We are really reaching new heights in repression.

Firstly, HINDRAF legal advisor V. Ganabatirao was freed from Kamunting but he cant speak to the media.

What kind of freedom is this? A half-past-six freedom?

Some will say, it is better than nothing at all.  But for me, it is proven that the release announced by the new prime minister was  just a tactic to score points for himself.

I was just about to get over this when I read that a man selling masks of Altantuya was detained in Taiping. Whatever for?

She does crawl under the skin of some people, doesn’t she? I hope she haunts them every night, too. Yet, I prefer, this Mongolian woman to rest in peace.

Yet, how can one rest in peace when her murderer(s) are yet to be identified.

Then we are exposed to this indecent exposure.

Najib Tun Razak, only days being premier, is already being condescending and patronising to the media: Najib wants fair and responsible media.


Fair and responsible according to who? Why exert undue influence over the media? How can you expect it to be free when the PM issues such “warnings”.

Is this not repression in its most subtle ways?

It is NOT for the unelected Prime Minister (but only an appointed leader of a bully party) to decide or instruct the media to be ‘fair or responsible’!

If at all, discerning readers of the media already know how to do that and that is why there are already calls for boycott of media who have become merely propaganda machines of the government.

And all these being said when tomorrow is a tri-by-elections in Bukit Gantang, Bukit Selambau and Batang Ai.

If BN/UMNo wins these by-elections, can you say they’re really winners?

I wish the voters all the best as you decide your new representatives. Hope you go out in droves to the polling stations.


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  1. monsterball says:

    The releases are to win votes in the 3 by-elections.
    The house arrest ..restricted freedom and gag orders are not known by Malaysians…..only know they are released. What wonderful news!!
    You can buy all sorts of ghostly masks….readily available in shopping complexes…but not Altanyuya mask…….because that will haunt the one and only guilty one to confess. He must be protected at all cost….or else Malays loose faith and trust in UMNO.
    If they are not afraid or guilty…..the Altantuya mask will backfire and become a joke to accusers……giving more votes top UMNO.
    We are worst than Myanmar…but alot of Malaysians cannot feel that…..because Malaysia is a rich country.
    Selfish and low IQ Malaysians do not feel they are being controlled ….mind and body….to become more and more half pass sixes. Malaysians.

  2. flyer168 says:


    Well, well, what is new in this Bolehland?

    After all that is said & done….

    It might be 50:50 for all the 3 bye-elections….

    UMNO/BN have always chosen the easier way of “Gutter Politics” & the “Law of the Jungle”….

    Intimidation & hard to refuse Parting Gifts(Political, Business Goodies!) at this nation’s & taxpayer’s expense….

    This great nation & its Leaders COULD have gone either of 2 ways….

    The Honourable Westminster style of Democracy with the Rule of Law requiring the formation of the RCI prior to the appointment/s.

    That would make this great Nation, its King, its Leaders & its Rayaat proud of its Integrity, Transparency & Honour….

    Or the easier way of “Gutter Politics” & the “Law of the Jungle”….

    Intimidation & hard to refuse Parting Gifts Political, Business Goodies!)

    Najib’s & his Muslim Hadhari UMNO/BN Ketuanan Beggars are at it again….

    Either “Heads I Win, Tail YOU Lose” or else my late father’s “Recommended Potion” will be the order of the day….Guaranteed to work!

    Remember “What goes round, will come round to “Haunt” these Desperate UMNO Ketuanan Beggars”

    Divine Intervention Works Wonders to accelerate their “Self Destruct Implosion.”

    Let us ALL Pray to God Almighty in our own way & faith for “SANITY, Human Rights, Justice, Equality, Freedom & Peace to “Prevail” over “EVIL”


  3. justme says:

    Quote “The Prime Minister also said he wanted a world-class, fact based reporting and a media that was fair and responsible in its reporting so that it could foster a constructive debate about the nation’s future.”

    Fact based? Dear me, when we have in the judiciary a famous judge known for uttering” irrelvant !”

    And in MI, it reads Kugan’s files seized! In Bolelehalnd, its facts when it suits certain individuals , but its pure rumours or fiction if it hurts.
    And now the puppet master has resurface, do we expect the puppet to have his own dance?

