2009_poster_sm                                                                                                                                                       banner_120x60_120_01May 17 is International AIDS Memorial Day.
* Honor the memory of those lost to AIDS;
* Show support for those living with HIV and AIDS;
* Raise community awareness and decrease stigma related to HIV/AIDS; and
* Mobilize community involvement in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Join the candlelight memorial worldwide for those living with HIV and AIDS. Please read Kumaguru’s article which I received in the mail today.

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  1. monsterball says:

    Is a terrible modern disease.
    Innocent people and babies are affected and born with AIDS…really very sad.
    It is a disease that needs wealthy rich countries like US government to fight…but no….they prefer to fight wars to get cheap oil.
    It is the generous rich Americans individuals that are doing the charitable acts..especially from the entertaining world….and China…India are following the good examples.
    World populations are crying in their hearts…feeling so helpless…seeing people die like files because of AIDS.
    It seems to have gone down in numbers….due to tireless voluntary teachers from all over the world…educating the uneducated on sex and AIDS….in Africa and Middle East..supported by rich individuals and financing NGOs….from few small countries …..mostly from Europe.
    I can only write and pray…and lighting a candle..no problem.

  2. monsterball says:

    Where is my message?

  3. Kancilandak says:

    Good thing this post Susan. Is also good thing great stateman daughter Marina do for aids victim. Not for women like you, this people alway dabble in politiking and forget ill people.

  4. Dr Wong Ang Peng says:

    The first genuine fight against HIV/AIDS can start with the first step by visiting http://www.dr-rath-research.org and also http://www.wha-www.org

    Any call for taking more Anti-retroviral drugs like AZT and Nevirapine is tentamounting to being protituted by big pharma to cheat the unknowing and hopeless masses already being driven by fear. A good example is the case of celebrities being alowed themselves to be prostituted via advertisement to encourage young girls to take HPV (human papilloma virus) shots. Now reports are rising in US and elsewhere of serious adverse effects, including deaths.

    And now we have the Influenza A H1N1 (swine flu) hype. Already reports are surfacing from prominent world scientists that the source of outbreak could be from the lab. So far there is no proven case that swine flu transmit to humans. Only humans transmit to humans.

    Only recombinant genes or genetically engineered organism are capable of cross species transmission, ie from animals to humans, in a virulent form. I say its deliberate accidental release to gain more financial-economic-political advantage by the small group of whorld elites – those that are link to the Rockefeller and Rothschild Foundation. These Foundations owned the biggest pharma, biotech, banking, oil corporations in the world.

    Wong Ang Peng

  5. chrysanti says:

    Thank you Susan! i dont know if today is International AIDS Memorial Day! woohoo.. hope this candle light will give good effect to people to keep save from AIDS especially for they who like to do free sex.

  6. Menyalak-er says:

    In a way, i would agree with Dr.APWong above. It’s a given fact that the pharm industry is literally ripping off the people, but that in the case of AIDS the issues are much more complex because of human behavior and the cultural mores ingrained.
    It is also carrys political, socio-economic and therefore ‘class’ factors. He also has a valid point about the HPV vaccine fior cervical cancer.
    There is little to gain from ‘pitying’ the sufferers as such, but to concentrate our resources for better care and limit transmission by mass educational campaigns.
    However, i wouldn’t make a sweeping about ‘species jumping’ though, in the case of H1N1Mexico, as this also happened in the 1918 pandemic (H1N1). Were there ‘lab experiments’ then? What about Plague, Variola, Ebola-Marburg, Leptospirosis, Malaria etc?
    To put in proper perspective, 250,000-350,000 die from ‘common’ flu per year. More people die of starvation and water borne diseses than AIDS! Why don’t we mourn for these?
    I think, in general, a lot of the fault lies in human behavior and ignorance. Lighting a candle for this ‘lost cause’ is a worthless gesture…


    We want to remember all those who died of AIDS
    Especially all those innocent children and spouses
    Who didn’t really have any choice when they got AIDS
    Like those who got it through transfusion hoses

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 170509
    Sun. 17th May 2009.

  8. justme says:

    Why must we honour and remember those who died of aids? If we have these habits of paying homage and hounour victims of every deadly disease, we would end up having everyday of the calendar as a memorial day of one kind or another.
    The world would be better off if all countries allow for mercy killings for those terminally ill patients, such as advanced stage of cancer or aids etc. Why must we allow those to suffer months if not years of unbearable pain and a sense of being a burden to close and loved ones,not to mention the strain and emotional up and downs of those living relatives. I for one would not honour those victims,not that i am not compassionate, but it is unnecessary.

