2.20pm, Bangkok time:

Just got the news that PAS vice-president Mohamad Sabu was just arrested in KL today. He was having lunch at Restoran Hazlan, near Harakah’s office in Jalan Pahang Barat, with some friends when police took him away

It is believed like Wong Chin Huat (remanded for a day), Mat Sabu is arrested for the May 7 WEAR BLACK event.

Congratulations, Najib Tun Razak, on your 1 Malaysia bullshit!

More later!

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  1. gaga says:


  2. SameSame says:

    I always wear black are they going to arrest me tomorrow???

    Aiya the country is mourning for the absence of justice,judiciary everything la!

    Susan i had a very interesting chat with a friend, she was giving me a low down on how Altantuya was a KGB agent la and how she was a smart little cookie. I know its on the wrong thread..but what i guess we the rakyat want to know (like you too) how can the immigration records be deleted?? Can the police work this one out for us?? instead of going for these men who are really not a national threat!

    Also read in papers that a pregnant woman died due to a snatch thief…All this happening but they dont care! One fella write about wear black..they gung ho go arrest him!! Give us a break la PDRM!!!

  3. Salam Bahagia the reformist!

  4. peenuts says:


  5. matt says:

    See you in ipoh in black.

  6. Maverick says:

    Fairdinkum ,
    are they going to arrest black people as well, can someone
    tell me if its real. In this bolihland everything is possible?????

  7. PeoplePower says:

    Hyprocrite Najis!

  8. My2cen says:

    Jibby and Dotty are not going to let people off so easy. If they can cook up a story that his ex- was mad to legitimise their marriage, think about what they can do to the rest of us who have no blood relationship to them.

    Black Malaysia it is. I was under the impression that Emergency is on his cards, since perak power grab. My 6th sense is still very strong…

  9. Blackie says:

    Today I heard 2 funny news. First, in Malaysia, it is a crime to give someone birthday cake. Now it is a crime too if one intends to wear black on Thursday.

    Why are our government and police so paranoid about birthday cake and black shirts? What’s next tomorrow? Arrest all the Indians because they are naturally darker?

  10. chitlins says:

    Najis reforms

    Operation Lallang2 to be followed by Kg. Medan2 in Perak?

  11. chitlins says:

    “What’s next tomorrow? Arrest all the Indians because they are naturally darker?”

    I would not be surprised

  12. Laliloo says:

    Relax guys. All will not be in vain.

    You see, after they realized that since GE12, the effects of the political tsunami was beginning to wear off. So, to avoid the public’s “feelings” towards them from dying off, they are pulling out all sorts of nonsense from their hat just to keep the flame burning until GE13, and……BOOM, THE TABLES ARE TURNED!

  13. pat ling says:

    Shit! Are they going to arrest those in black cars as well? Better repaint mine.

  14. lawas says:

    The Coalition for Free and Fair Elections (BERSIH) said in it statement that Barisan Nasional’s refusal to call for fresh elections; the short-lived media curfew on top of a general lockdown of the city of Ipoh, where the Legislature is seated are the latest developments that show total disregard of Najib on the rule of law and constitutional democracy in Malaysia. BERSIH said he also ignores the voters’ wrath on unconstitutional means of power grab,

    Najib has clearly failed to restore public confidence in the independence of state institutions as they continue to become instruments to maintain the power of the ruling government. Conversely, this episode cast a deep cynicism over Najib’s commitment to reform.


  15. Muhammad Firdaus Christopher says:

    This is simply the END for BN/ UMNO… They are getting real desperate and everything they do now is potraying them as shitty as they have been.

    I believe in the good LORD Almighty and justice will certainly prevail.

    Muhammad Firdaus Christopher

  16. PureMalaysian says:

    Dye your hair green or yellow – or else u kena tangkap for black hair!

  17. lawas says:

    ISA Mamaq who slap najis over perak

    Make police report on Mamaq oso—like karpal singh case

  18. lawas says:

    ISA Mamaq who slap najis over perak

    “Dr M: Ruler cannot remove head of govt – Star

    PUTRAJAYA: The state’s ruler cannot remove the head of government in Perak if provisions under the state constitution are the same as those under the Federal Constitution, said former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.”

    Make police report on Mamaq oso—like karpal singh case

  19. mongolian says:

    Who will they arrest next?

