungle boy says:

    Aiya! sloone! Apa you ini? This land is now under 1polisMalaysia, so polis rules lah.

    Where got meaning to get a warrant to enter a dap house? The polisputrkis are alright and so so in this just to take a few black t-shirts.

  53. jungle boy says:

    Next time, the polisputrakis will r**e the old eunuch and dil, then set ablaze the h1n1 infested dap headquarters.

    That is the warrant says, next time..

  54. jungle boy says:

    So old dap eunuch better take the next rocket flight balik tomsan before his behind open more flowers.

    Just can’t stand seeing this f*&^ingold eunuch’s face anymore – after more than 50+ years.

  55. jungle boy says:

    The perakians are now enjoying being mained their belakangs by this old useless fu*&*ng dap rocket eunuch!

    If you want a parliament level of relief, go find this potent old dap eunuch!

    If you want a state level relief, can also find this old potent eunuch, but bring a tablet of Viagra, it’s a free service provided by this old potent dap useless farking eunuch!

  56. jungle boy says:

    If you want a full course massage, can go and find this mad old dap eunuch’s wife, dil or mother.

  57. jungle boy says:

    But please don’t forget to bring your own Dulux and omega lube, especially the dil needs more omega lux!

    The service is provided by this old eunuch for voting this old eunuch. Please vote dap old eunuch again come 13 GE.

  58. jungle boy says:

    And the massage service continues exclusively by dap.

    This time with polis permits! Cos the polisputras are welcome here and bet the polisputras will not arrest the old eunuch’s wife, dil and mother for providing free massage service fot the perakians.

    After all, this massage service by this old eunucg’s wife, dil and mother has been approved by the perak state adun, with the consent of the perak suctan!

  59. monsterball says:

    hahahahaha ….another jungle boy read and gone crazy.

  60. monsterball says:

    Actually sound like the one with no balls…..changing nick!!

  61. jungle boy says:

    But monsterball has to be weary his belakang from AI while doing the job!

  62. aca says:


    police above the law?

    if mahatirism is dictatorship, najibism appears to be even worse;more like Burma junta now.

  63. monsterball says:

    Now jungle boy threatening me.
    Reminds me…”Me Tarzan….you boy”….Johnny Weissmuller said to his naughty son.
    And I say…to jungle boy….bring on the “AI”…..whoever it is.
    Stop talking nonsense.

  64. wits0 says:

    So effective Op Tangkap, tangkap, tangkap! (no warrant necessary!)

  65. Gon To Lou says:

    They are not POLIS or POLICE, Malaysian police should be called FOOLISH, a suitable name for em.
    Fulis Di Raja Malaysia.

  66. wa wa says:

    its only further proven the country is now ruled by BN and najib is far more worse, ditactorship and serius wisdom lacking.
    its worse than DR M the mahafiaun!

    these people not even distorted the past people history of malaysia in etxt books
    even trying to make themselves to be the “last emperor”-dynasty of malaysia! very good, it seems their funeral time soon with all these even agreesion, it only making the voters hate you.
    matter of time….we all will bury this last dynasty of the evil forces.:-0

    cheers cheers for more oppression!:-)

    wa wa

  67. aljuburi says:

    All pakatan ofis must be shut down. This IGP must be sacked, idiot cannot even locate RPK. Put som1 who will put all this pakatan in jail. Najib is best ruler for m`sia – Agung says so.

    Opposition is derhaka to Agung.

  68. aljuburi says:

    The officers in the video do not have proper identification. They could easily have been from the neighbourhood gangster(nowadays the distinction is really less obvious). – Morning Dew

    VERY SEDITIOUS COMMENT. Next time IGP must consult morning dew every morning before working.

  69. jungle boy says:

    This bn putras are cowards without monsterballs.

    It’s an anti climax! Guess ai and pr will not have orgasm this time in Penanti after the declaration of vote counting.

  70. Pegasus says:

    Yes,aljuburi..IGP has to consult Morning dew every morning,day and night ..coz..he has lost his head..!! ..the IGP has got his priorities wrong..he should just resign and join umno!! crime rate has gone up and his force has the time to arrest candle holders ,those wearing black t-shirts and peace loving citizens!!!

    why close all pakatan ofis? your brains in jubur? Wake up s-hole!

