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I am worried for my old friend Dr Rafick, who lives in Bukit Antarabangsa. It seems so scarry, until he has decided to move out.  He sends me a mail, asking me to help him spread the word.

Landslides do not discriminate. Rich or poor, you suffer, if your home is located within these premises.

Rafick says:

“Today, I had ventured down the slopes of Bukit Utama bordering the Athenaeum Condo and Sri Ukay with a friend right to the bottom of the hill. After going down and safely came back up, I wish I had not done that. What I saw makes me an extremely worried person about the safety of my family and neighbours. I am now prepared to move out from Bukit Antarabangsa”.

He adds:

“My options are rather limited. Maybe the new mosque will be use for praying for the potential victims if we die. I appeal to the government of the day. Help us. Help my neighbours. Please get JKR/IKRAM to assess and rehabilitate this slope. This is definitely outside MPAJ ability. As for me, I have made up my mind. I am moving out. I need to convince my wife. Any takers for my renovated corner house with a land area of 5500 sf?”

Read more @ his blog: It doesn’t hurt if you don’t know… Please help him pass the word around, so that others are wary of this deadly place.

I hope Rafick and his family will stay safe until then.

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  1. keyleedaud says:

    i feel that too…’problem’ we still can figure how long but ‘who’ can solve our probs?please help our own citizen needed

  2. wits0 says:

    Reminds one of the Penang Tg Bungah 60º hillslope housing development projects whereas 38º is the maximum normal limit.

  3. monsterball says:

    These are the clear signs of corruptions …approving housing estates….as long as big commission reserved for the person UMNO.
    Have you ever heard Genting Highland having such problems?
    UMNO swore and promised……no more like Highland Tower tragedy.
    They also sworn on many things….never keep their promises….relying on Malaysians mind their own business and can easily forget.
    Dr. Rafick decision is wise. Family is priceless.
    Money can be made back…as long as he is still working……but he better spread the word to all his friends… to vote UMNO save future families.

  4. monsterball says:

    Lets be generous and presume no corruptions involved.
    Then it means UMNO government is very irresponsible…full of shit…full of no qualified idiots to manage responsible jobs.
    The proof is s clear..all forgotten..all completely shut out from the public..the hundreds of millions spent on a Smart Tunnel…to promise K.Lumpur …no more floods. What happen?
    The more than RM1 billion spent on Space Man…what is the result?
    Are students getting space age education….at par with developed country children?
    All failures cannot due to bad management….but clear pointing to massive corruptions.

  5. amoker says:

    I wonder who will help? It is easier to do new projects than to rectify mistakes…

  6. kluangman says:

    Baguslah kalau dah insaf diri


    No more houses on slopes that are sandy
    But only those built on solid rock
    As all seriously learn to take stock
    Whether or not we drink shandy

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 110509
    Mon. 11th May 2009.

  8. How many times death had happened there? How “many more” deaths do they need…???

    Our goverment has been “operating” with this sort of behaviour for 52 long……… years.

    “When the shit hits the fan, than it’s time to move…!”

    Mat Rempits, Snatch Thieves, Flooding, Landslides, Malaysia “Tak Boleh”, etc, etc……………………
    When these “shits” hit their faces than they move their bladdy ass….!!!
    Hee Haw…! Hee Haw…………………….!!!

    Even when their Parliment building had a massive leak………..,
    All they did was to start blaming the Contractor..!
    After all these years……….!!!
    Sigh……………………………………. What a bunch of goons !!!

    For how many years the building has been up, that’s how many years it “should” be maintain…!
    NO maintainence or follow up. But comment a lot of “rubbish”…!!!

    When have they been “ever ready” to be up on their feet when something drastic happens………??????????

    Perhaps the gaming industry should help out as they’ve “helped” others…????????????
    In a “haram” way……..!

  9. KOK Yoon Lee says:

    “When the buy stops, the killing stops.” while this is used by the people against the killing of sharks etc, I think this is applicable here too. When people stop buying properties on dangerous hill slopes etc, then there will be no incentive for developers to build such properties. So, who is to blame?

    Yoon Lee

  10. chris says:

    how about the criminal cases, the robber, the thief and the snatcher???
    my neighbour was just robbed right in front of his house. so tell me where is safe when the polis are so busy getting involved in politics.

  11. KOK Yoon Lee says:

    Sorry, should be “When the buying stops, the killing stops”

  12. Jati Diri says:

    What’s the problem. Bukit Antaabangsa is under the jurisdiction of Pakatan Rakyat. Do the right thing la…… Apa ada susah? Atau PR leaders juga sudah “kelabu mata”?

  13. 2nd class says:

    I thought all those who live at the Bt Antarabangsa are belong to the filthy rich group. Sure there is no problem to find another place to live in KL.

  14. whispering9 says:

    Actually, I wanted to post a comment exactly like what KYL posted.
    “When the Buying Stops. The Killing Stops.”
    It is too late to post regrets when it was the buying that had started the killing in the first place. Got to admit the ‘buying mistake’ first before pointing fingers at the Federal or State Government. It takes two hands to shake on a deal like building on dangerous slopes.

