My friend Tukar Tiub has a nice joke today. He says Altantuya will contest in the Penanti by-election.

He asks if there is a conspiracy by Anwar Ibrahim. First to let former DCM Fairus resign, and next to get Aminah Abdullah to run as independent.

Altantuya used to be called ‘Amina’ by her father. But overzealous Malaysians think she has embraced Islam. Which is not true.

Mongolians sometimes call their first born daughters Amina to mean ‘my beloved one’. Something like that. Stev Shariibuu explained it to the media when he was in KL sometime back.

Of course, the media ain’t gonna print such stuff.

Anyway, I know this Aminah Abdullah (who wants Penanti) personally. She is a really nice lady. Her husband, too.

Years ago, when Jelutong kampungs used to flood, she and her husband would go all the way to help the poor folks.

I was there, and reported quite a few stories out of it.

I used to visit her home during Hari Raya. Her daughters are adorable as well.

She gets along well with people of all races and religions. Someone to look out for, indeed.

I don’t know if she has changed.

I know she is now disillusioned with PKR. She has her reasons, I am sure.

But this woman is a heavyweight. I mean she is serious when comes to work. And she has an admirable personality.

She used to be Penang PKR women chief.

And she had never been in UMNO. That’s the best part.

I would support Aminah as independent. Wish her all the best.

Hey, is UMNO contesting or not?

Tukar Tiub says Dottie has put on 3 more kilos because she’s shivering at the possibility of Aminah @ Altantuya showing up in Penanti.

A joker,this  Tukar Tiub is.

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  1. wits0 says:

    “Of course, the media ain’t gonna print such stuff.”

    It’s there to serve not truth but Belial.

  2. hunk says:

    I have always enjoy the sensationalism of her take at Tukar Tiub’s blog. Keep it up!

    *Tukar Tiub says Dottie has put on 3 more kilos because she’s shivering at the possibility of Aminah @ Altantuya showing up in Penanti.

    A joker,this Tukar Tiub is. – Susan

    Susan, may you please tell Tukar Tiub that silicon implants are quite weighty issues, you know. Hehe.

  3. hunk says:

    Hi Wits0, how r u? didn’t go out, my friend?

  4. Kancilandak says:

    Ngihheehee.. another joke from Pakatan supporters. Aminah Abdullah nice legal housewife, couple they help people in flood. Can she stand for the mighty of BN of TDM who develop ekonomi of country, the bilder of Penang bridge so people dont nanti in Penanti? Penanti BN sure win one lah.

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  6. kassim says:

    BN is having problems in deciding who should contest in Penanti.

    Inside info close to Najib says that Saiful is leading the pack and closely followed by Sukma and Azizan.

    Unfortunately,Munawar is not Malaysian and so he cannot stand.

  7. Annuar Efrahim says:

    Hi Susan,

    It’s really IRONIC to still hear about this DEAD MONEY SUCKING SLUT name ALTANTUNYA. I still cannot understand why are we wasting so much time talking about some dead idiot who is NOT even a MALAYSIAN. Moreover, she’s DEAD & the court had found NAJIB & RAZAK BAGINDA ‘Innocent’.

    Susan, I’m extremely CURIOUS to know the reason why you seems to have DIFFICULTIES forgetting this slut’s name. Is it becos’:

    1) You’re JEALOUS you are NOT as HOT & PRETTY as her???
    2) You’re DEAD UGLY & that’s why you’re constantly HALLUCINATING you look as GORGEOUS as her???
    3) You’re JEALOUS why didn’t the culprit(s) BOMBED you up with C4s???
    4) You’re PLAIN STUPID & have mental disorders to forget about things you ought to forget???

    My utmost sympahthy to you, Susan. Deepest Condolences!!!

  8. Pegasus says:

    Heard Altantuya’s dad will be there though at Penanti..!!! BN can pick anyone ..still they will lose this..that the reason they had hesitate to contest this seat..they know they don’t stand a chance..unless they play a dirty game !!!

