It would be a bed of thorns and not roses,  I can bet you.

I see there are many who are concerned over this issue. Whenever PAS gets stronger and UMNO weak, the latter will try to seduce the holy moley in PAS.

According to blogger BLACK,  PAS is a Muslim party whose members are mostly Malays, it is therefore easy for UMNO to try and indoctrinate them with ‘Malay sentiments’.

Because the UMNO today under Naif Ton Rasa is bankrupt of ideas, it uses ancient ones, especially those created by the late Tun Razak, Naif’s daddy.

The idea is simple: Malays are weak, PAS must join BN/UMNO to strengthen the Malays.

Do you think PAS will buy this idea?

Malays are weak? SUCH A BIG INSULT !

Black says that a few in PAS had actually bought that idea of ‘Malays are weak when UMNO is weak’.

But when UMNO is strong, he quips, do you think they actually care about the Malays?

Hmm…perhaps it’s not so bad if PAS sleeps with UMNO. Wouldn’t it be easier to fight them then?

There are many UMNO haters around, and PAS haters, too. So maybe it is just as well they both combine.

Well, the one who bought the idea of the Malay agenda is now defendending the concept of ‘Malay Unity’ (actually UMNO unity) ceaselessly.

What is their motive, asked Black. We do not know!

Today I received a facebook message that says:

PAS Members & Pakatan Rakyat Supporters Against the ‘Unity Govt’ with UMNO!

The description of the group says it (the group) is against any attempt for PAS to muzakarah with UMNO or combine with UMNO because UMNO is proven to be the ‘biggest betrayer’ on the face of this earth. UMNO cannot be trusted.

So far they’ve got 222 members. I am glad to see it. At least there is some resistance to this nonsense and fraud called ‘Unity Government.

Only UMNO unity is what they want!

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  1. whispering9 says:

    Let me summarize here. On one hand, DSN is trying his all best to woo back the non-Malays. On the other hand, UMNO wants to tie-up with PAS to unite the Malays. Just like trying to kill two birds with one stone. Assuming he is so good and got both the birdies, does it become 1Malaysia or will he divide and rule again? Pas uniting with UMNO is just like building a pressure vessel without a safety valve. Good luck.

  2. limpek says:

    Lu tau wa tau , whose unity they are talking about.

    It happened to our daily life too. People will call you when they have problems..When fortune strikes them they cant even remember your name or existence. Sorry to say that sometime No news is good news.

    One proverb- only visit the temple when there is problem.

  3. whispering9 says:

    “People will call you when they have problems..When fortune strikes them they cant even remember your name or existence. ”

    Yeah…agree. Still there is a fool born every second. Must be one of god miracle or rather mercy. 🙄

  4. matt says:

    Susan this happens because of one thing only n u guessed it MONEY-LOTS OF IT.

  5. ant says:

    Pas is not only targeting 1Malaysia, but also 1World!

    <a href=””Muslim Demographics

  6. So true…!

    When help needed, they’ll be bugging you…!
    Once they get it, they’ll stop bugging you …!

    What’s new lah….!

  7. ant says:

    Pas is not only targeting 1Malaysia, but also 1World!

    Muslim Demographics

  8. jean says:

    “PAS sleeps with UMNO”

    Scary ah? Pressure vessel without safety valve eh? Whose safety? That means they must be divided into two, wait, now three. Well, the more the merrier.

    For safety reasons, of course.

  9. ktteokt says:

    They say “Once beaten twice shy”. I wonder if PAS has learnt its lesson since it was one of the component parties in BN prior to it seggregating itself and becoming the opposition. I think PAS leaders should think back why they left BN in the first place and is it right to turn back to BN again! A good horse never turns back to graze on pasture it has left!

  10. Menyalak-er says:

    The offspring of such ‘sleeping’ should be the Wau Keris Bulan – a flying circumcision contraption of undefinable propotions. They tried once before, but the device didn’t work. And ‘Erdogan’ won’t let it be built again.

