I did not say it. Malaysiakini did. They were not invited as well.

Among the bloggers who attended were A Kadir Jasin, Ahiruddin ‘Rockybru’ Atan, Ruhanie Ahmad, Ibrahim Yahya, Nuraina Samad and Syed Akbar Ali – all of whom are considered to be pro-establishment.

There was a conspicuous absence of bloggers who were critical towards the Barisan Nasional government.

Well, I don’t think some bloggers who are not PRO-NAJIB wants to dine with a dinner paid by his government.

During the dinner, Rais (left) stated: “One of my friends told me that there were no less than 5,000 serious bloggers in the country voicing out their opinions on various issues.”

Why kind of minister is he? That he does not have the figures himself? He’s friend has to tell him…

“Some of them have even stopped writing for the mainstream media to concentrate on full-time blogging. Among these bloggers are our own children, undergraduate students and lecturers, who form the most critical members of our society,” he added.

He appealed to his guests to give credit to the government when credit was due, especially when the government implemented good policies.

Rais Yatim’s ‘Get friendly with bloggers’ is an eye wash. It’s NOT our job to give credit to the government when it is due. If we do not feel like it, it is our business. We are not under anyone’s payroll to do so. Why doesn’t Rais get it? Why doesn’t anyone in the government get it? And this goes for the opposition who are in government now – Penang and Selangor, for example.

Bloggers write their views and many are having full time jobs. We can’t write on every single thing. Only stuff that makes us move, in other words, make our blood boil.

After years of paying off journalists (like you know who) and the media, people like Rais think they can ‘govern’ bloggers as well.

Those they cannot control are under surveillance, threatened, imprisoned, or have to go into exile. This statement of Rais is laughable. I don’t see UMNO answering to any critical socio-political blogs. But we see lots of threats, arrests, etc.

Nevertheless, he also acknowledged: “Still, we will strive to use our intellect to answer those questions that are raised in these (critical) socio-political blogs, rather than to resort to these laws all the time.”

He added that these laws would not be utilised as long as bloggers were serious and ethical in their writing.

Sorry lah, Rais. It seems you can only dine with PRO-GOVERNMENT bloggers. The rest of us, erm….are not interested.  Do you mean those who do not listen to you are not ‘serious and ethical’ in our writings?!

There are certain rules and tactics for blogging which are a long part of our culture as Malays and Muslims. One of these is the reporting of facts which are fair and true, and not resort to slander and defamation.

perak blogger 120309“It is important that prominent bloggers remain credible, because their critique is accepted by the masses,” he added.

Say that to the media on your payroll, Rais! You know who they are!


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  1. Antares says:

    By now it’s patently obvious that these Umno/BN relics of the Colonial Era operate within their own “Green Zone” and never venture beyond their Ketuanan Melayu tempurungs. Waste of breath talking to them. Right now, the only recourse still left (just about) is to VOTE THEM ALL OUT!

  2. wits0 says:

    Antares, if their incorrigible creed at the core which can never change isn’t so inherently damaging, their fork tongue double speak might even be deemed remotely amusing.

  3. Kancilandak says:

    Yay! I discovery what the nematode meaning! In wikipedia it is all the very positivity specis, a cacing kerawit!

  4. *sigh* Rais thinks we are as dumb as he looks :p

    And how does one eat a meal with a pig like rocky at the table. ugh.

  5. kittykat46 says:

    Syed Akhbar Ali and Ruhanie Ahmad are just UMNO officials who happen to also have a blog. Kadir Jasin was /is just a cog in the UMNO media machine.

    Ahiruddin Atan “Rocky” used to have some pretensions to being an “independent” but he has truly come-out as a Mahajib blogger.
    He even dubbed the Bukit Gantang by-election as “Anwar vs. The Sultan”,
    That’s hell of an inciting blog title.
    And he called for voters to bury Nizar as the way close the issue – I’m glad Bukit

    Nuraina Samad continues run a neutral blog, though I think she’s really an UMNO-ite at heart.

  6. kittykat46 says:

    Syed Akhbar Ali and Ruhanie Ahmad are just UMNO officials who happen to also have a blog. Kadir Jasin was /is just a cog in the UMNO media machine.

    Ahiruddin Atan “Rocky” used to have some pretensions to being an “independent” but he has truly come-out as a Mahajib blogger.
    He even dubbed the Bukit Gantang by-election as “Anwar vs. The Sultan”,
    That’s hell of an inciting blog title.
    And he called for voters to bury Nizar as the way close the issue – I’m glad Bukit Gantang voters rejected the UMNO fler.

    Nuraina Samad continues run a neutral blog, though I think she’s really an UMNO-ite at heart.

  7. PeoplePower says:

    See him already feel like vomit, then how to have dinner with him?

  8. mahathir says:

    what is there to care about dine or no dine. Bloggers blog because of interest and many people read articles and comment based on personal opinion.

    I do not understand why pro or anti establishment but if Rais’s meal with bloggers are for political support and bloggers are dumb enough to fall for it. Then there is no point blogging. Might as well call it ‘propaganda website’.

  9. Jaya says:

    Pro-gov’t bloggers are just like editors of msm. They ‘bodek the gomen’ and find fault with the PR led gov’t and its leaders. Just read Kadir Jasin, Rrocky Bru and that half-Arabs blogs; it is anti-PR and its leaders.

    kadir Jasin is exhibiting his old mentality when he was editor of NST. Rocky Bru reminds one of eyeing a job in NST and that is why he jacked up Najib with a ’20ton hydraulic jack’.

  10. pinsysu says:

    vote for change we must! futile efforts by bn against the waves of change.

  11. Syed Imran says:

    Now we know who are the real independent bloggers. Some of them are in fact “cari makan” bloggers, if I may say so.

  12. steven says:

    Well.. it always the case. “Be End” always engaged those half baked minister..to look after their own cronies welfare. Pls continue to use the ISA & god willing.. a change will come sooner than expected.

    “BN” ..”Be End” !

  13. fili says:

    of course bloggers pun cari makan.. i dont think people just sit down at the starbucks to write something without any reason or benefit…they all proffesional dude..

  14. matt says:

    Syed imran u said it right, these are people without a conscience and are willing to sell their souls for an extra buck.

  15. Mol says:

    Interestingly, the names of the Pro Najib bloggers mentioned are all Malay.

    Guess BN’s strategy is to rope in as many Malay bloggers, thinking this is going to help them come 2013.

    Let’s see if BN’s strategy pays off. I personally rather read Patrick Teoh than the rubbish the above bloggers write. The likes of Kadir Jasin appear to have been frozen out by Badawi’s administration and probably had an axe to grind.

  16. telur dua says:

    Rise s/o Yatim is one of the many reasons why Malaysia is turning into a freak show. A 19th Century dinosaur living in the 21st.

