If this news is true, the new PM Najib Tun Razak has no balls. And Mahathir Mohammad, dictator and ex-PM is holding his balls and screwing it tightly.

The new cabinet, not so lean, as his propagandists are saying, has Mahathir’s baby, Mukriz Mahathir as a deputy minister. What a reap of.

Despite the world asking Najib not to be Mahathir’s puppet, he goes and does exactly what people think he would do. Are we ever wrong when it comes to Najib?

I guess he is happy as long as keeps the Finance Minister’s post.

Abdullah Ahamd Badawi’s baby’s hubby Khairy Jamaluddin was booted out right away. No posts for him.

I neither want KJ nor Mukriz in the cabinet. I never expected much from this idiotic cabinet anyway.


Newly minted Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin has not been included in the new cabinet line-up by Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak.

To add salt to the injury, Mukhriz Mahathir, who lost to Khairy in the contest for the Umno Youth top post, has been appointed deputy international trade and industry minister.

Driving the dagger deeper, Najib also announced that Umno Youth deputy chief Razali Ibrahim was appointed deputy youth and sports minister.


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  1. lanwm says:

    damn, it is sure chedets cabinet!

  2. eeyaw says:

    The by-elections joke:
    “Pakatan got the boobs while barisan got the dick, but its OK for Pakatan as it’s complete as a Woman, but for barisan an Eunuch with no bullets. Wah lao eh! Not much use without the balls.”

  3. eeyaw says:

    Khairy is now unemployed, nobody’s child, son outlaw & richest out of work Malaysian!

  4. eeyaw says:

    Chedet take II!

  5. lovepeace says:


  6. koolgeek says:

    losers get to run the country

  7. apapunboleh says:

    Che Det rules Malaysia…not Najib, as corrupted as ever. Beware, Operasi lalang will resume shortly!

  8. myblog says:

    oh boy….I see more turmoil, infighting and speculation. It will probably take them more than three years to sort themselves out but till then GE13 would have them out of the way.

    Looks like it…What say you

  9. Lizzie wong says:

    thank you Najib. U have done pakatan a big favour!!! Keep up the good work.

  10. Bintulu2007 says:

    Why are all of us surprised with the PUPPETMASTER!!!!. He is a pro when comes to this. Guess what happened to representatives from Sarawak!!!!!

  11. eeyaw says:

    Ooi, Khairy if you have the balls fight back especially rumours about you holding secrets regarding NR’s dealings vis viz Altantuya!

  12. Ripcord says:

    Yes. What a big REAP OF indeed ! LOL!

  13. monsterball says:

    Najib desperately need Mahathir…his adopted father.
    Noticed he was reading a script….obviously written by someone.
    Mamak will say…”excellent choice.”…since his son is in the cabinet.

  14. danet7882 says:

    I wonder what’s KJ gonna say.. He will say he don’t mind cause he can serve the rakyat and the youth movement better without any cabinet post.. HAHAHA, a losing candidate was selected instead of the chosen one.. Or shall I say, most of the UMNO member who chose KJ are a bunch of stupid voter, they chose a leader which Nagib himself sees as unqualified!

    This is how UMNO chose it’s leader.. suka-suka hati!!

    1) Voter chose KJ but was not included in Cabinet
    2) Voter wants new election but Najib just swore as new PM (this PM is not
    rakyat’s PM)
    3) Voter has shown in the recent by-election they want PR as Perak’s gov
    but BN just steal it from Rakyat with the help of 3 kataks

    What is this! No Democracy! We rakyat are treated as naive, stupid and tidak-apa..

  15. zztop says:

    As I have said before like the so called MACC, the new cabinet line up is again polpulated by the same old bunch of no goods. Seems that mamak kutty has this guy by the balls. Let me repeat again, this scenario can best be decribed as “Old wine in a new bottle”. Nothing less and nothing more.
    As for the “Oxfart” guy, he is without a job now. Actually, not to worry. Some people called him the “richest” unemployed in the world. Not to 4get, he still has his great sleepy, flipflop, lame duck fil will take care of him. Come to think of it, it will be “fun” if he and his youth join either PAS or Pakatan.
    Come next GE13 and kick the present bunch of politicians from BN especially out. When the new government forms, then KJ can form his new new “UMNO” call United Malaysians National Organisation.

  16. Murdoch says:

    Satu bolanye dipicit oleh mahathir, bola keduanye dipicit oleh agung. kepala butuhnye digigit oleh botox queen. mahathir-agung-c4 akan memerintah. maha-c4 tak suka agung dan vice versa. so, ini sgt bagus, dan sudah diexpect. Thanks to Altantuya (RIP). itu 2 ekor UTK telah ditrain utk bunuh and terima apa2 hukuman. jadi, mmg dah expected.

    BN(RIP) in 2015

  17. FREE says:

    loose in GE also selected as cabinet. means GE has no meaning?

  18. Murdoch says:

    Sesungguhnye, Murdoch bersabda: Gunakanlah otak dan darah sendiri utk memajukan diri sendiri.

    Barang siapa mengunakan otak and darah org lain utk memajukan diri sendiri dan keluarga sendiri dan bangsa sendiri akan … bacalah buku buku agama masing masing utk mengetahuinye.

  19. nikmj says:

    Definitely Chedet shadow cabinet… how come a boss KJ is not appointed. Instead his assistant Razali and Chedet son appointed as deputy minister… Najib definitely a weak PM…



  20. 23osix24 says:

    gives me nuts, i give you monkeys

  21. justme says:

    KJ was crowned by kutty and cohorts placing a clowns hat on his head. That old man has had his last wish fulfilled. According to Chinese folklore,its about time.

  22. Muhammad Firdaus Christopher says:


    Prime Minister and Finance Minister 1 Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak

    Deputy PM and Education Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin

    Ministers in Prime Minister’s Department
    Unity and Performance Dr Koh Tsu Koon
    Law and Parliament Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Aziz
    Religious Affairs Brig. Gen. (Rtd) Datuk Jamil Khir Baharum
    Economic Planning Unit Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop

    Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak
    Deputies: Datuk Chor Chee Heung, Datuk Dr Awang Adek Hussein

    Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin
    Deputies: Datuk Wee Ka Seong, Datuk Puad Zarkashi

    Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat
    Deputies: Datuk Abdul Rahim Bakri, Datuk Robert Lau

    Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein
    Deputy:: Datuk Wira Abu Seman Yusop

    Information, Unity, Culture and Arts
    Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim
    Deputies: Datuk Joseph Salang Gandum, Heng Sai Kee

    Energy, Green Tech & Water
    Datuk Peter Chin Fah Kui
    Deputy: Noriah Kasnon

    Plantation Industries and Commodoties
    Tan Sri Bernard Dompok
    Deputy: Datuk Hamzah Zainuddin

    Rural and Regional Development
    Datuk Shafie Apdal
    Deputies: Datuk Hassan Malek, Datuk Joseph Entulu

    Higher Education
    Datuk Seri Khaled Nordin
    Deputies: Dr Hou Kok Chung, Saifuddin Abdullah

    International Trade and Industry
    Datuk Mustapa Mohamed
    Deputies: Datuk Muhkriz Mahathir, Datuk Jacob Dungau

    Science, Tech and Innovation
    Datuk Dr Maximus Ongkili
    Deputy: Fadillah Yusof

    Natural Resources and Environment
    Datuk Douglas Unggah Embas
    Deputy: Tan Sri Joseph Kurup

    Datuk Seri Dr Ng Yen Yen
    Deputy: Datuk Seri Sulaiman Abdul Rahman Abdul Taib

    Agriculture and Agro-based industries
    Datuk Noh Omar
    Deputies: Johari Baharum, Rohani Abdul Karim