  4. oA says:


    he is a political coward as good as tun M.

    all he will ever do is embellishments to scam the people by giving them mental pleasures but on the other end all the prevalent diabolic policies will be physically enforced – the pride of tun m in play.

    understand this, people shouldnt just take it as it is those niceties coming from a coward but make sure to come out strong to refute him in anyway possible just so these cycle of craps can be stopped.


  5. Maverick says:

    Fairdinkkum ,
    this yellow bellied fool is trying to fool all the Malaysian citizens again.

  6. wake up rakyat says:

    Najib in the first place should be in the dock and not in charge of the nation.

    There is something very wrong in this country if Najib is in control of the nation and our money.

  7. Critic says:

    For the libellous “rubbishings” I read from this website, you are very fortunate to make them in Malaysia man. If in US or Singapore, bankrupt lah u after kena sued!!!

  8. wake up rakyat says:

    This moribund mamak son of kutty should be in jail or mangpus like Sadamn, Marcos or Suharto.

    This mamak monster should be castrated and/or made extinct before more vexing and chaotic monsters are being spawned, causing nuisance and wreaking havoc to the nation..

  9. wake up rakyat says:

    Najib is not elected by the people, hence his pm post is illegitimate.

    Najib must be ousted asap below this nation is completely destroyed by him..

  10. alantanblog says:

    A half-past-six freedom is better than nothing. At least he can see the wife!

  11. wits0 says:

    The main overpowering rubbish is being delivered by the most slavish media as it goes berserk on the eve of every election.

  12. Merdekablog says:

    There is no freedom of knowledge in this country anymore! The main stream media has been “media-washed” all these years. We have not heard fair and open news from them for years. The readers are told what the government wants them to know. A victory in any of the coming tri-elections will make BN more aggorant!! Voters, please vote for change!

    Setia MTV:

    MTU Seminars:

    Americans’ Reactions: http://www.youtube.com./watch?v=1lRRfNFEPto&feature=channel

  13. TQBANG says:

    dont trust these bastards a bit. all in ameno/bn are S.O.B, look at KUGAN case now the CLOWNS SINGING A NEW SONG.

  14. wandererAUS says:

    It looks like this Mongolian C4 PM is going to top all the previous premiers we had…including mamak kutty.
    It amuses me as I observed events unfolded in the two bkts by-elections recently, this man used land, sea and air assults on the opposition and the rakyat… to retrict their freedom…only a non surprise was, he did’nt use his newly bought toy…the “Alantuya Submarine”!
    To talk of reform of the media is simply a futile cause and self deceiving…boycott MSM and make them bankrupt is a much better way to go.

  15. wits0 says:

    “Fair and responsible according to who? Why exert undue influence over the media? How can you expect it to be free when the PM issues such “warnings”.”

    Simply unbridled arrogance based on a sense of entitlement to rule as if by divine right.

    For what the MSM has always done, it has long deserved to be boycotted. Unforgiveable infamy.

  16. ktteokt says:

    The poor Mongolian lady is certainly not resting in peace, she is resting in PIECES!

  17. najib manaukau says:

    It takes one to recognise another ? Najib !
    Why over 90% voters voted for AAB in his first GE ?
    Majority were to celebrate the retirement of pariah Mahathir from politics ! I will light fire crackers (and happy to be arrested) when the pariah gets his final heart attack !!
    They weren’t votes for UMNO or BN as shown in the last GE, therefore the pariah’s return is not going to help BN at all, on the contrary it is going to be a liability to BN’s three candidates !
    Just wait and see !!

  18. sampang says:

    YES. Appointed and not elected. see the difference ?

    It’s looks like everything done in a rush just like the way they took over the Silver State.
    Moreover it seems that the Kutty Old man is the actual one who is running the country now. it remind us that the rest are just some sort of fawning stray dogs.

    Besides , the way the deputy carry himself , what do you see in him ? It’s just a face-lift , the” biz “is still operate by the same old tradition family.

    Biz too good ,no time for you. TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT.

  19. Pat says:


    No hope for PR, BN will win the 3 by-elections. Don’t blame opposition, all of us should just shut up, we are not doing our best to give the full support to opposition.