  17. The Hand That Feeds – Nine Inch Nail

    You’re keeping in step
    In the line
    Got your chin held high and you feel just fine
    Because you do
    What you’re told
    But inside your heart it is black and it’s hollow and it’s cold

    Just how deep do you believe?
    Will you bite the hand that feeds?
    Will you chew until it bleeds?
    Can you get up off your knees?
    Are you brave enough to see?
    Do you want to change it?

    What if this whole crusade’s
    A charade
    And behind it all there’s a price to be paid
    For the blood
    On which we dine
    Justified in the name of the holy and the divine

    Just how deep do you believe?
    Will you bite the hand that feeds?
    Will you chew until it bleeds?
    Can you get up off your knees?
    Are you brave enough to see?
    Do you want to change it?

    So naive
    I keep holding on to what I want to believe
    I can see
    But I keep holding on and on and on and on

    Will you bite the hand that feeds you?
    Will you stay down on your knees? [8X]

  18. Ajajal says:

    Rais you are expired go and mothball yourself. Today it is a new E world
    this country needs new ideas not those in yesterday. Rocky blog I have
    banned myself on. it He has changed snd hoping to be a new barboy onboard KD ROSIE NAJIS.

  19. kittykat46 says:

    Looks like the Penang DCM1 is squeaky clean after all, so says MACC.

    I had predicted that BN’s strategy of ‘targetting’ PR representatives would boomerang, in the form of by-elections which BN would be at high risk of losing…..and so they have just woke up to it.

    So MACC decides to declare “No Case” on Fairus

    In Bolehland everything is OK !

  20. lcheehou says:


  21. Menyalak-er says:

    Rais’in still has no clue has he? Being the ‘taikor’ of info., his ideas of blogging and alternative media is embryonic at best.
    As you say, Susan, this pathetic eye-wash is laughable when Kak Wan, the ophalmologist, becomes aware or it.
    Actually, Kak Wan should counter by inviting all bloggers who don’t ‘cari nasi’ with the establishment.
    She will need at the very least, the whole of PWTC to chair the meeting, provided of course if its ‘rentable’. Patience and perserverence.
    P.S.: Poor KanciLandak has just discovered the meaning of ‘nematode’ but still has icomplete understanding… i thought human brains are electro-organically capable? Thiese flurs are running on mechanical gears!! Lol…

  22. chomelwangi & hubby says:

    I could not care less this rocky bru or pru or whatever lah. He’s try very hard ampuing pm and all the umoputras. A sick man. He has no principle.

  23. sloone says:

    Hi Menyalak-er;

    I dont think I wanna go for a dinner with bloggers by Anwar as well.
    In fact, all these politicians should give bloggers is the space to air their views. The freedom to write. They can engage in our blogs if they want.
    But dinner? What for? Not everyone can participate as well. And they’ll end up just like Rais’ eye watch dinner – asking out only their machais and supporters.


  24. chomelwangi & hubby says:

    My entire family and friends have stopped reading his blog long long time ago.

  25. H J Angus says:

    This new Mininster, rather he has tried many hats with little success, needs to spend his allowance so let’s let him enjoy his last term before retirement.
    This is a subtle form of encouragement for pro-BN bloggers. It should be interesting to see the line-up between pro and anti-establishment bloggers.

  26. dunstan scully says:

    Rais is smart. He is using the dinner as an opportunity to expose who are the bloggers who are pro-establishment, anti-establishment, neutral etc. All those like Rocky, Nuraina Samad, etc have exposed their true colours. Now we know whose side they are on. As for the likes of Ruhanie Ahmad, right from day one, everyone knows he is nothing but an UMNO ultra, an ex-president of BBC in parliament who got kicked out and trying to make his mark as a blogger. Conspicuously absent at Rais’ dinner were people like Jeff Ooi, Haris Ibrahim, Zorro. Well as they say, even in cyberspace, the battle lines are drawn and Rais merely reaffirms that with his dinner invitation

  27. pat ling says:

    He can bluff some of the people some of the time. But he ain’t gonna bluff all the people all of the time. Why?

    2 reasons:-
    1) He’s not smart enough to bluff all the people all of the time
    2) Not all the people are stupid to listen to simplistic arguments that make people laugh

  28. wapot says:

    I agree with you people power, What is so great ? Is better to have dinner with beggers rather than with him.

  29. Parit Boy says:

    This guys still don’t get it. He still lives in zaman Hang Tuah where every shit the Sultan said will be answered with “segala titah patik junjung diatas batu jemala patik” or “benarlah seperti kata tuanku”. Kalau tak dengar cakap pemerintah mesti kena ugut, ugut bunuh, ugut buang negeri…

    Hello Rais, that zaman is so over lah! Zaman sekarang, zaman tanpa sempadan, zaman IT, information is out there. Any stupid or good thing done by our leader ssure reported somewhere. So people read read read and they form their opinion. Perhaps what scared the species like Rais is nobody want to read all the surat khabar especially the Malay ones. The advertisement in those Malay newspaper might be more accurate that the news!

    No wonder surat khabar Melayu naik harga. sebab kurang pembeli! I am for sure beli Malay newspaper buat alas ikan saja.

  30. Idzan Ismail says:

    Uh-oh Susan not invited?
    What did you do right Loone?
    You green-eyed?
    Aljuburi can wine and dine you, Zorro and RPK and all your fans here.
    Italiannies, Mandarin Palace, Ritz Carlton, just name it.
    Who is Rais compared to al-Juburi right?
    He’s going to be PM.
    P.s. Which media is on Rais’s payrolll
    Its news to me.

  31. kittykat46 says:

    TV3, RTM1, RTM2, TV8, TV9, Bernama, Utusan Meloya, Berita Harian, New Shit Times, Star, you name it, all are part of the regime’s machine

  32. K1 says:

    who paid for the dinner? rais used our money to pay for the dinner, assss!

  33. Sue says:

    Pity that rais fella once a semangat 46 stalwart and now a servant of UMNOBN and having to come up with all the craps. Will dine anytime with TGNA, TGHA, DSN, DSAI, together with RPK, Zorro and other civic conscience bloggers. Kadir Jasin, Rocky, Nuraiana are all jackasses…..

  34. husain says:

    Ah Rocky,
    One should not simply blame him for selling out.You see, when you have depleted your VSS/forced SS cash and failed at every effort like writing a book and find that you are not getting anywhere and feeling useless, SELL YOUR SOUL, simple as that. How is one to get back the glamour job at NST ,well suck up to the PTB.
    When they blog, its like a TAG team, very nimble and smooth to the non observing eye but a very clever plot the hatch.
    Anyway, at one time in the past ,i used to read Roc blog for ease of access to other fair comment blogs but now i reach them through sopo thus bye passing the cancerous route and thats one of the reason his hits are “high” .
    All the best ROC and co. I hope you can sneak your private agenda to the PTB.
    The comments section, if you read carefully, are written by a very few ANONs. Whos got the time to do it ? Think and you shall find.Only PR bashing Ha Ha HA ! Sucking up and be seen to have a good following of readers. What a joke !
    They call it cross commenting to add up the numbers. No wonder NST failed. Sic !