    Datuk Ahmad Zahid Hamidi
    Deputy: Datuk Dr Abdul Latif

    Datuk Shaziman Abu Mansor
    Deputy: Datuk Yong Khoon Seng

    Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai
    Deputy: Datuk Rosnah Rashid Shilin

    Youth and Sport
    Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek
    Deputies: Datuk Razali Ibrahim, Wee Jeck Sing

    Human Resource
    Datuk Dr S. Subramaniam
    Deputy: Datuk Maznah Mazlan

    Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs
    Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri
    Deputy: Datuk Tan Lian Hoe

    Housing and Local Government
    Datuk Kong Cho Ha
    Deputy: Lajim Ukin

    Women, Family and Community Development
    Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil
    Deputy: Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun

    Foreign Affairs
    Datuk Anifah Aman
    Deputies: Lee Chee Hong, A. Kohilan

    Federal Territory
    Datuk Raja Nong Chik Zainal Abidin
    Deputy: M. Saravanan

  23. dragon says:

    There is more to come as predicted by malaysian nostradamus……what b llsh t cabinet is this. Tak serupa bikin ( big baggage and big ministry) But one thing is sure the defence , education and home are hold by the fanatic and religious mo n.So that is end of Umno Barisan rule and it is the first time Umno Youth head is not the minister.I just pity KJ.even Hisham did not standup for him. After n ……is pakatan. What you say Susan sis.

  24. eeyaw says:

    Sleepy Father-in-Law must be kicking himself in the butt. LOSER!

  25. Diva says:

    What is new in bolehland?
    Basically, it is just the ‘PIRATES’ sharing their spoils.
    One for you, two for me & three for the mamak!!

  26. karupan says:

    Murdoch Says:
    April 9, 2009 at 3:48 pm

    Sesungguhnye, Murdoch bersabda: Gunakanlah otak dan darah sendiri utk memajukan diri sendiri.

    Kepala hotak ko murdoch!! nak bersabda ya..
    suka hatilah najib sape dia nak lantik…
    Apa ..kau kecewa tak dilantik?

  27. kwai lan says:

    wont b suprised if KJ’s case is re-opened….n get booted out of umno youth..maybe tat’s y najis din include him in d cabinet…

  28. Tun says:

    Horray ! Muhkriz is in! there is finally a ray of hope for Malaysia. We will hail the return of golden era again. He will be guided by his able father and ONE DAY he will be the PM of Malaysia and NO ONE WILL DARE TO TOUCH US ! MALAYSIA CAN SAY NO TO THE WESTERN COUNTRIES !!!

  29. pat ling says:

    Dragon, you are darn right. Nostradamus had already predicted all these things to happen…down to the details of this new cabinet. Nostradamus also predicted the end is near (very near indeed) for the party after spelling out the word RAHMAN. After all, “N” sounds “END”.

  30. justme says:

    Looks like the TUN is bigger than Umno. Says to leave Umno again ,sneezes and hey presto, Umno and the new PM gets the cold.

  31. Good thought says:

    Its too early to judge. why don’t we give them a chance.
    look positive…
    why don’t susan be the PM….see what can you do…………

  32. Maha Mamak Berlakon Jadi Melayu says:

    Najib cuma hisap telur Mahathir.

    Sebab barangsiapa yang tak hisap telur Mahathir, si nyanyuk tu akan kitai habis-habisan.

    Habis saki-baki peninggalan Pak Lah akan dihapuskan.

    Lepas ni UMNO akan murtad dari Islam Hadhari dan buat agama baru pula.

    Tapi tuhannya akan tetap sama… tuhan RM.

  33. sunwayopal says:

    Now I know who , all this while, all these years, have been keeping the photo of Altantuya and Najis taken in Paris and Singapore.

    No, RPK was wrong, Khairy didnt have it. Neither did the Sngaporeans.

    The person who is holding on to that magical photo is none other than……………..Mad Hatter.!!!!!!

  34. PureMalaysian says:

    Is it becoz Mamakthir has something about the C4 and PI Bala, which we haven’t got? That’s why he will continue to hold on to Najib’s ball? 😉

  35. My2cen says:

    Not surprised. Nojib cannot think, he relies on Dotty or when pressured, Mamak Kutty.

    Rewarding Kutty junior with a respectable MITI position is out of the question, Let’s see how SIL will play the game. Sama-sama lingkup!

  36. najib manaukau says:

    The appointed ones are there just for the remaining term, just vote them out in the next GE !
    Do not forget to vote them out in the next GE.
    It really makes no difference who are appointed, they are all from the same corrupted boat and with only one ambition, to get apiece of the MR 60 Billion stimulus packages before they are kicked out. Better still with the baby of pariah Mahathir to remind people of the connection between Razak and pariah Mahathir. Najib and his team will disappear faster with pariah Mahathir’ descendant on board!
    May be it is the Indian blood of pariah Mahathir
    he wants !

  37. jungleboy says:

    TDM’s cabinet will be good for the Pakatan come next GE

  38. pronto says:

    u guys are sour coz your freaking ball-less opposition leaders still cannot form a govt…

    muahahahahahhaha!!! waht a joke… project 916 did not happen n u still crying deep in your heart!!

  39. amoker says:

    This will split UMNO further. Najib just did a wrong thing listening to TDM. TDM will then wash hand and say that it is not his suggestion. even if it is, Najib does not need to listen and he can’t remember anything on it.

  40. qwen234 says:

    Najib is very smart not to appoint KJ into cabinet.If KJ will be in the whole UMNO will collapse lah.KJ was not accepted by the nation at the moment,reason known to him.

  41. miss rose says:

    Umno gave a thumbing welcome to Tung M during the just concluded Umno GE means that the Umnoputras had ‘sweet memories’ during Tung M era.

    This implies that Tung M era is here to stay.

    So folks, Kamunting is under renovation and expanding, see you all there.

    Who knows, sloone can be my roomate?

  42. trtvoice says:

    A rotten cabinet full of termites!

  43. hasilox says:

    Loser picked instead of the winner khairy….tarak rasuah, tarak rasuah. hahahaha

  44. wits0 says:

    “I never expected much from this idiotic cabinet anyway.”

    Somethings can never change because umno cannot. The rest being all tattered stunts stucked in a time warp in the Kutty’s dimension. What don’t change are earmarked for total dissolution – this is the way of the Universe. You really don’t have to be a Tao master to understand this simple truth.

  45. miss rose says:

    Bravo! Sloone, so the protracting struggle against Mahathirism has begun..

    Keep up the good work! Our Malaysian Joan of Ark!

    “..it does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people’s minds..” — Samuel Adams

    “When the rights of just one individual are denied, the rights of all are in jeopardy!” — Jo Ann Roach

  46. james loh18 says:

    come on guys let not kick a fallen guy..we do fall we do rise give the young man a chance..its not about him .thats how power corridor works.

  47. Ezri Ikram says:

    Rip Off. or Reap Of?

  48. jean says:

    Oh well… as expected. Even if KJ was elected, some would still be complaining for electing a corrupt. Semua pun salah.

    So DSN is guilty for choosing Mahathir’s people. Who the hell is not Mahathir’s people? He had been PM for 22 yrs lah people and almost everyone has worked for him. Anwar included.

    Oh… you mean DSN should choose those from DAP, PAS, PKR to his cabinet? Betul jugak… they are the only sure non-mahatir people kan. Why lah DSN never thought of that?

