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(images, courtesy of Malaysiakini)

footages sivakumarThese images are priceless, since it’s been banned on TV, and I wonder where else. So, please, help pass and spread and distribute these images around.

Why are they so afraid? Because they know they are wrong, indeed. Cowards. And such blatant gangsterism.

The TV station that held back these footages have done a great disservice to the people. But of course, they only sing to the tune of their masters.

What do they think would happen if they had shown these footages? That HINDRAF would revolt?

Malaysians, I am sure, are civilised enough to see this as it is – uncivilised behaviour by UMNO!

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  1. PureMalaysian says:

    Ball-less act from BN!

  2. Cowards And House Bullies says:

    What a shame on the Sergeant-At-Arms. What an unjustifiable humiliation on Sivakumar – mentally and physically.

  3. Hilarious Lah says:

    Absolutely hilarious !!!! Macam monyet get carried out !!! Cant even make it to CNN news !!!

  4. Chow Kit Girls says:

    The ones who subject Sivakumar to such a humiliating point needs to be sacked if (though I highly doubt) the PR takes over.

  5. wits0 says:

    It was an unjustifiable humiliation on Sivakumar and an irreparable one by bn/umno on itself. More people now have their eyes more open.

  6. Phua Kai Lit says:

    South Africa’s FREEDOM CHARTER

    We the people of South Africa, declare for all our country and the world to know:
    That South Africa belongs to all who live in it, black and white, and that no government can justly claim authority unless it is based on the will of the people;
    That our people have been robbed of their birthright to land, liberty and peace by a form of government founded on injustice and inequality;
    That our country will never be prosperous or free until all our people live in brotherhood, enjoying equal rights and opportunities;
    That only a democratic state, based on the will of the people can secure to all their birthright, without distinction of color, race, sex, or belief;
    And therefore, we, the people of South Africa, black and white, together—equals, countrymen, and brothers—adopt this FREEDOM CHARTER. And we pledge ourselves to strive together, sparing nothing of our strength and courage, until the democratic changes here set out have been won.


    Inspiring isn’t it?

  7. monsterball says:

    Everything UMNO does wrong are banned.
    This low class undemocratic scums of the earth UMNO buggers..keep trying to fool in day out.
    Fortunately…internet allows free flow of information.
    This should be used on the 13th GE.
    Pictures tell thousands of words.
    Worst of all…Najib..the “1 Malaysia” PM …no comments…whenever UMNO hypocrites behave like gangsters and hooligans.
    Clearly UMNO applies double standards ….lie and cheat too…dressed up with false titles… to belittle Malaysians.
    They threatened..provoke..create fear…worst than Japanese propaganda …during WW2.

  8. ms maniam says:

    hari khiamat umno,bn telah sampai!!!!percayalah,tuhan amat penyayang dan sedang memerhati segala bentuk kemungkaran,kezaliman dan ketidakadilan umno/bn…….long live siva,its matter of time b4 u occupy your chair again!!!!!GOD bless u n nizar plus the pakatan team……

  9. wira says:

    Priceless videos ….. including the one that shows Camry Hee held up a “hotel key chain turned abandoned pepper spray” to a PR ADUN.

    PR should preserve them for ceramah screening in every election.

  10. Peter says:

    I have forwarded the address to 10 people both locally andoverseas. Let them see how despicable our police and BN are.

    Siva is still the legal speaker

  11. Chow Kit Girl No. 13 - Sofie says:

    The is the greatest humiliation after Anwar Ibrahim’s 1998/99 sodomy trial when that bed allegedly been carried in and out of the court to indict the ex DPM of having illicit affair with his Private secretary’s wife.

  12. Chow Kit Girl No. 13 - Sofie says:

    Well Pete, if you forward it to the White House or American Embassy website, that would be great…..

  13. Leong Yook Kong says:

    My friends and I have this banned footage of Sivakumar dragged out installed in our handphones. We MMS to others and request them to forward to their friends upon receipt of the footage.

  14. MyDeskBlog says:

    I’m already downloading this Youtube clip (in HD) for keepsake. Its priceless campaign material.

    Banning this and that is soooo eighties man. BN has just made this footage even more exclusive and desirable. This clip has just been given another round of recognition and buzz. Only dimwits in BN is dumb enough to make this stupid move.

    BN is a dinosaur in today’s political game.