  35. billauchris says:

    Bloggers generally have minds of their own and they are not easily swayed just over a dinner or 30 pieces of silvers.

    Responsible blogging is like a judge passing sentence or handing down a ruling after having heard all sides of the story. It may be likened to a two-edge sword. It can cut either way depending on the circumstances.

    I just wonder why Rais has taken an interest in the activity of the bloggers. Was he trying to fish information from the bloggers on the various modus operandi of blogging.

    During the last GE, the Police tried its utmost to stop politicians from communicating with the rakyat by refusing permits to hold public rallies.
    But, many of the smart computer savvy politicians relied on CDs, flyers, blogging, SMS to convey messages to the people on the ground. BN were baffled how they performed so badly despite spending so much of the public resources.

    I have a gut feel that in the months ahead, the Government is going to tighten the screw and clamp down on blogging. We can see now legal suits for damages for defamation and this is one of the ways to deter and discourage bloggers from blogging freely in the cyber space.

    While it is a good suggestion to give credit where credit is due, should this proposition also apply when good suggestions are made by bloggers, the authorities concerned should also make an effort to consider them favorably?

    Come what may, we should not impose too much restrictions or regulations on blogging to the point of stangulations. Blogging should be freely encouraged by the Government. Through blogging, the Government may be able to determine the sentiments, grouses and aspirations of the rakyat.

    I would not be too unduly worried if Rai continues to invite bloggers for dinner. But, don’t just invite those you like or those who extol the BN. Invite those who critique the BN for its excesses, wrong-doings and injustices perpetrated against the down-trodden, poor and marginalised.
    In this way, Rai, you are seen to be fair.

  36. Menyalak-er says:

    Right Susan, not a political one with machai’s and all that. That’s why i said that it should be Kak Wan – as a motherly-sisterly i.e. maternal, fraternal thing. Truly, she is the rock on which the whole Reformasi movement rests. I agree, by reading between the lines, about bro. Anwar’s hero worshipping cult – but i doubt he can do much about it.
    While there are some now are looking askance at the opposition’s “wisdom” and it’s seemingly confused and erratic behavior, i believe that they are the only counter to this maggoty establishment. That’s why we need patience and perserverance to push through a better agenda for all Malaysians.
    Of course the ‘opposition’ too have a whole host of ‘mechanically brained’ kancilandaks running around, just as in the establishment, but that does not deter those of us who have faith, hope and love.
    Always remember, Kak Wan is the Key, despite the disparaging remarks by Id-zan’s ilk.

  37. mail says:

    Rais is part of plot to turn Malaysia imto Repiblik diktatorship:

    ‘Najib more powerful than Obama’
    Wong Teck Chi | Apr 24, 09 1:51pm

    Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak is even more powerful than US President Barack Obama, according to former de facto law minister Zaid Ibrahim.
    Umno incapable of self-correction
    Don’t bank too much on Najib


  38. wits0 says:

    Zaid: I’ll debate Rais anytime
    Apr 24, 09 5:17pm
    It looks like another debate is in the offing – this time between the government’s information czar Dr Rais Yatim and former de facto law minister Zaid Ibrahim.

    Rais dares??

  39. george says:

    i urge all to get prepare for mass kick out of BN campaign start now… it is a old disease to get rid of… make everyone sick…

  40. monsterball says:

    Rais is a selfish…opportunist ..politician.
    A double headed snake too.
    He left UMNO and teamed up with DAP on many road shows on elections…speaking against UMNO and Mahathir.
    I will not pay too much attention on him…in country’s matters.

  41. mail says:

    “I will not pay too much attention on him…in country’s matters.”

    He will be watching everuone else, shutting them up

  42. monsterball says:


  43. Leong Yook Kong says:

    Rice Yatim, do not think that with one dinner you can buy over those bloggers, like RPK & Company. What happen to the investigation on RM300.00 that was given to reporters in Kuala Trengganu?

  44. mail says:

    They are in love, sleeping together, one mus be idzan father

  45. Soul of Malaysia says:

    Now Let us see whether our new info czar would take Dato zaids challege to debate or he is going to run chicken. If he is intelligent he should engage all bloggers of repute than selectively engaging pro Umno bloggers. Let us more debates to enlighten the citizens to solve our constitutional, political and national issues. This would be most intelligent and sensible solution.

  46. Morning Dew says:

    From what rais tried to do it is very apparent that he and probably his officers don’t get it. They have no understanding of the internet. Here’s a clue for them :

    WWW = wild wild west.

  47. wits0 says:

    Rais is like that tubby WW2 Brewster Buffalo fighter and Zaid is the Mitsubishi A6M Zero(Zeke) fighter. The outcome was written in the stars.

    Pit a Mark IV Tiger tank 1:1 against a Sherman tank in the plains of Normandy?!

    😀 😀 😀

  48. liam says:

    JUMAAT, 2009 APRIL 24
    ‘One Malaysia’ hanya cetak rompak!
    Irwan Muhammad Zain

    KUALA LUMPUR -“One Malaysia hanyalah satu pengulangan atau cetak rompak terhadap apa yang telah diperkenalkan sebelum ini.”

    Menurut Ketua Penerangan PAS Pusat, Dato’ Mahfuz Omar, konsep yang dibawa oleh Perdana Menteri, Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Razak ini bukanlah satu konsep yang baru.

    “Saya melihat ini hanyalah pengulangan…bukan satu idea baru sebaliknya ditiru dan mengulangi apa yang diperkenalkan oleh Dr Mahathir dahulu iaitu konsep ‘Integrasi Nasional’,”jelasnya dalam satu kenyataan kepada Harakahdaily hari ini.

    Tambahnya, konsep ini membawa maksud yang sama iaitu semua rakyat tanpa mengira kaum mempunyai hak masing-masing.

    “Ia sama yang pernah dibawa Mahathir dan Abdullah. Tiada satu benda yang baru dibawa Najib.

    “Kita lihat slogan-slogan ini akhirnya hanyalah pemaniskata yang tidak membawa apa-apa perubahan kepada rakyat dari sudut taraf hidup,”tegasnya. – mks.

  49. liam says:

    STAR telling LIES, ISA DIA:

    Sabah JPJ HQ declared unsafe

    KOTA KINABALU: The Sabah Road Transport Department headquarters has been declared unsafe for occupation — the third government building deemed unsafe for occupation in just six months.

    Shocked to see cracks everywhere, Transport Deputy Minister Datuk Abdul Rahim Ismail ordered that the headquarters be moved to a temporary complex.

  50. Idzan Ismail says:

    Ooh now i remember.
    The main who was a failure as a minister.
    The one who was susspended from Umno for involving in money politics.
    The one who used Umno to build his big, big law firm.

  51. 104East says:

    Damned. Who footed the bill? The bloggers or Rais ie tax payers like you and me?

