wooden-horseOnly replace the Greeks here with Najib.

So this guy releases 13 ISA detainees and the promise to undertake a comprehensive review of the ISA. Some people are even thinking this is Najib Tun Razak’s deal with His Royal Highness in order to become PM.

Good. Good. At least for the ISA detainees families. But remember, they shouldn’t have been there in Kamunting in the first place! These people are not your pawns and they are not supposed to be toyed with – detained when you like, released to give you some political milage.

Some syok sendiri (self gratifying) feeling, it is for some people. What about the others in the ISA? Why is HINDRAF chief Uthayakumar still in there? Is he still a threat or he still there, being punished because HINDRAF backs Anwar Ibrahim in the by-elections?

What perfect timing it is, too, to announce this release. And to torment HINDRAF further with their chief’s detention, until and unless, they back UMNO?

I remember Najib backed the ISA detentio and Pak Lah when he(Najib) was deputy prime minister. And since this is a BN policy, and Najib remains in BN, nothing much will change.

Again, Najib wants a thorough review of the ISA. Who wants a review of the ISA? Hasn’t it been reviewed again and again. We want a REVOKE! A REPEAL.

I guess leaders in power do not understand this. I guess they really do not listen. ISA is not even humane. To be detained before being charged in court. It’s not even law, to call it barbaric.

Well, Najib. Stop being barbaric, and if you have balls, just call for the repeal of the ISA.

If not, don’t copy cat your mentor Mahathir Mohammad, giving us some little goodies, then later, 22 years of oppression.

Giving us material illusions, but eroding our rights in every other way. Are we still blind, you think? Perhaps, some still are. Time will tell. By then, it would be too late to leave the party.

And Najib is yet to clear his name in court. A baggage named Altantuya is still dragging his feet far behind.


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  1. Joshua says:

    Najib has yet to have his worst nightmare. What goes around comes around. His actions have not reached the tipping point yet.

    Judgment is coming.

  2. kolimac says:

    put them under as and when you feel like and then release them into freedom when you want political mileage.grow up najib,this is not a show of change but a show of false support from the raakyat

  3. orange says:

    ya la… not clever.
    doing a pontius pilate, free the robber but go kill christ.

  4. Lawatan Sambil Joli dengan Orang Gaji says:

    Fuyoo….so effective on the ISA detainees release just after becoming PM, that means Pak Lah was no goodlah all the while – keeping Hindraf members and others in ISA.

    Yeah !! Kalaispanar Selambau sure support one !!!


    Beware the well known Trojan horse
    You can shout your own voice hoarse
    Yet it will never change its original course
    To gallop right on to break the bourse

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 040409
    Sat. 4th Apr. 2009.

  6. mut says:

    I said it before and I’ll say it again. Whoever holds the story and evidence behind Altantuya’s murder has Najib by the balls. That makes them both a pervertor of justice.

    The wayang played out by the police and AG is unconvincing. This reminds us of Anwar’s show trial.

  7. a bird eye view from the sky says:

    Looking from the sky on the political situation in Malaysia, there is no 1 Malaysia, a new dawn, a Malaysian Malaysia or 69 virgins from heaven for the rakyat at the moment.

    Those politicians from bn or pr are utilizing racist, Apartheid, dynastic, nepotistic, crony and obsolete political systems.

    Hence Malaysia will forever miring in quagmires…

    It’s time to evolve a third political party in Malaysia to supersede the two obsolete and impractical parties and manned/ womanned with professionals and real holy people..

    And not by all these worldly and sinful people with no conscience, dignity, feelings…

  8. wits0 says:

    Thank you Susan, I’m sure you’ll fare better than Cassandra because times have changed. But of course there’ll always be the children of Belial and their supplicants. Somethings never change.

  9. tedg says:

    Susan pls cut the crap. There was no deal between agong n najib abt that isa detainees.

    pandai lah u. Go date some ang moh in bangkok lah instead of stupifying ur readers with old wives tales.

    So young yet gossipy already ah?

  10. dev says:

    Well, it was expected anyway, it will be good for the families of Gana and Kengha who both have small children. But what has to be noted is that we Malaysians are always fooled by the BN time and tima again and the BN knows that when they open their book of tricks to play on us Malaysians, the book is always right. How nice, lock people up under the ISA and the opposition fights for their release and then release them and claim glory for your self. This is the proven method of the BN book of tricks. Remember the former PM of 22 years in there steering the wheel, time will be short now for leaders like DSAI, and other opposition stars.
    So the people of Bukit Selambau, Gantang and Batang Ai, please start using what God has given us which is situated between our two ears!

