Need I say more? HAVE A NICE WEEKEND 🙂


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  1. whispering9 says:

    “Need I say more?”….Hahahaha…I think you should. I am getting two messages in my mind for laughing out loud. TGIF. 🙂

  2. govin says:

    Ahiruddin made his blogging raison d’etre by criticising the government for racism. Now he needs to defend the record that it is not racist, which he cannot even make coherent. Thus is Ahiruddin who dare not utter his motherland’s name, Indonesia, without having to concede, post-Abdullah, that discrimination exists after all. Poor man, he can bear only so much reality. And this is because when he speaks, in English, he speaks as a true Umno man, with a fork tongue.

  3. kittykat46 says:

    Hihihihihihihihi……. 🙂

    Thanks, Susan. We needed that…

  4. spider says:

    Which BUM do you mean Susan.
    Are you being naughty here?
    I know Mamak Kutty wanted to speak at the BUM2009 event.
    Do you mean BUM2009??



    What a funny run on the bum
    Even when not drunk with rum
    When you fail to add up any sum
    There’s still fun even with gum

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 150509
    Fri. 15th May 2009.

  6. Kancilandak says:

    You all like primary school chidren ejek ejek. How childish. Remember that is the greates statemans Malaysia ever give us. 22 years his life sacrfise for modernsation this country. He give us MSC which we now use to condem him. Not for him ordenery people dont no what is computer. Aljuburi have kabur every mind in soseity.

  7. sadm`sian says:

    dear kancilandak,even without him at helm there is still MSC and
    every m`sian knows about computer don`t underestimate m`sian
    please.have an open mind ok.who knows DSAI could have done
    better,that`s my opinion

  8. eeyaw says:

    Susan you have gone looney with the Bumble Bee song! Please have a dirty weekend for a productive week!

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  10. Anonymous says:

    From: (classified)
    To: (classified)
    Protocol: Piper Sigma Niner Epsilon
    Re: Eli Wong vs. Happy Anniversary Richard Dean-Thomas??

    *Begin Transmission*

    deaR mr richArd, ZebrA’s have stripes, which some may not LIke,
    same as the horns on a gaZelle, thAt some liKen to A weapon. a giRraffe Is, however, tAller. hence only tall letters can be seen.

    bye bye

    *End Transmission*

  11. I-4C says:

    Good one Susan. That arse banger can certainly relate to the phrase “my bum is all alone” hehe

  12. lucia says:

    ” your bump must be the same as the boss. you gotta bum here and bum there with the boss, kow-tow to what s/he said, only then you’ll be able to bum alongside the committee. the initiators are conveniently forgotten because they don’t bum with the boss… or more correct… the initiators who don’t bum with the boss are conveniently forgotten. with a bum here and a bum there and a bum everywhere… eyeowww!… whazzat smell? glad that i’m not in after all! ”

    ok apology for mumbling nonsense but since this is a ‘nonsense’ song, so what the heck. er… some people might understand the nonsense though!

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  14. Douglas Moore says:

    The Malaysian Bar Council under President Mr. Kesavan now are going to sue the police/Government for the wrongful arrest of their members.

    Will (Bloggers United Malaysia)B.U.M. under the helm and chairmanship of Rocky Bru do the same for persecuted bloggers which by their justifications must write with substantiated facts especially those critical of government, it’s actions/policies?

    Being daft myself to ask such a question whether B.U.M. will defend bloggers – on the contrary – since Rocky’s wavering defect to mahathirisms, he once called on bloggers to reveal their identity. Good ol’ Rogueky – the result – it will make you easier to catch? I am wondering who shared my view here, Sloone, Wits0?

  15. wits0 says:

    Hi Douglas Moore, if you go back on Susan’s archive you might find that we were solidly against AllBlogs with Frocky as the head honcho(prez) from the beginning. That was around the time when Frocky called Susan the Drama Queen and dropped his angry comment here.

    His real intention was quite clearly not in the interests of local bloggers to make them register. Trying to split the Blogging community into approved and unapproved groups. Nice try! Haha.


    As long as the same ppl were involve, can there be that much reason to differentiate between AllBlogs and B.U.M. I remember there was a ex-noosepaper editor character called Desi who was for it(B.U.M.)too.

  16. kittykat46 says:

    Rocky was all the while an UMNO plant.
    He hasn’t and never had changed his mind about his political leanings.

    Having him as BUM chairman was a preemptive attempt to have some form of control over Bloggers.

    Meanwhile he’s still salivating over the prospect of returning to the MSM as a senior player.

  17. Douglas Moore says:

    Thanks Wits for your valuable links & info that I misses. Now as Rogueky as president, I am quite certain that the anonymous bloggers will just remain as that. If I am not mistaken, Susan and Ktemoc were about to form an alternative alliance. That’s good but it failed to manifest.

    Dear Kiittykat & Wits,

    Rocky is using other bloggers to attack and oust AAB. I think his wishes are achieved. But trying to convince others that he has always reports/blogs fairly is as good as trying to tell me that the police and the BN Government are not above the law.

    I still have not seen the murderers of Kugan been tried at the law-court yet but smokescreen measures buying time for the police to ensure their impunity.

    What a country we live in…. I am an expat btw. Just saddened by the events after events that makes goods Malaysians life like hell. The one who should be blame are the Sarawakias ans Sabahans who almost gave their MPs complete mandate to form this obsolete and vicious Government. that we, the Americans could only see in the stone-age. In America, we change our Government from Republicans and Democrats and vice-versa all the time. But I know most West Malaysians are playing the cards now- by voting in a replacement to the BN Government but your counterparts in the East are still living in the stoneage.

    Happy weekend brothers.

    Douglas Duncan Moore

  18. bumass says:

    Without Blogger King, this BUM2009 has its flaws. Someone may regard himself a new Blogger King?

    Take care of your dignity, bloggers.

  19. donplaypuks says:

    Hi Susan

    Do you a beef with the BUM Blog organizers? After all Dr.M made it to the forum as a special guest on 16th May.

    Is there a story here we should know about?

    C’mon now, don’t be coy!

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