  11. dev says:


    This so called Malays are weak thing is nothing but old rhetoric that they recycle whenever they loose. They have not changed, it will be momentary, before a new generation of cronies and wannabes are in the picture dictating terms to everyone. If UMNO does it, so will MCA, MIC and GERAKAN. What we are seeing in Pakatan is a very different type of coalition where everyone is a equal partner as all have states to govern. They horne their expertise there and come together as a federal coalition offering the people an alternative which the people have been looking for all this while.

    If PAS falls for this trap again, they can never expect support from the non-Malays ever again. They have to note that their vast support now comes from the non-Malays too, if they want more brave and intelligent Malays to take up leadership in PAS then, they should never fall for this game played by UMNO. PAS should lead to show the whole of Malaysia that they are capable instead of wanting to be led.

  12. whispering9 says:

    LOL, jean, your witty reply makes me laugh on such a lousy monday morning. Whose safety? Well, for those fools mulling around a vessel that has got no safety valve and also for those swimming inside without relief. The ground rule is that PAS and UMNO have two different political idealism which cannot mix. Imagine MCA calling upon DAP for Chinese unity talks. Hey…not a bad idea, the more the merrier.

    For safety reasons, of course. 😉

  13. Morning Dew says:

    susan wrote :

    “It would be a bed of thorns and not roses”


    When you accept one you have to accept the other….it is in the nature if life.

    PAS is a very large party and when you have agitators(in more ways than one) coming round stirring the shit pot(all of human based inclinations) it is difficult to maintain party discipline.

    The key is never to accept roses.

  14. Joshua says:


  15. Joshua says:

    1Malaysia = 1Umno

  16. wits0 says:

    1Malaysia = 2 enable bn/umno unity to oppress like they are entitled to.

  17. jean says:

    “The ground rule is that PAS and UMNO have two different political idealism which cannot mix.” – w9

    Is this ground rule applicable to everybody? Or just for PAS and UMNO? Well, you now what I am getting at.

  18. storm62 says:

    why must PAS sleeps with umno, why NOT umno sleeps with PAS?

    there are still some good muslims in umno (hopefully) so these groups should sleeps or rather join PAS, then umno will be in history soon!

    the other choice is for them to join PKR or DAP….that is if they are proven worthwhile, trustworthy or qualified by merits.

  19. whispering9 says:


    That ground rule applies to every political party. There is nothing wrong with genuine Malay unity or any other race unity. Whenever, two or more different political idealism converge, like converge evolution, it is usually against a common foe. And that is another ground rule. So it is really a scary step, but not for the survival of the species. Good luck. Me, don’t want to mull around for safety reasons, of course.

  20. bee yong says:

    ‘Bin’ is like a bowl of rojak (fruits and vegi), mixed together with black sauce of corruption and evils. If you meashed them up they will turn into a messy bowl of black muddy water.
    PAS is oil, the lubricant for spiritual and wellbeing progress; to be better humans.
    How can oil mix with water? Even if oil sleep with water or water sleep with oil, the end result will be the same; the oil will be on top of the water; the good will overcome the evil.

  21. manu says:

    tahniah PAS, inilah semangat yang kita perlukan.. berjuang demi bangsa dan agama dalam menyahut satu wawasan.. satu negara yang tercinta. tidak salah jika digabungkan kerana kita adalah pejuang di bumi sendiri.. anak melayu tetap melayu.. tak akan berubah demi maruah.. bumi malaysia bumi melayu.. jgn biarkan bangsa asing menghasuti jiwa melayu… itu lah kata – kata akhir ku…. hang tuah..

  22. calvin tan says:

    TRUST ME as long as TGNA is the captain of the ship it will not
    materialise,let`s have faith in TGNA. the problems is there r still
    some so called `weak malays` in PAS, n i`ll propose that they

  23. billauchris says:

    UMNO is at its weakest and the morale of its memberhips is at all time low expecially during economic recession when all the money making avenues have been made difficult by the hawkish and critical eyes of the PR representatives.

    These UMNO scums are now going around trying to win PAS and DAP MPs and SAM over and in the course of which, they hope to make some referral commissions.

