UMNO nih takde orang lain. Asyik muka yang sama je…more losers. But it’s okay lah, I’m happy. Faster, faster…UMNO will go.

Today PM Naif Ton Rasa has appointed or re-appointed several losers into UMNO supreme council. They are:

1. ‘AP Queen’ aka Rafizah Aziz. She was criticised a few years ago over the AP issue where several permit holders were believed to have sold their permits to foreign car companies (malaysiatoday). She also lost to new UMNO wanita chief Sharizat Abd. Jalil.

2. Ali Rustam aka ‘Why is he still the Melaka CM?’ – He was accused of condoning ‘money politics’ whereby he allowed his agent to distribute money to Umno delegates to vote for him in the upcoming Umno general assembly. (malaysiakini)

3. Tengku Adnan – infamous for the phrase ‘Women bloggers are liars’. He caused an uproar in Malaysian cyber space and received a lot of negative comments (read this).

It’s really obvious that Naif Ton Rasa balls are tied. Or else, no sane person would do these mistakes over and over again. Maybe he is losing his sanity after all…

By appointing Rafidah and Ali, two of the most significant losers in the recent party polls, Najib could draw flak from the public in his push to put forward a clean party and government leadership team. (malaysian insider)

Where is Mahathir Mohamad’s voice in all these? Wow, I am beginning to miss the old man’s jibes.

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  1. HURRAH says:

    UMNO Pencen Party

  2. kittykat46 says:

    The reality is that for all the faked Naif Ton Rasa charm offensive in the last 3 weeks, UMNO was and remains a corrupt and ossified party.

    You can’t cook a decent meal from rotten ingredients.

    The last real signs of health departed years ago, only the funeral has not happened yet.

    Just waiting to “baca talkin” over the dead body.

  3. Menyalak-er says:

    What a nice bunny, Susan! Hahaha… Sure way of kicking ass.
    Was just looking at the list of characters filling up the jamban, no suprises.
    Same old ‘palat’-ed (smegmatic) and tepid actors/actresses, except the demise of coprolites tyson, toyol and alblur.
    Nah, this 1malaysia themepark will be characterzed by ‘koro’ and ‘teloq kecut’. Pallid Zahid taking over from elDopey and his first outburst was – “It’s goin’ to be ‘tough’ in Penati!” Classy-eh?
    Hmm.., Kak Pidah belum pindah? I really think she ought to be laid out to pasture, but Naif kept her on to rankle octo-kutty – just like Nazi Nazri…
    Naif’s gonna to regret this.

  4. Ex Neutral says:

    They are being kept to please someone? They are being kept for some unfinish business? I don’t need to know, but I also like to think it’s gonna help push for their quicker demise, so carry on and thanks.

  5. HURRAH says:

    Any move by umno to reform itself will only result eventually in tha party reforming itself away.

    Since the party would no want to disappear in the dustbins of history in this manner, it is highly unlikely to accept and introduce any serious reforms.

    Only further and more serious setbacks in the GE will force umno to accept reality and look for an exit strategy after 50 years of squatting on the people for their own ends

  6. kittykat46 says:

    I helped a friend through a long struggle with cancer, which he finally gave up. The disease had spread to the extent that any more aggressive medical treatment would have killed the person any way, even as the doctors were trying to fight it.

    I think UMNO is in the same situation.
    If it doesn’t reform, it will die.
    Any real reform of UMNO would kill it anyway.

  7. Pegasus says:

    Where’s Toyol on all this?,pity he is not chosen as this will hasten the demise of Umno/BN regime, all the big time loser crooks are given back door entry..there is simply no change…its all in the rakyat’s hand now to do the change through the ballot box in the 13th GE!. Can’t trust Naif to carry out the change that the rakyat are looking for. Naif maybe trying to get other tainted characters in the cabinet to divert the attention from his own .. Now AP queen will C4 all those who dare step her leg…Naif need to keep her well fed…,Ali musang is in the right group of people …though he may miss Toyol… Well Toyol is kept busy by the current Selangor government…digging out all his misdeeds and utter mismanagement which are unbelievable!!…hope Sultan Sharifudin is alert at all time..or one fine day ,Toyol could be sitting on his throne and declaring himself as the Sultan of Selangor!!! While the ordinary Malaysian have to think 10 times before even thinking of taking his family for a holiday to PD with his family and saving for few months !!…The Toyol has no qualms in spending RM1.6 million of people’s money taking his family and maid to Disneyland and other places.. while here we have schools in deplorable condition due to lack of money!!!! Such irresponsible idiot…! Wonder what the MACC is doing …not hauling him up for his open book crimes!! Somebody need to kick their ass to get moving!!.
    The sharks are left off the hook..some even promoted as in AP Queen and Ali Musang…with this rate …don’t be surprise…if “I no speak English” is a Foreign Minister one good day!!! Well..folks ,what Disneyland cannot do … Bolehland can do!!! Better and faster..!!! Cheers!!

  8. hock says:

    Mamaks make hay while the sun shines

    “The first commentator, ‘Pasok’, condemned Sultan of Perak Sultan Azlan Shah, while a second commentator, ‘Sandokan’, hurled a swear word at the ruler.

    A third commentator, ‘agadam magadam’, suggested that a former prime minister be brought back so that he could bring the royalty under control.”


  9. hock says:

    UMNO must die, so Malaysia can survive.

  10. HURRAH says:

    The saga continues with the Cabinet making a decision on religious conversions and interfering and trespassing on the powers of the Judiciary!

    What is Malaysia coming to? A cowboy country where the Law of the Land is through the barrel of a gun? Where Might is right? Is this a Malaysia that we Malaysians can be proud of? Is this what we want our children and grandchildren to inherit from us?

    From all these events, and the fact that both the Defense and Prosecution were working hard in court to keep out a certain politician’s involvement in the Altantuya case, which is so plain for all to see, the conclusion is clear.


  11. GoMalaysian says:

    Undilah Pakatan Rakyat!

    Untuk Malaysia Baru!




  12. apapunboleh says:

    UMNO likes losers. In another word, UMNO is ruled by losers…what else, very obvious-lah

  13. hock says:

    Mahathir should truly be in jail for his crimes and pay compensation to his numerous victims.

    Patronising Mahathir’s restaurant “The Loaf” or working there is to sokong Mahathir’s torture of
    Munawar, the injustice done to Justice Chin, the other judges, the injustice done to Anwar Ibrahim, the victims of Ops Lalang (some of whom are still detained!) and numerous other victims of the evil genius Mahathir.

    Boikot Mahathir’s restaurant “The Loaf”; it is not “Halal” to consume food from Mahathir’s restaurant or otherwise associate with “The Loaf”, such as by working there.

    The money earned by working there is dirty tainted money, it is Haram.
    Malaysians deserve a peaceful, just, prosperous, moral, ethical society with a low crime rate.
    Unfortunately, Malaysia is at present controlled by scheming parasites who think otherwise.
    The medicine against the parasites will take a lot of effort by all Malaysians who want a better Malaysia.

    The road to the pharmacy will be long and winding, with steep hills and heavy rain, but we will get there!!


  14. HURRAH says:

    Before the fall of the Perak State government, many people wrote and admired the Sultan and Raja Muda for their stand on many things. Raja Nazrin has said we should RESPECT THE CONSTITUTION and THE SPIRIT OF THE CONSTITUTION and THE SPIRIT OF THE AGREEMENT. This is something of a FARCE as what many people don’t know is that Raja Nazrin is NOT THE RIGHT Raja Muda of Perak!

    In Perak, the son is NOT the automatic number 2 unlike the other states. Only Negeri Sembilan and Perak differs from the other states. There are 7 Raja Bergelar in Perak. They are The Sultan, The Raja Muda, Raja Di Hilir, Raja Kecil Besar, Raja Kecil Sulong, Raja Kecil Tengah and the most junior Raja Kecil Bongsu. This list is from the most senior to junior in the right order. This rotation was AGREED upon since the very beginning. THERE WAS AN AGREEMENT AMONG THE FAMILIES.


  15. HURRAH says:

    Sultan Azlan and Raja Nazrin … put Raja Nazrin as Raja Muda. If the proper rotation was followed, Raja Nazrin will only be Raja Kecil Besar or Raja Kecil Sulong at best. This is only 4th or 5th in rank but now, with what happened more that 20 years ago, Raja Nazrin is number 2! What happened shocked me because I expected better from a retired TOP JUDGE OF MALAYSIA. The AGREEMENT ON THE ROTATION is PART OF THE PERAK CONSTITUTION. So how would I buy what Raja Nazrin is saying with great publicity that we MUST RESPECT THE CONSTITUTION AND SPIRIT OF THE CONSTITUTION?

    I hope one day the right Raja Muda of Perak and the the right Menteri Besar will serve the Perak State. As a Perakian, this is only right.

    It took Tuanku Muhriz 46 years to regain his seat. Hope Perak will do the same. Ironic that Raja Nazrin talks about his role as a SERVING ROYAL when THE SEAT IS NOT HIS!

  16. kittykat46 says:

    Guys, please take care with any comments touching on Royalty, Perak or elsewhere.

    Don’t get Susan into trouble. There are plenty of UMNOputras waiting to scream “Derhaka” at an instant’s notice, and the AG will jump into action before you can say “Uncle”.
    Thousands of serious criminal cases take years to sort out, one way or the other, but anything touching on “Derhaka” gets Express treatment. Guaranteed results.

  17. hock says:

    “In Perak, the son is NOT the automatic number 2 unlike the other states. Only Negeri Sembilan and Perak differs from the other states.”

    That is educational, I never knew that.

  18. hock says:

    “Don’t get Susan into trouble.”

    Wira, idzan,1-4-C, jean, kancilandak all wouldn`t care anyway

  19. glock says:

    Among the surprises in the state liaison chief list is the appointment of Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein to head Terengganu Umno.

    The replacement of Terengganu MB Datuk Ahmad Said with Hishammuddin, who is also the home minister, a party vice-president and Najib’s cousin, indicates a fair amount of seriousness the president has in ensuring the open rebellion in the state does not get out of hand. Ahmad is now Hishammuddin’s deputy in the state’s Umno affairs.


  20. Hamba says:

    Universiti Monyet N Orangutan appoints new lectures to teach corruption and How to be a billionaire through selling APe…It was noted that Kera Jantan species was not welcomed at the UNi anymore. However the Chancellor Grand Old Gorilla was quiet about the new appointment…He was seen hanging by a crooked tree branch overlooking a shallow strait nearby. Also seen was the new Deputy for APe study, son of gorilla, hanging by his father’s balls…All in all, it’s a merry little zoo at the decrepit Universiti Monyet N Orangutan building creatively named Pirating With The Cronies…

  21. monsterball says:

    Najib not only ignored Malaysians supporting PR…but showing .. he is ignoring his own party Supreme Council election results..
    Khairy is Youth President with one third votes…showed UMNO is split into 2 ways.
    Najib is confirming this.
    Such a man talking “1 Malaysia” when UMNO is clearly two.