  9. storm62 says:

    saiful HIV+++ someone please send him a lubricated candle.

  10. monsterball says:

    Lets see Justme applies what he said …if AIDS is found with a love one of his family.
    Lack of understanding and tolerance makes a person utters nonsense.
    His message is another way to tell Malaysians do not tolerate….fight for your rights….supporting violence when being provoked by UMNO..which is exactly what UMNO wants.

  11. justme says:

    monsterball, your spin is just as good as rocky’s bru. Before you spew out anymore of your anti umno spill, not that i love umno anymore than you do,please may i suggest you take a deep breath .
    Most probably you are a well off family able to afford multiple Indonesian domestic help.
    Try having to take care of a terminally ill loved ones for 2 years or more, having to move him/her every 2 hours to prevent bedsores, clean up after every nature’s call, handfeed every 4 or 5 hours, wipe or take a shower every each day,make sure medication is on time, etc, then seeing the agony of pain and frustration on the patients face daily. After you have gone through all those, then you can comment on what I wrote. Of course, maybe you have a bevy of Indonesian domestic helpers, where you only yell and point fingers, then I cannot blame you.

  12. justme says:

    monsterball, does lighting a candle and your prayers makes you a compassionate person?

  13. justme says:

    monsterball, the dead suffers no more, the terminally ill are the ones suffering, the living, the caring loved ones too suffers. Don’t give me your crap about your prayers and candle lights.

  14. monsterball says:

    justme…You are the crab talking here.
    We are trying to be humane and radiate loving kindness to the sufferings …dying and the dead.
    Go to graveyards and shout your crabs.. on all souls day. I dare you to talk like that openly….face to face and I guarantee shit will be stuffed into your mouth.
    Even Scientists…explorers and non believers dare not insult the spirit world…knowing the sufferers will join them sooner later.
    Why not you spell it out….what you are….a non believer of any religion or perhaps…hero worshiping the devil reincarnated Mahathir?
    i suggest you kill all your relatives that are suffering from terminal illness…..let them die sooner and stop their sufferings.
    Why talk crabs….do that.
    You are trying to prove what a practical and sensible person you are ..in this blog?

  15. monsterball says:

    I have nursed an invalid.. for 15 years….cleaning up her shit and rubbing her everyday…with towel bathe and when she died .I missed her so much…until now and forever.
    Go and develop loving kindness to all humans.
    I do not spin. I tell truths as I see them..and i see you love talking crabs.

  16. monsterball says:

    justme is using his personal life sufferings and looses to somewhat saying…”Why me?”….and project his nonsensical logic here.
    He/she mat have lost a lover and blame in on others.
    I wonder has he/she ever donated to any charity. My guess is NO!
    OK..enough of this weird one.
    I will refrain from responding.
    How on earth can one discourages loving kindness and thoughtful acts…all good for the soul…to talk like justme?

  17. justme says:

    monsterball, for someone to be caring and compassionate, do one need to have a religion?
    Please monsterball, don’t make me laugh with your ” We are trying to be humane and radiate loving kindness to the sufferings …dying and the dead.”
    What you have spewed out in this blog are the opposite of that statement. Whatever religious leaning you may have, is not my concern.
    You are right, i would wish to have all terminally ill person to have an early death,legally assisted if i could. But i am not about to be a murderer as per your suggestion.
    To spell it out for you loud and clear, yes i am a non believer and don’t even try to convince me. Please enlighten me for my pleasure,do you pray and light candles for the millions killed in religious wars?
    monsterball, I don’t have to prove anything on what i consider my opinion.

  18. justme says:

    monsterball, please, an invalid(disabled) as you put it is not a terminally ill person. Moreover, monsterball, your interpretation of compassion and being humane are just acts of lighting candles and giving to charities? You really tickles me, monsterball.

  19. justme says:

    monsterball, before i wish you goodnight, allow me to pose this question to you.
    Why do we consider putting sick or badly injured animals be it our pets or strays to sleep by a vet as being a compassionate and humane act, but not on humans?
    Goodnight monsterball and sweet dreams if you are capable of having one.

  20. monsterball says:

    When one compare an animal with a human being..that person is ready to be enlightened and go to hell.

