image0011So, there’s going to be a Hong Kong TV series on how the late Altantuya was killed. The story will be based on French Liberation reporter Arnaud Dubus’ investigations. His search took him to Ulaanbator, to KL and back to Paris, where he implicated a french company in a shaddy submarine deal involving our government. The deal, he implied, was what eventually led to the horrific murder of Altantuya, who turns 31 this May 6.

We bet it would be the TV series of the year!

People are getting more and more creative when it comes to pinning down the suspects on this case.

PKR Youth leader and election candidate for Rembau Chegu Bard said PAKATAN RAKYAT is planning to send Naif Ton Rasa a birthday cake to remind him of Altantuya’s birthday.

Seems apt coz the girl’s life was shorten at 28 in 2006, by forces very much linked to Naif. She would have lived to be a 100, more or less, we do not know, if not for this gruesome murder.

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  2. kluangman says:

    Politik itu memang satu drama – Semua nama dan lakonan adalah rekaan semata mata dan mungkin secara kebetulan, tidak ada kena mengena dengan hidup atau yang mati – jangan lupa ayat itu dihujung setiap drama yang beretika.

  3. Zainun says:

    Wah… berita hangat ni!

    Tak sangka, isu ini akan pergi sehingga ke tahap ini! Ini secara langsung menunjukkan bahawa isu ini amat diperhati oleh masyarakat negara yang lain, selain sangat diberi liputan luas di negara ini. Bahkan sehingga ia ke tahap ini, ia juga menunjukkan bahawa isu ini amat menarik untuk diperhalusi akan kebenarannya yang sebenar!

    p/s: siapalah yang akan memegang watak ‘Hero’nya ya…??? 🙂

    p/p/s: terfikir juga… adakah siri ini akan menjurus kepada ‘pro’nyakah ataupun sebaliknya…??? 🙂

  4. levee says:

    First malaysian peeam to mak it to the screen.

  5. .... says:

    tapi rosmah macam terlalu kurus.

  6. koolgeek says:

    omg, who gets to play Najis?

  7. krokodil says:

    Well, we don’t think what you said about Rosmah being at the murder scene is correct.

    How do you know?

    It is highly unlikely. Rosmah is very rich. She has plenty of money. Why would she want to take the risk of going there personally? She can pay someone to do the job. No need for her to go there herself.

    Well, that’s what I was told, that she went there personally.

    We don’t think so. It doesn’t make sense for her to go there herself.

    Okay, if you say so, but I know what I was told.

    Who told you?

    Lt Kol Azmi Zainal Abidin. He is the number two in the Special Branch of the Military Intelligence.

  8. krokodil says:

    Q: Didn’t Najib’s people approach you to make a deal?

    A: You mean to buy my silence? Yes, they did.

    Q: Who?

    A: Datuk Jamaluddin Jarjis.

    …….JJ told me that Najib had asked him to meet me to make a deal. I asked him whether Najib really knows we are meeting and whether he had endorsed or sanctioned the meeting and JJ replied that our meeting was on Najib’s instructions.

    We spent about an hour talking. The bottom line is he wanted me to stop writing about Najib and Altantuya. He also asked me whether I could delay my sedition trial until Najib becomes the Prime Minister. Once Najib is installed as Prime Minister they will drop the charges against me. I will also receive a monthly allowance of RM30,000 for my cooperation. He didn’t say for how long though.


  9. krokodil says:

    Q: Didn’t Najib’s people approach you to make a deal?

    A: You mean to buy my silence? Yes, they did.

    Q: Who?

    …….JJ told me that Najib had asked him to meet me to make a deal. I asked him whether Najib really knows we are meeting and whether he had endorsed or sanctioned the meeting and JJ replied that our meeting was on Najib’s instructions.

    We spent about an hour talking. The bottom line is he wanted me to stop writing about Najib and Altantuya. He also asked me whether I could delay my sedition trial until Najib becomes the Prime Minister. Once Najib is installed as Prime Minister they will drop the charges against me. I will also receive a monthly allowance of RM30,000 for my cooperation. He didn’t say for how long though.


  10. tPort says:

    For Rakyat Johor Join Members Now…blogs Jawatankuasa Tuntutan Pulau Singapura (Temasik)..sesiapa yang berminat untuk memberi komen sila ke forum brkenaan.

  11. .... says:

    koolgeek. top right. below him is rosmah.

  12. geekool says:

    koolgeek Says:
    May 5, 2009 at 4:46 am

    omg, who gets to play Najis?
    Chow Yun Fatt, Jackie Chan all are busy, busy.
    So how………
    Wong Chun Wai?

  13. rambler says:

    Where is the 礼义廉耻?

    The sense of propriety, justice, honesty and honor?

    This MCA, funny but true enough.

  14. najispiders says:

    One Malaysia adalah satu iktizam yang mula-mula di suarakan oleh Tunku Abd Rahman Putra diwaktu pagi 31hb Ogos 1957 dalam pidato beliau hendak membuat pengistiharan kemerdekaan Persekutuan Tanah Melayu.

    Naif punya slogan pun bukan original. Kaki tipu.

  15. najispiders says:

    KUALA LUMPUR, 4 May 2009: Former prime minister Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has been appointed as advisor for Malaysia Airlines effective 1 May.

