PERAK is topsy turvy again, with UMNO/BN’s Zambry Kadir as Chief Minister. Thank you Court of Appeal. This decision has brought UMNO/BN several steps further from winning the 2013 General Elections.

Did Zambry really win when the Constitution has been made a mockery? Does UMNO/BN have the face to face the people of Perak? or Malaysians as a whole. Time would tell.

UMNO/BN’s cowardice in seeking fresh elections is so telling. Perhaps, some people have run out of phantom voters!

Earlier this morning, I blogged:


For most Perakians and Malaysians, I guess it will all depend on the Court of Appeal decision today (May 22).

Who wins: Nizar, Zambry or the People of Perak?

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  1. amoker says:

    my guess.. the same. the appeal will favour umno. see how fast they can get the court to convene?

  2. monsterball says:

    Good or bad Friday…so many court cases are fixed…even on a high profile murder case and and can you imagine…one went to jail…based on a book putting out reasons with no proofs?
    Malaysians are so used to expect… the unjust and unreasonable lawful verdicts..that when one comes rarely..wisely judged…we shout words of praises and joy…and UMNO will accuse Malaysians…as one sided idiots…which they are so famous to be.
    We can only hope….the judgment is what People’s Power want…throwing away politics..and even laws… and the judge use his power to be morally right with dignity to give a judgment…he knows what People’s Power the time of need and wants by the People?
    Malaysia is governed by an unlawful bunch of rogues and gangsters.
    Will we have brave judges behaving like Sheriffs the “High Noon” movie…one man fought against a bunch of protect the innocents..with no fear? Will this judge be inspired by his wise lawful knowledge or another racialist crab judge?

  3. tourman53 says:

    UMNO is a party for GAYS (pondan)

  4. no hoiliday says:

    There is no good day in Malaysia for the rakyat but the polispytras.

    Just imagine, if the polisputras want money, they just issue summons at their whims and fancies and the rakyat has to pay hefty fines for don’t know what offense that was committed.

  5. no hoiliday says:

    All the polisputras will do is to send a letter of summons for presumed offense committed 4 or 5 months ago and the poor rakyat has to pay the fine not knowing how, when and where the offense was committed.

    There is no proof nor witness to substantiate but just a letter of summon!

    All this polisputras are the worst basT**rds and the robbers are no way compared to them.

  6. no hoiliday says:

    The polisputras are nothing but broad-daylight robbers of the worst kind.

    They should all locked up in jails.

  7. zackdanial says:

    it’s going to be a bad bad friday .

  8. GoMalaysian says:

    Barisan Nasional Akan Bubarkan DUN Perak???

    Khabar angin dimana DUN Perak akan dibubarkan kini tersebar luas. Maka keputusan rayuan hari ini amat penting bagi pihak BN kerana mereka perlu memastikan pembubaran DUN Perak ini adalah dikemukakan oleh MB BN iaitu Zambry.

    read more @

    Malaysian Come First

  9. eeyaw says:

    Umno is a Chicken party which is scared to face the Rakyat. The battle in Perak is between the bad & Good, a battle between losers & Braves and in the end the Rakyat is the Boss.

  10. salahsilahnegara says:

    Let us pray that the good deed will win at last. The people of Perak will win and I hope the majority want DUN Perak to be resolve and let us hope that the one who would do it will win the case. The mandate should be given back to the ‘rakyat’ and the problem will be solve. There should be no hanky panky which will not be going on forever without any positive result. A lot of comments being said and written due this uncertainty of Perak politics. It should be resolve once for all. It started from the 12th General Election and itshould be solve through General Election again which should be carried out as soon as possble.

  11. ktteokt says:

    There is only ONE Good Friday in a year, with 51 Bad Fridays! Good Friday was just celebrated, so what remains are BAD FRIDAYS and it includes today!

  12. sk keung says:

    let’s pray together – the rule of law & the spirits of democracy prevail.

    jonathan, cheras

  13. kittykat46 says:

    My crystal ball says….the Court of Appeals will find in favour of the UMNO MB. Its a foregone conclusion from our Lingam-appointed Senior Bench…

    It seems UMNO is now actively looking for a face saving way to call state elections. The way to do is for the UMNO MB to be annointed by the court, then he meets the Sultan to call for the Assembly to be dissolved. The MSM will be crowing – “you see, we are magnanimous….”

    They never stop to ask how they got into the situation to start with….

    Anyway, if that happens The Three Stooges – Hee Haw, Osman Jailu, Jamaluddin Radzi are finished forever….UMNO-BN will cast them aside like used toilet paper…

  14. wandererAUS says:

    Are we expecting miracles to happen in our ‘kangaroo courts’
    The writings are already on the wall…….
    If these Celaka from UMNO-BN could forcefully removed a presiding Speaker in the eyes of the world, do you think they care a damn how the rakyat feel about an unfair verdict!?
    When we have shameless scumbags running the country, we will only witness low down performances!

  15. Fern says:

    Never trusted the judiciary from the day Madhatter manipulated those guys to his aDVANTAGE! The Verdict??? Could’nt care a damm as everyone knows it a gone case!
    To me the courts can get F$%#@! to hell!

  16. Chai says:

    God’s will! Kelantan Pas state rep dies this morning! 7th bye-bye election coming! Cheers! PR!

  17. Phua Kai Lit says:

    Hi Susan

    Sorry to go off topic.
    Take a look at this BBC News item on
    African kleptocracies:

  18. caravanserai says:

    Decision today
    CoA get it right
    Don’t make the flaw
    It isn’t

    It is clear cut
    Back doors rampage
    The causes of its fall
    Don’t rule it otherwise
    It shows biase

    Constitution lays out
    The conditions to prevail
    Let it be said
    It rules the country
    The backbone of legal harmony

    King and Rulers
    Act on the advice
    Of PM and Chief Ministers
    And by convention they don’t decline

    The people decide
    We pay our taxes
    For the good of the country
    So we must have our say
    In running the affairs

  19. roroad says:


    Kelantan PAS state rep dies

    Manek Urai state assemblyperson Ismail Yaacob, 60, passed away at Raja Zainab Hospital in Kota Bharu at 6am today.

