Updated 9May2009: Rocky has his own spin on the Malaysian Insider story.

Amidst all the arrest of social activists and politicians today (just because people wanna wear black tomorrow), Rocky Bru (image left by Wits) returns to the Malay Mail as CEO!

Malay Mail does need you, Rocky! Congratulations!

Said the MALAYSIAN INSIDER, which Rocky claims is ‘Italian-backed’:

“Rocky was named CEO today and Tony Francis will leave immediately. Malay Mail will remain outside NSTP,” an editorial executive with the tabloid told The Malaysian Insider.

“Morale is a bit low as the staff are shocked,” he added, saying the staff had tried to prevent Francis from resigning.

Ahirudin was acting editor of The Malay Mail from 2001 and was later made the editor. He resigned from the newspaper in February 2006 and was said to have received a substantial pay-off. He began blogging in May 2006 and was made pro-tem chairman of a blogger group, criticising then NSTP executives and is facing a lawsuit from them. The NSTP executives have since left the media company.

Please don’t stop blogging. We will miss you.

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  1. The Political Ho Called Rocky Unscrupulous Bru says:

    Rocky, shame on u! Whatever u profess in the past, present and future will forever be negated by your blatant guise as you professed ever now and then.

  2. wits0 says:

    Rocky, don’t you know why we love our “Drama Queen”(the name you gave)? She’s human, that’s why.

  3. rockyboxer says:

    Rocky is a B.U.M

  4. barrelsoflaffs says:

    hahahahahaha the best joke is on those who were upright and great fighters wasting time at his blog.
    I recall one of them even drifted over to susan`s canvassing to move to rocky`s empty blog

  5. free says:

    Rocky is a two headed snake.

  6. monsterball says:

    Yes political bloggers do sell themselves to the highest bidder from day one in blogging.

  7. schadenfreude says:

    What’s really sad is that there are people like Rocky Bru who being a turncoat to The Rakyat’s struggle against the oppression of the Evil BN/Umno regime, chooses to hit RPK below the belt when considering that once Rocky Bru was standing as brothers in arms with RPK, Zorro, Haris et al for The Rakyat’s struggle against the oppressive and Evil BN/Umno regime. Ahirudin Atan, you are one big disappointment! Hope Allah swt will show you the light to see through the present darkness enveloping Malaysia in what has become 1BlackMalaysia.

  8. Mashe says:

    Rocky’s Bitch Bru. Was it all along journal espionage trying to trap free minds in the web. Was the golden handshake actually to lay traps and penetrate and engage free writers . The plot gets thicker. He has been masquerading all along. When you bloggers spat at him I thought that was harsh.

  9. wheregot says:

    “Yes political bloggers do sell themselves to the highest bidder from day one in blogging.”

    Name others???????

  10. wits0 says:

    “Yes political bloggers do sell themselves to the highest bidder from day one in blogging.”

    Don’t simply tar everyone unnecessarily. If some did, in the interests of the society and for better governance to a worthy political party, that’s not really bad.

    What Rocky did was like subversive deception and principally for own interests. It’s actually more damaging to present half truths than tell an outright lie.

  11. wheregot says:

    some people just cannot admit and wont admit they have been fooled.

  12. allen says:

    I hope Rocky has a conscious of what he is doing. He must not betray his friends and accepting the post of CEO of the Malay Mail shows that he could be that same as anybody who could be bought by vitamin M. What a disgrace and I hope he does not betray his dignity.

  13. kekekeke says:

    A comment at his blog:

    Anonymous said…

    “The march tomorrow is political. ONCE BITTEN TWICE SHY” Bullshit rocky. And you know it. Don’t you try to use your involvement and your supposed ‘anger’ due to ‘hijacking’ by politicians to justify your distaste towards tomorrow’s march. You showered in all the glory that is anti-UMNO at that time. If you think the stench of dirty money around you can drive away people from fighting against you spewing nonsense on your blog, YOU’RE WRONG.

    Tomorrow’s march is about the HIJACK OF PERAK. People are NOT HAPPY about having their POLITICAL WILL subverted. Opposition politics konon… my ass!

    Eh, please la, you’re the new editor of a newspaper now, show some sense of respect for your reader’s intelligence, boleh tak?

    7:41 PM

  14. adam says:

    haha at least confirmed now old prostitute!

