Who believes you now when you say this : “I am not crazy for power for the sake of power only”.

So spare us the trouble of explaining, lah. The fact is we are all sick of rethorics by politicians.

I believe, even if Anwar Ibrahim or his machais say these, I’d feel like puking.

And for you…after…after…after ousting Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and organising a coup in Perak, leaving the state in a deadlock, you do look like the most power crazy guy in Malaysia.

If this is NOT enough, your intolerance for the slightest get-to-gathers like candle light vigil and wearing black also makes you look, not only like a power crazy PM, but a power hungry one!

What about trying to curb radio stations and the media. Hey, you can’t wash your hands and say you do not ‘micro-manage’.

Your goons won’t dare do a thing without your go ahead. Tak power crazy, konon.

And yeah, we are all born yesterday. Happy birthday.

See, I have not even begun to mention the name of Miss Mongolia yet.

You need power to serve the people?! Hah! Thousands of do-gooders are doing just that: serving the people, serving others, NONE of them needs to be the prime minister.

Becoming PM of a multi-racial country without being selected, but only appointed by a bunch of UMNO members (who’s not totally united at that) doesn’t make you look like a man, whose not crazy for power.

Alahai, Najib. Don’t try these rethorics lah. It’s counter productive. Better to just do your job and talk less.

You do after all have pink lips. They look nicer when they’re tightly shut.

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  1. levee says:

    “But there are some people who cannot wait to be in power,” he said at a function in his honour at the Finance Ministry here. “Power is only a means to an end and the end is about serving the people and nation,” he said obviously hitting at a certain opposition leader.

    A prime minister of a country talking in riddle! Why can’t this idiot says directly that it is Anwar Ibrahim that he is referring to in his statement? Not only the prime minister of Malaysia talks in riddle, but the entire Umno ministers, leaders and members speak in riddles.

  2. levee says:

    May 20, 2009

    By Teo Cheng Wee, Foreign Correspondent and Zuraidah Ibrahim, Associate Editor, The Straits Times Singapore

    KUALA LUMPUR: Singapore and Malaysia must not allow thorny ‘legacy issues’ to hamper closer image cooperation in other areas such as Johor’s Iskandar development, said Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak in an exclusive interview with The Straits Times ahead of his visit to Singapore on Thursday and Friday.

    He said he was hopeful of putting Iskandar high on the agenda of the visit even though there were no specific issues to discuss and the visit is to establish a working relationship with Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

    During the interview this week, Mr Najib also spoke about the need to adjust the New Economic Policy and the situation in Perak. There were many issues he had to juggle but he can manage them, he said.

    When asked whether his Umno rank-and-file and chieftains understood well the need for reforms, he said: ‘That’s alright…they’re small chiefs. I’m the biggest chief.’

  3. levee says:

    Najis moron relative thinks he is mature enough now

  4. Cars says:

    aish, i believe everyone has their own goals when it comes to politics. well i think more time is needed to see the ‘real agenda’

  5. rider says:

    Naif’s holding on to power is like strangling his wife’s throat and telling the do gooder to bed her if he can. Can’t blame him, it’s the umno mafia family tradition.

  6. tanda says:

    UMNO Mat Botox aka a/l Toyol, says ISA is bad..when he is suspended…

    “By suspending the four and depriving them of their freedom of expression, the Selangor government has proven itself to be worse than the Internal Security Act,” he claimed.

    Mohd Khir also said he has left it to his team of lawyers to deal with his suspension.

  7. Smurfette says:

    susan, i thot u too had a hand in ousting pak lah? just read back all ur postings in early 2008 and before that.

    u hated pak lah too.

    u also flip flop ah?

  8. bluetea says:

    One by one must get them out. Dopey sudah habis, now MAS aDvisor—-hee hee soon all MAS planes will be on auto.
    Nex one to fark off has to be najis a/l tong rosak, but this one mus go horibly

  9. Are You Gonna Go My Way says:

    miss loone…

    you’re beyond help…..