    PAS had at one time the unpleasant and unholy alliance with UMNO in the 90’s thinking that its leaders might be given the opportunities to become Ministers…high hopes! If I could remember, only one ministerial position was given to PAS. Eventually, whatever its representative proposed was set aside. Then frustration, despair and loss of confidence set in which led to the parting of the two parties.

    PAS and UMNO are two different parties comprising memberships that are so different. PAS members are much more religious than the UMNO guys who are greedy and corrupt and would go to any length to make money the evil and unlawful ways. The culture is so different and I hope the PAS leaderships realise this great different and advise and remind its members thereon.

    Don’t ever make the same mistake again PAS. You have much better chance of continuity and perpetuity by staying in PR than in UMNO or BN which will just obliterate and overwhelm your party in now time.

  24. Kancilandak says:

    Islam religion party and malay rights party mergr will strong the malay and cleaned the umno to united and shine in this time of PM Najib Razak’s 1Malaysia concept – PM Najib Tun Razak is Bapa Bangsa SeMalaysia, he the 6th PM and the star PM of all time. Under the expert TDM, Malaysia will Cemerlang all more.

  25. klepek says:

    True leaders are consensus builders (al-Muqaddim, the Expediter). They work to build mutual trust and agreement on principles of fairness among their people, as a basis for cooperative efforts in which all have some expectation of shared benefit (al-Barr, the Source of All Goodness). Since no one party can force any of the others to cooperate, and since each one has a selfish temptation not to cooperate, each must trust the others not to take advantage of both the opportunity and the temptation to cheat.

    Cooperation requires, then, mutual expectation of a willingness to sacrifice short-term self-interests for the common good (al-Jame’, the Gatherer).

  26. klepek says:

    Monday May 4, 2009

    KUALA LUMPUR: Clerk Jill Ireland Lawrence Bill succeeded in her bid to get leave from the High Court here challenging the Home Ministry’s decision to seize eight of her compact discs on religions containing the word Allah.


  27. jb says:

    BN knows that they have no hope, come the next GE. Expect them to do all sorts of courting with PAS to woo them for an alliance. That is their last resort and hope. Expect surprises.

  28. monsterball says:

    hhhhmmmm…Lets see…. Pas Malay members weaker than UMNO buggers.
    I teeenk……PAS is getting stronger and UMNO weaker….No?
    I also teeenk few old cocadodadoo in PAS love party and members…all join
    I teeenk….plenty plenty more smart PAS young ones.. will be like bullfighters…tame old bulls ….behave or get lost. PS:Muslin bullfighters cannot kill bulls…you know.
    Black plenty smart…strong eyes….smart observations.Any PAS yhink like a mad cow…charge like a bull…hot tempered ….wearing no condoms…I meen warriors suits…sure to get into trouble.
    Some PAS guys are like tat.
    That’s what UMNO is after.
    I was having nice siesta…wake up…read UNMO cock and bull stiffs again.
    Wasted days and wasted nights…..that’s all they do….no.. work for the to treat then right?

  29. klepek says:

    Someone in PAS said they want to contest the Penanti by-election. Someone then says PAS can’t be trusted. Someone else says PAS wants to merge with Umno to form a new Malay political party……….

    Oh, and I almost forgot. Read the statement by Lim Kit Siang above. What do you see? The stupid readers can stop reading at this point because this is going to be too taxing on your brain and you may get a headache if you try to figure this one out.

    What? You see MCA trying to provoke DAP to make them fight with PAS? That would be what those not so smart and what the herd mentality types would see. What I see is MCA demonstrating its hostility towards Islam.

    It’s simple, really. MCA does not want to make any statement considered negative towards Islam as that might antagonise Umno. So they are provoking DAP to do that instead. What I now want to know is: what is Umno and all those so-called Muslim NGOs going to do about it? Are they going to make police reports and organise anti-MCA demonstrations in front of Wisma MCA in Jalan Ampang?

    Hello…..Umno…….NGO-NGO Islam……..MCA cabar Islam lah. You orang buat apa? Kayu ke? Takde batu ke? Podah! Islam konon!