  21. justme says:

    A very good morning to you monsterball. i see you are an early riser,most probably having a bad night or nightmares? Anyway to quote you “When one compare an animal with a human being..that person is ready to be enlightened and go to hell.”

    That statement finally confirmed , you for whatever religious upbringing you have , do not possess the ability to have feelings of compassion and love, which to my understanding are teachings of all major religions. I rest may case.

  22. monsterball says:

    You can rest your arse at Najib’s face…for all I care.

  23. monsterball says:

    It only confirms you wish to disturb the main topic…and talking nonsense.
    It also confirm you master the art to twist and turn…having a personality…between the devil and the deep blue sea.
    If you love extreme pure .. old fashioned religious beliefs….say so.
    Those guys are mostly dead or have become fanatics.
    Your compassion and love for all living things..make sure….when you walk …do not step and kill any living things.
    Make sure you do not kill mosquitoes…or kill a worm when digging a hole to plant something. That worm maybe ..is your great great grandfather!!
    Do you love rats cockroaches and flies?

  24. monsterball says:

    It only confirms you wish to disturb the main topic…and talking nonsense.
    It also confirm you master the art to twist and turn…having a personality…between the devil and the deep blue sea.
    If you love extreme pure .. old fashioned religious beliefs….say so.
    Those guys are mostly dead or have become fanatics.
    Your sound like one ..flew over the coocoo nest.

  25. Gadfly says:

    We sometimes call peole who are terminally ill as the terminally ill instead of people with terminal illness. This is the same as what we call the mentally ill or the physically disabled instead of people with mental illness or physical disability. Perhaps, this also includes the use of ‘those’.

    Does it make a difference to read ‘Light a candle for the people we lost to AIDS’ and ‘Show support for people living with HIV and AIDS’ ? We see their humanness or humanity despite of their illness, instead of a term that seems to suggest ‘I am not you.’ The difference is subtle, but it affects our behaviour and thinking when we face with them directly.

    For people who suffer from cancer, there are many people would like to give helpful suggestions. But, when come to HIV or AIDS, there is the distancing if not the condemnation. Stigmatisation and ignorance are also the social illness that need to be addressed.This is the same hurting attitude shown towards people with mental illnes and all other disabilities – physical or developmental.

    We need to light a candle to drive away all the prejudices and discrimination towards all those we consider ‘the other’.

  26. Menyalak-er says:

    Are you an active participant in dealing with those who are living with AIDS, Gadfly? I am. What does the candle do? Zilch, for ‘the other’. It is no use using similitudes and high sounding spiritualism.
    They do not need our sympathy – they need empathy and to learn to live again. Productively, if possible. All the candles, like prayers in the world cannot hide the truth.
    Innocent victims are a product of lies, ignorance and lust – in essence human behavior.

  27. Morning Dew says:

    The real tragedy is not hiv or aids but ignorance. Ignorance of the many facts that had came to light but were never publicised because it went against coventional medical wisdom(aka known as pharma greed). Ignorance of the many lies that were put out by vested interests.

    What do we know today that we didn’t know before ?

    a. HIV was never the cause of AIDS. Robert Gallo the person who put forward the theory was never able to prove it. He was found lying. Now the medical fraternity is blaming another “passenger virus” that they do not know what it was. His first paper that was used to support his theory that he announced prior to the publication of his paper, actually proved that HIV WAS NOT THE CAUSE OF AIDS. Half the AIDS patient did not have the HIV virus.

    A congressional hearing subsequently found Gallo of presenting fraudulent data.

    b. HIV infection is not on the rise. Since 1986 when HIV surveillance was instituted they had consistently found HIV infection to be around a million americans. This surveillance is highly accurate. Such rate of infection is similar elsewhere and if we use the figure of 1 in 250 has HIV in a population malaysia will have roughly 108,000 infections and this will be stable. As testing rate goes up the number of people found to be HIV positive will rise. The rise is not due to infection but due to increase testing.

    HIV is a very old virus and had lived amongst us for centuries – like many other retroviruses in our bodies and it doesn’t do any harm to us.

    c. HIV infections amongst prostitutes are very low – I would hazard a guess of 1 in 250 , no different from the general population. Other STDs are now at an alarming rate. If HIV is so infectious why is the infection rate so low amongst the prostitutes ?

    d. The definition of AIDS had been changing since 1985 and each time it changes they found things could not fit in with HIV. The correlation between HIV and AIDS was so low that they had to revise the definition. However the correlation between AIDS and drug use is so high that the fact is escapable for anyone bother to look at it.

