my hair is BLACK: Arrest Me!
my eyes are BLACK: Arrest Me!
my shirt is BLACK; Arrest Me!
my pants are BLACK; Arrest Me!
my shoes are BLACK; Arrest Me!

their hearts are BLACK: Arrest them!

do not insult the color BLACK
BLACK is the color of justice!

my name is BLACK: Arrest me?

I wish people would stop saying 1BLACKMalaysia. Black is a good color. It is One BAD Malaysia, friend. and not One BLACK Malaysia, please!
Why do we always see the color black in a negative way? Isn’t it our prejudice and stereotypes to always attach badness to blackness (even when it comes to skin color)?

Why do judges and lawyers wear black? It is indeed, at least for me, the color associated with justice, with struggles for freedom, for life.
So, please my friends, call a spade a spade. BAD is BAD, and now we have 1BADMalaysia, and NOT, 1BLACKMalaysia, please!

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  1. wits0 says:

    1InvertedMalaysia perverted stupid by the umno/bn ignominious philosophy and cheered on by the infamous MSM and mainstream media.

  2. wits0 says:

    1Alienation where decency has been demonized at will as indecency. Amd Bodekism became the highest virtue!

  3. Why do people shun politics? says:

    Malaysian politicians are a laughing stock of the world.

    All these politicians (BN & PR) all are power crazy.

    Politics in Malaysia and all over the world all are about powers, monies, lands, women and decadent lifestyles.

    Let them kill among themselves la, sloone.

    And let us watch in amusement!

  4. Taiping Joo says:

    It’s all anger at the people’s front but all quiet at the ruling end. It’s most interesting to note that there’s not a trace of comments from BN’s coalition leaders. whatsup??

  5. KC says:

    It’s perfectly alright if them goondu politicians knock each other brains out. But in the process of doing so, many innocent bystanders will be collateral damaged!

  6. Gadfly says:

    Associating ‘black’ with bad is just like that of associating ‘left’ with evil or inferior, it is a cultural thing. It is also propagared through religious symbols.
    The slogan “black is beautiful’ is to invert the inverted meaning.

    A more appropriate word may be ‘dark’ or ‘darkness’ which is more than just ‘badness’. It suggests malignant aggression of a covert type.

  7. TOKZ says:

    Hi Susan,


    1) Black means DIRTY.
    2) Black means KELING & KELINGS are useless drunkards.
    3) Black means FUNERAL.
    4) Black means VICE.
    5) Black means DARKNESS (No hope)

    Only a FOOL will say BLACK represents GOOD THINGS!!!

    P.S.- That wanker who was arrested name WONG CHIN HUAT is even more STUPID. Knowing very well the weather these days are SCORTCHING HOT & yet this CHIN HUAT idiot has the CHEEK to request everyone to wear BLACK. No wonder they say people who supports Pakatan Rakyat are BORN STUPID!!!…..Hell, this have proven to be TRUE.

  8. 'Discriminator' says:

    You are right! If you discriminate in your heart, though you do not show it openly, you are not qualified to be a leader. You will make a mess of things along the way if you remain to be a leader of many races.The affected opposite party will consider you ‘dangerous’ to their own pursuits. Plain human reasoning.

    Who is qualified to lead then? Only leaders who have examplery behavior and personal conduct above the rest… mmmm….. it’s difficult to find one these days.

    Selfless leaders are as rare pearls in a vast ocean. Even Obama, given over time, you will see his true colors appear on the international scene,just like any other. Blackness of skin is okay, but not blackness of character and conduct.

    Even a ‘mongoloid’- retarded child ,lacking in brain power can differentiate one with a bad character, I have noticed that. It takes the spirit of man to know that.They can differentiate between the bad and the good. Good character is outstanding yet the simple place importance on other things such as race,man-made religion,skin color and so forth.

    Will selfless men with no personal agenda show up. Until we see such people, there will be no hope.Before this and even now we are only witnessing selfish men on the scene. If no promise of personal gains they don’t want to serve.

