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Chaos has descended upon Ipoh and the rule of law has been savaged by the brutish behaviour of Umno Perak State Assemblymen. What we have witnessed today will condemn us for ever for reducing a much respected institution into the law of the jungle. Decorum was not observed and the rule of law was totally discarded.

By refusing to be bound by the rules of the Assembly, the Umno Assemblymen and sergeants-at-arms have demeaned democracy and the democratic process. The same conduct that arrogantly discarded the mandate of the Perakians in the power grab engineered by Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak is at play once again in the state assembly ignoring the sanctity of the assembly and displaying the very arrogance that has no place in this sacred institution.

There was no need to have pushed for this sitting of the assembly when the status and legitimacy of Zambry as Perak Menteri Besar is still in question. This very crucial issue had not been legally settled and yet the Umno assemblymen could not wait for the resolution of the issue. They are bent on taking over the state assembly by any means – mostly by foul means.

The sergeant-at-arms has no authority to disobey the orders of the Speaker. It is not their business to take sides nor to decide whether the instruction given is right or other wise. They don’t seem to know their place or understand their role.

The police have acted in a diabolical manner and did not act professionally and in an impartial manner as they are required to do so. They are seen to be acting pro-Barisan Nasional and in a high-handed fashion in arresting so many people who had not posed any serious threat to the security of the nation.

There was no entry into the 500-meter zone to keep people away from the vicinity of the assembly. They have made it clear that anyone breaching this court order will be arrested. That being the case how did Datuk R Ganesan gain access into the assembly to be illegally “elected” as the Speaker of the assembly? Ganesan was even prepared to use force to grab the Speaker’s chair proving that he is prone to violence. This is clearly conduct unbecoming of someone aspiring to be the Speaker of the Assembly.

On what basis did the sergeant-at-arms and the police forcefully and physically act to evict the lawful Speaker of the Assembly in this outrageous manner? Isn’t the Assembly out of bounds for the police to walk in and act in this atrocious way?

It appears that the police are also in league with the Umno assemblymen to do their bidding in helping the Umno assemblymen to take control of the assembly.

It is not even clear that the Perak State Assembly had been convened legally and legitimately for the Umno motions to be tabled and adopted. In a rough shod manner they had bulldozed their way to secure their position with scant respect for formal procedure and protocol.

Law and order has completely broken down in the Perak State Assembly and in this state of lawlessness Umno has taken charge of the Perak State Assembly. This is no honourable take over of the august body. It is a shameful way of acquiring power through brute force.

Najib must be held responsible for this pandemonium. He had created this situation in bringing about the change of government that has resulted in the bedlam that we had witnessed in the state assembly.

If only the earnest appeals and prayers for the dissolution of the state assembly had been heeded we would have had a people’s government to govern Perak.

This injustice will be rectified at the 13th general election when the rallying cry will be, “Remember Perak – Remember the injustice.”

P Ramakrishnan
7 May 2009

I am following 3 websites/blogs now for my minute to minute update on the May 7 standoff in Perak. A great day to spend today 🙂

Anil Netto

Lim Kit Siang


So far we do not know yet what has happenned to the 60 arrested. Are they more?


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  1. Jed Yoong says:

    Susan, I feel so sad. It’s really so sad. Is it necessary for Barisan to do this?

  2. machitam says:

    The corrupted gomen servant and BN had pre-emted in “hijacking” the Perak DUN assembly. It’s a fiasco. Now the constitutional crisis has become more complicated and in stalemate created by BN govt. BN is using the govt. machinery to achieve this.

    What a shame!

  3. mountebank says:

    OMG, now they even have a twin-speakers this morning.

    The situation of Perak political arena is getting more chaotic.

    The BN should be blamed and the lame Hee should be cursed!

  4. kassimselamat2 says:

    The worst is yet to come unless Najib have the courage and start acting like a PM.

    He has got 2 alternatives

    1) Dissolve the DUN and hold a fresh election
    2) Declare a state of emergency

    This cannot go on.We all look stupid.Make up your mind and decide.If you are afraid to decide,then resign.We are fed up of both groups.

  5. Kancilandak says:

    hee hee ! Good girl Hee. Hee did the right, support Zambry to ousted the derhaka Nizar.

  6. KJAN says:

    These bn politicians are really shameless bastards for their crazy power grab ala the Nazis power grab. Go for snap election, face the people if you have the balls but the people doubted you have the balls. A defining day for democratic and freedom rights as the people will return and rise against these bn politicians!

