I didn’t say this. NIEI did. That’s short for the National Institue for Electoral Integrity.

Blogger BLACK, who is the executive director of that outfit, alerted me to their just uploaded press statement on the PENANTI nomination day.

They say that:

The situation were different from the previous by-election (Permatang Pauh, Kuala Terengganu, Bukit Gantang and Bukit Selambau) There has been no chanting or shouting nor cheerleaders and there was no ‘war’ of flags for the candidates during the nomination process.

Police presents was seen less this time too. Only a few traffic police personnel was deployed at some junction of the road to handle the traffic. Roadblocks was not set up by the police in Penanti or the wider area of Permatang Pauh.

Only two units of police truck with 12 officers armed with tear gas rifle was deployed outside of the nomination hall.

Please read more at their website HERE.

Heyhey! Aren’t you guys going to miss all the fun?

Perhaps, there’ll be some fun because one of the candidates, Aminah Abdullah is already promising to bare all that she’s been bribed by PKR not to contest!

What has PKR got to say to this?


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  1. Kancilandak says:

    Luck is turn for BN oredy. Pkr lost Perak and Dap office raid. Pkr will get shock when BN make cool win in Penanti.

  2. rainstorm says:

    Perhaps less fun without BN coz’ no more ang pows to be given away in order to “buy” votes….

  3. ACAB says:

    The independant ones are umno proxies. If they win they will join umno, if not umno will cover their expenses.

  4. kittykat46 says:

    My friend who was there at the nomination remarked “I guess that proves the point we can have a civilised democracy in Malyasia if not for BN”…..yes, I agree..

  5. umno_man says:

    Pray tell us then, is it logical to say that in Penanti, among the 70% Malay voters, there are no UMNO supporters? And if UMNO, by choosing to stay away from Penanti, creates this perception that it is abandoning its amour propre, why should it expect the Malays in Penanti and Malays elsewhere to humour UMNO by insisting, UMNO still has the principle of its very raison detre for existence still burning? It is as though, UMNO is abandoning its own legitimacy.

    And because of that UMNO still expects Malays to rally behind the party when it is shooting itself in the foot?

    On this reason alone, people will steer away from UMNO because it has lost its own self respect. Or even worse, it has lost its will to live.


  6. kittykat46 says:

    Fuc*ing police raided DAP office in PJ “looking for documents related to the candlelight vigil on Thursday night.”
    I’m just da*ned sore with the police.

    Article 10 of the Constitution of Malaysia says

    (1) Subject to Clauses (2), (3) and (4) –

    (a) every citizen has the right to freedom of speech and expression;
    (b) all citizens have the right to assemble peaceably and without arms;
    (c) all citizens have the right to form associations.

    (2) Parliament may by law impose –
    (b) on the right conferred by paragraph (b) of Clause (1), such restrictions as it deems necessary or expedient in the interest of the security of the Federation or any part thereof, or public order

    We started off with a World-class Constitution in 1957, but UMNO and the UMNO-police have sh*t on it in the last 50 years.

    A fair-minded reading of the Constitution basically says – “Everybody has the right to peaceful assembly, unless you start burning cars, smashing windows or threatening other people”.

    I don’t know how we ended up with “Nobody has the right to peaceful assembly unless the police say so”, which is the situation in the country today – even candle light vigils become an arrestable offense – WTF.

    I’m so very, very, very sorry, People like me have been just as guilty by voting Barisan Najis without fail all these years….

  7. Ah Lim says:

    I wish to commend on Zamry’s commend made asking PKR not to minipulate matters further. I pity the people of Perak having to live with this fool Menteri Besar for the next 4-5 years if the last appeal in federal court is still unsuccesful.

    Who is the one manipulating matters ? Do you think the people of Perak are 3 year olds that can be taken for a ride ?

    Who were the ones that were responsible for paying Hee the RM 25 Million to betray DAP ? BN.
    Who were the ones that was responsibles for holding the Sultan of Perak by the balls ? BN.

