It beats logic but it is true. Reliable sources say that the two murder accused of Altantuya Shariibuu was very calm today when they were sentenced to death in the Shah Alam court house.

They were police special force action unit personnel. They take orders from ‘someone up there’.

This morning Azilah [Hadri] came in first to court and was very calm, seen cheerful and smiling, looked fine. Sirul came in much later, and many thought he had broke down, but this is not to be so. He also came in looking calm.

[Perhaps, I watched too many movies. But people either faint or shriek or show some kind of emotion when sentenced to death].

Even when the sentenced was read by the judge. The emotions were calm. After it was read, the two convicts left the dock and hug their lawyers.

Azilah’s fiancee who was present in court was also very calm. She told reporters later that she expected Azilah to be freed, but since the judge had made his decision, they would wait for the ‘next’ step.

She still plans to marry Azilah. It seems the only person found shedding a tear, quite strangely, was Azilah’s fiancee’s sister.

Anyway, the duo will be in the Kajang prison, and not Sungai Buloh, awaiting their appeal.

It’s worthwhile to read Lim Kit Siang’s statement today : Demands intensify for allegations of Najib’s involvement in the Altantuya c4 murder case.

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  1. kittykat46 says:

    People who a really innocent (as in they know they definitely did not do it) will not accept accept a capital sentence calmly.

    For what its worth, I think the two policemen did it, but they did it on “Orders from Above”.
    They have remained silent as to who gave them the orders, no doubt still assuming they would somehow be “protected” since they were just carrying out instructions. Maybe this death sentence should be enough to shake them out of their daydream.

    Come on guys, you may not escape the gallows (if you did it, it is still murder), but you can still do a last act of loyalty to your country by naming the one who gave you the orders.

  2. Andrew says:

    Here is my conspiracy theory:

    Since these two policemen have constantly been masked in court, when the time comes for them to hang, they will be masked as well. But they won’t be the ones who swing. The persons to swing would be some other hapless habitual prisoners (masked of course). Then, both Azilah and Sirul will be bundled out of the country quietly to an unknown friendly country where they will live out their lives in comfort and luxury – financed of course, by you know who with money from the submarine deal.

    And if not the above, well, there is always a pardon to be got from a compassionate King…

    As for Altantuuya, welll, may her wandering ghost and that of her unborn child haunt all those involved in her murder till justice is done..

  3. ash says:

    Lucky for najis these 2 looked calm, imagine if they had smiled. It would have all hit the ceiling.

  4. ash says:

    Kajang Prison huh!! Was that where Abdullah Ang could walk in and out of?
    But Kajang Prison is better than Sg. Buloh.
    Now kajang satay, rumah maksiat all nearer no?

  5. paloi says:

    of course they was very calm bcoz they know they can appeal to the higher court. they still have chance to go free. and i believe they will go free.

    they dont have the motive. they even know nothing bout altantuya. if razak was innocence so are they.

  6. ash says:

    “…but you can still do a last act of loyalty to your country by naming the one who gave you the orders.” – kittykat46

    The whole idea of “wet” operations is that identities are not divulged. Here it will be commuted to life imprisonment, after x years each gets RM1M and live happily ever after.

  7. ash says:

    Want to keep the issue alive? then start a “Save Azizul Fund” (SAF).
    One for the other fellow also (“innocent victims of blind justice” – the fugitive)

  8. putree says:

    maybe najib has promise to release them and hang someone else! that’s why they are so calm including the fiancee! alamak drama betul la!

  9. Richard teo says:

    FRom day one the identity of both accussed was put in wraps. no one one has really seen their face in public. Both will be sent to an obscure prison where the sentence will be be supposedly carried out. then secretly both will be released and given another identity to live a life of luxury paid for by the c4 boss.

  10. najib manaukau says:

    What benefits and interests do the two convicts have blowing the mongolian woman? What kind of ‘incentives’ for them to become scapegoats ?
    They have never ever met the Mongolian woman
    before and why should they blow her up ?
    First look into the immigration’s records and see who is responsible to delete the Mongolian’s entry into Malaysia. Not even senior immigration officers can do that.
    Also who had authorised a control item like C4 to be taken from the army (has the then minister in charge explain ? Surely the AG and the IGP have enough brain to get the investigation going from these,if they are not controlled by someone very senior up there or shall I say senior enough to instruct them what to do !
    AG and the IGP must explain why or did they bargain their wrong doings for these?