  10. bluetea says:


  11. bluetea says:


  12. storm62 says:

    holy cowwwwww!!!!!!!

    yeah, najis, you’re not crazy for power, but i’m phucking sure you ARE crazy for ALTANTUYA !!! big mama’s tooooo phat and ugly.

  13. In brief says:

    “I know where there is more wisdom than is found in Napoleon, Voltaire, or all the ministers present and to come – in public opinion.”

  14. wits0 says:

    No, he’s not crazy for power ! He just want to exercise what he is already entitled to by umno’s ‘divine mandate’!

  15. This power crazy obsession was initiated by this Mahakutty of Kelara.

    As long as Mahakutty is not locked up in jail. we will have more of this power crazy despots to surface-now and in the future…

    Mahakutty is the epitome of crimes in Malaysia and If Mahakutty could do anything he likes with impunity, then we can expect Malaysia is a crime-filled nation.

  16. If Malaysians are reticent to this issue, this simply implies that Malaysians are ignorant of logic.

    Why man constructed jails in the first place? To put all this criminals in them, right?

    If a man has committed a crime, he has to be locked up in jail, period. Else he would continue committing heinous crimes… and very soon others would also take the easy way out and also also follow suit committing crimes.

    If the rakyats condone this crime commission, then the rakyat is just an ignorant lot and deserved to be sodomized by all this power crazy mad politicians.

  17. To solve the crimes in Malaysia, the very first thing is to lock up this Mahakutty in jail, other than that, we are not solving the problems in Malaysia but are creating more problems.

    The next thing everyone in Malaysia wants to see is this Mahakutty is locked in jail if we want to live i 1peacefulMalaysia.

    1MalaysiaC4 is blatantly committing all the undemocratic acts in this nation is because this Mahakutty is not locked up in jail.

    Only Mahakutty is locked up in jail then the crimes in Malaysia will abate..

    This is the only goal of the peace-loving rakyat if peace-loving the rakyat want to live in a peaceful and harmonious nation devoid of crimes!

  18. emptyman says:

    Like it was written at one site:

    “Malaysian Mongolian politician who ditched his first wife faster than two shakes of a hooker’s tail when he was head over balls in love with Rosmah Mansor, a guest relations officer who became Najis Razak’s second wife and then the honorary chancellor of a Malaysian university.

    After he married Rosmah, she promptly did a magic trick by putting on 40 kilos within a few years, a situation that could not be extenuated by extensive botox treatments, which were so frequent that she now looks like a smooth, shiny and puffy Madame Tussaud wax figure.

    Rosmah had also persuaded her husband to go for minor skin tightening surgery and extensive skin bleaching treatments, which contributed to his pink ham look today. Some people disagree with this description, as it has been said that he looks more like fake luncheon meat.”

  19. today says:

    Hahaha!!! this is just hillarious Emptyman…goes well with my morning coffee!!!..whoever put that up actually depicts quite an honest description on them and infact I was making rather similar comments to my friends the other day when we watch the malaysian news on TV but then …think these comments are too personal…
    Only agreeable here is that the PM should go back to the polls and not rule by “divine rights of umphno”.We want a leader elected by the people and not appointed by umphno…..

  20. EmKacak says:

    aaa since when did we have najib antutuya as a prime minister?? i thought he was our crime minister.. hoh!!! am i missing something here?? huh must watch RTMmu and TV3 suku for this..hehe

  21. rainstorm says:

    “I am not crazy for power for the sake of power only”. Hello …… only morons would believe that la.

  22. Minah Cun says:

    Najib has red lips not pink.
    I love Najib

  23. zzzzz says:

    please becareful with your words.before its too late to pull it back.beware of santau!

  24. veryupset says:

    You not crazy for power…????? Than I MUST be even crazier to not take millions of ringgit when offered……………………!!!

    Die also I don’t believe it…!!!

    What other “profession” he has besides being in UMNO only…..???
    What he has seen, learned, heard & praticed in UMNO for all………. his years there has been put to use now….!!!