  20. fearnoone says:

    Verdict is pre determined even before the high court decision to reinstate Nizar as the rightful Perak MB.

    Received below email yesterday….

    “Who is judge Ramli Ali, the judge that gave Zambry a stay within 3 hours?

    Well, he is a Lingam appointed judge. A former Chief Registrar of the courts. When Lingam was talking to the disgraced Fairuz on how they were to manipulate the judiciary and appoint their cronies into the bench, Lingam said that Ramli was among the three preferred to be appointed by him. The other two were Datuk Heliliah Mohd Yusuf, a former Solicitor-General and Datuk Ahmad Maarop, a former commissioner of Law Revision. They were appointed as directed by Lingam and agreed upon by Vincent Tan and Mahathir on February 1. 2002.

    Dear Malaysians, that’s the man who gave a ridiculous stay to Zambry ”

    Again BN can do what they want and wish, their moves are so predictable even a 10 years old can play this game. Because today we are getting smarter and not easily sway by their last 50 years of empty promises and selfish attitude.

    We should not be intimidated by today’s ruling, continue with this struggle and will see the results to our favour in time to come.

  21. kittykat46 says:

    Kelantan PAS Adun passed away.

    UMNO question – “Why are PAS reps all so unhealthy ? Its a conspiracy to force more by-elections. Why waste the rakyat’s money ?”

    EC says “We are going to fine political parties who have their Representatives die unnecessarily”

    Najib says “Its a waste of money. We won’t contest”

  22. bee yong says:

    Good or Bad Friday. Does it matter.
    Each week you have 1 Friday.
    Each year you have 52 Fridays.
    But there is only one TRUTH.
    There is only one Law…Reap What You Sow.
    So, Que Sera Sera, Whatever will be , will be.

  23. the court givelah to nizar win (as mahathir had said) and then zambry set motion of no confidence to topple nizar. at the end, zamry will still be the perak mb.

    hail zambry!

  24. wits0 says:

    Spammer Dud : “hail zambry!”

    And you’ll be the first in line from MCA(Most Contemptible As*holes) to raise raise ya butt to serve him won’t ya.

    Not to worry, whatever the court’s decision, the manipulation via the “perception” gimmickry will not work.

  25. james says:

    hail zambry……..the dud is a nazi fanatick

  26. dan says:

    It’s a foregone conclusion.
    The appellate court will take direction from Najib to rule in favor of the mamak. What’s a black Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. james says:

    Heil zambry!

    Even a cursory comparison between UMNO and the Nazis throws up unmistakable parallels — historical revisionism building up to a constructed myth of racial supremacy, usually packaged behind a facade of ‘nationalism’; the sustained use of violence or threats against minorities to quell dissent; totalitarian tendencies to control information and thought through control of the media and educational institutions; consistent anti-intellectualism, rampant corruption, manipulation of the judiciary and abuse of the police/military to further the ends of the ruling party…

    It’s all been done before – by Hitler’s Nazi party in pre-war Germany, and by their contemporaries, Mussolini’s Fascists in Italy.

  28. james says:

    Hitler and his Nazi party came to power by creating a myth of racial supremacy, systematically manufacturing accusations against the Jews, Gypsies, ‘inferior races’ and other so-called ‘undesirables’ and then launching pogroms against political opponents and anyone who opposed them.

    Today, we see UMNO resorting to the same fascist methods to cling to power, using as their weapons the Polis di-raja Malaysia and the Internal Security Act.

  29. allen says:

    I wonder whether BN would give another walkover as this Kelantan’s state representative has died this morning.I do presume Najib would be saying the same thing-wasting money and time for same gone case state by-election.Let’s see what the chicken BN has to say in this coming by-election in Kelantan!

  30. james says:

    UMNO has been exceedingly successful in suborning the police to their purposes. The PDRM have long given up any pretence of being an independent guardian of the law, and instead subordinate themselves happily to the paranoid whims of a fascist regime, becoming UMNO’s blunt (and particularly dense) instrument with which to batter opponents. The PDRM has thus goose-stepped nicely into the jackboots of the Gestapo, trampling our civil liberties underfoot in the much-abused name of ‘national security’.

  31. james says:

    “Najib would be saying the same thing-wasting money …”

    The only time Najis will dare to allow umno to participate in a buy election is where a BN rep dies.

  32. Menyalak-er says:

    While it is subjudice (hahaha) to comment on the ‘judgement’ by CA, it seems to me the only ‘face saving’ gesture possible at the moment is to declare the HC judgement as valid, taking the precedence of Stephen Kalong. This is also to avoid the possibility of Naif or future PM’s being ursurped by the YDPAgung.
    In this scenario, Nizhar will call for an emergency state assembly meeting and dissolve it. Zambo cannot and will not interfere on instructions of Naif, because this is the only way out… (duds will remain duds). Anything else will be unimaginable idiocy and folly!

    IOW, Naif will try to put a positive spin (where there is none) that they are magnamious in defeat but will not admit to the reasons for the ‘putsch’. As for the 4 (not 3, including the reflex jumper) amphibians – do we really care about their ignomious ends?

    In response to kk46’s question as to why the Pas Aduns so unhealthy… it’s God’s will, helped along with a lot of cholesterol etc. If we ask why are Be-end’s Adun’s so corrupt and filthy, it’s demonic possession of Manmon.
    Cheers, its only 3hrs. more…

  33. james says:

    One of the defining characteristics of the German Gestapo (Geheime Staatspolizei – ‘Secret State Police) was a particular power called the Schutzhaft – the power to arrest and detain an individual without trial – usually on trumped-up charges. Like Malaysia’s Internal Security Act, the Schutzhaft circumvented the judicial system and thus removed the ‘problem’ of accountability for the Gestapo.