  11. Richard Loh says:

    Andrew and Richard Teo,

    What you said is in my mind all along.

    No one can touch him now and soon there is going to be some kind of instructions that whoever mention about this case again, will be ISA’ed.

    A country, a boleh country where the real murderer who instruct the two to kill goes free.

    GOD help us.

  12. ericind says:

    The whole incident is just like a drama,every ppl in this bolehland already expected the outcome of the judgement,so at the end of the day,the real murderers still scot free, but for stupid Idzan,justice being done..

  13. Conspiracy says:

    Are they really going to be executed or will their sentence just be another conspiracy hatched??

  14. Jsss says:

    All this are najis’s drama to clear his name.

  15. Inspector Gadget says:

    How do we know there is an agreement for the verdict……? Mastermind and these 2 stupid guys might be dealt something…

  16. mazen says:

    These two can’t be Azilah and Sirul, they must be imposters planted to stand in for them. Otherwise how could they be so cool when the death sentence was being passed? The least they could do is to confess the truth to save their own lives.
    This case is just unbelievable!

  17. jungleboy says:

    Definitely the 2 had no personal reason to kill altantuya, the order must had come from upper-up. Never ever also forget that her entry into malaysia was erased from the immigration. Who had the power to order that? On another matter regarding the 2Bukit by-election, I suggest that PKR, DAP and PAS send a Thank You card to TDM for campaining for BN. Maybe organise a grand dinner inviting TDM as guest of honour.

  18. TOKZ says:

    Hi Susan,

    What do you expect that 2 murderers to feel??? Happy & laughing like a CLOWN???

    This is ONE STUPID article. Wake up, bitch!!!

  19. apapunboleh says:

    the small fishes goes to the frying pan while the big ones swims happily away but then, who know whether these small fishes gets eaten or not, my guess that it’s just a show, which they will be released later after being pardon by the Agong. Just give them a few months, wait and see.

  20. Menyalak-er says:

    Despite all your conspiracy theories, i really believe that these blokes will hang! Why? They are guilty of pulling the trigger and igniting the c4 fuse.
    Now, we are talking about the ‘real’ instigators/belakakng mati flurs aren’t we? They have to shut these 2 incompetents up permanently, asap – after 3 years of crap, ‘cos $ cannot buy them ‘peace of mind’.
    This is not mere ‘cover-up’, this is about making ‘inconveniences’ disappear.
    Do you expect the ‘brains’ who doesn’t have a shred of compassion to release them? Have you heard of the ‘sacrificial lamb/goat’ mentality that’s imprinted into our brains from time immemorial? Don’t hold your breath, ‘accidents’ happen all the time in lockups, jails, aka Kugan…

  21. daniel says:

    Shame on Government!
    The world would despise Msia.
    What a shame!

  22. wandererAUS says:

    Blind loyalty have brought these two mongrels to a death sentence…a death without a cause.
    The public demands for true justice…who were the evil culprits behind the murder of Altantayu…. It was obvious, these two murderers who did the actual killing have no purpose for her death…except being naive but, naivety can also, be very profitable…
    One gets away with murder in Bolehland…something unusual?

  23. genghis khan says:

    Please write to ALL the French Deputies [Members of the French Assembly] that they have a “National Conscience” to help/assist Mongolian Father Prof Dr Shaaribu and the Malaysia Public to tell the truth about

    1. Submarine Deals ….

    2. the Itinerary of the Malaysian Minister of Defence, then; whether, did he or did he not see the Late Ms. Altantuya in France.

    The French Surete [Intelligence Service] , the President Sarkozy know about this.

    Get the French Assembly [Parliament] particularly, the Socialists, Green and Left Groups to make noises in the French Parliament.

    Send a Memorandum to ALL of the French Deputies and POST from France, cheaper lah !

    BTW get the Observer and Guardian of UK journalist to PROBE and Investigate and get that Razak Baginda AND PUT HIM ON trial AGAIN.

    Once again, write to some of the British MPs who are good at exposing this kinds of story ….. mind you, a Mongolian Visitor to Malaysia has been brutally, MURDERED by C4.

    And a Malaysian “student” who is DIRECTLY involved is happily “studying” for his PhD in England !!!!!

    Get the also the National Union of Students to campaign on behalf of Altantuya…. they will love this!