    Will we find these selfless men and women ever in Malaysia?

  9. Latuk Seli says:

    Your friends are the only police farce in this world that would arrest a cake. Arrest my armpit hair, it is black!

  10. lonesome goat says:

    The word keling has been replaced with the word mamak since it bercame taboo to MALAYSIANS. In days of old, the Kutty Keralites were the ones called Keling. Know your history if you have one.

  11. Chubby says:

    I realized Pakatan Rakyat supporters have the tendency to do STUPID THINGS. Take a look at the following examples:

    1) BERSIH MARCH – caused unnecessary traffic chaos to the rakyat simply becos’ these idiots wanna send the King a STUPID letter. Can’t these YELLOW SHIRT IDIOTS just post it instead???

    2) CANDLELIGHT VIGIL – caused unnecessary problems to the rakyat. Moreover, they are damaging NATURAL ENVIRONMENT by burning stupid CANDLES of which serves no bladdy good purpose.

    3) WEAR BLACK – Only DUMB IDIOTS will bother wearing BLACK. The weather these days are MAD HOT & yet they wanna wear BLACK. Are they intending to DIE of HEAT STROKE or what???

  12. lonesome goat says:

    Your mother’s pubic hair is platinum blonde izzit? Haaahahah! No wonder you talk like a whore’s son.

  13. TOKZ says:


    Maybe you’re RIGHT, maybe you’re WRONG. No debate over this.

    But what I do know is that most INDIANS were SLAVES during Pre-Merdeka days & all those MAT SALLEHS put chains on the feet of these INDIANS to prevent them from misbehaving.

    When these chained-up INDIANS walk…the chains on their feet makes a “KLING, KLING, KLING” sound. So, Indians from there on is called KELING.

    Where else, useless INDIANS who always beat their wife & get wasted drunk are called KELING PARIAH

  14. Kancilandak says:

    way to go tokz, whack the pembangkang supporter. I happy with glee.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Toks’, Kancilandak dan sewaktu dengannya,

    Kesiannya kau. Kau racist dan kau ingat ini negara ini kau yang punya bodoznya… guarantee kau ni spesies haiwan jadian perasan kau bagus.Kau patut tinggal dalam hutanlah. Ini dah kurun ke 21 masih berfikiran macam ini.

    Kau ingat BN kesayangan kau boleh bertahan ke kau tengok Golkar Indonesia dan Liga India semuanya hancusss akhirnya. Reality check dan broad minded lah sikit.

  16. bee yong says:

    Just as cold is merely the absence of heat and, therefore, not a real force unto itself; black is the absence of all color and, therefore, indicates the absence of life and the shadow caused by turning away from God and blocking the light. When it is found within the aura, as a shadow, it indicates a blockage of some kind. When it is found as genuine black, it indicates the presence of some degree of evil. Evil seeks to block the active presence of good. Please be very careful in your interpretation of this color.

    Black is a colour that is not used very often but it will help bring
    a patient to a state of grace. It will help them reach the silence and the peace of God.
    We are all drawn to the colors we need to create the balance we need in
    our lives.

    Black is the color denoting death, evil, fear, superstition, and destruction: “black magic,” “black Sunday,” “black despair,” “black Friday.” Black can also represent wisdom, as in being the color of the judge’s robe.

  17. wits0 says:

    “The first reference to the word ‘keling’ in the Sejarah Melayu, for example, occurs in the second chapter dealing with the exploits of Raja Chulan, whom the emperor of china is said to refer as ‘Raja Keling’. If this chapter is inded, as some theorise, a distant memory of the Rajendra Chola during the Sri Vijaya period(circa 1025), one can surmise that the ‘keling’ referred in the chapter may indeed be the Cholas of south India rather than the Kalingas in the east.”


    That was way back before the British colonials ever used chain gangs from penal colony as labourers.