    BTW, Najib already announced his cabinet. So, when will Anwar make that great big revealation?

  49. wandererAUS says:

    The sly old fox finally got his ‘darling son’ in by the back door. Not bad for an Old Engine creating lot of loud noises to realize his intentions.
    Mamak knows when to dip his salad into the sauce.

  50. KJ can go cry his dirty ass out in a dark corner laa. pathetic loser! muahahah~

  51. limpek says:

    kerk,kerk,kerk,, the bunch of goons in the cabinet still need the DOC.-.D**** old **** to do the job.

    Never get used to get high without DOC after 20 over years.

  52. shong says:

    mahamamak returns!!! let’s throw him the spoiled eggs!!!

  53. Idzan Ismail says:

    If Keadilan is the Govt (God forbid), they can’t even line up six men to be in the Cabinet.
    They can rely only on PAS and DAP reps.
    That putar alam was a failue as DPM, Finance Minister and Education Minister.
    Imagine parachuted from Adabi and Abim.
    Never seen files or briefs before that.
    Only know to talk and stir the crowd.
    Never handled day-to-day governance..
    Luckily he got capable government officials to do the donkey job.
    If you dont believe ask the government officials who have served under him.

  54. Cee Kay says:

    Personally I look at this line up to be that of the old mamak’ s decision cos the PM balls is in mamak’s grip. Eventually mamak will have to send the matador ( the PM ) into the arena to fight the ox but with the rules made by mamak. So be careful kerbau Rambau. You either bring all your calves to PK for safety or face the matador and end up a death bull. So bad!!! The old mamak still thinks he can still hold on to power with Najibs balls in his hand. We wait and see the crooks fighting the con. Good luck to you all in UMNO/BN. When you all are in hell dont forget to send a postcard to the new government.

  55. Menyalak-er says:

    Err… i’m puzzled, what’s ‘green tech’? I should think that Science, Tech and Innovation or the Natural Resources and Environment should’ve cover this?
    Must be a new term dreamt up by some muttheads when they drank up ‘green’ fuel or licked up the bilious vomitus eructed by kudakutty when the 2 bukits regained composure.
    Trying to sound relevant, but ended up with strained jamban sounds.
    Btw, no real surprises, the lintangs/leeches are still around except KJ who has been given the ‘jaga kereta and mat rempit’ ministry.
    Unconfirmed rumors that Dear Leader upgrading official car to a T-94 MB tank, while kudakutty’s Porshe Cayenne upgrade to Lincoln hearse.

  56. Setia says:

    NO NO NO……..the majority of the Rakyat DO NOT want anymore of Mahathir’s racist & corrupt brand of politics. The Old man is a clever Operator ……..Mahthir is a Real Self serving Opportunist who has divided the Nation and separated many families.

  57. ash says:

    Obviously it is in Khairy`s interests to get that Najis (“I swear I dono that woman”) pic made public as soon as possible.

  58. wits0 says:

    Rubbish, scum woman Idzan, umno has been persistently devious, dishonest and mean and cannot vary from these characteristics. It even accepted a Kutty to make itself end up in the pit. This shows how thoroughly clueless it has always been wrt nation building. A mere 2nd generation demagogic Kutty full of resentments, lies and greed who hardly did anything for the right reason and without self-interests first of all.

  59. mat t says:

    idzan you must be from another planet as if donkeys like md nor yacob n samy were ministers,my supervisor would have done a better job.

  60. miss rose says:

    Mahathir s/o Kutty is the master of divide-and-rule system.

    Stay united and boot this old man + his archaic divide-and-rule system to Kelara.

    Old obsolete sage mahathir s/o Kutty can practice his divide-&-rule system over there!

    The old senile shit stirrer

    I got this via e-mail, author unknown. I also edited it with extracts
    from Malaysiakini-edit

    Mahathir claimed that the Malays are under threat. Under threat from
    whom? Can the Malays be under threat:-

    •From a minority 35% of the population over the majority 65% which are
    made up of Malays?

    •From a less than 10% minority in the Police, Army, Judiciary,
    Attorney General Office and MACC which are predominantly filled by

    •From a minority of the Members of Parliament where Malays make up
    more than 60% the majority?

    •From a group who doesn’t control the air, sea and land? These are
    controlled by UMNO and its cronies such as MAS, AirAsia, MISC, Toll
    Concessionaires, NAZA, Proton and Perodua.

    •From a group who doesn’t control the supply of basic necessities such
    as food, water and utilities? These are monopolised by UMNO cronies
    such as Bernas (rice and flour), Water Concessionaires (SPAN, SYABAS,
    etc), Telekom (telephone), Tenaga (electricity) , etc

    •From a group who doesn’t control the main stream media. The mass
    media are wholly controlled by UMNO and its cronies such as Utusan
    Melayu, Berita Harian, New Straits Times, The Star, The Sun, Media
    Prima (TV1, TV2, TV3, TV, TV8, TV9 and all the Radio Stations), ASTRO,
    etc? Lately even Harakah and Suara Keadilan have been banned!

    •From a group whose mother tongue and religion aren’t enshrined in the
    Federal Constitution where Malay is the official language and Islam is
    the official religion? Other groups can’t even hold any interfaith
    dialogues and use of the word of Allah without being severely
    intimidated by protests, storming of conferences and warnings from

    •From a group who can’t be appointed the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime
    Minister and Mentri Besars and a host of high positions in the Malay
    states as enshrined in the state constitution or decree by the Sultans
    where only Malays from UMNO can be appointed?

    •From a group who are ever subjected to intimidation of arrest under
    the flimsiest excuse using the ISA, the Police, MACC, etc and a myriad
    of repressive laws such as the Sedition Act, Multimedia Act and
    treason against the Sultans, etc? Of course UMNO are spared from such
    actions and above such laws.

    It is a blatant lie that the non-Malays can ever threaten the Malays.
    Who is actually threatening the Malays? From the look of things, UMNO
    finger prints are everywhere – UMNO Malays are actually the ones
    threatening and stealing from the ordinary Malays and non-Malays.
    Someone has to be the punching bag and scapegoat for UMNO’s cling to
    power and thievery – hence putting the blame on non-Malays!

    UMNO is a racist party and it is very clear that they are separating
    the Sultans from their subjects and the Malays from the non-Malays for
    their own selfish ends without a thought of the consequences and our
    economy! His role now has turned into a shit stirrer. Aah yes,
    Mahathir, the old bigotted goat’s efforts, got the UMNO candidate
    buried in Bukit Gantang, you guys still want him, this ‘date expired’
    person to be your advisor?

    You should ask him to shove his advices up, where the sun does not
    shine. Here are some choice extracts about our Great Leader , a has
    been that is:

    1. Mahathir has come to haunt you Najib; as you sow, so shall you reap..
    2. Mahathir wants to be ‘unofficial adviser’ to gov’t-It looks like Dr
    M is now the PM.
    3. Why do you need a baggage like Mahathir with you? from Malaysiakini

    Finally, Najib may be the PM for now, come the GE-13, he will probably
    be the opposition leader, maybe, if he survives the knives within
    UMNO, after this , or survives Mahathir’s unwanted advice. Dr M ‘old
    newspaper’ story does not sell at all. It is also a farewll message
    from the voters of Bukit Selambau and Bukit Gantang to former premier
    Dr Mahathir Mohamad to stay retired!!!

  61. ash says:

    Idzan is a troll, the style etc, but what the heck it helps get more “hits”. Talking of trolls:

    Detritus, a troll member of the Watch, is locked in a cold warehouse, and his intelligence temporarily returns to it’s usual high level – this is indicated by a considerable improvement in pronounciation and vocabulary.