  22. telur dua says:

    Syabas, UMNO is doing a pretty good job at recycling rubbish. Very environmental friendly.

    Where is Khairy. Is Najib blind or what?

  23. Menyalak-er says:

    Monty… that entity is not split into 2… it is not ‘split’; it is all cracked up and crumbling… sometimes i wonder whether you ‘think’ with any proper perspective… the reason why wits0 and i brought up gingko is that it helps you think… my recommendation is that you take Tanakan… everyday… with several cups of caffeine…
    Hi telur dua, the reason why kera jantan is MIA is because Naif has to stroke octo-kutty’s telur (big one, i’m sure) while at the same time trying to preserve the rotten cabbages.
    By putting the keris flur as liason chief in turtle patchland is that their 18 golliwogs there are trying to drive a pedang into the mb’s nether bung. Now can a lil’ keris deflect a pedang/parang? Only in the mb’s cronied dreams… “Ambulance driver, included in GLC’s board of directors.”
    Meanwhile, i shall also apply to be an ambulance driver in this fair turtled state.

  24. anti-kutty says:

    Susan, despite the fact that i am a man, and i am a non-muslim.. and despite the fact that it could be a fake.. but still somehow i felt so sad listening to the conversation below.

    Maybe you would like to post in in your blog, as i have none, so that many will listen to it. We need to bring more awareness as to what happened to Manohara.

    We’ve already lost an Altantuya.

    Please, create the awareness if you possibly can. Noone knows where she is. What is the difference between Manohara and Nini?


  25. bangsa Cina Malaysia says:

    close down all karaoke and places selling beer and liquor immediately.

    top chinese executives from all companies (in KL) under the pretext of entertaining customer after work
    are wasting their time and increasing the companys expenses.

    on top of this nonsense hanky panky
    are aplenty.

    the govt should ban all this nonsense immediately and urged all
    executives and above to go back to their respective families after work.

    i am chinese and i support PAS 100%
    on banning of alcohol.

    alcohol is nothing but trouble.

    i am very sure all the chinese housewives and whatever will
    support 100% PAS good intention.

  26. matt says:

    Recycling is now the in thing i read somewhere that the peem will embark on a envoiremental campaign to woo young voters.Wow looks like the missus advisers think this must be the only way out but they tend to forget that Malaysians nowadays don’ forget easily.

  27. wits0 says:

    While a few things involving the environment may be useful and viable it must be remembered that it is linked to the very dubious thing called “Global Warming” which itself is a faddist worldwide political tool to serve certain sections of people especially among its proponents.

    I’m glad that Susan here does not blindly buy into this sort of populist crap unlike Al’Netto who has a penchant for many things populistic. Yuck!

  28. Idzan Ismail says:

    Morning Sus and all beloved pals

    Najib knows what you do not.
    He’s a master strategist. Next to Ghafar he is a smooth apparatchik.
    As he said these peopke are needed to help strengthen the party in their own way.
    Aunty Fidah (not Fizah, Sloone) will be co-opted into the soon to be formed economic council.
    Ali Rustam is a party man with many supporters.

  29. Idzan Ismail says:

    Telur dua

    Najib is not blind.
    Sight 20/20.
    Khairy is Ketua Pemuda and Vice-President.
    That’s a lot on his plate.

  30. wits0 says:

    Unless you can substantiate it, please drop your morning crap somewhere else, ye coconut woman, mother of a thousand lice.

  31. creeps says:

    Not to mention a blardy zombie walking dead father…….the father partly responsible for the evil…….idzan`s father that is

  32. creeps says:

    idzan and jean should go creeping here…then they might get pix of their ars bang kawan anwar and share with everyone———

    THE Central Market toilet in Kuala Lumpur has turned into a popular place for gay men to meet and hook up, reported Metroplus.

    The toilet’s “infamy” has spread via the Internet and it has become a meeting point for gay men from various states.

    Central Market head security guard Suhaimi Zainal said his team had caught several gay couples in action but despite being warned, the men still returned.

    “The gay couples who were caught were generally well-educated and held important jobs. The management is only able to give them a warning,” he said.

    He added that some of the men came all the way from other states after being invited by cyber friends for a toilet tryst.

  33. creeps says:

    hmmmm holy barger – fridays

  34. creeps says:

    kuantan, pahang – idzan`s father maybe???????

    A rapist-cum-robber who wears pantyhose over his head has chosen Friday as the day to prowl for victims, reported Kosmo!

    The man is said to target women at the Sri Prima flats in Kuantan as well as a budget hotel nearby.

    So far, the suspect in his 20s, has raped two women who live in the area. Both cases happened on consecutive Fridays.

  35. monsterball says:

    memyalak-er…..no thanks to your advice.
    The good always die too young.

  36. najib manaukau says:

    Najib ‘forgot’ to appoint the pariah Mahathir- good on you for a change !
    The pariah and his baby are your liabilities so make sure to get rid of the baby pariah from your team soon too.

    But watch out he is going to attack you on whatever your do, a lot more from now on. Better still have him indicted to keep the pariah out once and for all.

    Have him and his baby included and you and your team will surely sink faster. It will also give the people just one more reason to celebrate, to vote you and the corrupted BN candidates out in the next GE.
    The pariah campaigned for you at the recent by elections and look at the defeated results he brought. Whereas BN without the pariah Mahathir’s ‘help’ won hands down in Sarawak.
    Your only slim hope to win in the next GE is to have nothing to with this pariah Mahathir, better still, have the courage to indicte pariah Mahathir for
    the many atrocities he committed during his tenure as P.M.. Give the voters a reason to celebrate.
    Just look at AAB’s, in his first GE as P.M., the people, regardless of the many corrupted BN candidates, celebrated the pariah’s ‘retirement by giving AAB and his team 90% of their votes. So they thought !
    AAB and his team almost lost the next GE, as soon as the pariah Mahathir ‘came’ out of his retirement and started opening his filthy mouth by giving his unsolicited opinions.
    It just reminded the people of the many atrocities he committed and the most hated man in Malaysia.
    He put the blame on AAB instead of himself which was and still is really the truth.
    With the pariah’s indictment plus his baby out of the cabinet it will mean a lot more to the voters than all the actions you take or may take in your remaining few years as P.M.
    Get rid of the pariah and his baby from your cabinet
    as soon as possible for you to have a slim chance to retain your P.M. post. At least for another term I might add !!

  37. telur dua says:

    Idzan Ismail Says:

    April 25, 2009 at 9:06 am
    Telur dua

    Najib is not blind.
    Sight 20/20.
    Khairy is Ketua Pemuda and Vice-President.
    That’s a lot on his plate.

    Oh? And Mukriz is starving, poor chap.

  38. telur dua says:

    Idzan Ismail Says:

    April 25, 2009 at 9:06 am
    Telur dua

    Najib is not blind.
    Sight 20/20.
    Khairy is Ketua Pemuda and Vice-President.
    That’s a lot on his plate.

    KJ a Vice-President? No kidding?

    UMNO must have made him one last night while I was sleeping. LOL.

  39. creeps says:

    “Oh? And Mukriz is starving, poor chap.”

    The barger is eating so much he is going bald. Once he got appointed to the tong rosak cabinet, his company Opcom got a RM400M TNB contract.

  40. creeps says:

    “UMNO must have made him one last night while I was sleeping. LOL.”

    Idzan stockinged zombie father was at work

  41. creeps says:

    Malays are actually quite peaceful. But the problem is they are also quite stupid and it is so easy to hasut the Malays to mengamuk. And you Mamaks are good at that. Luckily, last year, when you tried to start an anti-Chinese riot in Penang, the Malays did not respond. So, in the end, it became a MIC-PPP gathering shouting anti-Chinese slogans.

    Now you want to hasut the Malays with this police report and allege that Malaysia Today’s readers are not respectful to the symbols of Islam. Are you hoping that the Malay parangs start flying? Whose head do you hope these parangs will chop? Chinese heads?

    I get it. Someone must have told you that the majority of Malaysia Today’s readers are Chinese. Well, that is not quite true. There are many Malays in here too. And make sure that these Malays don’t start to mengamuk. The Malays in Malaysia Today are not anti-Chinese. They are anti-whoever tries to stir race riots. And we know how to deal with such people.


  42. wits0 says:

    “..and it is so easy to hasut the Malays to mengamuk. And you Mamaks are good at that. ”

    Gem of wisdom so apparent!

  43. 104East says:

    Naif is always grinning. siao li chang tao? I wonder what’s behind his grin?


    Of, course, this is a party for cronies, racists, and it is full of immoral top guns who are corrupted to the core.

    Yes, it is a party for all losers.

    Yet, he Rakyat have lost all in the end, for voting these goons in.

  45. K1 says:

    rotten banana must match with rotten apples, oranges…and also bunch of cow and pig shits

  46. ina says:

    Washington DC – UK’s Lord Christopher Monckton, a former science advisor to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, claimed House Democrats have refused to allow him to appear alongside former Vice President Al Gore at high profile global warming hearing on Friday April 24, 2009 at 10am in Washington………………….
    “The House Democrats don’t want Gore humiliated, so they slammed the door of the Capitol in my face,” Monckton told Climate Depot in an exclusive interview. “They are cowards.”


  47. Menyalak-er says:

    Looks like one cannot keep a toyol of balkis in a bottle before he/it mengamuks! This peculiar reaction from broom-wielder is like a drunk viking beserker suddenly becoming sober after drinking ‘four letter word’ -milk.
    After being left out of the ‘superduper’ council he regained a semblance of humaness by trying to sucker up to his despised ‘non-bumis’ and mouthing “I shall return” – mimicking Gen MacArthurs famous phrase.
    Meanwhile, son of octo-kutty had recently acquired a Phd from a dubious instituition for photoelectronics and quantum process engineering through his dissertation: “What it takes to make 400 megabucks.”
    Be informed that any news from raisin’s personals will be blocked out entirely by MSM, esp. with regards to son Dino’saur talaqs.

  48. transformer says:

    negri royalty support for umno

    Saturday, 25 April 2009 10:13
    (The Star Online) – SEREMBAN: The Yang di-Pertuan Besar Tuanku Muhriz Tuanku Munawir, in his first speech at the state assembly, expressed disappointment that certain groups had resorted to street demonstrations that disturbed the peace.

  49. transformer says:

    But only 50% rakyat voted BN

  50. wira says:


    Lu baca maths diSJKC? SJKT?

  51. Idzan Ismail says:


    Did you meet the aljuburi at the Central Market?
    One of his haunting grounds.
    Slimy creepy creature go slitheringthere.
    Oh Yea didnt your parents teach you manners?
    Not to speak ill of the dead.
    Two taboos for Malays: Insulting te dead and playing the head.
    Telur dua
    KJ is a Vice president by virtue of being Ketua Pemuda..
    What school did you go to?