  9. machitam says:

    “Mongolians sometimes call their first born daughters Amina to mean ‘my beloved one’. Something like that. Stev Shariibuu explained it to the media when he was in KL sometime back”

    Dear Susan,
    Quite interesting to note the above. But i am wondering of what is the “damage” to print this in the msm or otherwise. I don’t see any good “excuse” or reason not to print.
    Btw, the public only came to know about Altantuya story only after police “found” the body pieces in Shah Alam. Only then we were told about Razak Baginda affair with Altantuya, as najib guest, etc.
    Also was related to us that razak married Altantuya and have a son….
    then story then goes on and on…..and till now the story is a “sensasional” in europe. now they they are saying that Altantuya came to reclaim fr razak her “share” of the “service” for the submarine deal.

    On this good samaritan lady, Aminah, yes it is a muslim name. i don’t see anything wrong in the name even if Altantuya actually converted to Islam. Nowdays, parent may not know of their son or daughter religion after they are independent fom the family.
    no matter how good is this Aminah intention, i still consider her as “questionable”, she is spoiling the soup or otherwise. she may be the weopon of UMNO since UMNO is not interested to contest. If we want to let PR be an alternative, then we have to make a choice. i don’t like anyone to get in the way of a victory over BN.

    you cannot resent UMNO and at the same time allow anyone to get in the way of the rising alternative…

  10. wa wa says:

    i know her as well when i was doing my research on women workers- the home base workers in penang.
    she was one of them that i interviwiewed.
    Being someone who used to be home base worker- work for the garment production .
    a d also always stays within the poor working class area.
    This was Aminah i knew in the year 2004, If she had changed , then i am not sure,
    But am very sure as well she was not UMNO
    she was a grassroot person who born in the poor family, tasted all the hardship of life and truely realise, understand and experinece hardship as poor people.
    I visited her house and knew how they live in simeplity yet theu are generous in giving help and kindess to people. even before the reformasi started in year 1999. these people are naturally kind hearted people and wish change for naton.
    she used to tell me – how she was so admire for kak wan and anwar and fought for reformasi movement. took bus to kl for protests, even wth no PKR there.
    till only PKR started, this reformast aminah joined th party.

    I think whether she is suitable to contest or etc.
    ir is not my concern

    but one thing very clear that, we need to reflect, what make a very good grassroot women and leader can piffs off with the party leader? and party?
    Someone who commited to the struggle since far back reformasi movement?

    This is something we need to reflect.
    Or else we will fall into those mentally of simply blaming those who disagred with the party top gun as “traitor”/ bought over/ personal gain interest conflict…
    Inseatd of it, we should investigate, is there something wrong with our own party decision making process? or leadership bias? poiting finger back to ourselves, to reflect, to correct it if there is error and imporove/move on/

    a very good saying a buddhist master say”
    ” a proud person is more evil/worse then a proud person who realised their mistakes and confess , plea for forgiveness”.
    wa wa

  11. kittykat46 says:

    Amina will be on the Penanti ballot ?
    Aiyoh, susahlah….I half-jokingly told some people a few days ago if they put Altantuya up as a candidate, she might get quite a lot of votes, especially if Najis decides to have UMNO contest. Even better if Mahathir is the UMNO candidate…

    After the disgusting events in Perak, the no-to-UMNO line has more energy than ever before. There’s a chain e-mail going around with pictures of how Sivakumar was forcibly dragged out of the Chamber, in case those who mainly read/watch the MSM missed it.

  12. AMINA says:


  13. K1 says:

    you are right….this “Aminah” will be another hee hee hee if mountain $$$$ is in front of her. Pls don’t take any chance, vote PKR. If the elected PKR did thing wrong, we still have umno to bring him/she down. But if “Aminah” leans to BN, we are in deep shit!! Now police is umno, judge is umno, royal is umno, take no more chance…voters!!!!