  15. wits0 says:

    whispering9, who gave the approval to proceed with the projects in the first place? In a country not really short of land why does the government dish ou residentail land on such a stingy basis, as a rule?

  16. Alex Tan says:

    Pls send this email/message to the Minister and cc to all the Deputy Minister, Director General of Ministry of Environment as well as Director of DOE, and urge them to take immediate action.

    You may also want to cc it to PM himself.

  17. Jonathan says:

    Any bukit in that atrea…especially with the current climate change and tectonic earth movements….DO NOT BUY….people who stay there should move en masse to safer areas…it’s just not worth it…..and surely pray tell…after all that has happened in Malaysia..only a fool will place his trust on Malaysian authorities…..yes the losses may be substatial…..but aint nothing compared to your life…..GET OUT ..and GET OUT FAST

  18. whispering9 says:

    wits0….like I said ‘Stop buying hill side home and the development will stop.’ Do you know why the Gment and the developers like cutting hill slopes and gradient? It is very cheap to buy a slope, cut it indiscriminately and build more houses than you can do on a flat land. The marketing department will advertise it as country living, greenery with chipping sparrows, flowing streams (longkang actually) and exotic homes. Then selling it to the gullible public at exorbitant prices. After so many tragedies, why can’t the buying stops? Instead, we have buyers who demand that the slopes be stabilized for safety. A more effective way to stop hill side development is to spread the message that buying a house on a slope will kill you.

  19. They should just blocked any more new hillside development.

  20. wits0 says:

    Dr Rafick, perhaps you should just move out instead of hoping and waiting to unloading your renovated corner house with a land area of 5500 sf. Alas, the loss may be large but if safety is your primary concern, well, unloading it to another human being also puts him/her and family into a similarly unpleasant situation.

  21. It is scary not just to live in a house on a hill slope, it is more more scary if you have to drive pass by hundreds of houses built on steep hill slopes… I am referring to the various projects along Batu Ferringhi which the previous state government under Koh Tsu Koon approved. It has now defaced and scarred the very serene atmosphere of this once-beautiful Batu Ferringhi….

  22. Oh I forgot to add… “FCUK U KOH TSU KOON!” I will personally hold you responsible for all these screw-ups!

  23. Menyalak-er says:

    Towards the end of last century, being a ‘capitalist pig&roader’, i actually did want to buy a condo in Dr Rafick’s vicinity. While the marketing people were all over me, i asked the obvious:
    “What is the angle of the slope?”
    You guess right – all soothing, nonsensical answers, and digressions, but no ‘degrees’. Nope, never bought one, despite the marvellous view ‘cos i felt the developers were pulling a fast one.
    My advice to Dr Rafick would be the same as wits0’s, but since it’s the dry season you may try to hock it off asap to a class D-F ‘bodek’ contractor.
    Yep, this is about greed, corruption and collusion.
    There is no point pointing fingers at the present MP and reps, as they were not responsible – this situation is basically irredeemiable geologically speaking… unless you’d want to stabilize the whole slope – but this may require 5% of the nation’s GNP…

  24. wits0 says:

    “stabilize the whole slope – but this may require 5% of the nation’s GNP…”

    We know that automakers wouldn’t spend another 5 bucks per unit to make their cars better if they can help it. The greedy developers, once they got your money into their vault, will not certainly alllow themselves to release the same amount if they can help it.

  25. james joyce says:

    I can’t help but agree – if there were no buyers then there would never have been any demand for properties up there. There is nothing political about it, just simple economics

    I remember, people wanted a panoramic view of Kuala Lumpur. They wanted exclusiveness. That’s why GREED, now he wants to cash out. Stuff it.

    My suggestion, Dr Rafick please start buying insurance (especially for land slide – I bet the insurance companies will not sell to you), vacate and wait for the event. And please do not even think of selling it to another poor soul – whose eventuality you only want to pass on.

  26. Commonsense says:

    I agree with james joyce.

    Dr. Rafick, suggesting for someone to buy your dangerous lot, you might as well use drugs as your carrot!!!

    It appears that no one at Bukit Antarabangsa learnt anything from the Highland Towers tragedy. Even before it was developed, it was already an unsafe bukit for development to begin with due to the heavy rainfall it receives every year. With the natural earth like that, I don’t think anything can be done to make it safe, unless you replace the entire bukit itself.

    And as someone mentioned earlier on, those who chose to build bungalow houses there, you can afford to find alternative homes to live in. If I were you Dr. Rafick, just get out. If you can’t or don’t want to look after yourself and your family, why should the Govt?

  27. korok says:

    buying a house is just like investing in the bursa.
    some you win, some you lose.
    now you know you are loosing, what do you do?

    continue? you’ll end up like dr George of Highland Tower
    be wise-abandon ship

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