With the economic downturn, and my pockets emptying, can I enjoy the holiday?

If my pockets are full, and I am having fun, I must spare some thoughts for others who have lost their jobs, or those who had just received offers of that VSS, that ‘We wish to terminate your services’ letter…

I’ll spare a thought for the domestic workers in my friends’ homes, and the undocumented workers who I see all around me.

The waiters in my favourite Mamak shop, the sweeper, the janitor, the garderner.

Oh, what about  the postman, or the newspaper vendors?  The hawkers, the farmers, the petrol kiosk boys?

They’re all a part of my colorful landscape, a part of my worldview.

Like the actors in a stage drama, they play key roles in our daily lives. Their existence worthwhile, just as important as the loyar buroks (lawyers), the doctors or the politicians.

Just like the writers or NGO activists. The artists or the entertainers. The teachers,nurses, or that reluctant government ‘servant’.


These workers you call ‘pendatang’ or ‘aliens’…can you live without them?

I’ll remember their blood, their sweat and the cries of their kids back home,  I’ll spare each one of them a space in my thoughts,as I drive through that expensive toll highway, joy ride in that sky train or hop into that big shopping mall.

There are blacksheeps too, you argue. I’ll say “what about us?”.

Are we all holier than them? Or more equal than others? Are we innocent of crime? Don’t we also beg, borrow or steal?

So, I’ll remember their hunger, their pain, their poverty as I feast with my friends in that fine restaurant.

If I sit around and bitch about my work, I’ll be thankful for once, that at least  I still have one.

Though sometimes, “Work” is a four letter word. Oh, no…no…the ‘Boss’ is a &@#  letter word! 

But I know if I don’t take stock of what’s happening around me now, fate might just deal me a cruel blow.

I might end up just like the migrant worker I saw on the streets, or the one I might have been cruel to, or the refugee I turned away last night, the foreigner I said some harsh words to, or worst, the beggar on the street I chose to ignore.

I do not want this day to come.

My friends, I’ll enjoy today while I can. But I’ll remember you. We are after all, either the taker or the giver.

And the Lord says “The more you give, the more you receive”.

Have a thoughtful workers’ day! Let not these workers struggles go in vain.

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  2. rainstorm says:

    Yes, we must always be thankful when busy & spare a thought for others. Happy Workers Day everyone out there.

  3. kluangman says:

    Rakyat yang rajin akan gembira.

  4. kassimselamat2 says:

    Yes, I am happy today!

    You too Susan, you need some Happy Days and not wake up everyday grumbling and complaining about everybody but yoursef.

    A Happy day with your husband or children or parents or friends?

    If none of them makes you happy,then try some charity work…the old,the orphans,the sick,the physiacall challenged…

    Have a good 3 days holiday and God bless you!

  5. stupa says:

    kassimselamat2 Says:
    May 1, 2009 at 8:17 am

    Yes, I am happy today!

    FARKING FREELOADER ONLY WAITING FOR HOLIDAY kekekekeke orang malas always are like dat one

  6. stupa says:

    The latest con is where the BN have doubled the foreign worker levy so many have to go back.
    This levy I guarantee will be reduced soon so those Bangladeshi workers contracted for can come in.
    If not many VVIP top officials will not get their `cut`.

  7. wits0 says:

    Common people are happy with their family, etc.(not that it’s wrong) but the superior man or woman is happy when alone, with himself/herself. Mind you, unhappiness also can come from the family etc., in unfortunate cases as well.

    Look who is projecting his “komen-ness” as the only valid in-thing around.

  8. kookaburra says:

  9. Morning Dew says:

    Once I was asked by someone if I was happy. I asked him what he meant by happiness. He became abusive and accused me of playing with words and mind games. After he ended his rather out-of-place tirade – without me interjecting once – I replied that my question was a fair one as what is happy to one person may not be happy for others and for me to give a yes or no answer I have to know what is happiness to him. He went on to list quite a few things that “defined” happiness such as good career, good family, great friends, meaningful endeavour, good reputation etc. All the things he knew I don’t have. I smiled and said that if that was his criteria than the short answer is a no.

    I went on to explain to him what Buddha said about happiness. Buddha listed 4. The first was happiness that came from sense gratification…good food, good reputation(this is also sense gratification), nice music etc. This happiness is unstable and almost all of us pursue this and we swing from happiness to sadness – very much like the drunkaned man’s walk. Such a life really looked like madness if one has the capacity to step back and honestly look at it.

    The second happiness came from ethical living. It is about doing what is right eventhough sometimes at great personal cost. This is never easy initially and we often fail to do it but if the heart is there to live such a life this will become easier and one day when your boss want you to lie or cheat and all your colleagues expected you to do so in order for them continue enjoying their ill-gotten gains and promotion – you can say no without a hesitation and you can sleep very well even when the world around you hate you. Living an ethical life is not easy without been authentic.

    The third happiness came from meditative peace and this can never be attained without first attaining the second happiness.

    The final happiness is the bliss of liberation.

    Between happiness and peace, peace has a much higher value.

    Can one be happy labouring away ? Can one have peace if he’s short-changing his employer ? There is dignity in honest work and for those who offer it no labour day is necessary to honour it.

    May you be well and at peace.