  52. creeps says:

    Wat to do idzan. Your father got aljuburid so much he cant sleep. Thabk goodness dia bukan my father.
    Btw sounds like your father was quite a great arsehole, and now he is a bigger one. Did aljuburi bang up your dad also. Are you the issue of that enjoin-ment (snigger) a back play product.
    You banged your dad into the grave and then got him walking around. You are ni malay then farking up your own father.

    Anyway wat idzan says :
    “Two taboos for Malays: Insulting te dead and playing the head”

    The first is KOK and the 2nd is BULL

  53. creeps says:

    “What school did you go to?”

    Who cares. It is sufficient for all to see what a pros you have turned out. If you want I can tack a crack at your crack, lots of heady meat I assure you. You want it 3 ply can be arranged also.

  54. creeps says:

    Idzan Ismail Says:
    April 25, 2009 at 3:36 pm

    Oh Yea didnt your parents teach you manners?
    Not to speak ill of the dead.

    You umno fool still kurang ajar. My parents taught me to despise Hitler and your father is with him when he is not farking around.

    I also speak all the time of that razak who was naif`s father. You will be shocked how many curse those dead filthy carcasses – like your father (another filthy one as proven by idzan).
    So Idzan Ismai in the final analysis:
    Your father was/is an A*SEHOLE.

  55. creeps says:

    “I also speak all the time of that razak who was naif`s father.”

    should have been

    “I also speak ILL all the time of that razak who was naif`s father.”

  56. creeps says:

    “KJ is a Vice president by virtue of being Ketua Pemuda.”

    KJ- Kampong Jawa, at one time a red light area in malacca, very virtuous place for those who used to pray there

  57. creeps says:

    idzan says :
    “Two taboos for Malays: Insulting te dead and playing the head”

    Keep your stupid taboos to yourself…..or you might wake up pregnant kekekke

  58. creeps says:

    How idzan enjoys her farking:

    KUANTAN: Seorang mekanik yang dihadapkan di Mahkamah Sesyen di sini semalam atas dua tuduhan melakukan seks ganas ke atas isterinya.

    Hakim Hassan Ghani membuat keputusan itu berikutan tertuduh, Khairulhisam Abdul Khalid, 34, tinggal serumah dengan mangsa selain pasangan terbabit mempunyai seorang anak perempuan berusia lapan tahun.

    Difahamkan, ketika kejadian mangsa sedang membasuh pakaian dalam bilik air apabila tiba-tiba dia ditarik keluar suaminya yang mengheret dia ke bilik tidur untuk melakukan hubungan seks.

    Mangsa yang tidak tahan selepas cedera teruk akibat dipukul, ditampar dan disepak suami yang menyebabkan seluruh badannya bengkak, lebam dan calar.

  59. wira says:



    Wa, lu glanpapa/mama/mama/papa did that to Chairman Mao while lying in his glass?

    Haiyoo, no wonder lintang pukang lari sembunyi mali Malaisia?

    Sekalang kasi ajar lia glandchildlen and childlen sini mali bikin!

  60. pat ling says:

    The report card is like the ledger in the accounting system – showing credit and debit entries. Our PM’s report card started off quite promising with several credit entries. But the appointment of some of these characters have created debit entries that completely wipe off the earlier credits. Now the report card in very heavily in the RED. It will take him a LOT OF CREDIT ENTRIES to bring it back to the black.

  61. telur dua says:

    Idzan Ismail Says:
    April 25, 2009 at 3:36 pm

    Telur dua
    What school did you go to?

    Thankfully, not the same one you go to .Phew! lucky me.

  62. creeps says:

    oops typo, should have been:

    wira got another durian up his ars dreaming of mao. Mao alredi gone.


  63. Malaysian says:

    this is an extract of a report by an independent journalist which shows that the Election Commission is just PRO BN! If you support this report, please cut and paste on every group in Facebook. Thank you.

    “The same views have been echoed by no less than the Election Commission (EC). Plus, the EC has openly supported proposals by some BN leaders such as Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz, Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir and Tan Keng Liang to prevent “unnecessary” elections. These include suggestions for stricter laws, and penalties for elected reps or their parties should an elected representative resign for reasons other than what’s stated in Article 48(1) of the Federal Constitution.”


  64. raisman says:

    Can a man found to be biased in his judgement be ever suitable for promotion based on “merit” to the highest court in the land?


  65. raisman says:

    Well, what does one make of James Foong’s intervention on behalf of Public Bank?
    (see my post at http://malaysianjudges.blogspot.com/2007/08/case-of-james-foong.html)
    Clearly ,any investor, foreign or local unfortunate enough to have a matter before this man needs to be mindful that their opponents are not friends of Foong. It does appear that he treasures (pun intended) these friendships over and above his duties. Then, who am I to say ; after all he has been rewarded for his somewhat peculiar perception of judicial independence.


  66. raisman says:


    5. The Plaintiffs requested and required the said Public Bank Berhad to pay the cheque directly to the Plaintiffs but the said Public Bank Berhad refused to do so and directly contacted the 1st Defendant (Mr Justice James Foong) who directed the Senior Assistant Registrar to allow and accept payment by the Public Bank Berhad instead into Court.

    7. At the said material time there was no stay of execution.

    8. Thereafter the said Public Bank Berhad stopped payment and the said Bankers Cheque drawn on themselves was returned by the Accountant General as “tidak laku”.

  67. kittykat46 says:

    The EC Chairman thinks the EC is a department of UMNO.

    Basic principle of Parliamentary democracy – if at some point in time, an elected representative feels that due to political, personal, health, legal, moral, whatever reasons he or she can no longer serve the constituency which elected him, it is his right to resign.

    In fact, if he really can’t continue serving his constituency with due diligence, he SHOULD resign.

    Its bul.l.s.hit to talk about legal punishments against a representative for resigning.

    Its up to the voters in that constituency to decide whether its “frivolous” or not. If they don’t like it, they can punish the relevant party at the by-elections.

    In any case, BN will need a constitutional amendment to push this through, which basically means it won’t happen before GE13. BN has become really, really shy about any Constitutional amendments whatsoever, because it simply does not want to have to engage PR to come up with a mutually acceptable amendment.

    Imagine Naif Ton Rasa sitting down to negotiate terms with Al-Juburi ? , because that’s what he’s going to have to do to get ANY constitutional amendment passed.

    That’s the beuty of the ouctome of of GE 12.
    We must Never, Never again allow the Ruling Party, whatever that be, to have a 2/3 majority in Parliament.

  68. wits0 says:

    Kittykat46: “We must Never, Never again allow the Ruling Party, whatever that be, to have a 2/3 majority in Parliament.”

    How true! A wounded man-eating tiger has to be finished off. Wisdom of the ages.

  69. wira says:

    Just came into this blog to test the crowd here.

    KESIAN..eat your hearts out, you poor souls,

    Bye… hehehehehe

  70. wongnoball says:

    BOYCOTT OF KIMA (Indian Muslim Congress Malaysia)

    written by kenny, April 25, 2009 07:38:45
    Bros and Sisters!

    Let’s do a poll. Click agree or disagree to a boycott of ALL KIMA stalls and businesses.

    disagree 16
    AGREE 792


  71. Menyalak-er says:

    It’s no wonder that the ‘real’ EC chairman has no time to sort out such ‘frivolous’ issues – he was spotted loafing around Jln TAR, K.L. on an inspection tour(?). He says that he’s leaving the issue of Penanti to his “committee”, which means that he’s petrified of octo-kutty.
    He’s very tense but mme. Lumpiolus refuses to let him have a massage in the back streets of Tiong Nam or Raja Laut.
    KESIAN koro and teloq kecut, now has no release and will soon explode from retrograde ejaculation.
    Have a happy Sunday folks, but watch what you’re stepping on…

  72. Kancilandak says:

    hock say “don get susan into trouble” I care, I know susan blog is open of the ‘freedom to exspresion’ and I dont talk on the royalties. But now I sad of what happening in umno, PM shuold not bring Rafidah Aziz and Ali Rustam back to supreme council. This bad news if true. I confuse why PM cannot find new blood. I dont think this TDM idea.

  73. kittykat46 says:

    “Have a happy Sunday folks, but watch what you’re stepping on…”

    You mean the Najis ?

  74. wongnoball says:

    “I confuse why PM cannot find new blood.”

    Terminal case AIDS lah jus why

  75. anggur says:

    ‘Is Najib qualify to be next PM?’

    Now you know why the Min of Ed wants to do away with teaching Science & Maths in English. It’s an utter waste of time!

  76. BUM says:

    The scariest threats facing the human race: nuclear war and Windows.

  77. wits0 says:

    wongnoball Says:
    April 26, 2009 at 12:01 am

    BOYCOTT OF KIMA (Indian Muslim Congress Malaysia)

    written by kenny, April 25, 2009 07:38:45
    Bros and Sisters!

    Let’s do a poll. Click agree or disagree to a boycott of ALL KIMA stalls and businesses.

    disagree 16
    AGREE 792


    It’s in the 800+ now:

    disagree 17
    agree 831

    Can contemplate some fine poetry:
    XLIII. “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…”
    by Elizabeth Barrett Browning (1806-1861)

  78. kanilowbu says:

    This endemic and corrupt to the core ap queen and ap son & farther should all be ga*tun%* until no more gas and until they returned all the hard earned money to the poor denizens.

  79. kanilowbu says:

    anggur Says:

    April 26, 2009 at 1:14 am

    ‘Is Najib qualify to be next PM?’

    Now you know why the Min of Ed wants to do away with teaching Science & Maths in English. It’s an utter waste of time!

    Same as you.

  80. […] More losers join UMNO supreme council (image) UMNO nih takde orang lain. Asyik muka yang sama je…more losers. But it’s okay lah, I’m […] […]

  81. kusta says:

    Born in 1947, dpm Muhyiddin is from Muar, Johor. He received his primary education at Sekolah Kebangsaan Maharani, Muar Johor and Sekolah Kebangsaan Ismail, Muar Johor. After then, he received his secondary education at High School Muar (Sekolah Tinggi Muar), Johor. Subsequently, he attended Universiti Malaya, Kuala Lumpur and received his bachelor’s degree in Economics and Malay Studies(1971).

    He still finds it difficult to speak proper english.

  82. Idzan Ismail says:

    Happy Sunday menyalak-Er

    Watch what you are stepping on?
    Mo worries. Always on solid ground.
    Were you at Kota Raya and Puduraya when Najib visited yesterday.
    I thought I saw you shaking hands with him.
    WitsO too, since you guys were dating at Nando’s nearby.
    See ya tomorrow.

  83. tt says:

    Ahad, 2009 April 26


    JAM – 3.00 -5.00 petang di Pesta Buku Antarabangsa bangunan PWTC.

    Tukar Tiub akan menanda tangani buku Keganasan, Penipuan & Internet.