    The ‘charges’ that were used by the Gestapo to justify their use of the Schutzhaft ranged from ‘being a Jew’, ‘collaborating with the enemy’, ‘activities against the interests of the Reich’, ‘making defeatist statements’, etc.

  34. llheng says:

    I am sure everyone knows what will be the outcome. With the present bunch of guys running the Malaysian judiciary, what do you expect?? Its just a waste of time and money.
    Once and for all, just let the Perakians decide their future thru elections for god sake.

  35. Marilyn says:

    This is why regime change is necessary.

    The UMNO-BN regime has neither the political will nor – it has to be said – the principles to undo the damage it has done to this country and its institutions after decades of misrule.

    A comprehensive change of government and de-Nazification — I mean de-UMNOisation — programme will be necessary to set Malaysia back on the right track.

  36. maran says:

    The fact that Malay racists such as Muhammad Muhammad Taib, Ali Rustam, Khir Toyo can garner so many nominations in the run up to the Umno elections sends a chill down the spine of The Scribe.

    Just last week, unrepentant Umno racist Ahamd Ismail was given a Heroes Welcome in Penang by Umno. The Scribe is wondering what is the difference between Umno, the NAZI Party and the Ku Klux Klan.

  37. wits0 says:

    Not to worry too much about 3 hours or more, Menyalak-er, because sooner or later, this will occcur:

  38. maran says:

    zambry is just another dirty mamaq macham mahatai

  39. subash says:

    Hmmmm is marina advising rocky, utusan

    look at all the umno melayus stupidly lighting racist sentiments talking of “atrocities” by sri lanka against tamils. Rubbish…their own indians they put in kamunting and kg. medan the others.

    Now the small, but strong Sinhalese community (KL Bukit Ceylon was owned by them once) is getting pissed off. Sri Lanka High Commission should close up and pull out.

  40. Defendermalaysia says:

    It does not matter whether this court will grant any verdict to any of the 2 party cos any of the defeated party can also appeal to the federal court. This will also drag on again. Mind you there is also another court case to hear who is the righful speaker, whether it is Sivakumar or Ganeshan.Who so ever win the round cannot convene a emergency state assembly meeting. So the best soluition is to go for the dissolve the Perak assembly and go for a fresh election.
    Court cannot solve a political problem but you need a election to solve the political problem in Perak.

  41. kittykat46 says:

    Hail Zambry.
    Hail Najib

    Sounds a lot like Heil Hitler, doesn’t it ?

  42. kekekeke says:

    Sprachen si deutsch?

  43. you cannot deny the fact that perak bn already won the majority. so the rightful mb will be zambry, p-r oppos always in denial.

    the judiacry always fair. coming afternoon, the court will rule nizar in favor (you pr like it, don’t ya), but zambry will have the dun to raise vote of no confidence and nizar will go down :). at the end zambry will become mb, why does p-r want to waste money and time of everybody ……

  44. bee yong says:

    Man Made Laws.
    Laws are made to benefit for ALL for the good governance.
    Laws are break to benefit a few for selfish and evil reason.
    A judgement by a judge is an intentional action and must bear the effect of his/her action.
    You Reap What You Sow.
    See you in HELL.

  45. genghis khan says:

    most of time nowadays, we need to know EXACTLY the Transcripts of their judicial-scholarship …

    right from their SPM, HSC, LlB Bar-at-Law LlM etc

    at least from the beginning we need to DISQUALIFY those that are unworthy to hold office … lousy basic education and probably poor grades in LlB or Bar exams…..

    then, only comes the character, up-bringing, ethics, integerity etc etc ….

    these judges have to WRITE and PUT on paper their judgements and their reasoning at arriving to particular judgements …

    between the beginning of their premisses to judgment [of course tempered with “wisdom”], there may be flaws of simple logic …. let alone the semantics of the legal jargon …

    [NB. Anwar ‘s case a simple poor MIND translation of Malay into English … like the word “if” , jika, jikalau, walaupun… making even Tun Mahathir and many others to think that the Judges think Anwar mght have done it …]

  46. “A judgement by a judge is an intentional action and must bear the effect of his/her action.”

    yup, just give the verdict that nizar is mb to shut those p-r’s mouth. then zambry raise motion vote of no confidence and all’s well end’s well with p-r now got nothing to say…..

  47. Kim says:

    This is Malaysia facts of life today. They catch and jail the good ones and let go all the trouble makers. The court will free all the bad guys if the police failed to let off the bad guys in the first place.

    You rob and kill, you can go for rehabilitation. You are killed and robbed, god knows where you go to.

    God bless us.

  48. Kancilandak says:

    A judge keep the people in mind. He cannot make mistake and deliver Perak into Nizar hand. The judge have rensponsiblty to protect the people from handing over power to Aljuburi to become diktator of Malaysia to sell to zionis.

  49. “This is Malaysia facts of life today. They catch and jail the good ones and let go all the trouble makers. The court will free all the bad guys if the police failed to let off the bad guys in the first place.

    You rob and kill, you can go for rehabilitation. You are killed and robbed, god knows where you go to. ”

    it happens everywhere with country based on common law. solution, let’s have hudud as penal code, you curi you potong tangan. second, let’s have the country dictatorship under godfather najib, son of tun abdul razak just as italian florence from republic to dictator flourished under medici rule …..

  50. roroad says:

    aiiiiiiiii……najis aljubri pun

  51. “A judge keep the people in mind. He cannot make mistake and deliver Perak into Nizar hand. The judge have rensponsiblty to protect the people from handing over power to Aljuburi to become diktator of Malaysia to sell to zionis.”

    sabar, sabar. itu sementara dan gimmik saje. like tdm said, we have to follow law. just give mb to nizar to appease those diehard pr supporter, then with law on zambry side, he raised motion of no confidence with 31 duns supporter and ok lah then …..