  10. fknajib says:

    The interesting thing I find from the documentary is that the maid got abused differently from different races. Malay, refuse, avoid paying the maid. Chinese, scold, abuse, harm the maid physically. Indian, sexually assaults them. I think the Indonesian ambassador made a good point that this is the case because Malaysian society are so polarised. Malays, always go “freebie” money from the governments and handouts and expects this even from their Indon maids.

    Chinese, frustrated with the discriminatory policy of the government takes out this anger on the “malay” looking maid. And the Indians, well.. what can I say more about this… they have been disadvantaged and unfairly treated so… if they got farked, they might as well fark others when they can.

    The racist policy that is the NEP has resulted in not just showing dissentment among the different races but also allow us as a nation to treat other people with discontent and malice. This is the ugly side of Malaysian society.
    Hardly any surprise.

  11. fknajib says:

    FILE – In this Jan. 21, 2009 file photo, Myanmar refugees participate in a demonstration outside the office of the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

    On Thursday, April 23, 2009, an international human rights group has urged Malaysia to prevent migrants from Myanmar from becoming victims of human trafficking on Malaysia’s border with Thailand. (AP Photo/Lai Seng Sin, File)

  12. monsterball says:

    Thoughtful May 1st Labour Day post by Susan.

  13. wits0 says:

    Good one, Morning Dew, and of some necessary length.

    The problem is that the official policy of the gomen is singularly aimed only at attaining mostly the lowest level of basic needs as described in the Maslow Triangle and not doing such a great job at that either as can be seen by the floundering masses. Underscoring the said effort is also that insidious intention reflected at various level of its ethos to keep people dependent and herdish as seen in MahaKutty’s anti-individualism stance. The irony is also that of expecting a dynamic society to come out of such an outlook, ha!

  14. sham says:

    Hey, it worked for the father. So why can’t it work for the son? After all, the Malays, Chinese and Indians of today are as stupid as those of 40 years ago. Actually, the Malays and Indians are not that difficult to con. Just give them some Amanah Saham shares at RM1.00 each and push the share price up to RM1.80 and they will all be very happy and will be eating out of your hands.

    So that only leaves the Chinese to con. And once we remove the 30% Bumiputera quota in 27 not really that important sub-sectors in the service sector, which Bumiputeras do not have much presence anyway, then we shall have the bodoh Cina also dancing to our tune. Let me repeat that: 27 not really that important sub-sectors in the service sector. Yes, you heard it right.

    Senangnya tipu Rakyat Malaysia! Buat silap mata dah cukup.

    Do you know what silap mata is? You perform silap mata by waving your right hand to distract everyone while the trick is actually performed with the left hand. Hello….MCA, Gerakan, MIC, PPP, Sabah-Sarawak parties…..bodoh sangat ke?

    The more important question is: who is the magician’s assistance? Maybe the same one who was Tun Razak’s magician’s assistance 40 years ago. Now who would that be?

    No prize for the right guess!

  15. sham says:

    Hey, it worked for the father. So why can’t it work for the son? After all, the Malays, Chinese and Indians of today are as stupid as those of 40 years ago. Actually, the Malays and Indians are not that difficult to con. Just give them some Amanah Saham shares at RM1.00 each and push the share price up to RM1.80 and they will all be very happy and will be eating out of your hands.

    So that only leaves the Chinese to con. And once we remove the 30% Bumiputera quota in 27 not really that important sub-sectors in the service sector, which Bumiputeras do not have much presence anyway, then we shall have the bodoh Cina also dancing to our tune. Let me repeat that: 27 not really that important sub-sectors in the service sector. Yes, you heard it right.

    Senangnya tipu Rakyat Malaysia! Buat silap mata dah cukup.

    Do you know what silap mata is? You perform silap mata by waving your right hand to distract everyone while the trick is actually performed with the left hand. Hello….MCA, Gerakan, MIC, PPP, Sabah-Sarawak parties…..bodoh sangat ke?

    The more important question is: who is the magician’s assistance? Maybe the same one who was Tun Razak’s magician’s assistance 40 years ago. Now who would that be?

    No prize for the right guess!

  16. Morning Dew says:

    Susan wrote :

    And the Lord says “The more you give, the more you receive”.


    This is often quoted when churches want to raise money 8-). It is very transactional. But it could easily have described the law of karma.

    Buddhist giving is described at different level. The lowest is transactional in nature while the highest is empty. The giver, the receiver and the gift do not exist and all this occur within our mindstream.

    This could have easily described christian sweet surrender where everything came from God and nothing was really given or received.

  17. wits0 says:

    Hehehe, Morning dew, Susan is using parables sorta but unto us…. 🙂

  18. Menyalak-er says:

    G’day friends.
    Excellent insight morning dew, as i agree 100%, although i’m not a Buddhist. Definitely ‘peace’ has higher value than joy and happiness, for without the former, the latter cannot exist. Man’s psyche is essentially ‘religious’ but many have used their religion in vain.
    The political scenario in this nation is one of cofusion and angst. Almost everyone is trying to maintain a sense of normality, be it in maintaining their hedonistic lifestyle, property or health. Most aren’t succeeding very well, so i guess many too are ‘unhappy’.
    On this day of rest, it is good if we quietly reflect the needs and reconciliation that is sorely needed for this fractured ‘nationhood’ of ours.
    I shall even refrain from criticizing the entities that’ve tribalized and divided this country. Oops… did it anyway!