    In a statement here today, Malaysia Airlines chairperson, Tan Sri Dr Munir Majid said the board welcomed Abdullah with his wide experience and extensive contacts to the non-executive appointment and looked forward to a beneficial association with him. — Bernama

    Orang tak guna jadi “advisor”,dalam najis 1Malaysia

  16. wits0 says:

    “Orang tak guna jadi “advisor”,dalam najis 1Malaysia”

    Can he even explain how an airplane flies? Maybe he knows how to fly kites but doubtful if he has the know how to make one!

  17. wits0 says:

    After HK TV series, perhaps the big screen next?

  18. Jimmy Tan says:

    Orang tak guna jadi “advisor”,dalam najis 1Malaysia

    Advsisor boleh Jadi Auto-Pilot Nombor 1Malaysia mah

  19. wits0 says:

    Outa-pilot’s mutual back scratching has its own reward.

  20. Good morning Susan.

    One should salute Najib for his brilliant idea of not to contest in Penanti byelection. Why should UMNO-BN contest when victory is not in sight? Why waste rakyat money? Look, how he cares for rakyat’s money. When his wife shops abroad, that is her own money, not rakyat’s. Najib is a PM with rakyat at heart. Since when? Hey, remember his cruelty to Altantuya!

    On the contrary, Sami Velu wants UMNO-BN to contest. His logic is simple. Why bother about wasting money. After all, it is not UMNO-BN’s money. It is rakyat’s money. Why bother about wasting rakyat’s money? As leaders, we are entitled to use rakyat’s money. How nice if Sami can say this: “When my wife shops, she never spends her own money. It’s all rakyat’s money”

    Perhaps, in the end, Mahathir’s decsion will prevail. UMNO-BN will contest. Look, who is the real Prime Minister of Malaysia?

  21. Phua Kai Lit says:

    Calling for a by-election = more govt “development funds” pouring into
    your district. What rational voters would not want that? *

    Also, what rational politicians would not want that??
    (Including those who take “commissions” from yet another “projek kerajaan Barisan Nasional”?)

    * P.S. Caveat: development funds are promised only, may not materialise if election results go in certain directions!

  22. GoMalaysian says:

    izit true?

    den wat is the time it will publish? i should buy the DVD to sharing with my friends… 🙂


    马来西亚人为先 上

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  24. pilocarpine says:

    1malaysia. 1leader. 1HK show. 1humiliating expose.

    naif will be feeling 1to die after d hk show out…

    really 1to laugh out loud…

  25. We might not get to see it here as it will be ban……….!!!

    “Siapa yang makan chili padi, dia yang rasa pedas…!!!”

    This movie might be a sell-out.

    Coz besides Malaysia, the world wants to know the “truth” too…………

    Only if we can maketh the movie here…..
    Than our economy will improve…!
    Than our tourism will improve..!
    Than our film industry will be vote for an “Academy Award”…!
    Than our Malaysian actors & actress will be internationally reconized…!
    Than ………………………….
    Than …………………………………….

    Hong Kong are good with “series”……
    US are good at making movies…………….

    Look at “Slumdog Millionaire”…
    An Indian movie by a “Mat Salleh”..!!!!!!

    Perhaps they should call this “Blow Baby Blow”……..!
    An Asian movie by another “Mat Salleh”……?????????????????

    Can make money, you know….!!!
    Yes …… we know !!!

    But too many restriction lah…………..!!
    That’s why our film industry “Sucks” …………………………….

  26. moni says:

    it a good ideal for by-election every two month. Because Goverment will bring in a lot ” development fund ” for that district area. Sure repair jalan and project baru sini – sana. if no by-election that means no development and have to wait for another 50 yrs.

  27. serious says:

    i doubt it will get to air in bolehland UNLESS it ‘beautify’ the story

  28. CSH says:

    It is only fair to stipulate that this TVB series is a hoax so should not be taken seriously.

  29. Wartanegara says:

    She is dead n gone and he is the Prime Minister and the lover has been freed and JAIS gave blessing for the whole incident. What else do we need in these bolehland..? Sometimes I wonder why we are so behind from Singapore..well they hv true leader who r serving the people without corruption or power craze. But here we hv murderer as PM. What kind of justice can be done for this country.

  30. piddypot says:

    Astro will sure benefit from this…as it will be on live on AOD…

  31. justme says:

    Looks like RPK either is going for the kill by naming names, or he is ready for Kamunting. Maybe also for pending or on going charges to be dropped? Anyway, all the best and stay safe.

    Most probably an Academy award winning material from HK? That director will probably have to personally stamp on his/her passport, country not allwed
    to enter–“Bolehland.”

  32. mumpig says:

    Masaalah bukan siapa jadi aminah ,rosmah,razak atau najis, masaalah ialah, boleh datang ‘shooting’ di Malaysia kah ?

  33. K1 says:

    orang tidor pun boleh jadi adviser mas…advise apa? mas terlalu banyak $$$ nah buang into river kah?

  34. justme says:

    Wartanegara says–
    “Sometimes I wonder why we are so behind from Singapore..well they hv true leader who r serving the people without corruption or power craze. But here we hv murderer as PM. What kind of justice can be done for this country.”

