Detainees still no legal access ! Call 03-2274 2222 to demand for their release!

[Video sent to me by Ong Boon Keong].

Activist Ng Eng Kiat was arrested by police in Penang tonight, for illegal assembly, at a SUARAM organised vigil in Penang. I can hear Penang coordinator Lau Su Shi’s voice asking why is he arrested. Brave Su Shi.

Meanwhile in KL, 14 people have been arrested in another round of police madness at the Brickfields police station.

The14 are vigilers who are holding a candle light vigil for detained social activist Wong Chin Huat, held for Sedition.

When inside, the group started singing ‘kami mahu loyar”. We want lawyers. Police as usual want the crowd to disperse and are threatening another round of arrest.

My friend Chuah Siew Eng called the station, someone there assured her that if they wanted lawyers they will have access.

It’s a lie!

“What actually happens is they’ll ask the detained who their lawyers are and even after those detained name their lawyers, the police will make it idifficult for the lawyers to come in,” she told me over gmail chat.

“Lawyers are getting arrested too!”



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  1. whispering9 says:

    I agreed with what RPK said and I like to cut and paste it here
    “That is what Perak was all about, today. And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Repeat after me: It’s all about race, stupid!” 1Malaysia is about 1 race only. It is neither about Malay race. It is only about UMNO race only. Sigh. They doomed themselves and the rest of Malaysian. If MCA claimed to represent the Chinese under BN they should be ashamed of Hee. If MIC claimed to represent the Indian they shoud be ashamed of what they did to Siva. I can only think of one word for MCA & MIC, ‘F*cking Representation.’ Okay….no more politics for me for the next 24hours.

  2. hasilox says:

    Please spare a thought for the poolice. What other work can they do other than arresting ordinary folks? Robbers and thieves are so dangerous nowadays. At least ordinary folks are safe for them.

    [JB police chief wakes up with knife at his throat],4136,200845-1241474340,00.html?

    Useless bums do useless work la, wat else?

  3. wits0 says:

    “[JB police chief wakes up with knife at his throat]”

    Unless I remember incorrectly, a few years ago in Johor, an ASP was killed and his wife injured because he didn’t have the presence of mind to shoot through the bedroom door as the robbers were breaking it down. The clown wasted precious seconds in carrying his baby child and hiding it under the bed!

  4. wits0 says:

    “I can only think of one word for MCA & MIC”

    Most contemptible species around and have always been so. Many stupid voters are actually guilty of enabling such for do long in the past, one time or another!

  5. I think all the arrested will be released after 507,am I wrong?

  6. wa wa says:

    wei the police is correct to say-will get the lawyers for the detained persons.
    u think najib will last long with such way? i think he indeed gettng the wrong message to malaysian…..
    the ahrder they suppress, the anger people will be.
    the only reason can explain is their desperate for power blind their hearts and mind become silly and ignorance

    will pray hard for their ignorance to go in this wesak for them! hope when najib and wife attended the natoonal wesak day celecration organised by buddhist group, the
    buddha can touch their hearts and be confess!! and change!
    maybe thats why our buddhist association so u quick to get the new PM to celebrate wesak,
    foe sure they kmow that this can help people who have sin to confess and ratify it.:-)

    we shoyuld watch closely the wesak daty celebration on the news in malaysia :-!!!!!

    wa wa

  7. raisman says:

    No lah, Najis got no time for buddha.
    Najis belongs to MARA

    His father already with MARA…..najis in big hurry to go there

  8. raisman says:


  9. wits0 says:

    Exactly Raisman! Sorry to disappoint you, wa wa. It’s more likely a comet will strike Earth than for your hope to be realized tomorrow, unfortunately.