  52. wira says:


    Compliment dari Petronas.
    Sama macam you juga.
    Hari hari kasi you anak beranak makan nasi, baby makan moi,
    Tajaan Petronas.

    You punya income tax?
    Untuk beli sabun basuh kandang babi saja..

  53. liam says:


  54. dugong_darat says:

    saya setuju…

    Rais Yatim “get friendly with bloggers” my foot….

    n dine using taxpayers money….

    my second foot for him…


  55. jean says:

    Sheesh… what is the big deal? I can’t see it. Come on lah. Why so picky and twisty. Everything also wrong?

    Rais “appealed to his guests to give credit to the government when credit was due, especially when the government implemented good policies.” Gee, what is wrong with that appeal? Should’nt everyone be fair and not so obsessed with the belief that I am white, they are black; we are good, they are evil? And not oppose, complain and whine just for the heck of it… and then after running out of things to say, go find something petty like who paid the bill?

  56. matt says:

    BODOH LA LU IDZAN masa he was in umno no complains wira party zaid now u complain, pi la bangsat negara IDZAN.

  57. HURRAH says:

    Rais claims there is a plot backed by western media, to overthrow the Naif peeam. Typical malay political sandiwara.

    Rais is backing Razaleigh for the PM`s post either under a unity govt. or Pakatan Govt. Rais was previously with Razaleigh`s Semangat 46.

    Rais challenged Zaid Ibrahim to a public debate on Naif and Zaid has accepted saying anytime, anyplace.

    What is Naif going to think about a debate on him?

    Zaid will talk about Altantuya etc etc. The international press and alternative media will go to town with the debate.

  58. klana1 says:

    I guess they reckoned without the Ancient Mariner. Read here:http://cyusof.blogspot.com/2009/04/guess-who-came-to-dinner.html

  59. HURRAH says:

    Rais gets stupider by the day, and made an ass of himself at the dinner talking of muslim, malay values whatever they mean in journalism….called on the media to give credit where it is due.

    The incompetent does not realise that as far as the media is concerned, no news is bad news, good news is bad news and bad news is good news.

    The purpose of the media, as a public service organisation, is to serve the public by raising matters of public interest, not bodek the gormen to get ang pows in cash or kind.

    Serving the public means looking for the negatives in any situation, not the positives.

    No one should be commended for doing his job. Instead they only deserve a mention if they don`t do what they are supposed to do.

    Journalism stories are not advertorials, advertising or PR.

  60. Menyalak-er says:

    Well Jean, to be honest – it’s not the pros that need convincing. Rais’in ought to be engaging with the anti’s. This foolishness of ‘exclusitivity’ disregarding the ‘others’ is precisely why preserved grapes won’t be effective countering the ‘alternative media’.
    But then again as Susan points out, she won’t get caught in a politically motivated event disguised as ‘dinner’. In which case such events should be properly labelled “Dinner for Cash Strapped Bodek Bloggers!”

  61. kl chong says:

    forget about all this umno or BN peoples lah.
    better concentrate for the next election and kick them out of parlimen.
    this rais no hope wan lah

  62. John Lee says:

    I am disgusted with Rocky. To have gone to the ‘dark side’ is despicable. He has no ethics or self-worth. You are a bloody traitor and I pray you rot in hell.

  63. monsterball says:

    Jean should note Najib bringing back all loosers as if the are winners…before she keep on saying we are picky and twisty.
    Men with dignity do not pick or twist. It’s your hero Mahathir…master of twisting and picky.
    We are dead against corruptions…which Jean keep ignoring how crooked UMNO is.
    In real life….I am sure..she looks for the one true love.
    In talking politics….like so…all her true lovers must have ran away…knowing how smart she can twist and turn.
    We expose without fear or favor.
    You support without shame as a racialist.
    We are not trained like UMNO buggers..smart to twists and turn..and Najib is now showing the classic example what Jean is talking about.. …picking all loosers back to be ministers…deputies…and now…in the UMNO Supreme Council….when voted out.
    You should eat your words and apologize.
    Najib is 100% picky and twister…not Malaysians like us in this blog.
    We pick to change of the government and not pick to support PR for being afraid of UMNO.
    It’s the other way round. UMNO is afraid to loose governing Malaysia….WHY???
    It seems Jean is like Rocky…flip flopping…showing their true colors at last…..for selfish reasons.

  64. wits0 says:

    Monty: “It seems Jean is like Rocky…flip flopping…showing their true colors at last…..for selfish reasons.”

    Is your conclusion now final or tentative(akin to flip flopping, i.e.)? Aaaaw…..just asking ler 😀

  65. ChicagoismynewBlog says:

    Congrats on the success of your blog! I started my very own wordpress blog recently so when you have the chance, check it out! Good luck.


  66. monsterball says:

    witso….Those are my friends and smart people.
    Yes…I am pretty sure who they are now.
    I have said it 4 years go….political bloggers can be bought.
    It is Rocky that disappoint me most.
    Jean…..not important. Let her write and we will respond.

  67. monsterball says:

    And I will still post at Rocky’s blog.
    Why not…I read so many against him commenting….and few jokers too.
    I am not so smart to avoid a lion den..as you term it.
    To me..it is a debate….maybe 10 or more against one…do not frighten me away.
    You shout join me and spread the “good news”.
    I will be at your side…..fanning mosquitoes away.
    But sometimes..you expect them to come…they will not come.
    I guess I need to study their drinking…mating …pretend to be working ..and timing …when to attack me…moods.
    Right now…I think waiting for salary .enjoy ad start their nonsense again.

  68. creeps says:

    Aiyah, Mamak, stop lah all this nonsense. We do not need a Hindu-Muslim war in Malaysia like you had in India. Two million people died when you Mamaks and Hindus fought each other 50 years ago in India.


  69. wits0 says:

    Report lodged against website’s commentators

    Look at their faces. MahaKutty empowered ’em and they’ve become holier than holy. There was the Penang Kuan Yin statue protest, then the kg. Rawa incident and more recently the Komtar thing.

    Tell me this is good for M’sia!

  70. wits0 says:

    Monty, the only times I went to Rocky’s blog was when you spoke so much about him a couple of years ago. I’m not impressed at all whatsover. Shieh’s too I went and he’s a good man. At time went by, my impression was proven correct. I do not try to change the world – his this world.

    The only articles I read written by CardDeal JustSin(Rocky’s mentor) was involuntary when more than a decade ago they appeared in the Star(taken from NST). I don’t like his position and understood perfectly where he stands.


    He paid the cost for the dinner with his own money? So generous, Hah?

    Give anyone the chance, he or she can also invite 1000 or more cyber space bloggers with federal guomen money.

    Generous, of course.

    Not my money, people’s money.

    If own money, fair enough, that’s your business, you want to belanja your friends, no problem.