  7. kittykat46 says:

    1BlackMalaysia! Democracy First! Elections Now!

  8. kittykat46 says:

    This MIC Ganesan dude isn’t even an ADUN.
    You mean BN can pull in any Abu, AhBeng or Aryapan from the street and make him the speaker ?…….1BlackMalaysia indeed…

  9. Anonymous says:

    if you follow twitter @thenutgraph & @edgemy, they have more up to date news from the inside

  10. justme says:

    Now even a non adun can become speaker, is there a precedent? I am wondering, how and who swore him in?

  11. tshock says:

    this is really a debacle! i am totally lost for words to all these. why oh why are they such COWARDS! ! !. dissolve the dewan right NOW and let the people decide.

  12. tshock says:

    if i were Raja Nazrin, i will just leave.

  13. bee yong says:

    In the beginning (R) the Rakyat were united to fight for independence.
    In the end (N) the Rakyat were divided to fight for justice.

  14. Phua Kai Lit says:


    Do we dare to declare that Malaysia is a democracy after this?

  15. tshock says:

    how can they put their head up when they are using underhand tactics to forcibly remove the speaker by using the police. and just when can the police go into the dewan? is it legitimate? low down, slime balls, scums of the earth.

  16. wits0 says:

    The gomen dares declare that Malaysia is a democracy after this and there’ll aways be spin doctors like Rocky, e.g., to attempt to do a Lazarus.

  17. bee yong says:

    TUYA … born on 6th…C4ed
    PERAK … raped on 6th…C4ed
    RAHMAN…end with 6th…C4ed

  18. Menyalak-er says:

    You may put Ganesan flur on the chair, but the ‘chair’ won’t put itself on this sucker. When did the k9 and pdrm, except for the sargeant @arms have the right to invade the sanctity of the assembly? Heading for totalarism are we? Farce and total disregard for parlimentary system!

  19. OrangRojak says:

    Good luck getting news from LKS’ site, it was struggling with “…connect to database…” errors earlier, and now appears to be belly up. He should have put more coins in it this morning, obviously…

    Either LKS needs some more ‘oomph’ in his server, or he needs a plan B!

  20. Phua Kai Lit says:


    “We, students and former students of Monash University who sat through Wong Chin Huat’s classes and tutorials, strongly condemn his arrest under these allegations. My fellow students, what was his crime?

    “We believe that his only so-called crime was to demonstrate his commitment to make Malaysia a cleaner and more democratic country and a place we can continue to proudly call our home”

  21. hasilox says:

    Berak does not reach the current sorry state overnight. From one of the richest state to among the worst needs a lot more idiocy. A lot more than umno can inflict by itself.

    Rumor has it that it suffered that virus attack as the constitution. Look deeper and you find the answer.

  22. zztop says:

    What happened in Perak is a shame to the world. What 1Malaysia we are talking abouit?? Its all bullshit from the beginning.
    I hope all Perakians will rise to the occasion and help PKR.
    That 3 jumping froggies especially that despicable, handicap Hee have no shame at all. Just look at her actions makes one puke.
    The rakyat must make these 3 froggies especially that despicable handicap MP pay for their greedy and unethical actions since day one.

  23. roroad says:

    “Democracy First” candle light vigil, TONIGHT!


  24. roroad says:

    ‘Justice and Democracy’ dragged away by Najisocracy


    The Aemnoo and Bee-End have pushed the Silver state into the edge of the quicksand through back-door gimmicks.

    Now, their moronic acts have dragged the whole state deeper.

    This is not funny, it is not a circus and the consequences can be severe.

    The royal family, the people and the image of the state and the country will not be spared.


  26. migrantsall says:

    “The royal family, the people and the image of the state and the country will not be spared.”


  27. migrantsall says:

    4.30pm: PAS’ Salahuddin Ayub says all the elected reps arrested earlier have been released.


  28. migrantsall says:

    Out of sheer interest IF 3 BN reps now die, will the Pakatan automatically get back on deck OR must buy-elections be held first?

  29. markky says:

    BN behaves like total hooligans today and I feel so ashamed being a Perakian. The scene of the legitimate Speaker being dragged out is an absolute heartbreak to all peace-loving Perakians. Democracy is trampled and tossed about like a rag doll and this alone is enough a reason why BN must never be allowed to rule in this land again.

  30. William Chin says:

    Tan Keng Liang Gerakan Youth Chief of Kedah asking for Exemption of Repayment for National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN).


    “Currently, there are students who are given full scholarship to enter local varsities before achieving any result and who may not eventually performed up to expectation.