  11. a bird eye view from the sky says:

    The worldly politicians want only to please their sensory organs with sinful looting wealth plundered from the rakyat.

    Hence we see all these worldly and sinful politicians traveling all over the world dinning and staying in expensive hotels, resorts homes enjoying lobsters, caviars, delicacies.. at the expenses of the rakyat!

  12. a bird eye view from the sky says:

    These worldly and sinful politicians, whether bn or pr have no sensual to the suffering of the rakyat…

    Do we want all these worldly, sinful and sensual politicians to be our elected representatives?

    Not over our dead bodies!!!

  13. jamesloh18 says:

    we celebrate with the families for the release.there is no thank you card for this government.demand for compensation instead.what about 2 million for every month? still cheap compared to those leakage wastage!!

  14. ABIL says:

    This is definately a trojan horse, how could one change as soon as he becomes a PM, yesterday the ISA are a threat. today there are no more.Come on Malaysia, we are not fools to be deceived anymore. Brave for worst to happen. We need abolishment of ISA immediately.

  15. a bird eye view from the sky says:

    These worldly, sinful and sensual politicks are oblivious to the sufferings of the rakyat.

    The rakyat are struggling to put miserable and meager meals to the tables for their poor children and here we have all these worldly, sinful and sensual politicks spending millions of poor-taxpayers money like nobody business in expensive hotels dining and staying in plush hotels in few days..

  16. a bird eye view from the sky says:

    Dey! Every sen you spent is taxed from the hard-earned sweat and blood of the poor rakyat.

    Have you got no sentient and are like a rock?

    Vote these worldly, sinful and sensual politicks out from the political systems.

    Send them together with the buffaloes to the padi fields tilting padi soil, then they will realize how tough to grow a single padi under the hot sun!!!

    These worldly, sinful and sensual politicks are worst than the pests- grasshoppers, sparrows, rats…- to the padi farmers!

  17. Only the fools can be hoodwinked into believing Najib will give greater democratic space. His only intention is to fish for votes. If he is sincere, he should have announced the abolishment of ISA once and for all. Let us remind voters of Bkt. Selambau, Bkt. Gantang and Batang Ai – don’t be fooled.

  18. Satish says:

    Nothing but pure eye wash.

  19. rider says:

    Not enough! 13 ISA detainees freed and ban lifted on two party organs. Not enough!!
    2.Until truithful justice is served on Altantuya’s case.
    3.A Malaysian Malaysia is restored to Malaysians of all races.

    Until then, the spectre of BN failure at GE13 is imminent.
    Beware, most thinking rakyat are as old as you Mr. PM and none of them are fools like what the mainstream media is portraying.

  20. Dear Susan

    As always and an old cliche (so to say) a promise made is meant to be broken..especially coming from the gab of a politician in power! Just warmed the chair for only a few minutes and lo and behold!,”Thar she blows!” to quote Moby Dick which starred Gregory Peck as Capt Aheb, remember and his Polynesian tatooted guy Quequeq? Well, expect more arrests later…OPERATION LALLANG 111! Just following his mentor or else he would be threateningly exposed of his misdeeds while uder his rule! Now he has to ikuthis mentor’s jari telunjuk or ELSE! Why does Mamak want to rejoin UMNO…non! Non! not because Pak Lah has stepped down but for other agendas which have been lined up and I’m not surprised that Muhyiddin Yasin is also aligned to Mamak which resulted in Pak Lah’s ouster!Once a liar always a liar and once a thief always a thief! And to quote: A thief always(no matter how hard trying) returns to the scene of the crime! Do we all believe that there’s to be a Malaysia 1 ..if at all? Remains to be seen especially with the fatty chick around him…Above all, greed kills for a pair of vultures who fight for the carcass of a bison in Mojave desert in the Death Valley! The gallant 600 rode to their deaths…..a poem which we read in school those days..if you remember, if you foget!

  21. hamderhak says:

    Najib is trying to fool some of the people some of the time but not all the people all the time ! Don’t handout insincere goodies just because of by-elections. The poor track record of BN testifies this.

    UMNO is dead against repealing ISA ; plays racial and religious cards when it serves them ; arrogant and packed with lies and cover up supported especially by the police and other arms of executive , judiciary and Cabinet ; corrupt to the core whether within UMNO or without and not caring for the poor rakyat under grave economic conditions.