    Let’s see what the lembu Umno do to the babi MCA. I bet RM1,000 they will just keep quiet and nothing will happen. Umno is not trying to defend Islam. It just wants DAP and PAS to fight even if MCA has to whack Islam to achieve this. Munafik!

  30. wits0 says:

    Anything that MCA(or ilks) says in the MSM is best directed to the equivalent of the Spam Folder by default like you would configure your Mail Client to do with spam mails.

  31. eeyaw says:

    PAS combine with UMNO becomes PASUMNO or UMNOPAS?

    It’s like mixing oil with water or Shite with Sunni, both Muslim orientated!
    But then again in life nothing is written in concrete!

  32. kittykat46 says:

    The UMNO-PAS unity government is “Plan B”, 1Malaysia is “Plan A”.

    If Plan A fails and the Pendatangs stubbornly refuse to be seduced by 1Malaysia, the back-up plan is for UMNO to rule as a Super-Malay government, 1Melayu to put it crudely. With collaboration, of course, from MCA with its remaining Johor safe-seats.

    In fact you can already see the prototype of a Plan B government in the illegal Perak UMNO-BN regime. 27 UMNO , 1 MCA, 3 Shitheads.

    If you analyse it properly, Plan A and Plan B are actually mutually totally discordant, but who cares ? Its all about power.

  33. wits0 says:

    I think you’re right Kittykat. It’s about umno’s plan A and plan B. Neither is meant to leave any room for reform, of which it is simply incapable by nature.

  34. revrie says:

    Malaysia is Malays, Chinese, Indians and other races. Not Malays only.

  35. Menyalak-er says:

    Yep, kk46, you’re probably right. We can see Plan A’s going to self destruct as there is basically no improvement of the basic social safety net, and the prevailence of ‘treacle down’ economics. As for the other essential nationhood building factors like education, health, improvemant of ethnic and religious relations, nary a whisper.
    Plan B, can only take place if there is a major rupture of PAS. As long as Tuan Nik Aziz’s in power, this won’t happen. Whatever, lets watch the going on’s in their elections come June.
    We don’t even need to factor in the demised peripherial components of be-end. Naif seems to be balancing on a razor’s edge – paralyzed and neutered – even simple thing like Penanti, seems to be fraught with danger.
    What is plan C? Hope its implosion into a black hole.

  36. rider says:

    Hahahaa.. Imagine Tuan Guru Nik Aziz as the man and Mukhriz Mahathir as the woman sleeping under one blanket.. this will never work, not even for short-time.

  37. monsterball says:

    Plan A…UMNO/PAS unity
    Plan B…MCA Gerakan MIC…must be be activated…hoping Malaysian easily forget…they are loosers.
    Plan C…Release some ISA detainees…walk at pro PR streets hawkers area…observing.
    Plan D…1 Malaysia slogan out….all BN showing united…keep agreeing with UMNO…happy and strong image shown all the time…no quarreling…so happy to be Malaysians…as race..not united…but happy.
    Plan E….UMNO bank… more money….must fill it up…how?
    Plan F….F..k the hell out of Malaysia….get lost…loosing 13th GE.

  38. monsterball says:

    Picking up the cue from ‘thorn and rose”
    It is like hate and love. We love a rose and hate a thorn.
    Suddenly…our DPM…reminds me of “Popeye” cartoons.
    Brutus is the thorn to Popeye’s happiness.
    Popeye takes “People’s Power” tonic…known to kids as spinach…”Power” conquers all evil.
    Power always win.
    People’s Power against UMNO’s bribery and corruption Power.
    People love the country and family…Corrupted Power love money.
    No money no power!!
    What are the signs now?

  39. tPort says:

    For Rakyat Johor Join Members Now…blogs terbaru -> Jawatankuasa Keatas Tuntutan Pulau Singapura (Temasik)..sesiapa yang berminat untuk memberi komen sila ke forum brkenaan.