    Thus, it would be disappointing to see that Malaysian students, who were not granted scholarship initially but actually performed up to expectation not being rewarded for their academic excellence.”


  31. pat ling says:

    Let’s take heed to Dato NH Chan’s advice in his recent articles. But each one of us must play our role in getting ready for the next GE. Everyone of us should start encouraging those who have yet to register themselves to vote to take that initiative to avoid the last minute rush. There are many who have not voted. These are the ones who matter when it comes to giving these recalcitrant rogues a thrashing of their lives – at the next polls. Given all the high handed dirty tricks, this will be the rakyats’ only recourse.

  32. putrapros says:

    Kenyataan Speaker Sivakumar

    Saya tidak iktiraf Ganesan sebagai Speaker kerana saya telah tolak usul perlantikan Speaker.

    Saya dibawa ke satu bilik oleh polis, saya jatuh 2 kali.

    Media juga maklumkan seramai 8 orang telah dikasari dan ada yang koyak bajunya.

    Saya diletakkan dalam satu bilik sekitar jam, yang jelas semua arahan Speaker telah diingkari.

    Dari awal Speaker telah dihalang dengan usaha untuk menghalang media dari masuk untuk membuat liputan.

    Kenapa ada arahan orang luar masuk dengan ada tanda nama, sebaliknya saya mohon 7 Ahli Parlimen masuk tapi ditolak. Jadi jelas ada campurtangan pihak lain keatas kuasa Speaker.
    Dicatat oleh DRS. KHALIL IDHAM LIM di 4:40 PM

  33. orange says:

    there, told you already – if cannot win, just beat everyone into submission la!
    no brainer mah – send in the trolls, arrest everyone, scramble for the mic, initiate thug mode, frogmarch speaker out and tadaa… win in glory already lor.

  34. ng boon tat says:

    my feeling is that something good might just come out of this..in the next few days, we might just hear the good news…State Election for Perak..!!


  35. Diva says:

    Why is everyone surprise on what is happening!
    Do expect worse to come.
    Let them paint themselves black. The blacker the better so that more ‘blind’ BN supporters and the younger generation can see clearer.
    The more holes they make, the faster it SINK!
    Rejoice everyone!

  36. monsterball says:

    This is the worst government assembly sitting I have ever seen….in my entire life.
    Under Najib…it is unpredictable….unreliable most cunning leadership.
    Looks like..he loves war games….just like Bush…but Najib’s enemies are right here….in Malaysia!!!
    Police and government officers keep thinking their salaries comes from UMNO and not from tax payers money??
    I had tea with one saying NGOs are troublesome people.
    I replied…it is their job to be troublesome without fear to expose crooks. I asked him…is Najib uniting Malaysians or keep playing race and religion politics? Will he be happy to feed his children until 52 years old and on gong?
    He felt shameful and kept quiet. We are friends.
    He said ..one container load drugs smuggled in. 20 ft or 40ft container…not told to me. I said good work…now get those smugglers charged in court see them hanged. This is what the police should go after…not play politics.
    If you talk to many many police officers…they actually do not care about politics…but do take instructions without questions from their Commanders.
    It’s some high ranking officers……all millionaires….taking orders from UMNO…like robots.
    They need dozens of dead Malaysians.. to wake hem up.
    Right now…..it is keeping law and order….UMNO ways.
    Live with it..till 13th GE.

  37. Gadfly says:

    Unlawful, shameless, broad-daylight power grab can be so well-protected by all the ‘lawful’ instruments of state power. A strange country, so strange that I can’t recognise it as a Malaysian.

  38. pilocarpine says:

    and the arrested ones will be kept there till the next PM release them…

    no wonder Naif released so many once he got into the throne…

    to provide space for his new captures..

  39. migrantsall says:

    Raja Nazrin: Be bold, explore new ideas
    May 7, 09 6:06pm
    Najis & Mamaq Zambry following the Royal advice……and succeeding!!

  40. 1peoplepower says:

    There is to room for such parasitic idiots here!!

    <a href=”http://news.webindia123.com/news/Articles/Asia/20070125/574086.html”Buddha prevails over Nepal king, Kathmandu

  41. 1peoplepower says:

    There is to room for such parasitic idiots here!!

    Buddha prevails over Nepal king, Kathmandu

  42. justgovt says:

    Shame on bee end. Do they need to do this to take control a state?