  10. […] Penang: Ng Eng Kiat, a very old friend of mine, and an excellent young man, has been arrested. See Anil and Susan. […]

  11. monsterball says:

    This is provocations to another level …to get responses….from opposition active members.
    This is creating fear to the public… caring UMNO is… stopping ugly incidences….making sure public sees the arrests are keep peace.
    Yes.”1 Malaysia” is for UMNO Malays….telling all Malays join in and together..rule others forever.
    Until 100% Malays fall into UMNO’s trap…this “1 Malaysia” will never succeed. How many Malays trust UMNO..abandoning PAS?
    Time is running out for Najib to be elected as PM in 13th GE.
    He will read all signs ….apply all stunts…act his best…..smiling and happy…make promises …arousing innocent Malaysians to be happy. He is a fast learner …a copycat with limited brainwaves…thus logic will slip away….and he will always show his true colours…his true intentions…exposing who Najib really is.
    Be patient and tolerant. His own UMNO and BN members will feel the pains… leave and fight these band of hypocrites and robbers… by one…ONLY….near 13th GE. Let them boast….do their best in the game they know best….to fool and bully… behaving like saints.
    I think vast majority Malaysians are not interested in present political situations right now…waiting 13th GE…ever determine to cast their votes to throw UMNO out for good….provided RP stays calm and do not rebel against UMNO.
    Anwar silent is most admirable and smart. Malaysians are no fools.
    Lets see what next in Najib’s agenda.
    Arrests ..let go….all acting.
    Suffer a little for the country and the people.
    Mahatma Gandhi’s advises will be Malaysians freedom fighters….inspirations and aspirations.
    Always India was freed from bullies and tyrants….the British……which incidentally is what Mahathir and all UMNO leaders are now practicing with no shame at all…adding one more created by Mahathir…..”money is power”…stealing our money to buy loyalties.
    UMNO is teaching the British…add bribery and corruptions..your bully tactics sure to win. How niave and boastful UMNO bugger are.
    It is so clear…we are fighting the devils .
    It’s a battle between the good and the evil in Malaysia.
    Good must stay calm and take all the punishments …to shame the devils.
    Remember…”An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind”….so said Gandhi.
    Fight against them…using their methods?..we will loose.
    This is the best test for all Malaysians who have faith in their religions …to throw away selfishness and greed…for the love of their children and friends.
    Do not be tempted by bribery and corruptions. Do not be tempted by selfish and greedy thoughts.
    Do not be afraid…ad the devils will loose all powers.

  12. RANJIT SINGH says:

    1malaysia is for malay umNO .1malayman can have 4malaywomen.Interesting !!

  13. amoker says:

    bah, all the dogs.

    donw to uMNO

  14. kittykat46 says:

    Anyway, thank you , Najib for clearing up the misunderstanding about 1Malaysia.
    I must admit I was starting to get a wee bit worried if your “reforms” might just be genuine. No need to get worried at all there.

    Najis is all about power, money, corruption, racism, U Must Not Object.

    Folks, remember yesterday May 7, 2009. Remember it well every time Najis sings his 1Malaysia lullaby.

  15. Phua Kai Lit says:

    We can express our revulsion at the Zimbabwe-style lawlessness by:

    1. Joining a political party
    2. Giving money to a political party
    3. Volunteering our services to a political party
    4. Actively urging others to do the same
    5. Blogging
    6. Informing the foreign press about our sham democracy
    7. Voting
    8. Writing letters to the local press
    9. Working with progressive NGOs

    Mass mobilization of the fed-up citizenry will bring about genuine change in the end. Remember Eastern Europe during the late 1980s?

  16. wits0 says:

    “8. Writing letters to the local press”

    May be counterproductive and only helps them sell noosepapers. Gave that up decades ago.

  17. kittykat46 says:

    I’m so very angry this morning…sorry, I’m staying out of political stuff for the rest of the day.

  18. tt says:



    kah kah kah… BUKAN SLOGAN KOSONG?… kah kah kah..

    kah kah kah…. APA JADI DENGAN CEKAP AMANAH DAN TOJENG… kah kah kah..

    kah kah kah… APA TERJADI DENGAN SOLGAN 3M… MUNKEE… MUNKEE MUNKEEE…..kah kah kah..

    kah kah kah… APA JADI DENGAN WAWASAN 300 – 300….kah kah kah..


    Dicatat oleh Tukar Tiub

  19. Fifi says:

    All said, what can we do now??? The next GE is the long way. The BN is in control of this country for the right and wrong doing. We raykat, are we all doing our part or just leave it to the opposition leaders, just because we nominated them. We sit and wait for them to do everytings for the country, blamed them if things turn out not to our expectation.