  15. govin says:


    ‘Gun brought into May 7 sitting’
    Andrew Ong | May 13, 09 12:45pm

    DAP state reps urge the authorities to investigate their claim that weapons, including a firearm, were brought into the state assembly sitting.MORE
    Speaker: What if someone had grabbed it?

  16. Malaijai says:

    If Najib and all claim it is legal, including dragging the speaker out of the assembly, why is the BN government so scared to let the public know what has happened?

    Only if you are thief or Mad Rempit or a robber, you are worried others will get to know what you did. “Oh, please don’t broadcast it”. So, if you extend this logic, does it mean that BN are thieves and robbers?

    If BN is refuting this conclusion, then continue to show and tell that “what we did, getting the police in the Assembly, dragging out the Speaker with brute force, is BN’s government right. Allowing a member of the Assembly to spray another assembly man is a right of the BN.” Let the people judge!

    BN is going deeper and deeper on to a path of self destruction, a viscious cycle. Use strong arm tactics to get power. When this does not work, use even stronger arm tactics. This is going to piss up the entire population. it is not longer resricted to a racial issue. Everyone, regardless of race, should be very afraid. This will lead to a total disaster for BN. MCA and MIC, speak up now, why are you silent on this. Are MCA and MIC supporting all the strong arm tactics???? Ong Tee Keat, Samy, what is your view. Samy, don’t handle this like the Hindraf. Only after you lose in March 2008, then you speak up, it will be too late.

  17. manj says:

    Mahatma Gandhi’s Prayer


    – Mahatma Gandhi

  18. Manipulators of Justice says:

    Political Terrorism at Display! Learn world ,from Malaysia.
    A Malaysia-made product. A brain child of the world renown ‘manipulators of justice’.

  19. justme says:

    It just goes to show the stupidity of those in power. They have this idea they can just make things or record disappear, since it has been done before.
    However if this is shown in court, the gomen would call in all type of experts caliming it was doctored or for you to rove its source and its authenticity.

  20. govin says:

    OIC Member, modern Islamic State where mamaqs show the way forward to Mamaqstan

  21. Cee Kay says:

    Bn cannot effort to lose in anymore by election. Thats why Najis is using anything to avoid BE legal or illegal for that matter. Way to stop more frogs is to stop bn from buying the frogs. So as RPK suggest boycott the one who is responsible for doing the buying. To do that all establishment and business conducted by that son of a gum should be boycott. Let us start here all bloggers. Spread the words to all our friends, make an effort to spread to 5 friends daily and the 5 friends to carry the spread to 5 more friends each of them. Hope this will help our Malaysia n our future generation

  22. mike says:

    Everything use Police and stupid tear gas… No more integrity. Don’t tell me how HOLY they are.. don’t tell me about MALAYsia how good..

  23. uruma says:

    All these kelings are no better than the umnoputrakis, Send them back to Kemunting together with the umnoputrakis and let them rot there.

    Now they are free, they want to sue the rakyats for Rm 100 millions.

  24. Leong Yook Kong says:

    The banned footage of “speaker dragged out” by 3 men is downloaded as a wallpaper in my handphone. I shall keep this footage until the GE13 if nothing goes wrong. I am very proud of this footage.

  25. uruma says:

    Bodoh Dap kelings. Go and sue rockets and BN dogs for Rm 100M lah! It’s their faults they have to pay!

    Now the Bn dogs have wanted to increase 20 sen for petrol in September to cater for this Rm100 from these Dap kelings.

    Bodoh-nya stupid stupid stupid ball-less Dap kellings and sugarcane hokkien eunuchs!

  26. kittykat46 says:

    Don’t worry Susan.

    The incriminating footage has already spread like Stage 4 cancer (hahahah).

    PDRM-therapy won’t work, TV3-therapy won’t work, Astro-therapy won’t work.

  27. bee yong says:

    Susan. Why call them Malaysian? Why call them human? Why call them animal? They are lower than animal. Animal has the mentality of fight or flight. They seldom fight fairly, they can only flight; shifting goal post, sweeping under the carpet. They are goners , would be hell being.

  28. kandan says:

    “Now they are free, they want to sue the rakyats for Rm 100 millions.”

    The kelings are also rakyat, you fark around with them, you pay. Simple.

  29. kittykat46 says:

    Come GE13, PR will be playing endless copies at ceramahs…no commentary necessary. It sells by itself.

  30. Nacimento says:

    ” PIJAK-PIJAK ” i heard.
    FUCK UMNO BN !!!!!

  31. nopm says:

    PM Najis is only famous for his “kemaluan” with GRO, actress, singer, translators.
    It is only natural that malaysians karma is to be “malu” because of that brainless dick.