    I like the millions of perakians just can’t wait to topple BN kow kow in the next election. No doubt about it. For those current BN supporters, better make as much money as you can cause in 4-5 years time you can forget about it.
    BN=Bagaikan Najis.

  8. bong says:

    Ah Lim: Do you think the people of Perak are 3 year olds that can be taken for a ride ?

    Dont play play with that mamamuck, they own umno and the malays. Never forget the circus trainer kutty – malays are their toys

  9. calm? says:


  10. calm? says:

    hmmm calm before the storm

  11. riiinnnng says:

    Anyone feeling depressed has been advised to contact Befrienders at 03-7956 8144/5.

  12. limpek says:

    No campaign ,no chanting, no hoo haa.

    Why not play some oldies on that day and make it feel like kind of nostalgia garden party.

  13. wandererAUS says:

    In Penanti more than 72% are malay electorates. UMNO claimed they still have strong support from the malay voters…then, why chicken out!
    Najif tong rosak, you simply do not have the marbles…be a man and take on the challenge.
    Was that the reason why you have to use underhand tactics to unconstitutionally take over the Perak State gomen…hey C4, it is a hallow victory…only a equally thick skinned black c##t has the cheek to show his face as an unwelcome belakan pintu mb.

  14. hahaha! says:

    Again the malays are made suckers in Penanti…no RED Ang Pows! In Permatang Puah by election, the Chinese and the Indians were stuffed with red packets by UMNO’s agent, the MCA Dogs!
    What a shame, UMNO abandoning her own….

  15. Cederash says:

    не уверена что это так) хотя спасиб

  16. monsterball says:

    Naif Ton Raza is not People’s PM.
    He is a low class insincere hypocrite.trying to out do Dollah and copy hi god father… the devil reincarnated.
    But the devil have balls…got mad he chickened out…because UMNO BARU I supposed to be protecting the Malay race and more than 72% Muslim voters…chickening out means admitting Malays do not support UMNO BARU.
    First clear sign UMNO BARU is heading to the Tong Sampah.
    People’s Power sees no race. Umno Baru is rubbish.
    Lack of police and no rowdy people..also prove the said rowdy people causing trouble and shouting insults….stats from UMNO BARU.
    It also proves the police absence in large numbers now .. is protecting UMNO BARU gangsters….not the public.

  17. UMNO abandons its supporters, mostly Malays, in Penanti.

    Will the supporters throw their votes to PR candididate or independent candidates? Or, they will not vote at all?

    Only the result will tell.

    The only thing that is sure is UMNO’s image as a nationalist party which, so it claims, struggles for the Malaysia is now in the drain.

  18. calvin tan says:

    beeend should open their eyes n look hard at themselves who r
    the real cause trouble n emotions during prk`s. with bn out-of-sight prk`s conducted itself cool n calm,police, ec relax.see so good.GOD BLESS PKR WIN BIG.

  19. 104East says:

    Bn is trying to have a win-all situation. If pr wins, bn loses nothing. If pr loses, i bet the independent winner will declare support for bn. So both ways, bn wins. Lets see what their spin is if independent wins and declares support for bn.

  20. Leong Yook Kong says:

    The situation is tense when BeEnd contests. You know the reason why?

  21. wandererAUS says:

    It is about time, Malaysians irrespective of their political alignment should ignore Independent candidates…. if they do no have geniune issues that will better the communities.
    Please do get me wrong, I do respect strongly and a believer of democracy …only, against opportunists from making some bucks from their rich sponsors!

