[Read also notes on grounds of judgement on the Perak case].

Stubborn UMNO/Zambry Kadir thinks he is still the chief minister. Of course, because UMNO has now gone for round 2.

Court of Appeal grants him stay, FRUs are deployed outside the State Secretariat, probably to drive out thePakatan Rakyat excos.

Are things getting worse? Is this necessary?

Perak Monarchy is ’embarassed’. Huh? Is that all can be said after 3 months of shame and embarassment at how we conduct our so-called democracy?

High court decided chief minister Nizar Jamaluddin says the only thing that can resolve the impasse in Perak is a dissolution of the state assembly.

Rightly so.

Says Anwar Ibrahim, in an email message:

“After the dark and sinister events that transpired on 7th May in Perak the restoration of justice and of the principles of democracy is long overdue. For three months the people of Perak have endured the unprecedented abuse of power by the BN while the institutions of the state, the police and the mainstream media have conspired to confer legitimacy upon the sham BN administration”.

“We reiterate our call for the Assembly to be dissolved immediately and for the people of Perak to renew their mandate for their government at the ballot-box”.

Yesterday I cried: Yahoo! After receiving an sms on the High Court decision.
I was checking the news, but neither Malaysiakini nor Malaysian Insider updated their news yet. Frustrating! Then it came: Zambry Kadir has to vacate seat!

According to the judge, Nizar has never faced a no-confidence vote in the state assembly.
In fact I got the feeling in morning when I read the news.
I could not believe that Najib Razak was so kind to offer help to Pakatan Rakyat to resolve the crisis in Perak.
Hah! Too late isn’t it?
Wong Chin Huat’s detention for wearing black it seems, is worthwhile.
69 arrests of civilians and 5 lawyers came to something.

So, what happens next?
Will Nizar call for fresh elections?
Will BN now pressure for elections?

Nizar, it seems, is on his way to see the Sultan now.
Will Najib apologise for what happened in Perak?
Sheesh, so many questions.

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  1. Freeman says:

    Justice for all…

  2. whispering9 says:

    ….sincere apology to jean, 🙂

  3. elayavan says:

    I Love it…………
    First the release of Hinraf leaders.
    Then come news that Zamry has been kicked out,
    Now who is the real Biadap……..

  4. Richard Loh says:

    Be happy and joyful for the now. We have to be cautious and alert as umno/najib has many dirty tricks inside their sleeves.

    Be patient and hope that MB Nizar will seek the Sultan for the dissolution of the State Assembly and the umno ec officially announced the polling date.

  5. jibam says:

    jangan suka sangat

    mereka akan gunakan isu ini untuk mengatakan mahkamah malaysia adalah adil. memang mereka dah rancang semua ni. lepas ni zambry akan buat undi tak percaya di DUN. Speaker dah jadi orang mereka. so nizar still akan ditendang.

    pastu mahkamah yang sama akan sumbat anwar dalam jail bulan julai nanti.

    kalau PR marah, mereka akan tunjukkan PR ni hanya suka bila mereka menang di mahkamah tapi kalau kalah akan tuduh BN menguasai mahkamah lah itu lah inilah dan bermacam komen lagi

    jangan cepat suka sangat

    rocky dan a voice pun dah start spinning

  6. sunwayopal says:

    This is just High Court.

    Zambry the Illegal Alien can stilll appeal leh.

    In fact his lawyer applied for a stay pending appeal!!!!

    This means still can go higher.

    Only thing is this Righteous Judge disallowed the stay.

  7. mike says:

    I hope rakyat don’t blindly getting excited first. Maybe there are more shows behind. who donno our government like to buat wayang. stupid people will get cheated…

  8. True leaders says:

    Zambry balik pangkor la.
    You will lose your deposit if there’s fresh election.

  9. Malaysian Shame says:

    End this issue right away!Normalise everything once again.Let all things continue in Perak as it was before Feb 5th. If you have to, go for fresh state elections, for a sure mandate from the people.

    We were very proud of Perak as a state before Feb 5th. We want to see that again. Please, commit no injustices to any particular race from now on. This is MALAYSIA.Our MALAYSIA!

    We don’t want to witness a ‘sick-Malaysia’ as much as we don’t like to see a sick-child in our own homes.

  10. people's power says:

    i support Mike views because there Umno are not to be trusted so relax and see the ending wayang or part 2.

  11. Balakrishnan says:

    GOD is GREAT. Praise the LORD. Brother Nizar your problems are far from over. Watch your steps and may GOD lead you from here on. GOD BLESS.

    Be weary of BN every step of the way.

    Brother Siva, you are automatically the legal Speaker now. You can now write another poem for your wife.

    Thanks for fighting for us all.

  12. bee yong says:

    Three things that don’t change. Three things you can’t change.
    The Sun…The Moon…and The Truth.

  13. wat so fuss bout it… the duns will request motion of vote of no confidence, be it siva or ganesan or hee as speaker… soon nizar and his cohorts will turun their hats…..

    viva zamry !

  14. 4RAKYAT says:

    i) correct – dont be too happy yet… them bn fellas have more up their sleeves.

    ii) correct – those umno machais (e.g. rocky, nuraina…) are starting their evil spider-web spinning again… esp rocky, whether he gets to keep his malay mail job$$$$ depends on how well he spins this…nomatterwhat the logic, or absence thereof, is.

    iii) correct – control ourselves.

    but still, 1-0.


  15. eeyaw says:

    The High Court Judge is the Ultimate decider since the Federal Court referred the case back to the High Court. So his ruling that there is no grounds for appeal & the best part is he called for a fresh election.
    So chicken umno show you are man enough to face the Electorates.
    My Salute to you….

    Justice Abdul Aziz Abd Rahim.

  16. whispering9 says:

    Aiyah….skepticism aside. First thing, seek HRH audience to dissolve the Assembly. Second thing, go back to the MB office and ask Pangkor Pele to leave the office immediately. No need to be gracious.

  17. zamry no legal coz there is no dun’s vote in the sate assembly. ganesan is legitimate speaker allright, and siva no legal coz the former is put up via votes of the duns. soon, nizar will share the same fate as siva, it’s just matter of time (brace for another sandiwara of assemblymen pulling, “mic destroying” and “sexual harassment” …

  18. 4RAKYAT says:

    no need to be gracious. they fight dirty with the rakyat, the rakyat hits them back under the belt where it hurts most.

    go PR go..!! the rakyat is solidly 100% BEHIND U.


  19. Adam Kontiki says:

    Nizar has done the right thing by immediately going to the Perak sultan to ask for a dissolution of the Perak assembly to pave the way for fresh elections. BN/UMNO for sure will receive heavy drubbing and let’s hope among their losers will be Zambri and the 6 excos. At last the malaysian judiciary shows that it still has a conscience left. God is great

  20. kai says:

    If Nazir is still the legal MB (and we all knew that) then Sivakumar is still the Speaker and last week sitting was illegal!

  21. ari says:

    For all we know, that’s what Najib had in mind when the high court ruled for Nizar.

    I hope the judge made his ruling in all honesty, from taking the Steven Kalong Ningkan case and not because the powers that be had a hand in it.

    After all what happened in Perak had to be diffused. My hope is, the Sultan consents to the DUN dissolution.

  22. machitam says:

    alo SB jibam,
    siapa bayar gaji kamu hah? kenapa kamu ni bahlul sangat? kamu nak jadi macam didalam darah daging kamu 2 ekor “monyet” yang akan digantung sampai mati kerana bunuh Altantuya yang tiada kena mengena dgn mereka berdua.
    Kamu tahu bahwa Speaker pecacai Ganesan yang Zambry lantik itu tidak laku kerana bukan Sidang DUN yang lantik dia. Zambry dan exconya pula tidak sepatutnya masuk dewan kerana dah digantung oleh Speaker melalui jawatan kuasa hak istimewa DUN Perak. Kesalahannya: Kerana menghina dewan dengan mengangkat sumpah sebagai MB tanpa diputuskan oleh DUN(undi tidak percaya) Zambry ini tidak reti ke apa itu demokrasi….atau orang UMNO ini kerana gila talak, gila kuasa main langgar sahaja undang undang. You can fool all the people sometime, but you can’t fool some of the people all the time…
    bodoh dan bahlul kamu ni….jibam!

  23. goldenscreen says:

    The next course of action is to bring Hee Yit Foong to court for her illegal usurpation of the Speaker’s position. The fact that Hee cites Article 36(A) without understanding its contents shows how worthless Hee Yit Foong has become.

    Pray tell, how did Hee Yit Foong have the power to convene a mini dewan and assume the position of speaker when Sivakumar was still the Speaker of the House, Sivakumar was not ordered by any court of law to relinquish his position and by the very fact that Sivakumar at the time was still physically occupying the Speaker’s chair. So on what constitutional basis did Hee Yit Foong claim her power to usurped the Speaker and pass motions in the state assembly?

    The entire proceedings of the state assembly starting from Hee Yit Foong’s illegal act has rendered subsequent events in the state assembly as null and void. And Hee Yit Foong had better learn to shut up fast and stop provoking the rakyat.

    Article 36(a):
    “During the absence of the speaker from a sitting of the legislative assembly, such members as may be determined by the rules of procedure (standing orders) of the assembly, shall act as speaker”

    Hee Yit Foong, when you took power illegally the Speaker was physically present not “absent” as Article 36(a) states. It is you Hee Yit Foong that has gone against the Perak State Constitution and for your earlier betrayal of Jelapang voters, your serial lies on your sickness and pepper spray, and your constant provocations against the peoples of Malaysia…we hereby demand that you resign with immediate effect as the ADUN of Jelapang. You can go and contest in Pekan, then maybe you would have a chance of winning!