  24. rozlan says:

    aiya..something in store for them la.Maybe they had been promised something..Being pardoned maybe.or a sham execution,who know.Then they weer given new indentity with lots of money.I will not believes the execution unless it was done in pubic..

  25. syam says:

    the one that gave the orders was anwar ibrahim and Tuan Khairy (KJ).

    think about it. you guys been thinking outside the box for quite sometime now.

  26. Since the beginning of the trial no one has seen their faces. Is that not convenient? There are millions of ringgit still available. What if they hang two unfortunate Indian prisoners who are on death row in their place, as dead Indians are a non issue in Malaysia, especially so when branded as criminals. Get buried under Islamic rituals, it can be done as can be seen in the case of Everest hero Moorthy. These two killers are allowed to leave the country with some of the millions procured in “commissions” in the purchase of the Scorpene subs. Maybe that is the reason they are calm, far feteched? It can happen in Malaysia. Malaysia Boleh!!!!

  27. ProTun says:

    Rahim Nor had had his pension restored after he was quietly pardoned by our compassionate ruler.

  28. ProTun says:

    the hangman doesn’t know the identity of the condemned. he just carries out his job. if immigration record could be erased from the database… nothing should be ruled out

  29. danet7882 says:

    They are going to swap the bodies of those being hung… The justice is just like shit! There’s no law in this country at all.. only UMNO law.

  30. steven says:

    The 2 policemen will take the money & fleet the country on the day of the execution… and live happily else where…cos their master will rewards them handsomely…. Something is fishy here…This only happen in Boleh Land…

  31. justme says:

    Why not be cool as a cucumber, knowing full well there is still a long way to go, with multiple appeals. And with a new PM, anything is possible.
    Justce is done only when the fat lady sings.

  32. Justice 4 ALTANTUYA says:

    This can only happen in Malaysia bolehland under Corrupt & Shameless and very dirty behind the scenes trading.
    Anyone sentenced to death will not be so cool.
    The y have no motive to kill Altantuya . So who had the motive to see her dead ? The whole world somehow know the answer but the police will not act.
    Razak Baginda right now,is enjoying a fresh cup of cofee reading this in his multi million Oxford,England home.The house bulit on the ‘BLOOD of ALTANTUYA ‘. Money stolen from the people of Malaysia !
    Our hearts bleed for Malaysia !
    These two killers will most probably sent out to live in Indonesia comfortably and incognito. It stinks to high heaven !
    Lets have a public execution but the real killer the one who ordered the killing is still loose.
    Syabas to Pakatan Rakyat on winning the by elections-there is hope still for Malaysia with Honourable Men like Anwar,Niz Aziz,Kit Siang,Raja Petra,Tengku Razaleigh, Wathy ,Uthaya and Zaid Ibrahim and many more GOOD people around.

  33. My2cen says:

    Maybe I too, watch too many movies!

    Agree with Andrew and Richard Teo that it’s all a conspiracy. Normal people will always have some kind of reaction, unless you are very well preped and know what’s coming. These guys don’t seems to mind the sentence, that means they know what the next step and result will be. Only time will tell.

    But I don’t want to see them sentenced until and unless we know the whole truth. We haven’t heard it all, that’s so much more and many more people behind it. I want to see the officer who authorised to release of the C4 step onto the docks too. Did anyone ask how it was obtained? Who requested for it? Who released it?? So easy to get C4 in Bolehland…

  34. ProTun says:

    they claimed that they didn’t even know her name. whats the motive of killing unless it’s an order

  35. orange says:

    fast forward >> 2 crash test dummies will swing from the gallows instead.
    anyone here remembers the ‘hokkien mee’ episode? some notorious criminal who was supposed to be languishing in jail was actually spotted tucking in supper some years back.

  36. zorop says:

    if they are scapegoats then their families will be rewarded and their death will be faked out given another false identity and disappear into thin air like in the movies! wow!

  37. imyfish says:

    motive? what’s the motive for the cops to kill a foreign lady that they had never met? if I were the 2 cops, I ‘d plead insanity!!! eazy peazy!

    I do not think the case is done and dusted for all the money is worth.

    In the court rooms, are you innocent until u r proven guilty beyond any reasonable doubt OR is it the other way??

    there is NO JUSTICE!!