  72. llheng says:

    That guy is only good at running chicken “rais” shop. How can we have a bloke so naive and with a pea brain mentality running an important ministry?? Oopps …I forgot we are in Bolehland!!
    Now he is acting so cheap skate, using rakyat money to try and win over the hearts of bloggers by giving free dinners. Really amazing.
    On another subject like the debate with our Zaid. Zaid has laid the cards on the table and now lets see what our chicken “rais” will react. We hope he will not chicken out. Otherwise, he will have to bury his chicken head.

  73. monsterball says:

    I understand how you feel witso….but I met them ate with them and they are my friends.
    I have no doubt in my mind…it was Rocky years ago that instigated few to try crucify me….but I have also shown to him and all of them….who am I.
    I do not believe a person cannot change for the better..
    I believe Rocky needed to be like so in the past….to earn a living.
    He can be bought sold. So does Sheih too..and maybe all of us..if so much money is put infront of us. Who knows!!
    Those are political bloggers…but we have developed a friendly and special relationship that you will not understand….as you do not come out and mix.. show your face ..like me…for reasons you explained and I accepted.
    Lim Kit Siang is also friendly with few UMNO ministers when they meet on common grounds. That high class…yet he is dead set against all of them.
    You notice I am targeted with all sorts of insults you can think of.
    You seldom protect me…minding your own business.
    You advised me to ignore. I will not ignore..but I learn to run away so as… not allowing those buggers lower Susan’s blog reputation.
    Hurling all sort of insults…only to me…just inspire me to do more.
    I have mad a bunch go bad at Rocky’s blog. That’ good. It shows what UMNO members are like.
    Back to Rocky and Sheih….they are going to be friendly to each others..like blood brothers…even standing at opposite camps…because they are Malays.
    I am not blind…but these two…especially Sheih…do treat me as sincere friend…..a position I do not intend to allow blogging to spoil it.
    Rocky is still a casual friend….and he can be very nice or vicious.
    I think he respects my guts and I am not too sure his soul is for sale….loan or borrowed by the hour…weeks…months or a year. Flip flopping is seen clearly…and I do see him…leaning towards favoring Najib…. which will expose his bad low class self…although I know he can be a high lass gentleman….if he wants to be.
    You just comment and feel so comfortable in Susan’s blog.
    Feeling comfortable and relaxing moods are important to you.
    You comment with caution and many times…hinting only.
    You are contributing to convince readers..change of government is good….only in Susan’s blog.
    I travel to so many blogs….to do same thing….not caring for personal protections.
    Almost all of you comment and do not walk the talks for reasons I also accept..but those who also walk the talks like me…like kittykat…Rocky and Sheih….we think and feel differently.
    Rocky has also said he regretted walking the BERSIH walk and will not walk anymore.
    What you keep your eyes totally blind witso.. is….he was hiding for a month…and do you know why? You see….if he is that pro UMNO…why was he hiding? He knows who are his friends..when things him.
    Now he is out….we are judging him again??
    Perhaps..rightly so…because he changed so much…after coming out.
    Maybe is a big size coward…..maybe he is bought..who knows!!

  74. Menyalak-er says:

    Monty, this is Susan’s blog – whatever your feelings for these blogheads, pls., keep it to yourself or take it somewhere else.
    A lot of feeling around the elephant’s anatomy, but can’t see the elephant.
    You do have some pearls of wisdom, but emotions aren’t getting you anywhere – you just expose yourself to attacks and cause unnecessary distraction from the issue at hand. Comprendo?

  75. ina says:

    llheng Says:

    April 25, 2009 at 11:51 am
    That guy is only good at running chicken “rais” shop.

    That also he failed so now he is trying “bubur” shop. This also he will FAIL.
    Teochew porridge any time better.

  76. monsterball says:

    Menyalak-er…You advised me .I said no thanks…..now you try to insult me?
    your opinions… good or bad about me….keep it to yourself.
    Not many readers notice you anyway..so don’t try to use me…to advertise yourself. I can be humble….but not a fool as you think.
    Do not try to impress readers …how smart and wiser you are….judging me.

  77. rash says:

    Rocky is a hypo-creature, con man, no principles, no morals. Today he sells out what he wrote in 2007:


  78. monsterball says:

    Get it clear…menyalak-er…I provoke and love to see BN supporters go mad.
    That’s my contribution to get votes for PR.
    If you cannot protect me with a comment against them…minding your ow business…like witso..I accept…but never never try to advise me.
    You do not have the qualification nor reputation …being a faceless .nameless …..as if..god is talking to me.
    I will be real idiot listening to advises…by anonymous buggers.
    So let be for or against change of government….and you ca battle me in my comments…as I will surely battle you…if you choose to play flip flop.

  79. rash says:

    now can you go and take your medicine for that brain disease old man

  80. rash says:

    orang nyanyok simply blabbering away

  81. rash says:

    wat someone says that alzhumer disease. nyanyok orang tua ni

  82. rash says:

    rocky c*ck sucker go back to rocky

  83. monsterball says:

    I spoke so much defending Elizabeth Wong..and here come menyalak-er with his.her usual final judgment…given to me.
    I am sick of your low class style to get attention.
    I will not be surprise….you will join to give me your finest insults…from today onwards.
    You are good at that…and I am almost certain…you are a she.

  84. rash says:

    some more nyanyok. go lah marry ew b hapi

  85. rash says:

    “I am sick of your low class style to get attention”

    how else to talk to nyanyok low class like you. u only understand low class. lu mana ada class. all you7r postings proof you are mental patient

  86. monsterball says:

    Have a nice weekend…all of you.
    No mosquitoes..but medical students back.
    Run Samson Run!!

  87. wits0 says:

    Good one, Menyalak-er. 😉 You do have insight beyond that of many MOs I knew before.

    Monty, I knew about Susan’s Blog even before you. It was when she registered around some 34K hits. I’ve been very impressed with her takes since the time she worked for M’siakini. And I’ve a bit of an elephant memory most of the time. I choose my words with some consideration and do not want to be found inconsistent.

    If the Blogosphere and Cyberspace is to be viewed as a war zone of sort dealing with ideas and concepts, then it is good to know what Sun Tzu said about knowing your enemy and choosing your ground for battle. But then, you choose to call Rocky friend, so what can I say?

    Now, e.g., Kittykat46 declared giving up commenting at KTemoc’s blog in exasperation some time back. Why? Certainly not as if he lacks the facts or ideas but because KTemoc is simply what he is, a sort of idiosyncratic dude with his peculiar derangement syndromes which are beyond alteration. KTemoc’s not an enemy nor exactly a friend and I would whack him if necessary like I did with the young punk from the Dandelion at Scott’s. This Dandy lion went into battle without girding up his loin and tried to pursue me there. Enjoyable, it was!