    Please don’t try to brng Singapore into the equation. We are a little notch better than Zimbabwe.

  35. K1 says:

    can ask ong tak kut play najis…wang yuen yuen jadi rosma lah. these 2 running dogs must be happy to play the role

  36. K1 says:

    singapore is happy that malaysia is lead by a group of corrupted dogs…no way malaysia can be ahead of singapore in another 50 years

  37. YapChongYee says:

    The Malaysian UMNO government has no leader ! A PM who is deemed to be incriminated and by common public opinion has a duty in law to clear his name to the satisfaction of the public that he has nothing to hide in the death of Altantuya; and further it is opinion of the rakyat that the illegal take over of the Perak State government stinks !

    In all, a PM who is bogged down by such baggage has no place to rule the Nation. It is true that the abuse of the ISA is the only support that UMNO has to ignore public opinion, but all these negatives are building up into a cresendo that will finally sink the UMNO government.

    Malaysians must realise that there has not been a democratic government in world history that has honestly won by fair means, re-elections for 51 years. This is nonsense, that with the corruption, abuse of power and A Govt. Policy to divide Malaysians into Malays, Chinese and Indians so that Malaysians will fight each other. The Malays are enticed by the government’s entrenched pro-active policy of ketuaan melayu to vote UMNO.

    It has never mattered to the UMNO government that by their policy they have stagnated Malaysia for the last 51 years and that Malaysia has enjoyda reasonable standard of living is due mainly to the discovery of oil in the 1980s. and as the nation’s oil depletes, Malaysia will eventually need to fall back on the nation’s natural resources and resiliance to competitive on the world stage. Malaysia is at all times an exporter of primary resources and lacked the pool of native talents to create an economy of innovation because our standard of education is still too basic; none of our Universities are ranked at an acceptable minimum standard.

    It is already past time for Malaysians to think as a nation and that is only possible if Malaysians will elect an opposition, because UMNO has no talents and is beyong reform. They have no leaders worth any consideration at all; while in Dato Seri Anwar, I see a leader on a calibre that is a second Lee Kuan Yew.


  38. Morning Dew says:

    This is an interesting development if not for the rather sad and sordid theme. If it is banned in malaysia such serial could be downloaded from a number of sites. Sometimes as the episodes were been released.

    The ending would be interesting……can a campaign be started to influence TVB to have the kind of ending that we would like to see through online voting ? It had been done in one of its series.

  39. fearnoone says:

    Astro will be flooded with non-Mandarin/Cantonese speaking viewers subscribing to its WLT package.

    I will be home early to follow the series.

    JJ n NAJIS are on same wave length…

  40. Bullshit says:

    yet another attempt by the slant eyed chinks to destabilise najib. he did a great job and you guys are trying os hard to knock him down. note to all pakatan zombies. najib didnt kill altantuya. you have no proof of this so stop propagating the lies. najib is a real gentlemen. he didnt rant and rave like anwar and his baseless allegation. he is a merciful human that came from heaven. he blessed our land with him heaven sent gift of love. he is the brown jesus we all bee waiting for thousand of years. bow down to najib… ths\is tv series will fail because no one can say ill about najibw ithout suffering from major pain.

  41. wira says:

    I bet this drama series will not make it to Astro.
    However, Bit Torrents will be working overtime in Malaysia when the show starts in Hong Kong.
    Pasar Malam DVD sellers will need that stimulus which they missed out in that RM60billion package.

  42. kittykat46 says:

    Modern day Austria is quite well respected internationally, but it faced a major international embarassments in 1986-1992. Its President, Kurt Waldheim was a decorated Nazi officer, accused of war crimes. Many countries refused to give him the respect to a Head of State which protocol required.

    Naif Ton Rasa could well be bringing major shame to Malaysia as the suspicions spread internationally.

    I wonder who gets to play Dottie ?….

  43. TVB serial says:

    I bet the show will never be shown in Malaysia. Mention Alt…..ya also can go to jail.

  44. wong says:

    Last I remember, “Malaysia” mentioned in HK movie was the Gangster one back in 1990. Now this series will have full of “Malaysia”… Just how famous we are, gonna be proud! 😆

  45. kittykat46 says:

    No Astro, no problem.
    The pasar malam DVD sellers will get their “super stimulus” package when the show comes out.

    Courtesy of Naif Ton Rasa…heheheheh..

  46. asian70 says:

    Aiya, I only like to watch shows with good ending. How can we have a good ending to this show? Will Naif Ton Rasa shown to lose power and be jailed in the show?

  47. najib manaukau says:

    I bet the film censor board of Malaysia will make it very tough, if they would ever even allow, for the T.V. series to be screened in Malaysia. After all they are answerable to who eventually ?