  22. monsterball says:

    UMNO is hoping the few Independent candidates will win substantial votes….then they have plenty to say.
    These UMNO buggers voted in…spend 90% of the time..never to serve the country….but non stop promoting UMNO.
    After 53 years….still protecting party.. and promoting race and religion politic……are clear signs of guilty conscience….corrupted to the core.
    They have no other choice. They need to ganged up…to avoid loosing …being hurled to court for corruptions and murder cases.
    Do or die..are so clear signs….trying so hard…to irritate oppositions to take to the streets…then Emergency Ruler….all problems solved.
    Corrupted police high ranking officers plus few judges have lots to loose. Royalties??…you go ad conclude.
    And these are clear racialists too??
    You mean Naif Ton Raza…declaring. “1 Malaysia” and want to be “People’s PM”…does not know all these? Sure he does. He is first to know. He is the mastermind….trying low class.. acting performances…killing two birds with one stone stunt…keep .fooling Malaysians.
    IQ not so good…got Godfather feeling shameful ..who is already gone case…yet showed off how influential he can be.
    Yip!! So influential..showed his face at two by-elections..both lost to PR. If he is a Japanese…he would have commit hari kiri….but UMNO Melayus have onion faces.
    That is also why education system ..under UMNO..must not go forward.
    Hishammuddin…our Min of Home Affairs..is finest UMNO example of a big mouth …talk big..with no brain.
    What did he do a Youth Chief?..nothing..just big mouth waving keris to fight imaginary hantus.
    Min Of Education…nothing….keep acting..visiting schools..be with school children… but dare not respond to the important subject of English language for Maths and Science.
    Rias Yatim?…why that nobody insulted UMNO …now hero worship it?
    This is another nobody..trying to be somebody…and UMNO is desperate….no more good candidates…so idiots are put as ministers.

  23. ktteokt says:

    Hisham looked like an UNCIVILIZED, mad, SAKAI! And he thinks he is doing very well by his facial expressions. This is especially the his facial expression in the photo where he held up the kris at the UMNO youth opening years ago!

  24. Morning Dew says:


    This was the provision that took away all our rights to free speech.

    “(2) Parliament may by law impose –
    (b) on the right conferred by paragraph (b) of Clause (1), such restrictions as it deems necessary or expedient in the interest of the security of the Federation or any part thereof, or public order”

    OSA, Printing Presses and Publications Act 1984 and a whole list of other acts created after our independence were the result of this provision. If we have to lay blame on anyone we can only blame our parents who had given the BN overwhelming mandate for close to 50 years.

    It is perhaps time for some creative deconstruction so that the sins of the forefathers will not be visited upon their children. So we must remember and remember well so that we will recollect everything come next general election.

    If anyone has any wish to circulate any flyers, don’t distribute it in public. When you give it to friends and family then you are not violating the act*. They can then in turn give it to their friends and family. The multiplying effect is tremendous.

    * Caveat – I am only a loyar burok 8-). Perhaps some good loyar could give proper advice.

  25. Morning Dew says:


    You may also want to look at this :


  26. danet7882 says:

    Lol susan… it’s seems that UMNO LAPDOG are watching over ur website.. 🙂

    They wanna make sure they are the first to make a comment!!


  27. bee yong says:

    In Penanti they postponed annoucement, they held meeting with lap dogs and finally admit defeat – they do not want to fall into the trap of PR or they are afraid of the Penangites or they can’t find a ‘fall guy’.
    Now in Kelantan, they annouced they will contest, no meeting with lapdogs required – it was fated or they are not afraid of Kelantanese or they have a ready fall guy.
    In Perak, if PR has to lose it by their evil mean and if I am an Adun, I will resign and trigger by-election. The stake is much more higher now and we wait for their decision. Keep on this pressure until GE13. GE13 is much more important than the loss of Perak illegally. I hope the PR Aduns will follow my sacrifice….One Step backward, Two steps forward.

  28. avon says:

    Let’s hope and pray that the next Adun/MP to die WILL COME FROM the UMNO/BN and then see how they will react to contesting the impending by-elections. Right now Najib is shitting in his pants each time a by-election crops up because he knows UMNO/BN will simply lose. His excuse for UMNO staying away from Penanti is not to waste public funds and not to play “games with PKR, and everyone knows he is lying! Let’s hope that the next by-elections would be in Perak where the 3 frogs – Hee, Jamaluddin and Osman – will die one by one, or better still altogether.Then Najis and EC will have to have by-elections whether they like it or not. The Perak people will know how to deal with the UMNO/BN in the by-elections.