    Sigh….very sad

  20. tt says:

    Khamis, 2009 Mei 07


    Ketua Angkatan Muda Parti Keadilan Rakyat Suadara YB Dominic telah di tangkap.

    YB ini telah di tangkap bersama sepuluh ( 10 ) orang warga Serawak.

    Mereka sedang beerkumpul dari jam 9.00 tadi di Waterfront kota Kucing Serawak.

    Warga Serawak ini sedang membantah dan menunjukan kejelekan mereka terhadap apa yang telah berlaku di Ipoh Perak siang tadi.

    Ketika berita ini dilapor kesemua yang di tahan telah di bawa ke rumah pasong Sentral Kucing.

    Dicatat oleh Tukar Tiub

  21. RAN FUND says:

    Naif Ton Rasa father was gangster and a thug……..just like ALL BN worshippers

  22. RAN FUND says:

    Father die of cancer………….son to follow

  23. Gail D says:

    Leukemia dia mati ……blood cancer. Masa tu semua ingat “Love Story”…..tapi baik juga kematian babi siRazak……malangnya lagi satu babi kerala timbul

  24. kookaburra says:

  25. Phua Kai Lit says:

    Hi Wits0 8:29 am

    The local press includes Malaysia Kini!

  26. sucofindo says:

    It is reported that Ms Hee tore up the ringgit notes.
    It is against the law to disfugure currency let along tear them up. It is a criminal offence.

    Why no police report?

  27. sucofindo says:

    “The local press includes Malaysia Kini!”

    M`kini is not “press” ……the word being derived from “printing presses” which means end item is printed.
    M`kini is “media”……more precisely “alternate media”……which means they are banned from BN functions.

  28. Robert says:

    Call up the police station and just call them ANJING UMNO. Add in PUKIMAK if you want. I did.

  29. fidosaurus says:

    Useful and Common Phrases
    GoodBye – Aiyah no time talk liao baibai
    Where’s the toilet? – Oi kawan, where jamban?
    Let’s have sex – I wan rape you can ah?
    Are you a hooker? – Satu malam berapa?
    One Cheeseburger and a large coke – Oi TAUKEH, bruger and cola kasi satu!
    Hallo Boss , One teh Tarik and Roti Canai”. All Food Attendance are Boss.:)

    Food tAlk!!
    Indian or Mamak food is wildly famous throughout west Malaysia. While ordering, customers must turn words backward like a normal Ice Tea will be known as ‘Teh Ais’, if u were to say ‘Ais Teh’ the waiters will not be able to tell what you’re trying to say thus they hold small meetings and signals to begin guessing the customers requests. When ordering the local favourite drink – a mixture of Horlicks, Milo, Coffee and Tea, just ask for ‘LickMyKoTeh’

  30. fidosaurus says:

    If you happen to see a car hit a motorcycle, quickly stop your car and stand there to watch to see whether the biker died or still alive. Make sure you join the crowd, watch and talk nonsense as if you care and willing to help. Don’t call an ambulance – they won’t arrive in time and besides it’s not that you really care.

    Those who won’t stop their cars can always slow down and irritate the rest of the drivers behind you. You may stare at the dying victims and say “Waaa nowadays very dangerous, drivers are so careless…” and then drive away with no sense of sympathy whatsoever. You MUST do this, otherwise you are not Malaysian.

    Last but not least make sure you copy down the number plates for 4D – the more serious the accident the better. The best number is from a car who hit a pig and crashed into a muddy hole filled with angry crocodiles and exploded killing a masjid imam nearby. This ensures 100% win in a lottery.

  31. kassim says:


    and the people always suffers!

    and the morons from both sides for failing to see that their heroes are either GILA KUASA or MABUK KUASA

  32. saurus says:

    Put m`sian flag upside down, police will arrest.

    Tear Koh Tsu Koon picture, UMNO apologises.

    Jelapang whore Ms Hee tear Agung`s pic…….kerana naik pangkat to Dy Speaker

  33. Stupid Old Men says:

    As WitsO said at 1201hrs;
    We the older buggers have been stupid all this while..

    The despicable incidences of the past few days tell us that the ruling government of the past 50 years is prone to violence to hold on to power.