    I highly suggest Pakatan Rakyat immediately launch legal proceedings against Hee Yit Foong to stop BN from convening an illegal vote of no confidence. Haste is required, time is running short!

  24. Kak long says:

    Kemenangan Nizar juga adalah kemenangan rakyat.

    Bee yong said what is the fuss all about. Well the fuss is all about having the right people and the right party running the state.

    If you want to know more about it go to any of the PR leaders or any of those who has been in ISA . Mat Sabu or Thian Chua or Lim Guan Eng can give you a good lecture what the fuss is all about.

    Kalau pandai, mengajar. Bagi yang bodoh, belajar.

  25. goldenscreen says:

    I think people should not be too quick to think that the judge in question is on the people’s side. For all we know the judge may have been following orders from opposing camps (cough cough SIL), or they could be doing wayang kulit to make us think he is free and fair and then later use the same judge to send Anwar to jail.

    Then at that time UMNO will paint us a hypocrites for only saying the judge is fair when his decisions are for us and unfair when against us. Please be aware of the many dirty tricks employed by UMNO.

    One swallow does not make a summer. I will reserve judgement on the judiciary until I see a clear pattern of neutrality and not base it on a one-off case.

  26. ktteokt says:

    The truth will always remain the truth! So what is the Pirate Zambry going to do? Very malu lah! Rampas jawatan MB, so now what? Some more pretend to be so MALAY!

  27. wy says:

    I agree that all this may have been pre planned and that we should not get excited but it is a window of opportunity in the space of 24 hours to get the assembly dissolved and bring power back to the people

    A government by the people, for the people and to the people!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. chinlwu says:

    Thousands God fearing Malaysians had prayed earnestly daily, for weeks for Justice in resolving the Perak State assembly crisis. Praise The Lord, the Lord answered the hundreds of thousand prayers, to return YB Nizar as the rightful MB of Perak.

    One more step to go, all God fearing Malaysians continue to pray that HRH Sultan will grant YB’s request to dissolve the State Assembly, let the people of Perak decide once for all who they want to rule the state. If HRH Sultan agrees to dissolve the State assembly, the outcome ofYB Zambry’s appeal to the Appeal Court will not matter.

    Tuanku, please save all the time, efforts of all judges and money of the courts, dissolve the Assembly, call for fresh election and direct all parties to withdraw all pending court cases.

    Daulat Tuanku

  29. PeoplePower says:

    BN Najis are not dare to allow the court to set the dangerous PRECEDENT!
    Therefore, Nizar win!

  30. anonymous dud says:

    “Thousands God fearing Malaysians had prayed earnestly daily, for weeks for Justice in resolving the Perak State assembly crisis. Praise The Lord, the Lord answered the hundreds of thousand prayers, to return YB Nizar as the rightful MB of Perak”

    yeah, but another thousands more pray to have zamry to be reinstated as mb for perak for the state prosperity. so which one to heed. btw, this fiasco won’t be long one, the (new) speaker or the deputy accepts the motion from dun for vote of no confidence of nizar, and zambry will be mb again, this time LEGAL at your face 🙂

  31. hunk says:

    By Susan Loone

    So, what happens next?
    Will Nizar call for fresh elections?
    Will BN now pressure for elections?

    Nizar, it seems, is on his way to see the Sultan now.
    Will Najib apologise for what happened in Perak?
    Sheesh, so many questions.


    Dear Suez,

    It’s surely a great decision delivered by the High Court, but do you think the BN will just respect the said court’s decision. I believe not.

    BN would probably holds an emergency meeting and get a no-convidence vote against Nizar Jamaludin or will the sultan up to some “stunt” again.

    Trust me, I believe BN will never give in the Perak State Government to PR by all means.It’s power-play which will rule the day.

    In Myanmar, in Zimbabwe, in Pakistan to name a few -. They don’t have to win elections, they rob it!

  32. kittykat46 says:

    I stopped believing we have an independent judiciary quite a while ago. Am I being too cynical ? I’m wondering if even this apparently Constitutionally correct ruling has Najis fingerprints all over it.

    Anyway, I will take this at face value at this point.
    In the aftermath of a General Election, when there is legally no Menteri Besar, it becomes the duty of the Sultan to appoint an MB who holds the confidence of the majority of the House. It should never have been construed as the Sultan having the power to fire a sitting MB.
    We can never allow that to happen, otherwise this will no longer a Constitutional Monarchy, but trending towards an Executive Monarchy.
    Nizar should now seek an audience with the Sultan – as the legitimate MB and call for a dissolution of the House.

    Of course, it is possible, this is Zombie’s Plan B. The Sultan refuses the dissolution of the House, BN moves a no-confidence motion in the House, remove Nizar, remove Sivakumar.
    Back to Square 1.

    May you live in interesting times.

  33. monsterball says:

    Yip…that’s great judgment by court.
    You think Najib so nice? He knew the verdict against UMNO…so balance it with one sided news reported over and over again…..keep promoting… how nice a PM we have now.
    The show is about to begin again……depending on the timing.
    28 against 28 with 3 frogs leaping to UMNO. Worst of the lot is Ms Hee who even lied pointing self defense tear gas at one PR man and he said..it is a key chain. Yes…this lady is the lowest class politician you can ever find. She can lie lie lie ….with no shame at all.
    They will go for vote of no confidence against Nizar in emergency parliament sitting again. Zambry needs green light from Najib. Nizar needs Sultan to recognize him. Who is faster to get confirmation?
    If it is Nazir..he will announce State election.
    But to get emergency parliament sitting…I think a time frame need to be given….say one week notice?
    This means the advantage stays with Nazir to call the shot first.
    It’s a chess game….not good for Perak .

  34. fearnoone says:

    Pening lah like that, what a big shame to those who try very hard with their own personal agenda against the people’s will. Even with this ruling, we will further ensure BN/UMNO will be voted out comes the next GE. Where to hide their faces lah…MALU BESAR cos their shit/najis is bloody smelly!

  35. anonymous dud says:

    there’s no law that says sultan “must” follow mb’s advice to dissolve the dun, he may and may not choose to listen to it, even in the past such requests wereduly accepted. but an mb cannot be mb when he lost his confidence from the dun, which the majority are sided the blues.

    the ruling is just to soothe the great mahathir’s calling, it will be soon the title goes back to zambry in proper and correct manner through vote of confidence of the dun- which will slap all your oppos supporter hard in the face. why waste court’s and rakyat’s time and money when the “end” result will be the same 🙂

  36. PeoplePower says:

    Just throw the question to Najis whether does he gain any lesson from this Perak Coup de tat?

    The whole nations had seen how the BN goons create the mess in the Perak State Legislative Assembly on 7/5/09!

    i. How Speaker Sivakumar had been ill treated!
    ii. How arrogant BN is to remove PR Speaker and restore BN Speaker without follow the procedures in Legislative Assembly!
    iii. How PDRM and certain unknown people manage to get into the Legislative Assembly Hall and move Speaker Sivakumar undignified!
    iv. Why the Speaker’s secretary who had been sacked previously allow to call for Assembly sitting without the knowledge of the Speaker!
    And there are many more!

    May be we can conclude the reason which come with today judegement is BN Najis are not dare to allow the court to set the dangerous PRECEDENT!

    Therefore, court rule MB Nizar win!

    Regardless of whatever the rulling on today, the image of BN is just beyond repair!

  37. get the job done man says:

    The judgement was made according to the law of the nation and nothing else (no need to celebrate) the only thing now is to dissolve the state assembly and get the fresh mandate from the Perak people and make sure to select clean and efficient candidates (no more shoddy characters or sampah) to serve the people be it from PR or BN.

  38. machitam says:

    “It’s a chess game….not good for Perak” agreed monty…
    HRH Sultan or the Regeant should think about “refeshing” Perak. This will be the rakyat wishes. Gave back the mandate to the rakyat….and let the rakyat decide to give back the mandate to whoever should rule Perak.
    For 52 years, the rakyat were deprived, taken for a ride and were neglected by BN goverment.
    And after 52years, BN is still playing with RACIAL SENTIMENTs. Enough of UMNO menaces……

  39. matt says:

    SUKperak surrounded by fru,what more to say=latest

  40. goldenscreen says:

    BN trying to convene an illegal sitting of the state assembly officiated by the illegal speaker Ganesan. FRU needed to block the state assembly from the people whom the state assembly is supposed to serve.

    Since Zambry has now been declared the illegal MB, therefore the entire May 7 State Assembly was also illegal because the state assembly was called by the Speaker of the House but cloaked as a royal emergency sitting approved by the Sultan of Perak on advice of the MB of Perak.

    And since the MB of Perak has been declared illegal, logic dictates that the emergency sitting of the state assembly was also illegal. This means that all motions passed in the House on May 7, 2009 is illegal. Sivakumar is still the legal Speaker of the House. Any motion has to be approved by the Speaker.

    So it’s basically game over for BN but of course you didn’t think that BN will just sit down and let Perak slip from their grasp again do you? So they have deployed the FRU and possibly thousands more police and goons to Perak. The final showdown is yet to be witnessed.

  41. jean says:

    w9, its my turn to bitch about the tainted justice system in our country. Maybe its my turn to wear white t-shirt, and demonstrate, and have a special sitting under the durian tree. (But, I’ll pass coz I have to cari makan). Next week, its gonna be your turn again. Don’t throw away that black t-shirt just yet!!!