    He has “never” ever been in any of the Malaysian’s shoes to understand the rakyat……..!!!

    Everybody wants to be a PM of its own country. By being a PM you’ve “The Power”……..!!!
    That is your “automatic rights”………………..
    Even “if” you don’t want it………………….!

    At least Datuk Seri Anwar is open & honest about what he & PKR wants……………………..!!!

    Even we, “The Rakyat” are honest of who we will vote for when the next GE comes………………………………..!!!!

    Mr. PM………….
    Sometimes I think arr….. you think the rakyat of Malaysia is as easily “con” as before………………….!!!

    We have progressed lah………!
    If you didn’t noticed….!!!

    Wake up lah…………………………………………………………………!

  25. wandererAUS says:

    No he is no power crazy…HE IS JUST SEX CRAZY!!!
    Remember the Mongolian beauty……..

  26. wandererAUS says:

    Mr UMNO PM, how do you justify yourself when you came in with a closet full of skeletons! Mr spin, no amount of overcooked rethorics will convince the rakyat you are not money and power crazy, tell it to Fat Mama and your UMNO goons!

  27. kittykat46 says:

    On the same day, Naif Ton Rasa said that BN was suffering from bad public relations over the Perak issue..


    Let me see….they have manufactured news in NST, Star, Utusan, Berita Harian, RTM, TV3, TV8, TV9, Bernama…and they have bad public relations ?

    Come on, its not bad public relations which BN suffers from, its Integrity Deficiency Syndrome.

    People arrested for wearing black, for lighting candles in the open, the lawful Speaker gets dragged out of the House like a dog, etc. etc. etc……no amount of “public relations” can cover that…

  28. fearnoone says:

    Bravo sloone!! Those in power can say what they want by all means, the clever malaysians will never trust them anymore. Let them carry on with all their lies and be their lies being published by the BN controlled media. Let see the next GE results. The odds will be heavy against them for sure.

    And the TOYOL still thinks he can carry on talking rubbish…let’s hand him all the brooms we can find and let him clean all the shits. Don’t forget if you see one shorty by the road side with “botok injection on his face”, either give him a broom or ask him to go back to Indon or else he will be out of job soon! And if you can find a copy of old Utusan Malaysia… give it to him to sleep by the road side. Total rubbish! Talk without using the big head.

  29. veryupset says:

    Anyone knows where Toyol lives……?????

    Have a strong urge to send him a broom lah………….!!!

    I am serious…!!!

  30. chomelwangi & hubby says:


  31. rondeva says:

    PM, How did you become a MP? Mentri Besar of Pahang? You think you are the best among the lot then. No. Thank your father for that. From then on you apple polish and remained like a llallang with no backbone and principles. PM of yesterdays like your kind of people. That is how you are here today as PM. Not on ability or integrity. Why so much talk.

  32. jsss says:

    Sure lah TOYOL lives with TOYOL’S. That’s why he become toyol.

  33. justme says:

    Power crazy he may be, but my worry is him clinging to power, maybe outdo his master MM by a couple of years.

  34. imwatchinu says:

    “I’m not crazy for power…”. Ya right, and Rosmah is a virgin.

  35. eeyaw says:

    Nope, he is power crazy enuf to slay a Mongol!

  36. rakyat says:

    if not power crazy, pls call for general election now to let rakyat approve u as the Prime Minister of Malaysia and get the rakyat’s mandate.

    dare u? every new prime minister did tat, wait, guess u ll not to waste money…. or focus on economy blablabla….

  37. rafraf says:

    Najis is not an elected PM, he simply moved up the ladder.
    There has been no “confidence” vote in parliament on this sex monster like there was in the case of Hussein Onn.
    Najis is a con PM, he is not my PM.

  38. rafraf says:

    Najis is not an elected PM, he simply moved up the ladder.
    There has been no “confidence” vote in parliament on this balless monster like there was in the case of Hussein Onn.
    Najis is a con PM, he is not my PM.

  39. Monty Jr. says:

    Hahaha. Good piece Susan. Good piece.


