Note: Please see photos of the ‘Cake Which Got Arrested’ at my earlier post, here.

On Wednesday night, PM Najib Tun Razak drove the police crazy with several arrests.

It was the ‘6’ of May, and Najib is the ‘6th’ Prime Minister. So you can imagine how significant this day is and what it means.

First he told the police to arrest THE BIRTHDAY CAKE, and several others at his Putrajaya office. He later got them to ‘squash’ the cake, before carrying the cake, along with the others, in a police car to the Putrajaya police station.

Then it was the vigilers who stood in solidarity outside the brickfields police station, but awhile later, he told the police to release them all.

I think Najib was really nervous yesterday.Why, oh, why? Relaxs-lah. It was just a cake. It was just a handful of vigilers.

And the vigilers were there for their friend, Wong Chin Huat, who you threw into jail for nothing! 

It’s time the police start wearing black themselves. Instead of doing their job of bringing peace and order to the country, they initiate chaos.

Anyway, if you want to protest the arrest at Brickfields, you can CALL 03-227 4 2222 and tell them what you think!

Earlier, before 1opm, I blogged that 15 people have just been arrested, 10 minutes ago, at a vigil in KL to free social activist Wong Chin Huat, who was detained yesterday for urging people to wear black tomorrow – May 7 -the day that the ‘illegal’ Perak state assembly sits.

Those arrested included SUARAM’s John Liew, a person named Helmy (?),  2 lawyers, and Malaysiakini columnist Josh Hong.

The group had gathered at the Brickfields police station and police wanted them to disperse.

Najib/police is on a rampage now!

Who, among you were so happy with glee when Najib released the ISA detainees?

Now you know!

Anyway, if they kept all these people in prison, at the same stationwhere Chin Huat is detained, at least, he won’t be so lonely tonight.

It’s only a pity that he/they can’t wear black tomorrow!


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  1. bee yong says:

    That is good news.
    That is what propel us to win all by-elections and GE13.
    The scar inflicted by wrongful arrests is deep rooted.

  2. Menyalak-er says:

    Dun worry – black underwear can, unless they turn on those thermal scanners for supposed ‘swine flu’ on, or soak u to the skin with ‘wonder juice’ from water cannon!
    Absolutely ridiculous ‘n most irrational state of affairs when the gomen has descended to the level of decreeing what the citizens they cannot wear, not what they can or should wear! Spiteful, childish, insecure!
    PDRM/Kerissy go suck your….. (thumbs?)
    Someone must get this entry into the Guiness world record!

  3. najistaliban says:

    PDRM is now the Taliban of Malaysia. Dont wear black. Dont wear orange. No cakes to PM.
    But fight crime……noooooo…….they run away even from chowkit….dangerous. Fat useless garbage.

  4. najistaliban says:

    PDRM Taliban coming soon……

    “The families were weighing their options until October when they were asked to wear a red patch in their pagadis (turban). “We were told Hindus are not supposed to wish a Muslim even inadvertently and that is why, in order to make it obvious for a passing Muslim that we were Hindus, we ought to have some element of red in our headgear,” Hardwari Lal, who is now in Amritsar with his family of 13, says.”

  5. tiga lain says:

    PDRM Taliban?????

    In both Christian and Islamic countries, persons not of the dominant religion were intermittently compelled by laws to wear badges, hats, bells or other items of clothing that distinguished them from members of the dominant religious group.

    The yellow badge for Jews that was compulsory in the Middle Ages was revived by the German Nazis.

  6. jamesloh18 says:

    isnt that writing on the wall..release 13 stooges n arrest another 13 maybe 130 , 1300 13000 ,,,they wont have enough jails for all of us..maybe award 500mil to do an instant jail…set up 200 big mac kfc outlets…u also get bar kut teh ..wan tan mee..char kuey teow…maybe we all should walk n surrender ourselves at brickfield alot of hassel …the police can do more crime snatch thieves…prevention…?

  7. Morning Dew says:

    Have a look at musa’s giving his reason why chin huat was arrested tonight. You will notice that he hesitated and slowed down his speech indicating he was having doubts as to the logic and credibility of the reason he was giving. The reason for chin huat’s arrest truly sounded ridiculous and petty. This came following his reason why police were having difficulty catching these “mobile” criminals.