  42. goldenscreen says:

    Correction to above:

    May 7 State Assembly was also illegal because the state assembly was ***not*** called by the Speaker of the House

  43. AlexiusLim says:

    Hold your horses guys! A win is only a win if it’s really, really a win when the win’s really firmly in the grip of your hands. Wakakakakakaheeheeheeheehee!

  44. danet7882 says:

    Let’s enjoy this moment although it might be short while.. I still think things are not as it seems. Many of us think that it is just a gimmick to show the RAKYAT that the court of law is impartial. There is still many possibilities might happen. The Sultan might not agreed to a fresh election and Nizar being remove from a no-confident motion.

    But atleast we know the current MB Zambry is ‘haram’ and Gunasen(the new speaker) is ‘haram’ and najib plan was ‘haram’.
    I’m hoping my dear sultan will undo all this ‘haram’ by letting the RAKYAT to choose again.


  45. chinlwu says:

    anonymous dud,

    Which Law School you attended or you are just ” a lawyer buruk”
    suffering from denial syndrome “. If Zambry is not MB, what makes you think the ” Hee and Gin ‘ have a chance to preside in a Vote of No Confidence State Assembly seating.

    By the way, now the May 7 assembly seating has become a State Assembly Meeting called by a ” impersonating MB ” . So what do you think is lthe legal status of the May 7 meeting and Gin ‘s appointment as Speaker.

    Friend, why are you so much against the people of Perak exercising their rights to choose who they want to rule the state.

  46. Kee says:


    I contain my joy despite my severe headache…

    Happiness is when justice is seen to be done

    Ha ha ha !!!

  47. cinta Malaysia says:

    Now that Nizar is reinstated as the rightful Mentri Besar, are the decisions and actions thereof from the time of Zambry’s appointment construed as illegal ?

  48. chinlwu says:

    anonymous dud,

    Please read this in Malaysia Today

    CHURCHES ( Council of Churches of Malaysia ) CALL FOR FRESH ELECTIONS IN PERAK

    As Christians, we believe that justice will have its day, because God expects that the nation is governed by principles of righteousness and justice.

    As churches pray for the speedy resolution of the political crisis in Perak, we remember the words of the Bible:

    “To do righteousness and justice is more acceptable to the Lord than sacrifice….The violence of the wicked will sweep them away, because they refuse to do what is just” (Proverbs 21: 3, 7).

    Rest my case. The Lord has spoken through :

    REV. DR. THOMAS PHILIPS, president
    REV. DR. HERMEN SHASTRI, general secretary CCM

  49. Ukay_Guy says:

    Lets be rational , practical and not emotional…what the peoples of Perak need to do right now is that they must go to Istana Iskandariah KK as “one voice” for the next 7 days continuously to appeal to the HRH Sultan to dissolve the State Assembly a.s.a.p !!!.

    The RH of Sultan must be made to agree and convince that the dissolution of DUN is the ONLY real solution to solve the problem of Perak and as such will return and enhance the previous good image of NO 1 Royal family in Msia. Remember that the Perak’s royal members have been the No 1 fan of the peoples before BN grabbed the power from PR in Feb that cause the image of royal family at the lowest level since independent.

    May God bless all the peoples of Perak.

  50. Tarap says:


  51. machitam says:

    chinlwu, u call Ganesan Gin(muka tak malu, bukan ADUN , has no right to be in the sidang dewan.

    i think better call him jin or jin af rait or jin afraid. a lot of UMNO hantus'(jibam, anony dud etc) are around the blog. their salary were paid by us but they gave their “khidmat” to UMNO.

    i hope that these SBs’ will be “discarded” by UMNO soon…because they had failed…..terimalah nasib macam sirul dan azilah..kah kah…

  52. John Lim says:

    BRAVO 1-0….but PR must be cautious too….BN has thousand and one dirty tricks…and they have HEE YIT FOONG..the evil of all evils!!!

  53. Ex Neutral says:

    Only the legitimat speaker Sivakumar can call for a sitting, so May 7 sitting is illegal. zambry is declared illegal, so May 7th sitting is also illegal. If so isn’t it after May13, if there’s no sitting sitting after that period, the state assembly is not valid anymore, and elections has to be called ?

  54. genghis khan says:

    The Judgement …..” he [Mohd Nizar Jamaluddin] is, and was, at all material times the Menteri Besar of Perak …..”

    “is” means presently

    “was” means from the day he was appointed by the Sultan of Perak after winning the Elections and having gotten the Vote of the Majority of Dewan Undang Perak.

    Dr Zambry’s and UMNO’s actions thus, far are illegal, null and void; including calling for the session of the Dewan on May 7th.

    YB Sivakumar is still the Speaker of the Dewan and that Dr Zambry and 6 other ADUNs are still suspended.

    And that the actions of the unknown persons pretending to be “officials” of the Dewan and removing the Speaker tantamount to malicious illegal acts enacted in the Dewan and subject to
    extra-legal actions by the Dewan.

  55. For all Malaysians says:

    Najib and his people won’t give in so easily you wait and see whether i am right or wrong. I bet on it. Dare the BN to get fresh mandate and support to genuinely rule the state of Perak. You cannot rule without the people’s support and ignore the voices of the people at large. The PM reputation is at stake so act wisely.

  56. matt says:

    wa nizar wins,ong tee keat briefcase stolen 11 arrested,so short period so much improvement=MALAYSIA BOLEH.

  57. jamilkucing says:

    Bermula dari 5 Febuari 2009, jumlah ADUN UMNO 27, jumlah ADUN DAP 17. PKR 5, PAS 6, MCA 1 dan 3 ADUN Bebas.

    Itu pun dah cukup terang dan jelas akan ‘suara rakyat’ dan siapa yang sepatutnya menjadi Menteri Besar. Walaupun aku bukan orang UMNO tapi aku tak mudah ditipu oleh fahaman anwarisma wal juburi!!

    Oleh kerana MCA berada di dalam Barisan Nasional, maka jumlah kerusi BN ialah 28 orang dan 3 ADUN bebas telah membuat pengakuan di hadapan Paduka Seri Sultan Perak bawa mereka bertiga memberikan sokongan kepada BN, menyebabkan kekuatan BN ialah 31 sedangkan Pakatan Rakyat ialah 28.

    Bodoh sangatkah Paduka Seri Sultan Perak untuk membubarkan DUN? Ajaran demokrasi barat mengajarkan bahawa kelebihan satu undi juga dikira majoriti, jadi atas alasan apakah Nizar minta DUN dibubarkan? Siapakah Nizar dalam PR yang menjawat kedudukan yang sepatutnya disandang oleh Ngeh atau Nga?

    Fahaman anwarisma al juburi membenarkan amalan lompat parti dan disokong oleh Mursyidul Am PAS setelah dijangkati oleh virus Erdogan kecuali Kapal Karam memandang kerja itu jijik dan hina.

    Kalaulah pada 16 Sept 2008, berlaku lompatan oleh 30 ekor katak dari BN ke PR, sudah tentu kamu akan menyanjung dan mendewakan katak katak itu. Apakah kamu akan mengatakan berlakunya ‘rampasan kuasa’ sekiranya al juburi berjaya memenangi sokongan majoriti Ahli Parlimen untuk menjadi Perdana Menteri, walapun dengan kelebihan 1 kerusi??

    Jahat sungguh wabak presepsi yang disebarkan oleh virus A1N1 (Anwar Ibrahim Nombor 1) yang berpunca dari BABI (Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim) yang bertopeng manusia.

    Semoga Saiful Bukhari Azlan terus gagah dan tabah untuk menghantar al juburi balik ke Sungai Buloh bagi menghabiskan sisa umurnya di sana…. Amin!

  58. goldenscreen says:

    UMNO please stop from digging a deeper grave for yourselfs and stop being more and more “kurang ajar” everyday. The whole state assembly sitting on May 7 especially the events after Hee Yit Foong illegally usurped the power of the Speaker is now null and void.

    Nizar was, is and will be the MB of Perak. Therefore, Sivakumar’s suspension of Zambry and his 6 exco members for contempt of the state constitution by accepting their illegal appointments still stands. Which means that any motion has to pass through Sivakumar. Furthermore, I believe that Hee Yit Foong should now be immediately suspended for going against the Perak State Constitution. Thus, 8 BN MPs are now suspended from the state assembly.

    That is Pakatan Rakyat 28-23 Barisan Nasional. BN you have lost. Go back home and fight for another day. Do not attempt what you did 4 decades ago 2 days from now. This is your last warning!

  59. nomic says:

    Monday, May 11, 2009
    Pakatan Supporters Should Not Celebrate Just Yet

    The BN will file an appeal with the Courts of Appeals tommorow and they will apply for a stay of execution. That means, Nizar may not be the MB anymore in the nxt 19 hours.

    We must never forget that the same Federal Court five-member panel that overturned Zambery and his exco’s suspension, was headed by Tan Sri Alauddin Mohd Sheriff, the Appeals Court President.

    There’s very little justice we can expect from our judges, the higher they go. And, just like the way Federal Court handled the Zambery + Exco’s suspension. Can we expect anything different from the Court of Appeals this time around?

    I DON’T THINK SO. Our judges are appointed by a drunk lawyer who is stupid enough to have his boasting be recorded.

    Then, what is so great about them?

    -malaysia waves

  60. pat ling says:

    Finally the stereo effects of the 2-speaker system has come to an end. Nothing but noise and din since they brought in the stereo system.

  61. merciless*iridium says:

    Justice Abdul Aziz,

    The Colours of the Rainbow is over you now. God is indeed blessing you. Well done Judge. You are the People’s Judge, Rakyat’s Justice.

    Just accept defeat and life goes on. What goes around comes around.