    BN do not deserve the support of the rakyat.

    VOTE PR for progress, prosperity, equality and good governance.

  22. Susan,

    Can’t help co,,emtong on how these polticians live a very very luxurious life. Look at the picture of Mamak handshaing with najib! Look at the background of the room they were in an the ambiance surrounding them while the hardcore Makckis and Pakchiks have still to roll their rokoks from dried nipah palm shoots. Poor people had been had! And how did they become so f*****g rich! Simple! Scoop up most of the rakyat’s money-lah! I maybe shallow-minded but the kampong folks need to have their minds cleared and filled with sensible and logical analyses. This is what the power in power is afraid of..The people will revolt and they begone! Just like the French revoultion during the LouisX111 and Anne Boylyn era when peasants asked for only bread but they were denied when the elite dined, wined and women’d to their hearts desire. As a final episode Anne Bolyn was executed when she tried to hoodwwink the British king! The End, BN-ed! Take a second lokk of what fine clothes they wear while we have to seek some decent lookinng cheap clothes at Pasar Malams. Is that very right? I’m sure the clothes they put on are custom tailored by the best boutiques…let alone their wives couture! Why do the wives have to ve given allowances for facial,etc when they are to attend functions? haven’t they the decency to use their other perks as wives of “renowned” personalities? Couldn’t these allowances be given to the poor instead? Rome burns while Nero fiddles!

  23. chris says:

    don’t be too stingy to give your praise even if the good deed is done by the demon.

  24. wits0 says:

    Susan, “..they shouldn’t have been there in Kamunting in the first place! ..”

    They were firstly not placed there by the due process of righteous law. The real surrounding situation also did not warrant the skipping of real process despite all trashy official insistence. Essentially, basic Human Rights isn’t a favor bestowed by the governance upon the governed. It’s a right by virtue of being human. It’s the duty of any democratic government(if decent) to safeguard Human Rights and not merely its own institutional, party and self interests through creating paranoia, demonisation and division.

    What good deeds of demons are worthy of praises? If they are truly capable of good deeds, they can’t be demons at the same time.

  25. monsterball says:

    Great news for the detainees and their families.
    Will they vote for Najib/UMNO now?
    America is colourless.
    Indonesia no tittles…all are equal….free to choose any religion…all proud to be Ind9onesians.
    Here…UMNO politicians are all above Malaysians….above Allah….above all laws….and taxi drivers…farmers…..teachers ..low class dentist…crooked doctor..are all above Malaysians…with their titles..so wealthy..so successful….so far apart from Malaysians.
    Here words like “One Malaysia”….only UMNO weird guys know what it means.
    Fishing for votes….have started by Najib. How nice..but I am sure..all detainees and families will not mind if the announcement comes after the election.

  26. wits0 says:

    ““One Malaysia”….only UMNO weird guys know what it means.”


    They have tortured and misshapened semantics for 51 years and only they can find meaning in mouthing nonsense.

  27. jean says:

    Aiyo… kasi simpan salah, kasi lepas pun salah…

    Complain about everything, how to move forward? He said he is going to revise ISA, right? Mau apa lagi? Belum apa-apa all sudah complain dia tipu, dia corrupt, dia tak handsome… baru 2nd day on the job sudah boleh buat judgment kah?

    Uncle Monty, jangan demonstrate dulu lah. Sabar. Patient. Man man. I’ll give one quality offer one more time; kalau betul-betul he screw up, nanti kita marah sama dia ramai-ramai, okay?

  28. Jim says:

    This is pure Najis!

  29. albert cheah says:

    it seems that the whole isa is a farce; a tool for bn and the prime minister to supress and arrest people at their whims and fancy. it is suppose to be the home minister, syed hamid albar and the police that recommend and enforce the isa. But the new p.m. najib seems at the snap of a finger can release them just like that. What is the basis for their release… in fact what is the basis of their arrest? What is the criteria for their release. This is dangerous meaning that you can be arrested and detain or release just like that…. no enquiry or trial .. all at the bequest of the p.m.

  30. monsterball says:

    hi Jean sayang-ku…….Tak boleh nati nati.
    Apa itu Saitan kerchil chakap…tak boleh kasi chance.
    Apa dia chakap….tak boleh bercaiya.
    Mamang merea ikut saya..tarok kuit 2…kasi dia tua….kita bukan boldoh Malaysians.
    Apa itu….’one malaysia” …you phaham ke?