    Finally they changed the definition of AIDS to someone having a set of symptoms and testing positive for HIV. This makes the correlation between HIV and AIDS to be 100% – a simple lie and a sleigh of hand and the world continued to be fooled and deceived.

    e. AIDS highly non-random. In US & Europe close to 100% are male
    homosexuals, intravenous drug users and recipients of cytotoxic
    anti-HIV medications.

    Yes anti-HIV medicine do cause AIDS.(Nature Biotech. 1993 (Duesberg), and J. Biosci. 2003 (Duesberg,Koehnlein & Rasnick) for data and more explanations).

    f. High % of T-cells lost in AIDS. But only 1 in 500 T-cells is infected for HIV positive. Before the change in definition many AIDS patients do not have HIV.

    g. HIV as the cause of AIDS failed koch postulates. For those who claim otherwise, use the initial definition of AIDS.

    h. According to the peer-reviewed literature:

    • Not one doctor or nurse has ever contracted AIDS (not just HIV) from over 929,985 AIDS patients recorded in the US by 2004. But 1000 contract annually hepatitis from patients.

    • Not one of the thousands of HIV researchers has contracted AIDS from HIV.

    • Wives of hemophiliacs have not contracted AIDS from their husbands.

    • There is no AIDS-epidemic in prostitutes.

    • There is no pediatric AIDS epidemic from “perinatally” transmitted HIV.

    There is a lot more and not everything is what it seems. I encourage all doctors to look further into this. Don’t just read the abstract, read the entire paper and the objections raised. It is really an eye-opener. If you just read the abstract, it is like listening to a rumour without ascertaining the fact or substance of the conclusion. I was surprised by the blatant lies that were even put forth by reputable medical journals.

    For further reading –

  28. Menyalak-er says:

    Excellent short review, Morning Dew.
    In fact the first tissue sample with ‘AIDS’ with HIV could be traced as far back as 1962, if not earlier. Both congenital and acquired immunodeficency has been around a pretty long time, probably since the dawn of humanity. HIV like HLTV4 is the purported cause. Antiretrovirals and proteases do boost up CD4 counts, but most importantly CD$ for the drug companies. The amount is unjustifiable, when compared to simply educating the masses.

  29. Gadfly says:

    Menyalak-er, I was once a hospice volunteer for people with terminal illness of AIDS for over a year. I had come into direct contact with their saliva, urine and the tragic life-stories and also their resilience in facing death and dying which I am hesitant to share in public blogs as there were told in confidence.

    True,they do not need our sympathy. Perhaps only non-jugmental listening out of the deep loneliness and isolation. Death and dying is too big an issue for me respond to. I only journeyed with them. Every saying of ‘Goodbye’ to them seemed to be the last farewell. Some of us went home, crying when recollecting their life stories. We all have to come to terms with our own death and dying in our own way.

    There are many a lesson we can learnt from the dying. I do not think I have learnt much. But one thing I learn is: Don’t die with regrets. One man whom I met and who had gone had left an unforgettable image in my mind. He faced death with joy despite of having both legs amputated. But, there were also those who had deep regrets and wanted to commit suicide when what they saw were unforgiveness.

    There were also issues of goverment hospitals, family relationships, social support, community living, livelihood, medicinal costs, stigma and rejection, self-esteem etc.

    As you are an active participant in dealing with those who are living with AIDS, perhaps you can share with us more?

    If we know how to die, we know how to live. Difficult lesson, if not the most difficult. In life and our education, we learn many skills of how to survive or how to achieve. But, the art of dying and the art of living seem to be rather elusive because of too much distractions or diversions.

  30. monsterball says:

    I envy Gadfly’s experiences.
    On this subject…he talks with authority.
    One.. not so educated…yet is wise….when one is fortunate enough to experience many things and not from books knowledge only.