  20. monsterball says:

    ktteokt….Body maybe in pieces…but soul is flying around…intact..cannot speak…who murdered her like that.
    However….she is very much alive in spirit..as we all know.
    Sooner or later…she will rest in peace.
    Malaysians are determine to get justice for her…or else……we will be the next victims…..like Cambodia in the 70’s.

  21. monsterball says:

    ktteokt….Body maybe in pieces…but soul is flying around…intact..cannot speak…who murdered her like that.
    However….she is very much alive in spirit..as we all know.
    Sooner or later…she will rest in peace.
    Malaysians are determine to get justice for her.

  22. Idzan No1. Son says:

    Coming soon to the Rukun Keranga base near your Malaysiastanhouse:

    Here, a man, sturdy and deliberate, is hitting a teenage girl repeatedly on the buttocks with a strap, as two men press her–face-down–to the ground. One immobilizes her by pinning down her shoulders, the other by binding her legs together in his grip. (We are told in news reports that the latter is the girl’s brother; his eyes are averted from the flogging, suggesting that he may have been coerced to participate in the punishment.)

    The man hits, and hits, and hits. After the fourth strike, the girl starts to whine, then scream in pain and supplication. (It was at this point that my wife, the mother of a 17-year-old girl, left the room, unable to take it any more.)

    Look closely at the scene’s background and you will see a crowd ranged around the flogging. You do not see the faces of the crowd (just as you do not see the face of the hapless girl). You see only their legs, but you know intuitively that they are all men. They are immobilized too, transfixed by the spectacle and, perhaps, by fear and awe, as the blows rain down on the prone figure before them, her burka pulled above her waist to reveal her startlingly pink shalwar pants. Pink, in any land, however benighted, is a girlish color. The pink pants enhance the brutality. The pink pants make the flogging bully seem even more repulsive.

    -Tunku Varadarajan

  23. ChrisYong says:

    Whatever the PM says, the media has to asked him to elaborate. It is easy for someone to write the speech for him, but he does not know what it means and obviously no sincerity. I find Susan always said the right thing. I always ask whatever he says is questionable!!!!

    Firstly, by whose standards and how is he interpreting what he is saying. In favour of Rakyat or his own interest or the interest of UMNOputras………..Haha, he needs to one thousand good things to erase the baggages he is carrying. Hopefully, he will do some good, good by the Rakyat’s standard and not his own agenda………….

    Let’s see!!

  24. Idzan No1. Son says:

    Najib will lead Malaysia ever faster into what Syed Akbar Ali calls the Club Of Doom.
    In the Malaysian context, his book also exposes a masquerade whereby certain ‘Islamic’ laws pertaining to divorce are actually a reworded version of English Law taken from the Marriage and Divorce Act – a left over of British colonialism. The book also dismisses ‘Islamic banking’ as ‘Arabic banking’ ie conventional banking with Arabic prefixes attached for camouflage.

  25. Idzan No1. Son says:

    2004- Dato’ Seri Najib kicked the ball first to insist to insist none should openly debate if Muslims could slander the followers of other religions…

    MCA, MIC enjoy when farked and open legs wider

  26. Kee says:

    The sad thing is people are v gullible and they are easily fooled…

    All the best to Pakatan!!!

  27. Idzan Ismail says:

    Dear everyone

    Tomorrrow the people of the two Bukits and the one Batang will wake up to a happy day.
    They will be back again in the arms of the BN who will give them a better life.
    They may not live as well as Susan but they wil live peacefully.
    Bukit Selambau will finally have a rep who will not run away.
    Nizar will be a persona non grata.
    Guess the GLCs under the compassionate BN will give him a job.
    They may need him if they decide to build the crooked bridge to Singapore.

  28. jean says:

    13 ISA detainess freed. ISA to be reviewed and yet, what is your assessment? New heights of repression…

    “…how can one rest in peace when her murderer(s) are yet to be identified.”

