And here’s my article in THE NATION (Bangkok) on “royal meddling” in Perak and Wong Chin Huat’s arrest for wearing black.

By: P Ramakrishnan

19 May 2009

The claim by self-proclaimed Speaker of the Perak State Assembly, R Ganesan, that he had no choice but to summon the police into the House at the height of the ruckus during the May 7 sitting, is dubious and deceiving (Sunday Star 17 May 2009). There is no merit in his claim.

In the first instance, his entry into and his very presence in the Assembly is questionable. How on earth did Ganesan get into the Assembly? The Assembly building was out of bounds to all except the elected members of the Assembly.

There was a police cordon to prevent all the others from entering the Assembly. A 500 metre no-access zone was declared and anyone found anywhere near this perimeter were either chased away or were arrested when they resisted the police orders.

Even Perak Members of Parliament were denied access to the Assembly. Veteran MP Lim Kit Siang was refused entry into the building in spite of the fact that he had come with the invitation letter from the Speaker to attend the Assembly sitting.

Likewise, Kulasegaran and Dr Jeyakumar, both elected MPs from Perak were turned away. That’s how strict the police were. They stringently enforced this ruling of refusing permission to all and sundry.

Smuggled in?

So the natural question is: How did Ganesan gain entry into the building. Who authorized his presence in the Perak State Assembly? How did he by-pass the police security arrangement? How did he hood-wink the police? How come the police did not detect him? Was he smuggled in? Was he planted in the building the previous day?

Is it possible that the police were working hand in glove with illegitimate MB Zambry and BN Assemblymen and facilitated Ganesan’s presence in the building?

Ganesan had no business to be inside the Assembly. One can safely conclude that his appearance and continued presence in the Assembly prompted and provoked a situation which went beyond control.

Secondly, contrary to his claim that he had no choice but to call in the police, if indeed he was the Speaker of the Assembly as he claims, he could have adjourned the Assembly sitting, following which he and his cohorts could have left the Assembly.

This simple action would have prevented the Assembly from becoming chaotic and unruly. Since he did not do this, it can be rightly construed that he had contributed to the topsy-turvy situation.

The illegitimate MB and the Barisan Nasional Assemblypersons by smuggling in Ganesan had incited the unruly behaviour.

Illegally Elected?

Thirdly, the way Ganeson was ‘elected’ Speaker was also questionable. According to Speaker V Sivakumar, the Assembly had not been convened. In other words, the Assembly was not in session.

Sivakumar had stated that he would not convene the Assembly as long as those ordered out of the House were still inside. That was his stated position. That being the case, how was Ganesan elected when the Assembly was not in session?

Can a group of BN Assemblymen get together privately in one corner of the Assembly building when the Speaker was still occupying his chair and elect someone else? We have a situation when an outsider appears mysteriously in the building and he was elected Speaker when the Assembly had not officially convened.

This was not the only absurd situation we had on 7 May. On that day, we also seemed to have had two Speakers and two Menteris Besar at the same time in the same building!

The Standing Orders of the Assembly were thrown to the winds and the proper procedures that had to be followed were totally ignored. And that was the reason why things turned ugly, unruly and chaotic on May 7.

A BN-Police conspiracy?

Ganesan further contributed to the chaos by ordering the police to forcibly evict Sivakumar from the Assembly. What were the police doing inside the Assembly? Ganesan did not send someone to invite the police to do his bidding. They were already there waiting for his orders. Isn’t that very strange!

By calling on the police to drag out the duly elected Speaker from the Assembly, Ganesan had defiled and desecrated the sanctity of the Assembly. It is an unforgivable sin that he had committed that must be roundly condemned. We should never introduce thuggish behaviour into the legislative assembly where the rule of law should have been paramount and should have prevailed at all times.

What transpired as a result of Ganesan’s conduct raises many serious questions. Why did the police obey him? How did they know he was the new speaker? Was there an announcement that Sivakumar was ousted?

Or was this part of a pre-prepared and pre-rehearsed script? The way things fell into place would indicate that there was a scheme to capture the Perak state government, if necessary, by force. The plot was hatched studiously and implemented without a care for the rule of law.