  31. Menyalak-er says:

    Dear Gadfly, i must apologize my seemingly curt note just now. No, i wasn’t saying that you lacked empathy, and you do care – too much, imho. But we must not dwell in ‘sentimentality’.
    In AIDS, there is the extra burden of terrible soul sapping guilt and shame, as if they are not only rejects of the whole of humanity but also ‘God’ or whatever one may wish to call the First Cause.
    It is true that most people do not understand the process of dying, the denial, anger, bargaining, depression and finally the acceptance. Most rail against this reality, but they do so in vain. That goes for a majority suffering from chronic illnesses and cancer, but most acutely felt by those with AIDS with its burden of ‘guilt’.
    Yes, the first order in life is the reality of death. Having seen more deaths than most normal people do, i like you, never cease marvel at those who accept the pain and the grief with such a dignity that it boggles the mind. Their ‘secret’ is faith and trust in a loving and trusting relationship within themselves (call you what you will) and their loved ones. They live each day as a new one; and they are truly in the present, never dwelling in the past that nothing can change nor in the future that is certain ‘death’ of their physical selves. They have no regrets, and attempt/plan to make a ‘clean’ exit.
    There can be no ‘scientific’ study that can elucidate such ‘peace’…
    This the essence of all these religions can teach us – for man is truly a spiritual creature. Without that, we are lost in that unending cycle of pain and regret, and make life for our loved ones hell on earth.
    As for justme, i understand your point of view, but sometimes trials like these, of which i was also personally privy to for both my parents, make you stronger and understand better. I wish i could have helped you then to relieve your frustrations and sense of helplessness.
    Although we are speaking mostly out of ‘topic’, i beg Susan’s indulgence.

  32. Morning Dew says:

    Menyalak-er wrote :

    “Antiretrovirals and proteases do boost up CD4 counts, but most importantly CD$ for the drug companies. The amount is unjustifiable, when compared to simply educating the masses.”


    CD4 count had been a red herring in HIV infected patients for some time now. The rate in which T4 cells died had been established by Duesberg way back in ’82(or around that time). He compared it with the rate of t4 cell death of AIDS patients and there were no significant difference. Recently another researcher(I think it was chu) measured the rate of t4 cell death and made a bald face claim that HIV was killing the t4 cells. Another researcher asked him for the control comparing normal t4 cell death rate. He could not produce it. I checked his original paper and it was not done at all. Even a high school science student know that the use of control study is vitally important. Yet his paper was accepted by a prestigious medical journal and today this is taken as “truth”. His paper is now considered a landmark, a defining study.

    Corruption in high places can happen as long as there are high places.

    The rate of t4 cell death was similar to what duesberg measured.

  33. Morning Dew says:

    I had worked with hospice patients briefly. I joined a group that gave swiss massage to the terminally ill. Many visitors to the terminally ill are uncomfortable and the deafening silence that filled the air made everyone uneasy. But giving massage, when it is allowed, took away the need to talk and yet allow us to communicate our love and concerns with our fingers. The fingers don’t just touch skin it touches every fibre of the person’s being.

    Not all patients can be massaged and not all massage are appropriate. If not sure just rub the skin – this can be done for all patients. Don’t press into the tissues.

    Hope this little tip will help someone somewhere.

  34. Morning Dew says:

    About a year or so ago I met a man who was rejected by wife, parents and siblings because he was tested positive for HIV. Fortunately he had a good friend who occasionally donated to his well-being and allowed him to crash-out in his workshop. The sense of isolation can never be understood or appreciated if one has not gone through such similar experiences. Why do we so easibly abandon another human being due to our ignorance and irrational fear ?

    HIV seems to be a death sentence for many people. But how accurate are all these tests ? It had been documented that 70 over conditions – not related to HIV such as not sleeping well for a few nights could cause a person to be tested positive for the condition. This is an excerpt from http://www.aliveandwell.org.

    “The tests popularly referred to as “AIDS tests” do not identify or diagnose AIDS and cannot detect HIV, the virus claimed to cause AIDS. The ELISA and Western Blot tests commonly used to diagnose HIV infection detect only interactions between proteins and antibodies thought to be specific for HIV — they do not detect HIV itself. And contrary to popular belief, newer “viral load” tests do not measure levels of actual virus in the blood.

    All HIV antibody tests are highly inaccurate. One reason for the tests’ tremendous inaccuracy is that a variety of viruses, bacteria and other antigens can cause the immune system to make antibodies that also react with HIV. When the antibodies produced in response to these other infections and antigens react with HIV proteins, a positive result is registered. Many antibodies found in normal, healthy, HIV-free people can cause a positive reading on HIV antibody tests. Since the antibody production generated by a number of common viral infections can continue for years after the immune system has defeated a virus — and even for an entire lifetime — people never exposed to HIV can have consistent false positive reactions on HIV tests for years or for their entire lives……