  15. anti-kutty says:

    Power of Money.. hmmmmm… hmmmmmmmm…

    I wonder sometimes.. just when will i be so rich as compared to those fellas in the corridor of power.. when.. just when..

  16. anti-kutty says:

    Malaysia is certainly moving in the right direction…

    Bolehland is such a great name for Malaysia.

    Maybe rename the country into Bolehsia. And each of us will become Bolehsian. Everything boleh. Everything possible.

    Rather than sending a gay to space, we might next send a lesbian to space.

    I think the potential opportunities in Malaysia is great.

    Who knows, we might even get a former gardener, or a pizza-hut delivery boy to become the next PM of Bolehsia. Maybe a bohsia will become the Tourism Minister.

    But that’s what’s great about Bolehsia! Anything, is possible!

  17. johnnyuma says:

    “Eh, please la, you’re the new editor of a newspaper now, show some sense of respect for your reader’s intelligence, boleh tak?”

    Now, to do that Rocky would need to have some respect for his own intelligence, as opposed to his narcissistic ego worship. He does not.
    Just another pathetic man.

  18. selvarajasomiah says:

    I knew it all along, Rocky’s fight with Kalimullah Masheerul Hassan, Hishamuddin Aun and Syed Feisal Albar – and former editor, Drendon Perira was all due to the CEO’s position in Malay Mail. Rocky used the blogs and bloggers to achieve whatever he was looking for in the Malay Mail.

    Well done Rocky. You are a smart guy as you manage to pull the wool over everyones eyes.

  19. ratter says:

    “Rocky used the blogs and bloggers ..”

    Like this gods gift to umno

    “Monday, May 04, 2009
    Najib must, at all cost, consider Rocky as Editorial Adviser or Group Editor of the NST! ”

  20. bee yong says:

    Great….Someone just digs one’s own grave along with seven generations.
    “Sow What You Reap”…Law of Nature which is irrevocable.

  21. Menyalak-er says:

    Hahaha… right on spot, Susan!
    Coprolite’s brewed a real storm? Nah, it’s just a way forward while playing everyone else backwards. The great sages who actively blog with vitriol and verve in that mineralized blog are no more and somehow they prefer to root it out here now… Are your servers up to it, Susan – exponential rate of hits!
    Tony Francis where art thou… Starting Franciscan’s blogspot yet?
    Does anyone seriously read Malay Mail nowadays?

  22. ptui to rocky says:

    “Does anyone seriously read Malay Mail nowadays?”

    Rocky will be starting the pg.3 girls to boost sales (the masturbators insurance)

  23. monsterball says:

    Jeff Ooi sold himself to DAP
    Elizabeth Wong sold to keDAILan
    Sheih sold to PAS
    Rocky sold to UMNO
    All are political bloggers
    Some like Amin Iskandar and Susan choose to stay as NGOs.
    Few years ago..only Susan had a steady job as NGO and still is.
    Yes..sold is the word after successful advertising and promotional job by all these people.
    Only Rocky is a sly fox..a double headed snake to achieve what he has achieved ..right now. He criticized BERSIH walk. He insults RPK. He told me he love Anwar ..which is all bullshit now.
    And I was told S.Times and Malay Ma8il do not belong to UMNO….and need cleaning up.
    That needs clear confirmations….which I do not have.
    I have business dealings with S.Times and Malay Mail more than 35 years and on going. All I know..both papers are like shit with shit mangers and sales staffs….for close to 20 years. Both papers have slightly improved. I will not go to0 details.
    As a man….Rocky needs to survive….at age 60 still wanted as CEO of MM….that’s a fantastic achievement…..but he did that is such sneaky ways.
    Double headed CEO will have snakes to help him, succeed. Who dares to work under him?

  24. ptui to rocky says:






  25. ptui to rocky says:

    60 year old prostitute who was paid a large amount when “she” was forced to leave malay mail as severance benefits.

  26. ptui to rocky says:

    “….at age 60 still wanted as CEO of MM…that’s a fantastic achievement”

    If others had applied their mouths to najis pecker they also would have had “achievement”

  27. ptui to rocky says:

    Maybe Rais The Orphan pecker also had something to deliver

  28. ajajal says:

    another joke of the day. silly an old crab trying to walk upright and act
    smart this is the kind of human that hit his friends from all angles. woh human this days.