  71. storm62 says:

    tahniah PDRM, 11 anggota polis berjaya menahan set komputer dari HQ DAP….congratulations.

    thats why those snatch theives, robbers and rapist are so busy committing their crimes everyday…while the police will be sent by truck loads to arrest innocent people holding peaceful candle light vigils.

    PDRM = Pondans Dera Rakyat Malaysian.

  72. blindmice says:

    “There has to be a war tribunal in Sri Lanka to bring those people who perpetrated crimes against the Tamil community in their war against the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE),” Vellu said in a statement.
    How much more proof do AG & IGP need of MIC support of terrorists. Samy Vellu MUST be ISA & sent to kamunting immediately. Today his party clandestinely organised a illegal gathering of 3,000 in Batu Caves.


    Gangsters, criminals, snatch thieves, rapists, robbers, murderers, mat rempits etc are everywhere, people lives are in danger, but where are these people?

    Busy arresting those in BLACK?

    Busy arresting those in Candlelight Vigil?

    Busy raiding political parties’s HQ without warrant?

    Are these the best these flurs can do?

  74. wits0 says:

    “..but where are these people?”

    Easier job mah, than arresting dangerous criminals. No hazards. Fills the expected quota and better chance of promotions.

  75. wits0 says:

    Police justify raiding DAP HQ
    ““Speed was of the essence and the raid had to be carried out during the weekend when the court is not in session,’’ he said.”
    Izzat so?!

    So what’s preventing the cops to approach a magistrate or judge to listen to something “of such grave national interests”, after working hours or weekends?

    In many parts of gomen services, staffs have to or can be be called up for duties 24 hours a day, seven days a week, under the exigency of service thingy. And how long does it take to ‘disturb’ a magistrate/judge to issue such a warrant of such great importance after office hours?

  76. Morning Dew says:

    aljubri threatened :

    –VERY SEDITIOUS COMMENT. Next time IGP must consult morning dew –every morning before working.

    If what I had said was seditious then every report of police misdemeanour could similarly be classified. Almost every post on the internet that had spoken negatively of the police can be classified as seditious. Sedition was an archaic law that was and still is used to stifle dissent or anything that the ruling establishment finds uncomfortable. I have reason to believe now that you are really a crogmanon caught in a time-warp.

    I have some other nasties I could hurl at you but in consideration for our host, susan, I will play nice 8-).

    **** post note *** Actually the police themselves are doing a great job of discrediting themselves. Don’t need much help from the rakyat.

  77. Morning Dew says:

    To be fair, this has to be said. The police has now clarified that no warrant was needed as Ooi herself led the police there. Ooi opened the doors to the office.

    This should be a reminder to all of us that if we were ever caught by the police we should consult a lawyer before offering any assistance. The police could just be on a fishing expedition without any real proof.

  78. Menyalak-er says:

    Shall we say then that this ‘misadventure’ of PDRM is a crime of passion? A folly of disingenuity? In this snafu, their motto is absolutely rubbished.
    I’m sure there’s much more to come, for stupidity breeds incompetence.

  79. good job polis for raiding dap ofis. who knows their pc stored information on the revival of cpm since their leaders and members admire that party and cp so so much. the perak fiasco oledi show they actively want to throw the country into chaos and turbulent as what cpm did long time ago!

    hope did uncover evidence to expose such connection and put all the members to isa (and court martial too).

  80. زد says:

    what a nonsense acts by Police nowadays. To me, they seems act above the law. They can use whatever acts they like, same to our judges, by intepreting the law by their interest.

    Police is now always cracking down PR, and serve as bodyguard to BN but not for rakyat.

    What’s wrong PR to express the dissatisfaction to the goverment? What’s wrong with the peaceful candle vigil and wearing black shirt to protest. What’s wrong DAP’s computer has document that critic the goverment. Are you saying our goverment cannot be protested and critic with peaceful behaviour? Look like police is making our nation into police state.