  88. rash says:

    ..but medical students back.
    Run Samson Run!!

    kepala hotak kau…..pergilah hisab batang rocky…melayu punya sedap

  89. transformer says:

    One thing we can be sure, the way monsterball moves (like chicken backside after poo poo) he sure can give blow jobs. So anyone need realease just give monsterball 10sen and he will do an “ice cream” (i scream kahkahkah)

  90. monsterball says:

    And I have met..talked.. ate with Susan….long hours…which is much more important than being the first commentator.
    I am sure…Susan is friendly to few political bloggers she may not agree…but she will ignore Rocky for sure.
    But I am pretty confident…she will not mind her supporters to be friendly with Rocky too. Susan is broad minded not easily fooled too..with nice compliments.
    Perhaps the few meetings Rocky and I had..face to face…eat together…attended Sheih’s mother funeral…and what wE spoke at Permatang Pauh….meansTmore than just jumping to a fast conclusion…who is he ..to me now.
    I do not like what he is putting out….so obviously..pro UMNO and Najib..but attending a dinner invited by Rais….does not mean anything. Others may not go…if anti UMNO…but he is a reporter..and I understand he writes for international buyers of his works….big money involved.
    witso…..you and menyalak-er can conclude how you wish to…or want to.
    And I repeat…I am a just casual friend to Rocky and he dDID set me up…but it was a big misunderstanding..which he now knows. That’s between both of us….no need for all of you to know.
    Money is the root of all evils……no need to be so smart to understand.

  91. transformer says:

    sekalang lu boleh pergi hisab locky poonya la

  92. transformer says:

    That’s between both of us….no need for all of you to know

    ha tu lah lu butoi cakap

  93. transformer says:

    …I am a just casual friend to Rocky

    we also are grown up…we understand casual sex is ok for u 2….carry on

  94. transformer says:

    …I am a just casual friend to Rocky

    we also are grown up…we understand casual s.e.x is ok for u 2….carry on

  95. rash says:

    Nyamuk nyanyok this old man

  96. rash says:

    Rais oso Nyamuk Nyanyok

  97. monsterball says:

    witso…”Transformer” is the classic example of my mission accomplished.
    But sometimes…such a person is for change of government too.
    How on earth a robot can talk dirty sex?
    Have UMNO bought the technology yo built robots ..to vote for them?
    Can even laugh like a monkey.

  98. monsterball says:

    witso…”Transformer” is the classic example of my mission accomplished.
    But sometimes…such a person is for change of government too.
    How on earth a robot can talk dirty..with feelings?
    Have UMNO bought the technology to built robots ..to vote for them?
    Can even laugh like a monkey too.

  99. jo says:

    Some say it is ok for “Rais dines with PRO-NAJIB bloggers”

    I guess times have changed to reflect current trends where it is acceptable to dine with the devil.
    And then they talk of this silly thing called “values”. It would be more economical to teach corruption, thieving etc in sxhools.

  100. jo says:

    Maybe “donkeys” and “robots” only understand you best monsterball

  101. wits0 says:

    “And I have met..talked.. ate with Susan….long hours…which is much more important than being the first commentator.”

    What is Susan’s impression? No, I’m not asking Susan? 😉

    I never said I was the first commentator, btw.

  102. jo says:

    Maybe “donkeys” and “robots” only understand you best monsterball

    Come to think of it Rocky is the perfect donkey and robot….ethnic cleanser also.

  103. jo says:

    “I never said I was the first commentator, btw.”

    which shows how much that chap understands what he reads

  104. monsterball says:

    I don’t know. .witso. You ask her.
    I did not say… you are the first commentator. Read carefully.
    I was hinting……touch..feel and see…most important.
    Have you ever met her ..face to face?
    You seem to be very lose to her.
    But Susan can be very suspicious and do not simply accept anyone as her true friend. Casual I think thousands….which I hope I am included.
    A very sharp smart lady..she is.

  105. monsterball says:

    Yes Jo….maybe donkeys and monkeys have better brains than some humans.
    Certainly “Cheeta” and elephants understand Tarzan better than some Malaysian goons.
    Are you included?

  106. wits0 says:

    “You seem to be very lose to her.”

    Does that matter, eh?

    I give her no cause to ban me, hehehe.

  107. monsterball says:

    witso…If you are hinting Susan got hoping mad banning me because she thought I was a racialist…..and for your information one of her most trusted friend have straightened out things.
    You see..one of her sincere friend is also mine too.
    How else do you think I can post so easily now?

  108. monsterball says:

    No one will ever ban you.
    You write with no straight forward commitments.
    I have said before… you should be a political diplomat.

  109. jo says:

    Certainly “Cheeta” and elephants understand Tarzan better than some Malaysian goons.
    Are you included?

    Dont see how. I`m neither cheetah nor elephant and not a white man.
    Now, does that make you, a chinaman, understand pig language? You do seem to be oinking quite a bit. Ahhhhhh mebbe it`s those medinines again you have been neglecting.

  110. wits0 says:

    Susan not only has intellectual depth, insight and discernment but, most important of all, compassion.

  111. jo says:

    I thot he got banned for trying to teach susan how to run her blog.
    Now he dissimulates by using the “racialist” angle.

  112. rash says:

    kan saya cakap orang tua ni dah nyanyuk

  113. Lost&Found says:

    Yesterday an elderly Mr. Lim has been reported missing in Taman Sri Manja.
    He went to buy papers in the morning and then pooof

  114. monsterball says:

    You have not answer me….have you met Susan… face to face.
    If you are concluding she released her ban on me….out of compassion..also can la. That’s good quality…..no on can dispute.
    Conclude as you like….no problem.
    Can I also be compassionate to Rocky and Jean too?
    And those idiots forgot I protected Susan…concluding I own the blog.
    Do you recall you said I was indispensable to Susan…witso?
    Ah yes…that was when her blog is being attacked by “All Blogs” monkies..correct?
    Now I am just an old faithful commentator…with different mission…like so many of you.
    At that time…..”jeancumlately”…now known as “jean” protected me so many times. A grateful person can never forget. Can I be grateful to Jean…witso? She is still my friend….even tough we stand on opposite camps and she wishes to be a racialist. That’s her rights.

  115. wits0 says:

    I’m not telling whether I’ve met Susan or not. I see no cause to.

    A racist is never alright in the human scheme of things. A racist does not subscribe to human rights in the real sense of the word. Ask Susan.

    Hahaha….I do wonder why I don’t get any whackers here. Maybe, one reason is I don’t sound so much like a narcissist.

  116. monsterball says:

    Sheih put out a post recently confirming I am not a racialist.
    He said..it is the mentalities of his own race. blaming others.
    And I say…supporters of change of government…mostly Chinese and Indians in this blog…have equally bad mentalities.
    One group from BN…out to insult me.
    Another one or two from pro PR cannot accept me being friendly to Rocky and Jean.
    I smell a touch of jealousy..trying to prove how smart they are… correcting me.
    Malays maybe hypocrites…but it takes a real gentleman like Sheih to protect me from being unfairly treated…or insulted..by his race.
    Sheih is a friend of Susan. I am a friend of Sheih.
    Three of us…exposed “All Blog” ..trying to con Malaysians. Where were you all at that time…??…sucking mother’s milk??
    Have you forgotten…. witso?