    You have grown thinner. You must be starving….Meow..

  40. Wits1 says:

    “Bravo sloone!! Those in power can say what they want by all means, the clever malaysians will never trust them anymore. Let them carry on with all their lies and be their lies being published by the BN controlled media. Let see the next GE results.”

    That depends on our counterparts in Sabah and Sarawaks whom are still in deep slumber.

  41. rafraf says:

    Najis is the USURPER (a derogatory term used to describe either an illegitimate or controversial claimant)

  42. kittykat46 says:

    Wah, wah, wah, we now have a Wits1 and Monty Jr……

    Yeah, my investment portfolio lost more than 30% of value in the last 6 months….have to thin down….kah, kah, kah…

    Fortunately I don’t need to sell; they are all in solid corporations which I don’t think are at risk of folding up; I’m just going to sit tight until the typhoon blows over…

  43. sharleen says:

    yes BRAVO SLOONE…snd KUTTY in jail…HE the MASTER of all dis

  44. Tamojin says:

    Najib is an incorrigible liar!

  45. fatmama says:

    “skin tightening surgery and extensive skin bleaching treatments, which contributed to his pink ham look today?”

    No lah, he just bathed 3 times a day in a tub of skin-whitening products, while fat mama Rosmah scrubbed him raw with a brush

  46. jimbo says:

    Michael Jackson the black trying to be white, goes around with a monkey.
    Najis trying to be white also goes around with monkeys.

  47. ktteokt says:

    This is like a cat confessing “I don’t like fish, I don’t eat fish, I hate fish!” Ever seen a VEGETARIAN CAT?????? One in the making now right here in MALAYSIA – the BOLEHLAND!

  48. I have a sure win formula for Najib to win the next GE !
    Believe me the entire Malaysia will celebrate and give you, just like they did to AAB in his GE as P.M. and will surely give you 90% of their votes. Have pariah Mahathir and his children indicted for all the crimes and corruptions they committed during the pariah’s tenure as P.M.!

  49. ktteokt says:

    A PM who does not even dare to “face” the rakyat by putting his face on the billboards erected for the purpose of congratulating him on his appointment would not be trusted by anyone of sound mind. Why was his face removed? That, only he knows! But all Malaysians know why!!!! Maybe he should bring his PR team with him when he visits China end of this month, bringing along one of these billboards (the original version with his face on it) and set it up in China, near the Mongolian border!

  50. Master-Detective says:

    For those (yes, there are) who still feels that Najib is working out Mahathir’s plans – you are at lost of pure intelligence. Najib is a master-equivocator and being such – is always the winner.

    You bet, how much Najib knew that Mahathir won’t be living until 100 y.o. to instruct and blast him like AAB who suffered that fate.

    Najib’s Machiavellian’s ability is slightly below Mahathir or at par with the old man.

    I know. I just know.

  51. lestari says:

    Nonsesnse, when TDM mati, his son Mookris will ride Najis, and when Najis mampus, the Mookris will take over..and he will be worse than Najis.

  52. kekekeke says:

    Mookris malaysian savior? It could be sooner than you guys think.
    Those Najis pics are definitely coming out soon…..just the timing.

  53. wits0 says:

    “Najib’s Machiavellian’s ability is slightly below Mahathir or at par with the old man” – Master Detective,

    Verily so, but MegaKutty enjoyed that first time user advantage plus that height of oppressiveness of the bad old days totally under the control of the Most Slavish Media. Ppl were scared even to tell one another that he was/is a Kutty! Today’s ppl are more well informed and has the advantage of sickening experience and deeper hindsight.

    All shiok sendiri Bumno tok-oh tok-oh only can tok kok in the most ridiculous, devious and shameless way. This is the only thing they excel exceedingly, murdering semantics and repeating equivocations. As long as they make some sh*tty press statements, they think they have convinced the public of their (presumed)divinely ordained worth.

    If that party can change, the Sun will rise in the West!