  29. Kancilandak says:

    Monsterball suggest Emergency Ruler, good idea! Maybe that the good to shut up the trouble maker Oppoisition.

  30. monsterball says:

    I wish Melaka voters wake up and have guts like before.
    The voters were so similar to Penang.
    I know Malacca people….but most are in the teaching professions and clerical workers….all under UMNO….may have turned to be selfish and contented..afraid to loose their jobs…if caught voting for PR.
    However….the last 12th GE did show signs…they are going back to support DAP…ever so unselfish .. brave and righteous….like before.

  31. monsterball says:

    Only idiots say I suggested Emergency Rule.
    Cannot read messages properly..want to talk nonsense.

  32. K1 says:

    all independent candidates represent umno…umno keep saying penanti election is caused by PKR themsleves so they did not want to participate. But when annuar’s wife quit permantang pauh for the seat which belong to annuar ibrahim, the umno ass hole what a fight.

  33. monsterball says:

    Yes K1..You got is right.
    UMNO will say all the most silly things to cover their arses.
    Kelantan….must contest…as in Kelantan..always close results between UMNO and PAS.
    And PAS is presently having internal problems …with their leaders fighting for positions in their said party.
    But I am sure Nik..the driving force will unite PAS members to win.
    In Penang…lan par they can win.

  34. JIm says:

    Less money for the voters now that UMNO is not taking part

  35. Limso says:

    The commends received from each posting has a clear indication of how much hatred the people have towards BN. NTR, wishing you a torturous time ahead as PM.

  36. dev says:

    Dear Kancilandak,

    We know that you support the current regime, if it is a regime that talks about 1Malaysia, then why are non-Malay students who do well in public exams not given scholarships for overseas study? It is very easy dear friend, if you don’t want an opposition, please don’t declare ourselves as a democracy. Just rule from father to son and so on. Just do away with elections. All the 222 seats will be yours. It will be easier for the police too.

  37. tun says:

    Dev, just ignor that kencinglandak…brain-retarded.

  38. aljuburi says:

    NTR (Naif Ton Rasa) Dance……..HILARIOUS !!!!
    Pakatan should screen this at every ceramah starting with Penanti

  39. budakindia says:

    Video by aljuburi 7.25 pm is on Tamil Nad, India and will be popular with indian crowds:

    Black shirt (first song) – NTR (Nandamuri Taraka Ramarao, ex-CM)
    Red Shirt — ANR (Akkineni Nageswara rao)
    Yellow shirt – Super star Krishna (Which i enjoyed a lot)
    Last – R Narayana Murthi ( actor,director – mostly social msg movies )

  40. Kancilandak says:

    Dear Dev, I not say all 222 seat we want. I say the oppoisition must do it job like fighting for the non-malay student no scholaship, the ekonomi and equal place for non malay in govt job and so many other issue. Look, the not stable politik is going down the ekonomi! But the oppoisition doing what? they blame sinless PM and wife about some prostidue murder and no finish politiking use fitnah, the country not stable. As Malaysian you happy? Also many not happy, my friend.

  41. Kancilandak says:

    Tell me, my freinds, did any one time after 12 election Anwar or Kit Siang or any oppoision body bring delegate to meet Pak Lah or Najib to discuss they issue? No. They want to take over only how many seat at what time. How? Condem evrybody, bluff the rakyat, destroy image. This what opoistion do. How many time you heard oppoision delegate meet PM discuss of the poor people not only indian or chinese or malay problem. Dont ceramah here ceramah there. Go meet face to face and ask!

  42. storm62 says:

    Luck is turn for BN oredy. Pkr lost Perak and Dap office raid. Pkr will get shock when BN make cool win in Penanti.

    Kancilandak – May 23, 2009 at 10:03 pm

    wei kancilancau, you mean to say BN is using the 3 independent candidates as their proxy, so that BN/umno doeas not lose face even if they lose? how stupid of you?

    Penanti is more peaceful and calm, without UMNO there.