  18. Menyalak-er says:

    Yes, wits and friends – their ‘his-story’ begins and ends with the Brits. There was nothing before and during that has not perverted or appropriated for their self interests, benefit and pride.
    They don’t live in nor understand the present.
    Their future God-willing, is the abyss – for their temerity of voicing racist vulgarity and ‘non-Aryan’ Nazism. Such is their ‘religion’.

  19. wits0 says:

    “..their self interests, benefit and pride.”

    Their selfish gain and vainglorious pride. A complete prerequisite befitting these addicts to primitive hubris. Bila kah si bodoh sombong kan faham apa dia “broad-minded” within such torpor.

  20. wits0 says:

    I seem to have noticed that Indians also are generally kind to dogs, unimpressive and a mite scraggy that these they may sometimes be instead of hating them as “unclean” so as to feel themselves thereby holier than holy in that outa this world dogmatic presumption.

  21. Why do people shun politics? says:

    Black is just a symbol of mournfulness. When an elder in a Chinese family dies, the whole family members would wear black clothes to show the loss of a dear one.

    This is a cultural thing!

    Sloone chooses a black domain is just a verisimilitude to a Chinese family who has just lost a dear one.

    Yes! The rakyats mourn the death of democracy in Malaysia and are mournful of this.

  22. Why do people shun politics? says:

    But the raktyats are intelligent people whereas the politicians are just a bunch of nincompoops.

    To solve the debacle of Malaysia’s today problems is to get rid of all these parasitic politicians.

    We need mavericks to solve Malaysia’s today problems and not these parasitic politicians.

  23. Why do people shun politics? says:

    The world is ever changing but Malaysia is still maned by old and ineffective politicians.

    Sigh! How could Malaysia advance in this new millennium with all these archaic and out of date politicians?

    All Malaysia need is a dynamic and innovative maverick with a qualitative system!

    With the world population increases and the earth is deprived of natural resources, we need a maverick to steer Malaysia into a new quantum fully utilizing the rich resources Malaysia is having so that everyone could benefit God’s given gifts to the rakyat.

    Alas! If you give pearls to swines, these swines would only trample them. This is what happening to Malaysia.

    How could the rakyats benefit God given gifts if all these swines know only how to trample pearls?

  24. K1 says:

    hisapmmudin said will release 13 isa detainees soon…suka suka boleh tangkap..bila u happy u can release..really fxxking face

  25. Why do people shun politics? says:

    Isn’t this happening in the Perak state assembly?

    All these swines should be dumped into pig sties and not the sacred state assembly which is a solemn place for solving rakyat’s day to day problems.

    These political swines supposed to solve the Rakyat problems, but instead are creating more problems to the rakyats.

    So why should the rakyats hire all these political swines in the first place?

    Might as well get rid of all these redundant and haprak political swines.

  26. Why do people shun politics? says:

    Yes! Malaysia needs qualitative mavericks to man our parliament discussing and brain storming how to achieve first world status by fully utilization of Malaysia’s rich natural resources within the boundaries and not squandering our rich natural resources by evil politicians without souls at their whims and fancies just benefiting a few stupid and parochial politicians and cronies!

    We also need mavericks to man each state assembly so that all the resources in every state are fully utilized for the benefits of every state rakyat and not spending on some stupid and no brain politicians who hop from one pig sty to another just to switch power from one camp to another!

  27. QingkongDynasty says:

    Justice has no color
    pls dont act like a fool

    sultanally ,
    ur words reveal how black ur heart!

  28. Why do people shun politics? says:

    How could the rakyat benefit if all these stupid, no brain political swines with no souls could administer a state with efficiency?

    All these political, avaricious and venal politicians should be locked up in jail or live in pig sties!

    All these political swines are just rotten to the core and are beyond redemption!

    The only solution is mass burial akin to the solving H1N1 swine flu.

  29. Why do people shun politics? says:

    Our judiciary is akin to a brothel in Jalan Chow Kit.