    My 2cents worth

  62. merciless*iridium says:

    Justice Abdul Aziz,

    God had planned all these. And it was through the principle enunciated in the case of Datuk Stephen Kalong Ningkan that was used to uphold the principles enunciated therein. 33 years after that, its still recognised.


  63. kittykat46 says:

    Tomorrow Augustin Paul will say “Irrelevant! Irrelevant!”

    Too many “UMNO Judges” on the Senior Bench.

  64. sad m`sian says:

    truth always prevails,GOD IS GREAT ,MAY GOD LEAD n BLESS THE RIGHTFULL MB ,YB Nizar ur patience,leadership n integrity showed how great u r. call a fresh election to show these bn goons who are the legitimate government.well done DATO`SERI keep it up.

  65. alvin_gov says:

    Dear PR Leaders and PR supporters,

    Congratulations to DS Nijar and PR Leaders for they who won the 1st half battle of the constitutional issues but don’t be too carried away for this moment.

    UM-No/BN (Najis/Zombie) not going to just let off the current political developments of the court ruling as they would appeal soon. It might be a strategy of getting the Rakyat thought that the judiciary commisssion was acting justifiably in the 1st half of this battle but on the 2nd half, the court may ruled otherwise. Be reminded that this agency (JC) is still the UM-No/BN horse.

    Once this happen, PR will have a major set back and cry fouls of the JC’s integrity and therefore any objections by PR of the court ruling that cannot be accepted by PR would be seen as uncivilised or “KIASU” !! (The 1st half UM-No/BN can accept court ruling but 2nd half court ruling cannot be accepted by PR).

    PR just have to be very careful and strategizing the next course of action.
    Anyway, as supporter of PR, I still believe in people’s power and the best solutions to end the whole episode is to dissolved the assembly and go for a fresh elction.

    The PERAK peoples and MINDFULL Malaysian are 1000% behind PR.


  66. sad m`sian says:

    TO YB SIVAKUMAR u r still the legitimate speaker of DUN PERAK, bring glory back to the state of PERAK it has been badly tarnish for the few weeks. ur consistency as a speaker showed how strong n sincere u are for perakians.many salutes to u.TQVM

  67. asqafventures says:

    jamilkucing, lu betul-betul la senget. Hang jaga jubuq hang tu….

  68. pilocarpine says:

    y make a fool of yourself, yitfung n zambri…

    haiz.. some people never wonder looking back, how will their grandchildren face the public…

  69. erisar says:

    Kereta Apa Akan Di Lelong Selepas Ini?

    Perak diperintah Pakatan Rakyat, membeli Camry. Kemudian Barisan Nasional datang merampas dengan tidak malunya seterusnya ingin melelong Camry dan menggunakan kereta buatan tempatan. (alang-alang nak berjimat, apa kata beli Kancil? Toksah beli Perdana. Cekadak lebey).

    Apakan Perdana baru sudah dibuat tempahan? Tergeleng lah kepala si jurujual.. Soalan ramah pengguna aku, apakah akan ada kereta yang bakal dilelong lagi selepas ni? 🙂

    Tahniah kepada Pakatan Rakyat Perak khasnya yang begitu bersungguh-sungguh dan berjaya membuktikan mereka di pihak yang benar. Alhamdulillah, mahkamah telus dan bebas dari tangan-tangan politik.

    Tunggu berita jam 8. Entah apa yang hendak dibelitkan oleh kerajaan yang sebetul-betulnya haram dan memerintah beberapa seketika sahaja tetapi paling akan diingati sebagai kerajaan yang tak sabar nak jadi pelelong. Hohoho

  70. Shamsul Iskandar says:

    The opposition members and followers alike in Malaysia are the players of wayang kulit. When the court rules against their favour,the court is biased.Now that the court ruled in their favor,lives justice. How can a no-confident motion be passed when the ex-Speaker Sivakumar is biased and unprofessional.He got to be a joker to pass that motion. So who is abusing the system.Motions are passed under the tree?I think Sivakumar wants to pass motion under the tree.What a joke of clowns in the opposition.We’re having the worst quality of opposition in Malaysia now with such low mentality and ethics.1Black Perak.

  71. MY_Land GP says:

    Mr. jamilkucing you have written a very nice comment, and you are polite too, I like it

    But one thing you don’t seems to know is the provisions under Article 16 of the Perak Constitution – specifically under Articles 16(2) and 16(6) respectively – dealing with the ruler’s royal right to appoint an MB and to dissolve or not to dissolve the assembly were “plain and obvious” and did not give the ruler any right to sack the MB.

    The BN leaders have placed themselves above the LAW of the land. It is their stupidity and EGO that has caused Perak 100 days of Limbo.

    These leaders for the past 50 over years have manipulated ALL of us and made us to believe that they are the law.

    If it is true you are not for UMNO than think, think hard – PEOPLE are the Judges. Lets go back to them.

  72. nini says:

    dh jd MB knp nk buat pilihanraya?pikir2’h sm2,x kan masuk mahkamah nk menang utk jd MB pastu nk bubar DUN..pelik bin ajaib…if tuanku x perkenan pembubaran DUN and then speaker will announce to do the DUN assembly..dan undi x percaya ke atas MB di buat…emm..what do you think will happened 😕

  73. justme says:

    Just my 2 cents worth. When the judge rule in Pakatan’s favour, there are some who just has to come up with conspiracy theory. Why not just go with the flow of that judgement, and do what is right. In all fairness, if that judge has ruled against Pakatan, there is no doubt, condemnation would come fast and furious in this blog. Now that Pakatan has regain the MB post, act fast and go back to the people. Lets have faith in that judge for once.

  74. 104East says:

    Ppl dont get carried away. Beend could still use the sultan’s Zambie’s appointment as ammunition. They already knew this court ruling would happen. That was why Najiz so hastily go an seek sultan to consent and appoint Zombie.

  75. Minta Tuanku perkenankan pembubalan DUN dengan segera.

  76. Ukay_Guy2 says:

    Perak Royal members & family have been known to be very popular not only nationally but also internationally – something that never happened to other royal family in Malaysia. The other royal family nearly non-existence !!. By taking a brave decision to dissolve the state assembly, the Perak royal family ‘wolrd ranking, will be once again move to the top, after being severely tarnished by the recent ‘BN-grabed power crazy’ episod published widely all over the world. This is the right and perfect time for the Perak royal family to win respect of her peoples again !!.

    Therefore, the PR and peoples of Perak must work continuosly to convince the royal family to agree with the widely accepted opinion of the rakyat to dissolve the state assembly as soon as possible. The sooner is the better for the people of Perak and the glorious moment of Perak royal family will be once again emerged from the previous dark days of Perak due to hasty-crazy Be-End idiots !

    Daulat Tuanku !! Daulat Tuanku !!

  77. limpek says:

    It’s far from over and cant you see the swift reply- Dont get excited too early.

    Why the majority welcomed the result with excitement especially from the rakyat ? We remember you said Listen to the rakyat time after time.
    Isn’t the message is simple & clear enough to understand ?

    If million of eyes can see and yet are you so blind ? Or choose to –


    Let justice take its natural course
    For all those taking up the right cause
    Let there not be any further excuse because
    All are tired of antics and tactics coarse

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 110509
    Mon. 11th May 2009.

  79. bacterian date says:

    Tengku Razaleigh rejected the idea outright. He was not prepared to be reduced to a puppet Prime Minister. So Tun Dr Mahathir rejected Tengku Razaleigh in favour of Najib who agreed to the Presidential Council.

    And that was when I and some other Barisan Rakyat Bloggers decided that it was a lost cause and we might as well focus on opposing Najib even before he takes over as the new Prime Minister.

    And that is the part that Rocky did not or was not able to explain. He confirms my story about the meeting and the teaming up and so on. But he does not reveal the true or hidden agenda behind our alliance.


  80. bacterian date says:

    UMNO tonite is in upheaval and that is what the celebrating is all about-
    even knowing that they are going to appeal.
    Heck, they are entitled to their rights too.
    P`haps Palace Rule will be imposed, unless as usual UMNO exert Royalty Rights and impose Federal Rule.

  81. Pegasus says:

    Yahhooooo! We won for now!!!Good to read the news about Nizar is the rightful MB!. but lets not get over excited with this piece of news, Naif knows they have reach a stalemate and the only thing to do is to give in , in order to calm the Perakians and Malaysian on the whole.BN did a big blunder and keep repeating it over and over till it became totally ridiculous and laughable due to BN and Naif doing. They will let you win for now..and keep their dirty cards up their sleeves..its a probability Naif will throw Anwar into slammer to break up the Pakatan group ..in the upcoming case! The Umno court will find him guilty…just watch this space!!!

  82. democratic-is-alive says:

    what a shame for the ruling goven and the hopeless najis and it’s goons! This is the best news we have received so far. Hope more of this true democratic systems materialized in our country. For the umnoooo and najis……….muka mau tarok mana??????

  83. sHEEt says:

    Selain itu, lima lagi langkah segera yang diambil beliau adalah:

    (4) Meminta Zambry dan Exco-exco lain untuk mengosongkan jawatan mereka berkuat kuasa serta-merta berikutan keputusan mahkamah.

    (5) Mesyuarat Exco akan diadakan dengan segera

    (6) Pihaknya tetap berpegang bahawa DUN harus dibubarkan berdasarkan kepada usul yang diluluskan pada sidang DUN bawah pokok pada 3 Mac 2009.

    Hee got a new Merc…income tax not interested where she got the money?

  84. sHEEt says:

    “For the umnoooo and najis……….muka mau tarok mana??????”