  117. monsterball says:

    Sheih put out a post recently confirming I am not a racialist.
    He said..it is the mentalities of his own race. blaming others.
    And I say…supporters of change of government…mostly Chinese and Indians in this blog…have equally bad mentalities.
    One group from BN…out to insult me.
    Another one or two from pro PR cannot accept me being friendly to Rocky and Jean.
    I smell a touch of jealousy..trying to prove how smart they are… correcting me.
    Malays maybe hypocrites…but it takes a real gentleman like Sheih to protect me from being unfairly treated…or insulted..by his race.
    Sheih is a friend of Susan. I am a friend of Sheih.
    Three of us…exposed “All Blog” ..trying to con Malaysians. Where were you all at that time…??.
    Have you forgotten…. witso?

  118. monsterball says:

    If you wish to keep secrets from a friendly conversation to stay with an advantage over me….lets forget sincerity.
    Why is that such a big secret?
    I dare say…you have never met her and made lots of emails..sms…that’s all.
    So lets stay faceless and nameless friendly ghosts….shall we???

  119. monsterball says:

    witso..you do not get wacked here…because you are a smart diplomatic commentator…and sometimes…no body knows what you are talking about.

  120. wits0 says:

    I’m not the one with the conveniently poor memory.

  121. Menyalak-er says:

    Monty, monty… do you see the point yet? Since you won’t take a suggestion and instead label it ‘advice’ and ‘insult'(?); i shall very well leave you alone. But a lot of us feel that you are doing a disservice to the issues at hand with your incongruous rants and rave.
    Your megalomania doesn’t serve any purpose – and it is not who you met or are personal friends with, but what you know and where you stand.
    The blogsphere is anonymous and intentionally so, to protect honest commentators, and not for personal agendas.
    Grow up or get out – I didn’t want to start a ‘fight’ with you, and still don’t intend to, and i actually commented positively on your support for Eli.
    Now, i truly doubt that you have the capacity to emphatize with anyone.

  122. monsterball says:

    Did you recall one advised you to learn from monsterball and godfather?

  123. wits0 says:

    “no body knows what you are talking about.”

    I’m sure some do. Hahaha, I’m not exactly speaking Greek.

  124. monsterball says:

    You can stuff your opinions about me… into your ass menyalk-er.
    I have enough of your braggarts.

  125. monsterball says:

    witso…you forgot few said the same thing.
    I see you can easily forget too.

  126. Menyalak-er says:

    Wits, surely not Greek, Latin perhaps? Hahaha… really, you make more sense than all the greeks and geeks out there! All they need is a dictionary but many don’t have the will, eh?

  127. monsterball says:

    witso…..quote the full sentence and do not try to mislead readers.
    I did not say “nobody” like you are hinting I do. I said ..and I quote..
    “and sometime…no body knows..bla bla bla”
    Any smart English language experts like you should know.. it meant… few do not understand you too.

  128. monsterball says:

    Being vague…giving wrong interpretation…keeping secrets…how to have a fair sincere conversation?
    Everyone read my messages need not have have a dictionary.
    Can you imagine reading a novel….ever few words…you must look into the dictionary?
    Two are trying to be too smart with me.
    That’s enough.’

  129. wits0 says:

    Not really my fault if some cannot understand ; those on the same level always would. Which recalls to mind the famous line from Mathew Chapter 13 – “He who have ears, let them hear!”. Cannot, well, can’t be helped.

    Is it our fault if some ppl are kinda deaf or don’t have enough powder in their England, ah, Menyalak-er?

  130. wits0 says:

    “Grow up or get out ”

    Incisive one there, whoa! LOL!

  131. monsterball says:

    WOW witso….with your so smart personality….I wonder why you dare not go and spread the good news with the passion to convert votes to favor change of government.
    You stick to Susan’s blog like a glue…and give all sorts of reasons why you will not comment in Rocky or LKS blogs.
    The truth to the matter is…you have no guts to walk the talks.
    You will shrink when bullets are thrown at you.
    You are no Freedom Fighter like me.
    You are just a voice in one blog..doing his/her part for a better tomorrow.
    We are miles apart. I talk and I walk.
    I can respect gutless people…not walking the talks…but not from one or two….trying to advertise how great they are…taking advantage over my friendliness.
    Like I said…lets be friendly ghosts.
    Put out your messages proving how far far smarter and wiser man you are.
    Idiots like me….my toes are laughing too. I wonder why.
    OK…..let me say ADIOS again.!!

  132. wits0 says:

    Alas, why waste Susan’s bandwidth doing that repeat of wira’s style provocateur stuff in spite now, ler? “U no guts, me got plenty!”

    Will Susan get impressed thus? LOL!

  133. wits0 says:

    Aiyah! Monsterball. just email Susan and ask if she has met me b4 ler. That simple and safely private too, for everyone.

  134. creeps says:

    monsterball Says:
    April 25, 2009 at 2:48 pm

    You can stuff your opinions about me… into your ass menyalk-er.

    Now like idzan, jean, wira and so on he is an expert on arses too. Shuld be after going in and out of Rocky`s,,,,,,,,and vice versa.
    Next we will hear he knows allof anwar`s ars that is why he supports pakatan. This fellow is just simply a dirty old man corrupting all that he comes across.
    Just like Rocky.

  135. creeps says:

    Now he is canvassing heavily for commentors here to move over to rocky`s pigsty

  136. creeps says:

    Best joke is this clown a few blogs ago was boasting his father is the donkey that died in that nursery rhyme.
    That makes him wiser and better than everyone else- nothing but an overgrown mat rempit

  137. creeps says:

    MRT-Mat Rempit Tua (aka monsterball):

    You will shrink when bullets are thrown at you.
    You are no Freedom Fighter like me.


    Imbecile of the lowest water….no wonder the donkey died……couldn`t stand the oaf either.

  138. wits0 says:


    As a matter fact, I’ve been under fire although it was a single 7.62 ball fired from that shattered into a hundred pieces on the wall a few feet above my head fired from approximately 70 yards – thanks to Naif’s father’s doing on 513. I ducked. Monty, I guess would’ve stood up and bared his chest. We know how brave he is!

    We know Monty is a great Freedom Fighter but can he tell a receiver from a muzzle if in the raw? To him bullets are thrown at one. Has he seen, touched, helped with the wounded, dealt with the dead and so forth? Bet he hasn’t known the smell of rotting dead either – something you never forget.

    What a brave experienced Freedom Fighter – one who is less than lucid mostly, here. One who declares that racism is alright, as well!

  139. creeps says:

    I could go hand-to-hand knife combat with that overgrown mat rempit ah but then that`s not bragging like him. Just statement of fact for that buffoon who says he wants to stand before bullets. Moron of the lowest water that he is.

  140. wits0 says:

    Creeps, no kidding, I’ve encountered more than once how the loudest brayers/bullies are always the most cowardly of all when it comes to the real crunch. Whether they sit behind a desk, supervise the floor or in the field, this don’t vary. Yet they can end up with certificate of merits beyond the normal call of duty in Bolehland.