    Now, it is confirmed that the May 13 incident was incited by them. The rampant pollution of state and private institutions after that, the carnage of criminality is backed by their runners, the police.

    A total misrule and mismanagement of the country, to enrich themselves at the expense of the rakyat.

    Yes, we were stupid to have put them up there and supported them wholeheartedly believing that our children will benefit. We have refused to see their lies time and again. We were scared of the violence that might befall us like May 13. We were scared that our livelihood in our resource rich country will suffer.

    Yes we have been very very stupid. But today we have decided, collectively, never to allow this herd of stampeding racist cows to rule us anymore.

    We, the rakyat are aware that May 13 is near and you, filthy mentally challenged apes have started the ball rolling. Don’t you realize your end is near BN? We the rakyat will make you realize. You have fooled us too long.

  34. zztop says:

    What a shame to the whole world the way these UMNO and their partners in grabbing power from the opposition in Perak. Downright undemocratic and unethical to the core. That mamak “Zombie” should be hang from “that tree” by the Perakians till death. Forget the royalty now. See how efficient and fast these running dogs PDRM acted for their UMNO masters. Instead of saving innocent lives and arresting murderers and daylight robbers happening almost everyday and they are doing the opposite. Real despicable lot indeed.
    Just look at one blogger comments will tell us what type of bums we have now running the country:-
    The Umno-dominated depraved BN has forcefully and illegally taken over the assembly and appointed Ganesan as the speaker in place of Sivakumar.

    As I can recall, the Umno-dominated depraved BN had commented the that the rightful Perak MB Muhammad Nizar had shown disrespect to the sultan when he refused to resign and make way for the illegally-appointed Umno MB Zambry.

    Now I saw that Zambry had decided to to take over and convene the Perak assembly without even waiting for the sultan or his representative Raja Nazrin Shah to first officially declare the sitting open.

    This hostile takeover was done while the Regent was sitting in the VIP room waiting to be called to officiate the sitting.

    What respect and honour to the Sultan or his Regent has been shown by the Umno-dominated depraved BN?

    They were so ‘concern and respectful’ to the royalty before this but now they have given the message that the role played by the royalty is trivial and they can just make do without it by convening the assembly without the necessity of it being officially opened.

    What hypocrisy and shame.

    Well, before this about 10 years ago, we had ‘1BlackeyeMalaysia’, but today indeed we have a ‘1BlackMalaysia’.

    Way to go Najib….

  35. wits0 says:

    Dear Stupid Old Men, some have been stupider than others, namely, some have voted for ’em! I have never.

    There is a great difference in the stupidity involved! One is (part or full)abetting, the other ‘stupidity’ is simply an imposed situation by circumstances.

  36. SameSame says:

    Intimidation THEIR STYLE….

    Whatever, BN has been a stinking-rubbish to start with and all component parties whom are very insignificant compared to UMNO have been a downfall ever since Mahathir the power mongrel took over creating a can of power-money-evil craze men/women. This shall never end till they see that Malaysia turns into a turmoil land due to their (BN/UMNO)’s stupidity and arrogance.

    Watch and see….Malaysia will go thru a tremendous upheavel…..GOD bless the RAKYAT who just want justice done.

    TO HELL with injustice…TO HELL with all wrong-doings. TSUNAMI very close and pray it shall wipe this out for GOOD (GE……13! – the number itself is a dead giveaway!)

  37. SameSame says:

    And by the way..I have never voted for BN….and shall never will….

  38. saurus says:


  39. tiga cuckoo says:

    After next GE, IGP & AG must be prosecuted.

  40. wits0 says:

    Imagine the mental torture, the mental angst that the bn/umno has always been to those who have always known and refused to become masochists of sorts all this while – for decades!

    When a great LIE comes crashing down, it can bring down even Communism and the Berlin Wall.

    The specific manifestations of obscenity we see today are just the what has visibly boiled over.

  41. tiga cuckoo says:

    I did not enjoy being arrested, those years ago. I bet those who did last night and today didn’t either.

    But I’m sick and tired of being pushed around, and although I’m tempted to curl up and watch Star Trek, the fight must go on.

    You see, I think the police are trying to test our resolve.