This is a dangerous precedent and it should not be tolerated. It must be condemned in the strongest terms. There must be retribution for this outrageous behaviour.

Perakians will remember this shameful episode in their proud history and they will punish all those who frustrated the democratic will of the people.

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  1. imyfish says:

    The Speaker should be above all politics. One of his many roles is to maintain dignity in the house and to stand up for the minority against the majority.

    What had actually happened is disgraceful.

    I on the other hand am curious what the police has to say about their action!

    so, mata-mata, come out of the closet, don hide!

  2. telur dua says:

    Ganesan is a hantu. He can go anywhere anytime.


  3. mike says:

    Pusing pusing one

  4. Malaysia is nothing but a polis state! Thanks but no thanks to Mahakutty for his invention.

    Mahakutty and the polisputraks are legitimate gangsters in Malaysia and they could committ all sorts of crimes with impunuty!

    How could Malaysia be a peaceful country if the polisputrakis and Mahakutty could roam freely in Malaysia after committing all these heinous crimes?

  5. Now the polisputrakis are issueing sommons freely for minor traffic offence but charged heavily for fines. The polisputrakis are worst than the robbers and they are legitimate to rob the rakyats’ money.

    And this polisputrakis are robbing the power from the Perak state reps which are elected by the rakyats.

    All these polisputrakis sure are living like kings in Malayisland with 1MalaysiaC4 providing all kinds of perks to rear them for all the crimes they impinged to the rakyats.

    What happened in the Perak State assembly just shows that the polisputrskis thought they are the above the state law.

    Therefore why waste rakyats’ money in electing all these hp6 power crazy reps to represent the rakyats?

    Might as well send all these hp6 power crazy reps to jail together with Mahakutty and the polisputrakis.

    The rakyats will be only safe when all these legitimate and nuisance gangsters are all locked up in jails.

  6. And what is this old eunuch doing in Ipoh? This old rocket eunuch was kicked out from Johor, Malacca, Penang and now trying the con the Perakians!

    This old Eunuch is a jinx to the people. As long as this old eunuch, son and sil are still around, Malaysia can not have peaceful days. Perak, Penang and Malacca are in deep quigmires- all because of the faults of the rocket dynastic heredity!

    Come next election, vote all these hp6 no-use BN & PR reps out and elect people like sloone, anil, witso, dr. wong, rpk, rocky baru, hang jebat baru, monsterballs…. to represent the rakyats.

    They can be much much better politicians..

  7. dragon says:

    aiyoo susan we can discuss this till the cows come home but as long as barisan is there anything can be done.mic do have thuggish.leader is the biggest thug.

  8. Bobby says:

    ok lah, so at the moment, police follow BN’s orders.
    When PR takes over federal government in 2013, see how BN likes it being whacked by the police.

  9. Leong Yook Kong says:

    2 Peraks 2 MBs 2 Speakers 2 Election Commissions 2 Judicial Systems 2 Police Systems.

    With 2 Police Systems, surely can “tutup mata”.

    The storming of the Perak State Assembly on May 07 was pre-planned by a “mastermind”. At that moment of the storming by the “police”, we felt that the darkest cloud had descended upon Perak.

    On March 20, I had refused to shake hands with the “mastermind” at a dinner function in the Red Crescent building near the Perak Stadium even though the “mastermind” had offered his hand to me while he moved forward to his seat.

  10. shane says:

    A simple answer to all of the questions above!.. Ganesan is BN, the rest who were denied are not!

  11. rondeva says:

    The last 20years the country was ruled by JUNGLE laws. Now how can we except the rule of law to be enforced. oh god,please help this nation where law and order can be restored.

  12. alrawa says:

    Ganesan – this fella is a jonah.

  13. apapunboleh says:

    a criminal will always act and think like a criminal

  14. williem says:

    Mr Leong, Glad to know what you did. More ppl should do this so that this disgust is felt everywhere everytime at ground level. If I were you, I would proudly do the same. We do not want to shake this hand full of shit!