  20. kittykat46 says:

    PDRM is totally ineffective at crime prevention.
    In many cases they are hand in glove with organised crime – Illegal 4-D, Horse Betting, Rumah Ayam, Pirate DVDs, you name it.

    But wear black tomorrow….they’ll be after you…


    All people in Bolehland should wear black tomorrow.

    7th May shall be the “Independence Day” of “One Black Bolehland”.

  22. ktteokt says:

    This is too much! Although I do not use to wear black except my suit and a few black pants, I will be buying a BLACK T-shirt afterwards to join in the protest! SELAMAT BERHITAM!

  23. bayi says:

    BN is nailing its own coffin by intimidating the rakyat more and more with every crisis. BN does not have solutions but will kill an ant with a hammer.

  24. Kak long says:

    Arrest Indian because they are black? Huh!! jangan lupa bukan Indian sahaja yang black. Kalau nama saya pak hitam macam mana?

    Dulu mereka takutkan warna hijau, sebab lambang Pas gunakan warna hijau, sekarang takutkan hitam pula? Pada yang berugama Islam lebih baik fikirkan tentang warna puteh yang suatu hari kita semua kean pakai. KAIN KAFAN

  25. Muhammad Firdaus Christopher says:

    Latest Susan,

    There has been a lockdown within 500M radius of the buiding in Ipoh… Wow, like lah that’s gonna stop us from storming/ gate crashing the party..Screw them to bits !

    Stay safe & be blessed,

    Muhammad Firdaus Christopher

  26. sad m`sian says:

    now i know what he meant by 1MALAYSIA,meaning everything he does is going to be 1(first),events which is going to happen
    will be the first in history in m`sia,everything firstlah.
    yes,yes,SAME SAME aminah was a suspected kgb and has to killed and this was possible b`cos it was due to our high IQ defence minister who was retain many times as a defence seems he has such a high IQ that he can sense who
    are the kgbs,spy so on and so forth,lucky m`sia got a great defence minister if not m`sia long gone that all was told by a colleague of mine.i`m sad i got such an ignorant colleague and
    there are still m`sian who beleives in him

  27. 2setsofjusticeinbolehland-1isuntouchable-2scapegoat says:

    I always wear black are they going to arrest me tomorrow??? -same same

    Dear same-same and all,

    I am wearing all blacks on the 7th as well. But I am wearin’ a gray pair of C size bra (my size) and a grayish panty. Just in case I got caught and is told to remove all the black attires, I am still covered, at least skimpily. 😉

  28. 23osix24 says:

    syabas, hishamuddin …

    the kris waving so called melayu umno haprak warrior, adek kupu2 naif ton rasa, the now minister of ISA or in short, SI-LIDAH PENDEK are making his marked.
    1malaysia had teaches the rakyat not to know what justice is,but what justice is not.
    stay on course , SI-LIDAH PENDEK, the path to self-destruction.

  29. PutraMerang says:

    Leaving for Ipoh from Port Dickson in 3 hours time. Hope to be in Manjoi Ipoh by 5am for the Hajat Prayer. This is it. Already told my family that I may be arrested but alhamdulillah they redha. Mat Sabu, we are all behind you. Told my staff also that if I am not back to office on Friday and not contactable, mobilise the lawyers to Ipoh, as I am surely have been arrested. What the police is doing is above the law and the king. They can intimidate us, but they cannot fool us. The claimed corrupt 2 katak from Perak are still at large having nice breakfast at Haslam Restoran, the same place where Mat Sabu was arrested, today. Umno memalukan bangsa melayu. Umno merendahkan martabat Islam.

  30. lovepeace says:

    lets peace, justice and freedom prevail and let the corruption, selfish and violent doomed.

  31. Parameswara says:

    I wear Black T-shirt today for Wong and for Perak 2moro. But I can’t come to Perak cos I’m about 3000 miles away, but will be with my laptop all day…

  32. ajajal says:

    The illegal CM Zam bee is black no need to wear black He even claim to be a Malay being black. Why dont they arrest him for both illegal and claim to be a Malay. THE POLICE MUST BE BLIND

  33. wheregot says:

    Zambry mamaq is higher than melayu.
    Mamaq say jump, melayus must jump

  34. Bluekinetic says:

    I never wear black to work.Tomorrow will be my first. Thanks to stupid move from our police force & BN

  35. Laliloo says:

    Looks like tomorrow is D-day for MB Zam-zam because he is BLACK! Tomorrow he sure kena tangkap one.