  43. nikar says:

    And you know what is the icing on the cake? Raja Nazrin graced the whole fiasco. He gave legitimacy to the entire circus in Ipoh today. His presence gave legality to what should have been illegal. Raja Nazrin’s decision to play along with Umno nhas hurt the Monarchy badly. It will take a long time for the Monarchy to recover. It may never recover. Raja Nazrin has just opened the debate on whether it is time that Malaysia abolishes the Monarchy and turns this country into a Republic. Yes, the Republic of Malaysia. I like that sound. I think I shall go along with that.


  44. justme says:

    The Taiwanese should send a delegation to Perak for a study tour.

  45. nikar says:

    MAY 7 – I never for a moment thought I should live to see the day when a traditional hereditary ruler of a Malay State has taken such a rapid slide in his people’s estimation, approbation and adulation as has the Sultan Azlan Shah of Perak.


  46. rider says:

    Shameless BN and The Great —– Circus of Perak,
    Today you have lost your self respect never to be redeemed, whatever you do.. forever.

  47. K1 says:

    pakatan will take over malaysia, n off course perak as well 3 years later. at that time pls remember to cut gaji of puppet nazrin n his dad…..90%!

  48. Menyalak-er says:

    Let the detritus aka airheads of humanity rush into the jaws of Hell, it’s their death wish.
    Anarchy? No it’s not… I recall Federich Nietzche’s words:
    “To become wise, one must wish to have certain experiences and run, as it were, into the gaping jaws. This is of course, very dangerous; many a ‘wise man’ has been swallowed.”
    Patience, preserverance and passive resistance from this day forth of blackest ‘humour’.
    Shall we gather by the river?

  49. wits0 says:

    We, the people shall not forget this day!

  50. lizzie says:

    In the Malaysiakini headline it says, “Najib: BE TRUTHFUL TO WIN PEOPLE’S TRUST”

  51. lizzie says:

    In the Malaysiakini headline it says, “Najib: BE TRUTHFUL TO WIN PEOPLE’S TRUST”. What an irony!! What happen in Perak since 5/2 does nothing to win our trust. It is atrocious, how they manhandled the speaker, what more, illegally detained him away from the assembly for 1 1/2 hours so that he would not be present during Raja Nazrin’s speech. We look to our royalty to uphold justice, but our crown prince is only interested to restore calm so that he can finish his speech!! Did he not see or hear what has gone on in the house????? A real comedy in Perak today, except that, none of us is laughing.

    Our hope lies in GE13.

  52. wits0 says:

    M’siakini is doing a lil bit of country and a lil bit of rock n roll with its headline titling! A throwback of some some 30+ years of the Donny and Marie Osmond show epoch and its PCness is out of sync with the reality on the ground.

  53. lizzie says:

    TDM commented that the perak takeover was in haste… It is no doubt as later events unfold that it was a big mistake! An honorable leader would hve just acknowledge mistake and make amends. Here we see that even though a mistake was made, they leave no stones unturned even to the point of taking perverted steps, in order to save face….. So now, the deal maker can save his face, but at what cost? Democracy is down the drain…. With what spirit can we look forward to our merdeka celebration this year??????

  54. Menyalak-er says:

    Merdeka celebration, dear lizzie will not become a reality unless 1Malaise falls! Freedom is defined by deeds not words.

  55. wits0 says:

    Deeds need effort. Words, any babbling bumno goon can ejaculate forth and the most slavish media will carry them like precious gems even when they’re falderal.

  56. Menyalak-er says:

    Effort needs wisdom. Wisdom is defined by grace, prudence and charity, none of which has ever been demonstrated by these blackest of hearts.

  57. I-4-C says:

    The arse banger gets a taste of his own medicine ie urging BN MPs to cross over so that he can be PM. Now his cronies refuse to surrender power in Perak by the same game. Hilarious indeed !!

  58. wits0 says:

    The common defining qualities which these blackest of hearts share is that ENTITLEMENT fixation encased with all common hypocrisies unlimited.

  59. cowboytown says:

    Bang Bang! Bang Bang!

    This is what cowboy town is all about.

    Where is lks, the old eunuch of rocket?

    Time to pack and balik tongsan with your son and sil!

    Long live rpk!


  60. Menyalak-er says:

    Entitilement fixation is the depths of depravity, is it not? Hypocrisy and dissimulation is the depths of poverty in wisdom.
    Karma to their level, my friend, is their end to a reptilian existence – Nirvana is thus impossible for them.
    Disgusting, immoral, despicable etc. are too kind a word to describe their haughtiness. They can’t even recognize the womb which gave them birth!
    Meanwhile, their faecalant Ct’s are crowing about a debacle that they wished upon themselves.
    Arsebanger indeed! Flur can’t even find a decent english colloquialism! What do they comprehend?