    Some examples of troll speak:

    “How come you read notice? Get someone to hold you up?”

    “What dis letter mean?”

    “I count to ten, then any troll not going about that troll’s business, he a sorry troll.”

    “I never done nuffin.”

  62. ash says:

    Idzan is obviously a troll. A little bit on trolls:

    “’Ere, watch it!” The nasal voice startled the troll to a halt. He should have smelled it earlier: goblin! He swung round in time to see the owner of the voice get up from where he had flung himself to avoid being trampled. The bush he had been hiding behind was little more than twigs.
    “Battle’s going that badly, eh?” The goblin smiled showing uneven green-tinged fangs.
    “How you know?”
    “Well, I didn’t think you is trying to outrun the sunset.”
    The troll automatically cast a look at the sky. No, there was no danger of that yet.
    “Big bossman’s dead. Everybody running.”


  63. ash says:

    It is a bit of a pity there is no GRO in the Cabinet, then they could all karaoke.
    Oh well never mind, there`s one in Najis house.

  64. vengai says:

    The mamak kerala just wants his vision and mission like the PPSMI and jambatan Bengkok to continue.As a long anyone follow his needs and demand….hes a good PM.Mark my word The jambatan projek and keta api will zoom again soon.Kutty and cronies has huge share in it.Baby Kerala will make sure that he whisper this to his so call no ball boss and remind him that his ball now hold by daddy Kerala kutty

  65. ash says:

    The back door entry via the Dewan Negara is usually reserved for professionals with specific expertise, who are not your typical politicians (or who did not contest in the elections) to be appointed into the Cabinet to strengthen certain areas of weaknesses. But when you have some half-dozen Ministers who were rejected in elections, then certainly, it makes a mockery of the democratic process. Is the Barisan Nasional leadership cupboard so bare that they have to bring back to life the vanquished?

    Is this a demonstration of PM Najib’s “People First, Performance Now”?


    Najis has failed again, and that is good-now the destruction will be faster.

  66. Anonymous says:

    KJ can be my kitchen kabinet .. no problemo … hehe

  67. miss rose,

    Needless to say, Mahathir is a con-artist. The only difference between a street swindler and Mahathir is that the latter has a license to abuse power with immunity. The gangster beat up people and go to jail while the Malaysian cops killed people and get-off scott-free after some white-washing investigations.

    I am not sure whether you have read his autobiography – the Malay dilemma. I only read a smidgen and went for a puke. He charged that the Chinese business community conned the Malays with their scale which triggers Malays hatred towards the Chinese that rockected him to popularity. The whole thing in fact was manipulated by his diabolical adroitness. The Chinese in fact conned everyone including the Chinese if
    the buyers are not smart bargainers but the Malays fell for his bluffs. It was in 1960s if I am not mistaken.

    Please ask a Chinese who cannot speak Cantonese to shop at Petaling Street and s/he will buy a watch at RM50 whom the local lads including Malays and Indians who can easily bargain down to RM20.

    Hahaha. I must admit sometimes I like Jean’s poetic sarcasm. Not too many people has that that razor sharp ability to create sadistic jokes. Maybe I’ll buy you a pair of Levi imitation jean at Petaling street and you do the bargain.
    Just a thought – if KJ is a controversial figure because he was found to be guilty of corrupt practice and was the primary reason for not being appointed a cabinet post, why is Mohd. Ali Rustam not sacked for being guilty of corrupt practice?

    KJ is now reduced to a tea boy in Mahathir’s fortress.

  68. John Q says:

    Just look at the lack of brains in the line up….mampus lah Malaysia…..time to put all our kids in Chinese or even Tamil schools….and hope there is no war…our tanks and rifles will blow up on our drug addict soldiers and our generals can easily be bought by women and sock market shares….in ..semua boleh ma…

  69. Morning Dew says:

    You were wrong to say that Dr.M was squeezing Najib’s balls. I think Najib is testicularly challenged 8-)….

    Najib, in resurrecting a number of the past cabinet members indicated, to my mind, a lack of courage to take bold but necessary moves to establish his own identity. He was trying to please too many people and in the end pleased no one. There is nothing much that we can expect from this cabinet.

  70. limpek says:

    Grandmother say everybody is wrong on the RAHMAN myth.

    She say it t shud be RAHMAM. She say she lont understand why you all say N.

    She say she only see M talking everytime and decide everything, even his son also can become minister.Samo she ask me who is N. I simply say say N is NO .

    Like that also can.

  71. Stingray says:

    To be honest all of us can also be in the cabinet, to be better that i may not be able to promise , however i am certain it cannot be worst !

  72. PeoplePower says:

    Susan, this arrangement is good for us.
    We can have fun to watch the show in Pemuda UMNO.
    KJ/Mukhriz..cepat gaduh! Gaduh, jangan tak gaduh!

  73. Bujang says:

    The Kerala crab is a habitual liar; he lied about his race despite biological and ancestral linkage evidence all over him; in front of the world-so what’s your take of him?
    Najib has chosen his cabinate and to pacify the storm, the son of Kerala’s crap was chosen.
    He may have committed one or 2 sins; I think he would be careful and would not go into “rampage” like the Kerala crab who always attributed than he did no wrong and therefore did everything opposite to what he told you to do.
    Give Najib a chance.
    All you hatter of M, I think you ar to be blame as you seem to puff and blown up with the crab’s presence or word. In so doing, you are pumping up his stupid ego sky-high!
    If you all ignore him as insiginificant (after he “commanded” 2 lost by-elections) you would deflate him as a worn-out tyre.
    I believe he should be locked up being a “shit stirrer”who could not stand political calm and survive on rocking the boat and make you hurt and puff-up with anger now and again.
    We may not get him now as his deceit still make us what to do with him (being old should have some “wisdom” instead we have pepper thrown into our eyes); I am not sure after his demise! Hatred in a human heart could do many undreamed things……. even long after he has gone! Remember they still track down WWII criminals even to these days?

  74. bebek says:

    ini mungkin kabinet one malaysia, rakyat didahulukan, prestasi diutamakan… tak apa, berikan mereka 6 bulan dan tengok siapa mendapat kad kuning dalam report card prestasi mereka… satu permulaan segar…. biarkan bunga itu segar. jika bajanya mencukupi, pasti bunga itu terus berkuntum, tetapi jika tidak, bunga itu pasti layu……….. Layu sebelum berkembang……… dan digantikan bunga baru…..

  75. skuad says:

    Same goes for Najib Razak and his dad, Malaysia’s second prime minister. Thirty-three years ago when I read that Tun Razak had died of leukemia in London, I felt an irrational surge of joy. At the time I wasn’t at all interested in politics and had no personal reason to dislike Razak – but on the subconscious level I must have detected his inherent racism and his fascistic agenda to institutionalize repugnant, reactionary doctrines like Ketuanan Melayu.
    I remember recoiling in disgust the first time I saw Najib’s face in the newspaper. Never actually met the guy but his energy just put me off big time. Call it a visceral reaction if you like, or an instinctual response to negative stimuli. I have always trusted my cellular wisdom.


  76. skuad says:

    By the way, you still remember the infamous bald guy, Syed Hamid Albar who was dropped from Najib’s latest cabinet line-up?

    On one hand, he said there is no need for a public hearing before carrying out a review of the Internal Security Act (ISA) because He said that he personally believed that there had already been enough debates and discussions on the matter and materials collected on the ISA so far.

    On the other hand, he hopes the new Cabinet will make specific laws to protect privacy of individuals.