  32. mahyuddin mahzan says:

    It was horrible. I didnt know it was to that extend the chaos in the Dewan. I feel discusted just by looking at the video. The Speaker should not be handle in such a manner.

    HH Sultan of Perak and Raja Nazrin should watch this video, uncensored.

    And on whose side was the police inspector (the guy in uniform) siding? And who was all the many plaincloth guys in the Dewan?

  33. Nancy Pelosi says:

    What a justice-travesty. Let the people decide on who should form the State Government by allowing fresh elections to be held as soon as possible. Allow truth en-route justice to prevail. I am really saddened by the humiliation of my counterpart.

    Nancy Pelosi
    US House Speaker

  34. SameSame says:

    hahahahaha…another altantuya…issue also la!

    By the way, whats happening with the death sentence? Her skeletons swept under the BN’s carpet?

    This video is a proof of all what BN say their are NOT!

  35. ghostofaltantuya says:


    Only 1 month into his reign and Najib has proven to Malaysians that he is not fit to be a leader. The debacle in Perak is proof that despite all Najib’s talk about 1Malaysia and people first, he does not give two hoots what the people want.

    Almost every party, every NGO, the bar council, Tengku Razaleigh, even BN-linked parties such as MCA and Gerakan have called for fresh elections in Perak to solve the problem once and for all. And yet Najib refuses to listen to the people. Is this what he means by people first? He has shown his true colours that he is only greedy for power and will do anything to get it, even if it means turning Malaysia into a Police state, which we all witnessed on the 7th of May in Perak.

    There was really no point in him taking LRTs and visiting the people on the streets as it is all talk and no action. Badawi did the same when he took office but nothing came out of it.

    The problems in Perak only started because of the greed of Najib and his illegal takeover of the state. It is clear that Perakians want PR as their government. Why is this so hard for Najib to understand? Instead, because of his greed, he is wasting tax payers money on unnecessary court cases. Najib should know that the people are not stupid and we know what the law is. We know that while PR has been following the law, BN has done nothing but break the law due to their greed and power hungry nature. If he is a PM that really cares about the people, he should listen to what they want. Has he forgotten that he is the employee of the people? Has he forgotten that it is the people who pay his salary?

  36. dewi says:

    He asked for it… he provoked the officers with nasty words… calling police bastards… yes we should also spread such footage!

  37. malaijai says:

    Guys and gals,

    I stress that we must know where MCA, MIC, Gerakan, SNAP,……stand on this issue of violating the sanctity of a democratic institution-the Perak State Assembly–by allowing police intrusion, by dragging the Speaker out with brute force.

    They must state their stand. It has become a national issue, not just Perak. It can happen in Sarawak, it can happen in Sabah.

    So, Mr. OTK, Mr. Samy and Mr. Koh, state your stand now. Silence is not an option! You can be for it or against it. The people need to know.

  38. logkaya says:

    UMNO under the Najis is deeply divided,now the Njis gets the buddhists to call for fresh elections so he can go back to umno and say “we better do it”.

  39. 104East says:

    There will be no end to this. We have 2 sultan appointed MBs. . If neither MB give way. no one, not the courts can rule who is legitimate. Note even the sultan cannot sack them. The only way is no-confidence vote. There is only one way out. The three frogs must resign. They are the cause of this mess. Dont blame bn yet. Any person of high intergrity and moral cannot be bought over, no matter what. If the 3 frogs have the conscience, moral responsibily, they must resign. Let the people decide. After the elections, call for a dewan meeting. All dun members must be present. It doesnt matter who presides then. Eiither one or both speakers will do. Then call for a no confidence vote for both MBs. See who is voted out. So Perak’s solution is in the hands of the 3 frogs.

  40. thaibay says:


    FROG LEGS GARLIC…………… 15.95
    Frog legs sauteed with garlic, white pepper and mixed vegetables.

    *FROG LEGS CURRY…………… 15.95
    Frog legs with Thai curry pasted, coconut milk, bamboo shoots and peppers.

    *FROG LEGS BASIL…………… 15.95
    Frog legs sauteed with fresh bail leaves, onions and peppers.

  41. malaijai says:

    But, why was so reluctant to put the matter to a vote of no-confidence. Is it because that they did not have enough confidence in the defectors? Were their rewards dependent on actually getting power. Otherwise, Hee would be home doing her housewife chores, if she has already got what she was promised? What need to spray perfume in the Assembly.