  52. roroad says:

    Now Najis Aljubri selling melayu in s`pore

  53. kekekeke says:

    “The judge have rensponsiblty to protect the people from handing over power to Aljuburi to become diktator of Malaysia to sell to zionis.”

    Well, I really have to get going now; I have to contact someone in Nigeria, la. You see I got this email from a stranger who happens to be a very wealthy descendent of a former African king and he has all this money in a bank which he’ll share with me if I give him my bank account information.

    Imagine my luck!

  54. kekekeke says:

    Ali Rustam wants Eli Wong`s panties:

    Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam questioned the Opposition’s integrity on the matter, which caused the five Opposition assembly to protest vehemently.

    “Is it right for an assemblywoman to be sleeping around with her Malay boyfriend?” he asked, alleging that PAS seemed to have compromised their religious values on this matter. – Star

  55. kekekeke says:

    Ali Rustam attends meetings kok standing:

    In her response, Betty Chew (DAP – Kota Laksamana) argued that the two issues were separate and that the matter had involved a different political party.

    Mohd Ali then asked Chew whether she had viewed the purported video of Wong, in which she replied she had not.

    He repeated the question to Chew several times, who then retorted:

    “Why are you so fascinated by Elizabeth Wong and nudity that you have to raise it several times?”

  56. kittykat46 says:

    One of the most worrying trends in the judicial administration in this country is the apparent inability or unwillingness of judges, including even the Senior Bench (Court of Appeals ) to write out the legal and logical basis for their rulings.
    Its just one more aspect of the downward slide of our institutions towards Zimbabwe-style government.

    It is absolutely essential, to ensure that justice is not only done, but seen to be done.

    Lord Denning , one of the most respected British justices, served as the head of the British Court of Appeals for 20 years. Its not that he didn’t make mistakes – some of his rulings remain controversial to this day. But he received tremendous respect because his rulings were always backed by brilliant and lucid explanations of evidence, logic and law. You can disagree with his logic and interpretation of the law, but it becomes impossible to attack his integrity and person.

    Alas, there are no such judges left in THIS country….not a single one in my counting……thanks to Kutty, Lingam and a long line of discredited justices.

  57. kittykat46 says:

    My suspicious mind thinks most of our justices can’t write out logical legal judgements because they rulings are based on “mengikut arahan dari pihak atas”…….after all, UMNO is a 4-letter word.

  58. wandererAUS says:

    In this country you get crook to promote judges, where have these ‘fast track judges’ the ablity to give writen concrete dignified judgements…kangaroo courts!

  59. Kherry Scarry says:

    Crystal ball predicts terbalik outcome:

    Zambry lost the MB seat but BN wins the Speaker seat, taking the opportunity, BN Speaker propose the no confidence vote and booted out Nizar…and service over to BN….Najib says Victory to Perakians…..finally everyone wait another 3 years…by then…everyone almost forgotten about the fiasco…….

  60. toyol says:

    Good. Then same thing happen to Najis when Badawi join Pakatan, cross-over with 20 others

  61. Menyalak-er says:

    ‘Kangaroo’ courts are political animals, are they not?
    When the politics become untenable, the judiciary become marsupials – hopping all over the place.
    But when the politics are assured, they hop on the ‘spot’.
    Do not forget octokutty’s personal opinion on this FUBAR in Perak.., irregardless of what 4letter word wants or hopes for.
    Octo’s current issue is the senget bridge – to augment his senget ideation. Is this ‘announcement’ in S’pore by Naifian’s a coindence?

  62. wishuponastar says:

    Okay people Zambry is the rightful MB of Perak declares CoA.
    Don’t you guys blame our PM because he was away in S’pore trying to straighten Mahathir’s crooked bridge.When Memali happened Mahathir too was away.Good people are always not around when bad things happen to Malaysia.

  63. haha says:

    “Don’t you guys blame our PM because he was away in S’pore trying to straighten Mahathir’s crooked bridge.”


  64. Menyalak-er says:

    Congrats Be-end, next FUBAR please…
    Perk up guys/gals – as the follies are playing that senget-bengkok bridge!

  65. CYC says:

    So long the the Lingam Saga is not resolve, the credibility of the judiciary wont be restored. Propose to close all the law faculty in our universities till we reconstruct a trust worthy and credible judiciary system. Otherwise, we will keep producing lawyers litigate cases citing “relationship” or “kangtao” as facts and argue against anything else as irrelevant. Courts also become lintang pukang macam jambatan bengkok. Semua pun mahakotei punya pasal.

  66. gaga says:

    Done deal huh

    “If they can’t get a three-zero verdict, then it must at least be a two-one verdict with Zainun ruling in favour of the opposition. Then the government would be seen as doing the ‘right’ and ‘fair’ thing and the opposition would no longer have any grounds to complain.”– RPK

  67. sadli says:

    Zambry the MB with appeal , ha ha ha . I want to appeal also. I might become Speaker, who knows?

  68. I-4-C says:

    Well, that arse banger sure gets a taste of his own medicine, legless frog hopping now lol

  69. chinlwu says:

    To Judges of Court of Appeal and Judges in General

    It is the darkest day for democracy in our country. The learned and honourable High Court judge can write a 73 pages Judgement on point of Law, can be balantly disregarded by the Court of Appeal. Where is justice and honour ?

    Come of it, please, please Judges, how can you gentlemen has the conscience to sleep at night and get up in the morning to pray to Allah 5 times a day ? Why have you got to take instruction fom UM. NO. ? It is really a shame that with all training, dignified respect from the world at large, the hundred of years of administration law and justice to mankind behind your profession, you have to succumb to some ” two bits politician ” to put your High Court colleague in bad state.

    In the coporate sector, bad news are normally announced on a
    Friday. Yesterday, when gentlemen said the decision would be given on 22nd May 2009, 3.30 pm. It was a foregone conclusion that decision would be in Zambry’s favour.