  29. wits0 says:

    “….at age 60 still wanted as CEO of MM…that’s a fantastic achievement”

    If others had applied their mouths to najis pecker they also would have had “achievement”
    There was a royal professor who was also employed till lately. He was 82!

  30. My2cen says:

    Rocky was using the blog for his very personal agenda. It was so obvious when he tried to hentam Pak Lah and became a mouthpiece for Nojib and Madey.

    While it’s not wrong to use the blog for one’w own agenda, it was certainly wrong of him to ride on the Barisan Rakyat’s sentiments and agenda to achieve what he wanted. At the end of the day, he’s a true UMNO man at heart, and it’s all about the position and money!! UMNO style, back-stab and masuk ikut belakang! Now, how much is his fat ass being paid as CEO, eh??

  31. najistaliban says:

    Freaking mamaq is still employed at petronas as advisor.
    Now bodowewee is advisor MAS.

  32. KOROK says:


  33. monsterball says:

    Be it evil or good…credit must be given when credit is due.
    Not all 60 years old man can applied what Rocky id doing and succeed.
    One needs to be real smart….do or say to impress ..he has the qualifications to be CEO of impress shareholders.
    It is a very well paid job!!!
    That is the credit we must recognize Rocky have…which may mean..the best doubled headed snake gets the job….yet maybe not.
    I am sure few pro UMNO political bloggers are trying very hard to be bought too.
    Rocky keep exposing S.Times and MM lousy journalist and Dept. Managers in his blog.
    Dare he be wrong and get insulted?
    Shareholders must be reading….and the result……he got the job…be it be…the best doubled headed snake or due to pure talent. Not easy to achieve. That’s where…credit must be given to him.
    We must never let our minds be so narrow and conclude based on our suspicions only.
    Remember…Rocky needs to produce and get MM sold much much more copies.
    What if … MM turns out to be anti UMNO in few month time?
    So lets see how M.Mail will become.
    Right now….I find it is going back to be like the afternoon paper I used to buy…..and …”the paper that cares”…not really..not like before ..daringly exposing government lousy managements.
    In long gone years…..MM sold a much as any paper.

  34. tiga lain says:


    rocky KENTUT AND BERAK at same time

  35. tiga lain says:

    “…Rocky needs to produce and get MM sold much much more copies.”

    Easy lah, get his godfathers najis and madey to get all govt depts to start buying again.
    MM was having better sales before Rocky.

  36. nadi says:

    A skunk in an Armani suit, is still a skunk……..every which way you look at it

  37. Douglas Duncan Moore says:

    Always beware of the trickery of the likes of neo “pre-eminent” bloggers/columnists like M.Bakri Musa and Marina mahathir. Their strategies are playing impartial even to the extend of knavery in attacking UMNO goons who intimidated Karpal Singh by marina Mahathir and the relentless criticisms of PM Najib Razak by Bakri Musa.

    When the old style has proven a dud in the eyes of the pro-opposition that is- unflinching patriotism to the UMNO warlords like the oldest snakehead like Mahathir Mohamad – they(Bakri Musa and Marina Mahathir)are now using other Machiavellian strategies to connive the pro-opposition, normally Pakatan rakyat supporters to believe and support their (false) cause of justice, only to be taken for a ride by their shills (undelings).

    Rocky Bru has shown his true colors. Do we need to wait for the time when we “woke-up” and kick in our senses only to know that these wo/men like Bakri Musa and Marina mahathir are snakeheads?

  38. idan says:

    “What if … MM turns out to be anti UMNO in few month time?”

    Stupid comment….sign of desperation in defending the “skunk”
    If that happens then…….
    Rocky will be on front page on sodomy charge

  39. Replicating RockY (the heart-of-a-lion) boxer is a sham, go pick another nick like longkang, you shithead says:

    “What if … MM turns out to be anti UMNO in few month time?” – extract originally written by Monty

    Dear Monty, a snake like Mahahtir Mohamad will always be a snake. decades ago he tricked the Malays by orchestrating race based policies of rule and divide when his true intention was to siphoning off the country’s coffers. His sons are a big-time suppliers of fibre-optic cables to Telekom Malaysia worth billions among other nepotisms.