  19. pea says:

    No! Not if that monsterball start licking balls again.

  20. pea says:

    As long as monsterball is still spilling shits in computers, nobody is happy!

    This monsterball is a real spoiler of happiness for mankind.

  21. pea says:

    Until this monsterball is repatriated to its own dinosaur land in another planet, one worker on earth is happy.

  22. harrison says:

    Very touching post this one Sloone. Well pea, Give Monty a break lah man, that’s a long time story. btw, happy may Day to you and others. 😀

    Btw again, I am always compassionate to draw something out of my pockets for the less fortunate. 😀

  23. Anonymous says:

    A update on the Blog War between Team M vs. Team KJ

    It looks like the Hard-T fella is very worried now. Below is his comment in response to rocky, bigdog, and voice/husin

    I would like to thanks to Rockybru and A Voice and other bloggers who known me well. I konw you all can safeguard my periuk nasi – at least, for the time being. But I believe that you all also cakap pada some of your friends who is Hard-T, actually. And for your information A Voice aka Husin Lempoyang (if you read), I only remember your face after Sakmongkol post your picture. I don’t know who is Husin Lempoyang, but I like to follow ‘his’ blog.

    I agree with malsia1602: “In the media world, journalists have been jailed for refusing to divulge their source and identity.”
    Rocky! You and me know our code of conduct. We journalist. Did they?

    To build our friendship is difficult but to destroy is easy. Actually there is very little irony in this situation and even if it’s an irony then it’s a tragic one.

    Ha ha ha… now this HardT talk about “code of conduct”, after trying to destroy Eli.

    Don’t change the channel…

  24. limpek says:

    Happy in a way that there are still caring people around..

    Not so happy when the thought of the Hypocrites and Great Pretenders
    laughing all the ways to the bank who cried to fight for ugama , bangsa dan negara in a mask..

  25. rockyboxer says:


  26. Bernice says:

    Hi Susan…. not happy, for me and for the others who toil. Who toil even this day. It is not the amount of work, it is the amount of caring from mainly the boss, and then from colleagues….

  27. monsterball says:

    hi Harrison..nice to know you are here…and thanks for your kind thoughts.
    I am used to “pea’ brain nut.
    Make sure you do not draw something out of your pocket…encouraging healthy normal people…turning to begging as an art.. ….refusing to learn an art to earn a decent living. Centers are established to welcome blind and crippled to learn a trade.
    My cripple friend…a welknown master watch repairer…earning high salary in Malaysia….ever willing to train cripples to repair watches..and give the tools FOC to start the trade.
    A group is such cruel people…kidnap young boys….made them cripples to beg in the streets!! These crooks should all be caught and be hanged.
    Then you have guys putting out sad stories…on behalf of a so call welfare society….giving out Bank A/C number…asking for donations.
    Best is go to the many legitimate well established places like…Sisters of the Poor..old folks homes….ophanage houses…and to hospitals and check out the sick and helpless that have no one to pay for their medical bills or buy a wheel chair..just to see that cripple have some sort of a normal life.
    Most important..give as much as you can…but not at the expense to see your family enjoy less. Charity begins at home and spread out to others.
    I repeat……….do not fall into con jobs..asking for donations through bank A/C unless you trust guys like RPK Jeff Ooi..Susan..for real needs.
    The most famous I foresaw was a con job …. “All blog” was establishing…..using Rocky.
    Shieh……Susan and me took all the blows to exposed them.

  28. rockyboxer says:

    http://thestar. story.asp?
    file=/2007/10/ 4/nation/ 19073162& sec=nation

    KUALA LUMPUR: Contrary to popular belief, most crimes in the country
    are committed by locals and not foreigners.

    The Parliamentary Select Committee on Integrity meeting yesterday
    learnt from the police that 80% of the crimes were committed “by our
    own people.”

    “There have been cases where our people deliberately use an
    Indonesian slang to mislead others into thinking they are foreigners.
    “In reality, foreigners are only responsible for about 20% of the
    crime in the country, ” said the select committee chairman Datuk Dr
    Wan Hashim Wan Teh.

  29. kookaburra says:

  30. sun says:

    Monsterball was for the dinosaur era whence all the dinosaurs had become extinction.

    This monsterball is just not capable of withstanding sunlight and hence needs to take pills for his Alzheimer’s disease regularly.

    This monsterball is a jinx to whatever he touches including sloone and her blog and fellow bloggers.

  31. ktteokt says:

    Be thankful if you are able to wake up to the morning sun each day, you have just gained one day. That is what an optimist will consider but to an optimist, waking up to another day means “one day less in his life and one step nearer to the grave”.

    Happiness is subjective and bears different meanings to different people. Whether you are happy or sad, the day passes by you unknowingly. Life is short, so make the best out of it while you still can. Happiness and cheerfulness makes one young at heart and is the best medicine in the world. Like what they say, Smile and the world smiles with you, cry and you cry alone!

  32. sun says:

    Nobody would surprise if this blog and other bloggers become extinct also a la monstyerballs’ ancesestors- the dinosaurs.

    This monsterball just doesn’t understand human language but dinosaur language. Hence it has this nick ‘monsterball’ which is very rude to a decent family.