  81. “Police is now always cracking down PR, and serve as bodyguard to BN but not for rakyat. ”

    “What’s wrong PR to express the dissatisfaction to the goverment? What’s wrong with the peaceful candle vigil and wearing black shirt to protest. What’s wrong DAP’s computer has document that critic the goverment. Are you saying our goverment cannot be protested and critic with peaceful behaviour? Look like police is making our nation into police state.”

    kan rakyat yang pilih bn, so why say polis is not bodyguard to rakyat as to bn.

    it is very wrong to have dap to keep information and plan to throw the country into turbulence you know. nowadays rakyat cari makan pun susah, why dap wants to create fuss. why these teratai dap wants to stage protes to state they don represent! peaceful protest ? you ppl never see how hindraf they put kl to traffic jam and damaging the property. the sight of the mass rally scared off passerby and tourists too. i say these protesters should be put to concentration camp and force labor to build highway and raiway and skycrapper for cutting cost and less relying on foreign labors, at least such punishment would really have them contributing to the country……

  82. wits0 says:

    “Almost every post on the internet that had spoken negatively of the police can be classified as seditious.”

    Def. of sedition:
    “An illegal action inciting resistance to lawful authority and tending to cause the disruption or overthrow of the government”

    It presumes that the government is Divinely ordained rather than one elected by the people(even within a token Democracy).
    In Beneath the Planet of the Apes where the surviving mutants pile praises on their Godlike doomsday bomb in their “church”?

  83. storm62 says:

    PDRM = Perompak Duit Rakyat Malaysia.

    gaji = berapa?

    bini = berapa?

    anak = berapa?

    kereta = ada berapa biji?

    rumah = besar2

    duit = mana mali mia?

  84. jungle boy says:

    These polisputras deriving from the kampongs are getting blatantly daring in committing crimes in the cities simply because they are rewarded by committing crimes.

    These change of attitude from good to bad is chiefly due to this Indian Mahakutty from Kelara.

  85. jungle boy says:

    If we lock up this Indian Mamak from Kelara, all this polisputras from the kampongs will think twice before committing any blatant crimes.

    These polisputras from the kampong must be reminded that all their wrong doings will be recorded in videos and when there is a change of government to the just, all these criminal polisputras from the kampong will be charged retrospectively.

  86. jungle boy says:

    But first thing first, if the rakyat acquiesce in the crimes this Indian Mahakutty from Kerala have been committed and is not locked up in jail for his twilight zone, all these kampong polisputras will continue committing all those heinous crimes in spree.

    If the rakyat does not focus in putting this Mahakutty into jail, there is no peace and fun living in Malaysia and the rakyat is just not equivalent to a human being.. just keep toking cokcok and think they are smart with lots of fantastic idea posting in the Internet- in Malaysiakina & Malaysia-Today.. porahhh..

  87. jungle boy says:

    The root of the problem is this Mahakutty… if this Mahakutty is not locked up in jail. better shut the fark up and don’t waste the satellite’s energy.

    But this Mamak Keling is still laughing all the way the the banks with the rakyat’s money.. riding thorough bled horses, flying overseas super premium class, living in expensive resort homes overseas and locally, devouring special caviars, lobsters, delicacies…all at the expenses of the rakyat…

    ..and he uses polisputras to hamtan the rakyat…

  88. jungle boy says:

    There is no future for our children as Malaysia will be akin to Zimbabwe where murders, rapes, robbing, stealing… are just a cup of tea.

    Do we and our children want to live in such a milieu? No?

    Then this Indian man from Kelera must must must be locked up in jail for good, period!

  89. Menyalak-er says:

    Circular thinking jungle boy, most of us knew this a long time ago.
    You seem to be taking a lot of space in cyberspace yourself – u out of work ex-tingkat 4?

  90. The chief minister of Sarawak Taib Mahmud is the most corrupted chief minister that ever walked our motherland Malaysia.
    Every Chinese New Year he would visit all the big towkays in Sarawak.He would use his official jet plane to fly up and down the State.All the big towkays have to give him Ang Pows in boxes worth millions of ringgit.After that he would let them commit crimes like stealing timber,smuggling of china goods,china dolls and processing of drugs.He would also let them run illegal 4 digits and football gambling.All the other criminals pay money to this White Hair.During operation kenyalang 20,000 gangsters were caught.He used his influence to get them released.Lee Long dead sentence for kidnapping was canceled.He is laughing as a the whole law enforcement system
    Can the AG tell all of us Why? Why? Why?
    When the big businessman cum chief minister wants to buy over RH Bank and SESCO,he went to all the towkay for advice.They lend him more than USDs 10 billion for him.Is he going to pay back the loan ? No,No, No,
    Ting Pek Khing cut down all the trees in Bakun and sold them overseas.He did not pay the Sarawak State treasury a single cent.That is the way the CM pays back thebig towkays of crime.I let you rap everything in Sarawak

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