    Shhhhhh not so loud…Rocky organise strip show so they all go cium his bontot…..barking magpie (kancilandak relative) first.

  85. hotbuns says:

    Raja Nazrin agrees to meet Nizar PDF Print E-mail
    Posted by admin
    Monday, 11 May 2009 23:10
    By Baradan Kuppusamy, The Malaysian Insider

    The Regent of Perak Raja Nazrin Shah has agreed to see Datuk Seri Nizar Jamaluddin, who was today declared the legitimate mentri besar of Perak by a Kuala Lumpur High Court.

    Nizar will meet the Regent at 8.30am tomorrow to ask for the dissolution of the Perak state legislative assembly to pave the way for a fresh state election, according to several Pakatan Rakyat (PR) leaders including Sungkai assemblyman S. A. Sivanesan.

    “I just talked with Nizar and he confirmed to me that he has secured an audience with the Regent at 8.30am,” Sivanesan told The Malaysian Insider.

    “Nizar will request for dissolution of the legislature for a fresh election,” Sivanesan said adding he hoped the request is not rejected. “Nizar has the legitimate right now that he is the legitimate mentri besar to request for dissolution.”

    Sultan Azlan Shah, PR leaders said, is in the United States.

    PR assemblymen are also meeting from 11pm tonight to strategise their plans for Tuesday even as the Barisan Nasional (BN) rush to court on tomorrow to set aside the declaration that Nizar is the rightful mentri besar.

    Tomorrow is set to be a climatic day with the royal audience, BN rushing to court and Nizar trying to enter his office with police already surrounding the state secretariat building since 4pm today.

    Justice Abdul Aziz Rahim declared today that a mentri besar can only be removed by a vote of confidence on the floor of the state assembly.

  86. Malaymind says:


    In the end, PR has proven that they’re putting the people first.

    1. First to be sacrificed when they insist government to spend more money to politics rather than helping poor people all over Malaysia.

    2. First to spend tax payers’ money for ‘popularity testing’ rather than focusing on ‘economic solutions’.

    Yes, do this more often. Looking forward for more political rematch.

    So damn contra-intellect.

  87. keyleedaud says:

    too many Q still now SPR still hidden not talking much abiout,after DSN said calm down to perak citizen …not to ‘passionate’ ..its something out of our mind box will happend?..oh my godness what a lng long drama’s..this what we said 1malaysia are waiting for pure KPI?…
    congratulation DSNizar hidup pakatan

  88. bluetea says:

    UMNO afraid of fresh elections. Cowards like drowning rats feeding on each other kekeke no money can pay for this delightful comedy and it is ALL FREE.

  89. bluetea says:

    ‘Bang! Bang!’ warning for PPP’s Murugiah
    May 11, 09 5:16pm

    Embattled PPP leader T Murugiah has received two bullet casings and a note which warned him against contesting for any posts in the coming party elections.


  90. yesah says:

    So going by the High Court decision, action can now be taken against the IGP and his Perak officers for criminal acts????

  91. isehsehman says:

    “…..rather than focusing on ‘economic solutions’.”

    Aiyah apa nak cari susah2, leave it to Tony Fernandez and Dr.Najis Tong Rosak

    Tune Hotel.com offers RM0.02 room rates

    KUALA LUMPUR, May 11 – Tune Hotels.com, the limited service hotel brand is offering room rates from as low as RM0.02 per night in its hotels in Penang, Kota Kinabalu, Kuching, Kuala Lumpur and the KLIA-LCCT Airport beginning today.

    “The promotion was initiated to extend appreciation to guests for supporting the Tune Hotels.com brand since it was first launched in Kuala Lumpur two years ago,” said chief executive officer Mark Lankester in a statement.

    The promotional rates for rooms from RM0.02 per night are available for stays between February 1 to April 30, 2010 and the booking period is from May 11 to 18, 2009.

    “We provide exceptionally good value choices to smart travellers in that they choose exactly what additional services they require during a stay and pay-per-use according to their budget,” he said.

  92. PIG[police inspector general] says:

    I have to CONGRATULATE the PR strategists who worked out a sophisticated plan to “trap” BN in Perak on 7509. If not for their “silly & despicable act” of arresting innocent civillians by the unruly bullies of Musang Hasang’s PDRM, Wong Chin Huat & 5 lawyers, dragging out Honorable YB Sivakumar like an animal; bulldozing their way through a resolution to appoint MIC Gofer as speaker……all only to be witnessed by the world over.

    We shall see if najis eats “najis” as earlier saying PR to blame as never respect the law; NOW WILL YOU NAJIS RESPECT THE LAW! From your angry, sombre face at the umno anniversary…..I am sure you are not going to do so…….I only hope & pray that the royalty in Perak will come out brave this time around.

    Knowing that the son, His Excellency Raja Nazrin is a no nonsense respectable intellectual, did the dad left Perak by design so that it is a face saving & dignified matter to dissolve the assembly for fresh elections……only time will tell!!

    God Bless DS Nizar, Hon Sivakumar, Excos & PR members.

  93. kookaburra says:

  94. vengai says:

    We cannot be happy now. The bee end goon might planned it. The Sultan is oveseas now and only regent is in charge in palace. Tommorow When YB Nizar goes to palace they maight say the regent gering or MC.Or in case the regent attend to meet Nizar than he might say that the Sultan himseff must make dicision on the assembly dissolve. Just look at it. Less than a hour of court judgement ,they paid underdogs surrounded the state assembly building.
    And the goons will take the chance of the sultan overseas trip to their advantage and proceed in appeal court.Which we know in appeal court most judges are badge 98 and kerak amino. The might just reverse the judgement. And if the appeal court follow the high court jugment we stiil have another wastely paid underdog. The Suruh Pilih Rompak Melayu. Thise goons will fixed the polling date on a working day so they can prepare Undi hantu to lawan roh TUYA if fresh pool is held in Perak.

  95. Common citizen says:

    [Najib also asked Perakians to keep calm.
    “Don’t get overexcited,” he said. “We will solve the problem.”]
    extracted from Malaysian Insider

    Why Najib said like that? If he thinks that Perakians would be overexcited, does he mean that he acknowledges that Perakians are mostly in support of Pakatan Rakyat?

    If like that, BN still want to be the state government of Perak despite the case of not getting the support from Perakians?

    BN, really shame on you!!

  96. no mushrooms says:

    So the rakyat are going to for vote pr (pariah rakyat) again and then crossing over to BN (binatang nasional)?

    Malaysian politics is just a joke.

    As long as all these old and useless political parasites are manning their parties, don’t give high hope on this election again!

  97. Justice 4 ALTANTUYA says:

    Like the case of Altantuya ……this may be a wayang kulit. As the higher you go we find very dishonourable Umno buddy Judges making the final decisions. Lets hope its not and pray that faith and confidence in Malaysia Judiciary can be restored .
    Hidup Nizar the much loved MB and Hidup REFORMASI !

  98. atanliar says:

    Dalang dalam sandiwra ni harus di anugerahkan dengan Piala Best Director. Bagaimanakah ADUN BN Perak dapat diakui sebagai Yang Berhormat ?

  99. kittykat46 says:

    BN still doesn’t understand the law. They cannot just call an emergency meeting of the State Assembly to remove Nizar.
    As things stand, until and unless it is overturned by a superior court, Zambry is not and never was the legal MB.

    Every executive act Zambry made as the illegal MB is also defective.
    That means his act to invite the Sultan of Perak to open the State Legislature seating is defective.
    The seating of May 7 is now defective.
    Ganesan as “Speaker” is now defective.

    Its a basic legal principle that must stand, otherwise somebody can illegally usurp the powers of a position, make all kinds of decisions and get away scot-free.

    Strictly legally speaking, both BN and PR need to wait until this decision has exhausted the avenues of legal appeal. Until then, since the judge refused a stay of execution, Nizar is the MB, but he cannot dissolve the State Assembly, which would be an irrevocable step.

    Sorry, folks, that’s how I understand the principles, though I don’t quite like it myself. Personally, I prefer Perak goes to the polls and get over it.

  100. Collateral Damage says:

    The fat lady hasn’t sung yet!!! There is still the court of appeal…

  101. rider says:

    Beware! Naif says BN wants to appeal. Buying time and saving face. A re-election is not on his mind and we know the EC is his errand boy. We doubt the palace will call for a people’s mandate. Be very wary! Pakatan has got to be cool and calculative to consolidate. We don’t want no more frogs.

  102. hunk says:

    rider -on your comments on May 12, 2009 at 10:07 am,

    You are absolutely right on your take. I don’t see how Pakatan Rakyat is getting through this ordeal – only for a moment of joy – the Nizar was re-instated as MB. I can guarantee he will have a bad time with the Sultan.

  103. kittykat46 says:

    Some persons who are supposed to be above politics will be thinking more in the direction of their Gamuda shares .
    The other angle a lot of people don’t realise is the AG’s role in covering up the involvement of the Raja DiHilir’s household in the 2003 murder of his 2nd wife Hasleza Ishak. Just like the Altantuya case, only the direct perpetrators were brought to book, with absolutely no questions raised as to why these dolts would want to kill a complete stranger.
    All in all, this royal house owes UMNO a big debt – and UMNO is calling back its loan.

  104. jamesloh18 says:

    appeal granted? cut the crap of running..face the people bend claimed support prove it by election …not erection this is my prediction zamry will eventually be scarifice blamed for all losses ..not in perak but in malaysia ..

  105. jamesloh18 says:

    what the sultan say this morning?

    have u taken yr breakfast ? join me?

    was the traffic jam?

    how the weather?


    wait i need instruction ?