  40. wits0 says:

    “pre-eminent” bloggers/columnists”

    Even if they can sucker others, they can’t do any thinking for me, therefore I don’t visit their verbose blogs and convoluted perspectives.

  41. wits0 says:

    A famous infamy:

    written by simon li, May 06, 2009
    This con man had blogged that teresa’s suing utusan is a violation of the freedom of the press and of speech. I had posted in his blog that he was angling for a MSM appointment – so for those who were so naive as to support this con man just because he criticised AAB, please learn your lesson.

  42. wits0 says:

    “Not all 60 years old man can applied what Rocky id doing and succeed.”

    Nah, it depends on who are your supporters firstly. It’s also a desk and pen pushing job with no physical exertion required. And usually pen pushing managerial ppl are also predisposed to be schemers and much involved in office intrigues, politics, unlike ppl who are technical sorts who work mainly with their hands even from a younger age.

  43. monsterball says:

    idan said my comment is stupid. I wonder how smart is he in business. Somehow…smart possibilities are considered stupid. How creative is call me stupid.
    I wrote “MM”..meaning “Malay Mail”….and someone jumped to the conclusion …it is Mahathir I am talking about.
    A CEO does not sit on a desk ..pushing his pen with no brains.
    I try to be practical and give a slight benefit of doubt to Rocky…although tons of evidences are piled up against him.
    “kickdefella” said Rocky is a fair minded man…..and I responded….Rocky is a UMNO racialist…….now very snaky fella.
    And for those very smart people here..I say…I will not be surprise Rocky may vote for change of government.
    One must not mix personal matters with our votes.
    I say..anyone given a chance to be CEO of MM with a salary he/she cannot refuse….is a smart person.
    Are we also concluding all UMNO members are devils?
    In politics…yes..all .who are supporting the devils… they deserved that label too. Fair or unfair….another story.
    In being him or herself.. …so many are great human beings…..including Rocky.
    But in politics…Rocky is the biggest double headed snake I have ever known personally…..right now…but he does have gentle qualities. I know him. Perhaps Jeff Ooi should know him better. Have you seen Jeff insult Rocky?
    And if you think I am nuts….is because your minds are too shallow to understand wisdom talks.
    Some keep putting out quotations…to show how smart and well educated they are to argue or debate.
    But in actual fact….have limited creative knowledge…just catch word from other commentators and talk. They seldom lead with good ideas.
    All lumped up here….speaking so call… words of wisdom….with the motive to judge.. judge.. judge…as if they are flawless in their lives.

  44. monsterball says:

    Is not Sheih doing a great marketing job for PAS?
    What if he employed by UMNO? Wise men here will jump at him like hell.
    Are we mixing… for or against VOTES…by judging others?
    In real life…it is considered… gossiping.
    Do men gossips better than women? Looks it it is so.
    And one guy here…simply love to gossip. That’s a fact!
    How many of you know Rocky personally?
    How many know his personal life history?
    I do not know….that’s why I dare not judge him too harshly.
    Remember….Rocky or Sheih are not welknown politicians.
    I admire RPK for his guts…I do not have…and the power of his pen able to win so much votes for PR. For that..and sacrificing so much ….he is my hero…as far as my objective to change the government is concern…and he does have great influence over voters…as a non party member person in concerned.
    So do Susan…and Sheih .
    How about commentators here are getting votes.for PR?
    Go judge your productive results.
    I hope you comment…not to love gossiping or wasting time…but to get your messages out fish voters for PR.

  45. VP says:

    Did it take you guys so long to figure out Rocky! Ha ha ha …
    The moment I read his pro Mahathir/UMNO words , I stopped even glancing at his blog. He has always been playing fiddle to UMNo. Not everyone is endowed with a sincere and genuine nature.

  46. imwatchin says:

    And he has the cheek to criticize some of the other prominent bloggers. I stopped reading his blog months ago when he started singing praises of the government. It’s 180 degree turn for him. Money does talk in this country.

  47. scrape says:

    There is nothing great about this rocky journalist. MM circulation was highest before Rocky was editor.
    After Rocky became editor as part of the ethnic cleansing at NST the MM figures dropped so low that they were used to “encourage” the clown to leave. He also got a big sum so there would be no noise from him.
    Nothing great about this journo, even if some cannot admit they were conned and are themselves continuing as conmen.
    These are what RPK referred to as Trojan Horses.