    As the case now developed, I feel it is a deliberate strategy by BN to allow the situation to develop with an opportunity to show the people their true colors. Use all the force they can.

    BN lost 5 states and 2/3 majority as a result of their use of force, ISA on Hindraf. You think they should have learned from this and work quietly to re-gain the support. Najib said he wants to gain public trust. What he has planned all in the Perak Assembly is not gain trust, more like re-gaining power at all cost.

  42. […] Pix and article from Sloone […]

  43. Ahmed Zain says:

    We would like to convey our BIG THANK YOU TO BN for doing the good job to open up our rakyat’s eyes and to assist us to make up our mind as to who we should elect as our govt finally after several incidents. Please keep going with your arrogant way until the election day. As some of us need to be reminded over and over again, before $$$ blind their eyes.

    Let the People Power to throw them out once and for all. God bless Malaysia.

  44. hostage88 says:

    We have it up at to support your call.

    Over in Sarawak, the article appear here:

  45. gim_seok says:

    It is downright disgraceful that Malaysia has shown the world that there is no respect for the constitution and democracy here. And the new home minister, hissssss, even had the gall to praise the police of doing their job!!! Well, as what Tengku RH had said, this might be the biggest mistake the UMNOgoons and usurpers had done cos the people are going to teach them a well-deserved lesson in the GE13. That’s why these yellow-bellied cowards cannot afford to have a snap election in Perak. Hang on there Perakians and be patient. Our Day will come and our Will will be done!!!

  46. lucia says:

    susan, 2 days after that happened i had already made up my mind to blog about it, put up the video and put up lots of pictures as i want to let this be known to all and to spread it around. i will keep updating as i find other pictures… like now i use the 2nd picture of yours to put up my blog.

    yes this ought to be spread around the world to let everybody see how ‘goons’ (said to be military! and some said of course hired by umno) invaded the assembly and so disgustingly forcibly removed the speaker.

  47. spider says:

    hey dewi;
    where are the footages of Sivakumar calling people bastard? Send them to Susan, I am sure she will be happy to post it.

    Hiya, why are the TV stations NOT showing it/
    We would have loved to see it too.

    People want the truth. They dont care if it comes from BN or PKR.

  48. prihatin says:

    Serve him right. Dont play with fire if you do not want to get burn. You do not become a soldier for just honour and glory . You can expect to get hurt too.

  49. wandererAUS says:

    If I get hold of a copy, I shall send it over to our PM, Kevin Rudd, maybe, he can reflect on his comment…what a vibriant Democracy Malaysians are having!
    These UMNO goons are cowards and bullies…no marbles to view their despicable actions on the Speaker…Ketuanan Melayu?…Bulls!

  50. 4RAKYAT says:





  51. jean says:

    Why show this part only? There are other videos too and really, don’t just blame tv3 and Astro for spinning gasing.

  52. machitam says:

    hola Jean, what other videos? u mean a complete videos of May 7?….or…why not you give susan or post it in youtube…btw there are videos in youtube from UMNO cyber troopers……but….er…err..

  53. sloone says:

    Hey Jean;
    Why do you think the TV censor this part only?
    I really like to see the other parts. Why not?

  54. h.k.lee says:

    I hear and I ALSO believe many have heard and seen the uncensored vedio from Youtube, M’kini the movie of the Perak State Assembly on 7-5-09. It should be world award movie.
    However, fellow malaysians please do not be distracted and stray away also from the main issues which have not been answered and resolved i.e (1) the commission (EU115 M) the purchased of 2 submarines (2) the murdered of the Mongolian Altan.
    The pressure should be generated from two (2) fronts. MAY GOD BLESS MALAYSIA

  55. Apai says:

    If there is an action, there is an equal reaction. Who act and who react first does not matter. Sad day for 1Malaysia….

  56. Ahmed Zain says:

    My Cat Ass and My ill Cat are just puppets in Bird Nest. They are there just for the sake of their personal gain but nothing else. So dont expect anything from them.

  57. chinlwu says:

    It is beyond words to describe the beheviour of BN Lawmakers.
    The Headgear and Uniform, they wore to be in the State Assembly represents a ” a sacred attire ” . The State Assembly premise is a sanctified place of an Institution of Legislature. Rules and Regulations are enacted to preserve and respect this Institution.