  141. creeps says:

    And that, sir, is very true. sigh…a cliche, but true………..empty tong that needs to be beaten……..then noise.
    And successful it has proven to be.

  142. monsterball says:

    Anything new?
    I am reading.

  143. kittykat46 says:

    “gunasegaran”, “abc” and various other nicks are one and the same guy….

  144. zorba says:

    Minister of Information who got this information about the insidious move by the foreign press to unseat the PM, need to have what it takes to sue these foreign bodies. If he does not institute these initiatives he should concentrate on one of our enduring cultures….play marbles. I meant to but I forgot….also spin tops, fly kite or indulge in the mind-game called congkak.


  145. […] Rais dines with PRO-NAJIB bloggers I did not say it. Malaysiakini did. They were not invited as well. Among the bloggers who attended were A Kadir Jasin, […] […]

  146. tipu sultan says:

    Irish people are among the friendliest, funniest and sociable bunch I have ever met. They are so approachable that you could just walk into a bar, talk to strangers and have drinks with them.

    We don’t have a lot of that in Malaysia. When was the last time a total stranger invited you for drinks? The only time they would do that is if they wanna get into your pants. Or sell you insurance.

    I think we oughta learn to be more Irish.


  147. shafie says:

    Rais malaysia, no rice….

    Canteen helper sells her body to support family

    A WOMAN who works as a canteen helper in the morning works as a prostitute at night to support her family, China Press reported.

    The lady, who wished to be known only as Fatimah, 22, said she had to support her husband, who is an odd-job worker, and their one-year-old son.

    “Besides that, I will have to foot my old folks’ medical bills,” she said, adding that she had been prostituting herself for more than three years in Alor Setar.

    Fatimah, from Pahang, said she was forced to be a prostitute by her former boyfriend, and charged her customers RM80 each time.

    “However, I am getting older and also have given birth. Now, I can only charge RM50,” she said, adding that her customers were aged between 13 and 70.

    The daily reported that Fatimah’s dream was to save enough money to start a new life in three years’ time.


  148. vel vel says:


    1) We strongly feel the Director General of Malaysian 163National Library has insulted the ruler of Malaysia by implying that the ruler of Malaysia has only one ball, instead of the normal two. Any discerning adult can understand this ill-intended example given by the DG’s office.

    In other words, the DG’s office says that the ruler of Malaysia is a handicapped ruler with just one ball. This is the greatest insult any citizen of Malaysia can level against his own ruler, even if he is aware that the ruler of Malaysia has just one ball. There again, his emphasis of that one ball can mislead others into believing that he has engaged in sodomitical activities with the ruler. Is he implying that the ruler of Malaysia is a sodomite? We deplore such cowardly act by the DG’s office, even if it is meant as an example.

  149. monsterball says:

    Thanks kittykat for the information.
    Who is the mastermind?
    I blog to get votes…to change of government.
    So far….I have valid results and am contended with my progress.
    The more they throw grandfather stories and mud at me…the better is my position.
    Have a nice day……kittykat..and all my friends.
    You too…..Jean.

  150. monsterball says:

    I blog in Rocky…and Lim Kit Siang blogs..to covert votes.
    “Limkamput” have been converted to post against BN…in LKS.
    Few pro UMNO in “kickdefella” muslims battle me…with so much culture and manners….and respect..addressing me as…’Brother Monsterball” …before disagreeing with my messages. Perhaps Sheih guided them to be like so.
    I maybe moderated in Dr.Shu’s forum….but I am allowed to blog. However there is nothing much to convert there.
    “The Middle Ground” is my connection to Penang. So glad Romerz joined DAP now. His Dad died….one week ago. May his soul.. rest in peace.
    For peace…and fun..I love the ever comical and brave Patrick Teoh…’Niamah”
    And few more.
    All I have met face to face….ate and drink together.
    Most are brave daring bloggers…no fear to talk straight to the point..in simple English…not hint this hint that and call that bravery.
    Wisdom age catches on.
    Spending more time with my old brothers and sisters.
    I am 70 and the youngest of five.
    Using one sentence to tell me to get lost or out to insult me…noting hard to do.
    Just to let one with several nicks….I intend to stay in Susan’s blog a long as she keep approving my messages….and so many.
    I wonder why some keep telling me to get lost ….or hinting me to do so…when Susan never said that. Do they own the blog…..or are nuts?
    Yes..to convert votes is my mission.
    Let those who insult me.. check out their progress.
    Go convert PR voters to BN.
    Why attack me here and at Ricky’s blog?
    But you may have succeeded in Dr. Shu’s blog….great victory!!
    Who knows….I may go over to irritate your digestive system again……hahahahahahaha

  151. cabal says:

    Busting Bank of America
    A case study in how to spread systemic financial risk.

    Mr. Lewis has told investigators for New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo that in December Mr. Paulson threatened him not to cancel a deal to buy Merrill Lynch. BofA had discovered billions of dollars in undisclosed Merrill losses, and Mr. Lewis was considering invoking his rights under a material adverse condition clause to kill the merger. But Washington decided that America’s financial system couldn’t withstand a Merrill failure, and that BofA had to risk its own solvency to save it. So then-Treasury Secretary Paulson, who says he was acting at the direction of Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke, told Mr. Lewis that the feds would fire him and his board if they didn’t complete the deal.

    Mr. Paulson told Mr. Lewis that the government would provide cash from the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) to help BofA swallow Merrill. But since the government didn’t want to reveal this new federal investment until after the merger closed, Messrs. Paulson and Bernanke rejected Mr. Lewis’s request to get their commitment in writing.

    “We do not want a disclosable event,” Mr. Lewis says Mr. Paulson told him. “We do not want a public disclosure.” Imagine what would happen to a CEO who said that.


  152. cabal says:

    On Thursday, Jeyaganesh, a 40-year-old anesthetist, said he was willing to compromise with his wife and let the children learn both Muslim and Hindu teachings if they return.

    “I’ve not seen my kids for five years,” Jeyaganesh told reporters at the court. “There’s been zero contact. It’s a total blank. I’d like to see how they are.”

    The case has become a symbol of mounting complaints of religious discrimination by non-Muslims. In recent years, several non-Muslim parents have failed to prevent estranged spouses from converting their children to Islam. Most of these cases end up in Islamic courts, which typically rule in favor of Muslims.

    Shamala’s lawyer, Ravi Nekoo, said his client won’t return for fear that she would lose her sons.

    “Her world has been torn apart. She’s struggling to make ends meet in a foreign territory,” Ravi said. “She only wanted a quiet life, she never wanted all this publicity.”

    A court gave Jeyaganesh and Shamala shared legal custody of the children in 2004, but ruled that Shamala would lose custody if there were “reasonable grounds” to believe that she would influence the children’s religious beliefs, such as by making them eat pork or teaching them Hindu tenets.


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