    Now we know why the police spent so much resources into throwing helpless individuals into prison – a lot safer and easier and yet get to be seen doing their job and best yet koh tsu khoon would be so happy that the police can meet their KPI.

  8. Joshua says:

    Police is indeed free lor…the peaceful gatherings will keep them occupied…

  9. nadi says:

    At least the skunks are also occupied….

    Earlier today, Dr Mahathir showed he had no intention of toning down in his persistent gibes at Abdullah when he mocked his appointment as MAS advisor, quipping that “I suppose he must be put somewhere.”

    Somewhere, anywhere, it seems, except in Dr Mahathir’s good books.

  10. sherry says:

    Yes, arrest all these culprits before they organize public disorder. Bravo Polis Malaysia!!!

  11. eeyaw says:

    PDRM are bullies masterminded by C4! Maybe as Employers we should boycott pay our taxes to teach them whose the Boss.

  12. scrape says:

    I never trust the police anyway.

  13. scrape says:

    Indonesian Press (not run by umno):

    Malaysia Signals Crackdown on Dissent With Arrest of Senior Opposition Figure

    Kuala Lumpur. Malaysian police arrested a senior figure from the country’s Islamist opposition on Wednesday, bringing the toll of arrests over the past two days to five and fueling fears of a crackdown on dissent.

  14. Loo Si Fer says:

    # Sivarkumar’s car enters.. Nervous.. Police chirf instructions to arrests anyone approaching area , esp in black1 minute ago from TwitterBerry
    # BN “exco” has arrived in a fleet of perdanas12 minutes ago from TwitterBerry
    # Dap off downstairs 5 arrests, incl an 70+ uncle on morning walk.. For standing ard n holding daulat tuanku signs.. Fucked up!14 minutes ago from TwitterBerry

  15. Loo Si Fer says:

    # Sivarkumar’s car enters.. Nervous.. Police chirf instructions to arrests anyone approaching area , esp in black1 minute ago from TwitterBerry
    # BN “exco” has arrived in a fleet of perdanas12 minutes ago from TwitterBerry
    # Dap off downstairs 5 arrests, incl an 70+ uncle on morning walk.. For standing ard n holding daulat tuanku signs..

  16. Loo Si Fer says:

    8:40 am: MP for Ampang, Zuraidah Kamaruddin and Tian Chua have just been arrested. They were in the car with one of the state assemblyman.

  17. Loo Si Fer says:

    Five more people have been arrested, including blogger Zorro.

  18. grasscutter says:

    09:19 am……
    MPs Kula and Kit Siang have been denied entry to the State Assembly, although they have invitations. They are now heading to the Sg Senang police station, where those arrested have been sent.

  19. grasscutter says:


    9:20am: The FRU charged into the corner restaurant below the DAP office and started arresting people, people who were having their breakfasts.

  20. kittykat46 says:

    I’m wearing all black today.
    Walked past the police station with a few of them sitting in front. They stared a bit, maybe thinking “trouble”.
    I wave at them, and they smiled back – they are just the local neighbourhood policemen, and they can recognise me

  21. kittykat46 says:

    Si Najis penjual 1Malaysia ini tiada bezanya dengan penjual ubat tiruan di pasar malam.

    Mari, mari, mari….ubat geliga Najis Tong Rosak….kalau ada masaalah kekurangan tenaga batin, pasti mujarab…..

    Tindakan Kuku Besi oleh PRDM (Polis Raja DiMalaysia) memang mendedahkan 1Malaysia itu hanya barang palsu…

  22. whispering9 says:

    1Malaysia=1Utama. Isn’t the similarity glaring? Did they get the inspiration while shopping? There is definitely a copyright infringement somewhere here. His sloganeering lacks originality.

  23. rockyroad says:

    Tak lama lagi anak ton rasa dia jual “McMelayu”

  24. rockyroad says:


    # Yb yee.. Speaker sivakumar ordered 10 of them to leave the dewan!! Stalemate now..2 minutes ago from TwitterBerry

    # Yb yee: they took their seats.. Now all confused wats next.. Joke!10 minutes ago from TwitterBerry

  25. rockyroad says:

    The Sultan Of Perak sez wat?…….another 1st from Perak —–

    # Yb yee: bn wants to take over proceedings.. Ruckus in dewan!! Body contacts started

    less than 10 seconds ago from TwitterBerry

  26. kittykat46 says:

    The link to shopping has other possibilities too.