  38. Legalsham says:

    To sum up : Malaysians should feel proud that our World Famous Judiciary have help to foster our country good name amongst the International Legal fraternity. Future Law students, the world over, will find this particular criminal case a very glaring piece of Case Study, whereby the verdict was set by our “Learned Judge”, without having the case being prove beyond reasonable doubts. There are still so many unanswered questions. This is RUBBISH judgement.

  39. SameSame says:

    Firstly…I WANT TO KNOW HOW COME ALTANTUYA’s Immigration Record can be wiped out??? Oi so easy ah she come in with shingbang…surely she didnt sail in with illegal sampan!! and she got no records?? Come on la!! What does the government take us for!!

    IT experts can you identify when and which IP (IT term) deleted the records? Sure there is a backup system somewhere in some dumbsite for backup on Immy Files.

    Another thing…one fella had a audacity to say Khairy and Anwar has a hand on this….duh..Razak was whose political secretary and who was THE defense minister and where are C4s stored?

    Yalah, you guys dont like to hear that Najib or razak has a hand in this situation then dont visit this site la. Stay under the tempurung of urs…and keep quiet.

    One innocent yet greedy woman (she came for her comm$$ she thought she rightfully earned by ways of corruption on the sub deal) got killed/murdered. Imagine it to be your sister la..then you know whats it like.

    Then you get these two circus clowns whose face is always covered (and like said b4 so they can walk free later) are just scapegoats and hey they just followed orderes from their boss (special unit under whom if not Najib? – correct me if I am wrong b4 they were transfered out of the unit so the finger wont point at the fella and wife – who has lots to benefit too)

    AIYA….no justice la. Yes hang sentence is one thing but hang the right person la for god’s sake!!!

  40. Kee says:

    Of course, they look calm becos the trial or the whole thing is just a show!!!

    Do you guys believe that the 2 will be hung?

    Will the public recognise them if they walk on the street becos their faces are always covered. Which criminal is allowed to do that?

    I believe the 2 will be issued new IDs and passports as well…

    I leave the rest of the story to you all now…

    Malaysia memang boleh… A great country indeed !!!

  41. kuttysamy says:

    Heard the latest news?? Mukhri has been appointed a deputy minister and I told you so I will be back and will be at the driver’s wheel…

    See Najib good boy and he will listen to me and will be obedient not like Pak Lah.

    Now I can teach Mukhri some tricks and he can move faster than Khairy up the ladder!! See what happen to Khairy,the young fart!!!

    Now you still don’t know who is the puppet master eh!!!! so slow lah you all!!!

    “No deal with Najib” don’t believe all I say,only the fools will believe me all the time. See I can fool those fools for 22 years,surely I can fool them some more lah!!!

    Sheeeeeeee don’t tell anybody ok. Must not let those fools know lah!!!

  42. Kee says:

    Dear new PM,

    Do u think you can fool the people all the times???

    You may fool the Dayak in Sarawak becos they are indeed v v simple people…

    You should realise by now from the 2 Bs’ by-elections that people CANNOT be fooled all the times.

    Even b4 the judgment was passed, the smart Rakyat knew the outcome
    already lor!!!

    U actually should instruct the 2 to scream in the court so as to make the whole thing more real ya?

  43. Idzan Ismail says:

    Dear Susan.
    The court has decided.
    Now what?
    Is the Mongolian woman’s father happy?
    We will be hearing this from you for the next four years.
    Susan the indefatigable and relentlless spinner.
    Good luck to you for fighting a non-cause.

  44. Kee says:

    Dear Idzan,

    I am not sure whether u r a mongoloid or u purposely chose not to believe the sandiwara orchestrated by the Upper hand.

    Anyway, u can choose to be fooled but not the rest of us ya.

    It is not the court who decided the outcome but the Upper hand, got it?

    Malaysia is a corrupted country, the world knows !!!

  45. najib manaukau says:

    I am glad that I do not want my descendants to be the following if they live in Malaysia:

    1. Politician (the murderer of the mongolian lady)
    2. Lawyer (the most incompetent AG)
    3. Policeman (the quartered cooked)

    Finally do not ever become a muslims.
    The above people are a bloody disgrace to their religion, race and above all their cultures. They should be sent to Pakistan or Afganistan.