    Honourable Judges , ( The Honour is given to the position and Chair, may not be to you personally ), just think about it. How little dignity you gentlemen has left in the eyes of the people, when over 90% already know how you will ruled today . Is there any honour left in the position, as Court of Appeal judges ? Look into the mirror ask yoursef the question. Come Judgement Day, you have no more position, you are on your own to answer to God.

    Everybody knows you have to receive instruction from your political master. It is really a shame to your profession. Maybe you gentlemen do not care, so long you have a job and receive your salary.

    May God Have Mercy on Your Gentlemen

  70. I-4-C says:

    Today’s judgement marks the beginning of the end for Pakatan Buntut !!!

  71. sherry says:

    This Susan never get it, 28+3 is bigger than 31-3 lol, so who hold the majority of support in the Dewan?

    Knowing well PR has lost the majority, they resorted to all kind of dirty tactics, the worst being illegally banning 7 BN and 3 Bebas aduns from the Dewan and misinterpreted Court’s declaration.

    Couldnt imaging if it was BN doing what PR was doing….

    And all the Courts decisions, if favour PR then Courts are fair but if against them then Courts are bought by BN….

    These PmR (Pakatan Minority Rakyat) never accepts reality.

    My views guys, i dont force you to agree.

    Read JebatMustDie blog & latest Milenia Muslim (sold in 7-Eleven)

  72. sherry says:

    Jebatmustdie vs Kua Kia Soong on 13th May 1969

    Milenia Muslim on DUN Perak

    Read lah, if you are not a racist. Anyway, if you dont, not necessary you are a racist!

  73. norizan says:

    Hey, let’s look at the brighter side okay? The judges said the sultan was right when he asked Nizar to resign because he received the letter of no confidence from the froggies. No need to vote one. So if that’s the case would it not be easier for Anwar Ibrahim to take over PMship from najib? He just needs to persuade the MPs to write letters to the sultan and voila! Step down najib, you no longer have the majority! The MPs need not be worried because they can now do it behind closed door, no need to raise hands in parliament one !And what’s more amazing is brother Anwar can rightfully claim, his throne without taking oath, just like Zambry. Brilliant!

    I wonder why Pak Lah took so much hassle to ferry those 40 BN Mps to taiwan and Hong Kong just to avoid votes of no confidence in the dewan last year.Looking at due circumstances, no needlah.

  74. kittykat46 says:

    Yes, Al-Juburi has his next froggie modus operandi approved as “Halal” by the Court of Appeals.

    Go for it !….. 🙂

  75. sherry says:

    Yeah Norizan, 16 Sept will come soon, and Anwar needs just another 31 letters from 31 frogs-would be to the Agong to become the PR’s PM, after all if frogs jump from BN to PR its honourable thing but not vice-verca lol.

    Anwar and PR must now thanks the CoA for paving the way for Anwar to be the new Frog King and new PM this 16 Sept, err is it Sept 2009 or 2010, or 2011.

    Yeah, someone has suggested that Dollah and 20 BN MPs are jumping to PR. Must believe lol, this is BIG ANNOUNCEMENT by Anwar in Washington on 28 June, i mean before 16 Sept lah.

  76. allen says:

    It seems that everything is screwed up.Two different courts have two different interpretations.Who to believe!!Malaysians are scratching their heads who to trust – a legally MB ruled by the High Court or an illegitimate MB overuled by the Court of Appeal.

  77. dude says:

    Peguam Sulaiman Abdullah Akan Mengemukakan Rayuan Ke mahkamah Persekutuan

  78. Kancilandak says:

    The appeal court is decide rightly. Mrs. Hee not make mistake in first time. Now her name is clear.

  79. VanRud says:

    Nothing to say. But it seem to be difficult to understand.

  80. whispering9 says:

    “We have extraordinary judges with extraordinary ability.’’ 🙂

  81. kittykat46 says:

    BN, in its “at any at all costs” push to grab power in Perak is paving the way for a return to feudal power.

    Its a sad day for democracy. I can’t help thinking, like a boomerang, this campaign will come back to haunt its initiator.

  82. ktteokt says:

    Now, the question is who is Hee going to represent? She claims to be the State Assemblyperson for JELAPANG but the people of Jelapang has rejected her. Even her service centre was closed down! So she is going to sit in the State Assembly as an Assembly person representing NOONE?

  83. Menyalak-er says:

    Heeheehee… “extraordinary” W9? Yep, interestingly so.
    Afterall, 5 minute quickie statement – faster than a speeding viagra!
    Now, the ‘hard part’ – what to do next? Same difference?

  84. wits0 says:

    “We have extraordinary judges with extraordinary ability.’’

    With bumno, it’s always about things special. Evidently the person who said that was a bit better at vocabulary than the common bumnoputra members, and he cannot just use the plebeian word as, “special”.

    Of course it will boomerang, Kittykat46. It’s just a a matter of time and manner.

  85. wits0 says:

    To justify not flushing the toilet, sabotage the water supply – about 3 minutes work I reckon.

  86. tebing tinggi says:

    must we only accept things that we like to, and deny that we dont, forgeting that there are others that like what we dont, should we force tham to accept what we think they should ?.

  87. poisonous mushrooms says:

    If all these coa judges have still some conscience left in them, they should eat poisonous mushrooms now.

    They are a real disgrace to their ancestors, children and mankind.

    COA judge dying after eating poisonous mushrooms

  88. monsterball says:

    It is a bad Friday!
    5 minutes is all the judges needed to declare Zambry …lawful MB.

  89. hasilox says:

    A good progress into the 4th world.
    Welcome to the world of kangaroo cock and poo lice!

  90. Malu kita says:

    Majority of our elected representatives be it from PR or BN are of low calibre and low mentality breed (more on personal agenda) so blame the parties for picking them in the first place and you can see for ourselves the results now. In future PR and BN should screen and vet them (the candidates) carefully for the good of the nation hopefully no more sampah again. The people have to suffer for their misdeeds.

  91. Pegasus says:

    My Deepest condolences to the Manek Urai assemblyman Ismail Yaakob family circles.