  33. ktteokt says:

    Sorry, not optimist but pessimist!

  34. sun says:

    Mr. Harisson, have you ever mentioned ‘monsterball’ to you little children over a dinner table?

    This monsterball is insane and must be condemned, else people of other world thought all Malaysians are of the monsterball type.

  35. sun says:

    Any reasonable Malaysian must condemn this monsterball until this monsterball doesn’t appear on the internet again!

    This monsterball is uneducated using plebian words all the times and therefore must be made extinct a la its ancestors- useless and cruel beasts hunting ignorant animals on the prairie.

  36. sun says:

    This monsterball and all other corrupt politicians- BN or Pr, must be condemned.

    Otherwise this monsterball thinks it’s ok to be cuckoo as he wishes a la the corrupt politicians thinking that it’s perfectly ok to commit corruptions with impunity!

  37. zztop says:

    I like your comments Susan. have a great day.
    Just want to add something about Perak political issue from ZORRO:-



    Please get your legal eagles moving on it PRONTO!

    If the notice was dated 23rd April 2009 (last Thursday) the it clearly does not comply with the requirement of 14 clear days notice.

    If you exclude week-ends and public holidays (e.g. 1st May – labour day) when the State Assembly does not sit, then there’s no way that 2nd hand car salesman Camry can comply with the legal requirements of the State Assembly for notice of any motion.

    If Camry next resorts to an emergency motion, this can easily be thrown out by YB Sivakumar as ‘not being urgent or in the interest of the public!’

    So, please investigate and act swiftly especially since every M’sian knows the UMNO MB’s appointment is illegal has not been resolved by the Ipoh High Court.

    April 30, 2009 4:20 PM



  38. Kancilandak says:

    All this pendatang workers must be chase back to they countries. If not they stay here get marrid to local women become citizen and bear children who later form politikal party to oppost the ruling goverment.


    “Come to me all those who labour
    … and I will give you rest.”
    In your storms of life let God be your harbour
    For all your efforts you deserve the best

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 010509
    Fr. 1st May 2009.

  40. jamesloh18 says:

    today i am reminded to say, please, thank you to each person that come across that provide me services, goods that make my life better..!

  41. monsterball says:

    God is in your mind….but certainly I am in “sun” mind haunting him day and night.
    seas….sky…sun…all the same.
    Still waiting for ” Earth Wind and Fire”. Maybe kookaburra can show them.
    But sea… sky and sun have on thing in common….great huge empty spaces……just the one and the same….in the brain…gray matters lost in one place… like the ozone hole in the sky.
    In his case…born without a father…wish he had one like monsterball……….hahahahahhaha
    If I have a son like him…I will do exactly like Penguin’s father ..throw him into the Smart Tunnel…to grow up stupidly….like so.
    It’s God’s will…….hahahahahahaha

  42. kittykat46 says:

    Cheer up, folks, there is a pandemic coming to your neighbourhood soon.

    It seems to have a mortality close to 5% so far in Mexico. If this rate keeps up, a lot of us won’t be left alive in a few months time….the authorities could be forced to organise mass funerals. E.g. 100 at one go.

    Enjoy !

  43. storm62 says:

    happy labour day to all,

    i’m NOT happy unless i get a clean and untainted PM and government.

    how can you be happy, if your government robs you and tells you to keep quite, otherwise throws you in jailed. we will slog like hell to pay them taxes and they even make our children suffer unlike theirs whom are moonlighting overseas.

    have a Happy labouring Day!

  44. monsterball says:

    Yea..World Health Organization have declared pandemic stage. Kittykat have said it all.
    The virus will float in the sky….and swimming in sea with the help of the keep “IT” alive…wind blowing to directions…breath it… are as good as dead.
    yea……enjoy yourself….it’s later than you think.

  45. babakmonsterball says:

    I don’t know whether this monsterball is my real son….

    That night was raining heavily and intermingling with thunders and lightnings, after finishing monstermum from the front side, I requested belakang.

    Ok! Then monsters from the sea, sky, earth, wind, fire all joining me….

    That is why this monsterball son got the chimera of seeing monsters from the universe coming and haunting this monsterball….

    They thought this monsterball is their son also….

  46. monsterball says:

    Storm62..You re smart and logical.
    We need to stay happy and united…..for soon the future Labour Day will be rewarding to labourers without UMNO governing.
    Do not give up hope!
    We are very lose to our dreams…and not even any pandemic will stop me from exercising People’s Power….before sun..sea 3 but one… wish come true for me….gone dead..floating in the air…waiting for his wife looking for a seed of life…my soul plunges in…born to be his son…to give him endless hell life…….hahahahahahaha

  47. babakmonsterball says:

    They are real proud of monsterball as their son as this monsterball has big balls like theirs.

  48. monsterball says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA….Monsterball father finally appeared!!

  49. babakmonsterball says:

    They want to bring monsterball home but monsterball prefers to stay here on earth disturbing the bloggers here so much so that everyone wants to castrate this monsterball.

    Monsterball has a real tought time defending his monsterballs.

    Once the monsterball is gone, monsterball will be sent to the king of hell for the king of hell loves monter without balls but the ba**h*&E.