    Antibodies produced in response to simple infections like a cold or the flu can cause a positive reaction on an HIV antibody test. A flu shot and other immunizations can also create positive HIV ELISA and Western Blot results. Having or having had herpes or hepatitis may produce a positive test, as can vaccination for hepatitis B. Exposure to microbes such as those that cause tuberculosis and malaria commonly cause false positive results, as do the presence of tapeworms and other parasites. Conditions such as alcoholism or liver disease and blood that is altered through drug use may elicit the production of antibodies that react on HIV antibody tests. Pregnancy and prior pregnancy can also cause a positive response. The antibodies produced to act against infection with mycobacterium and yeast, infections which are found in 90% of AIDS patients, cause false positive HIV test results. (26) In one study, 13% of Amazonian Indians who do not have AIDS and who have no contact with people outside their own tribe tested HIV positive. (26) In another report, 50% of blood samples from healthy dogs reacted positively on HIV antibody tests. (27)”

  35. Morning Dew says:

    Terminally ill –

    All of us are terminally ill. From the day we were borned we started dying. All of us are ill from our delusions.This was the simple teaching of the enlightened one (gosh! bad habit 8-)).

    A person’s life is never measured by its length(size does not matter – really 8-0) but by its quality. A good life is characterised by a good death. When such a person dies even the heavens open up and shower the earth with its delights and rainbow. It is a celebration.

    Interestingly a question of “what is a good death” was asked of many people in singapore recently and from many of the answers it was quite apparent that many of us don’t really know what a good life is.

    Have a good heart and everything else will follow…..

  36. Menyalak-er says:

    Well said, Morning Dew.
    However, a ‘good’ heart is most often times conditioned to our education, sociocultural and traditional mores; and in most cases ‘good’ is success and wealth in this life. This is the sleep of the un-awakened. It is also true that many deride others who seek, for that is ‘conformity’.
    St. Francis of Assisi wrote:
    “Let me not be tied to property or praise, and i shall be free,
    Free from the nagging ache of envy,
    Free from the hints of resentment,
    Free to love and forgive all,
    Free to do and say what is right, irregardless of unpoularity,
    Free to wander everywhere as inspiration guides me.”
    His Serenity Prayer, which is more ‘mystical’ is now lost in antiquity as not many Christians know it.

  37. wits0 says:

    Menyalak-er, all those qualities you mentioned are diametrically opposed to umno philosophy which is basically resentment/envy based.

  38. wits0 says:

    Being good is simply not just attained by giving to charity. (beware all those dubious organised charities!). There are people who give in order to assuage their own conscience off their own questionable means of acquiring wealth.

    By restraining from doing harm or supporting wicked political organisation that represses, one has also implicitly done good.

  39. monsterball says:

    In life..so simple..do good….do not do bad and control your mind from greed..selfishness…jealousy….bad emotion…bad vibration…etc etc etc.
    All religions teaches humans to be charitable…to donate..give to charities as much as you can afford.
    Trying to give some happiness and comfort.. to the unfortunate…to the poorest of the poor..one gets the feelings of blessed joy.
    It is those who are totally selfish…stingy…envious of others doing charitable works that makes the world go round with what we are experiencing today.
    Yes…the devil can also quote Scriptures…show how good he is too.
    No one can read another person’s mind…unless trained or be born special…but one can surely read something of a person…by reading the messages..a it lso pint a picture in your mind…who that person is.
    One who behave like he owns Malaysia and talk with smart selfish ulterior motives…you can learn from that one…or ignore him.

  40. Morning Dew says:

    Menyalak-er wrote :

    “However, a ‘good’ heart is most often times conditioned to our education, sociocultural and traditional mores; and in most cases ‘good’ is success and wealth in this life. This is the sleep of the un-awakened. It is also true that many deride others who seek, for that is ‘conformity’.

    You are right. Conscient is conditioned by environment and self-deceiving rationalisation. Many had said with conviction, after they had wreaked havoc in other people’s life, that their conscient is clear. Goodness is never determined by rationalisation or self-serving argument.

    This is why I like buddha’s teaching so much..gosh! more habituated irrelevant buddhist’s story 8-). Buddha gave a very simple formula for us to live by and i.e. “avoid harm, do only good and cultivate the mind”. He recognised also the power of our mind to rationalise all our wrongs and think we are doing good. So he gave a guide for us to live our life by. The cantonese called it “sam si” or 3 fold examination. This simple guideline is now mistakened to mean that we have to consider things 3 times but actually buddha meant it to mean a different thing.