    My heartiest sickening congratulations to Zambry, Mandela must be banging his head on the wall with joy .!!! ha! ha! oops ..hee…hee!
    With this decision from the Court of Appeal,this will only lead for the people of Perak and Malaysian on the whole to be more united in kicking out the BN regime in the next 13th GE!!! Lets see if this fake MB has the balls to dissolve the assembly and call for an election!!!.but looking at the past events …this is highly unlikely to happen. With the manner BN grab the power, they will not want to face the people as they know the repercussion to all this..They will lose the state for good to Pakatan.. by this way, they will hope the Perakians will forget what happen in 3 years!!!..boy, are the dead wrong..BN will be buried alive for what they have done in Perak.All Malaysian will NEVER forget this…payback time will be sweet..The Rakyat and Pakatan will have the last let them laugh…!!!!

  92. storm62 says:

    lets see how long it takes for Nizar to file his appeal?

  93. brandon says:

    anyone there?

  94. I-4-C says:

    The judges upheld democracry by their judgements ! Yes democracry is very much alive and that’s why the Yanks gotta bite their tongue esp Al Gore hehe

  95. monsterball says:

    I-4-C is happy with the decision and why not…guided democracy seems to guide most judges in Malaysia to favour UMNO for peace.
    It’s no more lawful wise decisions. It’s political laws and political judges.
    It is confirmed….UMNO is corrupted to the core and that includes judges that are UMNO members. Nice to know are the 3 judges…. UMNO members.
    When you have an established corrupt government..from top to you expect fair judgments?
    Yes …on rare occasions.
    Before the judgment announced….majority Malaysians kept silent… but I bet…they expected this result.
    I wonder what type of brain 1-4-C has…shouting democracy is alive …..when separating the races and made Malays.
    Only idiots like 1-4-C thinks democracy is alive in Malaysia..with such a government.
    As long as UMNO governs….there is no democracy.
    hi idiotic 1-4-C…is UMNO non corrupted?
    Corrupted to the core..confirmed!
    Now add all that…you can pretend to be happy or is really happy…because you are confirmed idiotic corrupted .. racialist too.

  96. I-4-C says:

    Democracy in US is as alive as their capitalism; greed and corruption so evident now hehe

  97. lompatjau says:

    Tun Daim Zainuddin has personally told Dr Mahathir that Singapore possesses all the evidence that Najib, Razak Baginda and Altantuya met at the Oriental Hotel in Marina Square one year before she died.

    This means, with the evidence that Singapore possesses, they would be able to blackmail Najib. Surely Dr Mahathir would not want someone who can be blackmailed into doing Singapore’s bidding become the next prime minister knowing how he feels about Singapore and those perceived as under Singapore’s control?

  98. monsterball says:

    You pariah 1-4-c pro UMNO idiot want to compare Malaysia with USA on democracy?
    The government in USA is changing for the better . Did you not notice it?
    Here we still idiots like you supporting corruptions…race and religion politics.
    Americans are far far more sincere than you UMNO hypocrites.

  99. I-4-C says:

    You pariah pro American lah. They are the worst hypocrites !!!

  100. alex mann says:


  101. anonymous dud says:

    hooray, though i’m surprised, but still mb goes to zambry 🙂

    today thestar newspaper posted picture of duns prayed and their prayer answered. that means even the divine prefer to have zambry as mb. those believers better repent and start to support zambry as mb and rebuild perak after 1 yr of waste by the previous admin ….

    i think there will be testimony say “i prayed to have this mess settled soon for the good of perak, nevertheless divine answered my will to have zambry as mb :)”

  102. anonymous dud says:

    why you ppl so against zambry as mb. he did not even started his work and you ppl bash him. he’s approachable, agreeable and friendly and muhibbah – there are many photos of him going around and welcome by people of perak! why would outsiders like selangorean teratai dun butting into perak mess and pleaded freedom +justice when she kena arrested!

    good lah zambry as mb. perak dap is such an ass anyway. even their own party member criticized them, esp that 2 nepo and cousins ngeh and more power hungry nga. and with such brittle coalition and bad administrative, it is good news to have perak under more stable bn! even the royalty fed up with them, what’s more the ppl of perak. perak under zambry is different from tajol ghazali, just like najib against aab and tdm.

    hail zambry!

  103. monsterball says:

    1-4-C comparing insignificant Malaysia against mighty USA have logics from a monkey brain. No wonder UMNO idiots keep making a fool of themselves to the world. They want to let world know the are clowns..but Malaysians will not buy that…we know they are good actors…and are real crooks…..stealing tax payer money.
    1-4-C trying so hard to divert our attentions…trying to make us out of focus with blur memories.
    Anonymous dud??… of the silliest pro UMNO commentator for a long time.
    hi dud…we are not concern nor care who zambry is. We are talking about UMNO government. You can hail zambry like Romans..and that way is also out-dated. Why are you so backward.??
    Making sure thousands of UMNO’s half past sixes crated by Mahathir is true?

  104. zztop says:

    The verdict is obvious even before it went to the court of appeal. This is Bolehland justice. With the present bunch of people running the judiciary, what do you expect?? Justice…my foot!!!
    As for that anonymous dud”” or “dude” for all we care, he must be speaking thru his a_sehole. Let me remind this “dude”that the current “zombie”of Perak is a galliwog with a stupid grin. Inside its all hollow. What do you mean he did not start his work. This “zombie” instead of resolving the Perakians problems, he started selling cars. To us, even as a car saleman, he is a big fat flop. He cant even sell all the cars. So what do you expect from this zombie?? Hey “dude”you are not only blind but also a big dumb dumb a_sehole.

  105. Morning Dew says:

    A lot of empty rhetorics, a lot of anger expressed, a lot of side remarks and certainly a lot of cursing, which had become a fine art for many – honed in blogs such as yours susan. I had witheld commenting on what the sultan of perak did because I really could not see what he had done that was constitutionally wrong. I had read all of NHChan’s analysis, arguments and the principles involved and yet I could not find fault with what the sultan had done.