    The sanctity of the ” House ” was soiled and broken .
    There were so many unknown personnel not properly or appropriately attired brought into Assembly by BN. The way the Speaker was chased around and manhandled as if he was a fugitive. Pepper spray ( to ward off criminals) and possibly as reported a firearm were brought into the Assembly.

    The Headgear and Uniform, the BN Lawmakers wore ,was enough to bring great shame our country and themselves. Or they don,t care, the means justified the ends. The “law of the jungle ” was order of the day.

    What have our nation become ?

    God save this nation

  58. raindrops says:

    Zamry is comparing himself to nelson mandela n mahatma gandhi.Please lah block head.Your polital standard is same like hee yit swine the most disgraceful chinese woman in malaysia.The stray dogs in pulau babi has more dignity than the hee yit swine.

  59. jean says:

    Hi Sue,
    There are other videos all over the blogs and to be fair, with or without this one video, its only fair to say that no one side can actually point a finger saying “they are the bad ones, not me” kinda stuff. I really wish we could get this over with and both side act gentlemanly so that we could move forward. Both were not! And cheering one side ain’t gonna help bcoz they’ll become self-righteous knowing their acts received approvals. Hate them both, Sue. They are the same!

  60. mohdrahmat says:

    What is Najib afraid of? Why is the video banned?
    His own support in UMNO is shaky.
    Q: How long more can he last?

  61. focussed08 says:

    Make sure the kampong folks sees these images too!

    Get them to the kampongs

  62. kittykat46 says:

    There are videos showing a lot of shouting, hand gesturing and even shoving from both sides on that day.

    Do any videos show a BN ADUN being physically dragged like an anjing and dumped out of the hall ?

    If there are, please let us know, I may change my mind over the events of May 7.

  63. ktteokt says:

    I can imagine what kind of LAWS are made by these group of HOOLIGANS!

  64. Labels of love says:

    When umno guys refer to keling, they were refering to Ganesan and his MIC gang.So don’t take offence.There is serious infighting within BN.

  65. machitam says:

    hola Jean,
    who is actually pointing finger? we are only pointing to “barbarian” acts. oh no! both sides are barbarian is it? therefore who put barb wires, FRU, arrested 64 people, arrested people having teh tarik, arrrested lawyers that were representings, sealed the DUN….in other words created a war zone around Perak Secretariat/DUN.

    In the first place, if BN/UMNO were to go along with the flow i.e in Feb. with the 3 frogs(corruptors ADUN) on their side, wait for the sitting, motion for a vote of no confidence, if fail, let the minority goverment of Nizar withstand for how long? or if they bubar DUN, go along with the re election. if the people gave a mandate to BN, so be it. the people of Perak were given the choice, let them choose the who they want. PR can become a good opposition. if BN continue to rule Perak high and dry….we should not just watch and do nothing….this is democracy….every where in the world is the same. but what happening in Perak is not normal…it’s disgusting….it a shame to malaysia…

    unless you think otherwise. UMNO/BN think that Malaysia belong to them. they the giver….rakyat the taker…we should not bite their hands….but we must pay tax to malaysia..i paid tax 28% of my taxable income…..but they say the money belong to BN/UMNO…how do you feel…..

    anyway, how is yr porn site?

  66. sloone says:

    Hi Jean;
    I am more interested here in why this footage got banned. And since its banned, I’d like to share it with everyone.

    The others are not banned. So its up to the TV stations or whoever to air them. I dont mind if others see it and hate Pakatan or BN.

  67. poor but happy people says:

    Zambry compares himself to Mandela, Gandhi…
    Sorry, can’t stop laughing really.

  68. jean says:

    Fair enough sue. I saw some footages and found myself hating both sides. How about you?

    kk46 – treating other people like a dog is not confined to dragging one person and dumped him outside. As you noticed, lotsa verbal exchanged and other ungentlemanly conduct took place. Both were guilty and why were you approving one?

    machitam, I never said I agree with the way BN took over perak but PR has no moral authority to complain. I do agree agree with u on how it should be handled – vote of no confidence and all. BTW, why are you making taking that cheap shot at me? Supposed to be funny?

  69. matra says:

    BN Perak dealt correctly with the indian speaker worse than “snake”. He is lucky to be alive, see how good BN is.

  70. matra says:

    IPOH: It was another fiery day for Perak State assembly Speaker V. Sivakumar who not only had to handle continued heckling by Barisan Nasional assemblymen but also had a question with racial overtones thrown at him.

    The first 36 minutes of Question Time yesterday saw opposition assemblymen continuously standing up and asking him for the chance to speak, and raise issues.