  50. monsterball says:

    So it seems!!
    There is only one monsterball in Malaysia.
    Yes…my real father will be a greater monsterball than me……hahahahahahaha
    I am trying to do his unfinished work…like Bush.
    But Bush is a braggart and an idiot….bullying others.
    Same mission…different results.
    Me and my father are not one…but two different people.. but with one same objective..that is….to vote for change in government.
    He died too soon. I will finish his job.

  51. wena says:

    have you seen this interesting site.. it’s

  52. wits0 says:

    Morning Dew, besides know Buddhist source there are less known complementary ones on Inner Reality, such as:

    The Seth Material ch. 9 (Session 329)
    Greater Self

    If you sell yourselves short, you will say, ‘I am a physical organism and I live within the boundaries of my environment.’ If you do not sell yourselves short, you will say, ‘I am an individual. I form my physical environment. I change and make my world. I am free of space and time. I am part of All That Is. There is no place within me that creativity does not exist.’

    – excerpted from : The Seth Material
    by Jane Roberts & Robert Butts

    Such Insights are too high for most people – especially the Bolehlander herdish horde.

  53. monsterball says:

    hhhhmmmm In hell…I am KING??
    So what is Malaysia…..HEAVEN?
    That ” babakmonsteball” does not sound like my real father.
    New style to chase me out??
    But he seems more cultured than those young punks.
    His opinions do not offend me.

  54. monsterball says:

    babakmonsterball….If you think I have a real tough time…defending myself… are dreaming.
    I keep silent to see how many friends I have …defending me.
    Day in day out same of insults…no effects at me.
    Are you blind…not reading how monsterball is so well respected by blog owners?
    Jealousy also creeping in.
    That’s life!!
    I am at my to convince much more voters to vote against UMNO and BN.
    I can joke and behave like a clown to play with you guys……but my mind is dead serious ……when future of Malaysia Malaysians is involved.
    Do not ever think you punks can c9onvince readers ………who monsterball is….with your daily insults and sickening out-dated information….put out over and over again.
    It’s Labour Day….and no one can dare say…they feel more for the poor than me.
    Lets talk about the poor and needy on Labour Day….not me.

  55. monsterball says:

    This song is dedicated to labourers and pea…..
    “chorus.”…Happy talk, keep talking, happy talk.
    Talk about things you like to do.
    You got to have a dream
    If you don’t have dream
    How you’re gonna have a dream come true.

    Talk about the moon floating in the sky
    Looking like a lily on a lake.
    Talk about a bird learning how to fly
    Making all the music he can make.
    NB ..repeat chorus!

    Talk about a star looking like a toy
    Peeping through the branches of tree
    Talk about a girl talk about a boy
    Counting all the ripples on the sea

    Repeat chorus twice…end of song “

  56. capito says:

    aaaargh i`m getting outa here

  57. monsterball says:

    capito….why go when we are now talking love for labourers?
    But he will soon be back with different nick.
    These few…not really few…. but one will never give up.
    It’s their mission to chase me away,
    Soul already taken by the devil..promising 72 virgins to ..kill or harm monsterball…hahahahahahaha
    All no guts..just talk empty talks….no0 kill….no happy talk either..
    So no 72 virgins…you worm. My protector also not making any moves…applying disobedient and non violence…holy holy ..making sure the Lord Almighty will mysteriously make your finger put an
    “X” against UMNO and BN. Yes…all of you will be chosen to vote for new government to repay all your sins against me…….hahahahahaha

  58. monsterball says:

    Partying with my rowdy friends….family members…all down to earth truthful Malaysians….all will vote for change of government.
    Previously we have big arguments and differences in more.
    To Susan and all friends.. enemies too…have a real nice weekend.
    Stay healthy. Stay safe.

  59. Menyalak-er says:

    “Enjoy!” KK46.
    Yep, will do – ‘cos although WHO has hyped up the status to level 5 pandemic ‘probability’, i think it’s a lot of hot gas from nether regions (mainly ‘western’ controlled media).
    It’s certainly a ‘good’ distraction with this H1N1 2009 thingy – instead of boosting the economy by starting another world war.
    The mortality numbers are actually confined to the slums of Mexico City and Oaxaca, where sanitation and medical care is dismal at best. 5% mortality is not that great a sneeze (almost zero in the rest of the world, thus far).
    Our dengue rates are more pernicious, but who cares – it’s endemic!
    Meanwhile, our health min and his goons are looking pretty sharp with masks (not effective unless N95), gloves and labcoats (worn wrongly) while bandying around the 200k immunizations, which an academic said was only useful for ‘screening’ purposes. There actually no way to stop it this side of Mayday!
    Meanwhile, be on the look out for the really scary stuff – like a strain of aeroliseable Ebola/Marburg. Only then we shall end up like Mayflower’s survivors – none.
    I really think the world’s gotta prioritize – and spending trillions on Tamiflu and Relenza ain’t gonna do it.
    Btw, what is the death rate amongst infants in Darfur or in Jaffna? Why worry, be happy…

  60. wits0 says:

    Menyalak-er: “I really think the world’s gotta prioritize – and spending trillions on Tamiflu and Relenza ain’t gonna do it.”

    I believe so. The MSM loves doomsday scare stories like “Global Warming – Climate Change” which even faddist bloggers like Al’Netto latches on automatically while some unseen opportunists insinuates themselves into the relevant profitable ventures associated with ‘countering’ ’em threats.