  40. […] PAS sleeps with UMNO (image,modified) It would be a bed of thorns and not roses,  I can bet you. I see there are many who are concerned […] […]

  41. World Monitorian says:

    UMNO = Party Mamak(refer ahmad ismail)/ Party Mat Rempit (refer KJ)

    PAS = True party islam

    PKR = True multiracial party

    DAP= True democratic action party

  42. kookaburra says:

  43. Kancilandak says:

    rider joke is yellow, scared malays got united. They not Aljuburi and gang lah! Tok guru islam, mukhriz also islam, more united more better. This not joke.

  44. najispiders says:

    malay unity will only be there when they stop speaking engrish and only speak malay.
    now malays even speaking tamil shame shame shame

  45. Kancilandak says:

    rider joke is yellow mind joke, scare malay becom united. They not like Aljuburi gang lah! Tok guru islam mukhriz also islam more united more better. This is New Malay for 1 Malaysia. And siti nurhaliza no need to speak english she not american.

  46. Goreng says:

    Melayu ni pengecut hilang bola—

    A reminder to Rais Yatim
    Monday, May 4th, 2009 | 9:27 pm @ SK

    As usual, not only Melayu mudah lupa as alleged by former PM Tun Mahathir, Malaysians in general belong to the similar category too.

    Pardon those who have given up hopes on Malaysia, you’re excluded anyway.

    Hence, it’s my role as a Malaysians who is among the tak mudah group to remind the new Minister of Information, Communication and Culture Rais Yatim that former de facto Law Minister Zaid Ibrahim had accepted his challenge.

    “Any subject he (Rais) wants, anytime and anywhere”, Zaid was quoted as saying by the online news portal The Malaysian Insider.

    That was on April 24, about 2 weeks ago.

  47. krokodil says:

    Malay DPM is also an IDIOT:

    Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said M. Manoharan should not use his detention under the Internal Security Act (ISA) as a reason to quit as Kota Alam Shah state assemblyman.

    He said DAP’s Manoharan could still perform his duties despite being under ISA detention.

    He said this after a visit to Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka in Jalan Wisma Putra here yesterday.

  48. wits0 says:

    Kookaburra, No speaking England necessary now wat ; she married a rich ole guy on terms similar to that which Michael Douglas made with Catherine Zeta-Jones, no? What impelled her? Vanity?

  49. kittykat46 says:

    By-elections are a frightening word in UMNO these days, lah…..that’s why this Idiot is trying to spin why Manoharan is still perfectly capable of performing his ADUN duties from behind the Kamunting fence.

  50. kadirkejar says:

    Nyamuk lagi teruk—

    PETALING JAYA, 5 May 2009: Dengue is a more pressing threat in Malaysia right now than the influenza A (H1N1), said prominent virologist Professor Emeritus Datuk Dr Lam Sai Kit.

    “Though the influenza has a potential of spreading far and wide because of its pandemic nature, it hasn’t entered the country yet. The dengue threat has been going on for ages and is far more significant,” Lam told The Nut Graph in a phone interview.

  51. Idiots' Guide to True History says:

  52. tanda says:

    The Indians in Malaysia are on the receiving end under the BN/Umno regime of Najib Razak. From the illegal detention of the Hindraf 5 to the numerous shooting deaths of Indians by the Police, from the A. Kugan murder under police custody to the numerous deaths of Indians under police custody, from the numerous body snatching of Hindus by Islamic authorities to snatching of infants as in the case involving the infant of Indira Gandhi, it only shows that the Indians in this country are really 4th Class citizens.

    Even Indonesians and immigrant Muslims from other countries can be considered as 3rd Class citizens.

  53. klepek says:

    One minute our diver was making like Flipper in the Pacific, the next, he was doing the breast stroke in a fire dip bucket 300 feet in the air.

    Some days it just doesn’t pay to get out of bed. But keep reading……

  54. klepek says:

    One minute our diver was making like Flipper in the Pacific, the next, he was doing the stroke in a fire dip bucket 300 feet in the air.

    Some days it just doesn’t pay to get out of bed. But keep reading……

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