    One by Hamidah Osman (BN-Sungai Rapat) particularly earned the wrath of the Pakatan Rakyat assemblymen when she asked whether Sivakumar “agreed to disagree” with the well-known fable of whether a snake or a man from a certain racial community should be killed first.

  71. matra says:

    Next will be the python Ganesan……for the moment he is fully fed

  72. limpek says:

    This cannot show, that cannot tell. You were left to bang yourself.

    Everything must be under one control- 1 Malaysia.

  73. I-4-C says:

    This Siva Speaker obviously lack dignity to hold the post. His obvious bias was his humiliation. Typical of all those poor losers of Pakatan Buntut when they get beaten at their own game !!!

  74. matra says:

    Najis Tong Rosak still afraid of elections so he released manohran.
    Same useless clown who once used to wave keris, pengecut

  75. kittykat46 says:

    Want to see an UMNO leader’s face change colour ?
    Just say “By Elections”

  76. wongnoball says:

    Buy Erections

  77. wongnoball says:

    When the police called me in for interrogation it was on the basis I had signed a false Statutory Declaration. In fact, the day after I signed it, the AG said that I am guilty of signing a false declaration. Two days later, the IGP also announced they would be taking action against me for signing a false declaration.

    How did the AG know? How did the IGP know? I had signed a SD, which I then officially, through my lawyers and by way of letter, sent to the prosecutors in the Altantuya murder trial. This was a ‘for your eyes only’ document. This means, since it is a criminal investigation matter, the SD is classified information and automatically comes under the Official Secrets Act.

    However, mysteriously, within 24 hours, my SD appeared on, a Blog run by Zakir, a man aligned to Mukhriz Mahathir. I know Zakir lives next door to a very senior Special Branch officer because he has mentioned this often enough so this is probably how he got a copy of my SD.

    Why did the police leak my SD to an Umno Blogger?

  78. Kancilandak says:

    Mrs. Hee 20 years in Dap still can leave Dap, why? Becous after 20 years she relize opposiyen not the strong to help the people, got too much intenal disunited people who flip flop evrytime some problem come. She care for the rakyat becous she patroit.

  79. wongnoball says:

    TAR after many years left UMNO, Hussein Onn also. Anyone think Hee is bigger than those 2 is a total idiot.

  80. wits0 says:

    Landak tergelek : “She care for the rakyat becous she patroit.”(sic)

    She cares for her bank account and being a parrot is easier and much more enriching. She however forgets that he has to be elected by the people who is unlikely to vote again for such trash.

  81. habeeb says:

    Handicapped, crutch seekers of umno love Hee

  82. anyway, how is yr porn site? -Machitam Hahahaha, nice one Machitam....nice one.....U know lah, Mach, she's a ..RM20 a pop .. Hehe says:

    “She cares for her bank account and being a parrot is easier and much more enriching. She however forgets that he has to be elected by the people who is unlikely to vote again for such trash.”-

    A political prostitute doing one big time RM25 million spent on her by allegedly Vincent Tan. So, should we still buy any products of Vincent “the Snakehead” Tan? I read about this in one of RPK’s writing.

  83. krisars says:

    Zambry Abdul Kadir can never claim to be equal with Gandhi, Mandela or RPK. In fact, Zambry is not even fit to drink RPK’s urine! To Mamak Zambry, The Scribe says, “Keris my ass!”

  84. storm62 says:

    hello kancilancau, hee is NOT mrs hee, hee is a liar and you call hee a patriotic person…you must be a nut…or hee is your god?

    hee said at first it’s a hotel key then suddenly change to pepper spray and you can say hee is parrot to you. you must be a mental sick my friend.

  85. kittykat46 says:

    Hee Haw was caught lying when she denied she used a pepper spray, saying she was holding a hotel key….kahkahkah..maybe she was inviting a PR assemblyman to her hotel room…hee…hee.hee..

    Hee Haw lyed again to cover up the initial lie when she then claimed the pepper spray wasn’t hers…”picked it up somewhere”…remember, the first time she said it wasn’t a pepper spray..

  86. storm62 says:

    looks like a vibrator to me…what a liar !!!

  87. wits0 says:

    Zambry Abdul Kadir is like the soot that calls the pot black. He’s an umno anachronism who thinks that as long as he blathers something to the public, he has acquitted himself very well indeed – wrong period, thamby! Simply a shameless and pathetic kok talker who cannot command credibility and respect from the people at all.