  106. wits0 says:

    “PERAK – Appeals Court grants Zambry a stay of execution in Perak MB tussle.”


  107. ktteokt says:

    And perhaps Sivakumar should bring a personal suit for assault and battery against these BN goons for carrying him out of the Dewan a couple of days ago! It was such a disgraceful act, worse than gangsters!!!!

  108. kittykat46 says:

    Repeat after me.
    The ultimate purpose of the judiciary is to ensure the perpetuation of UMNO rule.
    There are still a few rogue judges (from that point of view) who still suffer from delusions that their job is about dispensing justice, but, overall, the judiciary understands its function very well.

  109. Malaysian Shame says:

    The actual court is up above,Presided by the Owner of this universe.

    At the moment,let’s see how far the human courts could go.The Judge is watching.History has shown He will interfere at the right time.Let’s be patient.He won’t let His glory be stolen by mere men who will return to dust one day.

  110. bee yong says:

    To Kak long (May 11 at 4.37pm)
    For your info, you should address your remark to anonymous dud and not BeeYong. He/She is problably a pro UMNO bloke.

  111. Menyalak-er says:

    Hahaha, kk46’s repeat! Lol, u’r the man.
    Sung to the tune of “Where have all the flowers gone” – remember that was a great anti-Vietnam War Song? Pete Seeger’s version is the best on youtube.
    “Where have all the gomen gone?
    Long time passing…
    When will they ever learn? (rpt)
    Where have all the Aduns gone?

  112. “PERAK – Appeals Court grants Zambry a stay of execution in Perak MB tussle.”

    alamak, why can’t zamry be a confident (just like me). either way, nizar won’t be mb for long – he would be brought down by vote of no confidence of 31 duns. even if he successfully convinces HRH for fresh state election (aduh, why oppos wants to drain state’s money in times of recession like this, the HRH sees this that’s why he dismissed it initially), i bet most perakians will vote p-r out given their gov is highly unstable! even rocky admitted he won’t vote p-r this time round in gopeng.

  113. Kancilandak says:

    Nizar the shortest time opp MB in the world going inside Ginness book of world record. A few hour only.

  114. For your info, you should address your remark to anonymous dud and not BeeYong. He/She is problably a pro UMNO bloke.
    bee yong

    I agree
    Anyway,maybe and maybe this is all a wicked plan.I just hope that they will dissolve the state assembly n give the power back to rakyat.only they have the utmost rights although i didn’t think the way to justice is easy.some people here can draw out the wicked plan behind all this.but let us all don’t lose hope.

  115. whispering9 says:

    Hahahaha….I didn’t expect our joy to last long anyway. It was fun while it lasted. Unless the vote of confident goes back to the rakyat, we can expect more paroxysmal emotion. Both parties will play tit for tat on 9 little square boxes with no clear winner. And our donkey can still go heehawheehaw on a can of pepper spray. PR should just stay put on the MB seats until the appeal is heard. It is a musical chair game now, the last to seat down WIN! 🙂 Back to work…the economical situation in Malaysia is nose diving now in case some of us are unaware of it.

  116. laugh out loud says:

    My my my..what will happen to Perak and our beloved country..this whole tarnished law story is quite old actually.

    we heard it all before.again and again and then someone will be shoved down into ISA and then bla bla bla.

    @anonymous dud:i think you’re the only 1 who thinks that the Rakyat will vote BN if the re-elections should happen.i don’t think so,at least.

  117. Disillusioned says:

    The legal profession? Phui! Phui! Phui!

  118. goldenscreen says:

    As I have said before, haste is needed by Pakatan to launch a suit against Hee Yit Foong for illegally usurping the powers of the Speaker of the House. Let her bring her feeble Article 32(a) of the Perak State Constitution defense to court and watch as the defense lawyers shred her to pieces.

    In light of the recent Court of Appeals lightning fast stay of execution against the High Court’s decision today, we must now go all out to reinstate Sivakumar as the Speaker of the House and that can be achieved by declaring Hee Yit Foong’s actions as unconstitutional.

    Najib and Zambry may be overjoyed with the Court of Appeals ruling, but the people of Perak and Malaysia are not stupid. As Najib said last night, now we say it back to him “jangan terlalu teruja”.

    As for Zambry asking Nizar to vacate the office, Pakatan should comply. However Zambry “Mandela-Gandhi” Kadir should not be too presumptuous as to assume that he is now the Menteri Besar of Perak. In effect, the ruling has plunged Perak into a state without a legitimate state government, Menteri Besar and Speaker of the House.

    This is because the High Court has ruled that at all material times Nizar was, is and will be the legitimate Menteri Besar of Perak. The Court of Appeals has only granted an injunction against the rulings of the High Court. Therefore, the legality of Zambry “Mandela-Gandhi” Kadir’s position has not yet been decided by the courts.

    As for the Attorney General’s assertions that the state assembly secretary cannot be suspended by the state government because he is a federal appointee may be true. But the state assembly secretary has broken the law and ignored the separation of powers and went against the Perak State Constitution. That alone is grounds for immediate dismissal. Or is the Attorney General saying that we should let unelected and unaccountable civil servants run the state government without having to pay heed to the legitimate state government as well as the people of the state?

    Pakatan Rakyat and its supporters would do well not to oppose the Court of Appeals rulings. Show Barisan Nasional that we are not hypocrites. Although in our deepest of hearts we know that truth and the people’s power is far greater than any compromised court of law will ever be. And that is why Barisan Nasional and specifically Najib “1Malaysia” Razak and Zambry “Mandela-Gandhi” Kadir are cowards and do not have the guts (and two balls) to face Pakatan Rakyat in the highest court of the land – the court of the people i.e. elections.

  119. SameSame says:


    Just read malaysiakini. PR exco vacates office! So whats BN take la!

    All this I told you guys is just eye-wash! The sultan and his son wont listen until something drastic happens! BN is gonna regret all their moves they are making.

    This wont sit well believe me.

    Sorry sedition or no, Sultan is making one mistake after another!

    Wonder what PR said or did to him that he is so against PR or likely story, wonder how much was given to him to just sit on his high-throne and relax when his state is in turmoil!

  120. goldenscreen says:

    Dear all,

    Let us now refer to Zambry as Zambry “Mandela-Gandhi” Kadir from now on. Let us mock this little man who thinks that he is in the same league as legends.

    As for Anonymous Dud,

    Who the hell cares about Rocky? From the start of the battle with Pak Lah I already know the type of character Rocky is even though some people deluded themselves that Rocky (like Sultan Azlan Shah) is on their side. It is already expected that Rocky “CEO Malay Mail” Bru will go back to vote BN once the Mahathir faction manages to oust Pak Lah and install their golden balls Najib “1Malaysia” Razak.

    In fact I predict a large number of votes from the Mahathir Malays to swing back to BN. However this swing is not large enough to offset the swing by the non-Malays away from BN as well as the added swing of Malay voters that support Pak Lah or Malay voters who absolutely abhor Mahathir and the Perak circus started by Najib “1Malaysia” Razak.

    Chines support for PR stands at 80-90% in all constituencies in Perak. Indians in BN strongholds support for PR is between 50-60% while India support for PR in PR strongholds is 60-70%. Malay support for PR in UMNO strongholds is 40-50% while Malay support for PR in PR strongholds is 50-55%.

    Do the math yourself and you will know why Najib “1Malaysia” Razak and Zambry “Mandela-Gandhi” Kadir do not have the balls to face a statewide elections now. In fact, they would fare worse now than if they had called for snap elections 2 months ago. Much worse and the Special Branch knows this, right good ol’ chaps?

  121. tshock says:

    why is it when the opposition appeal, it takes AGES to be heard but when the bn fellas appeal it can be heard in half a day??????

    what a load of RUBBISH!!!! RUBBISH!!!!! RUBBISH!!!!

  122. kekekeke says:

    May 8, Perak State Assembly Deputy Speaker Hee Yit Foong said the device she was holding in her hand was a key chain from her hotel and a pen drive.

    “I would not give him (Aulong assemblyman Yew Tian Hoe) free publicity by pepper spraying him in the House,” she said.


    May 11, Hee said the pepper spray device she had been accused of using to attack Yew was not hers, as reported by The Star.

    She claimed the device had been flung at her earlier during a fracas and said does not know how to even operate such a device.

    So much of this Hee, the worst shameless creature I’ve ever known of.


  123. pat ling says:

    Malaysia has never been short of jokes. That little man tries to put himself with the league of Mandela and Gandhi? This should go into the Guinness Book of Records….for being the biggest joke of, not the century, but of mankind!!! This little fler thinks he’s got a big head. Yeah it may be big (like the sweet potato) but it sure ain’t got any substance (unlike the little ginseng which is another root). And he sure has skins as thick if not thicker than the hippo.

  124. whispering9 says:

    Frankly, if this melodrama drags into the next GE, the chances are only 50:50. The public will view the whole circus as greedy politicians fighting amongst themselves and do not give an iota to the rakyat.

  125. wits0 says:

    “Perak Monarchy is ‘embarassed’. Huh? ”

    Well, the UN is always “concerned” at every humanitarian crises that happen. And then it urges all parties to……….

  126. sandy says:

    “This little fler thinks he’s got a big head.”

    Mamaqs are usually like that. They own UMNO and the malays are their slaves.