  61. saiful says:

    “Arsebanger i……………What do they comprehend?”

    My rect-om.
    Uncle najis pun brot india swami to om om

  62. Menyalak-er says:

    Right om, saiful. Hahaha…

  63. natives are restless says:

    It’s not that I don’t love Caesar but I love Rome more ???

  64. billauchris says:

    What happened today, 7 May 2009, at the Perak State Assembly might well enter the annals of the silvery State in particular and Malaysia and the international communities in general as the darkness day of democracy in the country. Woe unto you all BN law-breakers/samseng-samseng.

    The BN law-breakers have brought great disgrace to my mother state to which I hold dear and of which I am most proud. I hold all of these scums for comtempt and accountable for turning the DUN into a circus of disrepute and tarnishing the State locally, regionally and internationally.

    What they did was unpardonable and all the BN “Mat Rempits” who were involved deserve to be suspended pending a Royal Commission of Inquiry that must be instituted. If found guilty, they shall face the grave music of expulsion with ignominy from service and barred from partaking in politics at least for the next ten years.

    The action of forcefully removing the Speaker by deploying the police was indeed an abuse of power and a blatant interference by the Executive with the legitimate workings of the Legislature. Besides, by preventing elected MP and State representatives who had been invited by the Speaker was another high-handed action of the Police. What bloody business have the police got to be in the premises of the Dewan? This was most unpredecented. Perhaps, this might well be the test case for future involvement of the police in Dewan Rakyat one fine day to shut up , contain and get rid of the PR MPs!

    What the law-breakers did brought I am sure untold disgrace and embarrassment to the Perak Royalty as well as His subjects in Perak. I cannot imagine how Tuanku could now stand these hooligans anymore in His State. His Royal Highness has now the good grounds of dissolving the State Assembly and calling for a fresh election in order to prevent His State from further aggravation and degneration.

    I am sure whatever resolutions passed by these BN Law-breakers are unlawful and should be rejected by the Rakyat and all sounded and fair-minded people of the world. These rogues should be held in contempt.

    I just trust that justice be done and seen to be done against all the law-breakers. Let us condemn with one voice the disgraceful action and misdemeanour of these samseng-samseng.

    Let us pray divine intervention for peace, order and harmony to be restored in Perak

  65. 1BlackMalaysian says:

    I hope the Perak Royalty is entertained by the circus show the brought upon today. Congratulations. HRH made a wise decision not to dissolve the State Assembly. Otherwise, we won’t have so much fun today.


    The whole fiasco in the Silver State today has proved one thing:

    That RPK is right in saying that “The murderer of Altantuya should be sent to HELL”.

    Indeed, Najis is the master mind for all the ugly things which happened in the Silver State.

    Yes, to HELL, his slogan of ONE BOLEHLAND.

    Yes, to HELL, the evil POWER BROKERS.

    Yes, to HELL, the MURDERERs.

    Yse, to HELL, the ONEs who is supposed to protect the LIVES of innocent pregnant women.

  67. justme says:

    I always wonder, Anwar seemed to be missing in action in many recent historic events.

  68. RLau says:

    Today 7th May 2009 is the funeral of the Perak Constittions and buried the same day 6 feet under ground. Democracy is dead in Malaysia. Our
    children will remember this day in Malaysia history.

  69. Menyalak-er says:

    Justme, if Anwar was seen anywhere near ‘historic’ happenings nowadays he will get what saiful (9:02) depicted. Do you think ‘we’ can afford that?

  70. chinlwu says:

    There are two english sayings, “over my dead body ” or ” you could not drag me out ” requires some ingenuity to put into effect

    PR had the chance to test the two english sayings. Unfortunately, PR lack the toughness to face the impending situation. Surely, PR knew that force would be used to remove the speaker. Why was there not a creative PR guy, thought of using ” super glue ” to glue the Speaker’s chair to the floor and glue the chair to the high speaker table. The Speaker could have been chained and padlocked to his chair and throw away the keys The drama might as well be played to the climax, to see how the Speaker could be removed from the House. There might be other reasons why this was not done.

    The Speaker could have proudly said ” I defended the honour of the Speaker Seat till the end . They could not carry me out “

  71. raykat says:

    Pakatan Rakyat Perak………………..BRAVEHEART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. malek says:

    never ever gain my respect to those goons. Shame! The bn culture.