  88. whispering9 says:

    The above video is a major public relation disaster for BN. I heard DSN wanted to have GE13 within the year before PR proves themselves capable of administrating the states and before BN State Machinery disintegrates under PR administration. This also explained the so many proactive actions taken by DSN recently. But that picture/video threw a spanner on the whole strategy. After this incident and taking serious calculation into consideration, apparently, dissolving Perak State Assembly will give BN (essentially MCA) a better fighting chance to regain the State than holding on the throne until GE13. Does DSN has the courage to call these cards? Next few days will tell. Good luck.

  89. justme says:

    Read somewhere some BN female reps. are complaining of sexual harassment by PR reps at the assembly. Including that Hee woman. Don’t tell me that Hee can give some male species a hard on? Burning her on the stakes is still too good for her. One can imagine her being a leper covered from head to toe when moving around Jelapang after all this is over.

  90. StevenO says:

    After seeing this video clip, I swear I’ll never, never vote Barisan. Najib! You can kiss my ass, on second thought, better still if you kiss my dog’s ass!!

    And Perak Thamby, same for you.

  91. Menyalak-er says:

    Really, what does that pathetic creature, who sprays ‘cabai’ on others in the state assembly, care about being reviled and despised? Hasn’t her cornucopia been filled?
    Abusing ‘it’ further will sully our patriotic good sense.
    Now, we all know the ‘muscle’ that was brought in on 07.05.09 were paramil (which implicates utk further) or mil themselves, as we don’t have colonels in regular suap’py polis.
    Who is the head of mil in perak? No further comments…
    As for that blathering Zombie Zambuk’ed Zam, who has been ‘given’ permission by Naif to ‘solve’ the crisis, woe unto him, if he fails to fulfill his mission!

  92. StevenO says:

    “Satu Lagi Project Barisan National!!”

    Malaysia Boleh!! Mca pun boleh, Mic pun boleh….UMNo Lagi Boleh!!!

  93. imyfish says:

    if they can do this to the Speaker….
    what chance do we stand as the public?

    one word…. hooliganism in uniform.

    oops.. actually 3 words….

  94. Hilarious Lah says:

    Speaker carried out with both legs kicking like a monyet !!! He only got this treatment because he acted like a monyet instead of walking off in a dignified manner.

  95. Menyalak-er says:

    Hi Hilarious Lah, you man/woman from PUKI (Pesatuan Untuk Ketok India) ah? Go play with yourself.

  96. wits0 says:

    Justme, Hee and co. doesn’t know what’s sexual harassment. They’re unlikely to get any semblance of it anywhere else either. Besides, their inherent bangsatness has already totally occluded their gender from the normal males’ sense of recognition.

  97. Wikileaks says:

    You might want to consider submitting the materials to in order to get wider audience globally.

    Wikileaks primary interest is in exposing oppressive regimes in Asia, the former Soviet bloc, Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East, but are of assistance to people of nations who wish to reveal unethical behavior in their governments and corporations. They aim for maximum political impact.

  98. storm62 says:

    Hi Hilarious Lah, you man/woman from PUKI (Pesatuan Untuk Ketok India) ah? Go play with yourself.

    Menyalak-er – May 14, 2009 at 1:23 am

    kah kah kah…Menyalak-er, i like this one ! what if it’s Hilarious Lah punya bapak yg kena…ha ha ha

  99. beeba says:

    Hi Hilarious Lah, you man/woman from PUKI (Pesatuan Untuk Ketok India) ah? Go play with yourself.
    Menyalak-er – May 14, 2009 at 1:23 am

    Dat one is a mamaq vibrator hahaha used by najis
    more and more indians are begining to hate mamaqs who are also increasingly hated by malays. Only chinese are a bit confused of mamaqs.

  100. observer says:

    Najib said it was up to Zambry to decide the next course of action.
    Najib tak ada standard langsung.

  101. […] Please spread this banned footages of Sivakumar (images, courtesy of Malaysiakini) These images are priceless, since it’s been banned on TV, and I wonder where […] […]

  102. Anonymous11 says:
    (Please refer above web posting titled: The New Malay Dilemma- Excerpts from a speech given by Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammed at the Harvard Club of Malaysia dinner on 29 July 2002 )
    Why some people have such a lot of dilemmas in spite of all that has happened? Old dilemma, new dilemma, new new dilemma..when will it end? Maybe here lies the solution to all Malaysian problems!