  36. limpek says:

    Black is gold . Black is power. What’s the fuss with Black ?

    We have been touching on the in- thing glamour word “ONE ” so what’s the difference in colour “isn’t One malaysia is also One colour ?” .So it does not matter Black or White…….

    So the song goes- the world is black , the world is white , together we
    learn to read and write…..

  37. kookaburra says:

  38. cool says:

    Lauyatee committed 2 mb fiasco in His infinite wisdom
    kangaroos ruled that day
    prdm is doing its usual dutiful best
    all agencies of desperate umno/bn regime
    all beyond redemption
    d ppl cannot correct them one by one
    but we d rakyat can correct all in one fell sweep
    by changing d govt in ge13
    each of us must explain to every1 we know
    all that is happening
    how elites r treating d ppl
    n holding on to power by any n all means
    let d ppl know
    how power was taken fr perakians
    that day
    by One mere mortal

  39. bee yong says:

    Pastor Niemoller’s lament,
    First THEY came for the Unionist, I said nothing because I wasn’t one,
    Then THEY came for the Socialist, I said nothing because I wasn’t one,
    Then they came for the Communist, I said nothing because I wasn’t one,
    Then THEY came for me BUT there was NO ONE else left to speak for me………
    Rakyat’s lament
    First THEY came for the Bersih, I said nothing because I wasn’t one,
    Then THEY came for the Mat Sabu, I said nothing because I wasn’t one,
    Then they came for the Blackies, I said nothing because I wasn’t one,
    Then THEY came for me BUT there was NO ONE else left to speak for me………

  40. BABI says:

    zambry is black…..arrest this mamak

  41. justice says:

    don’t worry ALLAH will send this pariah mamag black zombie snatch thief , daylight robber, pirate and all BN/AMNO goons to HELL FOREVER!!!

  42. anonymous says:

    Storm the Bastilles aka Storm the Perak state secretariat building tomorrow.
    Mobilise the rakyat ala thailand style.
    Long live peoples power philippine style.

  43. Less than 1 month whatever the new PM promised has turned to nought… I knew it was too good to be true. I will wear black tomorrow not just for Perak, but for Altantuya and also for the bad news that Mr. JJ aka Raba Raba will be the country’s new ambassador to US????

  44. tiga lain says:

    NAJIBOCRACY (Najib-o-crazy) replaces democracy

  45. Pegasus says:

    Its certainly a black and dark day for Malaysian..the arrest of Mat Sabu and Wong Chin Huat is uncalled for…Its a shame and Naif’s 1 Malaysia must be the joke of the year..! This arrest and intimidation is not going to scare the rakyat..but will only make them more resilient and stand up against a oppressive and cruel regime! Naif should not follow the footstep of the Mamak kutty nor listen to his dreadful advises which will only lead to the burial of BN party…though this what we wish. Black will be the order of the day. May our country get back on the right direction and onto the track which has gone haywire with BN’s rule. Hopefully most of us have learn a good lesson under BN’s rule and its time to get rid of them in the 13th GE!!!!

  46. Felix-san says:

    Yes I have never been more proud of wearing my black T than I am today–May 7. Let’s stand in solidarity with the people of Perak and of all Malaysia who want justice and democracy to rule. By dressing in black, we will make a statement to the powers that be, that everyone has a right to civil liberties and freedom of speech which are to be upheld at all cost. I salute Wong Chin Huat and others who dare to make their voice heard at the cost of their freedom. The least we can do is to show our solidarity to Wong and others by painting the nation black today. Let’s see if they are going to arrest us if millions of us all wear black!

  47. A- Non- Nie- Mosquito says:

    The one who is having a good laugh at all these ia Mathir. He is acting like as though he is opposing Nojib because he is demanding sth else from him.To appease him, nojib might give in to his demands one by one.

    These has been going on and just how long more, I mean, all these sandiwara.It’s all a sandiwara for money, fame, luxury,pleasures and dominance over mankind. It’s root drive is poor self worth of one self.

    It feeds the ego to be ‘looked highly’ upon but very few actually ‘look highly’ upon them or their family members, so, they have to wear a’ thick-face’. I told you that it’s all a sandiwara. So, watch and be amused, let the show go on until they know that no one is clapping.