    I mean, what the fuck is this?


  77. skuad says:

    By the way, you still remember the infamous bald guy, Syed Hamid Albar who was dropped from Najib’s latest cabinet line-up?

    On one hand, he said there is no need for a public hearing before carrying out a review of the Internal Security Act (ISA) because He said that he personally believed that there had already been enough debates and discussions on the matter and materials collected on the ISA so far.

    On the other hand, he hopes the new Cabinet will make specific laws to protect privacy of individuals.

    Truly a joker, he is.

    Sorry, another by the way, one must watch out the appointment of Hishammudin Hussein as the Home Minister. My initial thought was that he will be holding the MITI portfolio instead of this but knowing Hishammudin, after the infamous keris drama, I guess Najib is just smart enough to capitalize on that and made him the Home Minister to start cleaning the wild grass out there.

    To bloggers, alternative media and my friends out there, I say, watch out.

  78. rider says:

    Sorry, this is not Kutty’s cabinet. It,s Dotty’s almari of arsenals against her and her hubby’s accusers.

  79. kawan dell says:

    The inclusion of Gerakan President Koh Tsu Koon as a minister in the PM’s department taking charge of unity is interesting.
    By accepting the appointment, Koh has gone back on his words not to accept a senatorship and a ministerial position if he was defeated at the Batu Kawan parliamentary contest.

  80. kawan dell says:

    If Mukhriz becomes Education Minister, I’ll migrate with my whole extended family.

    Are you delusional? go to youtube or mukhriz.com, i am not talking about public debate, that would probably give him a heart attack, he can’t even talk properly.

    Things usually get tricky when he has to think and talk. What is his Education anyway?. He didnt pass from Sophia University in Japan but daddy called High Commissioner…

    Now daddy call Prime Minister. That’s Mukhriz story….”Where’s my Daddy”. When M goes (he is 85 by the way)…so goes Mukhriz. I hope Tun would still be alive when Anwar marches in power and put your Education Minister in ISA

  81. Eagle_eyes says:

    Mukhriz is to settle AP issue? Sure – by increasing the price of all import vehicles or Limit the issuance of the AP and force the rakyat buy the failed Proton. Proton changes the model every 20 years (Remember Proton SAGA) and it’s still costly campared to KIA car from Korea! and SAGA is built and assembled in Malaysia.

    Come on Old Man, please let people have more choices of buying their own vhicles and scrapped the racist AP concept that make the price of import car skyrocketed. Just compare the price of vehicles in Brunei for example. Please forget about your failed PROTON project (your pet project) and accept it as a failed management.

  82. tourman53 says:

    ‘If this news is true, the new PM Najib Tun Razak has no balls. And Mahathir Mohammad, dictator and ex-PM is holding his balls and screwing it tightly.’

    His balls was not only holded and screwed tightly by Mahathir, it’s by Rosmah and UMNO goons

  83. monsterball says:

    Mahathir cannot screw.
    He can only squeeze balls.

  84. whispering9 says:

    Come on people…’beware of Greeks who come bearing gift’ works both ways. This could be a respite to keep a nemesis whose time is ticking fast at bay and in check until the next GE. Any clever and smart jantan can understand this logic and wait for his time. There is an old head hunter trick where you first make peace with an unassailable enemy; feast him, fatten him and when he is contented, least suspicious, bring out the hatchet. The show has only just begins. Politics, like I commented, is as vile as TB. The question on his mind is probably ‘Should the anti-biotic stop since there is sign of improvement?’ Good luck. Friday is a good day. TGIF.

  85. kittykat46 says:

    I have no liking nor trust for Najib. But, for the sake of Malaysia, I had hoped he could pull together a strong and respectable cabinet to get the job done in the difficult months/years ahead.

    In the end it was very disappointing.

    A few good things – Al-Blur and Two Million Dollar Mat Tyson are gone.

    Very bad – he’s brought back retread politicians who were already rejected by voters a bit over a year ago – Raja Bodek Koh, Mee Goreng Chew, Mascara Shahrizat. The Senatorial appointment system was meant to be a means to bring in talented non-MPs into the government. Using it to appoint candidates who lost elections is an abuse of the process.

    To me, Mukhriz and Khairy are just different stripes of d.e.v.ils, but Najib dropping Khairy and appointing Mukhriz are just symptoms of Emperor Palpatine’s dark influence.

    One Malaysia ? Emperor Palpatine wants twenty Malaysias, so he can play them against each other, like a piano keyboard.

    There is no hope for UMNO and BN……

  86. kittykat46 says:

    I have no liking nor trust for Najib. But, for the sake of Malaysia, I had hoped he could pull together a strong and respectable cabinet to get the job done in the difficult months/years ahead.

    In the end it was very disappointing.

    A few good things – Al-Blur and Two Million Dollar Mat Tyson are gone.

    Very bad – he’s brought back retread politicians who were already rejected by voters a bit over a year ago – Raja B.o.d.ek Koh, Mee Goreng Chew, Mascara Shahrizat. The Senatorial appointment system was meant to be a means to bring in talented non-MPs into the government. Using it to appoint candidates who lost elections is an abuse of the process.

    To me, Mukhriz and Khairy are just different stripes of d.e.v.ils, but Najib dropping Khairy and appointing Mukhriz are just symptoms of Emperor Palpatine’s dark influence.

    One Malaysia ? Emperor Palpatine wants twenty Malaysias, so he can play them against each other, like a piano keyboard.

    There is no hope for UMNO and BN……

  87. Hanger says:

    The rope is indeed super long now, they will hang themselves anytime. Behold RAKYAT Malaysia!

  88. kawan dell says:

    “Very bad – he’s brought back retread politicians who were already rejected”

    Which is why Badawi got an overwhelming response when he took over.
    Then he failed the people and put in Mahathir`s Cabinet.
    Then he continued to add insult to injury by supporting and defending Najib, corruption, nepotism …….
    Now Najib will face the wrath. Hang him high.

  89. […] The opposition is working overtime to paint the picture that this cabinet is actually Tun Mahathir’s cabinet. Their narrowed view hinged only to the fact that Tun’s son is elected to the post of deputy […]

  90. kawan dell says:

    “Their narrowed view hinged only to the fact that Tun’s son is elected to the post of deputy”

    MARA graduates think like that and I have seen many.
    RPK once said: you can take them out of the kampung, but you can`t take the kampung out of them.

  91. kawan dell says:

    Ungku Aziz attributed it to serious worm infestations

  92. […] *SUSAN LOONE’s Blog* “may the truth save us all” « It’s Mahathir’s Cabinet ! […]

  93. wits0 says:

    Well said Kittykat46. A most deplorable cabinet signifying nothing of any meaningfulness.

    “..But, for the sake of Malaysia, I had hoped he could pull together a strong and respectable cabinet..”

    Alas, not possible, because from a bad seed you don’t get a good plant.

    “There is no hope for UMNO and BN……”

    You can’t raise the dead except as zombies.

  94. Phua Kai Lit says:

    “Old political strongmen (like TDM and LKY) don’t fade away.
    They just endlessly torment (err … I mean mentor) their successors!”

    Latest joke is that TDM is Malaysia’s “Minister Tormentor”

  95. berambus says:

    Counsel’s statement on cops ‘against Constitution’
    Tuesday, 07 April 2009 11:01am
    ©Malay Mail (Used by permission)

    A SENIOR Federal counsel in lawyer Anthony Fernandez’s case made an alarming contention in a sworn affidavit that the latter’s action was not tenable as the police were above the law.