  15. cerita says:

    As long as you don’t have self principle and dignity, greed for fame and money and joined the MIC/MCA/UMNO, it will be luck for you to be defying any law and constitution, you can be at anywhere where everyone else not allowed to.

  16. Gantangian says:

    Actually, Ganesan is the most shameless man in Perak. Because, MIC never won a single seat in Perak, how can MIC be appointed as speaker?? THE Rakyat HAS shown their disgust against MIC in Perak and even the President of MIC suffered a shameful loss in Perak. So how can the rakyat dumbly accept Ganesan as speaker??

  17. Thor says:

    Is there any way to sue the three “jumping frogs” for criminal breach of trust?
    I’m sure alot of disgrunted Perak voters are willing to do that.
    Any good lawyers around?

  18. thepplway says:

    we do believe in Justice for all,but struggle for it!

  19. wandererAUS says:

    Already this UMNO goons were making a mockery of democracy in their unacceptable samseng behaviour in the May 7 illegal Assembly called by the belakan pintu shameless mb. To top it all, we have a non Assembly person behaved without shame and arrogantly to claim his position as a pariah speaker!…simply because, he is an BN scum who have corrupted Institutions shielding his butt!
    Is this the Mongolian C4 visison of a !Malaysia and a people’s friendly PM? Stick it up your ………

  20. Gantangian says:

    wanderer I think you should retract your statement or face the police. You are not supposed to say those things

  21. wandererAUS says:

    Good on you Leong, you have done us proud.
    Shaking the hands of these paraih goons is like putting one’s hand on a filthy a##.

  22. Gantangian says:


  23. donplaypuks says:

    “Is it possible that the police were working hand in glove with illegitimate MB Zambry and BN Assemblymen and facilitated Ganesan’s presence in the building?”


    How else could Ganesan and Shafee (UMNO lawyer) have got in to the exclusion of Lim Kit Siang, Jeyakumar et al?

    I think we can safely conclude it was all pre-planned.

    But, it is 100% certain that Ganesan’s ‘election’ as Speaker was illegal and we don’t need no Constitutional Expert lawyers to tell us that.

    You cannot have a one-sided election when the legal Speaker is still there, he nor the Sultan has called the State Asembly to order and the vote was not extended to the barisan Coalition.

    Ganesan is illegal, Zambry is illegal and the whole BN exco’s appointment to the SA in Perak is illegal and ultra vires the Constitution. How the Police and Sergeant at Arms came to the conclusion that Ganesan was the rightful Speaker will only be a mystery if we refuse to accept that the Police acted in a totally biased manner and the SaA refused to remain neutral.

    Civil Servants, Police and our courts have all flouted the rule of law. That they are guilty as hell can be seen from the fact that the CoA and Fed Court judges now refuse to give a written decision, to cover their ass!

  24. Gantangian says:


  25. Gantangian says:


  26. Soul of Malaysia says:

    How did Ganesan enter the Perak Dewan without the speaker Siva’s permission.Ganesan should be charged for tresspassing, since he had no permission to enter the august house. Whatever he did after that is tantamount to mischief. So please Ganesan as a gentleman from MIC, will refrain from going to the dewan as you have no permission. police should apprehend him and charge him for trepassing as he was not an elected rep to be in the dewan.

  27. telur dua says:

    All self-respecting MIC members in Malaysia turned down the offer to become Speaker Haram of Perak. All, except this hantu named Ganesan.

    Can’t blame this shameless nobody because this is his chance of a lifetime to be in a starring role. Ptuuuuui!

  28. kittykat46 says:

    Ganesan is just a thug UMNO pulled in from the sewer to dirty the Speaker’s chair.

    I don’t think there is any precedent in Malaysia of dragging a goon in from the street and making him the Speaker, though both the Federal Constitution and the Perak constitution doesn’t make it compulsory that the person has to be a member of the Legislature.

    Just says “a person who either is a member of the House or is qualified for election as such a member”.

    I suppose my kittykat qualifies to be a speaker as well…

  29. LAKIAN says:

    So how and what can we do at this moment?it is illegal,deceiving,lawless and whatsoever,Is there any action somebody can do to stop all these nonsence or we can just only talk and talk….