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  15. Pegasus says:

    Annuar Efrahim,you stupid fool,you must be eating shit all this while not being able to see what is right and wrong…you pray 5 times a day? For what? Slut or not slut,nobody has the right to kill someone..and with C4!.Obviously you are another Umno slut who can’t differentiate whats right and wrong..!You moron, a foreigner is killed by our policeman under directives from the top…everything is cover up …everyone can see that..! Susan and all other bloggers are still writing about Alatantuya because we want to know who are the persons behind her killing and the answer to all the questions still hanging on the air. This case is not solve just by sentencing to dead the 2 scapegoats. Why do you want people to forget this cruel murder? Try again and get Umno to pay you more to write shits. Get the fuck out of here…we don’t need ball suckers like you!!!..and keep on eating more shits feed by Umno.!!!

  16. wandererAUS says:

    Annuar Efrahim;

    Judging from what you wrote and how you presented your views, I can only conclude that you have a shallow mentality and morally deficient! Perhaps, kurung ajar is best to describe you or even as low as what I will consider you, equal to a motherfu#ker!!!
    You definitely, have no place in a civilized world with a DNA of son of a bitch!

  17. amoker says:

    what happen to this country?
    and allantunya ….

  18. Samvelu says:

    Annuar Efrahim is purely a fool. He obviously ignore the billions of rakyat’s money sucked by corrupted bn. Bet he’s also one of them. Suckers.

  19. Justice 4 ALTANTUYA says:

    The Murderers of Altantuya hope with time people will forget Altantuya……..NO we will NEVER FORGET ALTANTUYA !
    The whole Altantuya case goes right to the root of Corruption,Evilness and the Misuse and Abuse and Manipulation of the power in Malaysia !
    The voters in Penanti and all elections are no longer fools and are decent honest people. REFORMASI !

  20. Topaz says:

    Hi Susan,

    Sad to say that I was shocked to read the comment by one Annuar Efrahim which is crude, illogical and disgusting. I’m trying very hard to make out the kind of brain that this fella is having or which mental asylum he is now being held.

    I am happy to see that other readers are also feeling disgusted over this garbage and had responded very befittingly.

    In future, may I suggest that you’d better put on a censure on all the comments and delete all the rubbish so that you’ll not get the filth & profanity that are spreading fast all over the blogsphere.

    Best of luck.

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  22. ft says:

    Will UMNO contest Penanti?

    Rumour says that Dottie is still maneuvering to field the Indian priest called Ji to contest Penanti in order to exorcise the Ghost of Altantuya.

    BTW, heard from my son that there are quite a few Altantuyas in the online game Sudden Attack! I personally saw a character named GhostOfAltantuya running around with an assault rifle spraying bullets!


  23. tt says:



    GEORGETOWN: Bekas Ketua Wanita Parti Keadilan Nasional (Keadilan) Pulau Pinang, Aminah Abdullah, menjadi individu pertama mengambil borang kertas penamaan calon bagi pilihan raya kecil Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) Penanti, semalam.

    kah kah kah… NAMA AMINAH BINTI ABDULLAH… kah kah kah..

    kah kah kah… NAMA YANG MENGENTARKAN….kah kah kah..

    kah kah kah…. NAMA YANG AMAT DI TAKUTI….kah kah kah…

    kah kah kah….NAMA YANG CUBA DI HINDARKAN…..kah kah kah…

    kah kah kah…. NAMA MINAH CUN DARI MONGOLIA….kah kah kah…

    Dicatat oleh Tukar Tiub

  24. Ahmed Zain says:

    Annuar Efrahim
    You are the lowest of the lowest human being in this Earth. Pity that you are born human but without a human brain. No point to further this conversation since you are not human.