    JAM – 8.00 Malam Amanat Untuk Pejuang

    Anjuran Pentas 152 – kumpulan cool tapi masih belum se cool Dum Dum Tak

    Bersama Pak Janggut A Samad Said dan Mat Bunga, Mat Rock dan Mat Cool.

    Tempat : No 17 Seksen 16/4 – Petaling Jaya.

    Kalau sesat sila hubungi :Syafiq Sunny 017- 279 -32-52.

    Atau kalau tak malas nak naik ngang sikla layari laman porn..oops maaf…pentas152.blogspot.com

    Dicatat oleh Tukar Tiub

  84. tt says:


    A.KADIR JASIN BERTANYA – malayssiatoday

    Yet another said Najib talked of efficiency and “pembaharuan”. Where is the change and the renewal? Najib only recycled. Some believe 50% of Cabinet members were recommended by Tun M and the balance by Rosmah. Bad talk but people believe. Good luck to Najib

    kah kah kah…50% KABINET PILIHAN MAHAFIRAUN… kah kah kah…

    kah kah kah….50% KABINET PILIHAN BIK MAMA…. kah kah kah…

    kah kah kah…. 50% CAMPUR 50% JADI BERAPA ? ..kah kah kah….

    kah kah kah…. TAK JADI HALF PAST SIX KE ?…. kah kah kah


    Dicatat oleh Tukar Tiub

  85. tt says:


    kah kah kah….DIA PUNYA PASAL LAH DIA NAK LETAK JAWATAN… kah kah kah…

    kah kah kah… MEMANG TUJUAN NAK BUAT PILIHANRAYA KECIL …kah jah kah…




    kah kah kah…. KALAU KALAH…kah kah kah… MAT MONGOL DAN MAT NGANTUK SAMA SAJE….kah kah kah..

    Dicatat oleh Tukar Tiub

  86. tipu sultan says:

    “Some believe 50% of Cabinet members were recommended by Tun M and the balance by Rosmah.
    Bad talk but people believe. Good luck to Najib”

    KahKah….First Lady to lead BN election machinery……..to Central Market toilet

  87. shafie says:


    UMNO No Longer Represents Malays

    One could be readily misled in assuming that those rent-seeking, keris-brandishing, and race-taunting types that infest and polute UMNO represent the best if not the essence of the Malay race. Or that the angry menacing Mat Rempits, the jungle version of Hell’s Angels so eagerly being embraced by UMNO Youth, are the future of Malays. Zaid’s ideas and approaches are the antithesis of UMNO’s.

    In deliberately choosing the simple title, Zaid is emphasizing that his is also a legitimate if not the prevailing viewpoint. To me, Zaid represents more of the essence of Malayness while those corrupt pseudo modernized UMNO types just happen to be Malays. They are the ones who soil our culture, give it a bad odor, and annihilate Malay honour and dignity.

    Zaid Ibrahim writes teasingly that he has already set a record of sorts by being the shortest serving cabinet minister! Here is another observation also worthy of the record books. He is the only minister whose reputation is enhanced on leaving office! Not to belittle Zaid’s own fine personal qualities and considerable achievements, that says a lot on the caliber of the people leading Malaysia today!

    He takes to task UMNO leaders for presuming to speak on behalf of all Malays. It is clear now that they do not. In the chapter “Masa Depan Melayu” (The Future of Malays) in Part III, Zaid suggests that Malays must be outward looking, willing to learn from others, and not be obsessed with empty slogans like Ketuanan Melayu or Satu–Malaysia. The road to Ketuanan Melayu, he writes, is not by shouting your lungs out at every gathering, rather through diligence, hard work, and most of all, superior education.

    Zaid relates his experience as a university student leader on a three-month trip to America visiting the top campuses (“Memburu Cita Cita, (Pursuing You Dreams) Chapter 8 Part II). This was in the 1970s, the height of the anti-Vietnam protests. He was struck that even though America was at war its government was still tolerant of dissent. I have met many Malaysians who have lived for many years in America and yet they miss this important aspect of American exceptionalism. Their America is the shopping malls, porno shops, and blighted downtowns.


  88. shafie says:

    “Some believe 50% of Cabinet members were recommended by Tun M and the balance by Rosmah.”

    This is rhe only way boleh kontrol umno, he will win battle but lose the war

  89. vel vel says:

    Samy: I’m not dead

  90. vel vel says:


    AGREED 871
    disagree 18 ONLY


  91. kadirkejar says:

    50% Rosmah Cabinet………

    What happened to 600-page report against Nor Mohd Yackop? Pak Lah said the report was being investigated. Don’t tell me Najib is not aware. This man has a role in causing the government to lose RM30 billion and through Valuecap another couple of billions, and now Najib wants him to plan our economy? He will take us down the drain. Najib please open your eyes. What is this I hear about the Lamborghini affair?


  92. mohd ali ismail says:

    Someone must give credit to Najibs line-up in the cabinet.He has to chose people that are in tandum with him”birds of the same feather”.

  93. Bujang says:

    Najib is the PM and he should be given a chance to do what he wants.
    There is no textbook to follow; he has to think out ways himself.
    By not appointing Kutty is a good start. The foul mouth and evil incarnate must be discarded and forgotten before he comes back and stir shit into the racial equation again. I just don’t know how this thick skin Mamak could still keep talking and pointing fingers at others. Just a drug pusher telling the public not to take drugs.
    Najis has to try his best to turn the party around. He has to else his party will slip into oblivion.
    Nobody can provide him a formula. Give him a chance to work out an equation for himself.
    Personally, I think he will be more effective than AAB. I really do not know why AAB, the sleeper, who only dreamt of enriching his SIL an his family could be selected to be PM. How could Mamak MM be so blind?
    Like stimulus packages, the first package Najis has delivered by dismantling 30% bumi prticipation in some sectors. I think he will install 2nd, 3rd ,,,,packages at a pace he chooses.
    If he really disributes wealth, I bet many will forget what he has done and look to him as a beacon to the future.
    So he has to show examples. He has to prove himself. This is one way to win back lost hearts.
    I hope he dismantles the 100% bumi policy and gives others a fair chance to survive. As I had said, many hearts would be won over.
    I cross my fingers and see if this would happen?
    And, I believe Najis could do it; only if he has the political will and the wisdom to see this soul-saving string he could have to win votes in the coming 13GE.
    I don’t see anything wrong with him appointing “old stalwarts” into the government. He has his strategy; we wait to see.
    I only know he will be better than AAB in any way we look at it.

  94. bekaspm says:

    hmmmmmmm……orang umno pun tahu………….

    kadirkejar Says:
    April 26, 2009 at 9:54 am

    50% Rosmah Cabinet………

    What happened to 600-page report against Nor Mohd Yackop? Pak Lah said the report was being investigated. Don’t tell me Najib is not aware. This man has a role in causing the government to lose RM30 billion and through Valuecap another couple of billions, and now Najib wants him to plan our economy? He will take us down the drain. Najib please open your eyes. What is this I hear about the Lamborghini affair?


  95. bekaspm says:

    Carita Lamborghini???????

    Ada oghang dok khabaq ada anak mamaq juai cendoi pakai kegheta ateh.

    Kalu betoi, maknanya 76% pekej ransangan sudah kasi belanjaq. Baguih la tu. Itu maknanya ekonomi nak naik balik.

    Hmmm … padan ada dok iya-iya satu masa tu kata ekonomi takkan gawat. Pasai ekonomi dia haghi tu dah nak naik.

    Wow! Camni yang cek susah nak ghenti juai oghang dan balik gi niaga unta
    Nukilan Husin Lempoyan

  96. Kancilandak says:

    PM with TDM helping is planning the right thinking. We must follow our leader to united becoz something good will come out.

  97. kittykat46 says:

    Naif Ton Rasa is an inclusive and principled leader , like a Mafia don.

  98. wits0 says:

    Unity used to serve fascist oppression has its own evil karmic returns which usually just take a little time.

  99. honeyball says:

    Kancilandak Says:
    “We must follow our leader to united becoz something good will come out.”

    Funny feller kekeke like sheep following and only counting them is good for insomnia. All that mutton for dinner table.

  100. monsterball says:

    Yes kittykat….walk at streets …..study on the spot .. economic situation…and plan how to take tax payers money again.
    Now UMNO bank account…no money….so say…no use to fight by-election…in Penang.
    Mamak so used to take as much as he wants with no fear…..do not understand Najib’s logic.
    Najib walking in streets …..planning next move….to save his own skin.
    UMNO sure to chicken out. One more defeat so soon….very shameful la.

  101. kenny says:

    written by kenny, April 25, 2009 07:38:45
    Bros and Sisters!

    Let’s do a poll. Click agree or disagree to a boycott of ALL Mamaq(not Hindu) stalls and businesses.

    The innocent mamaqs will have to be the so-called collateral damage. If they value their our patronage, they themselves will have to pressure and bring their BN-mamaqs in line.

    Once we click ‘agree’, we will have to take this as a promise to our dear RPK and ourselves here that we will fully spread the word immediately to all our families and friends. Tell them about the Penang incidents too! This boycott will not end until and unless these two beasts apologise to Malaysia-Today, okay? Never mind if they don’t; we just continue, we lose nothing.

    The boycott starts immediately. Do you agree???

    disagree 22

    AGREE 941


  102. jean says:

    So many losers joined UMNO Supreme Council. Agree with you on this. Still, it could’ve been worse if not for some who decided to jump to the other side; like that guy who used to play money politic big time in east malaysia, nearly sold the country back in 1998, cronyism, 916, boxes and boxes of evidence and promoted party-hopping. I heard he joined and now leading some oppositions and all were forgiven and infact, worshippped as an honest, principled, non-corruptible, economically well-versed and love his wife leader. And yeah, I miss that drunkard lawyer too who got rich by NEP and an UMNO-crony but now become another hero for the self-declared righteous.

    These people would be called losers too if they did not hop to the other side. Look who they are now… and did I someone called me flip-flopping?

  103. madhat says:

    Prime Minister Najib Razak has named veteran politicians to help him regain voter support, but analysts on Sunday expressed doubts that the old guard can provide new direction for Malaysia’s embattled ruling party.

    Najib, who took over the premiership early this month, appointed several high-profile but old-time politicians Friday to help lead the United Malays National Organization.

    Analysts said the appointees _ including former International Trade Minister Rafidah Aziz and Information Minister Rais Yatim _ were unlikely to give the ruling National Front coalition the boost it is looking for.

    The coalition, dominated by Najib’s UMNO party, is still reeling from poor election results last year, the worst in the five decades it has been in power.

    “It’s not impressive. … It’s still the same old people at a time when you promise a reform agenda,” said Mohammad Agus Yusoff, a political science lecturer at the National University of Malaysia.

    “It’s as if you lack credible, high-caliber leaders. … Definitely (the new appointees) were once UMNO leaders, but their time has gone,” he said.

    Najib has taken pains in his first month in office to emphasize that he plans wide-ranging changes to win back support. Earlier this week, he announced the liberalization of several service sectors to make the country more economically competitive.