  30. TYKo says:

    Dear Susan,

    We deserved what we get, right? after all, more than 50% of malaysian still choose Be End as their leaders in the last GE. Unless more rakyat decide otherwise, we will keep complaining and discussing till cows come home.
    Everyone has to work harder and bring more awareness to their friends, family, relatives, colleagues if we wish to bring be end down in the next GE. And to remind those qualified as voters to register themselves.
    And we need to do it now!

  31. Hosea says:

    What that has happened had expose who the real evil doers are in this country and every sound minded persons will reject them totally in the days to come.This dubious assembly is illegal and unconstitutional and even if BN stays in power they will remain illegitimate in the eyes of Malaysian and even if they bring many projects into Perak, they will still be perceive the real enemies of Malaysia and a scam.

  32. hahahaha says:

    hey guys, common’
    ganesan is the Malaysian Obama!

  33. wits0 says:

    Since it’s also all on tape, and the players easily identifiable, should there still be accountability in this land, Ganesan is a nice place to insert the fine end of the chisel required.

  34. sherry says:

    RPK’s Son Pleads Guilty To Theft
    Raja Azman Raja Petra, the 32-year-old son of Malaysia Today editor Raja Petra Raja Kamarudin, pleaded guilty at the Magistrates Court here to four counts of stealing motorbikes, house break-ins and possessing stolen goods.

    Source: The Star.
    I wonder what will RPK update in his blog – It’s BN game plan, the police make a wrong arrested, there is no justice in Malaysia, it’s not my son … it’s somebody son, our judiciary system is badly corrupted or may be it’s Najib devil plan to tarnish AnWar’s image during the Penalti’s election. Gheeesh.

  35. Steven says:

    First you have 2 criminals facing corruption charges in the BN camp. Then you have 1 despicable traitor woman Hee in the BN camp. Now you have thug like Ganesan in the BN camp. This is how BN grabbed power from Pakatan by using criminals, traitor and thugs.Then you have those that are guilty of money politics still be CM and allowed to stand for UMNO election.

    Do you still want to vote for BN again. Certainly not

  36. wandererAUS says:

    gantangian, who the blooming dick you think you are, to ask me to retract what I wrote. Simply because you are Nagis a## wiper, you need not have to shamelessly demonstrate yourself as a low being. Get a life dude!

  37. wandererAUS says:


    Gantangian – May 19, 2009 at 4:34 pm

    Dickhead, I and I am sure all decent Malaysians will avoid a hand that is stained with blood!
    Blady creep, go and sniff his ba##s!

  38. eeyaw says:

    These umno & mic goons have no shame, robbing the Perakians through thuggery & not only that they are one BIG BULLY & COWARD, only know how to threaten the Rakyats using dogs but dare not even stand in elections.

  39. Pegasus says:

    gantangian …get the hell out of here..! we don’t need umno ball suckers like you around..!
    The Perak crisis is simply a desperado act by Naif to pull the power from under the feet of Pakatan Rakyat and it fail miserably!!It was shameful and simply look ridiculous on him. The manner in which he had plan the whole thing to gain power through the back door is a real low. Stooping this low only makes the people more disgusted with BN. Ganesan had slither in like a snake without anyone noticing..! The Perak crisis has open up the people’s eyes more wider to see the outragoues manner BN has acted. Naif has dig deeper the grave for the BN coffin to go in..! The 13th GE will mark the end of BN rule!!!

  40. ookook says:

    PPP president denies making ‘monkeys in cage’ remark


    PPP president Datuk M. Kayveas has denied calling MIC, the largest Indian-based political party in the country, “monkeys in a cage.”
    Saying that he had never made the derogatory remark, the former Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department said certain quarters made up “a story to tarnish his image.”

    “Where is the proof that I made the statement. I would say it is all hearsay… in fact, I can sue those who issue public statements alleging that I made the remark,” he told Bernama.