  25. people of malaysia says:

    To all my fellow Malaysians young and old, from all races and from all walks of life, I am writing in concern to our PM saying that he wants to be the rakyat’s PM, but the question is does the rakyat want Najib as the PM, the rakyat has been neglected by UMNO for a very long time.
    They have been feeding themselves and their kroni, unaccounted for billions of tax payers ringgits has been swindled, from the top ranking Police to the ministers all are guilty of abusing power and the basic right of every single Malaysian.
    Najib now has just become the PM and says that he wants to be the rakyats PM, is he ready to face the rakyat?, is he ready to be questioned and be challenged by the rakyat? , is he ready for open debate with the rakyat?
    The questions can go on and on, and if so is our PM ready to free the media, give people to true freedom of speech, reform the government to be more transparent and professional , MACC to be more transparent, Police investigations to be more professional, transparent and independent from government decisions, the courts and justice system to be overhauled and be more transparent.
    My friends till our PM gives real democracy to us and our country, he for sure is not my PM and I do not know about you but its time things change, we need reform, we need justice, we need freedom and we need to be free from suppression and being mislead .
    We have heard enough lies from the people that run our country, we have been controlled and dictated for long enough. I call for all Malaysians to stand up for their basic rights, UMNO has had their chance to prove themselves and has failed time and time again, so I guess its time for change.
    Drastic action has to be taken to win the hearts of the rakyat back, the rakyat is no longer stupid, it took them 52 years and now they want to be the peoples PM. This was because of their tsunami lost in the 2008 elections.
    I wish that this is read by every Malaysian, and I ask for our dearest PM to answer to meet the demands of the rakyat before saying that he wants to be the rakyats PM.
    To all of you who read this please pass this message on to all our fellow Malaysians and friends, let the world know whats happening in Malaysia and lets demand for change.
    Its time for CHANGE!!!

    people of Malaysia

  26. cd says:

    agree bn tak yak betanding

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  28. radi says:

    pkr not interesting

  29. limpek says:

    At time we need to look at some who seemed to be very helpful , very obliging ,very caring at a differnt angle.

    There may be some hidden agenda and when their hopes and desires not met then it’s no surprise to see changes in them.

    But we definitely salute & pay respect to one who sacrifice from the bottom of the heart.

  30. joenathan says:

    Spot on Susan,as I always say,people should not show blind faith to their leaders.

    When I read some comments about Aminah,by PKR supporters I felt very sad and dissapointed.There are people out there who are able to condemn her just because of her looks.We dont know,if she is saying the truth or otherwise,but I believe we must give her the benefit of the doubt.If we think that all PR leaders are sincere and honest and trust everything they say,then even god will not be able to save our beloved country.

  31. casava says:

    Well joenathan you can always marry aminah after she wins and show penang “the right way”

  32. joenathan says:

    Dear casava,

    Come up with some substantial arguement and I will take you on. Otherwise I dont wish to enggage and waste my precious time arguing with people with borderline intelligence ike you.

  33. mafioso says:


    Almost every comment here is ‘kurang ajar’ and if Malaysia’s fate is to be decided by you people.. I pray for God’s mercy..

  34. God says:


    Mercy only if necessary. First there will be questions and your answers will establish how you are to be mercified.

  35. Amir says:

    Jumlah anggota polis, wartawan, jurugambar serta pekerja pilihanraya kecil DUN Penanti, lebih ramai daripada jumlah pemilih yang datang mengundi di Berapit, Kubang Ulu, Tanah Liat, Guar Perahu dan Mengkuang.

    Ini berdasarkan pemerhatian Malaysiakini sehingga jam 10.45 pagi tadi.

    Pengarah pilihanraya PKR, Saifuddin Nasution berkata, pihaknya berharap sekurang-kurangnya 65 hingga 70 peratus keluar mengundi hari ini.

  36. KD Sharibu says:

    Altantuya and her unborn child will never be forgotten.
    Malaysia has renamed the 2 new submarines as KD Altantuya and KD Sharibu. In honor of the murdered mother and child. Many suspect it wasn’t just money that she was killed by the identity of the unborn child. is it the illegitimate child of the most powerful person in Malaysia?

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