    Whether a law is good or bad can easily be judged by a reasonable man using the pasar malam man method.

    If you go to any pasar malam, there is no kind words for our judiciary but linking them to the brothels in Jalan Chow Kit.

    These venal judges are willing to sell their conscience and dignity and colluding with the political swines to carry out their machinations for a small sum of money.

    These avaricious judges have no souls and are akin to the prostitutes in Jalan Chow Kit and are the enemies of the rakyat!

  30. wandererAUS says:

    EVIL beings with evil minds fear darkness of the nights…especially when it is pitched black. These goons with a mongolian C4 as their leader, only the coloor black pricks their conscience….yes, dirty for some but beautiful to others…

  31. ADAMFARRIN says:

    Relax..black or white only a colour..go to Kopitiam and order white coffee or kopi O..we are now 1 Malaysia and no longer Malaysia Boleh..so be cool.

  32. Why do people shun politics? says:

    The rakyats in Malaysia are intelligent and the boss of this land.

    The rakyats could choose a politician and if the chosen rep is not performing to the rakyat’s specifications, the rep would be booted out come next GE.

    Well! This is the trend in today’s politics, not only in Malaysia but the world over.

    Those disgraceful politicians could be locked up in jail ala Ah Bian of Taiwan.

    This is retrospective and even a mangpused politicians would have to pay their wrong doings! So there is no such thing as escaping from punishments for a guilty politician.

  33. umr ali says:

    Idiot TOKZ – Why bring in kelings.? You SOB Almost all arabs wear black in the desert . in the very hot climate- So they are stupid? Obama is black Mohd Ali is black, a few sahabats of the Prophet (SAW) were black so all are stupid and drunkards ? IDIOT you are perverted.

  34. Why do people shun politics? says:

    The rakyats want hard working, intelligent and honest mavericks to manage the country and not some crooked, corrupt and pathogenic politicians.

    The rakyats are intelligent and easily can tell who are the corrupt and pathogenic ones!

    Beware to the corrupt politicians, the people power will see that justice is served on you proportionately and accordingly!

    You could end up like this you know~!

  35. limpek says:

    1 Malaysia also means 1 colour . if not what the used called 1 malaysia.
    Just becos the word “1” is glamorous now- people used we also used lah.
    Kia Su (takut kalah).

    If the Heart is black then does it matter what colour- outlook is that ?


    When the final judgement come- It does not matter anymore Black or White .


  36. apapunboleh says:

    It’s a black day in Malaysian history!

  37. OrangRojak says:

    I’ve got this one black shirt, kind of stretchy / shiny material. Had it for years and years. I used to wear it on Friday or Saturday nights – called it my ‘lucky’ shirt. I see it in the wardrobe from time to time, and it makes me smile when I think of the luck it brought me.

    Of course, now I’m married with kids, I don’t have much use for ‘luck’. And my good fortune now seems to be accumulating around my middle, so maybe a stretchy shirt wouldn’t be such a good idea any more. But still, nothing wrong with black, in my experience.

    I know, not really relevant, just thought I’d throw that into the mix.

  38. Susan'bikinisareblackbutpleasedonttakeitoffok? says:

    My Jean is black, don’t arrest me but you can take her in. 😀

  39. eeyaw says:

    Susan’s website background is Black doesn’t mean its Bad!
    Black is Bad when you want it to be!
    Black Coal when under intense pressure turns to Diamond!
    When the Sky is Black means rain is coming!
    To wear Black is to tell PRDM & Umno that they are Bad!
    C4 & Dotty hearts are Black because they destroy a helpless woman’s Life!
    The Prostitute of Jelapang is Yellow but inside is pitch Black!

  40. […] Do not insult the color Black my hair is BLACK: Arrest Me! my eyes are BLACK: Arrest Me! my shirt is BLACK; Arrest Me! my pants are BLACK; Arrest […] […]

  41. bloggersmarc says:

    If I’m not mistaken, it has been proven that the oldest human remains (female remains) were found on the African continent, suggesting the probability that we modern humans have a common ancestor.
    A common ancestor that just happen to be “Black”.
    Hey Tokz, don’t be so hard on your granny.