    They hope that if they continue to beat us down, in Perak and elsewhere, we will just dwindle and die out, ceasing to be an inconvenience to injustice.

    I say Malaysians are better than that.


  42. tiga lain says:

    Najis thinks klse suka dia……tak lama lagi he is going to cry……..

    “LONDON, May 8 – China’s vice premier Wang Qishan said the global financial crisis is spreading and the economy will get worse before it gets better, in a written article in the Financial Times today.

    He said financial stability would be aided by keeping exchange rates of major currencies stable through exchange rate policy coordination.

    He also rejected protectionism, saying “it is vital unequivocally to reject protectionism of all kinds.”

    “The global financial crisis is still spreading,” he wrote.

    “The world economy is going to get worse before it gets better, and the situation remains serious.”

  43. K1 says:

    robbers who robed the chief police should have killed the stupid chief!!!

  44. KJAN says:

    With its never ending plundering and rampant corruption, umno bastards need not worry about its financials and if no money, umno bastards can always raid bank negara and rob the national reserve. umno bastards dont give a damn whether Malaysians eat or not/live or not. umno bastards are more keen to grab power to whack Malaysians kau kau – politically and economically. Until and unless umno bastards are fully exterminated, there is now great possibility that Malaysia will disintegrate and perish in spite of having enormous potential, resources and talents. Malaysians are now hoping and waiting for the death of umno!

  45. Ulan Bator says:

    Najis cousin trying to spin some damage control

    It won’t work. BN’s lies are so visible, especially after the Perak putsch.

  46. videolucah says:

    Najis cousin is finally using the kris he loves for bangsa, agama dan negara

  47. armaggedon says:

    With all the innuendoes that the man Naif Ton Rasa is a murderer, we have no choice but give him the benefit of the doubt as there is unfortunately no shred of hard evidence to link him to this despicable act.
    However, having said ( and only God knows the truth) if he is the murderer than true to a murderer character, whatever happen to Malaysia now is a decision of a man who has no qualm and conscience to exercise the full extent of the law and whatever to kill off any dissent in order to perpetuate his rule. The only law he believes in is the Law of the Jungle, the survival of the fittest, to kill or be killed and take no prisoners. You can throw away conscience as he has none and we can only cry for Malaysia as I do not think that such a person will give up power that easily even through the ballot.

  48. paraquat says:

    “…as there is unfortunately no shred of hard evidence to link him to this despicable act.”

    Who says so……PRECEDENCE:
    Ang, Sunny (1939– 1967) One of Singapore’s most famous criminals, convicted on 18 May 1965 for the murder of bar waitress Jenny Cheok Cheng Kid, whose body was never found.

    The prosecution relied entirely on circumstantial evidence. The jury found Ang guilty of murder and he was sentenced to death. He was unsuccessful in applying for leave to appeal to the Privy Council and was hanged on 6 February 1967.

    Najis should have been hung long time ago.

  49. wits0 says:

    The slogan of bangsa, agama dan negara is exactly what exposes “1Malaysia” as a blatant lie. What more need be said?

  50. armaggedon says:

    Sunny Ang was a known criminal who deserved his true dessert. Our Naif Ton Rasa is a true blue royalty and different standards have to be applied.

  51. wits0 says:

    Hard evidence is never there if it is denied through not being pursued.

    Ex AG Abu Talib can burn evidence and gets rewarded with a SHAM salary later.

  52. paraquat says:

    What do you mean Sunny Ang was a known criminal?
    Botak Chin, Bentong Kali were more well known.
    He was only known after the killing….same najis.
    Hang the buggah and finish with it.

  53. wits0 says:

    “..true blue royalty and different standards have to be applied.”

    By thy own lips you admit that in Bolehland there are two set of laws. Most ingenious CT-ing! LOL!

  54. paraquat says:

    Since Operation Lallang Najis is already certified criminal…….waiting to go to court…….and get hanged

  55. paraquat says:

    “..true blue royalty and different standards have to be applied.”

    Pink lips can excercise that between my legs.

  56. paraquat says:


  57. kookaburra says:

  58. wits0 says:

    Great movie theme!