    He said before we do anything consider if it will harm others or oneself and whether it will bring benefit. When you are carrying out the action consider if it will harm others or oneself and whether it will bring benefit. After you have completed your action again consider and evaluate if what you had done had harm others or oneself and whether it had brought benefit. At any stage harm is caused stop the action , apologise and make amends. This of course requires deep personal honesty and courage. At the end of the day we fool no one except ourselves.

    All rationalised goodness contain within it the seeds of bad/harm and this is why we have to thread carefully. If we are unsure it is then prudent to always follow basic principles of life.

    wit0 “restrain from supporting wicked political organisation….” contains within it the seeds of its own folly. Who judges whether an organisation – be it political, religious or secular – is wicked ? If there is a simple acknowledgement that ALL of us, without exception, are deluded and therefore can see everything clearly then there is less judgement and there is space in our hearts and mind. The path to better understanding would then be opened up. As long as we are deluded by prejudicial judgement clarity and wisdom will never have a chance to arise.

  41. wits0 says:

    Morning Dew, even while all of us are deluded(your terms) there is still a difference of degree, just as all the lotus plants in a pond are not at the same level. When you ask who is to judge, you actually contradict yourself when you rate all as being equally deluded at a given point of time. We actually make judgement, value judgement, all the time. Right now I’m deciding whether I should write a long verbose piece or make acup of coffee.

    The problem is not in having judgement ; the problem lay in how much we tend to push it. The guys who are with the power to impose the wrong judgements produce a great deal of harm downstream but they are too narcissistic and egoistic to realize the tremendous responsibility that goes with power.

    The ordinary everyday boaster cocks also tend to think that only his views(judgements) are correct while others are not. Psychological projection of their negativities on to others.

    We have to have the moral courage to hold a stand after much thoughts and reflection plus the rationality to back it up. No one can do the thinking for us. The crowd is seldom correct ; herds can’t think only individuals can.

  42. wits0 says:

    “Conscient is conditioned by environment and self-deceiving rationalisation. ”

    Not necessarily, especially when the fundamental substance of the said conscience is substantiated universally by most civilized cultures as worthy. Not all rationalisation should automatically be given that sleazy human translation of justifying a dubious action(esp. through abuse of power) that we often see these days.

    How else do we express and further ethical or moral principles without developing a true conscience?

  43. Menyalak-er says:

    Hi Morning Dew, i’ll let wits0 answer the ‘judgement’ part in his own peculiar way.
    But to many of us here, this judgement is secondary to what we call discernment – to recognize, perceive distinctly with mind and senses what is good; and its opposite, evil.
    Agreed there all shades of grey in between, but one must choose and act accordingly to the dictates of the morals and belief of one’s soul and spirit.
    The aphorism “Evil exists because of the lack of good”‘ applies.
    When we fail to ‘act’ against what we perceive is evil, then all the moral teachings are useless.
    Yes, we are to ‘turn the other cheek’: but one way to explain this is that it is Jesus’ way of saying we are all created equal. When we slap someone it’s usually with our right hand (predominant) – in antiquity, this happens to a master-slave relationship. To let the billigerant slap the other cheek with his left or nondominant hand means to declare equality.
    There many examples in proper exegesis, that behooves us to act morally, be it in speech or action. It is the action that counts, not thinking about it – otherwise passitivity creeps in and we become too inward seeking, as if this fallen world does not exist.
    You a mystic by nature and that is good, but many do not understand this.
    If you my permit me to share a book on “Awareness”-The Perils and Oppurtunities of Reality by Antony de Mello, an Indian Jesuit Priest, who has been censured by the Pope.

  44. wits0 says:

    Menyalak-er: “Hi Morning Dew, i’ll let wits0 answer the ‘judgement’ part in his own peculiar way.”

    Done, even b4 my last comment above but the Spam Daemon got overactive. 😉

  45. monsterball says:

    Being charitable is excellent.
    It opens your heart to think for others.
    When Mahathir stole from tax payers and gave to chosen ones…it is a good act …to made others happy…..but will receive no good khamars…as that charitable act is for selfish reasons..and hurting many more. That’s why…he is known a the devil reincarnated….because he had power and used that power..to hurt millions… for 22 years.
    Now think why he still have many admirers?
    It is because he did help ….but helped as a racialist..an his charitable acts…which are good….turned to became evil deeds.
    But if ever anyone steals from tax payers..to help the very poor..sick and needy…he is still a thief…but will receive good khamars….for his ulterior motives is to help the poor..with no selfish reasons.
    Mahathir have become the real dark force in Malaysia.
    Now …think of the Prince of Thieves..Robin Hood..rob and steal from the rich and gave to he poor….forever known as a hero.
    In Malaysia..”Botak Chin” is known to be that kind of hero.
    A person who utters charitable acts..as no good acts…with all sorts of so call wise reasons…is a person…establishing himself.. a very selfish man….perhaps ..living like a hermit….read and gain knowledge….only to show how smart he/she is….with his/her ever so smart comments.
    One may try hard to show how wise one is..but not at the expense to teach youngsters…not to be generous..contradicting the very spiritual teachings from all religions.
    Master the art to read from writings and speeches.
    How can a very selfish person advise anyone what is good or bad?
    For that matter….supporting change of government is just a coincident that he/she happens to hate UMNO…and not that he/she loves Malaysians more than himself/herself.

  46. monsterball says:

    One who keeps minding his/her own business..yet.. keeps churning out wise thoughts to teach others…simply cannot match.

  47. monsterball says:

    A wise person is a generous person.
    Generosity does not mean money matters only.
    It comes from so many other ways…but always never refuse to help…whenever he/she can help.
    I also mind my own business as a good neighbor. I do not shout words of wisdom like a mad man in the streets.
    But in blogging…is totally different. Here we have a chance….to do so many good things….including defending …supporting or opposing.
    Yes…..light a candle for any good reason and be as generous as you can be.
    I repeat..selfish person can never part words of wisdom..sincerely..although the messages may sound wise.
    It’s purely for personal pleasure and when things go bad…these will be the cowards …running away from Malaysia..so call..migrating.

  48. Gadfly says:

    The question of the right to die is very complex. It may end up to be the duty to die. Where to draw the line between when a person is no longer a person? This may become a philosohical question: what is a person? And how to prevent abuses of the right to die , if there is one? For the time being, social support is important. If none, create one if possible.

  49. wits0 says:

    Gadfly, I think the abuses of the right to die is bound to happen for various reasons. It’s indeed a very complex one. Just as the right to be born.

    Note that O’bama, e.g., has taken upon himself to push towards legalized abortion. But no one knows when the entity’s consciousness enters the fetus.

    According to esoteric beliefs this is a variable thing. So if one terminate a fetus where the entity has already entered, it’s tantamount to murder.

    With euthanasia, things are also similarly complex. We do not have the psychic ability to perceive beyond the obvious. Legality may thus just become a bitch.

  50. wits0 says:

    Gadfly, I think the abuses of the right to die is bound to happen for various reasons. It’s indeed a very complex one. Just as the right to be born.

    Note that O’bama, e.g., has taken upon himself to push towards legalized abortion. But no one knows when the entity’s consciousness enters the fetus.

    According to esoteric beliefs this is a variable thing. So if one terminate a fetus where the entity has already entered, it’s tantamount to murder.

    With euthanasia, things are also similarly complex. We do not have the psychic ability to perceive beyond the obvious. Legality may thus just become a bit*h.

  51. Menyalak-er says:

    Yes, it is a very difficult & complex conundrum – this ‘right to life’, whether in euthanasia or abortion. And man cannot just ‘create’ one in any legalistic fashion. It has to remain in the realm of whatever faith and belief systems that one applies to him/herself.
    In general, the secular law on this applies within its ‘boundaries’, for we can’t define ‘humaness’ in any holistic way.
    In China, we have the ‘horror’ forced or compelled abortions after the 2nd. child, yet the elites corrupt it. I personally would not like to see phenol injected in-utero for anyone!
    Obama is a person described by his own hero, Martin L. King as:
    “Shallow understanding from people of goodwill is more frustrating than absolute misunderstanding from people of goodwill.”
    I personally believe this from Dame Cecily Saunders:
    “You matter because you are you, and you matter to the end of your life. We will do all we can not only to help you die peacefully, but to help you live until you die.”

  52. Menyalak-er says:

    Oops! Errata, M.l. Kings quote should read:
    “Shallow…., than absolute misunderstanding of people with ill-will.”

  53. Gadfly says:

    wits0 and Menyalak-er, the question of right and duty to die may be framed in many different ways.


    The above link “Right to die” narrows the scope of the question. You may find it useful.

  54. wits0 says:

    I’m of the opinion that the Terri Schiavo case shows how screwed up the US laws became. So much for idiot legality fostered by post modernist leftism of the O’Bummer’s flavor.

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