    You sure you wrote that sis? I thought you already concluded your investigation and found the “murderer(s).” The majority here are also dead certain on who murdered Tuya and is at sentencing stage already. Who needs proof anyway? Just when I thought there is no justice in Malaysian court…

    Gutter Politics – this is my version. Accusation, innuendo, gosipping, character assassinition, lies, slander, blame-game, empty rhetorics, I am better / hollier / prettier than you… and complain after complain from one ceramah to another.

    And still, people were mesmerized by Anwar’s, Hadi’s, Karpal’s economic plan. I missed that part somehow.

  29. Idzan No1. Son says:

    “Guess the GLCs under the compassionate BN will give him a job”…..Mummy

    Former GRO Rosmah future University Chancellor. Syabas malaysia. Puteri UMNO to start Diploma courses for GROs.

  30. Idzan No1. Son says:

    Heehee pink lips will `test` all GROs?

  31. Francis Ngu says:

    And shakespeare wrote in Macbeth

    “All the perfumes of Arabia will not wipe these hands clean—-”

    ” — the jungles of Dunsingnane marching—”

    Shakespeare speaks

  32. controller says:


    are your blind or wat? najib said responsible media doesnt mean must side the govt. why then did you launch yourself into stupid tirade that the govt is warning the media? read lah the whole speech before ppl will call you STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by the way, altantuya crawls under pakatan rakyat’s skin.. thats why they cant let her go… let her rest in peace lah ppl… who ask you to print her masks???? idiotic goons! no respect for the dead at all!!!!

    even u cant stop talking abt her susan.. did she come in your sleep?

  33. Idzan No1. Son says:

    Hypocritus Najis :

    Apr 7, 09 11:01am
    New premier Najib Razak has called for the country’s media, which is mostly government-linked, to be allowed to report “without fear of consequence”.

    KEKEKEKEKE kepala buto hijau dia kekekeke

  34. sampang says:

    if Beend triumph.. Kutty old man will be declared King of King.

    He will continue to run the nation till the end to the tomb.
    Anyway is not too far away.

  35. Idzan No1. Son says:

    Kutty will be power behind the throne with all the power and no responsibility.
    EN (Eunuch Najis) will be Kepala BN

  36. wake up rakyat says:

    Wow! Just 1 Sukhoi jet fighter and Scorpene submarine transactions Najib stole $500 millions from us.

    Najib is a lugubrious beruk, even a tiny commission also he wanted to gasak to the extreme of c4ed a poor little Kublai Khan girl..

    Now that Najib is the Finance Minister and in charge of the nation’s money, habis lah all our money.

    Najib can never never be trusted to handle our money!!!

  37. wake up rakyat says:

    Mamkakutty s/o kutty had plundered our money for the last 22 years when in charge of the nation and now is Najib’s term.

    Najib and Mahakutty s/o Kutty will be laughing all the way to Swiss banks .. in the abyss…in Hell!

  38. Idzan No1. Son says:

    Najis only can handle haram mummy money

  39. machitam says:

    “You sure you wrote that sis? I thought you already concluded your investigation and found the “murderer(s).” The majority here are also dead certain on who murdered Tuya and is at sentencing stage already. Who needs proof anyway? Just when I thought there is no justice in Malaysian court…”
    what’s in your mind jean er..err jin? a woman been murdered and blown-up…and you just thought….it’s not a big deal! why is that? who murdered altantuya? the 2 policemen. what is their motives? they were instructed, they carried our orders. who order them? and who they were working for? they were SBs’. their boss is musa safri. who is this musa safri? he is an ADC. ADC for who? what is his relatonship with Tuya? or his boss had a relationship with the murdered?

    Jean, do you think justice is done or seen to be done?

  40. Monstercat says:

    oA Says:
    April 7, 2009 at 5:29 am

    he is a political coward as good as tun M.

    all he will ever do is embellishments to scam the people by giving them mental pleasures but on the other end all the prevalent diabolic policies will be physically enforced – the pride of tun m in play.

    understand this, people shouldnt just take it as it is those niceties coming from a coward but make sure to come out strong to refute him in anyway possible just so these cycle of craps can be stopped.

    Meooooooooooow (Cat’s purred in agreement). Yesterday, Mahathir retorted when asked about the return of Mahathirism – he glibly replied – “If this is the Mahathirism who brought developmental progress to Malaysian for 22 years, what is wrong with that” (clearly a slap to the face of Rocky bru when the latter once trying to be clever and a linguistic expert by saying that there is no such word as Mahathirism).