    One of the key 1Meloya advisors is likely a certain well-known shopaholic.

    You know, the one who bought a mountain of goods in London and tried to ship it back at government expense. Her civil-service-grade aides were also overhead bitching about having to act as bag carrier on her shopping expeditions.
    Most men will be aware their wives or girlfriends do enjoy “shopping safaris” but this one has a really serious problem….

  27. kittykat46 says:

    Sivakumar is still the speaker.
    I suspect PR has play-acted the whole scenario, with If-Then-Else-If-Else down the whole list of possibilities.
    Its going to be an interesting day.

    In the history of the Commonwealth, I cannot find any precedent for the unfriendly removal of a sitting speaker. Speakers who have had serious legal or moral issues have usually stepped down voluntarily. I think one Australian state had a speaker who was caught on a vice raid (older days when they still conducted such raids in Australia). He resigned.

    Other than that, they just retire at the end of the Parliament term.

    May the force be with You, Sivakumar (not the Police force, yukkk !)

  28. whispering9 says:

    Yeah, Sivakumar is defending the rights of all House Speakers.

  29. whispering9 says:

    …my blood boils when i follow anilnetto live reporting. Is that deputy speaker Hee is the same f*cking traitor?

  30. wits0 says:

    HeeHeeHee…who else do you think? Face thick enough to warrant that tungsten penetrator.

  31. whispering9 says:

    Hey witso…tungster penetrator is only meant for friends. That f#cker……shit, want to write something nasty but remember that misunderstood incident about Jeff’s ‘shooting’ commentator. She is a disgrace and BR thought she would repent. Traitor don’t repent ‘cos the act of betraying is conjured uner damn darkness.

  32. wits0 says:

    Well Whispering9, Monsterball may be telling us that we cannot judge Hee as we cannot judge Rocky cos we don’t know ’em personally!

  33. whispering9 says:

    Rocky is not a public figure, so I won’t judge his personal choices. The f*cker Hee is a public figure and I am judging her traitorous act of public betrayal. She was appointed deputy speaker under Pakatan and how, she exploited that position to ‘oust’ the Speaker who has to escort HRH Raja Muda out of the Assembly Hall as protocol dictates. Who is the pendeheka now? Monsterball, methinks, is in twilight zone sometimes….hehehehe. He loves and hates at the same times.

  34. Haniza says:

    I had to rayu rayu and fork out RM20, without receipt for not having seat belt in my proton saga at a roadblock. I was also confused whether I had to have rear seatbelts on the ’94 model, until I found out later that I didn’t need to. Anyway, this is what the poor cows are being paid for, to confuse or to be confused, and right now their confused boss has instructed them to stampede.

  35. wits0 says:

    “Monsterball, methinks, is in twilight zone sometimes….hehehehe. He loves and hates at the same times.”

    He’s got business connection with Rocky, no. Ya don’t think he’ll jeopardize that, do ya? 😉 Rocky has always been a spinner and his tales will always be judged – now they’re exposed and the intention behind all, clearly known.

  36. whispering9 says:

    …remember that time i wrote about the common fox-hole where everyone got together and fight for a common objective? It is like having a tight tea-party with the commies, the democrats, the liberals, the activists, the capitalists, the fascists, the sane and the insane, etc.,etc.,etc. Now that the party is over, do we expect to have a united friendship? Even god didn’t manage to preserve the Garden of Eden with only two supposedly perfect creations. Nay….so i ain’t delusional about the whole episode. MB ada business dealing with RB? That’s new to me. But, heck, why not?

  37. wits0 says:

    W9, didn’t he himself say so? Someone has long ago exposed(he likes that word too!)that he’s in the drinks vending machine biz. So if he has those in those MSM’s office, that’s the case.

  38. whispering9 says:

    I think he just values RB ‘rediscovered friendship’ when he was exiled from Susan’s place awhile back. I don’t know what you think, but I place loyalty quite high in my list. Doesn’t make it right or wrong, just that it is a good thing to have around you when you are going through bad times and the bottomless pit. Actually, it is something quite maternal, nope? When you are in business, after 50s, many perspectives change. Money and business dealing is not so important anymore. Loyal friends are.