  127. sandy says:

    Perak mornachy is not embarassed, and are laughing with glee at the way the peasants are revolting

  128. “In fact I predict a large number of votes from the Mahathir Malays to swing back to BN. ”

    you said it yourself – even if there is state election, bn will still win in perak, hence the outcome will be the same. why waste money and energy of the people when the end result is zambry becomes mb of perak! shame on oppos to bully petite handicapped woman – what’s so wrong of having pepper spray to protect herself from unruly and barbaric dap ppl in the house when she’s weak and feeble against such aggressors. these duns should learn to behave themselves in the house, not destroying microphones and sexual harassing old women, even handicapped was not spared. dr mah even got shocked of sudden change of his counterpart in the house!

  129. My2cen says:

    While all these were taking place, the price of petrol was increased again. What a good way to divert our attention! This Jibby is very smart after all. But if he’s smarter, he should cut his losses and concede to a snap election NOW! There’s really no need to increase the price of petrol to cover his funding. People are are very fed-up with him already. Zombiee is just a clown to do all his dirty front desk job. Perak deserves better, so, kalau jantan, turun padang!! … but then with Mamak Kutty holding one ball and Dotty the other, he where got balls anymore. ho??

  130. wits0 says:

    Zambry is divinely destined to be MB? A “petite handicapped woman” can do no wrong?

    The bathos just couldn’t get more sucky yucky!

  131. goldenscreen says:

    We must beware of spin coming from certain quarters (a retired politician) saying new elections are unnecessary because the result will reflect the current status quo and lead to instability again. I beg to differ.

    I believe that if fresh election are held now in Perak, Pakatan has a very good chance of winning Perak by a better margin than previously. The seats of the three frogs and the seat of the sole MCA man is within easy reach.

    UMNO has to resort to this spin to give themselves a plausible excuse to refuse new elections. Day by day the call for new elections grows stronger from all quarters in Malaysia. UMNO does not know how to dig itself out of the mess yet.

  132. kekekeke says:

    “……the price of petrol was increased again……..”

    This one don care

    Economic planning unit is now assigned to Nor Mohammad Yaakob. His son might have bought another Lamborghini to celebrate the father’s success at being retained as minister.

  133. wits0 says:


  134. kekekeke says:

    A “retired” politician says

    Tengku Razaleigh’s official weblog
    dissolve the Perak state assembly

    “The Sultan, and the monarchy itself, is embarrassed by this episode, as well as by a systematic programme by some to inflame this issue into one of race and treason. Such attempts only hurt the institutions they claim to protect, and they hurt Umno and BN. The real issue was always the Constitution and the Rule of Law, and the monarchy is protected in its role of upholding the primacy of the Constitution and the will of the people.

    We now hope that the Sultan agrees to dissolve the Assembly. This is the decent thing to do, but also the only way out of a crisis which has already spiralled out of Perak, damaged the rule of law, compromised the judiciary, the police and the state civil service, and damaged the monarchy in public opinion.”


  135. LimSo says:

    Just shut the F**K Up Zamry. You are just suppose to step down with your croonies. Do not bring any more disgrace to the people of Perak. Just admit defeat. The people of Perak voted for the opposition remember ? not for a F**ckin BN government.

  136. SameSame says:

    Honestly….has UMNO ever been a honest party? Come la we all know the answer aint it.

    What would it take for the Sultan to bubar assembly????????

    Come Sultan do the honorable thing, bubar the assembly and leave it to us the Rakyat to decide. Do the right thing FOR ONCE!!

  137. wits0 says:

    “Honestly….has UMNO ever been a honest party? Come la we all know the answer aint it.”

    We all do with the exception like that of anon dud, a real spining top dud in the same mold of “Dr” Wong and Chaptokam.

  138. kittykat46 says:

    Talking about the economic downturn….
    You think foreign investors have confidence in our judicial system ??

    Most Multinational corporations which enter into contracts with Malaysian companies will insist the contract stipulate that the judicial jurisdiction in case of a legal dispute will be the Courts either in Singapore or India.

    Sistem Mahkamah Malaysia tak laku.

    Only us poor Bolehland natives don’t have a choice but to swallow the UMNO-run courts…

  139. SameSame says:

    Zambry….compares himself to Mandela and Gandhi.

    Dei badawah..you are no where near Gandhi-ji! Sick ****..thats what you are!

    Sorry Susan, didnt mean to swear but this f***K*** isshhhh..even writing it gives me the creeps!!!!

  140. SameSame says:

    In his blog posting, Zambry also accused PR leaders of being greedy for power.

    Besides Mandela and Gandhi, the BN man also borrowed the words of Martin Luther King, the American civil rights leader who was assassinated in the 1960s.

    “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

    He claimed the negative perception of his leadership was spread by lies in opposition publications and Internet news websites.

    Zambry said that despite the challenges he faced, he would continue fighting for “justice and the interest of the public”.
    (Malaysian Insider)

    Woohooooooh….this fella got the cheekla! Sorry la justice and interest of public – my a*ss la! For his own la BN people la..more like it.

    Do the Rakyat a favour and get OUT! resign! …Now that will be a FAVOUR to US.

  141. wits0 says:

    Kittykat, he’s very thoroughly disgusting with his known megalomania and narcissistic self. Something that’s more perniciously pathological than swine flu.

  142. tiga lain says:

    Nizar reasoned that as the stay did not mean that Zambry had been affirmed as MB nor was it possible for there to be no MB, the only option left was that he remained the rightful mentri besar.

    “Since I was sworn in on March 12, 2008, I have been the mentri besar until now,” Nizar said.

    “The High Court ruling was not an order to act which can be stopped by staying it. It is not like paying damages where you can halt the payment until a decision has been made,” explained Leong.

    “This is a declaration that Nizar has been the legitimate MB all this while. How can you temporarily vacate him from office?” he added.

    Leong also said that he has never come across a stay of execution over a declaration, something which High Court Judge Datuk Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahim had also expressed after delivering his verdict yesterday.

    “It is impossible not to have a mentri besar at any point of time. There cannot be a gap,” Nizar added.

    Su insisted that Zambry could not be MB as the stay did not overturn the High Court’s ruling, and hence, this meant that Nizar was still the mentri besar.

    -malaysian insider

  143. boiler says:

    This is outrageous. All these politicians just got something wrong with their brain power!

    Politics is just a career but all these politicians are all power crazy and want to be in it for life and after life- if permits.

    The problem is all this politicians are all corrupted as the ends justify the means.

    They should be banged banged, banged banged!

  144. boiler says:

    Why all these stupid politicians want to play politics for their whole life? Aren’t there other better jobs than a politician?

    Ok! If you want to be a politician, you can be a politician for say about 5 to 10 years. During this periods, give you r best to the country and rakyat.

    But alas! We have politicians for their whole life want to mangpus in politics- holding powers just for the sake of powers for self and cronies’ interests.

    The rakyat got reallly boiling with all these patronizing politicians who are just interested in their pockets and all the perks and prerogative positions!

    Now we have father, son, sil, dil, etc holding federal and state positions!

  145. boiler says:

    Why are all these politicians so quixotic about this political job?

    Isn’t this political job a big headache needing to solve all the problems the rakyats are facing?

    The rakyat are facing alll kinds of problems trying to make a decent living whereas all these political parasites all staying in big bungalows, driving big brand new cars, eating lobsters, delicacies and caviars.

    So all these parasitic politicians are hired not to serve the rakyat but are misusing their powers for their hedonistic and decadent lifestyles!

    All these politicians should be booted out and sent to padi field taken over the buffaloes tilting lands. Then they realize how tough a life as a farmer to look after a small plot of padi land.

  146. boiler says:

    The rakyat must tell all these crazy and stupid politicians there are other jobs than politicians by booting all these power crazy no-use politicians come next GE.

    Just imagine if all the rakyats are involving in politicians, who is going to clean the streets, clear rubbish bins, tapping rubber tress, cooking food in restaurants, manning various departments (federal and state)…

    So came next 13 GE, it’s time to boot all these so called ‘very clever politicians’ to their kampongs, new villages and estates.

    They are other rakyats who are more capable to manage this country minus all the corruptions, power grabbings, practicing nepotism, cronyism, favoritism…

    All these quixotic and no-use politicians think they are indispensable after all the superficial bodeking by their sycophants so mush so that they are living on cloud nine and thinking that they are gods!

  147. boiler says:

    All these quixotic, parasitic and useless politicians will never relinquish their posts voluntarily a la Us presidents like Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Bushes etc..

    There will be here after they have mangpus and their children will continue after that, further screwing this country until further koyak … until further cannot koyak koyak anymore.

    So if all these quixotic, no-brain and parasitic politicians are manning this beautiful country of ours, don’t expect good things to come by as long as all these mad mad mad quixotic politicians are still around.

    Please remember, the rakyats are very boiling now and once the boiling pressure builds up to a certain entropy, all these mad, crazy politicians will realize it’s the end of their world….

  148. bayi says:

    Nizar, you are THE MAN!

    Pangkor Pele can’t even kick a ball properly!

  149. chand says:

    “This is the decent thing to do, but also the only way out of a crisis which has already spiralled out of Perak, damaged the rule of law, compromised the judiciary, the police and the state civil service, and damaged the monarchy in public opinion.”

    The contamination within all institutions have been exposed for the whole world. The cleaning up is going to be a big task. PR can see how many people need to be axed.

  150. migrantsall says:

    Pakatan Rakyat lawyers will set aside the Court of Appeal single-judge “stay” decision in an urgent application tomorrow.

    Zambry and his usurper Exco should not re-occupy the SUK offices to avoid another sorry spectacle of having to vacate them after a few hours.