  46. Kancilandak says:

    Now you all see. I said so many times dont blaming the PM or Rosmah. The real kaprit is Sirul and Azhar, now their ajal sudah tiba, how to not calm? You all put Rosmah on so much pressure like she was at the site of the murder. Poor woman suffer so much in silent. 2/3 week ago she cry for mercy and say she also human, pls dont bully me like this. Nobody listen. Now the cry of the innocent housewife bring true result to the murderer. One mongolia prostitut versese one honorable innosent housewife and everybody choose the pristitut. God choose otherwise!

  47. eeyaw says:

    The 2 Ninjas behave like heroes spitting us in the face but you know they are COWARDS by hiding their face. Now for the big fish! Altantuya’s spirit is strong!

  48. *cosmic*rainbow* says:

    idzan, why dont you just shut up with your comments here!

    people are getting fed up of your statements here. look, there is enough of evidence to implicate so many parties in the murder. you and i know what all of us are talking about here. and i wish for you to apply this in your head, conscience for what i know that you do not have.

    dont write something that you are not certain of. most of us aren’t, simply because we are commenting based on evidence.

    get a life will you. oh yeah, another thing. is there a sensational feeling when you pray 5 times a day, say, khusyuk?


  49. limpek says:

    Dont worry stay cool.

    Everything will be alright , just
    let me know which destination you prefer.

  50. SameSame says:

    Well with people like Idzan and Kancil….thats why Malaysia is in a state of HELL. With people like this you cannot run a just government.

    Malaysia is a corrupted country due to its government who dont listen to their rakyat but just their own pocket.


  51. limpek says:

    Dont worry, stay cool.

    Everything will be alright , just
    let me know which destination you prefer.

  52. vengai says:

    Just see the Cabinet line up today.Whose holding HOME. As we know the Police,Imigration and Customs Dept is under HOME.Easy to cover up and do paper works.Sedara sedarah ma! Misti buat punya.Tiga tahun lagi Klish will become Deputy President of keris party and DPM.Agree susan?

  53. machitam says:

    –Mongolian Consul General, Datuk Syed Abdul Rahman Alhabshi, who told reporters the ruling seemed “fair” and claimed Shaariibuu Setev, the murder victim’s father, was “happy” with the verdict when informed over the phone this morning–

    Satev must be as happy as Idzan. The two “goats” will either hang or living together with Idzan under diff. ID.

  54. lkl says:

    In malaysia, murder just happens. no motive. nothing.

    Next time policemen come to your house, get ready to call police because there will be murder.

  55. wits0 says:

    “In malaysia, murder just happens. no motive. nothing.”

    It’s the well known expression of that “sovereignty and integrity” thing that trumps anything and everything else!

  56. wits0 says:

    A R Allbullshit and Idzan can spawn together with rich scums aplenty.

  57. wira says:

    I never for a minute believe that those 2 will be hung even if the court finds them guilty.

    The finale has yet to be revealed.

  58. *cosmic*rainbow* says:

    remember the murder of sujatha? cover up?

    remember the murder of a woman in cheras? remember megat junid megat ayob?

    remember who issued the permit in 1969 with regards to the murder of the 2 chinese boys by an inspector?

    now which is which?

  59. maman says:


    Can you please explain what this guy is up to?

    najib manaukau Says:
    April 9, 2009 at 3:12 pm

    I am glad that I do not want my descendants to be the following if they live in Malaysia:

    1. Politician (the murderer of the mongolian lady)
    2. Lawyer (the most incompetent AG)
    3. Policeman (the quartered cooked)

    Finally do not ever become a muslims.
    The above people are a bloody disgrace to their religion, race and above all their cultures. They should be sent to Pakistan or Afganistan.

    I think somebody wanted to sparks something here…

  60. EC says:

    Time comes.. there will be hanging. 2 person wil be dead. But it won’t be those 2, i tink. Najib has yet to come clean and clear on all this. Funny why our ‘dear’ prime minister was nvr called to answer all these allegations against him. Those 2 are just scapegoats. Only by ‘hanging’ them, then the case will be closed.

    But like Anwar has said… Why the murder in the first place? I think that’s what every1 like to know.. well, maybe except those at UMNO.

  61. Nizam says:

    Whew! Kancilandak,
    What a sad story! How’d you get this much compassion for Dotty eh? You’re one of a kind!

    How did this one get on board ah Susan?

  62. rastaman says:

    Oooooh sang algojo, nanti dulu….

    Siapa kamu?

    Dia menjawab, “David Copperfieldlah aku!”