    Hugo Montenegro – Hang`Em High Theme 1968

  59. wits0 says:

    Hang ‘Em High Theme (Dominic Frontiere)

  60. kadirkejar says:

    BN damage control……..hahaha…….macam chicken hilang kepala……

    “Gov’t to free Hindraf trio and 10 others
    May 8, 09 12:38pm”

    Suddenly hindraf not terrorist. BN got no proof, Takut another buy election in S`gor

  61. Obi1canopy says:

    ‘That such commotion could occur in a state where the ruler was once the Lord President of the Supreme Court is beyond belief.’

    -Param Cumaraswamy

    ALL institutions left behind by the brits have been thoroughly degraded by the “Handicapped Malays”……that is 1Malaysia

  62. wits0 says:

    “ALL institutions left behind by the brits have been thoroughly degraded by the “Handicapped Malays”……that is 1Malaysia”

    Ain’t that the dying(and living) Truth! No sense of fairplay and tons of hypocrisy in fixing what ain’t broke.

  63. Ulan Bator says:

    Trust UMNO to mutate and defile whatever left which is still good.

  64. tt says:



    Mereka yang akan di bebaskan termasuk tiga orang pemimpin Hindraf.

    Kita sama gembira.

    ISA wajib di hapuskan!

    Dicatat oleh Tukar Tiub

  65. Menyalak-er says:

    So says Kerissy: Uthaya, Vasantha and Mano, and 10 others released.
    Are we supposed to gloss over their rabid subhuman behaviour, becos of this? Of course not!
    Obviously, the damage control comes too late.
    These Makkal Sakhti chieftians shouldn’t be in Kamunting in the first place.
    Bless their steadfastness and righteousness, they will continue their struggle.
    Naif and geng are so afraid of byelections that rumors of Kota Alam Shah causes extreme anxiety attacks. Breathlessness, panic, palpitations and faints.
    Now, who says this tactic by PR doesn’t work?
    Hahaha… Naif’s truths and podahism on his blog takes the ‘cake’!

  66. paraquat says:


  67. paraquat says:

    Heart Attack #2 approaching at maximum speed.
    And this time your lease will NOT be renewed!

    Be advised herein that those of you who slavishly implement
    the ugly scare tactics of the corrupt and evil Umno/BN regime
    will go soulless to your graves.

    So be it!

  68. paraquat says:

    Now Najis borrows Kerismuddin`s balls to contest in Penanti.
    But Altantuya family/friends will be there. ISA them?

  69. paraquat says:

    But high heeled kerismuddin oso got ploblm

  70. Ulan Bator says:

    After UMNO-s rabid behaviour yesterday, they would have been buried so deep in a Kota Alam Shah by-election , the BN dudes wouldn’t know how to climb back out.

    So Keris-ham says…no by-election, whatever it takes… Hindraf trio instantly no longer terrorists….

    Who says the your vote has no power ?

  71. Obi1canopy says:

    How Najib has abused the federal apparatus – the police, the Election Commission, the anti-graft body, state offices and even the courts – in the past one month has been clear for all to see.

    It is only logical to fear that at the next general election – and if it comes that is – the last thing that Malaysian can expect from him are clean, fair and free election. “Malaysia is now like Fiji and Zimbabwe, ” said PKR leader Tian Chua.

  72. Ulan Bator says:

    Najis polis – Tangkap !

    Najib ….err…kena Tangkap Basah….. Port Dickson ya…

  73. sultanally says:

    Most of the delegates around the convention was basically talking about the Abdul Razak Baginda scandal and of course Najib’s friendship with Abdul Razak and it brought back stories of his alleged “caught in the act of adultery” with Zaina Zain in Port Dickson, which is actually a smokescreen!!

    Najib had indeed been caught with that actress, but not in Port Dickson but in a hotel in Kuala Lumpur. Najib’s special Branch officers had inserted the story of it being in Port Dickson in order to lay the ground for his alibi and it has now been conveniently covered up and the blame place on his underlings in the Army!!

  74. jungle gorilla? says:

    Malaysia is heading for a civil war like Sri Lanka?

    Is this the solution Umno 1?

  75. Latuk Seli says:

    I’d love to soak his ancient dagger in my pee!


    This is what MahaNajis and gang want the Bodohland to become. A land which will be ruled by IRON FIST and the IDEOLOGY of MAHANAJISM.