  39. kittykat46 says:

    When you are in a deep hole, and everyone else is blaming it on you…yes, a loyal friend means a lot.

    But careful not to carry it too far.
    Some of the worst excesses and failures of governance, both in government and business, have been attributed to leaders who valued loyalty above integrity and competence.

  40. kittykat46 says:

    “the drinks vending machine biz”


  41. Menyalak-er says:

    Well Susan, since pdrm is rampaging all over Ipoh, i think we should remain in our ‘black’ attire. Blackest mood all around, ‘n my colleagues seem to cussin’ and muttering under their breath every few minutes, much to the chagrin of their clients.
    While this farce is on-going in Ipoh, the disgust of ordinary people is very apparent. ‘Circus’ is not what it is – its like a rumbling earthquake for the past 3 hrs.

  42. kittykat46 says:

    I like your Rocky-Borg picture….kehkehkeh…says it all in a nutshell.

  43. Deputy Public Prosecutor says:

    “I had to rayu rayu and fork out RM20, without receipt for not having seat belt in my proton saga at a roadblock.”-Haniza

    Dear Hazina, would it be accurate to say that you pay bribing cop/s to deter him/her from issuing you a traffic summon of a traffic offense? hehehe. But, it’s ok with me if you can….you know….I have seven kids and they really spend a lot nowadays…(if you know what i mean)….

    “F**ker Hee is a traitor”. – “Da Gentleman”

    Of coz she is. That was established as a fact since she defected to BN.

  44. wits0 says:

    Loyalty alone isn’t enough without integrity. Kittykat46 is certainly correct about that. Even scoundrels are also capable of loyalty to one another ; we see that all the time. But such loyalty works against all others outside their fold and so cannot be a virtue.

    Biz people sometimes find it hard press to balance biz interest against truth and go bizarre in their ambivalent incoherence and self-justification. Interested party, instead of acknowledging conflict of interests, can instead proceed to heap emphasis and praises on personal relationship(from a basically biz centric focus).

    You also won’t get banned from Susan’s unless you really go overboard in your impertinence.

  45. whispering9 says:

    “Even scoundrels are also capable of loyalty to one another” I think the failing is here. I observed that most scoundrels and crooks were capable of remaining loyal. Men of ‘integrity’ and ‘righteousness’ don’t seem to share this trait so commonly. So if Pakatan wants to become the white force, they must learn about loyalty soon, otherwise, history dictates that it is usually scoundrels who bring about changes….can be good….can be bad. Biz people are like military people….both only observe ground rules. Part of life kaleidoscope. People who live among clouds and people who live on ground.

    “loyalty is the willingness to make an investment or personal sacrifice to strengthen a relationship.Friendships require loyalty from friends.Lack of loyalty is one of the major causes of failure in every walk of life.loyalty is mostly inborn.a group of worker can achieve their goal more fast if they are loyal to their work and employer.” yahoo answer.

  46. kittykat46 says:

    Read the story of King Charles 1 and his antics against the English Parliament. A bit like what BN is trying to do in Perak now.

    Well King Charles eventually lost his head (literally).

    BN is going to lose Perak as well – how long are they going to prevent elections ? Today, even a lot of fence-sitters are saying – “This power grab is wrong”

  47. Haniza says:

    Deputy Public Prosecutor,
    Takpelah antara kita saja kan, sama-sama cari makan. What I’m saying is that all you guys are a confused lot who don’t know the law yourselves. See what’s happening in Ipoh, safety of the people there should be your first priority, you are supposed to prevent a riot, not indiscriminately arrest people having their morning breakfast and force business people to close shop! What your bosses are kings and princes?

  48. kittykat46 says:

    The importance of loyalty varies in terms of time and place.
    To continue the military analogy.
    At the level of the infantryman, the unit’s cohesion and mutual loyalty is absolutely critical. Many times, in the face of a determined enemy attack, the only invisible “thing” which prevents a disastrous collapse is the soldier’s loyalty to their comrades.

    At the level of planning staff and the generals, blind loyalty can be disastrous. From my experience, if everybody just says “Yes” to a major management decision, it is often the wrong decision, because it means either nobody has thought through all the pros and cons, or nobody dares to raise problems.