    A ban was imposed to even allow the mention of the Mongolian’s woman name in the recent by elections. Why ?
    I am still asking why is her entry into Malaysia is taken off the record of the immigration’s computer ? Who has this over riding authority ? As far as I know no one has such an authority, the mongolian woman came into Malaysia and that is a fact !
    Was there ever an enquiry and most, important of all,made public an explanation on the matter ?
    Who is so almighty to be able to do so ? Surely not Baginda, who is now living a good life in London ‘studying’ ?
    Also who is the almighty to authorise the use of the C4 , not to mention to take it,from the army which was used to wipe her of this world ?
    What has the Malaysian army got to say about it ? Was there an enquiry into the issue and most important of all, made public th ?
    What has happened to the P.I. who declared and swore Najib was involved and then, the very next day, made a second declaration that the first declaration was a liar and immediately went missing immediately together with his family ?
    Can calling the Almighty’s name alone ,in the mosque, and in vain I might add be sufficient ?
    Isn’t that a sin in Islam ?
    Who is so almighty again to do with all the above and not a question asked ?
    Why is not a single question on the above matter ever asked ?
    Surely the IGP and the AG have something to say about the above many unanswered questions ?
    Or may be they are not intelligent enough or may be they need to hang on to their jobs ?

  48. The Penquin says:

    Will be banned in Malaysia la..

  49. K1 says:

    i think tenaga should hire bodohwi as adviser, coz he can advise tenaga to connect electricity to all chairs during meeting….if tidur…shock!

  50. Keris Putih says:

    Hi Susan:

    I wonder from where did you get this information from? What is the link? I tried to check from the Chinese website but find no information at all on this…

    No doubt Sonija Kwok (who supposed to be Atantuya according to your picture here) and Sek Sau (Razak baginda) are both from TVB and so this bit of info is accurate, but any HK TV series fan can easily make this up.

    The photo of Sek Sau used in this picture is also the same one used in this website:

    Are you sure this is not another internet joke or hoax?

  51. kittykat46 says:

    The world according to 1Malaysia

    Only Azilah and Sirul did it.
    Razak Baginda is innocent.
    Nobody else is involved.

    Believe it….or not….

  52. Peter says:

    I wonder this series in DVD can be bought ? I definitely want to buy a copy so that I can show it to all my friends and rewlatives.
    Good. Do us keep us updated on this show.
    If not hope up download on the net

  53. najispiders says:

    Bapa Altantuya Akan Berada di Penanti
    Monggolian News Forum melaporkan bahawa Setev Shariibuu, bapa kepada wanita Monggolia yang dibunuh dengan zalim dan kejam di Malaysia pada tahun 2006 akan berada di kawasan pilihan raya kecil Penanti tiga hari sebelum hari pengundian.

    Setev Shariibuu tidak akan berkempen tetapi akan berjalan-jalan sekitar kawasan Penanti dan tempat awam. Mr. Shariibuu akan terus berada di Penanti sehingga ke hari pengundian. Forum ini mungkin telah diketahui oleh SPR sehingga mendorong suruhanjaya pilihan raya itu menyekat pembinaan ‘pondok-pondok panas’ pada hari pembuangan undi.

    Setev Shariibuu diberitakan akan ditemani oleh lebih kurang 25 orang warga Monggolia yang ingin melihat dan memantau perjalanan pilihan raya Penanti.

    Monggolian News Forum juga menyatakan bahawa Setev Shariibuu akan terut berada disetiap pilihan raya kecil di Malaysia sehingga kes pembunuhan anaknya didengar di mahkamah keadilan antarabangsa.

  54. 23osix24 says:

    What are the three biggest tragedies in Naif’s life?

    A: UMNO sucks, Altuntuya sucks, Rosmah doesn’t.

  55. kookaburra says:

  56. Danish says:

    Let it be known that if there is a scumbag killer for a Prime Minister in Malaysia indeed ! !

  57. Leong Yook Kong says:

    Hopefully, this Hong Kong TV series can incorporate the unanswered questions listed out by najib manaukau (May 5, 2009 at 9.41am).

  58. hunk says:

    Most of the actor/ess in Hong kong are Chinese. So, who is going to play Bala, an Indian and the killer-cops, Sirul and Azhar? Maybe Jean can play Rosmah. Just maybe. I am waiting for this. Thanks susan.

  59. zztop says:

    That’s good news Susan. Wow..wonder who will be Mr.C4 and Fat mama.
    And not to forget that idiotic up and coming PHD Razak bum.
    The DVD will guarantee sell like hot cakes la.
    This will be the best TV series in Bolehjland.

  60. Kancilandak says:

    In the begining of drama they alredy show ” this story not related to any event past or present and not related to any person living or dead” That about it, end of story.

  61. beuwolf says:

    if u all feel so proud for this kind of tv series , u all f*** off fr Malaysia and stay in Hong Kong !!!!!!!!!! .

  62. rpksucks says:


    hero : tian chua
    heroin: eli wong
    sepupu altantuya: susan loone aka drama queen

  63. Goreng says:

    beowulf segan ke? najib nak lari ke? mana?

  64. Lim Ah Beng says:

    Aiya!! This show sure kena ban for sure. But then, it will probably be available in all torrent sites…. 🙂

  65. kittykat46 says:

    “This show sure kena ban for sure”
    Malaysians are very creative at working around banned movies.

    I’ve always been able to get either the uncensored version or a totally banned movie, if I really wanted to get hold of it…kekekekek…the only downside is you need to be a regular customer of some traders who have somewhat unsavoury connections….