    Yesterday, Vel Paari, a MIC vice-presidential aspirant and son of MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu, was reported to have asked Kayveas to provide an explanation to the party over the remark.

  41. ookook says:

    Big OOK got real hair……..

    “My hair is real, normal hair, not what you think. I have not planted any hair.”

  42. monsterball says:

    Genesan is trying to be a hero to protect UMNO….to please Najib.
    New hero of UMNO…Ms.Hee said she was pointing a bunch of keys…feeling being … an opposition parliamentarian…approaching her…in a hall fully lighted and filled with gentlemen.. to protect her..if ever in trouble.
    She took out a mini tear gas sprayer and pointed at that man!
    She can lie so easily.
    From her character…you can know..13th GE..she is finished!!

  43. dunnoalso says:

    u r a brave fellow . All the way from in Australia?
    my my….spewing hot air from yr rear?
    I salute u….a middle finger salute.

  44. dunnoalso says:

    blog sumthin about the misfortune that has happened
    to RPK. He needs yr help. He cannot be tarnished cos
    of his son’s act. Help him.

  45. SameSame says:

    Round and round we go on the trail again.

    Never ending accusations and never ending feud! At the end the suckers are we, the rakyat! for we elected these goons onto this platform elevation! Feel like hancur-ing the platform and see what happens! Am tired of seeing M’sian news as they are bias and then they come and give us the 1 liners which makes them look more stupid (and this is too all the politicans!) Fed-up and tired! just waiting for next GE!

    Now i am going to do what AAB does best…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzsnort…szzzzz…

  46. loose says:

    “He cannot be tarnished cos of his son’s act.”

    That`s his son in the T-shirt with “Russia” across it.

  47. wandererAUS says:

    dunnoalso, another UMNO scumbag trooper, my middle finger stick it between your hid legs!
    I take responsiblity for what I said, how does that grab you, numbskull!…. I am not like a dumbass kampong chicko who only capable of thumbing his own bloody chest like an orang untan in his own backyard to giving a sense of false bravery…worst still hiding most of the time behind the blue uniform monkeys!
    Your disquised threat does not even tickle my little toe!
    For your information ignorant dog, mongolian C4 is an UMNO PM…not chosen by Malaysians, so go eat your prick up!

  48. Monty Jr. says:

    Extract from the NST on Raja Petra’s son’s charges:-

    “The accused( Raja Azman Raja Petra, 32),however, when asked if he wanted to mitigate for a lower bail, he (Raja Azman) only shook his head in the negative.”

    *It’s quite peculiar when given a chance by the magistrate to plead for mitigation of bail (of pecuniary), he shook his head in the negative. Something is not right here. Was he framed?

  49. dunnoalso says:

    wow wandererAus i am shivering in my pants.hahaha
    me an umno scumbag?..excuse me….never like them…for that matter …never like politicians from all sides. despise them…esp the wannabees….r u one of them?
    me …threatening u? u must be kidding …
    Me just thinkin out loud..did i irritate u?

  50. I-C4-youse says:

    “He cannot be tarnished cos of his son’s act.”

    Ton Rasa is proud of Naif C4 act.

  51. ahila says:

    Ganesan , you are equal only to the evil Rajapakse of SriLanka…but again he is a Singhalese. But you being a Tamil….abused Sivakumar,who is also a fellow Tamilian. ARE you proud of what you have done???? Shame on you for self proclaiming yourself as the Speaker, when ‘we’ the rakyat, hold Sivakumar in our heart as THE SPEAKER !

  52. rafraf says:

    Hamidah Osman (BN-Sungai Rapat) particularly earned the wrath of the Pakatan Rakyat assemblymen when she asked whether Sivakumar “agreed to disagree” with the well-known fable of whether a snake or a man from a certain racial community should be killed first.

    Then Ganesan gang up with BN.

  53. rafraf says:

    Maybe ganesan is melayuputra?????????? like Hamidah Osman.

  54. temenggong says:

    This format is much better, Susan. I was getting tired of the cat with the machine gun.

    Still, the black background makes reading difficult. For the above 50 I guess.