  63. shong says:

    malaysians know. it’s just a play.

  64. bennymat7 says:

    The Rakyat of Malaysia are no fools.
    In all courts all over the world accused are always seen NOT hidden or cover up. Only in Malaysia it seems the Crooks & Killers have their faces all wrapped up. WHY ? To cover the Truth and when these sacrificial lambs(?) are then released (after sentencing to death ? ) they will assume new identities in a foreign land or even moved into your neighbourhood without being recognised. Justice Malaysia boleh style !
    ALtantuya we will not forget how or why you died… dastradly,greedy ,evil & corrupt men may enjoy fabulous wealth or obtained by crooked means.
    The sound of REFORMASI is ringing out loud all over Malaysia !

  65. wits0 says:

    Clearly, people are not too amused to see MOTIVE sent to the gallows and be conveniently buried.

  66. Everboleh says:

    only wayang…..the two will appeal ie court of appeal and federal court and will succeed in the end and walk away free….this is Malaysia Boleh Land Lah!

  67. Ananda says:

    May God bless the two hand picked jokers who murdered Altantuya…many questions not answered and why the judge passed the sentence ???

  68. cayalah says:

    Very interesting. Might be we can produce a new drama “Prison Break” malaysian version …

  69. k c low says:

    The whole trial was a sandiwara. Oscars are to be awarded to all who took part in the sandiwara. Their performance are exceptional. Hollywood/Bollywood performers are no match.

  70. Eric says:

    I don’t believe they will be executed as they seemed so calm. Anything can happen in Malaysia. Who knows they will be secretly released from the gallow and be given another identity to stay in another country with luxury.

  71. John Q says:

    They are so calm because someone else is going to die for them maa…

  72. daryl says:

    Take it one for UMNO that is what these two guys did. But, are the rakyat still that naive about the whole BN/UMNO situation? I bet not because of 4-1 and are BN/UMNO ready to change. I can bet my money on NO because look at their cabinet. If they want to stay relevent they will try to bribe everyone they can but with the current economy can they do that?

    I bet the higher up have ways to bring down those that thinks they are God. All the situation favor those that oppsoe BN and I pray every night that if it doesn’t happen soon make it at PRU-13. If I can be in Malaysia at that time to vote these snakes out I will do it. Given that I never voted in my life and if possible I will make it a point to cast my vote next time against BN.

  73. storm62 says:

    2 new scapegoats will be hanged and the 2 old scape goats will fly out of malaysia with all the immigration records erased again…malaysia semua boleh!

  74. dev says:


    I think it is about time you get people who have some respect for you to state their comments here in your blog. There seem to be some who are so rude, filthy and vulgar towards you. I don’t think that is right. If they can’t give you some decent respect, then their comments are not worth screening. Think about it Susan. Anyway, your efforts are very worthy, keep up the good work.

  75. Kherry Scarry says:

    Now that they are convicted, can we see their faces ?

    Why hide their identity ?

  76. […] Azilah & Sirul: so calm when sentenced to death! (image) It beats logic but it is true. Reliable sources say that the two murder accused of Altantuya Shariibuu was […] […]

  77. Phua Kai Lit says:

    Hi Susan

    Did you forget that plastic surgery to change facial features
    is also available??

  78. Insider says:

    You all got it wrong. Those 2 look calm althought sentences to death because they knew, they going to be released back door.

    Why don’t ask BN government make the death sentences live on TV.
    See if those 2 are still that calm !!!!! they would be weeping like a sorry babies! Damn BN corrupt government

    Those 2 were made scapegoat by Najis and would soon be realesed back door. Their identity will be be changed and soon they are going to be free walking among us with only with different details. Or they will be send to overseas for a few years without imigration record. Imigration record can be erased. Remember Altantuya?

    And i am so curious why those 2 people face was covered?

  79. kawan dell says:

    “Did you forget that plastic surgery to change facial features
    is also available??”

    In Langkawi, Malaysia also the FACE CHANGERS

  80. Insider says:

    TOKZ Says:

    April 9, 2009 at 1:13 pm
    Hi Susan,
    What do you expect that 2 murderers to feel??? Happy & laughing like a CLOWN???
    This is ONE STUPID article. Wake up, bitch!!!

    syam Says:
    April 9, 2009 at 1:32 pm
    the one that gave the orders was anwar ibrahim and Tuan Khairy (KJ).
    think about it. you guys been thinking outside the box for quite sometime now.