  66. ptxyz says:


    You really live up to your name of supporting Naif Ton Rasa even as the whole world knows he’s guilty as punch, to the extent that he’s instructing the police to ban the very mention of that Mongolian name. Maybe to get rid of bullshitters like you, we need to blow you up with C4 as well. Don’t worry, you will not be blown up alone. Monsterball will be your companion.

  67. monsterball says:

    Copy cats …will have great business…if movie is banned.
    Cannot wait to gt a copy of it….when show is completed.

  68. jamesloh18 says:

    banned? it be given free ….this is movie extraordinaire…now j j could be flying to hkong to do a them off!

  69. jb says:

    Hong Kong here I come. Next stop Hollywood or Bollywood. Well Malaysians, we have such great actors in Malaysia. The PM, supporting cast and BN make Slumdog Millionaire a has been. We have more intrigue here.

  70. jean says:

    Hunk, I have to pass bcoz:
    i. I don’t have the talent,look and weight to be dottie.
    ii. I am allergic to anything Eddison Chen or his collection
    iii. Its a shok sendiri storyline with “the proof” in self-imposed exile.
    iv. I don’t need dirty money – commercializing someone’s misfortune.

    Clint Eastwood should play Anwar.

  71. wits0 says:

    TVB serial, cannot Mention Alt…. so maybe the “ALT” key on our keyboard must be removed because that reminds us too much of her everytime we sit in front of one. All things being possible in Bolehland wat. Bodek-ing Unlimited Inc. The Multimedia and Home ministers’ passport to further promotion.

    Kittykat46, “Believe it….or not….”

    Step aside, Ripley!

    Peter, “I wonder this series in DVD can be bought ?”

    The cops will be raiding your premises without a warrant for that DVD. Soi Lek’s one is no more hot.

    Indeed Zztop, this will be the best TV series in Bolehjland AND all over too. No prize for guessing.

  72. kittykat46 says:

    Jean as Dottie ?
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  73. LLHENG says:

    It is amazing and hilarious that our filp flop sleepy guy can be advisor to Malaysian Airlines. I wish the best for the airline and hope it will not fall into zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…………
    For god sake, this guy is already have a generous pension and for doing nothing except zzzzz ……..he will be pocketing another extra thousands$$$$$$$.
    As someone mentioned, “advisory positions in the GLCs should be reserved for those who can really add value to these companies. GLCs are companies managed in trust for the people. They are public institutions capitalised by public funds. These companies do not belong to the current prime minister. They are not UMNO owned companies too.”
    How are we going to achieved 1Malaysia or for that matter Malaysia1 if the present government are doing just the opposite.

  74. ipohHUNK says:

    Why..oh why..our PM reputation been tarnished , M’sia is now known to have murderer PM & corrputed.

    Wonder why ah..our PM dont counter suit the foreign media & clear his name..?

    What is that to be afraid if PM maintain his innocence?

    A kid could figure this out..

    Hope there is a blockbuster movie in the making based on the true event…

  75. Menyalak-er says:

    Series will be shot in Thailand and Sentosa Island. C4 will be relaced tith sticks of red dynamite (better visuals). Lumpiolus will be played by dressed up emperor penguin. Beauty played by Mr. Todt’s Ferrari? Naif will not be seen, heard of – except is sms. RB, the harangued ‘lover’ will be played by Thaksin Shin. Azizul and Sirul by Kancilandak and batboy. Produced by 1Malaise Sceenshots(HK)Pty.Ltd. and directed by John Woo. Screenplay by Clint Eastwood. Btw, miniseries of 6 parts – five of which are X-rated. Anything i left out?

  76. Jun says:

    this is a april fool poster made by some random guy. lol

  77. kittykat46 says:

    The following mini-series is based on a true story…
    Some events have been dramatised to suggest a possible chain of events (but not the only possible explanations)…..(the usual legal safe harbour yadda yadda….)

    The names of persons and places have been changed to protect the innocent (and the guilty)……jeng..jeng..jeng..jeng…….

    As part of the promotional material, there will be Amina and Dottie dolls for the girls, UTK action figures and C4 kits for the boys (producing real sound and smoke).

    Anwar and RPK will make cameo appearances;
    To avoid an international diplomatic incident Najis will only be indirectly alluded to; He who cannot be Named…

  78. kittykat46 says:

    “this is a april fool poster made by some random guy. lol”

    We are just having some fun…LOL… 🙂
    The tension leading up to May 7 is just unbearable; need some diversion.

  79. K1 says:

    petronas, tenaga, mas, plus, syabas…all there umno punya papa punya kah…niamah

  80. bee yong says:

    Best birthday gift to our beloved Mongolian beauty and her unborn child.
    Astro will have no chance to show them, it will be definitely banned.
    To all street DVD hawkers; time to pay back… distribute them free to your customers.

  81. wongjavi says:

    Naif Ton Rasa will go down in history as the shortest tenured PM in the bolehland

  82. keADILan^BeR1 says:

    i fully support this drama coz we want to show to others country thats umno government was cruel..full with corruption..thats why we should tell the others the truth..

  83. kadirkejar says:

    Tuesday, May 05, 2009
    Hantar kek Altantuya ke PM Malaysia
    6 Mei 1978 merupakan tarikh lahir Altantuya. Jika esok dia masih hidup usianya genap 31 tahun.