  103. ceh, i thot wat, it’s just push and shove around.

    he should have counted himself lucky for not being tasered and batoned owing to abusing power and defying the majority in the dun……

  104. imagine gus dur after lost in the election and refused to vacant his seat and cling on it , wouldn’t it’ll be fair if officers have to resort to manhandle him and carry him away …… the majority of dun voted out siva, but this speaker refused to budge and abused his power to suspend dun in authoritarianism pula ……

  105. ainol_hasanal says:

    Now the great malay pengecut (afraid of elections) washes his hands off the whole thing. THOOOI disgrace to malays, religion and country

  106. zztop says:

    What a disgrace to the whole world in Perak. Just look at all those gangsters and running dogs of UMNO dragging our lawful Speaker Sivakumar from his seat will make us sick.
    And just look at our “great” Malaysian judiciary at work. They acted so so “fast and efficient”when UMNO lodged an appeal and was immediately granted to that mamak “zombie” to be MB again. It is UNBELIEVABLE”.
    When PKR Nizar lodge an appeal, the “efficient and fair” judiciary said it will take 5 days. What a “fast and efficient” our Malaysian judiciary we have in Bolehland.

  107. shah says:

    Najib can win elections????????

  108. hitech peasant says:

    All these no-soul politicians are without principles and philosophies.

    If we let all these devils running this country, this country is doomed.

    It’s time for the peasants to pick up changkols, forks and spades demanding all these no soul politicians to bust off!

    All this no-soul politicians are just a waste of the rakyat’s precious time!

  109. earl-ku says:

    gangster + hooligans + lawless = bn world …

  110. Pegasus says:

    Hee haw must have use the key to masturbate herself and in the process forgot its actually a pepper spray…! God what stuff am I writing..?!..but what the heck!…its BN bashing time again!..Ha ha sorry..Hee..heee.! Zam…Zam al..ka Zam..funny he did not disappear!..a real con man..this fake would have fit perfectly well selling fake watches at Chow Kit!!! The Sivakumar banned footage will live in our way BN is going to ban that..this will relive and replayed in the next 13th GE. BN has made a big blunder and they will not rise from this low …they had stoop too low and expose their arse for everyone to see how dirty it is.. not wash for 52 years …fill with corruption shits…and brainless s-holes sitting in the country’s top position…!!!

  111. dmh1876 says:

    Well I’ve no sympathy for the speaker who deserves it for defying the Federal court order.

    All this fiasco could have been avoided if Nizar used simple arithmetic i.e. look at himself in the mirror and asked whether he has the support of the majority in the DUN or not. If yes then fight all the way but if not, then the most honourable thing for him to do is to resign like what Pairin Kitingan did.

    He is trying to cling to power by using whatever means available despite knowing very well that the numbers is against him.

    I do not know Nizar personally but by looking at his face I could see a tinge of arrogance which sometime he fails to hide.

    People of Perak think rationally and don’t be clouded by fanatical blind disarray loyalty to a leader. Malaysia is a free country so the wakil rakyat is legally free to joint any party he/she wishes, “morally” well the word moral and politic is synonym to the nature of oil and water.

    Before you all start criticising others look at yourself in the mirror first. one good example is when the Bota MP switch to PKR or when the PR de facto leader is trying to persuade BN MPs to jump ship nobody made a fuss out of it, to me you all are hypocrite of the highest order “cakap tak serupa bikin” and cannot accept especially when others is doing the same thing that you are doing to them.

    If you cannot stand the heat please get out of the kitchen instead of making noise.

    Who say politic is clean, it is the survival of the fittest, it’s not how you play the game but who would finally win.


  113. huhu says:

    cannot believe anymore when they dragged Siva out of the court room and not shown on the local tv channels..still anti freedom of speech.what are they trying to hide from local malaysians? think they wouldn’t know it. Malaysia is enough of being the laughin stock in the world..ppl are laughing at you even more now.

  114. perakian says:

    They did it to Karpal singh from entering Parliment and now they dragged Siva out from speaking in the Perak Assembly.

  115. JiL says:

    Ganesan should be Jailed for what he did to Legal Speaker of Perak Assembly, Sivakumar.

  116. atogjie says:

    bn will pay for the mistakes

  117. Think says:

    Lets think for a moment …..”B” “N” means what?… say wat u like.. shame on them!

  118. Think says:

    Lets think for a moment…..lets burn more CDs & sell them for $$$$$$…ha..ha.ha.. if govt knows how to make $$$$$… we rakyat also can ba…much..much more than “B” “N”…dont worry B happy

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