    And I SAYS to sham and TOKZ, negara bapak engkao. Kepala otak hampa masih macam otak udang, otak sotong, otak katak dibawah tempurung. UMNO memang kotor dan keji.

  81. tourman53 says:

    The Malaysian Police has not balls to show their face . If war were to happen in this country these police will cover their face and go back to the kampong tanam Jagung & Kangkung. Real Cowards!!! Pondan Police.

  82. dian says:

    As what one ex-Deputy IGP told me, if they wanted to clean up the police force and rid it of corruption, 95% of the police force would have to be sacked.

  83. dian says:


    Angkatan Muda PKR akan membuat aduan polis berhubung seorang pemuda yang sedang dirawat di unit rawatan rapi (ICU) setelah didakwa meminum bahan beracun di bilik siasatan polis.

  84. najisliar says:

    Najib, for his part, has denied till blue in his face that he was never involved in Shaariibuu’s murder. He continued to deny it right up to the recent Umno summit. Then he became dead silent on the matter.

    Cat got his tongue?

    Najib’s name is mud. His repeated denials are worn out. Malaysians do not trust him. He cannot win their trust unless he proves beyond all doubt that he was never involved in Shaariibuu’s mu,rder. The police – bless their corrupt souls – must investigate and investigate thoroughly and not in the way they tend to investigate politicians and their well-connected cronies and nepotists.

  85. wits0 says:

    “..Najib said that “The era where the government knows best is over” and that “We can only achieve our ambition for Malaysia if the government and people, in a united effort, work together for success and progress”.

    Yet the first thing Najib did as Prime Minister was to violate this important principle that “the era where the government knows best is over” by appointing the most number of rejected politicians in last year’s general election into his Cabinet through the backdoor of Parliament, a fundamental defect which cannot be cured by Najib’s claiming that he has formed a People’s Cabinet!..”
    Kerismuddin will protect kok talk.

  86. Payback Time says:

    Their faces covered just to pacify them..for their silence thats the deal. Do you think they will do a swap? Its only in their dream.. C4 gang will certainly see through it that they be hang to more witness to come back and haunt them

  87. billauchris says:

    Azilah and Sirul had been recently convicted and sentenced to death by the Shah Alam High Court for committing the brutal and senseless killing of the Mongolian Girl, Altantuya.

    According to media report, both the accused were calm and composed when the judgement was passed on them. Why? Perhaps, they had been
    assured or advised what the ultimate outcome of the case would be in the finality of the appeals.

    I read a law book before which states that before a judge may pass a death sentence on the accused, the alleged crime must be proven by the DPP beyond any shred of reasonable doubt.

    Deep at one of the remote corners of my mind , logic seemed to tell me that the sentence was flawed. It was flawed because although the killing , actus reus, had been proved, the intention or mens rea, had not. Hence, on appeal, I am afraid that the conviction might be set aside or quashed.

    There might be a likelihood that the two convicts might be set free. If that happens, I just cannot imagine the furore that the situation would create. The time. efforts and money expended on the “wayang kulit” would be come to naught.

    The second point I would like to highlight is: were the two accused put on the veils to cover up their faces when the sentence was passed. I am quite certain their counsels would have advised them to appeal to the apex court against the severity of the sentence.

    An unassailable sentence under the circumstances would be a verdict of man-slaughter.

  88. navinda says:

    You know, I watched Azilah’s fiance being interviewed by the Tv crew. She was calm and confident and belies the fact that the guy has been sentenced to the gallows. She sure knows that he will eventually be released.

  89. jane says:

    The two policemen just be so calmful after they were sentenced to death.. .as a normal human ,they never felt scare of death??? Were they really never felt worry about all??? But what i can say is because they know they will be released after everything cleared and another two ppl will actually replaced them for death.. All the rayuan they make are just to delay the time only. The master mind will protext them from death and so they just act so calm.

  90. joice says:

    The two policemen should sentenced to death no matter how many rayuan they make. They killed people and they must death. No matter they tell how they acquired the C4,they shold death.

  91. kekekeke says:

    Apr 18, 09 3:50pm
    DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang today pressured Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak to explain whether he had directed or approved new restrictions on four private TV stations in their reports of the Altantuya Shaariibuu case.
    Ban will not make questions go away
    Razak Baginda’s name cannot be mentioned

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