    Kematian Altantuya telah menyebabkan banyak kesan. Antaranya imej negara tercalar. Altantuya yang terlibat dalam ‘deal’ pembelian kapal selam negara mati di bunuh oleh dua anggota polis di Shah Alam. Perbicaraan kelihatan amat pelik kerana gagal mengemukakan motif dan senjata pembunuhan.

    Esok ayuh kita bersama Solidariti Anak Muda Malaysia (S.A.M.M) menghantar kek Hari Jadi Altantuya dan surat mendesak PM harus segera….

  84. kadirkejar says:

    Sempena u/tahun kelahiran Altantuya jom bersama
    Solidariti Anak Muda Malaysia (S.A.M.M)
    menghantar kek Hari jadi dan surat desak PM Malaysia
    6 Mei 2009, 11pagi
    depan Pejabat Jabatan Perdana Menteri, Putrajaya

  85. SameSame says:


    Kindly verify the records before you paste on your blog. RPK’s credebility has been tarnish…by another fellow blogger…rockybru Dont want you to go thru it too.

    If this TVB serial deal is true….then truly malaysia will be on the limelight yet again…and not to mention NR,ARB, ROS and not forgeting the ever deceitful cops we have.

    As for Abdullah being advisor for MAS! God help MAS!!!!


  86. paraquat says:

    written by teo siew chin, May 05, 2009 12:55:01
    “RPK’s reliable informer exposed, by RPK himself!”

    above article is from “Rocky’s Bru” smilies/wink.gif

    Rocky – “The King of drama does it again”, was the SMS that I received from John.

    hmmmmm….maybe someone should just tell the truth without all the dramatics smilies/cheesy.gif or maybe not! smilies/grin.gif

    btw Rocky posted YM RPK’s SD too… and nicely formatted. smilies/wink.gif

  87. […] Altantuya di Malaysia akan diterbitkan untuk siaran bersiri sebuah stesen TV di Hong Kong. Susan Loone menulis, skrip dan idea rancangan TV itu berdasarkan laporan media dari seluruh dunia berkenaan kes ini. […]

  88. MalaysianMan says:

    Here you are bro. beuwolf

    Hey, your statement sounds like “kalau tak buat salah, apa nak takut sangat @@##%%” most likely could apply the case similarly with this one. Tell your fcuk umNo boss to sue the bugger in HK till their pant off!!

    Quote you the same statement with slicely modified:


    Wat say you brother.

    Ask some to stay in HK, Tongshan, Indonesia, India etc when you absulately bancrupt of ideas or you lost your mind.
    Accept the facts.

  89. moyazanta says:

    Hmmm, poor malaysian…. not only TKI but also many of Indonesian people “dicelakai” malaysian people. Mengapa kebanyakan orang malaysia seperti memakai topeng… Berlaku baik tapi sebenarnya berhati serigala sangat…sangatlah jahat… SELAMATKAN MANOHARA FRM KELANTAN PRINCE SHE ISN’T A PROPERTY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  90. Keris Putih says:


    This has been proven a hoax. Just a joke. fake…

    It’s by a guy called “The Hidden Lim” (as stated at the bottom of the poster). The guy also created other funny political Powerpoint such as this one:

    Anyway, this is a good one. It did get a lot of people excited. May be I should not spoil the fun too early. But then again, it might effect RPK…

  91. moyazanta says:

    As you now not only Allantulya but also many case like that always happen in Malay.. Manohara Pinot frm Indonesia have similar case like Allantulya but Alhamdullilah Manohara always live until now. Mano have been married with Prince frm Kelantan Malaysia because “accident” ( prince make Mano pregnant although her age below 17) . In country like malaysia the prince have a bad act????? ehmmmm He think that its ok he make Mano Pregnant because he will marrying her. Oh, Gosh… what happen with him?????? he like “sheh UJI” (Crazy Milioniore frm Indonesia : he ” crazy” because married with girl below 12 ). And the problem is Mano have a bad influence frm the prince. the prince always hurt her every time . The prince always said to Mano that her only property kELANTAN. Its very ridiculus… comment frm the prince to Mano not only hurt her but also ALL INDONESIAN PEOPLE IN EVERYWHERE…..

  92. zipppp says:

    goodlah i also want one, anybody go a copy

  93. wongnoball says:

    May 7th – 1BLACKMalaysia, Democracy First, Elections Now

  94. donplayplay says:

    JOHOR BARU: A 46-year-old lorry driver was reprimanded by a Sessions Judge for apparently flip-flopping between pleading guilty and not guilty to raping his underage daughter.

    Judge Abdul Ghafar Ab Latif, who was about to sentence the man, told him to stop “playing around” with his plea.

    “Don’t play around and change your plea as you wish,” he said.

  95. Menyalak-er says:

    hahaha… KK46, the ‘dottie’ doll won’t sell la. May we can sell a container load of ‘adult’ amina dolls in PWTC, during supreme council meeting who are still deliberating on P_enanti… C.O.D of course…

  96. 1englandknight says:

    Don’t know who would play rpk’s role or rpk going to act for himself personally and be an actor?

    It will be interesting to see rpk, the so called Mr. Malaysian licking Mr. 1Malaysia’s ba**s during his confinement in Bkt Aman..