  42. sad m`sian says:

    black inside the heart cannot be seen ma,by the way i heard aminah also like black colour,so naturally black colour is very scary nowadays.

  43. Satya Sarada Kandula says:

    For too long a time, people have said., ‘it is fair’ to mean justice and ‘very white of you’ to mean honourable.

    For too long they have said ‘black-gaurd’ or ‘black-hearted’ to mean evil.

    This is not correct. Not ‘fair” 🙂 as it were!

    Nasty things should be called nasty, not black.

    It will be a good day when “very black of you” means very ancient, or very traditional or very calm.

    In the olden days english belonged only to the whites. Now it belongs to everyone, so some things should be changed.

  44. kookaburra says:

  45. Kancilandak says:

    You want to wear or pink or purpel up to you. It no point condem the BN from taking back Perak is rightfully belong to them. The BN assemblyman is more than Pakatan is, the DYMM agree, then if this is not demokrasi than what is? why wear black like somebody died and said demokrasi die so we wear black. Pembangkang think demokrasi they father one is it. Nonsense !

  46. anakngeblog says:

    i are help you remember math lesson on my blog on:http://anakngeblog.wordpress.com/

  47. wits0 says:

    All your colors are belong to us! – the Borghog.

    There you are, brevity of speech. 😀

  48. Deceived by Color says:

    Outside black, inside white;
    Like pearl,diamond and gold.

    Outside white, inside black;
    Like color of most cigarettes,
    With carbon and nicotine untold.

    Foods that are white to avoid,
    Like cooked rice,sugar, salt and flour,
    Milk and milk foods if eaten too much,
    Can kill with No;1 killer disease though!

    Black or white clouds, God created,
    One shows the shine, the other;
    The spring and the autumn rain.
    Both have their good and bad the same.

    If God has allowed you to be despised by men,
    It’s for something good He has in store later.
    He chooses the despised things of the world,
    to confound those who think high mighty and greater.

    Be thankful all men to God,
    For He uses the minority to
    shame the majority.

    He uses the weak and downtrodden,
    To humble the proud and lofty ‘mountain’.

    He uses the black to give color to white,
    For He does use white to give color to black,
    So He created yellow, green,brown and red,
    Purple and blue,turqoise and perfect.

    So relax, for you had no say when He created all!
    Just wait and see, what’s in store!

  49. sosong says:

    Next, the IGP may ask Chinese mourners to wear red colour as black is banned!! Office workers cannot wear black shoes, and must dye their hair to a colour other than black or wear a white wig!!
    No judges or lawyers can wear black in courts!!

  50. mohd ali ismail says:


    I am sad that we Malaysians are geting segregated even farther than i can remember.In the 50s we were integrated and solidarity was in the air.I still remember that my late father gave an apek to till his land and allowed the apek to stay on the land behind our house for free and in return we got some vegetables and eggs,periodically.We were good neighbours and became family friends.We respected each other’s customs and culture and lived alongside harmoniously togetger fine,although,we knew apek and family came from China we never question them and never regarded them as alien.All those values are no longer there amongst us,why? I guess it must be the Malaysian Politics that spoilt all that growing sentiments and trusts that prevailed those days

  51. storm62 says:

    see ….i’ve already warned all of you NOT to eat at mamak restoran…see how the police and fru storm the restoran?

  52. Deceived by Color says:

    Rainbow colors appear as a result of very black clouds.

  53. ktteokt says:

    Malaysia is such a colourful nation! First it was Yellow, when all those wearing yellow were arrested, then it was Orange, then Red and now, Black! Why the discrimination according to colour? Is BN trying to make the Malaysian society a “colourless” one? If so, then why differentiate SKIN COLOUR!

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