  73. jkoena says:

    Sad as our country has degenerated into zimbabwe II with the following national rukun as practised by those umno bastards:-
    1. Belief in umno only
    2. Loyalty to umno warlords and its goons
    3. Destroying the constitution
    4. Break the law (only umno boleh)
    5. Never ending plundering and chronic corruption

  74. I-4-C says:

    Perak down ! US Support Down ! So Arse Banger down for sure !!!

  75. I-4-C says:

    That ex Perak Speaker forgot he is not above the law. How embarrassing to be “carried out” literally from his seat. Hilarious lah

  76. vsp says:

    The Sultan of Perak who was once inducted into the Hall of Fame has descended into the Rogues’ Gallery of Shame. The people had held him in high esteem and had respected the monarchy because at one time he stood for the rule of law, decent human conduct and had acted as a beacon and bulwark against the unruly encroachment of the Executive.

    Along the way, the sultan has lost his vision and shine and has succumbed to the stink of money and the barbarity of raw power. He has plunged the office of the monarchy into odium and renewed sense of anachronism by collaborating against his own subjects. In fact, he is a danger to the monarchy itself.

    Years ago one of his brother rulers had imperilled this august office and had nearly wiped out the rationale of maintaining the monarchy. The rulers had quaked in fear then, and had agreed to check on their own excesses and abuses.

    Unfortunately, one of the brightest stars of the monarchy has turned out to be the renegade as is evident in the lastest episode of the Perak imbroglio of 2 Mentri besars, 2 Speakers and minions of an increasingly unpopular federal government usurping the powers of a legitimate state government.

    The sultan would have stopped all the shenanigans by returning to the power and wisdom of the people. But he has not, and events has spiralled into a heinous display of illegalities upon illegalities. Now the people have witnessed firsthand the shameless grab of power with the use of brute force, unsavoury characters and an illegal Speaker who is not even a member of the legislature.

    Sultan Azlan Shah, you are a disgrace and a mockery to the monarchy. Now that you are in the gallery of rogues you deserve to be peppered with curses and scorn

  77. anonymous dud says:

    siva started the fiasco first by dismissing the 7 bn duns. he thinks he’s above the law and abuse it, and the mb is taking the right step to remove him and replaced with him ganesan. it’s for the benefit of perak so that they will have rightful government in place. the ex-mb and “selangoreans” staged protest are too much, oledi they disrespect to the perak sultan, and now trying to create mayhem to perak. i’ll say polis should arrest them all and put them in kamunting for good.

  78. monsterball says:

    I think Najib knows UMNO is finished.
    He is trying to provoke Anwar to get angry and confront him.
    Anwar’s silence is making him mad.

  79. kittykat46 says:

    Malaysiakini headline it says, “Najib: BE TRUTHFUL TO WIN PEOPLE’S TRUST”

    Folks, we have to learn to see things with a “helicopter viewpoint” if necessary. I thought the Mkini headline above, side by side with the Ugly, Brutal BN action in Perak, was a brilliant piece of headline writing.

    It just lays bare the utter intellectual bankruptcy and dishonesty of Naif Ton Rasa and Barisan Najis.

    By the way, the MIC Thugee BN dredgred out from the gutter to be made Speaker doesn’t even know a thing about the House Standing Rules…

  80. wits0 says:

    Malaysiakini headline it says, “Najib: BE TRUTHFUL TO WIN PEOPLE’S TRUST”

    Acting naive and raising gap filling headline like this is like saying, “Good morning”, in the evening. Perhaps it’s better if M’siakini just keep mum on this matter instead of treating readers like small kids!

  81. wits0 says:

    “A return to authoritarian ways in Malaysia?” – asked the The Wall Street Journal.

    Huh? When has bn/umno ever departed from that? Another bummer titling.

  82. SameSame says:

    Well UMNO cybertroopers are in this blog ….

    Those who say that Siva was wrong and he should have vacated his seat gracefully, either you are stupid and dont know law or you just inciting us to blow open our fingers in typing insults back at you.

    Whatever, BN has been a stinking-rubbish to start with and all component parties whom are very insignificant compared to UMNO have been a downfall ever since Mahathir the power mongrel took over creating a can of power-money-evil craze men/women. This shall never end till they see that Malaysia turns into a turmoil land due to their (BN/UMNO)’s stupidity and arrogance.

    Watch and see….Malaysia will go thru a tremendous upheavel…..GOD bless the RAKYAT who just want justice done.

    Siva…you did well. Sorry you had to be Dragged out…..but way of FORCE…thats UMNO true and true..DIRTY, STINKING…EVIL……all Mahathir’s trademark..lessons learned well by his followers. Zamry the con artist was smiling…..hahaha..last laugh on him very soon!