  55. danet7882 says:

    Nice.. I miss some of the point myself… post these question to najis, see how he’s going to answer all these?

    “saya tak tahu, semuanya atas arahan En. Zambry” says najis

    “saya Mandela, Ganesan suka saya, dia masuk sendiri” says zambry

    “saya elected speaker, dipilih oleh zambry, zambry dipilih oleh sultan = maka itu saya sah” says ganesan

    in the end sultan yg kena… lol 😦

  56. chinlwu says:

    How much dignity is left of a person when an Assemblymen
    used the ” well-known fable of whether a snake or a man from a certain racial community should be killed first ” , yet Ganesan happily accept to be the Speaker and participate to use force to evict a fellow country.

    Really, the word ” pariah ” seems appropriate and suit him.

  57. wandererAUS says:

    dunnoalso, so you’re the UMNO ketuanan melayu dickheads who has an ego too big for you f**king head! Perhaps, you can only show your arrogance and false bravery in your little pennisular with the rotten blue monkeys protect your a##. all the time. Come over here, I will teach you motherf##kers what bravery is all about! Dig, cheapskate?
    Don’t waste your time here. it is time for you to get your handouts…ketuanan p#g a##!

  58. wandererAUS says:

    dunnoalso, if the hat does not fit you, I retract for what I said…not out of fear, just a gentleman’s courtesy.
    This is more for that UMNO mongrel gantangian, a typical kampong dog who finds courage only to bark at his own backyard.

  59. seconal says:

    In just 22 words, the Speaker of Britain’s lower house of parliament resigned on Tuesday, becoming only the second person in 300 years to be forced from the job.

    Ganesan should be prostituted for trespassing, he had no business to be there, not having been elected.

  60. seconal says:

    typo: “Ganesan should be prostituted for trespassing, he had no business to be there, not having been elected.”

    should be

    “Ganesan should be prosecuted for trespassing, he had no business to be there, not having been elected.”

    Ganesan is the one who threw a lighted match in the theatre.


    Come let’s watch the latest “musical chair”
    Whereby not all the players ever play fair
    With justice being just snatched by the hair
    We can only wonder what’s left in the lair?

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 190509
    Tue. 19th May 2009.

  62. jamesloh18 says:

    cant get the father get the son? in the movie u see the bad guy holding wife son grandfather as hostage ..dont need to go high school !

  63. jkoena says:

    malaysia indian coward ganesan is the greatest indian loser, he is being intentionly used by that wicked umno to marginalise the indians again and now he sure know how to trample the really deprived indians. You are not a true indian but you are now one of those despicable umno kelings!

  64. amoker says:

    he is a great dog. that genesan.

  65. […] “It was all Ganesan’s fault’ And here’s my article in THE NATION (Bangkok) on “royal meddling” in Perak and Wong Chin Huat’s […] […]

  66. zztop says:

    The PDRM is so very very busy removing the legal Speaker from the Assembly than catching this Ganesan snake who in the first place should not be presence in the assembly. How can this pariah scumbag snake into the assembly in the first place?? What are the so called “fair and efficient” police doing???
    This is Bolehland.

  67. huhu says:

    I w’ld believe it was all planned between zambry, ganesan, polices and the c4 la!

  68. tt says:


    Keputusan Barisan Nasional (BN) tidak bertanding dalam pilihan raya kecil di Penanti pada 31 Mei ini bukan kerana takut kalah, tetapi protes terhadap pembangkang yang memperalatkan sistem demokrasi di negara ini.


    kah kah kah… PROTES ?…. PROTES?…. PROTES?… kah kah kah…


    kah kah kah….. JANGAN LAH NAK TIPU ORANG MELAYU…kah kah kah..


    kah kah kah… DULU KALAU KALAH SALAHKAN MAT NGANTOK kah kah kah…



    Dicatat oleh Tukar Tiub

  69. Ngar Choy Kai says:

    Thanks to Barisan Nasional for single-handedly transforming Ipoh from a rich and bustling Tin-City to a Ngar-Choy-Kai (Bean-Sprout with Chicken) industry. Ipoh never recovered from this fatal stroke of incompetence and greed to corner the World Tin Market. As a result of this, the once vibrant Tin Industry was totally wiped out.