    The old-serpent surely managed to brainwashed the minds of Malaysians, conning the Malays on one side and conniving the non-Malays on the other. His tricks is like a magician, David Copperfield – peoples even pays expensive tickets to watch his magic which is nothing but sleight-of-hand and smokes-and-mirrors and only for the suckers show.


  41. Monstercat says:

    Hi Suzie,

    I am new here and my name is Monstercat……meow (hi).

  42. Baby Ktemoc says:

    Auntie Susan, where is papa?

  43. ggleong says:

    The release of the ISA guys was just a vote buying gimmick. Why arrest them in the first place?? And only now release them!!
    The rakyat is not dumb dumb.
    And to mention that two stupid hypocrites so called religious idiots making police reports on non-muslims on the Quran. Thats the problem with this country. In Bolehland we have lots of these so-called religious hypocrites from BN who give tha religion a bad name not only to our country but to the whole world.
    What a bunch of despicable religious good for nothing idiots who have nothing better to do. They should have their empty heads whacked and filled with shit.

  44. billauchris says:

    An amnesty of 13 ISA detainees was initiated following the installation of NR as the 6th PM of Bolehland by His Majesty YDP Agong.

    Wow, 13 ISA detainees were released, of whom three were HINDRAF leaders. What about the other two?

    The nation must be thankful to NST for its generosity to sacrifice the front page prominently depicting the exuding happiness of one of the freed HNDRAF leaders hugging his wife and children. And this bloke must have signed his conviction, principle if not his soul away when he openly extolled the new PM for releasing him.

    It looks like the three HINRAF leaders who had been released from the infamous Kamunting penitentiary have been brainwashed and neutralised and are now deemed fit to join the civi-streets. Perhaps, the three musketeers have also consented under coercion for their release to leave politics and refrain from active participation in HANDRAF activities.

    I believe the other two are harder nuts to crack. They resolve to fight on.

    Let us stretch our vision further by waiting to see what is coming next.

  45. monsterball says:

    WOW!!!! “Monstercat”….new family of Monsters!!
    Let all commentators who want change in government be monsters…….like…monsterdog…monstermom…monstercar..truck..tv….anything…hahahahahaha
    hi Jean……don’t be like UMNO asking for this proof ..that proof la.
    Najib is as guilty as the sun will surely shine tomorrow…if not as THE murderer…at least lending a helping hand to a murderer…all because of the RM500 million commission.
    You know…UMNO do not play fair in anything….and holds the power to govern. It is like going to a place where drug warlords plant heroin plants…and one ask for proof….those people are gangsters and drug traffickers….with no one moving or say anything..
    Say it….your whole family is dead!!
    You know exactly what I mean….and so many solid substantial evidences against Najib….yet no police or judge hurl him for questioning. That’s all we want…he goes to court and proof his innocence…not swearing by the Koran. Do you accept swearing by the Koran..by Najib…means he is telling the truths….jean?
    Be pro UMNO…if you must….but majority Malaysians are not stupid too.

  46. hutchrun says:

    1.12pm from BS – SM Pusat Laguna Merbok. A few vehicle number plates of suspected vehicles carrying hantu are up on display . PKR is sweeping Laguna Merbok.

    1.10pm from BS – SJKT Saraswathy at Air Mendidih. SPR figures as of 12.30pm 683 voters out of 1695 have cast their votes. Voter turnout 35%. Not encouraging. Otherwise all ok. PKR numbers : Saluran 1 – 58 Saluran 2 – 131

    12.54pm from BS – Bus of 40 suspected hantu caught at Gurun.


  47. hutchrun says:

    And Najis Razak “no repression” haha the pigs are flying:

    Police have set up road blocks leading to Kampung Puteri ….46% of voters have cast their votes. Traffic is being diverted…..are they doing the KT so early, asked Boom.
    Boom & Duke witnessed high-handed intimidation by BN supporters….short of a BN sponsored football to kick around they have resorted to kicking at cars with PAS flags. Earlier at Ayer Puteh they also kicked at YB Nizar’s car. I dont think this is TDM’s idea….he used to hate football….stupid for 22 to run after one inflated leather ball, he rediculed.