    Fernandez said such a contention by the counsel, Pritam Singh, was against the framework of the Federal Constitution, which subscribes to the Rule of the Law and not a “totalitarian State”.


    AG is God and he will keep Najis out of court.

  96. […] joke. Thanks to Bernama, and to the SJS Team for alerting us. After puking at all that happenned yesterday,Bernama steals the show by giving us a new […]

  97. Wiwied says:

    Good luck, Mr. M!

  98. pat ling says:

    You watch those ancient Chinese stories which always show Eunuchs are the advisors to the Emperors. For the benefit of some, Eunuchs are those servants with their balls removed or castrated. So if the old goat is the PM’s advisor, is he (the old goat) the modern day Eunuch? But we all thought the one without balls is the one being advised. So which one now is the modern day Eunuch? Hmmm, it looks more like the old goat is the advisee (the one being advised) cos he’s always got the balls to do silly things while the supposedly advisee is the advisor cos he’s always known not having the balls. But then again, cannot be cos this Eunuch cannot be the advisor cos he also has got no brains…so how to advise? Unless the modern day Eunuch is someone with no balls and no brains! Correct correct correct! That fits in well. This modern day Eunuch is actually him cos he’s got no balls and no brains so his advice is always shitty.

  99. dissapointed says:

    Just before the Najib cabinet, Tun M already said “What is wrong with Mahatherism”. Sounds like as if he was flawless.He didn’t know what he was talking about after so much corruptions emerged during his 23 yrs dictatorship.So, expect Mahatherim to make a comeback. If Mu-kris is in the cabinet and KJ is out (how come KJ who is the Umno Chief Youth is not in the Cabinet whereas Mukris is? because Tun M despise KJ and insulted him before saying “who is this KJ?, he did not hold any gomen portfolio), we could predict oready that this is Tun M cabinet, not Najib.(Looks like there is going to be another 2 camps in Umno , fights will go on internally).Wrong choice.This man Tun M realy got no moral shame and moral fear of God, after having done so much wrong to this country and people (but still big ego, don’t admit and own up), he said what is wrong with Mahatirsm, means he is signalling the new cabinet to condone to corruption and “colect, colect, collect” & go back to Mahaterism era again (what is wrong with that, he is so proud of it, aiyo yo, is he too old & forgetfool or what?)!As if he don’t know. Very dissapointing & sad.Looks like it is going back to square 1Malaysia. We thought Barisan would change but looks like old habits die hard!!Sayonara …

  100. sky juice says:

    This Mukhriz, grand s/o kutty is a congenital cheater, like father like son!

    <a href=”https://sloone.wordpress.com/2008/03/11/mukriz-mahathir-cheated-in-elections/”Mukriz Mahathir cheated in elections? (update)

    <a href=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ssWHMPRKW1Q”Mukhriz supporters hold impromtu protest

  101. sky juice says:

    This Mukhriz, grand s/o kutty is a congenital cheater, like father like son!

    Mukriz Mahathir cheated in elections? (update)

    Mukhriz supporters hold impromtu protest

  102. creeper says:

    Mukhriz is clean? HAHAHAHA

    Pakatan in its manifesto should promise that if they are govt., they will investigate projects during mahathir`s time including those where mukhriz was a major beneficiary.

  103. creeper says:

    Mukhriz was major beneficiary of benefactor sugar daddy

  104. creeper says:

    Indeed, some Umno Youth leaders allied to Mahathir’s son and former Umno Youth Treasurer Mokhzani began to orchestrate attacks on Khairy, ranging from the release of poison-pen letters to SMSes accusing him of accommodating Anwar and of threatening the established succession of Najib. Meetings were held by core groups of Umno Youth members allied to the Mukhriz camp, notably in the Gopeng division, led by Aziz Shamsuddin. Meetings were also held under the umbrella of the Ex-MARA Students Association (ANSARA) led by Mukhriz.
    [ ]
    As a party of interests, Umno was not willing to suddenly throw open its doors to a man who had for six whole years roundly denounced Umno as corrupt and incapable of self-reform. Most importantly, Hishamuddin did not believe him and Mukhriz did not believe him.


  105. rafraf says:

    Mukhriz will dismantle Naza Motors so brother Mokhzani takes over.
    Rafidah Aziz will break the other heel.

  106. rafraf says:

    Mukhriz must reopen investigations:

    United Kingdom were alerted to a luxury auto distribution operation involving Malaysia’s auto czar Tan Sri Nasimuddin Amin which was allegedly exporting cars to Malaysia using forged British vehicle-registration documents.
    Now lawyers and auto executives wonder whether the probe will be abandoned following Tan Sri Nasimuddin’s death in the US yesterday of cancer.


  107. nstman says:

    First things first. I dont like KJ. But put things in perspective. KJ won the the Youth prize. That by extension means he has the support of the Youth movement. His opponents lost, but were rewarded with government posts.

    What logic is that? If you want to compare brains, then it’s strictly no contest. KJ has more brains than the whole Cabinet put together. I admire the way he presents his views, I admire his spoken English. Frankly, he is PM material, whether one likes it or not. Najib has resorted to political expediency to resolve the imbroglio started by Mahathir. Now you wonder why young Malay professionals are gravitating towards Keadilan and Pas. Once again Umno has shot itself in the foot. Once again Umno has imploded. Umno Bodoh.

  108. nstman says:

    “A little too not over you” —Just feeling a bit teenybopperish, if you don’t mind, after reading about the feeling of a politician towards a party he left sometime ago.

    Ibrahim Ali Awaits Umno To “Propose”

  109. najisliar says:

    Malaysians were promised a “lean” Cabinet but Najib has 29 Ministers, only two less than the 31 Ministers of Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi when the fifth Malaysian Prime Minister submitted his resignation to the Yang di Pertuan Agong last Thursday and two more than the last Cabinet appointed by the fourth Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad after the 1999 general elections!

    If Najib is serious about a lean and smart Cabinet, he should have trimmed the Cabinet by one third to have not more than 20 Ministers when in contrast, the United Kingdom has a Cabinet of 23 full-rank Ministers, Australia a Cabinet of 20 Ministers and France 17 Ministers.

  110. najisliar says:

    Many people also may have given an interesting advertisement a miss – Berjaya Corporation Berhad’s (KLSE: BJCORP, stock-code 3395) boss Vincent Tan started sucking PM’s wife by splashing a full-page declaring her as the “First Lady of Charity” *more contracts for this guy please*.

  111. najisliar says:

    Many people also may have given an interesting advertisement a miss – Berjaya Corporation Berhad’s boss Vincent Tan started s**king PM’s wife by splashing a full-page declaring her as the “First Lady of Charity”

    *more contracts for this guy please*.


  112. monsterball says:

    Naif Ton Raza’s cabinet is the largest..in the history of UMNO BARU.
    I keep wondering how do understand weird buggers talking.

  113. hellfire missiles. says:

    Kesian KJ, dulu digelar Kera Jantan tetapi sekarang dah jadi Kera Jahanam. Sob sob sob……nangis tak berlagu.