    They are power crazy evil racists.

    They just want power, and they never respect the Constitution and the people’s right.

    They have the tools-the evil APEK court judges, the Police top Brass namely Corrupted Musang, the evil Swine-face BetterDie and EASY at their expense.

    They controlled all the MSM and they thought they can do anything they want.

    In their mind, they said, “F%$K the stupid Rakyat. Bodohlanders are a foolish lot. They forget things very fast. Let’s rape and sodomize their rights. We only see them in the GE and that is the time we lower ourselves a bit, and after we have their votes, we are the BOSS, they are the KULI, who care? F^%K these stupid Rakyat…. (MONOLOGUE- by Script writer from Bodohland)

    They said, ” F^%K off, you stupid Silverians. Now we are the boss, because we have the majority. Who is the stupid speaker Siva? We can drag him out like a DOG…We can strangle him easily. We have the FORCE with us…You see, we have successfully done it. Now the victory is with us..He,He,He. No, we don’t want to go for fresh poll because we will lose, and it means no more power..So, F&^K the fresh polls. We will rule till the next GE. Then the Silverians will forget what we have done, we just need to give them some goodies, they will kow-tow to us. Why worry?…

    They said, “F%$K the stupid Speaker, he is KO now. F&^K the stupid Silverians, F&^K the Constitutions… After all, there are many legal experts, like M.Selfish and etc who are with us. They are our powerful cronies..They can spin stories, why worry?”

    “ONE BLACK BODOHLAND, so what? It is still ONE BODOHLAND, Now we rule…You don’t like it, then F&^K off.”

  77. SameSame says:

    Hey….Bangkal (sorry yar ur name is 2 long yar!) my sentiment exactly.

    If they think that all rakyat are as BODOH as them …then..sorryla bro. Not all may have the swanky suits high class education (with 3rd class brains!) and all the ‘perks’. No not all are willing to sell their souls to the DEVIL(Maha….)

    Many still have dignity and the believe that they can make it right (it may not be perfect…but)

    I have not lost mine yet….i believe we can if we do stand for our civil rights. These people in their swanky suits and no-brainers….they shall be ‘rewarded’ with purfuctly (no spell error) come GE13th….

    We on the other hand just have to be patient and stomach their stupidity until they themselves self-destruct. It is happening….and it shall happen.

    Just watch….

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  79. Douglas Moore says:

    Dear Same2,

    If the BN could rob Perak from PR by foul-palys, the same would happen at the federal level if PR won the GE. The ones (police/military) with the guns are with/pro BN, remember?

    Don’t forget that the legitimate GE won by Daw Aung san Suu Kyi’s National league for democracy (NLD) was robbed by SLORC, the military Junta who still rules barbarically hitherto in Myanmar.

    The same happened in Zimbabwe where Robert Mugabe who lost the 2008 GE, created discord using armed underhand methods and grabbed power later.

    Douglas Duncan Moore

  80. Kancilandak says:

    Deer people, nobody going rob Malaysia from Malaysians. Malaysia right fully belong to Malay and the umno fighting for malay right inside the BN. Thats all. Malaysian still agree that BN must rule Malaysia. Before Malaysin vote for Pakatan rule in Malaysia, Pakatan most stop dreaming and stop bluffing. That all, no big issue !

  81. SameSame says:

    Lol…another umno-cyber trooper in the house!

    He/She is leaving in his/her own world yea (kancilandak). Rightfull belonging ……konon.

    Please check your facts yea. As for belonging issue, dont go there. Thats another story altogether. If Malaysia whole and fully Malays only….GOD HELP MALAYSIA!

    Sigh….when will these people get it….never I think.

  82. wits0 says:

    Mr Egocentric married a Miss Ethnocentric………..and a hedgehog is born in an universe where the Sun and all planets revolved around its Reichfull world. Rightfully a basket case and never out of fashion, it seems….never.

  83. lonesome goat says:

    Kancilandak: “the umno fighting for malay right inside the BN”

    So the MCA and MIC were sleeping when UMNO fight for malay rights from within the BN.

    “Correct.. correct.. correct..!”