  48. amoker says:

    Ah, all the PR stunts. Show magnaminous but in reality, just a swindler of rights. I wonder how the 2 hindraff chap is feeling that they have signed away their freedom and cast doubts on their loyalty to the hindraff cause by being released early.

  49. monsterball says:

    UMNO new theme song….”Have you ever seen the rain coming down?”
    Pakatan Rakyat theme song…I marching tempo….”Sock it to them”
    Lets see…if my predictions come true.
    Bets are on……feeling good!

  50. jean says:

    Monty, I love your enthusiasm, your conviction to your cause and your unwavering stance. I was never able to do that. You labelled me pro umno but I voted for PAS/PR instead in the last election. I guess I was never obsessed at anything / anyone.

    You said, “be pro UMNO…if you must….but majority Malaysians are not stupid too.” That means I am stupid if I am being pro-umno and I guess I would be intelligent if I am pro who? Anwar? Lim Kit Siang? Gwo Burne? Monsterball? And what is your definition of “majority malaysians” by the way? The loudest? Those who commented in this blog?

    I need coffee lah Uncle Monty…

  51. wits0 says:

    Same old, same old dirty trick…

    4 trucks of FRU needed to send off suspected phantom voters bus

    07/04/2009 by democracy4now

    After 45 min of stand off and physical fight between UMNO & PAS supporters the FRU came in 4 trucks to send off a bus load of suspected phantom voters who drove into an UMNO compound, probably to prepare them to cast vote at the SRK Panglima Bkt Gantang. The area has been an UMNO stronghold and thus they could not take the PAS challenge sitting down.

    Mafrel observers have documented the proceedings. Wait for the action shots.


  52. whispering9 says:

    I am neither Pakatan nor BN. I don’t vote ‘cos of Anwar or DSN. Though, I will vote for my Adun Hannah again. I like to see a mature check and balance political system, perhaps, like a 2-party system. And for this to be achieved, I want Pakatan to win again but not for BN or UMNO to be annihilated. This, methinks, should be the majority desire. To me, it is alright if there are commentators who are Pro-BN or UMNO here. We can only get more intelligent when we disagree and argue. Like I used to praise as ‘talking cures’. More importantly ( which I recently learned from Yahoo’s Guide to Happyness), we should attack the issues and not the commentator (though I find the nursery rhymes funny). Eventually, businesses and bureaucracy will become autonomous from politics as the result of the 2-party system….hopefully not as autonomous as US Wall Streets and Financial Boss. Tuesday is always nice day. So enjoy the election results.

  53. wits0 says:

    W9: “we should attack the issues and not the commentator”

    Logically so but unfortunately there are commentators who use no logic but unsubstantial assertions mixed with pure rubbish ever rehashed ceaselessly. No Queensbury Rule need apply then. They’re often just miserable spammers in a different guise.

  54. monsterball says:

    Jean….You are a smart girl…..just like Sheih ..want a change in government.,,,,and why not.
    No good..change it back. That way…voters is showing the voter’s power…..not simply vote for the love on being a racialist.
    Total votes counted in 12th GE…showed majority voted for oppositions…don’t you know that?
    And please….don’t put words into my mouth. I did not say…you are a stupid voter. Maybe you are…..who knows!…..hahahahahahahaha
    Perhaps this blog is speak so loud against UMNO…that are concluding we are loud mouths buggers?
    You go to Lim Kit Siang blog…it is even worst.
    The most serene and quiet is kickdefella….right now.
    Yes Susan is also a loud mouth….and she is the Pipe Piper..we just respond. What is wrong with that Jean?
    Coffee you say?….anytime..name the place….even in Ijok…..I will be there.
    Others need to meet me in Summit Shopping Complex…or no deal.
    How about you it?
    Next month….I smoke a pipe. Cannot afford to smoke cigars anymore.
    Hi Jean…there are many nice Muslim Indian food around my area.
    How about dinner or supper?
    Time to meet…before I expire…kapook …chetapok….no more….so sad…did not meet jean at all.