  54. wits0 says:

    “Najib’s Machiavellian’s ability is slightly below Mahathir or at par with the old man” – Master Detective,

    Verily so, but MegaKutty enjoyed that first time user advantage plus that height of oppressiveness of the bad old days totally under the control of the Most Slavish Media. Ppl were scared even to tell one another that he was/is a Kutty! Today’s ppl are more well informed and has the advantage of sickening experience and deeper hindsight.

    All shiok sendiri Bumno tok-oh tok-oh only can tok kok in the most ridiculous, devious and shameless way. This is the only thing they excel exceedingly, murdering semantics and repeating equivocations. As long as they make some sh*ty press statements, they think they have convinced the public of their (presumed)divinely ordained worth.

    If that party can change, the Sun will rise in the West!

  55. bee yong says:

    Looks like he is not crazy with power.
    He is mad with power inherited by votes from 2000 odd Malaysian.

  56. amoker says:

    Liars …..

    He is a compulsive liar

  57. fearnoone says:

    “That depends on our counterparts in Sabah and Sarawaks ….(and Johoreans) whom are still in deep slumber”…

    Not to worry…Malaysians are easily manipulated…but as the digital media penetrating wider and deeper, they will be well informed and become smarter. How Malaysians can withstand the nonsense day in day out by the current bunch of hypocrites? We struggle for our next generation bro…keep it up with all your constructive comments, ideas and support we will surely see the light at the end of the tunnel. And we are not far from it. Najis, Toyol and gang can continue telling what they want to tell…”nasi already jadi bubur” , we all just have a good laugh everyday. Facts will eventually prevail!!!

  58. jb says:

    Sometimes when a person is not telling the truth often and for a long time, they cannot distinguish between truth and fiction.
    Many of the things they say is for the occasion, and trying to garner as much support and adoration to boost their ego. They become self-centered and devilish. That is whom you have leading this country now.

  59. Terry Bogard says:

    Bla bla bla bla…..whateva….Just Dont C4 me ok?

  60. wits0 says:

    “they cannot distinguish between truth and fiction.” – jb

    That’s what perversion is about.

    These are the lead(plumbum) to sink the country rather than ‘lead-er’.

  61. Melayu Boleh says:

    wow! your post about Najib view sure got alot of comments here.

  62. RAN FUND says:

    Najib`s father was a very good liar, son has to follow, and Royalty will back this “Orang Kaya Indra Shahbandar” from Pahang-he is one of them and his title is one of the top 4.

  63. K1 says:

    Once ppl got power he or she will says he/she not crazy for power….same as rich ppl say they are not crazy for money, after they have tons of $$$$ at home. Ass hole…if u are not crazy for power, go home to take care ur fat mama la!!!

  64. candida says:

    Several years ago, I watched then-“20/20” correspondent Diane Sawyer interview Saddam Hussein, who was dictator of Iraq at the time. She respectfully confronted him for the atrocities and executions he used as punishments for people who merely spoke out against him, his rule or his politics.

    Surprisingly naive of America’s constitutional basis, Saddam asked, “Well, what happens to those who speak against your president?” (He clearly was expecting that such speech was also a crime in the U.S. and punishable by law.)

    Shocked by his sheer ignorance of the U.S. — and somewhat at a loss for words herself — Diane quipped back in answering his question, “They host television talk shows!” Saddam’s facial expression revealed that he was totally confused by her answer.

    -“Walker” Chuck Norris

  65. wahab says:

    Najis is kaki klentong

  66. erisar says:

    Today, Najib will have a private golf game with Singapore’s Coordinating Minister for National Security and Senior Minister Prof S. Jayakumar at the Sentosa Island Golf Club.

    He will then attend a pre-council meeting with the Malaysian delegation, which includes Washington Anifah Aman, Ong Tee Keat and Foreign Ministry secretary-general Rastam Mohd Isa. Tonight, Najib and wife will attend a private dinner hosted by the Malaysian High Commission in Singapore.

    It is unclear whether Rosmah and Najib will stay in a separate room at the hotel or all the ministers will sleep in one room together with Najib and Rosmah.