  84. Kancilandak says:

    All you who not agree with me read wikipedia malay archipelago, malays are the people of 20,000 islands, rightly the sons of the siol of this archipalego.

  85. Menyalak-er says:

    Hahaha… Sundadont speaking about Malays – imagine a Malay who is not Muslim – go look at the Filipinos, Torajans, Batak and our very own Ibans, Kadazandusun etc. This flurs brain is truly the size of an anteater.
    Lonesome goat, got some good vids to share about mating porcupines?

  86. whispering9 says:

    “All you who not agree with me read wikipedia malay archipelago, malays are the people of 20,000 islands, rightly the sons of the siol of this archipalego.”

    If wiki is your reference, I just cut and paste this for you to read.

    “Some historians suggested they were descendants of Austronesian-speakers who migrated from the Philippines and originally from Taiwan. Malay culture reached its golden age during Srivijayan times and they practiced Buddhism, Hinduism, and their native Animism before converting to Islam in the 15th century.”

    So isn’t the chinamen your fore parents?

  87. storm62 says:

    kancilancau too small and too shallow with mind been corrupted and poisoned by umno bus 3rds. this species will be exticnt soon.

  88. wits0 says:

    The 2 legged anteater cannot trust in himself and that’s the crux of the matter.

  89. Kancilandak says:

    The dominasion of the archipelago is the malay Srivijaya empire, the tradision from malay Majapahit empire, the culture from malay Melaka empire and the moden malay nation is Malaysia. I proud of it. The present PM is the latest leader of this ancient legasi.

  90. Kancilandak says:

    Haha. Tonite, a lot if Malaysian indians celebret drink many big bottles of beer in coffeeshop becoz they 3 hindraf leaders release from ISA. I notis this when drive to cibercafe. This how they celebret Wesak Day. See how indian respecting Buddha who is from India.

  91. kittykat46 says:

    Sometimes its very hard and painful for people to accept the truth. But facts are facts.

    The Malay civilisation reached its golden zenith under the Buddhist Sri Vijaya Empire, and another great flowering under the subsequent Hindu Majapahit dynasty.

    Its been going downhill ever since.

    The truth hurts, sometimes.

  92. storm62 says:

    wei kancilancau, how people celebrate has NOTHING to do with you, damn it! are you jealous of their religion and how the celebrate? how the chinese yam seng on every good occasion is also NONE of your bloody business.

    you’re a fucking piece of jealous shit and racist!

    RESPECT each and everyone’s religion, you bloody bus 3rd!!!

  93. Menyalak-er says:

    Anteaters and their fellow species including aadvarks and pangolins have never seen, nor can they understand, the great monuments of Borobudur(Buddhist) and the Prambanan(Hindu) archeological wonders built by the Srivijayan and Sailendran Kingdoms. Majapahit, Parameswara? Or even our own Lenggong Valley? Significance of Lake Toba…
    When i was touring these historic sites, my Indon friends laughed about the ‘Melayu’ from Malaisie: “Kenapo pak, mereka tak paham tentang struktur ari zaman purbo?” – because they were more interested in urut-urut, shopping and consulting bomohs!
    Yes, their historical factuality and anthropological knowledge has been destroyed by the ethnocentric fascism perpetuated by bumno. This the result of ‘sunat’ of their brains, not their appendages.

  94. wits0 says:

    “The truth hurts, sometimes.”

    It always will, in direct proportion to the brainwashed amour propre.

  95. wits0 says:

    Toldja so, ye Talibans of “Have-gun-is-stern”. Don’t mess with the Bamiyah stony Giants. Now you have Predators and Reapers plus your erstwhile patrons, the Pakis also after ye arse! Happy deep frying.

  96. Kancilandak says:

    Hallo Strom62, Good morning. I not condem any religion, hindu or buddhist or christian, I laughing at indian way of life celebret drinking plenty many bottle of big black beer go back and beat they wife. Own family not united how to unite and fight for rights? trust you chief and he eat evrything gomen give, then walk the street and cry we no have this no have that.

  97. storm62 says:

    kancilandak, appology accepted….next time go to 5 star hotels or officer’s mess at ATM, TUDM, PDRM and so on, and see how others celebrate or drowning their sorrows. Then you will understand!

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