  114. Anonymous says:

    PM says Cabinet list must satisfy people.
    Semi value not satisfied:
    MIC mulls pulling out of new cabinet – malaysiakini

  115. disgusted says:

    Do you guys know why Khairy (KJ) the Umno Youth Chief is not in the cabinet? Because this new cabinet is Tun M Cabinet.Tun M dislikes KJ and soon Tun M would also start attacking KJ (just wait & see) attack everything KJ would do and say, this old man would poke his nose into it until KJ is booted out like his father-in law Badawi.Just see.Najid is only puppet PM to Tun M.This Tun M got no shame (thick skin bec. his skin has been make over many times), first attack Badawi and scale him down to nobody and made him really now an “Ahmad” (Ahmad Badawi) / driver to his wife, and then got cheek to hold hands up high with this Ahmad and Najid.OMG!Disgusting.Got cheek to be proud of his Mahaterism (he openly said quote & unquote “Apa salahnya Mahaterism” (what is wrong with Mahaterism?).OMG! After breeding so many corrupted Umnoputras putris he dare said that.So he is proud of corruption and hint to the new cabinet that they should follow his policy of Mahaterism. So the fight for reform, change, justice, democracy, judiciary, transparency, accountability & credibility all will be flushed down once again and dictatorship, corruption, ISA, do according to their whims & fancy, rob EPF money for their cronies,privatisation, racial disharmony, double standards, correct, collect, collect can go on etc will be borne again.We are disgusted that KJ is not in the cabinet but don’t know why Mu-kris is in the cabinet when he lost in the Umno Youth Chief election.Wonder why?If he is not son of Tun M, do you think he would be elected into the cabinet? Must be the hands of Tun M doing this and Najid had no choice but to comply, if not, his PMship will be short-lived.This Tun M would lobby his gang & sons to pressure Najid to step down again & put his darling son Mu-kris in next in line. Although KJ seems to be more aggressive & vocal and pro-Malay, i think he would be a better candidate than Mu-kris in the job and more brilliant & energertic and probably could definitely be the catalyst for change in the Gomen and more open-minded and not easily influenced than Mu-kris as Mu-kris would be a puppet to his father.His father would be dictating his son and groom him to be like him and soon, Mahetherism live for as long as his son’s life even after his father’s demise.So, is there going to be a change as promised by them?We think, no change lah, just change faces only but same same policy.The Umno fights will go on as usual and all the attacking will go on again.Very hard for Umno to change now. Very difficult oredy.No hope unless they realy change and Tun M must stay away from Umno & new administration.With him around, there would be no change (although Umno wanted to change) or very difficult to change/reform as he would still want to be the unofficial PM and have a say in everything the new Gomen would do.Gone case. Najid made wrong choice by putting Mu-kris there and there in a very important lucrative post.OMG what is wrong with them.I think KJ must protest.When Hishamuddin was Umno Youth Chief, he was a Minister of an important post.Why KJ is left out.Any good reason from the new gomen?

  116. Anonymous says:

    I think semi value want to masuk najis punya cabinet through back door – like KTK (Gerakan).
    Minyak Sapi/KY season all the fat cats steam aledi


    Mamak Kutty has only one aim, to continue attack KJ, the infamous 4th floor boy and to make sure that KJ will never set his foot in the Deadwood Cabinet.

    Mamak Kutty also wants to make sure that Najis follows his words fully like a puppet and his son must be given a place in the Deadwood Cabinet.

    Looks like Big Mama and Najis have adhered to Mamak Kutty’s words and threats.

    From now on, Najis will be under his close scrutiny.

    Mamak Kutty wants to make sure that his son become the Youth Chief in the next party election adn later become the succesor to Najis. The present MY is just another transitional dumb fool being used by him to oust Pak Lah.

    So this old evil fox has achieved his aim of ruling the BOLEHLAND in a new dawn, namely “MAHANAJISM”.

    Well done, the Great Pioneer of MAHANAJISM.

  118. Pegasus says:

    Hopefully this will be the last BN cabinet…the 13th GE will usher in a new Pakatan government .. Najis make a wise move in not appointing the deadman walking…bloody Samy Vellu !. If appointed to the same post ( Works Minister ) he held before being kick out…the deadman would have built a elevated highway from Sg.Siput to Pekan..! Bloody crooks!!
    With Mamak Kutty’s battery still not dead yet.. he will teaching all the fine ropes to his adopted son Najis to plunder the nations’s wealth at the Rakyat’s expense as how he was doing for 22 years sitting as PM… The cabinet looks pathetic with the people chosen . At least, Sabeery Cheek is not the Foreign Minister or he would be foaming in his mouth talking to the likes of Hillary Clinton!!! The talented and right people for the jobs are out there…Najis have to walk the talk as he is already the talk of the town for all the wrong reason even before coming in as PM..any more by-elections in Peninsular M’sia, that will spell disaster for BN.. as the Rakyat are wide awake now..!! In due time our bros & sis in Sabah & Sarawak will join us in changing the BN regime!!! Cheers!

  119. xxjames says:

    Khairy… Makan sendiri….

  120. suffering rakyat says:

    The rakyat is suffering like hell whereas our tun m and families are having a hedonistic life enjoying good times in Tokyo Disney world.

    To the politicians, there is no recession nor depression.

    It’s good times to them forever!

    No wonder everyone wants to be a politician!

    Obama, Treat the Politician’s just like AIG

  121. Borneo Warrior says:

    three personalities influenced Najib’s cabinet line-up… Mahathir, Taib Mahmud and Sabah CM, Musa Aman! Figure it out, will you guys!

  122. Najis Be End says:

    So what else is new!!! The whole episode of trickery, fault finding mission against bodohwi flip flop was master minded by mahadey kutty….with deals with muhideen & ofcourse C4 dottie.

    Bee End is no more relevant!!! We should concentrate on the 13th General Elections & fortifying PR strength to form a Government with more than two thirds majority. Then ISA & all preventive laws can be repealed. Guni Pak Taik & Musang Hassangg, “silly fellow” MACC chief be removed , arressted & charged with all the crimes they have committed thus far. The judiciary commission, police IPCMC be immediately implemented & allow freedom of speech & press.

    We need to change the attitude of all those who now support bee end.

    God bless

  123. boombang says:

    Next GE is in 2013, enough time for Najis to retire, muhyiddin go on sodomy charge, mu-kris the next PM.

  124. suffering rakyat says:

    Looking at the despotic system in Bolehland, it doesn’t matter whether it’s 1Mahathir 1Malaysia’s cabinet, 1Paklah 1Malaysia’s cabinet or 1Najib 1Malaysia’s Cabinet or whatever cabinet you have got, we know that the whole cabinet is rotten to the core!

    Looking at their faces and looking at ISA, Polisputras, Judicialputras, Prosecutorputras, or whateverputra you have got, they are all rotten to the core.

    Pak Lah’s Rotten-To-The-Core Cabinet

  125. disgusted says:

    The way we see it, it is very hard to reform already IN uMNO. It has kaput coz umno is diseased terminally and could only be treated but not cured to normal health as long as that Father of Corruption,Cronyism,Nepotism,Dictatorim is still ALIVE!!.The new Najip-Tun M cabinet is a rebirth of Mahatirm legacy.(Tun M quoted “what is wrong with Mahatirism? He is SO PROUD with it after amassed and enriched themselves and main breeder of corruptors).OMG OMG.Save this country. Does he mean he is asking the new cabinet to condone to his style of running the country & people, with more corruption,croniysm,ISA,nep,corect,colek,collect, racial disparity,kaput education systm etc?.Why Najip did not appoint Khairy in the new cabinet, when Khairy won the majority for the Youth chief post?Is it under the instruction of Tun M to ridicule him and soon to boot him out of Umno for good as Khairy is seen as a threat to Tun M or his son Mukris , just like before Anwar was seen as a threat to Tun M so Tun M “sodomized” him out of Umno and “crushed” him to jail just like now Tun M “crushed” Ahmad Badawi to nobody only to be an “Ahmad” (driver- to his wife now) so that his people, Najip could take over.Why is Tun M afraid of Khairy in the cabinet??.Bec. Khairy would dig out all their “misdoings” & hold them ransom.Too much dirt inside to be displayed and those dirt still under the carpet and afraid Khairy would sweeep up all those dirts to spring clean.They are still covering up, so had to put his son in to ensure what is going on.We expected Khairy at least be a Deputy if not a Minister of Education just like his predecessor.It is no use being the Umno Youth chief if you are not a Minister.How to gain respect from his voters.Soon his voters switch camp.So now there are 2camps,2Malaysia,2vision in Umno.The fight goes on & on until next GE.Maybe Tun M would lobby Najip step down (say no guts or whatever at his whims & fancy) and put Muyiddin, if still cannot,put his son up and Mahathir legacy lives.He wants to see his legacy lives before he R.I.P.We are in the opinion that Khairy should be in the cabinet and shud be the Minister of Education as he is more relevant to us as long as he is pro-justice than that MuKris who is a puppet to his father.Tun M is dictating now.The faces are change but it is still the same rule of the jungle & Umno rules all!! Since Tun M retired, he is still our busy body PM in action (he announced to the world he would not be in politics after retired but he was LAGI HEBAT(more terror) in politic after he retired).Its Malaysian HISTORY. The real change can only happen in Umno/Barisan after Tun M R.I.P.but this man who has no moral shame & moral fear still wants to hang on to dear life until he sees his son MuKris be the next PM and his legacy lives forever & ever (he is so proud of it although he was running Malaysia for 23 yrs in DISGUISE), then only he can R.I.P.Long live Umno+Tun M.In favour of PR.Winds of change blowing slowly but steadily to this beloved land of truly Asia.

  126. grasscutter says:

    Jika anda berada di kedai minum,
    dan ternampak tanda harga seperti ini,
    jangan banyak tanya. minum dan bayar sahaja.


  127. zainal says:

    New Malaysian premier snubs ICT body
    By Lee Min Keong, ZDNet Asia
    Monday, April 13, 2009 08:13 PM

    MALAYSIA–Newly-minted Prime Minister Najib Razak has delivered an embarrassing snub to the country’s ICT association Pikom, after he not only ignored its call for a single ministry, but also transferred jurisdiction for the local communications sector to a low-profile ministry.


  128. zainal says:

    In a statement released last week following the Cabinet reshuffle, Pikom said it was “disappointed” its recent request for a single ICT ministry has gone unanswered. The industry body also revealed it was “caught by surprise” that the responsibility for the country’s ICT sector has been transferred to the Information, Culture and Arts Ministry, headed by Rais Yatim, a veteran politician who is regarded to lack substantial experience in the ICT sector.

  129. siti aurora says:

    A good thing about combining the ICT with arts and culture ministry is – you get ICT to be part of our culture and can be used extensively in promoting arts and heritage. THINK!

  130. kekekeke says:

    “..get ICT to be part of our culture and can be used extensively in promoting arts and heritage. THINK!”

    I knew it, these PIKOM people are stupid-they should let ex-pert Rais Yatim THINK for them.

  131. bottomline says:

    1st day Rais THINK
    2nd day Rais THINK more
    3rd day Rais THINK more, more
    4th day Rais pick up phone
    5th day Rais pick up files and go for instructions to m`sia No.1 blogger on how to implement ISA culture on bloggers and commentors
    30th day Rais dapat gaji kekekeke umno loafers can think?

  132. bottomline says:

    Wat happened to M`sia No.1 blogger…….very busy now………new job?

  133. wits0 says:

    In the following month Rais seeks an honorary title in ICT.

  134. nadi says:

    Menurut Rais Yatim si badut, persidangan tergempar DUN tidak wajar diadakan tanpa persetujuan sultan.
    Inilah taklimat yang memutarbelit undang undang tubuh negeri Perak dari seorang yang dicanangkan sebagai pakar perlembagaan oleh kerajaan UMNO/BN.
    Pakar yang haprak dan bertindak sebiji macam badut yang membuat lawak bodoh dipentas sarkas UMNO/BN.

  135. kittykat46 says:

    Rais in charge of ICT ?

    Question – what is ATM ? Hint…in ICT, its not a machine you go to get cash…

    Wooo….wooo….wooo…..I supposes they were thinking more about the content side, maybe related to culture and arts…

    The technology and infrastructure side definitely needs to be managed by a tech-savvy ministry. But then again it may not make any difference.

    Think about our public service…..semua sama…

  136. Anonymous says:

    Rice Tips for Rais:

    – Rais mesti mengharamkan terus bahasa Inggeris dari semua rancangan dalam bahasa Melayu di radio dan TV Malaysia.

    – Jika ada menteri, ketua-ketua jabatan, tokoh-tokoh korporat bercakap dalam bahasa Inggeris, tiap perkataan dan ungkapan mesti dialih bahasa ke bahasa Melayu.

    – Berunding dengan Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka untuk melaksanakan sistem denda setiap perkataan dan ungkapan bahasa Inggeris yang ‘terlepas’. Kalau dalam drama, pelakon, penulis skrip dan penerbit drama itu akan didenda RM100 satu perkataan atau RM1,000 satu ungkapan yang digunakan. Kempen ini juga boleh diluaskan ke sektor filem Melayu.


  137. Who 1st? says:

    Najib put Rais in ICT so he can catch all bloggers go to jail and they can do what these old brains can do what they like to this country in accordance to Najib-Tun M alliance rule of ISA. This goes to show how capable is our new PM. Does Rais know what ICT stands for?Maybe they make a mistake. He got the post of International Culture Technology (ICT). All that is left in this new cabinet brains is idealogy of intimidation,ISA,corruption and Umno & Umno people come FIRST Rakyat LAST. Their slogan Rakyat first, performance now is now proven as rakyat first go to hell, they are going to perform iron fist ruling now!GOD bless the bloggers.Amen.

  138. wits0 says:

    “And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. ”
    <> line 17
    – King James Bible

    That’s what Rais actually propose on the Behest of the(his) Beast.

  139. fili says:

    please.. please give them a chance k… but i agree there have a lot of things our cabinet need to polish….u know what there are some politician they only know how to talk.. but there are some really2 superb in what ever they do.. even they are not good enough in public speaking.. this is what we call malaysian citizen…

  140. unta says:

    “… but i agree there have a lot of things our cabinet need to polish…”

    very good…they doing that by using najis to polish balls

  141. wits0 says:

    All the Brasso and Turtle wax can’t make that cabinet shine, as all the perfume of Araby could not take that stench from Lady Macbeth’s hands.

  142. OMG says:

    Malaysia is now very “blessed” with TWO (2) PRIME MINISTERS, Tun M & Tan Sri Najib, 2 idealogies, 2 agendas, 2 heads better than 1, 2 visions, 2 administrations, 2 dreams, 2 camps, 2 Umnos, 2 bridges (one crooked one not crooked), 2 concepts, 2 slogans, 2 mentalities, 2 personalities, 2 generation gaps, 1 question 2 answers etc…Najib is PM by default, Tun M is self-appointed PM of Malaysia shamelessly to quench his big ego and his self-centred personal quests and self-glory. (The Star had to “ampu” this man & glorified him like “God”-their Saviour not ours). Who is our PM???Malaysia is like a lost ship sailing in the rough ocean without a navigator and a captain.A country with 2 PMs.One said “go ahead” the other said “don’t go ahead”, finally ship run out of fuel and God knows what happen next…wait for next change.Coming soon in all cinemas. That’s all folks.

  143. Anonymous says:

    shit another bunch of a@@holes running the country’s administration,doomed

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