    As part of the liberalization he has taken the first step to dismantle an affirmative action program that gives majority Malays privileges in state contracts, jobs, housing and education. The program has been a major thorn in the side for the minority ethnic Chinese and Indians.

    He has also said he would ensure racial equality in this multiethnic nation, where Muslim Malays make up 60 percent of the population and control the government. Ethnic Chinese and Indians, who together account for a third of the 28 million people, complain they face economic, religious and social discrimination.

    But political analyst Khoo Kay Peng said Najib’s first month in office had been marked by promises and announcements with no real changes.

    “There is totally no reform,” Khoo said. “His leadership doesn’t have a clear direction. If you want a new direction, you can’t have people from the old school. … There is a serious problem in (the party’s) pool of leadership.”

    Mohammad Agus also said several of the political appointees had “problems in terms of image” because they faced allegations of corruption.

    Mohamad Ali Rustam, chief minister of southern Malacca state and appointee to UMNO’s decision-making body, was disqualified from party elections last month after he was found guilty of being involved in vote buying.

    But some applauded Najib’s appointments, especially naming top party leaders to head opposition-held and problematic states.

    “The changes reflect Najib’s political style _ meticulous, well thought out and strategic. His political and administrative machinery is complete and it should be all systems go from here on,” analyst Joceline Tan wrote in The Star Saturday.

  104. hat says:

    NAJIB ditemani Raja Nong Chik (kiri) dan Saravanan mencuba air jus durian belanda dengan tangan kiri ketika melawat gerai jualan ketika lawatan mengejutnya di Jalan Masjid India, semalam.- Foto Bernama

    Larangan Makan dengan Tangan Kiri


  105. hat says:

    There are times when I can only say that I am ashamed to be a Malaysian citizen. This holds particularly true when I find myself back in Java, the land of my ancestors, and am asked the same question time and again: “Why are Malaysians so racist and why do they look down on us Indonesians?”
    When even non-Malays citizens are discriminated and looked down upon as second class, can we expect them to treat foreign nationals any better?
    When all public institutions, including the Police, AG and Judiciary, are under at the beck and call of UMNO, these warlords can stomp on the law with impunity.

    Sam – April 26, 2009 at 7:42 pm


  106. wits0 says:

    Menyalak-er, Feroz Merican can’t be too happy with what Kenny posted here.
    Its now,

    disagree 22
    agree 946

    The Truth hurts plenty.

  107. Menyalak-er says:

    “There is totally no reform” Khoo K.Y.
    Nope – zero, nada, nought. But there’s “intention”…
    Set Menu A: “air durian belanda”, Jln. Masjid India.
    Set Menu B: “tau fu faa”, Jln TAR.
    Set Menu C: “air mani”, Jln. Raja Laut.
    Good, good – going down on the ground on a torrid Sat afternoon’s – so that many foto ops, free pr (public relations, wits0) etc. All in vain.
    The thing is that despite all these ‘excercises’ and menus, the cooks and ingredients haven’t changed.

  108. wits0 says:

    “..the cooks and ingredients haven’t changed.”

    Ppl appealed to A Bad awi not to allow the bullying of the Mazu of Kudat. He won’t listen. His own hari(as PM)then got had(limited). PAS allowed the longest Reclining Buddha and it did better in the polls. At the building of the original Kuan Yin statue in Penang, the Mamaks did their protest stuff. She(the statue) became squat, ugly and an eyesore(kinda to me anyway, then).

    Kinda poetic.

  109. rising sun says:

    Malaysia is still ruled by those monsters from the dinosaurs era. looking at monsterball here talking tocks all the time here in this web-blog is no different from all those monsters from the dinosaur ear talking in the parliament.

  110. rising sun says:

    Hey this is a modern world where advanced technologies rule. Malaysia can never be shift to an advanced country with all this monsters from the dinosaur era still around.

    All these monsters aka Tong M, zzzz, rais yatim, api queen, botahid, bungus moktar, Jama sakai, sharizat, lee kim sai, ng yy, ktk, lka. lls, kerismuddin, nik aziz, lks, lge, ai, ki… the whole cabinet, parliament, all state assemblies in Semenjunjung, can never know how to use advanced technologies and politics with innovative techniques …

    They are of obsolete quality.

  111. whispering9 says:

    Lots of people commented that DSN appointment of losers was a disappointment. For me, when analyzed in depth it can be considered a proven formula for delivering fast results. Let me briefly explained.

    In any organization, you don’t want too many managers or senior executives because the CEO is most effective with 2-4 senior executives to deliver results fast and avoid management clashes. Mistakes can also be learned and corrected fast.

    I guess the losers need to be appointed because of the old patronage system. But if these postilions are filled with young and energetic personnel, there might be endless management clashes and the Chief will have to spend valuable time to mediate them. It is better to fill such spaces with what I termed as parenchymal posts. They are there just to provide support with no real direct managerial power. Actually, TDM used this set-up quite effectively. PL, on the other hand, listened to a foreign consultancy firm and decentralize his administration and allowing autonomy which is always a disaster for a political organisation. Guess….PR folks shouldn’t rejoice too soon yet. What DSN doing now is definitely effective as 2-3 years forward planning; what more if the economy recovers (his effort or otherwise). Like I said, better concentrate on delivering results then politicking in by-erections. Shiok sendiri only. What you think, jean?

  112. rising sun says:

    Looking at Nippon- the risen sun- our former colonial masters- they are real advanced in all their politics, economics, judiciary, prosecutions, governments in all levels, technologies, politics, cultures etc.

    No wonder a Japanese when visiting to Malaysia would experience severe culture shocks.

    All these monsters in the dinosaur age are just ignorant to all the conspicuous facts that they are of no use the developments of Malaysia.

    They would not retire voluntarily cos they are enjoying all the fat salaries with cruising speed @ minimum input. Where can you find such a job in this world except Malaysia?

  113. rising sun says:

    The rakyat must realize that all these hp6 monsters must go before Malaysia can genuinely change ala Nippon- the risen sun!

    As long as monsterball is still blogging on this sloone blog, sloone despite shouting all the bangs bangs on her side bar, sloone will not go far ala Malaysia will not go far with all the archaic cum obsolete monsters in Malaysia ala monsterball in loone blog!

    No hard feeling monsterball, either you got to go or change your pseudonym which is a total disgrace to every rakyat in bolehland!

    Are you insane? Cos you are because you are like those monsters in the dinosaur age- they will never change. So are you!

  114. rising sun says:

    Malaysia is filled with all kinds of useless and/or insane cuckoo monsters.

    No wonder Malaysia’s democracy is in such a deep shit!

    Where got future for the rakyats and future rakyats?

    Therefore, the rakyat must take the positive initiatives to make things happened and not let things happened- by getting rid all these endemic cuckoo monsters!

  115. monsterball says:

    Rising sun writes like 18 years old kid.
    When he grows up…..he will know he is an idiot.

  116. Menyalak-er says:

    W9, I think by-erections are not an issue that naif and his legions can choose to ignore, for it is not for them to say. They ignore it at their peril.
    While we can give some ‘polite’ applause to his seemingly ‘approachable’ demeanor to the masses, we know that there is no way that that ossified cantekerous creature shaped by racism, feudalism, ‘corporate’ cronyism, nepotism and above all corruption (in the simple sense of the word) can evolve into a benign, caring, just, righteous Godfearing entity that all true Malayians deserve.
    Political expediency requires sham bollywood dramas like what naif is doing now – but faith cannot be ‘bought’ by such actions. We have swallowed to much bile and while we may forgive ,we can never forget – esp. when 2 whole generations of our young have suffered from incompetence, ethnocentricity and mismanagment of resources.
    By including the ‘dinosaurs’ as rising sun says, is a sure fire way of retaining the same old habits, prejudices and misbehavior.
    There has been a paragidm shift in the rakyat’s mentality, and we won’t play ‘congkat’ with them anymore. Let them play with themselves.

  117. jean says:

    Hopefully, yours is not a trick question, right w9?

    I ain’t no political analyst and my 2sens ain’t mean that much. So many “experts” offered their opinion and some are so eager to give that “F” mark even before the exam ended. My only question is , “isn’t that too early?” So far, he introduced things that did not exactly put anybody in ISA or raise the bumi quota to 90% like so many predicted, did he? I did not even hear a loud noise about the abolition of MECD or the liberalization from the bumis.

    Honestly w9, it looks like the PR folks are more worried about DSN might be doing a good job (not necessarily perfect) for the economy and the the country. Any improvement on the country’s management, is bad news to PR , right? So oppose and complain about every little things lah. Selfish tak?

    BTW, its sunday… shut off that pc lah… I am different. I am one of those bumi who has to work 7 days a week.

  118. monsterball says:

    Whispering 9…..Najib appointed loosers…disrespecting elected results.
    That’s the main point.
    When one who is the PM…openly be undemocratic….unfair..not only to his own Supreme Council elected choices…such as..winner not in…looser appointed…shows UMNO is split into two. His outright defying 12th GE voting results… appointing loosers as ministers…is showing Najib is worst than Abdullah…..and clear signs…he has people he can trust.
    Najib’s actions established himself as one PM no one can trust….not even ..by his own UMNO members.
    But the members…love the party and sacrifices themselves to be better hypocrites than before..by supporting Najib. It’s more acting than sincerity.
    It’s all about UMNO…never the country.
    If commercial firms put out election to fill in Dept posts …they will not dare to choose loosers. Kindly remember….without workers…the company is nothing..and the have no jails for workers speaking out loud against the CEO…if needed so.
    If the workers are lazy and top men are corrupted…..the said company is finished.
    Please do not compare company to political party management…especially talking about a racialist corrupted UMNO party.
    Jean’s food for thoughts message…is interesting.

  119. monsterball says:

    I was actually trying to say…Najib have fewer people he can trust….that’s why loosers are in.
    And everyone knows….he is trying to keep MCA and Gerakan alive…indirectly saying….go to hell with People’s Power.
    His few walks at streets supporting oppositions are like an unpopular actor….putting on a thick skin face…showing concern.to win votes…nothing more.. nothing less.

  120. monsterball says:

    I am so glad Jean is back at her best!
    We may not agree …but I do recognize she is at lady…and blog need smart commentators.
    Don’t run way Jean. Write your thoughts.
    You can see….even I disagreed with you….I got all sorts of insults too..unless I declare you are no more my friend.

  121. wits0 says:

    Whispering9, “What DSN doing now is definitely effective as 2-3 years forward planning; what more if the economy recovers (his effort or otherwise).”

    Right too W9, if logic alone is involved but they don’t have the right logic(even with all the top available advisors of quality) or spirit and are encumbered by all those historical weighty bad baggage, aka greedy corruptive habit and propensity that needs little elaboration anymore. Therefore, I’ll agree with Manyalak-er, it won’t work.