  55. monsterball says:

    I heard PR gone case…2-0….leaving Bukit Gantang.
    But that’s only half truths……and usually the UMNO buggers will give you their unreliable good news….

  56. Idzan Ismail says:


    Be here after the results are out.
    Don’t run away crying.
    I can already hear people crying foul if Fakatan loses.
    If Fatan wins the crowing will be people have no faith in Najib.
    My prediction still stands: BN 3 Fakatan 0.

  57. kittykat46 says:

    A few of my colleagues have returned to work after voting in Bukit Selambau. Too early to say, but the PKR folks are quite confident. Chinese turn out may be low, its a working day, and many who are in the informal sector may not bother to queue up to vote.
    My colleagues are all young, below 30, needless to say the youngsters are PR supporters…

  58. monsterball says:

    Who is crying?
    I cry only when MU lost a football match….because I lost a bet.
    Ant idiot knows Batang Ai is a State seat….not important.
    It’s Bukit Gantang that matters most…a parliamentarian seat….and control of Perak State…yet I will not cry..if I am disappointed.
    It’s 13th GE that is our future.
    Will Najib dare to declare it soonest to confirm he is People’s PM?

  59. wits0 says:

    Who is crying?

    I’m not interested in football and certainly don’t therefore bet on it. Batang Ai is in East M’sia and, yes, relatively unimportant and readily discounted. Umnoputrid Idzan projects her own primitive psyche into others wrt crying.

    Her dear hero can keep his ball-less batang.

  60. monsterball says:

    Someone from UMNO will be crying …bragging…and now mus eat humble pie.
    Mamak will say…..not his fault.
    I will say….”bookie…..please pay”‘
    Najib will say…small matter.

  61. limpek says:

    Kutty , Kutty , Kutty . Kutty where are you ?
    Oh, selling old newspaper , paper lama, I see.

    I heard lastime you were Orang Besar , why now you sell
    paper lama ? Aiya ,Dont simply hear people say,last time I was a Pop star lah.

    I was selling the popcorn – the brand name is popstar.
    Now already old , they dont want oldmam to sell popcorn
    so I buy Old Nes Paper loh.

    Sorry ,Ihave to go now,biz no good here.Lont know why people in BUKIT dont keep paper lama. I think I am oudated, even children now on line..Who want old news paper.

  62. hutchrun says:

    “My prediction still stands: BN 3 Fakatan 0”

    Hahha a BN soothsayer`s mental masturbation. Use a cigar, sax players recommend it.

  63. hutchrun says:

    Oh, selling old newspaper , paper lama, I see.

    I heard lastime you were Orang Besar , why now you sell
    paper lama ? Aiya ,Dont simply hear people say,last time I was a Pop star lah.

    No lah he is too qualified to sell paper lama – might end up like Eric Cheah.
    Now he is a loafer.

  64. Analyst says:

    Tell u what repression is. Under George Bush, there was a website by a govt body exposing George Soros as a criminal convicted by France and a pathetic billionaire who received millions from US Tax Payers to give to drug addicts for clean needles. When I complained to the SEC recently lo and behold the information was taken off the website. This is what I call deliberate repression!!!

  65. Morning Dew says:

    I do not think he was condescending nor patronising. At this point in time we don’t really know his motive. If I were to play devil’s advocate I would say that it could be a ploy. Remember during chairman mao’s era ? Many were asked to be open and criticise the government. The government then knew who was critical and who was friendly. It was an effective way of separating out chaff from the wheat. One by one the critics were discredited and disappeared.

    At the moment Najib seem to be making all the right noise. Let’s see how this will be translated into substance.

  66. Idzan No1. Son says:

    “At the moment Najib seem to be making all the right noise.”

    I also made right noise in toilet – dont be shy use the right word – “FARTING”

  67. Idzan No1. Son says:

    Bila Najis “FARTING” dia kena fikir Mahathir dulu tapi saya no problem.

  68. […] Weblog…Politickles » Blog Archive » April 15th: Tax Day Tea Party!…New heights of repression… « *SUSAN LOONE’s Blog*…Imran Khan’s political ’short selling’ | Teeth Maestro…atBookShelf » A […]

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