    This rpk is translated literally as raja katak perigi. Now after labeling the Chinese stupid, rpk would be lic%*&* Chinese ba%@* in Hong Kong.

    Looks like rpk has a white chicken in London and had discarded his old taste.

    rpk is a 1/2 white chicken and should have no problem in blending himself in Soho.


  97. 1englandknight says:

    pk could be the actor or actee, it doesn’t matter to rpk. It’s cost Rm 5 in Chow Kit road, and rpk would also be contented after 1session be paid in 5 pounds + 5% service tax for the amusement of HRH Queen Eli.

  98. 1englandknight says:

    If you want to find rpk, no problem, just go to Soho in London. You can find his adcertising picture everywhere in Soho!

    1 session for 5 pounds in Soho. It’s dirt cheap. rpk should be worth more than that!

  99. lonesome goat says:

    “Tun has been appointed as advisor to Malaysian Airlines effective 1st May”
    Hope the planes don’t flip-flop and tie themselves into a knot in mid flight. Watch Howard W.Koch’s “AIRPLANE” touted as one of the top ten comedy films of the century!

    Heehee! I love Dottie. If they sell lifesized Dottie dolls I’d like to have one which I can undress at whim. I just love the flabs.

  100. MyDeskBlog says:

    Should be made into a Hollywood blockbuster too. The whole world knows. And Najib can’t do s**t. Until UMNO goes kaboom in GE13.

  101. wits0 says:

    One Tun can use the Petronas private jet. Another Tun, the MAS one FOC.
    Great way to retain their lifestyle besides the retainer salary. Convenient way to manage their private oversea funds too.

    While many M’sians have never stepped aboard a plane, some people have been flying around FOC for years, more often than some other people take buses.

    What does Suhakam(SHAM) do besides giving high salary to its top appointee there?

  102. Menyalak-er says:

    “What does Suhakam do…?” wits0.
    Surely you know old chap?! They play with inflatable dolls as with our friend lonesome goat!
    While the Tuns are flying around free, Naif is flying Sukhois and diving in Scorpenes in circles.

  103. donplayplay says:

    American Version of the movie titled:

    “Brokeback Naif”

  104. johnny soo says:

    Whom will play rosmah role???????? Can’t figure out. Perhaps Hong Kong actress do not have any similar style like this fat mama.

  105. anontanan says:

    I like all Hong Kong movie stars. HK TV, I well known when I was young. That’s GOOD nes! 🙂

  106. anontanan says:

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    SEO tool, Free weblog, Search Engine Tips, …

  107. […] 根据Susan Loone的部落格,香港无线电视剧将开拍这部大马经典的《乌兰巴托.巴黎.吉隆坡》连续剧,演员也敲定了,甚至海报也出来了。 […]

  108. storm62 says:

    this is going to be a “Blog Buster” movie.

    i’m dying to watch this movie.

  109. Idiots' Guide to True History says:

  110. Internet tv will shown ?

  111. ALONG N25 says:

    congratulations for AMK and cikgu fariz musa. we are n25. taman lembah permai.taman bandar baru. allahuakbar. salam reformasi.

  112. ALONG N25 says:

    cikgu bila nak mai sini. taman lembah permai,bandar baru.
    boleh kita makan besar kat sini. rugi la cikgu tak ada sini.
    kami kat sini jamuan tak putus putus kat sini. malam ni kami makan
    pulut durian dengan ikan masin.fuhhhhhhhhhh. melekat rasa. nanati nak mai contact alang, salam reformasi. allahuakbar.

  113. Gay Guy's Girlfriend says:


  114. malaun says:

    wat a cool name given to malaysian crime minister…naif ton rasa…hey what about the biggest momma of them all…is she also play in this so called joke drama which will be produced by HK?

    hahaha..naif ton rasa…if you got balls please give it to altantuya grave dah!

  115. ms lin says:

    pkm si pm msia………..bunuh sesuka hati..di mana keadilan!!

  116. semilang says:

    Era Fazira is taking up Kwangtung wa classes.
    Maybe shes playing that “cinta kolestrol” figure
    again for bik mama ? 😉

  117. lawrenceluo says:

    The moivd&music are rather famous in Aisa and even in the world!
    The entertainment news of HK is become more and more, but I prefer to enjoy the the movie& music rather than kinds of news 🙂

  118. Bujang says:

    I used to critize BN because of Mamak the fake.
    But I think we should give Najib a fair chance to run the country without too much harsle especially at this critical time when the world is facing a bad recession.
    He is now the PM. In my earlier posting, I did think that he would want to be as fair as he could. So far he has done something. If he does away with ISA that will be another big one.
    I do not know really if he was the one who had committed a wrong. But he is the PM now. What do you want him to do? To run the country well or be shouted down by bloggers?
    BN is in tattered now. As PM he needs to win back lost hearts. Give him a chance.
    I do not care if the cat is white or black; as long as he can fix the economy and play fair he can count on me to support him.
    Surely he would be better than the mischevious monkey pulling the innocent dog’s tail as I had seen in other’s blog a few days ago.
    Don’t you think he is better than the “mischievous one”?

  119. najispiders says:

    “What do you want him to do?”