    Sigh…W9, meantime here’s your fav song for diversion:


  122. monsterball says:

    Why must UMNO who made so many mistakes…exposed so many as corrupted…be forgiven and supported year in year out?
    Why are not ALL Malaysians wanting change of government….to give others a chance?
    Do we want a democratic or racialist country?
    I have no doubt….PR is no saint. Which political party is?
    It is very easy to find faults with RP…until 13th GE.
    It is the desire of People’s Power to be recognized and respected…and we have that. The time is right. The choices are there..for change in government.
    People’s Power have shown…time and time again,…their choices..but Najib keep ignoring us..with his latest selections o0f minsters and deputies.
    Why do some simply love to keep protecting a devilish government?
    Just make up your mind…change it…and no good…change it back…exactly like USA.

  123. kittykat46 says:

    What DSN has done in the last 3 weeks would have set off ecstasies of orgasms in the pre-2008 Malaysia, when the rakyat were still asleep.

    Did you see people jumping for joy yesterday ? Ummm…NO. Of course there is a cautious welcome. Isn’t this a little bit of what we’ve been pressuring the government to do for years and years ?

    The electorate is far more cynical these days. Only real results will make any difference to BN’s fortunes.

    Make no mistake.
    Najib isn’t taking even these baby steps because he’s an inclusive reformist. He’s doing this because UMNO-BN is facing the political equivalent of a life-threatening disease.

    How to get more reforms….keep up the pressure…

  124. jean says:

    …and are encumbered by all those historical weighty bad baggage, aka greedy corruptive habit and propensity that needs little elaboration anymore…

    The same description fits well for two different men but amazingly, one is a devil no matter what and the other is an angel no matter what. Why? Simple “Us” vs “them” mentality. The PM is only a few days on the job and what is the verdict? It wont work. Wow!! I am impressed.

    Monty, I would simply walk away when personal insults were thrown When someone wrote jean is this, jean is that… well, its not worth it. Don’t worry… you are not alone in your trade. Some are worse without knowing it. Some were loud but actually said nothing. They just awed themselves and a crowd they called “rakyat.” Let them enjoy being big fishes in this small pond.

    (Darn, I had just thrown a personal insult!)

  125. kittykat46 says:

    Najib appointing “proven money politician” like Ali Rustam as Supreme Council member isn’t some kind of proven formula for delivering fast results.

    Its just a symptom that amidst all the carnival-like hoopla in the MSM around his little baby steps, the real UMNO is there and sees nothing wrong with the same old ways.

    He’s trying to have his cake and eat it too….we won’t allow him to do it will we ?

    How to keep make the world safe for UMNO…kakakaka…

  126. monsterball says:

    You know why Police and judges are on the side of UMNO?
    Because we encouraged them to be so….with our disunited mentalities.
    People’s Power is getting stronger and stronger..yet within People’s Power…so many minds are poisoned by the evil force to be racialists..selfish and conceited.
    Yes….UMNO have poisoned weak minds.
    If we show and behave we are all Malaysians and not by races….I am sure it will spread like wild fire…with UMNO members and supporters finally see the real truths.and abandon that racialist party.
    To show that..UMNO Malays must shout for freedom of choosing religion.
    That will impress the judges and policemen….to do their rightful noble jobs.

  127. wits0 says:

    “The same description fits well for two different men but amazingly, one is a devil no matter what and the other is an angel no matter what. Why? Simple “Us” vs “them” mentality. The PM is only a few days on the job and what is the verdict? It wont work. Wow!! I am impressed.”

    I’m impressed too by the notion that somehow half a century old barf is recyclable and invaluable.

    Give ’em another half a century and enjoy the century old egg – literally!

  128. kittykat46 says:

    You should read this deconstruction of Najib’s “reforms” by a very intelligent Malay blogger, who is I’m sure not an Anwarista in case you think he’s a Pakatan-kaki.


  129. hat says:

    najib deceives and is immoral for long time………

    TPM Najib Tun Razak memberi amaran kepada pemimpin BN lain agar
    mengambil iktibar dari kes perletakkan jawatan Dr Chua Soi Lek yang terlibat
    dengan kes DVD lucah. Najib turut mengingatkan para pemimpin BN agar mengawal
    akhlak masing-masing dan tidak memalukan parti.

    Kata Kit Siang:

    Had Najib set exemplary standards in his political career as to qualify him to
    issue warning or is he akin to Father Crab teaching Baby Crab to walk straight?


  130. monsterball says:

    Jean….noted and many thanks for your kind advices.
    We are friends..no matter what.
    Now where is the other dear fiend…Bamboo River?
    Is it.. bad business keeping him busy or feeling the pressure..not wanted in this blog..or fed up to see Mafias maybe taking over?
    Come back Bamboo River…..have no fear.
    Kopitiam may have died a natural death…but your wise thoughts and comical remarks are impressive.
    Contribute to win votes for RP.

  131. hat says:

    “Contribute to win votes for RP.”

    oooops this is a pr site?

  132. justme says:

    What RPK wrote in his blog Malaysia Today ” Mamak gang strikes again,” could it be an indication and is implying on the situation for the upcoming Perak state assembly sitting come May?

  133. jean says:

    “I’m impressed too by the notion that somehow half a century old barf is recyclable and invaluable….”

    Not all were recycled by UMNO. Some were recycled and became “invaluable” by another party. Or atleast he is that gooey and sticky stuff that keeps the pakatan together. Either way, he is just invaluable.

    Mind you, I am not defending those useless in UMNO but I hate the hypocrisy.

  134. monsterball says:

    I am FOR and after the AGAINST… with loving kindness.
    Nawi is now a PAS supporter in Kelantan.
    Chengho agrees with me ….first time in LKS blog..calling me “Uncle Monsterball”
    Only in Rocky and Susan’s blog…different strokes…different mentalities…..but with common objective….to chase me out.
    One is pro UMNO…here is …”he never learn”. I guess…it meant…toe the line…or else.
    I write this to shame the devils….but Jean is a classic writer…I can never learn to be.
    I can never forget how Jean used to protect me year in year out……yet those standing same ground with me on change of government have another condition..I am not allowed to pick her as my friends.
    If so..I am this or that….only they know what they are talking about.
    They are worst than most pro UMNO guys I know.

  135. monsterball says:

    My famous on finger typing error la…”hat” writer.

  136. kittykat46 says:

    The guy some call Al-Juburi didn’t just swap his wardrobe overnight. He did spend 6 years thinking about it in the cooler.

    Unlike your highly admired newly minted PM who has had an instant makeover, from UMNO gutter-operator to inclusive reformer, courtesy of Saatchi-Saatchi and McKinsey consulting.

  137. monsterball says:

    How about my lousy English?
    Can understand?

  138. monsterball says:

    By the way…Chengho..is a young man…used to support MCA .

  139. hat says:






  140. hat says:

    “Mind you, I am not defending those useless in UMNO but I hate the hypocrisy.”

    Joe is a serial apologist. Totally self-absorbed, he says “I’m sorry” so often, even he doesn’t know what the words mean anymore—that is, until a female he tramples refuses his apology. Face to face with his own hypocrisy, he learns just how powerful sincerity can be.


  141. wits0 says:

    We at Susan’s mostly don’t worship pakatan as may be wrongly imputed but one thing is for sure and that is it wouldn’t dare seek to retain the ISA or persecute outspoken critics like RPK. If that gooey and sticky stuff is required as a means for ’em to further the liberalizing of a country, then it serves some essential function towards a good end. If it should renege later, it knows very well that it too can be in turn superceded.

    Gooey and sticky pathos are therefore better than BN’s pathetic unequal partnership which is written in stone, and so shabbily disguised and shamelessly denied.

  142. wits0 says:

    “He did spend 6 years thinking about it in the cooler.”

    I’ll say he gained a lot from 6 years of contemplation and reflection. A changed person from the one before, one who is acceptable across the previously established divide.

  143. monsterball says:

    groggy…reading hot stuffs..with so much twists and turns.. need to sleep…..lots of work tomorrow.

  144. Menyalak-er says:

    Gooey and sticky pathos? Oh, you meant us little fishes and hypocrites izzit, wits0. Hmm… hypocrites simulate virtue, goodness and of course ‘evidence’. The greatest hypocrites are those who are quite hypocritical, further to wit – little fishes cannot possibly be human.

  145. wits0 says:

    Of course she meant the PR’s inter relationship. Like as if the BN has a better and more functioning version whereby the small brothers are duty bound to deliver all their quota of wholesale asses bought cheap for big brother umno.

  146. tuak says:

    The recent crackdowns on various bloggers, including RPK, the police report against commentators in Malaysia Today, the arrests of people holding anti-ISA vigils and numerous similar cases shows how desperatethe BN/Umno regime is to stifle freedom of expression.

    In addition to making a mockery of the claim by the BN/Umno regime that “Malaysia is a democracy”, the crackdown shows that the BN/Umno government’s promise to “not censor the internet” was merely empty words, merely “saying the right thing” to attract foreign ICT companies to invest in the multimedia super corridor (MSC).

    The BN/Umno government has exhausted it’s credibility, whatever it does, whatever reforms it may implement, is “too little too late”.

    The BN/Umno crackdowns on freedom of expression only serve to demonstrate how important it is to completely oust BN/Umno from the government.

    The harder BN/Umno pushes the rakyat, the harder the rakyat will push back.
    maybe we should all wear T-shirts with the inscription “Push Harder”.

  147. Menyalak-er says:

    There are no more lil’ bros for bumno, friend. They went the way of the dodo, and are just barking quite like yours truly.
    However, the dodol, ‘aljaburi’ is surely gooey and sticky and won’t go away even if he ends up in the pot again. Now, that being the case, naif needed the extra ‘protection’ that these pangolins aka ‘dinosaurs’ afforded. None of the lil wankers have the know how…
    It’s not the sloganeering, its the reality on the ground that keeps the scepticsm rooted.

  148. billauchris says:

    By bringing back the poltergeists of yester-years into the supreme council of UMNO, it tends to give the impression to the general public that UMNO may not have the capable members to fill the vacancies or it is attempting to resurrect the ghosts to haunt and spite MM on his face.

    Is it a good thing for Naif Ton Rasa to do so? Your guess is as good as mine. This decision may accelerate UMNO’s doom sooner than expected.

    Good Luck to UMNO

  149. whispering9 says:

    “Hopefully, yours is not a trick question, right w9?” No jean, it ain’t a trick question. Just like you commented, DSN might actually convince the public that he is a okay. Throwing insults, insinuations and allegations will not win the next election by a long chance. Letting go of RPK and allowing the internet to flourish will actually work for him, rather than against him. TDM can attest to it. Not many realized the significant of putting down the keris in UMNO youth assembly recently.

    wits0…..thanks. I just commented that it is an effective plan. I guess you understood how some of it is going to work. Just like how Obama’s economical planning will guarantee him results and re-election but at a price to the future generations. But heck, it ain’t going to be his problem anyway.