  151. migrantsall says:

    SUNGAI SIPUT, 12 Mei (Hrkh) – Parti KeADILan Rakyat Negeri Perak telah membuat laporan polis serentak semalam mengenai penghinaan dan kekerasan yang dilakukan terhadap Speaker V. Sivakumar oleh Umno/BN di pembukaan DUN Perak 7 Mei lalu.

  152. natives are restless says:

    Impression of self-importance and likening himself to Mandela & Gandhi ? This Raper of Perak ? This low life ?

  153. Menyalak-er says:

    Guys/gals, a bit of caution here – see those flurs yelling at all politicos’ being psychos etc. Its their prelim shot across the bow. Psywar time, cuz they expect this abomination in Perak to last for quite a while.
    Meanwhile, they will maintain strict neutrality, without actually saying anything, except their mantra of useless (btw, i agree somewhat) politicos.

  154. loiny says:

    I hope michaelchick or someone could come out with a nice one of the mopla mapleh zambry in john lennon glasses and loin cloth

  155. vsp says:

    The important thing is to respect each other. We have to respect the rights of the opposition and the opposition has to respect the rights of the government,” Najib stressed.


    Wrong, wrong, wrong Najib! You have to respect the people because the power comes from the people. You only shouted about your rights but the way you bulldozed your way into power is a disgrace and a mockery of your stand.

    So you say you have the majority support? Then let the people decide whether they want to punish PKR and to endorse your assertion. Going back to the people is the most cost-effective way out of the mess that was created by you.

    Why do you have to make the sultan into a moron, the police into a mafia organization and the courts into a prostitution den? As if you don’t have enough skeletons in your closet, you are still gung-ho to collect more. Enough is enough, Najib. If you are still very stupid to understand and to cut your losses, you will lose your pants and nobody will be sorry for you.

  156. jkoena says:

    2Perak = 2MB & 2 Speakers but 1 Katak Hee Haw
    Perak State Assembly = Perak Clown Assembly
    With all these unresolved issues, even the judges are also confused and divided on the legitimacy of Perak Government. Since all these political, administrative and judiciary are in turbulence & chaos, the best option is to allow the Perakians to vote for their rightful aduns and government. Politicians to fight (for vote) in the arena of rakyat in the bandar, pekan & kampung of Perak.

  157. I-4-C says:

    Of course it goes without saying the Court of Appeal will give BN the victory cos they have majority in the Assembly, a simple application of democratic principles. Isnt that what the Pakatan was trying at the Parliment level to wrest control of the Govt. So what’s the outcry about??? Mau main buntut sendiri buntut dimain lah lol.

  158. storm62 says:

    I-4-C, what majority r u talking about? 28PR vs 28Bn the other 3 are independent voted in by the people to represent PR. pls go esle where and let umno main ur buntut.

    pls check the number of votes PR and BN gets in Perak then see who gets the majority, buntut!!!

  159. raindrops says:

    Malaysian politic is like a circus.Najib is the clown and the judge in the appeal court is a stooge.

  160. bee yong says:

    Page 3 of Star “Tired of excessive politicking”. After reading it twice I concluded that it is a spin to discourage unnecessary by-elections; the very fear of the BiN (tong of sh*t).
    The Art of War…Hit them on their weakness. If PR really lose Perak by evil ways, PR should consider triggering constant by-elections until GE13, to keep the tempo. PR ADUNs should sacrifice for 5 years by resigning to trigger by-elections. PR should not cooperate with them; they should cooperate with PR. With Perakians behind you there is no turning back now.

  161. ShiokGuy says:

    without the pillars of democratic society been independent, we will have the same problem over and over again


    That’s my layman views and opinions

    Shiok Guy

  162. LimSo says:

    Hoi I-4-C You must be one of the buntut BN supporters lah. You probably need to go back to school to learn maths again. There is no majority here. The 3 f**ckers can’t be considered majority for BN just because the pledge for BN. Furthermore, if you are from Perak, you should feel ashame of BN on why was Hee paid 25 Million by the gov through Vincent Tan (Berjaya Group) to be a traitor. It’s about time you BN F**ckers think about jumping ship to opposition.

  163. ?????? says:

    Now the public, especially the people of Perak like to have a Snap elections. But i dont think it will happen… chances are very very slim….. reasons.

    1) PR chances of winning is very high.

    2) This is the main reasons : NAJEEP is the head of BN in Perak, so if Perak goes for a Snap election… and if Be End lost ????
    Where will Najeep put his face ???????? This will show that that the rakyat of Malaysia want a “CHANGE” in administration . Because of this Be End will never agreeded with a Snap election. No doubt Be End said… it is the pegorative of the Sultan of Perak.
    But Be End will used whatever dirty tactics to stop a Snap Election.

  164. billauchris says:

    When I got the news that the High Court, Justice Abdul Aziz, had found for Dato Seri Nizar on 7 May 2009 to be the rightlful Menteri Besar of Perak, I felt happy and in a way euphoric that justice has finally been meted out after a few months’ of unprecedented though unwarranted and ugly incidents that disgracefully took place in Perak.State.

    Unfortunately this happiness and euphoria were short-lived. News that followed subsequently reported that Zamry successfully applied for a stay order from the Court of Appeals within a few hours; thereby blatantly showing the “boleh-ness” of Bolehland when coming to accord disrespect to the High Court Judge Abdul Aziz for his verdict and the blatant violation of two fundamental tenets of the national ideology, that is, the Rule of Law and Upholding the Constitutions of the Malaysia.

    Perakians felt relieved that the PR-UMNO/BN crisis had finally come to an end and that sanity once again restored on both sides with the judgment that spoke well for the rightful “Tun Perak” (Dato-Seri Nizar’s nick-name). We saw headlines indicating that PM Najib was prepared to work with PR to resolve the constitutional crisis in Perak – not as coalition government but on a term that BN so chooses but at the same time intimidating that BN was going to appeal to the Court of Appeals.

    The stay order indeed was most frustrating for Tun Perak. It negated his efforts to seek dissolution of the State Assembly from the Sultan of Perak and the efforts to suspend the State Legal Advisor and the State Assembly Secretary who were undoubtedly pro-BN in their ways of collaborating with the Usurper Zamry and his gang to oust, in a most shameful coup, the Perak State Assembly’s Speaker, Sivakumar on 7 May 2009.

    At the forum “From May 13 to 1 Malaysia” held at the MPPJ Auditorium on Wednesday 13 May 2009, the capacity echoed for the sake of building a Malaysian Malaysia in one deafening affirmative voice that:

    1) We shall accept the constitutional monarchy;

    2) We shall uphold the Federal and State Constitutions;

    3) We shall foster the Rule of Law

    In these premises, Malaysians from all walks of life shall clamour, fight and realise for justice, unity, peace and harmony, freedom and equality regardless of race, religion and creed.

    Besides, all Malaysians shall call for an immediate dissolution of the Perak State Assembly and a fresh election in Perak to restore parliamentary democracy in Perak.

    In my view, the stay order should never have been granted to frustrate the rightful Tun Perak from assuming his role and duties. At best, Zamry may file for appeal to review the High Court’s judgement by the Court of Appeal. How could an outlaw be allowed to continue be the MB when the rightful one should be Tun Perak? Just, don’t make sense.

  165. James Loh says:

    Dear jamilkucing,

    Some people out there blamed Anwar for the Perak fiasco because of 916.

    Those who feel angry towards Anwar’s 916 FAILED to see the big picture. Imagine this, would anyone dare to imagine that the Federal Govt could be taken over by the opposition before? Even after March 8th the idea seemed to be so remotely possible. It is a thought many minds would love in this country but dare not even think because it sounded ridiculous.

    Do you all not know that that 50% of Malaysians actually rejected BN but why BN still had the majority of MPs? It is because of the inequal sizes of the constituencies formed. An area with 20,000 people (Bukit Selambau) is a constituency and it’s vote is also equal to the constituency which is formed only by 8000 people(Batang Ai)?

    Think about it. If the elections have been held fair and clean, PR would actually be winning many rounds over. Not to mention the vote rigging and the phantom voters whom are 100s of years in age. How about cases where 1 house has 100 over residents just to neutralize the votes of the particular constituency?

    Many do not know these because of ignorance. Can’t blame them because the mainstream media has been covering our eyes for all these decades.

    —– BUT —–

    Anwar risked himself being ridiculed when he went ahead and planted the STRONG idea into the people’s mind that the oppositions can win over Federal Govt by having enough MPs.

    By creating such a big bang in the news, which makes it too big for the mainstream medias to even cover, too interesting for even the political neutral and nonchalant to ignore, he is creating awareness and interest among the rakyat who are disgruntled, but not too politically savvy to know that there is indeed a way to topple BN and have a fresh new govt. That there is raw power in their hands to cast a vote to send Malaysia towards the direction they aspire.

    Now THANKS TO HIM, everyone knows that to reinstall a new and fresh clean govt, all we need is majority of Pakatan MPs “in da house”.

    Thanks to him, we now realize that our voting power is actually (POTENT) against the evils that be in this country. It’s been with us all along, but we failed to use it. Now we see people calling for fresh elections because we know we can and have the power to make a change and BN is pissing it’s pants and running away from the issue like a sissy in the face of a real challenge!

    We have the power but we failed to PAKAT and use it for the past 50 years!!!

    All we ever swallowed is the crap that BN feeds to us day in day out.

    So I say, look at the big picture. No sacrifice is bigger than that of Anwar to put his reputation in the line for people like the likes of BN and its goons to ridicule.

    What he did was put power in our hands, and the awareness to use it! Which is why Pakatan is the name chosen.

    We have failed to Pakat. Now it’s our time to Pakat and eradicate the BN, which is the sickness that is plaguing Malaysia in the spine.

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