    In strictly Scientific terms, where does a a new virus come from anyway, how does it suddenly appear? I’m not sure there’s a definite answer beyond “accepted” theory.

    The MSM keeps steering readerships where it is popular(and self advantages) to do so, selectively focusing on what and when they choose to do so only. What came out of the Millennium Bug scare anyway?

  61. veryupset says:

    Happy…? Not really. Coz our economy is still down.. Prices of food & others have gone up soo…… much ! Goverment only bailing out the cronies….!!! Workers…??? Take care of yourself lah…………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

  62. kittykat46 says:

    You’re probably right about the high death rate from the Flu in Mexico arising from bad living conditions and poor access to health care.

    So far the cases in other countries don’t seem to be more than a moderately severe case of common flu. Most people catch flu at least once a year. People are being put in isolation wards more out of trying to prevent further spread rather being in a life threatening status.

    It may however turn bad for people already suffering from poor health or frail elderly people or babies.

    Agreed on the absolute uselessness of face masks. The micro droplets in a typical sneeze will pass through any common mask. The ones which actually work are very uncomfortable and sweaty to wear in anything other than very cold air-conditioning.

  63. Menyalak-er says:

    Looking beyond all the hype about climate change and other nonsensical media fads, i totally agree with you, wits0. These flurs tend to be very self’ supremacists – in the sense that they think they are kings of the dungheap called earth.
    A Christian like alNetto is trying to gain brownie points from God, cos all ‘Gentiles’ are held onto the Noahadic Covenent (according to Judaic Hasidim) which among other things states unequivocally that man must take good care of this world. I can’t argue with that.
    What galls me is that the warnings on global warming have be perverted for consumption of the masses – who don’t have a clue to the earth’s geological past nor the laws of conservation of energy and thermodynamics! For instance it takes way much more energy to build an effing hybrid car, than to drive one less than 2L capacity!
    In a way i’m glad that that clown Gore didn’t reach the pinnacle of ‘power’!
    The advocates are spawning new technologies of hybrid motors, fuel cell technologies etc. that are very expensive and ludricous for guys like you and me who certainly can’t afford a Toyota Prius just to look socially and politically ‘correct’.
    Renewable energy is only for those who have reach the limits of hedonism, is it not? It’s all a vibratory thing!
    Meanwhile the rest of the world be damned. Carbon tax my dung, wiill they?

  64. kjhg says:


  65. Kancilandak says:

    No Sir, no need get Toyota Prius and sosial high life, just drive Proton Perdana and be proud. All our old time teacher tell us to living furugely. Let us help PM improve the status of our Malaysia.

  66. wits0 says:

    “..just drive Proton Perdana and be proud.”

    Of what? That we’re patriotic by feeding that long time fleecing Potong and Eon? Or that we approve of their unchangeable arrogant non-technique insalesmanship? Pordah! Stupidest idea oft repeated like the most idiotic of mindless chants.

  67. kittykat46 says:

    Proton ? Proud ?
    After 24 years still needing “special protection” ……what’s there to be proud about ? Kejayaan apa ?

    A kid, after 24 years still coming back to mama for pocket money….deserves some serious spanking…

  68. monsterball says:

    Najib can easily win 2 million more votes for UMNO.. if he dares to sue the 19 foreign newspapers accusing him linking to Mongolian lady…and win.
    Instead he allows them to make a fool of our PM?
    What type of a leader is he…. to Malaysians?
    Mahathir got so furious..from one Aussie PM…calling him a mamak.
    He got an apology. That’s one reason how he got millions of votes.
    Proton you say? Previously boasting to export to so many countries…now what happen? Let Proton give us 5 years details on Proton export business. You see….they spend millions buying latest technology…come out with new models…even new engines…designs…..all that jazz. Make money…..relax and play golf. .make sure good salaries paid to all top mangers..all UMNO buggers. Few years later…Proton is again..far behind…spend hundreds of millions again..good news…fantastic models….real cheap many bookings.
    What you do not massive looses accumulated…until cannot hide from the public.. out the bad news…..comes UMNO bailing it out again.
    Check out all bail outs by government….who benefit?
    Smart Tunnel became Stupid Tunnel.
    Stupid PM becomes Stupid country.

  69. Menyalak-er says:

    Hahaha… wits and kk46, this ‘kid’ only knows potong V6 as the epitome of car technology mah! Seriously ‘easy’ to bait them.
    Btw kk46, the ‘conversion issue’ that you mentioned a coupla blogs ago is causing serious unhappiness amongst the many factions and Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad has just uttered some alternative opinions.
    Mdm Indera Ghandhi is still pining away for her ‘lost’ baby – a most unhappy Mayday for her.

  70. Pegasus says:

    My friend had bought a new Proton Waja in 2005, 1year later have to to change the driver ‘s side window motor as it became faulty…take a look at the toll plaza lanes ,most of the car drivers opening their car doors to pay are Proton /Perodua car drivers…the windows are faulty lots…this speak volumn of the Malaysian car quality … nothing to be proud of!!!