    Menyalak-er….are you a party man? If DSN can withstand the pressure and not go for the Penanti by-election, PR (more specifically, DSAI) has lost the physiological edge. Can’t you guys see beyond insults the brilliant strategy behind all the moves so far? Geezzzz…..do you think calling the Chinese MCA running dogs won you the last GE? Hahaha….some actually did. Personally, PR still have a shot in the next GE if they concentrate on getting results out and highlighting it. Time is running out. And if the economy improves….PR will have a long and winding road ahead.

    Last comment here on this issue. I hate to sound like an UMNO man. But guys and gals, acknowledging your opponent strength is the first step towards victory. KS and RPK are right…DSAI should make plan to retire. Like DSN, he too has lots of baggages. He can lead PR to victory but should indicate his intention to decline the premiership clearly after the victory. Follow lah LKS, good move meh. 🙂

  150. ktteokt says:

    UMNO – An outdated political party for OUTDATED POLITICIANS!

  151. andakkecil says:

    Najib must remember that a half-cooked meal is often not only inedible but could also poison you; likewise a half-baked solution.

    -Bakri Musa

  152. kittykat46 says:

    You can’t make a healthy meal from rotten ingredients.

    Brilliant strategy ? Umm…..there’s a big troop of kwai-loh spinners and consultants camped in KL right now serving as his ‘brain’. My assessment is there is zero sincerity behind it.

    I guess some Malaysians will buy it, because the 51-year night has been long, dark and cold indeed.

    I quite like Bakri Musa’s critique on DSN, though I’m inclined to be much less charitable towards him.


  153. andakkecil says:

    ALCOHOL does not make you fat,
    In fact it makes you LEAN……………….
    Yes!!! Lean against people, walls, furniture, even against invisible things……..
    CHEERS!!! to Naif Tong Rosak

  154. jean says:

    “The guy some call Al-Juburi didn’t just swap his wardrobe overnight. He did spend 6 years thinking about it in the cooler.” – kk46

    Wrong. He changed his wardrobe the day he was sacked. Suddenly he was against everything he was. That’s an overnite (2 days max) change and not 6-years. The picture of a man “wrongly accused” and fought his way for truth and justice and for the greater good of mankind sounds really good and will win you Miss Universe. Anwar knows that well and like a bollywood movie, it sells.

  155. jean says:

    kk46, I agree with whole heartedly that “You can’t make a healthy meal from rotten ingredients.”

  156. HURRAH says:

    The NUT GRAPH’s Jacqueline Ann Surin who comes as sharp as you can get, points out WHAT IS REALLY WASTEFUL:

    If we were to extend the BN’s logic further, Malaysians should also conclude that any other candidate who contests against the PKR candidate in Penanti is being irresponsible about how public funds are spent.

    Already, former Penang Wanita PKR chief Aminah Abdullah has said she will contest as an independent candidate. Surely she deserves to be vilified, too, for creating a situation where public resources would be unnecessarily drained again.

    What really is a waste of public funds isn’t the necessary process of an election in a democracy. What really is, is when so much is spent by state agencies with little accounting for how the money was spent.

    And as someone who files my taxes in full and on time, what irks me is not the messiness and costliness of the democratic process. What outrages me is when public funds are used to stifle democracy.

    For example, when FRU and police are sent to disperse peaceful candlelit vigils, sometimes violently. Or when more than 100 tear gas canisters are lobbed into a crowd of peaceful Malaysians protesting because of a legitimate concern (I wonder how much each canister costs?). Or when state funds are used to maintain the Kamunting Detention Centre which continues to incarcerate people, without trial, under the Internal Security Act.

    That the BN is instead focused on demonising a legitimate democratic process because they don’t see the value in it is revealing. That they refuse to acknowledge public funds are really being wasted to undermine our democracy in concrete ways is even more significant.

    Need Malaysians wonder anymore what the BN stands for?

  157. kittykat46 says:

    The original “Reformasi” demonstrations were basically a power struggle between Mahafiraun and Al-Juburi. That’s why a lot of people sat on the fence and just watched. Me included.

    PR is talking about something very different now, and I’m no longer on the fence.

    If DSN can actually agree to let the people of Perak decide the government that they want, I will respect him.
    Because his actions to-date to suborn any and all institutions – judiciary, civil service etc. – to prop up his Perak power grab expose DSN as the Mafia gangster that he really is.

  158. tt says:



    kah kah kah… INI KERJA YANG PALING MISSION IMPOSSIBLE…kah kah kah.

    kah kah kah….. INI MACAM GARAM NAK JADI GULA…. kah kah kah….

    kah kah kah…… MACAM TAHIK TAK NAK BUSUK…. kah kah kah…

    kah kah kah… INI MACAM LEMBU TAK MAKAN RUMPUT….kah kah kah

    woit… INI MACAM NAK KENAKAN KJ… kah kah kah…

    woit… KJ DAN LABU LABI NYA BIARKAN BIARKAN.. kah kah kah…

    Dicatat oleh Tukar Tiub

  159. wits0 says:

    Method minus sincerity is always available for sale. Kwai Lo got plenty methods for a price. Sincerity, you gotta have or you don’t. We know they(BN) don’t have.

  160. tt says:



    Umno sedang mempergiatkan usaha merampas empat negeri Pakatan Rakyat dalam rombakan terbesar barisan pengerusi perhubungan negeri hari ini sejak Najib Razak mengetuai parti itu, akhir Mac lalu.

    Najib sendiri kini memimpin Selangor dan melepaskan jawatan tersebut di Perak – tugas itu diserahkan kepada Zambry Abd Kadir, menteri besar selepas negeri itu dirampas kembali BN, Februari lalu.

    kah kah kah… DAH NAIK STIM… kah kah kah…


    kah kah kah… LEPAS TU SURUH WAK BOTOX KACAU ELI WONG… kah kah kah…

    kah kah kah…. BOLEH STIM SEKALI LAGI… DI BUKIT LANJAN…. kah kah kah…


    Dicatat oleh Tukar Tiub

  161. tt says:



    Bekas Ketua Wanita Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) Pulau Pinang, Aminah Abdullah berharap Barisan Nasional (BN) “tidak bertanding bagi membolehkannya” menentang calon PKR di pilihan raya kecil kerusi Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) Penanti

    kah kah kah… INI AMINAH MANA?…. kah kah kah..

    kah kah kah…. INI AMINAH DARI MONGOLIA KE ?…. kah kah kah…

    kah kah kah…. INI MESTI HANTU ALTANTUYA….MENYAMAR…kah kah kah..

    woit…. BORING LAAA…. BEKAS BEKAS NI…..kah kah kah…

    woit….. CARILAH YANG BUKAN BEKAS BEKAS…. BARU BEST…. kah kah kah…

    kah kah kah…. SATU MALAYSIA MENANTI MADEY DI PENANTI…kah kah kah..

    Dicatat oleh Tukar Tiub

  162. whispering9 says:

    Hi kk46,

    The word “I” in I-Ching has 3 meanings which I cut & paste from Wiki.

    1. Simplicity – the root of the substance. The fundamental law underlying everything in the universe is utterly plain and simple, no matter how abstruse or complex some things may appear to be. (So far all his actions are relatively simple to common folks. PR on the other hand is getting obtuse).

    2. Variability – the use of the substance. Everything in the universe is continually changing. By comprehending this one may realize the importance of flexibility in life and may thus cultivate the proper attitude for dealing with a multiplicity of diverse situations. (Who is to say he is not Mr. Variability?)

    3. Persistency – the essence of the substance. While everything in the universe seems to be changing, among the changing tides there is a persistent principle, a central rule, which does not vary with space and time.
    (LOL, he is quite persistent with his ‘destiny’ to becomes the PM).

    Sincerity is not in the above equation. ‘Show me the cash’ that is what they said.

    Cheer kk46….not trying to be cheeky nor charitable. Just, like Susan wrote, too much PR victory laps can breed conceit. There is someone else very Asian and very Malaysian, must smarter than all the Kwai Loh beside him also 😉 . This PM knows how to use the best brains for the job too. The trick is how to ensure that he continues doing only the goodies and not so much the baddies. Letting go of RPK is a great way to go. Wonder if his spinners are reading this blog? 😉

  163. monsterball says:

    A man changes as he grows older.
    It is to which direction Anwar is changing that matters.
    His speeches on the 12th GE made him the towering figure Malaysians are looking for the alternative against UMNO for a long long time.
    The present position he is in…under same idiotic false charges are clear testimony….UMNO is so afraid of him.
    Using a charge that links to Islamic religion…making no Muslim dare to oppose…is the lowest dirty politics one can find anywhere in the world. Only UMNO can come out with such filthy idea…and Mahathir originated it….no one can beat that cunning idea…so copy and carry on.
    I used to tell my friends…….”Who cares who is next PM. I do not depend on UMNO for a living”
    When blogging started…I read so many cares…and started to care my for the country and people…my own ways.
    Yes…you simply cannot make a healthy meal from rotten ingredients.
    UMNO is all rotten…do not be fooled by the nice meals they are offering. Eat that …you will suffer.
    Believe in your.. People’s Power greatness….so powerful. Do not let any political party control you….be it UMNO or PR. You are all powerful!!
    Right now..it makes sense to change out-dated 52 year old government…try new one.

  164. monsterball says:

    One need not be too educated…… to understand your own country …needs and wants. It is exactly like what you need in your homes.
    Do you need commonsense or religion to manage your home affairs…or a good job with steady income? Are we heading that way..governed by UMNO?
    Yes….maybe..but 52 years to late. Why now..why not 25 years ago?
    Twisting and turning is an art to confuse voters too.
    Discussions and opinions in simple terms … are known as idiots by these smart political agents.

  165. satay says:

    Meat from rubbish dumps repackaged as ‘fresh’

    JAKARTA, INDONESIA: In the latest food scam to hit the Indonesian capital, scavengers have been picking through rubbish dumps to collect rotten meat, which is then repackaged for sale at ‘bargain prices’.

    The group targeted restaurant and hotel dump sites, and sold the pickings to traders who would recook and dye them before selling them to consumers as fresh food.


  166. HURRAH says:


  167. HURRAH says:

    I am recalling the Abdullah years as a way of reminding ourselves not to be tempted into swallowing the “right noises” that Najib is making, hook, line and sinker. He is apparently good at developing popular policies on the trot, and all his reform promises seem to flow so effortlessly and glibly off his silvery tongue and that worries many people who are looking more for substance rather than form.

    Tunku Aziz, The Malaysian Insider

  168. Kancilandak says:

    Now Raja Perta creete problem at Malaysia today to indian-muslim. Why this putra cannot keep quite I dont understand. Give the odenary people the brake lah!

  169. wits0 says:

    “Give the odenary people the brake lah!”

    Use double servo one for yourself, ler. 😀

  170. wits0 says:

    Whispering9, you’re suggesting that “AlJubari” is obsolescent already ; I think not. Some of his recycled kakis maybe.

    The Concord supersonic passenger aircraft went through a long protracted development stage and performed very well within it service life.