  43. storm62 says:

    suasana diPenanti pada hari penamaan calon amat tenang, aman dan harmoni tanpa UMNO….kah kah kah…kah kah kah.

    ini JELAS menunjukan bahawa UMNO adalah pembawa kerusuhan dan kekacauan diNegara ini…..hapuskan puak bn/umno yg zalim, kejam dan penuh dgn skandal2 sex, rasuah dan penipuan.

  44. nadi says:

    Before coming to Penanti for nomination day we were of the consensus that PR machinery was well-oiled and raring to go, and probably they can manage comfortably since nemisis UMNO was a no-show.

    That of course is another popycock perception. The Independents are well-funded and my cock-eyed perception is that they want PR to be conmplacent. Don’t be sjurprised UMNO will spring some surprises, sources close to UMNO whispered to the Duke.


  45. nadi says:

    Before coming to Penanti for nomination day we were of the consensus that PR machinery was well-oiled and raring to go, and probably they can manage comfortably since nemisis UMNO was a no-show.

    That of course is another popyc*ck perception. The Independents are well-funded and my c*ck-eyed perception is that they want PR to be conmplacent. Don’t be sjurprised UMNO will spring some surprises, sources close to UMNO whispered to the Duke.


  46. imwatchinu says:

    Not surprising. The gangsters and troublemakers and police machais from the BN are absent. It goes to show they are the ones who always cause mischiefs and blame it on the opposition. This tranquility and peaceful existence will prevail in the country once we kick the BN morons out.

  47. duasen says:

    I am confused by Najis reasoning that on one hand he’s talking about principle in not contesting in Penanti.
    However, it’s ok to accept three frogs, two charged with corruption (one who even confessed equating accepting prostitute to sedekah), just to rule a state!

  48. blindmice says:

    Umno turun ke Penanti:

    Umno takut untuk kalah namun masih nak tunjuk gah…. Semalam Pemuda Umno Malaysia turun ke Penanti untuk membuat program penerangan. Lokasi sekitar ‘Lubuk Meriam’ dengan barisan penceramah ‘hebatnya’ seperti Lokman Adam.

    Tajuk ceramah semalam semata – mata membelasah parti keADILan dan Anwar Ibrahim. Bermacam macam cerita fithnah tanpa fakta dihamburkan. Paling lucu menurut Lokman “Pemuda Umno jangan cepat rasa kecil, kita mesti bangga kerana Pemuda Keadilan nampak hebat kerana di barisi oleh bekas pemuda Umno yang dididik dengan hebat”….


  49. blindmice says:

    PENANTI, 24 May 2009: Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) strategic director
    Report bribe allegation to MACC: Tian Chua
    24 May 09 : 1.20PM

    Tian Chua challenged the Penanti state by-election contenders accusing the party of bribing them to report to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) and Election Commission.

    “When it comes to any wrongdoing on the part of Pakatan Rakyat (PR), I’m sure these two bodies will be very swift to investigate and act,” he said at a press conference.

    When asked if he was referring specifically to allegations made by independent candidate Aminah Abdullah, Chua said, “This is a categorical denial, both to Aminah and to any future accuser.”

  50. Ferinannnd says:

    прочитал с большим интересом — очень очень понравилось

  51. raven says:

    Dont you just love the way…the BN parties make a fool of themselves….Najib the murderer….Koh Tsu Koon the KPI man with nothing to KPI…..Vellu the robber, Mca with pornography and now PPP with two Kings and no seats…..what a laugh….the world is laughing so loud…these morons are still dont know what clowns they have become…..better have GE tomorrow……BN has crumbled so much…the country is ungovernable….

  52. I-4-C says:

    Ok lah. Let that Si Penanti alias Arse Banger takes Penanti lah. After all, the mainstay of economic activity there is selling Sodo Mee hehe. Bet his propaganda blogger in Brisbane is likewise selling Sodo Mee by day and blogging by night !!!