  48. Loo Si Fer says:

    Typical umno melayu with no principles who are assisted by the mca monkees who look up to these towering malays as gods in hope of getting pangkats and contracts

  49. Loo Si Fer says:

    Now mayb rocky will again send that clown eddie poking in dustbins at the GH for an investigative story.
    And oh yes the pimping with pg3 girls.
    heehee Rocky the umno pimp.

  50. socratestes says:

    So he lives up to his name — not as in Balboa but as in the ship that ran aground on.

  51. kittykat46 says:

    You may very quickly get quite a number of refugees from Rocky’s blog.

    Actually I haven’t been disappointed with the news, because I was expecting it. Its just confirmation of the direction Rocky has been taking since shortly after March 8, 2008. He’s been an UMNO “Borg” all the while, just against Bedol, that’s all.

    Reading between the lines, he was “campaigning” to be absorbed back to the MSM upon Naif Ton Rasa’s ascension.

  52. grasscutter says:

    He used to have many commentors at one time but as they caught on to the hypocrisy the numbers dwindled to the pity state they are now

  53. rockyroad says:

    RockyRoad said…

    Rocky, you are a hypocrite. You wish Malaysians Happy Chinese New Year while consistently taking cheap shots at the non-Malay communities. At a time when Malaysian leaders are working hard to unite Malaysians, you seem intent on dividing Malaysians with your racially-biased writing. What goes around comes around, bro. First your laptop got stolen. What are you going to lose next? Realize that you have to compensate the universe for your evil deeds.
    9:02 PM

  54. Killer of Racist Monkeys says:

    Just look at the STUPIDITY of the people here!
    Susan Loone says something negative about Rocky… and the unthinking ROBOTS and CLONES (BangsatMalaysia brand) jumps in and say “YES, true… ME TOO!”

    When are you going to grow a brain?? HAHA!

  55. rockyroad says:

    hee hee that shows how much of a rocky brain u got

  56. zztop says:

    This rocky is a man with no integrity and character. A real B.U.M.

  57. Killer of Racist Monkeys says:

    Ah, the FRU is WHACKING the BangsaT Malaysia in Ipoh!…. GOOD!!
    That’s how to treat these dogs…

  58. Phua Kai Lit says:

    Rocky did some good by airing attempts by certain corporations
    to get a very expensive extension to the airports in Sepang

    I hope he has not sold his soul to the devil.
    If one sells one’s soul to the devil, the devil will make periodic claims on you and claim you completely one day.
    Just ask Faust!

    Here’s my favourite quote from Mencius:

    “A truly great man is one whom
    money and rank cannot corrupt,
    poverty and hardship cannot shake,
    and power and force cannot subjugate”

  59. FuckBN says:

    Killer of Racist Monkeys,

    why don’t u go get infected with swine flu from zambry and go die together?

  60. roroad says:

    Rocky also did great good in getting Jeff ooi to hold hands in court. Another chinaman led a merry dance up the garden path by a melayu.

  61. suresh says:


    You are one of those journalist who call a spade, spade. Can you launch another blog just to boycott his blog and writings. His million marks make him to think he is hell of great journalist.

  62. cosmic*rainbow says:

    i have never heard of him at all! who is this man? he looks like the man selling cendol at the back of my house called busu

  63. cosmic*rainbow says:


    i think i have met this man somewhere. err? if i am not mistaken, somewhere in the toilet situated at the ground floor of balai berita. right?

  64. RANJIT SINGH says:

    Rockybru…wek..wek…mau muntah dan nak terkencing aku bila lihat muka kamu!!!

  65. limpek says:



  66. DanielYKl says:

    Took him off my blogroll!

  67. thebigfella says:

    rocky bru a.k.a Loki Boo, I know you are ular patuk 2-kepala since long time ago ! Your conman face tell us that !

  68. wits0 says:

    “Your conman face tell us that !”

    Overhype idol from day one in the blogosphere.