    Tomorrow Najib and Rosmah will officially present the Singapore Prime Minister with bananas stolen from Mahathir’s plantation. (Remember that goreng pisang guy!)

  67. EC says:

    Gosh.. I hope our dear PM is reading this! 🙂 Good going, Susan!

  68. MALAYSIA BOLEH! says:

    Najib thought generally Malaysian is stupid…. ok..wait for another 3 years….let him and his UMNO & gang knew….we are not idiot…

  69. pasarmalam says:

    Najis is a total disgrace.

    “I don’t craze for power for the sake of power but I need power to serve the people and ensure successful nation-building,” Najib said at a function on Wednesday. “But there are some people who cannot wait to be in power. Power is only a means to an end and the end is about serving the people and nation.”

    Indeed, words that he should heed himself. Already, the torrent of appeals led by civil society and business groups that he confronts the debacle he caused in Perak, and allow democracy and the people to triumph there, has swelled into a new tsunami of support for the Pakatan across the nation.

  70. storm62 says:

    my toilet seat has a picture of najis….hi hi hi

  71. p*rn star? says:

  72. p*rn star? says:

  73. najisliar says:

    Najib is calling for all the crooks to reform. We are calling for all the crooks to be thrown out. Who is right? Once a crook always a crook! Najib and UMNO created these crooks. Now he is asking them to become cleaner crooks.
    This has been the hallmark of all BN component parties, asking the crooks to reform. They have experienced the comfort of luxurious living by their corrupt practices and now Najib is asking them live honourably…high hopes!
    Wait till the 13th general election? Again he is making a terrible mistake! Najib’s government will not last that long!

  74. lawas says:

    Never mind the fact that he claimed to have made his millions by the time he was 25. It did not matter to us whether he proudly declined an offer to take care of untold thousands of scheming taxi drivers and speeding buses. We focused our attention as to how a friend from a railhead town that gets flooded several times a year was called upon to hold the 4th most important political job in the nation.

    To his credit, the Washington top dogs whistled in his direction and waved him to come for a quiet chat. He wasted no time. In a new diplomatic departure, he took foreign relations a notch higher by taking swipes at his domestic enemy.

  75. vsp says:

    Najib said to reach where he was now, he did not “take an express bus” but a “normal bus which journeyed 33 years in his political career”.


    Yes Najib finally arrived in a bus chockful with 33 years of baggages and skeletons. Well said, Najib!

  76. Always curious to see how such figures fare when future-history is compared to the present.

  77. widodo says:

    “Kemarin masih dibersihkan dan ditempatkan barang-barang pribadi saya. Sekarang sudah bisa digunakan untuk menerima wawancara para wartawan Indonesia,” kata PM Malaysia keturunan Bugis itu.


  78. thamrin_achmad says:

    Seorang tokoh perang China, Sam Kok ada berkata; ”Tempat yang paling aman adalah tempat yang paling berbahaya”.
    Justeru, mengikut kebiasaannya rasuah yang paling kuat adalah ditempat yang selalu dilaungkan slogan “anti rasuah”

  79. thamrin_achmad says:

    Bro… buka minda.. cuba ko fikir dengan otak ko yang bijak tu… kenapa Altantuya dibunuh oleh Polis pengiring beliau.. siapa yang mengarahkan polis ini membunuh.. takkan tokeh kedai mamak.. lepas tu rekod kemasukan Altantuya kena delete.. kenapa kerajaan tak dakwa mereka yang delete kemasukan tu?? jawapannya takut pecah rahsia siapa yang bagi arahan.

    buka minda tu… kalau sayang UMNO pun betulkan kesalahan dia.. bukan sokong membuta tuli.

    wallahu ‘Alam

  80. Husni says:

    Hulubalang Utama Dato najib

    Apabila Dato Seri Najib mengatakan bahawa semua warlords (hulubalang) dalam UMNO adalah kawan beliau, dan dia lah warlord yang terbesar, saya bimbang kalau beliau merasa terlalu yakin atau overconfident.