  71. monsterball says:

    When will UMNO member ever going to learn…UMNO is the greatest copycat….no original ideas at all..fooling their members too.
    They master the acting skills and gift of the gap… talking nice good news….to keep fooling Malaysians.
    Two original ideas …race and religion were approved by all Malaysians to bring Malays up.
    More than 52 years …..still those 52 year old Malays need help.
    Best is Mahathir the smart wise one said…yes they do need more help.
    You see…..when you are a real crook..the truths will reveal.
    Even UMNO Malays are not treated equally and fairly. What do you expect those supporting PAS and other parties?
    Najib can stuff his “1 Malaysia” and low class…walking acts into ….you know where…..don’t you??

  72. monsterball says:

    The only Proton model worth buying is the first generation and now…all taxis are using that.
    Wira is reliable. Tiara is darn stupid…never learn…came out with Gen2……more stupid.
    Perdana was faulty…..Proton kept quiet. Never admit or recall…never give excellent service after sales……always make buyers suffer and pay.
    To cut it short…lower income and middle class car owners look for safe..value for money. cars Why so many go for Toyota and Hundai…and other foreign makes. To show off?
    Some prefer to pay same money for a 2 year old second hand foreign car than a brand new Proton..with same amount of money.
    I bought Perdua for my stuffs and enjoy the kellisa and kancil…kembara……much better than Proton.
    Proton….one or two models… are sucide cars.

  73. monsterball says:

    And I can never forget..launching of GEN2….Mahathir sat in the car…came out and gave his thump up!!
    What a jerk….what a hypocrite.
    Any idiot will know one must .test drive it….at race tracks and then…give opinion la. He plays race politics so long…any one he likes…..everything OK.
    May I repeat for the 10th time he had 7 brand new Protons in his house…for several years…EXPOSED…return all….saying he was test driving them.
    What a liar.
    Does UMNO members love and admire cunning sly fox crooked leader?
    I told you all…I got an elephant memory.

  74. machitam says:

    anyway Proton now don’t belong to the rakyat. Proton now own by a few umno goons who does not know how to run a business. though not so long ago, Proton started with the rakyat money…

  75. monsterball says:

    And it will end with people’s money…bailing it again.
    Is that not stealing…since Proton… confirmed…does not belong to Malaysians…but to few UMNO goons??

  76. wits0 says:

    Potong is BAD Kar-ma, no less. It makes knowing people impossible to forgive it from the time of its birth which resulted in inflated (prohibitive)costs of motoring for the public which is already previously paying double for the worth of an ordinary CKD car.

    Famous author Arthur Hailey, although a fiction writer, in “Wheels” of the seventies already mentioned a fact of how car makers maximise their gain by not even spending an extra 5 bucks on improvement on each car to make it much better until it becomes inevitable. They think of how much they would save with 5 figures production multiplied by 5!

    Potong becomes a Dog(no, not that respectable 4 legged sort) and few people need shed tears for it. It is only right that the Kar-ma should hence run over this Dog-ma.

  77. wits0 says:

    Side note. Niamah!!! If one has a cadaver look, don’t lah start making rubbish statement and get yourself ungainful publicity, mah:

    Do you laugh, cry or do you just puke!?

    Potong offers 5K rebate in the old car scrapping scheme for purchase of their new cars but JPJ wants certificate of fitness from Pussykom for ownership transfer purpose. What kind of logic is that?! U wanna scrap car and yet you wanna certificate! Incredible contradiction, the hassle of which goes also to the potential buyer and Potong must take your old crate before they can deliver your new one, as well! Wondrous salemanship ahoy!

  78. monsterball says:

    May Day…Najib thanked workers building Malaysia.
    Why don’t he put out details…percentage….Chinese…Indians and Malays..who build Malaysia the most.
    You bet…if Malays is the main contribute the most..he will advertise like hell.
    What does he mean by “worker”??
    So UMNO all bosses?…others workers?
    We also have the most forgiving PM in the world…no suing…even accused for murder.
    Workers… he try to win votes and it is the workers that despises him most.
    hi idiotic PM…workers are People’s Power.
    Scold them la….for voting RP….4-1.

  79. Pegasus says:

    Talking about elephant memory…I might not have one good one…but I do remember the former DPM Tun Musa Hitam having a big tiff with the Mamak kutty on proton…till he eventually resigned , where he had disagreed to implement this project in Malaysia as the market is not there in Malaysia given our population in the early eighties were around 20 mil. It was simply not viable and feasible to have such mega project as on the long run Malaysia will not be able to sustain the company once the market is saturated. Musa has been vindicated on this… the Father of Corruption has to eat humble pie…but the mamak does not give two hoots on the current proton status…there is always the EPF to be use as the ATM and the people’s money to bail out Proton…the umno goons will keep on robbing and hoodwinking the people…unless we give them the boot …in the next coming 13th GE!!!! Cheers!

  80. monsterball says:

    Pegasus is right and have even a bigger elephant memory……hahahahahaha
    That’s good. Let no UMNO buggers think… we can easily forget.
    PS:….The word “bugger” in dictionary means lover of weird sex..
    But it can mean something totally different…….just as “bastard” a person born without a father..used by Aussies..with such love for friends.
    Do I love UMNO?

  81. monsterball says:

    Pegasus is right and have even a bigger elephant memory……hahahahahaha
    That’s good. Let no UMNO buggers think… we can easily forget.