  69. monsterball says:

    S.Times “sold” Malay Mail off ..some years ago.
    Now bought it back. It is all paper work…but who benefit where money matter most..will be interesting. Only auditors will know.
    Yes Rocky is back CEO of Malay Mail. He is bringing someone along. Who is that powerful..that seems CEO of S.Times and few more are resigning!!
    Do not be surprise…Rocky…will be parent company…S.Times CEO and that ‘someone’ will be CEO of MM…his chosen one…under him.
    Yes…he is my friend…but I will keep far far away from such friends…simply too smart for me…playing flip flop games.
    There is no doubt in his blog…..all will be supporting Najib and UMNO.
    I will still put my comments against all odds. How else can we hope to convert votes..if we dare not go to the pro UMNO blog and battle?

  70. mat says:

    Hi Susan,

    Pertama kali komen kat sini.

    ini orang ada lagi satu dia punya kawan duduk sana jalan sudin.

    Dua-dua pun cari makan ma……….

    Honour and Dignity ?

    Ini dua orang bikin malu melayu saja.

  71. monsterball says:

    At age 60…Rocky sold his soul to the devil.
    If he think he can out beat RPK to swing votes..he must be a real idiot.
    Let see the reactions unfold in his life….as he perform his low class act right now.
    Yes…his visitors have increased….but I feel so many are there to expose him…..which I give him credit to approve all insults against him …in his blog.
    Like I said…I respect him a a person..having his rights to choose his destiny….but choosing to balls carrying Najib….insulting RPK…is no more personal. It’s no more flip flopping.
    It’s downright fishing for votes to elect UNMO again…which means his vote is also sold.
    Rocky is very unreliable and weak man. Just watch for future results.

  72. wits0 says:

    Between RPK and Rocky the difference is an universe apart.

    RPK could have kept mum and enjoyed a reasonably good and undisturbed life even without actively penning for the Dark side like Rocky.

    Rocky thinks that what’s in a person’s mind like his own is absolutely hermetical. So do any common con artist.

    Not in an Universe that is Mind created.

  73. merciless*iridium says:

    he is sixty years old???? you must be out of your mind. that pundit doesnt even know how to write in the first place! my foot he knows his tenses!

    above all, i dont read any of his articles at all. to me, he just sucks big time. a very conniving man he is, ahiruddin attan aka rocky bru is one snake of the highest order that even the land wouldnt shine across its soils.

  74. arifabdull says:


  75. wits0 says:

    A so-called pundit without integrity is just a mercenary like any other. Only in Bodohland is a rootless ‘pundit’ apparently celebrated like a prodigious quality.

    “Conniving”, is the right word, merciless*iridium. We all make typo(and tense) mistakes inadvertently in commenting due to the speed in which they’re done but for a scribe proper, this becomes simply crappy.

    It is absolutely deplorable for him to defend Kutuksan. He insults us by assuming that we are unaware of its perpetual loathsomeness.

  76. rockyboxer says:

    A comment at dinmerican on the rascal and bum rocky alias ahiruddin atan (he is in love with his atan):

    “Good reporting must be fact based and accurate. Rockybru’s version in this instance is misleading. I agree with you, Antares, that Rocky Bru induces severe stomach pains and cramps whenever he writes about his favorite politician Najib, especially whe he does it to the extent of distorting facts.”

  77. rockymountain says:

    Well Rocky is now the official host for the racist bigots to gather together. It’s nauseating to read his blog now and I’m surprised with all the racist comments made, rocky wasn’t charged under the sedition act. That’s what happened to RPK wasn’t it, when he was charged under the same act?

  78. koktalking says:

    The curse strikes again:

    The Edge and Singapore Business Times today have the story about white knights and the Malay Mail. My name was mentioned in the reports.

    “Siew and Mohamad intend to recall Ahiruddin Atan (sic), a blogger who used to edit the newspaper when it was under the NSTP, as the daily’s editor.”

    I can confirm that we have been talking, and that I am seriously considering going back …

  79. koktalking says:

    Rocky’s Revenge (a bit like montezuma`s Revenge)—–

    The diarrhea (also spelled diarrhoea) that is suffered by readers of Rocky`s spewing, soon to be epidemic among Malay Mail readers.

  80. koktalking says:

    June 23, 2009
    Malay Mail journo queried, laptop and mobile seized
    The Malay Mail reporter was detained for six hours till 2am for questioning. His mobile phone and laptop were confiscated.
    – Rocky, new malay mail boss

    so what Bro.? Just becoz the head huncho of Malay Mail now happen to be a close ally of najib administration the daily is untouchable????? piiiiiiraaaaaaa!!!!

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