  48. Justme says:

    BN is very paranoid now. Everything they see it like a threat to them.

  49. apapunboleh says:

    The police ONLY knows how to arrest peaceful people and torture/executing criminals in their custody. Nothing else. Anyway, the police is the official tool of oppression and initimidation used by BN out of fear and desperation.

  50. PutraMerang says:

    Whatever happened in Perak today, Pakatan Rakyat will march on to GE13 with a stronger voice. Today is a good beginning. We must pick-up the reformasi momentum again. Tun Mahathir is playing reverse psychology on Najib and the people indeed. Be careful with this guy.

  51. Susan…….!

    Let these “goons” behave like that lah…….!!! Better for them…..!!!
    Come next GE the rakyat knows who they will vote for…………..!!!

    The more “Clowning” they do…,
    The wider the eyes of the rakyat will open……!!!

    The rakyat of Malaysia is much, much wiser now…..!!!

  52. chris says:

    it will only make them famous.

  53. BoomBoomBoom says:

    What the heck is going on? One day released 13 detainees, next day arrest more than 13 those protesters wearing black! Where is freedom of speech and expression? Talk like a saint but act like an evil. Its inherited. Like former PMs quote unquote “no one above law” but the very one who said that broke the judiciary law & corruption; then the Mr Clean turned un-cleaned; now another Mr. Opposite, do not walk the talk, say like this but do like that. OMG, don’t you think it is really “hark” (in cantonese – “Black”).

  54. jsss says:

    All the hair salon’s in Malaysia going to make ton’s of money by colouring people’s black hair.

  55. buy me wick says:

    Where to hide my bald head now, it will show black!

  56. Beetle says:

    I never like black all my life but in support of 1 black Malaysia,I will buy black teeshirt and wear it for a week.

    Let’s stand firm against this corrupt government and do not let them intimidate us.

    Viva Bangsa Rakyat.

  57. busybody says:

    Hitam Manis,Hitam Manis, I luv you!!!

    Black is beautiful lah!!!! Jangan lupa pakai hitam ,ye!!!

  58. Dictionary meaning says:

    The Free’s dictionary decribes the situation as:

    Terrorism, the threat or use of violence, often against the civilian population, to achieve political or social ends, to intimidate opponents, or to publicize grievances

    “Political terrorism also may be part of a government campaign to eliminate the opposition, as in Adolf Hitler’s case”… Free’s Dictionary

  59. paraquat says:

    IGP is a terrorist

  60. paraquat says:

    AG also

  61. Dictionary meaning says:

    Definition of ‘Terrorism’

    “Systematic use of violence to create a general climate of fear in a population and thereby to bring about a particular political objective. It has been used throughout history by political organizations of both the left and the right, by nationalist and ethnic groups, and by revolutionaries. Although usually thought of as a means of destabilizing or overthrowing existing political institutions, terror also has been employed by governments against their own people to suppress dissent; examples include the reigns of certain Roman emperors, the French Revolution ), Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union under Stalin, and Argentina during the “dirty war” of the 1970s. Terrorism’s impact has been magnified by the deadliness and technological sophistication of modern-day weapons and the capability of the media to disseminate news of such attacks instantaneously throughout the world. The deadliest terrorist attack ever occurred in the United States on Sept. 11, 2001”- Free’s Dictionary

  62. Obi1canopy says:

    Toyo saw a crippled man named Karpal getting chased by a dog. When the dog was about to bite Karpal, Toyo intervened and kicked the dog.

    The Mighty Pen was seeing all this. The Mighty Pen said toyols-banana-copy4“That was great. We’ll definitely publish this on our website. Tomorrow the headline will be ‘LOCAL HERO SAVES A CRIPPLED MAN FROM A DOG’.”

    Toyo replied “Thank you, but I’m not from here. I am from Indonesia.” The Mighty Pen says, “OK.” “Then the headline will be INDONESIAN CITIZEN SAVES A CRIPPLED MAN FROM A DOG.”

    Toyo said, “Actually, I live in Malaysia but I’m not an Indonesian citizen. I’m a UMNO Youth member, soon I’ll become its leader! Next day, the headline in the paper reads …


  63. HarakahDaily says:

    Rasulullah s.a.w bersabda yang maksudnya: �Berikanlah upah kepada pengambil upah (orang yang bekerja) sebelum kering peluhnya�. – Riwayat Ibn Majah

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