  82. wits0 says:

    Pegasus, the difference of opinion was in the MSM mention then but briefly. More attention was given to the other hoo haas, like in the form of a open competition of naming the national car. The top prize was a Proton Saga.

    There was little hint that consequently, because of it, taxes would be greatly increased on all other cars(CKD and CBU) to protect it. The hype was such that one could even have imagined that the national car would cost less than prevailing ones! National double speak became established and manifested as pure throat cutting instead.

    The contemporary Sunny Extra was a much better car, broader(unlike the typically narrow cabin Saga) with a consistently more reliable 1.3 litre engine.

  83. Menyalak-er says:

    Wah, you guys Potiong bashing again ah? Keeping occupied?
    But seriously this entity needs a total makeover – their priorities are terminally askew. What effing mindset keeps it going – it’s certainly not for profit – its corruption. The horror stories are too many to account here.
    Can you figure why a Savvy etc. costs less or equal to what it sells for in Oz or even Thailand despite transportation and sales tax?
    These flurs can’t seem to understand basic human rights and economics – so how can you tell them about road worthiness, marketing, aftersales service, customer relations and common sense?
    Unfortunately, octo-kutty is back in the helm through his surrogate sperm-ling, so we are wasting our time, yeah until the next GE! Meanwhile, many lil’ potong-belah elections like Penanti and Mano’s seat just to keep us entertained!

  84. ant says:

    No one would to tease a worker if we have a good king!

    But alas! The Umnoputras are using the King to further exploit the workers to achieve their avaricious personal interests.

    The workers are akin to an ant working non tirelessly to bring food to the tables for their families.

    The workers need a good king to take care of them a la the hard working ants.

    The queen as a good caretaker would undoubtedly take good care of its own ants, but as for the king, his people are making grouses…

    Proverbs 20:8

    A king that sitteth in the throne of judgment scattereth away all evil with his eyes.

    You have been deprived. You have never seen a real king, great authority, or evil judged rightly. A great king is a glorious sight; he uses his throne for the right judgment of his people; he greatly restrains evil. It is one of the world’s most beautiful things (30:29-31).

    Good government, of any sort, emphasizes the throne of judgment, where wrongs are corrected, the oppressed defended, the wicked punished, and the righteous honored. Such a government will reduce evil by the consistent fear of revenge it conveys (Rom 13:3-4). Kings that hate wickedness and enforce righteousness will endure (16:10-12; 29:14). It was this kind of king that the Queen of Sheba witnessed in Solomon (I Kings 10:9).

    This is not every king; this is a great king. Many good judges in our land are like this proverb. They take their job seriously, and they use their offices for the prudent exercise of justice and judgment to protect the innocent and punish the guilty. A wise king will scatter the wicked and crush them under the wheels of justice (16:14; 20:26). Consider what David did to the two generals who beheaded Ishbosheth, Saul’s son (II Sam 4:1-12).

    But many rulers, including kings, compromise the throne of judgment. They use their throne and office for luxury, entertainment, and selfish ends, rather than the zealous use of justice and judgment for citizens (Eccl 8:11; 10:16-17). God will judge them (Ps 82)!

    Reader, are you a man in authority? As a husband and father, you have a throne of judgment. As a master, magistrate, or pastor, you also have a throne. Do you exercise your office and authority for the greater benefit of those under you, rather than yourself? Do you promote righteousness and condemn evil? Do your eyes make the wicked fear?

    Good rulers fear the Lord, love truth, and hate covetousness (Ex 18:21). They examine matters to judge righteously (25:2; John 7:24). They balance mercy and truth (20:28); they rule justly, ruling in the fear of the Lord (Ex 23:6-8; Deut 16:18-20; II Sam 23:3). They do not shirk their duties and rule by consensus (Eccl 10:5-7; Is 3:1-15). They beg God for wisdom to rule (I Kgs 3:7-9), and they will not tolerate the wicked (Ps 101:3-8).

    No man rules like Jesus of Nazareth (Is 11:4-5; Jer 23:5; Zech 9:9; Heb 1:8). Every man will soon appear before His terrible throne (Rom 14:10-12; II Cor 5:10-11). Heaven and earth will flee from this King’s face and eyes (Rev 1:14; 19:12; 20:11). Sinners will be naked and condemned in His sight (Ps 5:5; Hab 1:13; Heb 4:12-14). And the wicked He will scatter in His fury to an eternal hell (Rev 20:12-15). Dread Sovereign, have mercy!

  85. […] Are you really happy today? With the economic downturn, and my pockets emptying, can I enjoy the holiday? If my pockets are full, and I am […] […]

  86. ktteokt says:

    Actually, happiness is all in the mind! A Chinese saying “Always think of the day you are without (something) and don’t assume you have it when you have lost it” (常将有日思无日,莫把无时当又时). Be contented with what you have and be thankful for it and you will feel HAPPY!

  87. manu says:

    i will be happy, as long as malaysian happy.. but once malaysian starting to be sad, i would rather die with peacefully.. because i cant stand betrayer… like anwar..

  88. Idiots' Guide to True History says:

  89. economics says:

    The UK government is lending £5m to Malaysian firm Weststar, which has agreed to take over struggling UK van maker LDV.

    The deal will stave off administration on Wednesday, but the loan would have to be repaid after four weeks, says BBC chief economics correspondent Hugh Pym.

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