    TO HELL with injustice…TO HELL with all wrong-doings. TSUNAMI very close and pray it shall wipe this out for GOOD (GE……13! – the number itself is a dead giveaway!)

  83. AnakPenang says:

    I weep for our beloved country.There goes our democratic rights. Everyone, brace yourselves for the tyranny and dictatorial hands of BN gomen. For those who voted in the BN gomen, shame on you. May your GOD have mercy on your souls (if you have any left)….

  84. Ulan Bator says:

    UMNO Bodoh
    Najis Bodoh
    PDRM Bodoh

    Hidup Pakatan Rakyat !

  85. monk says:

    All said and done,

    Malaysian voters should know what to do with their important and potent vote at the next general election.


  86. tiga cuckoo says:


  87. anonymous dud says:

    bn supporter will never label other ppl stupid and calling their opponents leader evil and dirty (even they are in their perspective). this is main difference between ruling gov and pro oppos supporters (the latter have tendency to wallop press ppl). with such uncultured supporter, no wonder their leader is even worse. perak is just matter of soon falls in bn hands, why not gracefully exit. why want to go to court, a simple vote of no confidence will definitely oust nizar in disgrace, just like the ex-speaker.

  88. kookaburra says:

  89. kookaburra says:

  90. wits0 says:

    “bn supporter will never label other ppl stupid and calling their opponents …”

    Yeah, they’re all angels including those of the infamous ‘hand-sign’ Adnan and tons more like Ahmad Ismail’s!

  91. wits0 says:

    Who killed Darren Kung?

    There’s a kind of hush….like the Herman Hermit’s song.

  92. kookaburra says:

    ‘hand-sign’ Adnan

  93. videolucah says:

    I am from Negeri Sembilan. There were two political murders in Negeri Sembilan, you may recall. One, the murder of Dato’ Taha Talib of Gemenceh by Dato’ Mokhtar Hashim from Rembau and second, the murder of one Chinese towkey in the official resident of Menteri Besar, Mansor Othman. What I am saying is UMNO leaders are capable of committing heinous crimes. You got to really look after your safety. Don’t let any stone unturned when safety is concerned.

    -Dr. Rosli Yaakop

  94. thaneshkodi says:

    Bentong Kali also called semi value ungrateful dog for all the help gangstr n murderer kali had given semi value in elections.

  95. thaneshkodi says:

    Can also check with gangstr Lingam, Ampang who went into hiding when kali said “Lingam was next”

  96. Ulan Bator says:

    You mean Darren Kang Tien Hua ?
    I knew him. Nazri the Nazi’s son was involved in his savage murder, but they pinned it some poor Thai illegal immigrants. There were witnesses.

    Darren Kang was from a very privileged family, father MCA-Machai , so they agreed to hush the whole case up. Darren wasn’t exactly an angel but he didn’t have to die that way, and the guilty parties got away free.

  97. paraquat says:

    If all the veteran MIC leaders were to be dropped and be replaced with younger leaders than a vacuum would be created leaving the party with no direction. Imagine younger leaders like Senator Saravanan.Vel Paari and Vigneswaran leading the MIC.
    Have we forgotten the Maika AGM where gangsters were brought in?

  98. Ulan Bator says:

    No need to worry about f*king MIC being in a vacuum-lah.
    They have had a vacuum-brain for a leader for ages.
    They can take their pick from any number of political parties to join.
    Heck, they can even join Kelab Penyokong PAS.

  99. kadirkejar says:

    anonymous dud Says:
    May 8, 2009 at 12:14 pm

    bn supporter will never label other ppl stupid and calling their opponents leader evil and dirty (even they are in their perspective). this is main difference between ruling gov and pro oppos supporters (the latter have tendency to wallop press ppl). with such uncultured supporter, no wonder their leader is even worse. perak is just matter of soon falls in bn hands, why not gracefully exit. why want to go to court, a simple vote of no confidence will definitely oust nizar in disgrace, just like the ex-speaker.

    DUD sama erti “otak udang”

  100. wits0 says:

    A dud is a dud, is a dud, is a dud and can never be a dude.

  101. Ulan Bator says:

    Anonymous dud is an unrepentant MCA idiot, lah.
    Not worth arguing with him. He can go and play marbles with Hee Yit Foon.

  102. lonesome goat says:

    If Zambry sell lifesize doll of Hee in commemoration of the Perak fiasco, I’d love to have one which I can fiddle with. Cacat one also can. Heehee..!