    Let’s look rationally at the constitution and what NHChan had said point by point and then perhaps there can be some clarity.

    a. Seeing Nizar and Najib separately was against established norm for JUDGES. Justice and fairness has not only to be served but be seen to be served. That was NHChan’s contention.

    We often forget that the sultan is not acting in the capacity as a judge. The standard of fairness and justice for him is much wider. A high court judge has to abide by rules and norms that a sultan need not follow. Was his action wise ? I suppose history will tell. Was his action a violation of the laws ? The answer is no.

    b. Only a proper sitting of the assembly could decide whether Nizar had lost the confidence of the majority.

    But where is the constitutional provision that says that ? As far as establishing confidence of the majority is concerned the mechanism for doing so was silent in the constitution. Was it wise to have the opposition gathered and take a vote ? In fact he did the same thing when the PR – a loose collection of parties went to see him. The sultan insisted that they signed an agreement giving their support to the MB.

    Wise or not is a different issue. Was what he did violated any constitutional provision ? The answer is again no.

    c. The sultan had no right to fire Nizar. I think the sultan made a mistake on this by asking for his resignation. The sultan has the right to fire all the exco members except the MB. This is mere technicality. If he had done that and appointed Zambry etc. as exco would not Nizar be a lameduck MB ? This will effectively made Nizar helpless and powerless.

    Would taking this course of action, of just firing all the excos, wise ? Would not this had made the sultan looked like he was playing politics ?

    I believe the current quandary is not so much the failure of the sultan but the failure of the constitution in spelling out clearly what had to be done. So if we follow the constitution Nizar can continue as MB while Zambry can also continue as MB. As Zambry has the excos with him he will be able to run the state while Nizar would just be occupying space.


    It is clear that the sultan had not acted beyond the constitution but whether such actions were a reflection of the will of the people could be seen from the outrage that had followed. Listening to katak who had changed loyalty does not mean that the people’s will had changed. The sultan, after witnessing all that had happened, should now be sensitive to what is needed to be done.

    Could the sultan, independently, dissolve the DUN ? I don’t know. I am just a loyar buruk 8-).

  106. cantilever says:

    This dap lks is the chief culprit for all the quagmire in Perak.

    Wherever this old dap eunuch goes, there bounds to have endless troubles.

  107. cantilever says:

    All these pr state reps are just big time money spender driving big cars, living in big houses, drawing big fat salaries, holding parties & dinners living in decadent lifestyles…

    This fu*&ing old dap eunuch from Johor is drawing 2 fat salaries for life for creating troubles in Perak.

    All are useless f**c*&*g parasites living on rakyat blood and sweat money.

  108. cantilever says:

    As long as this old dap eunuch continues to con the Perakians, we can expect this abysmal problems to continue perpetually.

    This old dap eunuch is intoxicated with power continuing playing nepotism, cronyism, favoritism and all the whims and fancies he so used to, we can expect when pr takes over the nation, dap will be much much worst than the mca babi dogs!

  109. cantilever says:

    At least the mca babi dogs limit themselves to two year term whereas this dap belok syaitan eunuch wants to mangpus on the throne as if the throne is his mother’s womb!

  110. Kancilandak says:

    Why you cry no stop, cantilever?

  111. siber says:

    I am just a loyar buruk 8-). – Morning Dew

    On that there is no argument whatsoever, but full agreement.

  112. Anonymous says:

    Najib’s head stolen from billboard
    UOL, (especially the pro umno)

    Pease check the above video in youtube … very interesting.
    (happened near my house)

  113. kittykat46 says:

    Morning Dew,
    I beg to differ on you take on the sultan’s power, with due respect to the Sultan.
    What we experiencing may be unchartered waters in Malaysia, but there are centuries of constitutional practice in the Commonwealth which covers just this subject.

    In the aftermath of a general election, there is strictly legally, no Menteri Besar. So it becomes the Ruler’s constitutional duty to appoint an MB, subject to the provision that “he commands a majority of the House”. It is the same in Britain, where to this day, it is still the Queen’s task to appoint a PM after a GE.

    This IS NOT to be construed as the power to FIRE a sitting MB.
    Britain does not have a written constitution, but it has nearly a thousand years of Parliamentary practice, and Malaysia’s 1957 constitution was heavily modeled on that practice.
    For more than 400 years now, the British monarch has not had the power to dismiss a sitting PM. If the PM loses a vote of confidence in the House, he resigns, but that is not the same as the monarch taking onto himself to fire the sitting PM, where there is no such vote.

    With due respect to the Sultan of Perak (I am definitely not trying to be Derhaka here), I think if this method of dismissing the MB is upheld all the way to the Federal Court, we will be having a dangerous regression to hundred years-old Feudalism.

    We might as well all go back to rowing sampans and sitting on kereta lembu, if we love those old times so much.

  114. Menyalak-er says:

    Eloquently put kittykat46.
    The procedures and due process were already in place. If we keep ‘barking’: Justice must be done and seen to be done – then we must follow the established procedure/s.
    When 2 or 3 articles of the constituition seem to ‘clash’ or can be interpreted differently, the previous rulings or traditions must be brought to bear.
    Changing course in so-called ‘uncharted waters’ can be retrogressive. In this case there were precedents.

  115. cantilever says:

    This 3 coa are nothing but legitimate prostitutes from operating in cheap hotels.

    How much did each get pay by C4 for to sodo*&&e them?

  116. cantilever says:

    This verdict is nothing but a vestige during era of Mahakutty.

    Therefore these 3 coa judges are blatantly selling their souls and bodies to C4 knowing that they would get paid handsomely without worrying being whipped and sent to jails.

  117. cantilever says:

    Hence Mahakutty must be severely dealt with and sent to jail for life if these kinds of shameful prostitution is to be eleminated completely in Malaysia.