    Start suing and be ready to face questions in Court.
    Why write an essay, and please do not spread pollution with “Give Najis a chance”.
    Najib should stop being a monkey pulling the 25 million rakyat`s tail.

  120. anonymous dud says:

    what’s next – astro, tv3, rtm, mtv7 all boycott tvb and buy korean stuff instead… this is what tvb will get for messing with our PM….. i wonder how much proportion tvb’s income from malaysia…..

  121. anonymous dud says:

    if hktvb to proceed such project, i wonder if malaysia will set covert ban to all tvb and hk shows in malaysia, to show how much these hongkies damage they have done to themselves. plus, maybe malaysia immigration should ban actor/actress involve masuk malaysia……

  122. gerektua says:

    dasat… agak2 dpt tgk kt ntv7 tak?

  123. Bujang says:

    najispiders, I don’t ask what I want him to do but what he could do to the country in the remaining years when the next election is due.
    You can decide, or the voters will decide what to do during that time.
    I still think Najib should be give a fair chance to run the country and not be pestered everyday.
    The whole world is in bad shape now and he has been chosen to lead the country. You want to take the blame if he does it badly becuase of incessantly pestering disturbing him?
    You have better idea? Let’s hear it?

  124. pat ling says:

    Knowing the Honkies, they will be in search of look-a-likes. So people out there…if you think you look like the woman, her father, her alleged lover(s), her suspect killer(s), and all those involved in the publicity of the case…you can submit your applications. Times are bad. Go make some money with your looks.

  125. […] running naked! By cheri 0 Comments Categories: vacation So there will be a TV series done on the Altantuya murder case, which all of us doubt will ever be solved. Even more incredible was that it sounded like it fell […]

  126. Sekaran says:

    Sungguhpun saya juga berasa marah atas perkara ini, tetapi poster itu merupakan yang palsu. TVB di Hong Kong menggunakan tulisan Cina tradisional, bukan tulisan ringkas yang digunakan di China dan Malaysia.

  127. nasib says:

    boring…u guys got nothing to do eh?i live in malaysia, my hometown in kl.i’ve got no complicated problems like u guys.who care if altantuya was murdered?4 me,bad luck comes from bad attitude.if u dont wanna get murdered in such a way,stay out of trouble n stay out of bad peoples.dnt make any serious relationship with such…?as long as i can run a business n happy with my life…i wont blame malaysian government.they give me just a wonderful country to live in.u guys…dnt create problem la.find job,run business so u guys can support ur own family,ur daughter,so that ur daughter wont end up like altantuya being muredered just becoz she loves hang around n be a high class whore for whealthy men.

  128. Gail D says:

    “..i’ve got no complicated problems like u guys.who care if altantuya was murdered?..”

    LIAR. Y u must wait time writing comment here. Nst, Star will print your naji love letters……1malaysia can see……but you waste time writing here. UR wife and “holi” dotrs know u go around wasting time like this? Mayb u also pimp for them…….like you pimp for najis??????
    kekeke bapak ayam nak jadi ketam

  129. wits0 says:

    “..i’ve got no complicated problems like u guys.who care if altantuya was murdered?..”

    You have one worse than a rabid dog but realize it not! Murder is okay with you – that’s the telling symptom.

  130. Gail D says:

    Ya lah….pimps have to murder when their “chickens” don perform one la.
    Nasib chickens always perform jdi bapak ayam tak pasal

  131. deadparrottalk says:

    Possible Malaysian Reality Shows

    Since every Tom, Dick and Harry who has access to a producer’s chair here in Bolehland can come up with a crappy reality show for Malaysians to watch, I have some ideas for new shows too. I’m willing to offer them for production for only 25% cut of the whole amount of moolah you receive for it. Generous of me, no?

    1. The Bigger Asshole
    Each week, two incompetent public figures put their wits and idiocy to test out their mettle at being the biggest asshole in the eyes of the Malaysia people. Contestants hold massive press conferences after insignificant events and say stupid things to anger the public, in the process gaining valuable points to finally get the title of The Biggest Asshole. Possible participant and consecutive winner: Al-Blur.

    2. Who’s Gonna Be The President?
    1 party. 2 allegiances. Left in a remote area. Left to survive for themselves. In the end, who will be the president? I’m thinking of Sungai Siput to be the 1st location. This show would probably get high ratings in the beginning, but will probably fizzle down towards the end coz the head hocho will probably sack anyone who gets too close to challenging his position. Tribal councils hold a maximum time of 30 minutes. Every season ends up with the same winner.

  132. deadparrottalk says:

    Possible Malaysian Reality Shows

    Since every Tom, Dick and Harry who has access to a producer’s chair here in Bolehland can come up with a crappy reality show for Malaysians to watch, I have some ideas for new shows too. I’m willing to offer them for production for only 25% cut of the whole amount of moolah you receive for it. Generous of me, no?

  133. LovePeace says:

    If we cannot bring a criminal to court, we can act the happening out to spread the truth. Am sure this show would be Ban in Malaysia.

  134. indir says:

    thank you

  135. melayu boleh says:

    ermmm… i just read your blog.. nice info and good tips..

  136. lucinda says:

    I do not think this can be an issue of international politics

  137. TV man says:

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  138. Lid says:

    Would love to watch this movie. Of course jangan harap it will be shown here.

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