    It all started with a shady Egyptian tin trader by the name of David Zaidner. He worked for the commodities firm Marc Rich & Co in Switzerland. ( I’ll ask my children to remember their names!)….

    In December 1980 the state-owned Malaysian Mining Corp. Bhd(MMC). named Marc Rich as its trading agent in a move that would shock the world commodities industry.

  70. najispiders says:

    Najis Tong Rosak admits it was his shit flying around in Perak:

    May 20, 2009

    By Teo Cheng Wee, Foreign Correspondent and Zuraidah Ibrahim, Associate Editor, The Straits Times Singapore

    KUALA LUMPUR: Singapore and Malaysia must not allow thorny ‘legacy issues’ to hamper closer image cooperation in other areas such as Johor’s Iskandar development, said Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak in an exclusive interview with The Straits Times ahead of his visit to Singapore on Thursday and Friday.

    He said he was hopeful of putting Iskandar high on the agenda of the visit even though there were no specific issues to discuss and the visit is to establish a working relationship with Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

    During the interview this week, Mr Najib also spoke about the need to adjust the New Economic Policy and the situation in Perak. There were many issues he had to juggle but he can manage them, he said.

    When asked whether his Umno rank-and-file and chieftains understood well the need for reforms, he said: ‘That’s alright…they’re small chiefs. I’m the biggest chief.’

  71. candida says:

    May 21, 2009

    When the court reconvened after lunch at 2.10 pm, Nizar’s counsel Sulaiman Abdullah began by slamming the submissions put forth by Cecil and Gani, calling them ‘trash’.

    Basically, Nizar’s stand is that the Sultan is empowered by the constitution to hire but not fire.

    So regardless of the checks performed as mentioned by Cecil, the act of sacking Nizar was unconstitutional as it could only be performed by Nizar’s peers in the state assembly via a no-confidence vote. Not behind closed doors at the discretion of the Sultan.

    A three-member panel is hearing the case after Nizar’s request for a five-man bench was rejected. The judges are Abdul Raus Sharif, Zainun Ali and Ahmad Maarop. The hearing is expected to take a few days before the court can make a ruling, although DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang has expressed concern it might be trying to rush things through. “Court of Appeal seems to want to finish hearing today. Hope there is no rush,” the veteran leader twittered from his mobile phone.

    Sulaiman asked the court to put in perspective the arguments from Cecil and the AG. If these were accepted, then it means that even the prime minister can be fired by the ruler, if the latter so deems that the PM no longer enjoyed the support of the majority of BN lawmakers. He reiterated there was no provision in the Perak constitution that gave express power for the ruler to sack a menteri besar. The Ruler can only dismiss state executive councillors but not his chief minister. “There is no constitutional provision for the menteri besar to be dismissed or sacked. That has to be done at the assembly where a vote of no-confidence should have been made,” said Sulaiman.

    Sulaiman also argued that there was no need for Nizar to tender his resignation as there was no motion for a no-confidence vote to be tabled in the assembly. In fact, Speaker Sivakumar had written to the Azlan of Perak on Feb 6 to ask for a special sitting and to seek the postponement of the thief Zambry’s appointment and the ruler did not accede to it and appointed the thief Zambry instead.

    Sulaiman stressed that Nizar was not challenging the rulers’s power not to dissolve the assembly. “Neither are we challenging his powers to call the elected representatives but he cannot take the large step forward to determine Nizar has lost his majority and order him to resign,” the lawyer said.

    With that, Sulaiman – Nizar’s lead counsel – ended his submission, urging the Appeals court not to change the decision of the High Court. Another of Nizar’s counsel, Ranjit Singh, has begun submitting.

  72. The claim by self-proclaimed Speaker of the Perak State Assembly, R Ganesan, that he had no choice but to summon the police into the House at the height of the ruckus during the May 7 sitting, is dubious and deceiving (Sunday Star 17 May 2009). There is no merit in his claim.

    Its really very hard to get justice in today’s world.

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