  81. ainol_hasanal says:

    A Chinese proverb has it that it takes three generations to destroy an enterprise. The first starts it; the second builds on it; while the pampered third squanders it. Najib Razak is determined to truncate that process. He is set to destroy a once proud and successful organization – UMNO – which his late father was so instrumental in starting and building.

    Najib will bring UMNO down with him, as prophesied by some ancient soothsayer’s “RAHMAN” theory of leadership. The challenge is to ensure that UMNO’s inevitable implosion under Najib would not also take Malaysia down with it.

    -m.bakri musa

  82. ainol_hasanal says:

    If not for his family and political pedigrees, Najib Razak would today be like thousands of other Malays with similar qualifications, nothing more than a midlevel functionary in the civil service or one of the many

    Government-linked companies. He was just old enough when his father died to benefit from the generosities and tributes of a nation in need to express them in gratitude to a great patriot that was his father. Remembering the father’s many great deeds, the nation could not do enough for his son; hence Najib meteoric rise. The dilemma with having your path smoothed out for you is that once you reach the top, there is no one there to grease the trail ahead. From then on you are on your own, and you ill prepared for it.

    It is our cultural tradition that such generosities and tributes are showered almost exclusively upon the first-born son. The assumption is that he is the carrier of the father’s traits. This of course is not unique to Malay culture; nor is there a biological basis to that assumption. I wish we had not been a slave to our culture. By all means shower our gratitude to the late Tun Razak’s family, but then let us be more prudent and choose the smartest or most promising from among his five children to groom, not necessarily only the first born. Tun Razak’s other sons are way head and shoulders above Najib. The youngest, Nazir, is a banker. Even though he is not a politician, nonetheless his public utterances reflect not only a first-rate mind but also someone very much aware of the many challenges facing our nation. He has also put forth novel ideas on solving them. Unfortunately, Najib is culturally constrained from taking advice from his youngest brother Nazir.

    Last year Nazir suggested granting amnesty to corrupt individuals in return for their confessions and making good their loot, prior to implementing tougher laws. To say that it was a radical idea would be an understatement but on reflection, there is considerable merit to his suggestion. At the very least we would get a measure of the magnitude of the problem and its infinite variations. That could help us design better laws and ways to combat the scourge.

  83. ainol_hasanal says:

    There was this story of a peddler of hats who one day fell asleep under a tree in the heat of the day. When he woke up, his hats were all gone except for the one on his head. On looking up he saw the monkeys in the tree with hats. The peddler tried all manner of tricks to induce those monkeys to part with their newfound toys, but to no avail. In disgust he threw his hat to the ground and stomped off. In the finest “monkey see, monkey do” mode, the apes did the same, and that was how the peddler recovered his merchandise.

    A generation later it was the peddler’s son who fell asleep under the same tree. He too lost his hats to the monkeys. Remembering the lesson imparted from his father, the young man threw his hat to the ground. At which point the monkeys laughed at him. “You are not getting your hats back,” they scoffed, “we learned your trick from our parents!”

    When Najib enticed those monkeys of politics to Barisan, he stole a play from Anwar Ibrahim’s game book. Anwar may rightly feel flattered by Najib’s imitating, or more correctly, aping. However, like the hat-peddler’s son, Najib may have learned his lesson well but what he may not realize is that those political monkeys too had learned their lessons! They are making a monkey of Najib.

    When you have a bunch of monkeys and an equally mischievous as well as irresponsible handler, there is no telling what lasting damage they could inflict. It is time to let Najib out of his monkey business and free those monyet under his keep to once again roam the jungle where they belong. If out of habit they still hang around us waiting for their bananas and making a pest of themselves, then we should kill a rooster or two. That would scare away those monkeys.

  84. same2 says:

    Unlike the murder of Altantuya, there was no cover-up on Suzan Tamim’s murder, however some restrictions on the reporting by the Egyptian AG.

    First similarity – the one who actually murdered her was an ex-policeman, while Altantuya was killed and bombed by two policemen.