    Mahakutty is nothing but the biggest, no-soul pimp on earth!

  118. Morning Dew says:


    As I had said the sultan erred in firing the MB. In fact he only had power to fire the excos. Look at the constitution.

    Malaysia, like Britain followed the common law where rulings and legal argument become a “law” on to itself. A sitting judge can choose to follow the spirit of the law or the letter of the law. If the spirit and letter of the law are in conflict than the search for precedences, contexts, history etc. became the basis for finding what is just.

    The sultan had chosen to follow the letter of the law and whether it was wise or not could be seen from the aftermath. As far as the letter of the law is concern I really could not find fault with his actions.And I am very careful as far as taking a stand is concern. I had withheld commenting here or elsewhere mainly because behind all these very aggressive posturing and outpouring of discontent do not square with what I was reading. I read NHChan’s argument twice. After removing all the fluff all I could see was the constitution again. And therein lies the answer.

    Does the current state of affairs reflect the will of the people ? I can say that it is not. If it is not then we can judge if what the sultan did was wise. Constitutionally he had not erred.

    The firing of the speaker etc. were a shameless follow-on and in this I agree that the constitution and the law had been violated. If the PR do become the government in perak again I think the speaker must called the police, the state secretary etc. for an accounting and fine them for contempt of the house. The police, particularly all these high ranking officers, must be made aware of their place within the system of things.

  119. cantilever says:

    And now C4 is anothe rupcoming no-soul and shameless pimp in Malaysia.

    C4 should be c4ed together with Mahakutty a la the Mongolian model!

  120. Morning Dew says:

    I forgot to mention, kittykat46, that there is no mechanism spelt out for calling for a vote of confidence or no confidence in our constitution.

    As I had said also, the problem lies with the constitution. The sultan was only playing by the rules as set out or left out in the constitution.

    I believe some other commonwealth countries have such provision but not malaysia.

  121. cantilever says:

    Ai is nothing but a sodom*te. If he isn’t, he should sue Mahakutty for his evil act for accusing him a innate sodomite.

    Now we have sodomize 2 in the pipeline and if AI acquiesced again without counter suing, this just further proves that AI is a confirmed sodomite!

  122. cantilever says:

    Do we want a sodomite to rule Malaysia?

    I don’t think so, but AI could make himself the chief in Jln Chow Kit where the aquas would be pleased to let him be their head of aquas selling backsides in Jalan Chow Kit!

  123. aljuburi says:

    Good work cantilever, these pakatan sodomists should be sent back to the chow kit area where they came from.

  124. I-4-C says:

    He can start a Sodo Mee Stall at Chow Kit Road hehe

  125. hutchrun says:

    “He can start a Sodo Mee Stall at Chow Kit Road hehe”

    errr you got it backwards, “Sodo Mee” was UMNO selling it.
    Now is Pakatan time to come out with “Law Mee” but stiff competition

  126. […] Bad, bad Friday…Zambry is Perak MB PERAK is topsy turvy again, with UMNO/BN’s Zambry Kadir as Chief Minister. Thank you Court of Appeal. This […] […]

  127. زد says:

    Heeheehee… “extraordinary” W9? Yep, interestingly so.
    Afterall, 5 minute quickie statement – faster than a speeding viagra!
    Now, the ‘hard part’ – what to do next? Same difference?

  128. quovadis says:

    PETALING JAYA, 25 May 2009: The Perak Pakatan Rakyat (PR)’s plan to stage a three-day hunger strike calling for the dissolution of the state assembly, has come under fire from certain quarters who say it might be haram.

    An Utusan Malaysia article today quoted two state muftis as terming the practice as “haram” for Muslims.

    Perlis Mufti Datuk Dr Juanda Jaya, in the article Orang Islam dilarang sertai mogok lapar. stressed that Muslims were forbidden to go on hunger strikes, as this resembled Buddhist and Hindu practices.

    “I remind Muslims not to make hunger strikes a culture, because it is clearly different from the fasting rites of our religion,” Juanda said in the article.

    He also had the same opinion of candlelight vigils, which he deemed was a Christian practice.

  129. quovadis says:

    Muslims in Potthuvil to go on hunger strike

  130. quovadis says:

    Terror preacher Abu Hamza gets round hunger strike with crisps

  131. quovadis says:

    Dr. Salman Farsi, one of the blast accused detained in connection with the serial blast that rocked Malegaon on September 8, 2006 was on indefinite hunger strike since March 18……

  132. quovadis says:

    Muslim chaplain speaks out over hunger strike by Guantanamo detainees

  133. quovadis says:

    Ethiopia: Nation wide Hunger Strike of Muslim Students to Begin Tomorrow
    Posted on November 28th, 2007

  134. quovadis says:

    AMMAN — In a candlelight vigil, Jordanian Muslim and Christian clerics on Sunday evening led prayers to mourn the victims of the recent terrorist attacks on the US, among them two Jordanians who remain unaccounted for among the rubble of the collapsed World Trade Centre.

  135. quovadis says:

    But Muslims and Hindus at the University united last night at a candle-light vigil on the Diag to demonstrate their solidarity, to pay homage to the victims and to ask the government of India to bring the perpetrators to justice. The vigil was sponsored by the Muslim Students Association, the Hindu Students Association and the Association for India’s Development.

  136. quovadis says:

    Braving one of the hottest evenings in recent months, about 40 Christian and Muslim peace activists joined the Muslim American Society’s Freedom Foundation Iowa Chapter (MAS Freedom-Iowa) in Cedar Rapids Monday for a candlelight vigil in recognition of the humanitarian crisis in Palestine and Lebanon.

  137. quovadis says:

    Perlis Mufti Datuk Dr Juanda Jaya is not a very well educated person, same as naif ton rasa

  138. isehsehman says:


  139. Jackey says:

    Look not very bad. Thanks for sharing this video.

  140. same2 says:

    Awwww waaaaat a cute thing. Nice.

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