  103. KJAN says:

    Anonymous dud … either you are the biggest blinkered fool or you sudah nyanyuk/makan rasuah bn. Calling bn names is nothing compared to BN dirty tactics like whacking you with black eye, arrest you without reason, polis dera rakyat malaysia (pdrm), charge you with trumped up charges, send you to ISA detention etc, etc.
    Anonymous dud, may shame and ignorance be unto you forever!

  104. I-4-C says:

    For the Speaker to play God in the Perak Assembly contributed to the pandemonium and police involvement. Good riddance !!!!

  105. wits0 says:

    The nematode of Professor cacing has morphed.

  106. I-4-C says:

    That arse banger got beaten at his own game of frog hopping. Like a frog, he loves cumming from behind lol

  107. […] Lawlessness and the Perak Assembly (image by malaysiainsider) By ALIRAN: Chaos has descended upon Ipoh and the rule of law has been savaged by the […] […]

  108. anonymous dud says:

    this is too much. just like oppos supporter blaming pm for mongol murder without iota of evidence, now they claimed darren’s death in hands on nazri’s son and the thai immigrants are scapegoat. i read the trial in MM how the mother was shocked to learn the thais were charged with manslaughter and slapped with only 5 yrs jail term (will be out in 3 yrs for good behaviour). he’s her only son, these oppos supporter sounds like she had acknowledged her son murderers were the thais (she never yelled at court or made PC her son murderer was other person) , and the GF kept silence even he had died for her. apalah…..

  109. Pegasus says:

    The Perak political turmoil is all due to Naif doing…in the haste to take power all laws were thrown out and in the end ..it became a bigger fiasco that will even put the Taiwanese parliament to shame.!!! and What a shame …! however, Congratulations to Naif and the BN regime for making it very clear for the Rakyat to vote for Pakatan in the coming 13GE!!! . Don’t try to put the blame on Pakatan for the current scenario in Perak…its totally BN ‘s mistake . Its sad to note that this took place in the best learned Sultan in Malaysia and who is rendered helpless and powerless to straighten the situation in his state. The best option is to have a election in Perak ,to let the Perakians to determine who they want. This should not drag on…Naif as the PM should be bold and put a stop to this and stop behaving as a wimp..too much of our time and resources are wasted on this..!Have the election NOW!!!

  110. wits0 says:

    The expected stupid bland and dissembling headlines of the MSM:

    Strengthening National Unity The Responsibility Of All – Najib

    Perak Assembly: Don’t let law of the jungle rule, says Najib – New Straits Times

    Focus on similarities, urges Najib – Malaysia Star
    The astute wouldn’t bother reading ’em anyway, all these trashy spins for the obvious reason that they, at best, beats around the bush, pass the blame and reinforce deceit with even more deceit.

    Indeed, Have the election NOW!!! But the knaves and scoundrels are simply scared of the obvious and the pathetic MSM dare not squeak about what’s most obvious.

  111. I-4-C says:

    Wah! Sudah kalah tak kamguan kah? Democracy is a game of numbers. So out lah. Mau gaduh lagi kah? Nanti kena ISA baru tahu !!!

  112. kittykat46 says:

    Would you buy a used car from this man ?

  113. wits0 says:

    “Would you buy a used car from this man ?”

    How do you rate someone whose tepidty is always displayed as denial and/or that constant statements of, “does nor mean….” phrase?

    Can you trust Popeye’s Wimpy with his, ““I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for hamburger today.”?

  114. hellsangel says:

    Referring to the joint media statement by the Perak Pakatan Rakyat Leaders issued on 21/8/2009, Zambry said that PR leaders have acknowledged Dato R. Ganesan as Speaker. I would like to emphasise that every single paragraph in the said media statement refutes the claim by Dato’ R. Ganesan and BN that he is the lawful Speaker.

    The first sentence started off with ‘We all know that Dato’ R. Ganesan was never properly elected as the Speaker …’ The second paragraph asks ‘How can a proceeding or a decision made prior to the commencement of a meeting the valid?

    The disclosure by the lawyer of Speaker YB V. Sivakumar concerning the confirmation from the Malaysian Bar that Dato’ R. Ganesan was still actively practising as a lawyer at on 11/8/2009 (more than 3 months after his purported election as Speaker by BN representatives) was to emphasise that even Dato’ R. Ganesan does not believe that he was legally elected and had refused to surrender his practising certificate. Also, had he been legally elected (as alleged by BN)(which he was not) he would have been disqualified.


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