    Second similarity – the murder was linked to a businessman who is also a lawmaker. In Altantuya case, it was linked to two different persons, one businessman who was awarded a big fat commission for brokering some deals and another one was a lawmaker (with a big fat spouse). Coincidentally they share a same name, one as a first name, the other one as a second name.

    Altantuya was shot in a close range before she was bombed into pieces by using C4. The two policemen were found guilty and sentenced to death. However, the real person (or persons) behind the murder is still out there without being called to be interrogated or to be called as a witness.


  85. wits0 says:

    Although, to a great degree, politics may depend on perception, yet for him to boast along this line itself is something like a Freudian slip wrt his own character.

    A person firmly sold on the notion that perception is everything and truth matters not cannot be a good or honest person by any count. We know politicians aren’t angels but with the clout of power a person who thinks that black can be made to appear as white is automatically also an inherently unprincipled and dangerous person.

    Besides, how much hidden baggage can be loaded into a small boat before it sinks?

  86. wits0 says:

    Najib’s latest strategy: perception war

    Comment @ http://mt.m2day.org/2008/content/view/22222/84/
    written by Hakim Joe, May 22, 2009 02:26:43
    Perception can only be useful if the people are ignorant, and we are no longer susceptible to these propaganda by BN.

  87. […] Adoi, Najib! No one believes this. Who believes you now when you say this : “I am not crazy for power for the sake of power only”. So spare […] […]

  88. roroad says:


    NAJIB IS STAINED & TAINTED aaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnddddd


  89. zaidi says:

    Najib and his coterie are proceeding on the assumption that people have short memories – as Mahathir succinctly put it recently and that anything they do now will be forgotten by 2013. Look at the Kris kissing event, it took place in 2005, see what the electorate did in 2008 – short memories??. They continue to delude themselves that the people will forget and that by treachery alone they can continue to wield power. Such denial is only going to get them the inevitable – the boot, 1Malaysia notwithstanding.

  90. wits0 says:

    “They continue to delude themselves that the people will forget ..”

    Yes, they do. They forget that the wind is no longer with the sail of the Most Slavish Media Today – and that Star toilet paper e.g., is being despised for its daily spins.

    We have not forgotten the TPCA stadium demaguogery of Naif or the Kutty’s selective arrests under the Ops Lallang nonsense following it. And tons of other abuses that lead to the dismal state that we are in today.

  91. Joe Black says:


    Forget about the Rest of the Rhetorica…..

    How about going down history as;

    “Cakap Kosong PM”


    “Empty Talk PM”

  92. Anis says:

    A bunch of graffiti artists hijacked one of those billboards congratulating Najib as the new PM by removing his face from it!

    Check out the video on youtube!

  93. roroad says:

    (Would Rusdi like to deny that he came to meet me at the Havana Club at midnight some time in 2007 to offer to pay me off to stop writing about Najib and his link to the Altantuya murder? Would Rusdi like to deny he asked me to name my price? Would Rusdi like to deny he phoned me the next day and scolded me for telling Dr Mahathir about it? Would Rusdi like to deny that he phoned me and scolded me for telling Dr Mahathir because Najib screwed him good and proper after Dr Mahathir gave him a piece of his mind? An Umno man by the name of ‘Man Cowboy’ was there that night. Would Rusdi like to deny that as well?)

    blardy fool kerala kutty oso know najib is accessory to murder!!!

  94. AA says:

    “I am not crazy for power for the sake of power only”.

    Of course not la. Correct what what Najib said. Because he is crazy for power not for the sake of power only but for the sake of power together with wealth, high standing in society etc etc.

  95. Botok says:

    See everything youre, room They will?Up bed you, give the.Powerful service to, million times better.Of each customers Botok, motorcycle riders who and scan through.Youll undoubtedly scare, to suit older.,

  96. JEFFRY BONG says:

    You can Fool some people sometime but you cannot Fool all the people all the time with all your antics and beautiful slogans.
    ” The powers– that –be ——–……………………………….

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