  53. I-4-C says:

    I am totally surprised that Malaysiakini would call RPK having the “spirit of the Malaysian Tiger” when he turned fugitive instead of using the courtroom as a platform for the world to see him exonerate himself. More like having the “spirit of the Paper Tiger” lol

  54. U C4 me says:

    “A spokeswoman for Sodomee™ said: “It is just a coincidence. We are revitalizing some of the products and Sodomee™ happens to be one of them”.

    “We however, will not deny that we hope to get free advertising on the airwaves again. Many of our pretty newscasters mispronounced the OTHER word as So-doh-me, thus giving us free mileage previously”.

    Asked if the product will stick this time, she explained: “The original recipe is being updated. Although some of the old staff are still around, we have a new chef heading product development this time”.

    The latest relaunch of Sodo Mee, includes three unique flavours.

    1. Spicy Hot Mongolian (that’s the favourite!)
    2. Pungent Mongolian
    3. Sweet sour Mongolian Sauce

  55. زد says:

    My friend who was there at the nomination remarked “I guess that proves the point we can have a civilised democracy in Malyasia if not for BN”…..yes, I agree..

  56. Limso says:

    Kancillandak & I-4-C , Looks like both of you are the only silly ones to be supporting the Baga Najis =BN Regime. What’s in it for you guys ? A Najis Party let by Najis PM.

    Whole world laughing at Malaysia for having a murderer as PM. A PM that spend millions of taxpayers money to creat controversy in Perak and regain control with dirty tactics. 1Malaysia konon.

    Are 2 of you that silly to realize what is actually going on ? Fellow opposition supporters, we may loose the battle for this round but not the war. Let’s see what happen in 4 years time. Strategy in the next election : Collect whatever “Ang Pow” given out by BN & then vote for opposition. Time to screw BN big time.

  57. I-4-C says:

    Where did that Sodomite get his funds for winning corrupt ones to join him? Didnt some undercover CIA posing as Syrian businessmen gave him tons of US dollars back in 1998? Their conversations were taped by undercover CID posing as mee goreng and nasi lemak sellers hehe

  58. krokodil says:

    Hi, simpleton (anak ton rasa juga) I-4-C you just shited house huh.
    Which corrupt ones joined him, and why hasn`t the Govt. done anything about it?

    “Their conversations were taped by undercover CID posing as mee goreng and nasi lemak sellers hehe”

    That would be your family of simpletons and you their 3rd class partying advisor kekeke

  59. I-4-C says:

    The truth is too hard to swallow huh Krokodil aka Moron Crocodile

  60. krokodil says:

    I-4-C – & other 3rd class partying simpletons Bodowi, Naif Ton Rasa & Tourism
    Malaysia s*x trade reaping RM3 billion in 2008

  61. krokodil says:

    kekeke 3rd class partying I-4-C – I said you are the self admitting simpleton aspiring moron-hood and you strive earnestly to prove it. You have identified/proven yourself as a simpleton. Even called yurself one, then tried to wriggle ut of your own confession. Liars and thhieves tendencies.

    Now you blame others. Tut tut simpleton that is hereditary. Blame it on your parents who never did anything for you. Don`t even know what “krokodil” is, what do they teach you morons these days.

  62. krokodil says:

    Krokodil (Russian) was a satirical magazine published in the Soviet Union. It was founded in 1922. At that time, a large number of satirical magazines existed, such as Zanoza and Prozhektor. Nearly all of them eventually disappeared.

    Although political satire was dangerous during much of the Soviet period, Krokodil was given considerable license to lampoon political figures and events. Typical and safe topics for lampooning in the Soviet era were the lack of initiative and imagination promoted by the style of an average Soviet middle-bureaucrat, and the problems produced by drinking on the job by Soviet workers.

    Krokodil also ridiculed capitalist countries and attacked various political, ethnic and religious groups that allegedly opposed the Soviet system.

    Many notable persons contributed to the magazine, including Vladimir Mayakovsky, Kukriniksy, and Yuliy Ganf.

  63. I-4-C says:

    Krokodil, go and write about the undercover crimes of the CIA and the hypocricy of the Western world leaders and you will be amazed how tame Malaysian leaders are !!!!

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