    Of course, once the final decision is made, everyone needs to support it. But leaders who expect loyalty all the time, at every stage, are headed for big trouble.

  49. wits0 says:

    “But leaders who expect loyalty all the time, at every stage, are headed for big trouble.”

    Yes, when they have not earned it and disillusioned groups of workers consequently through their ambivalence and crony system. Mind you, the Malayan and later Malaysian society has been built around a large dose of bodekism which only got very much worse from the earlier days. Few people, methink have not experienced lousy bosses who expect without giving in a one-track mind fashion. Bosses without demonstrating integrity on their own part(steep in favoritism, loves third party report about workers and breaking all common code of ethical management, e.g.)wants honesty from everyone! This seems to be the rule here. Maybe this accounts for some of W9’s constant cynicism.

  50. bee yong says:

    TUYA …born on 6th…C4ed
    PERAK …raped on 6th…C4ed
    RAHMAN…end with 6th…C4ed

  51. whispering9 says:

    …..Cynicism….hell no lah. Maybe I am like Rhett Butler as the problem-solving pragmatist who was sure that the South cannot win a protracted war with the North with the famous lines “I seem to have ruined everybody’s brandy and cigars and dreams of victory.” Nonetheless, Rhett Butler did join the war as a soldier against the North and saved many Southerners who once accused him as being the traitor and coward. I just felt that there are many genuine Rhett Butlers here and they don’t deserve to be called names just because they disagree with the brandy and cigars. Winning takes a lot of planning and hard cold realities. Blind obedience is not like loyalty. What dictators and bad bosses seek is blind obedience and compliance. I don’t want PR to lose in GE13; it is too early to bring out the brandy and cigars.

  52. dark blue.... says:

    hello all malaysian!!!

    please wear all dark blue make sure the color is the same as the police uniform!!! than we will see is this musang will change the uniform colour?

  53. kittykat46 says:

    “Rhett Butler as the problem-solving pragmatist “….he was not a real guy, lah.
    Just a chance for Clark Gable to play hero….Gone With The Wind..watched it 5 times between 1985 and 2006…or the poorer copy , Timothy Dalton in “Scarlet”.

  54. wits0 says:

    Rhett Butler was another carpet bagger, wasn’t he? Wonder how many other things that such a person(if in real life)might have to, “Really not give a damn”?

  55. whispering9 says:

    ….hahaha wits0, you are right. He was the original frictional carpet bagger, making a fortune running the port blockages for the South. Felt bad about it, did a Saul to Paul conviction and spend his acquired fortune to help the South.

    Hey kk46….are politicians the real people? Most are actors and because BN has been acting the lead roles for so long, she forgotten how to be the real guys and live in the real world. About time to bring BN down to earth.

  56. tourman53 says:

    “Najib drove police crazy on Altantuya’s birthday”
    Why should Najib be in fear of birthday cake? In fear of Altantuya name? When he doesn’t even know her? The police should have asked him why….

  57. Ajajal says:

    Oh you have addressed the PM with the correct name. You should not have
    to do that he is still a rubbish to human for putting away that poor girl away with C4 . Tell me which human will do that only tong sampah

  58. tiga lain says:

    Friday, May 08, 2009
    Email : terima kasih dari Bapa Altantuya ; kemungkinan besar akan berada di PRK Penanti

    Cuma nak kongsi apa yang menariknya ialah hampir ‘confrim’ yang bapa Altantuya dan akan ditemani beberapa anggota keluarga akan datang ‘tengok-tengok’ Penanti semasa Pilihanraya Kecil nanti….. wah bertambah meriahlah Penanti nanti…

  59. Pegasus says:

    Naif is speeding up the process to kill BN,which is most welcome, the BN regime seem to have lost their head in pursuing power in the Perak state and absolutely a despicable act. This is a total turn off, the Rakyat do not need any convincing to vote for Pakatan as the Black 7Th May is there for the whole world to see.BN should stop blaming PR for the fiasco and should be responsible for the political turmoil in Perak. Naif is the main culprit, he can’t go on talking sweetly and the next instance do otherwise, the people are not stupid and can see through whats happening. Its time to boot out BN for good!!! Let the 13th GE come!!!

  60. wits0 says:

    The Quickening was an entertaining film :

    Yeah, things are sorta quickening here too.

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