    Anyway, enjoy this nice Western midi :


  171. huhu.. malaysia boleh says:

    i think. if he thinks all the people that he choose its ok and can give our country a credit why not… doesnt matter he or she datang from kampung ke, longkang, rasuah ke as long as u boleh makan i boleh makan.. enough…

  172. Menyalak-er says:

    G’day W9 and friends,
    Nope not any party man – ever. Too stupid.
    Kindly note that Penanti by-erection has nothing to do with whether naif wants to run or not. We’ll realise that it was aljaburi’s way of dealing with the infantile tantrums within PKR, and i ‘ve along with several others criticized the way it came to fore.
    Second thing is that we’re not talking about MCA/MIC ‘running dogs’ – they were already nonexistent when octo-kutty was around. It is about the whole Be-end ‘coalition’, where there is actually no such thing as consensus. Only taikor gets his way. Perak is a case to point – how can a non-elected ‘non’ be in the exco, just to make up numbers? Tepid eyewash!
    While naif’s stategy is to remain silent on a whole host of issues, of which Altantuya’s and Perak debacle seem to be the biggest, the ‘opposition’ are not going to let it go. He has not only to seen ‘clean’, to honestly step forward to clean up these doubts. And i repeat that nonsensical thing about insisting on ‘evidence’ from warped gomen instruments…
    No matter how one wants to get rid of the stink of putrefying corpses by glossing or carpeting them over, the smell pervades.
    The days of hiding and playing cat and mouse are over, and just saying that economics will be the end all of politics is doing a disservice to thinking people.

  173. kittykat46 says:

    “rasuah ke as long as u boleh makan i boleh makan.. enough…”

    In a previous life….seems like so long ago, though it was just a few years ago, I thought like that too.
    Me and my high-flying career, 3-litre SUV, 1/2 Million Ringgit Semi-D, super-solid BN supporter. UMNO could plunder the country forever for all I cared.

    Sorry, I’ve woken up, these sorry little bits of Najis aren’t enough to cloud my eyes again.

  174. wits0 says:

    Man shall not live by bread alone….guess who said it? 😉

  175. goblock says:

    The World’s Most Influential Person Is…

    In a stunning result, the winner of the third annual TIME 100 poll, and new owner of the title world’s most influential person, is Moot. The 21-year-old college student and founder of the online community 4chan.org, whose real name is Christopher Poole, received 16,794,368 votes and an average influence rating of 90 (out of a possible 100) to handily beat the likes of Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin and Oprah Winfrey. To put the magnitude of the upset in perspective, it’s worth noting that everyone Moot beat out actually has a job.

    Since Moot launched 4chan.org in 2003, the site has given birth to Internet memes as diverse as Lolcats and Rickrolling. 4chan averages 8.5 million page views a day and 3.3 million visitors a month; by some estimates it is the fourth largest bulletin board in the world.

  176. whispering9 says:

    Dear wits0,

    Obsolescent nope, but I still remember how he co-administrated Malaysia when he was the DPM. He, too, have some nasty kakis which I am sure, were worse that that rich nasty neighbor you wrote about previously. If he recycled those kakis, you are only going to get a similar government. The way I see it, the rakyat can at this point of time safely gives the States Assemblies to PR. The Federal Administration is still not within their reach. At least, not until a new breed of capable politicians are brandied. Some of PR MPs are, to be fair, also HP6. Using By-Erections to clean the name-roll? Then he is only telling us that he has no clue how to hire an honest person. Anyway, we should still support PR until the two-party system matures. Look how it is working to the rakyat advantages. Okay…I am really signing off this time.

    ps: Menyalak-er….if PR had listen to the advise of some supporters to dissolve the Perak State Assembly, today they might still be driving the Camry. They were arrogant and cock sure of themselves. The Oppositions have been telling ‘stories’ since I was a very little child. They didn’t win using that strategy. They won ‘cos a lot of people hate PakLah and KJ. Ponder on this, maybe they can come out with a better strategy beside using Altantuya and Perak debacle which, according to my interpretation of I-Ching, are too complicated and complex to deliver.

  177. goblock says:

    Man shall not live by bread alone….guess who said it?

    Not the LOAFER mamaq former PM and now baboo roti

  178. monsterball says:

    The latest news is…if UMNO have no balls to fight in the Penanti by-election…
    PAS….DAP and keDAILan will slog it out for fun……hahahahahahahaha

  179. Menyalak-er says:

    Yo Wits0, that’s too old a wisdom for many nowadays… the over-hyped Clintonesque:”it’s the economy, stupid!” seems to be in the vogue.
    Anyway, its obvious that not many understand valor, diligence, prudence and temperance today.
    It may be said by the devolving that:”its in the stomach and genitals”.
    Just a ‘gut’ feeling, the world economy is about to take another huge blow with that swine ‘flu running amok (term is not exclusive to ethnicity)! And our nation’s health defence is dependent on a ‘fly by wire’ lawyer buruk, who thinks that we can easily whip up some vaccines! What class… man, thermal scanners to the left, to the right and it’ll hit us between the eyes!

  180. simba says:

    ‘…………….‘flu running amok (term is not exclusive to ethnicity)! ‘

    Btw Aminah Abdullah (from Mongolia??) formerly PKR wants the Naif to stay out of Penanti.

  181. zam says:

    UPDATE! Zambry Mamak, ‘real’orang melayu atau jelmaan Samy Vellu?


  182. kittykat46 says:

    Malaysiakini calls Zambry Mamaka “Pangkor Pele”.
    Ouch…that was a bit below the belt….but well deserved…

  183. kittykat46 says:

    Folks….not to scare you unnecessarily…but I think the long feared global pandemic is HERE.

    Over 100 people died of the swine flu in Mexico – normally the worst you ever get from flu is a fever, nasty running nose, headache and 1 day MC – whover heard of normal healthy people DYING from flu ?
    Cases popping up in the US, Canada, UK…it will be in KL in a few days…may already be here, given the few days incubation period for flu.

  184. satay says:

    klse is a junk store where most shares traded are below $1

    Total Vol (Shrs) : 2.10b
    Total Val (RM) : 1.409b

  185. whispering9 says:

    Next few days it is going to have a very negative impact on the US equity market like it did to ours when we had our Nipah virus pandemic. Luck is sure not on WCW side when he wrote about ‘Bursa hitting 1000 marks.’ Man proposes. God disposes.

  186. HURRAH says:

    “Man proposes. God disposes.”

    WCW orgasmed too soon. Now he`s frantically looking for tissue.

  187. wits0 says:

    Menyalak-er says: “Yo Wits0, that’s too old a wisdom for many nowadays… the over-hyped Clintonesque:”it’s the economy, stupid!” seems to be in the vogue.
    Anyway, its obvious that not many understand valor, diligence, prudence and temperance today.
    It may be said by the devolving that: ”its in the stomach and genitals”…….”
    It’s not actually too old, being around just 2,000 years old. Some truths are timeless.

    Need one say that that was the byline of umno from the time before many like Jean was even born. Jean once reminded us here that, “It’s no fun to be poor”. Which of course is unnecessary but reveals her party’s holy mantra that justified plenty of its other similar machinations.

    Besides “fun” and “poverty” are truly incompatible unless you happened to be someone with many children and multiple wives – such types can even get MSN publicity like it’s an praiseworthy accomplishment. Example of our ambivalent and clueless society praising intemperance like a virtue.

    It’s more the working og the promiscuous genital than the economy oftentimes.

    When a system teaches a philosophy that’s low, to start with, the achievement can never be high enough before degenerating into what you have described, – ‘not many understand valor, diligence, prudence and temperance today and ”its in the stomach and genitals”…….”‘ All things become related to entitlement amd merits sent to hell! Can’t even graduate on a decent Maslow Triangle in the scheme of things. If others can’t understand our exchanges here, it isn’t our fault. 😉

  188. Kancilandak says:

    Swine is haram to Islam, so the swine fulu never harm the people who not eat it. This will not harmful the malays and other muslim. Maybe come very near to our country. Not worrying, this is Malaysia.

  189. kittykat46 says:

    “Luck is sure not on WCW side ”

    Luck is not on Naif Ton Rasa’s side. But those with as heavy a karmic burden as he does can hardly expect anything good from that direction.

    Some weeks ago a Chinese fortune teller told me Naif has a very, very difficult road ahead. But then again we all know that, anyway.

  190. sam says:

    Bzzzzzzzzz………….got it————–flies wings solution combat swine flu

  191. Menyalak-er says:

    Dear Kancilandak, that’s why are you a ‘porcupined mousedeer’.
    You see when we call it a ‘swine’ flu, it does not necesssarily come from pigs. This virus has human, bird and porcine genes all mixed up, like you being a cross (hybrid) between a kancil and a landak (how did that happen??) – and is easily transmitted by human contact.
    While it is to be seen as to whether the mortality rate is greater/less than SARS or Nipah virus, no artificial human barrier can stop its spread due to ‘globalization’.
    The world’s economy is already in shambles and if this disease becomes pandemic, all hell breaks loose… and many in Malaysia will be dead iteks, whichever side of politics they may be in.
    Don’t worry though, you and i ain’t human.

  192. sam says:

    oup de grâce…….

    Pork still on Asia dinner tables as flu fears simmer

    SEOUL, April 27 — Authorities in Asia moved quickly to head off a potential consumer backlash against pork products from the spread of swine flu, a misnomer that triggered falls in soybeans and pork product company shares today.

    Despite the name, the new strain that has killed over 100 in Mexico is not infecting pigs and has never been seen in pigs, but perceptions of a link could discourage consumer purchases of pork.

    As the governments of China and Russia at the weekend rushed to impose bans on some imports, concerns were on the rise.

    But across South Korea, Japan and China today, retailers reported sales of pork remained steady over the weekend with consumers saying they are more worried for now about the advent of a global pandemic than getting sick by eating ham.

    “I don’t think I’ll avoid eating pork,” said Borirak Charoenkijtavee, a Thai bank employee, saying he felt no reason to panic now because swine flu still seemed a world away.

  193. cabal says:

    Ministry’s comedy squad

    Foreign barber, bartender among special agents who claim ties with Immigration
    Frankie D’Cruz
    Masami Mustaza
    Monday, April 13th, 2009

    UPDATED: A free-for-all has developed in the Home Ministry’s voluntary repatriation programme with the hilarious emergence of a foreign barber, workers of two restaurants and a bartender as “special agents” of the Immigration Department.

    The side-splitting squad of “special agents” uncovered by Malay Mail also includes a local travel agent.

    All of them claim to act as go-betweens between 13 foreign embassies and the Immigration Department in the repatriation scheme that began on April 8.


  194. James says:

    Isn’t it nice to see politics everywhere seem to be pay to play now. We need more good people to run for office.

  195. noyb says:

    hi im uhm idk and if this comment posts hi and ‘O.o i won’t do this again

  196. noyb says:

    btw I had du swine flu XD

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