  31. monsterball says:

    ku nanti nanti la
    Me..hetam cukup2…tiap2 hari…..sampai undi tigablas GE.

  32. a bird eye view from the sky says:

    Najib is only propagating 1 Malaysia 80% Umnoputras, 20% Mcaputras and 10% Micputras.

    For the rest of the rakyat, Najib has no time for you man!

    What the rakyat want is 1 people 1 Malaysia, like below:

    1 People 1 Nation

    … and then we have this -> 1 Nation Under Lee

    So folks, brace yourself for the dark ages under Najibputra’s 1 Malaysia.

  33. zipppp says:

    who r u kidding najis

  34. kittykat46 says:

    Releasing a few ISA detainees doesn’t change the main issue for me.
    OK, I accept it as a minor humanitarian gesture.

    I simply cannot accept the government arrogating to itself the right to lock people up on the Minister’s say-so.

    48 hours ago these 15 detainees were dangerous terrorists (according to the Government). Now Najib says they are free to go.

    There was no bloody due process when they were first locked up.
    There was no bloody due process when the government said they were to be let go.

    Sorry, Najib, you have to do a lot better than that.

    I admit to having been conned by BN most of my life. I don’t intend to be defrauded by BN again.

  35. monsterball says:

    So…have resigned from MCA …..kittykat?
    So nice to read your clear direction in voting..

  36. Beetle says:

    Why ban Suara Keadilan and Harakah and raid their printing firm the past few days and now lift the ban???

    Just to make Najib look good.

    Another flip flop PM!!!

  37. Beetle says:

    We can only believe him when all the ISA detainees are freed and ISA is abolish.

  38. Anonymous says:

    I am happy for all the ISA detainees who will be freed tomorrow.But in the case of Hindraf, they chose to release only 2 lawyers who are actually not the main guys,they infact were new members,when they were arrested,and they were never really vocal,hence the 15 months they were incarcerated was to punish and neutralize them,BN achieved that definitely.

    Infact Uthayakumar had earlier appealed to the govt to release all the 4 and keep him alone in,as he takes responsibility for Hindraf,but the govt didnt listen,but how come now,look at the timing,its election time ,folks.
    This is the latest what Uthaya had said to his family members to be conveyed to his bro,in exile in the UK and the people.”I shall be the last one,to walk out from this Kamunting camp’,and that would be the day,this camp is closed forever”-uthaya. Such is the mettle in him,a true human being who not only lost his god given freedom,fly love and earnings but also had lost his health and soon may lose his life too.Sadly I dont see such genuine passion and firepower in any of our polticians on both side of the divide today.But there is another such individual,who is not a politician though,yes I hear you guys.Who else if its not RPK.God bless these 2 gentlemen always.

    You can read more of Uthaya in hindraf.co.uk

  39. Fern says:

    Never listen to this umno craps!

  40. Beetle says:

    The cannot mention name haunting our nation’s no.1 until he can’t sleep until three in the morning!!!!

    Ha,Ha,Ha. You will reap what you sow!!

  41. warren says:

    ya, beware of umno crap. All mediocre men.

  42. joenathan says:

    I am really happy for the 13 ISA detainees who would be freed tomorrow.But in the case of Hindraf the UMNO govt,chose to release only the 2 lawyers who are actually greenhorns and relatively new members of Hindraf at the time of their arrest.Of course one of them is a DAP member.As a matter of fact,Uthayakumar had many months ago,pleaded wth the UMNO govt to release all the other 4 members and just detain him alone as long as they want as he said he takes full responsibilty for the Hindraf organization since he is the main brain and driving force behind it,but the govt gave him two hoots,so why release now?How come suddenly the UMNO govt feel that,these people are innocent or do not have ties wth Tamil Tigers of Sri Lanka,which they claimed before?

    The timing co-incides very well wth the 3 by-elections,this means,they the UMNO govt,still perceive the Indians in particular and the rakyat in general as some kind of imbeciles,arent they?I am sure,these 2 lawyers have been,neutralized and punished enough to scare the shit out of them,more so these guys are married wth young kids.

    Now my fellow Malaysians,let me share the latest from Uthayakumar which was conveyed through his wife. “I would not mind to be the last person to walk out of this Kamunting torture chamber,and let that day be the last day too for the existence of this chamber”- Uthayakumar.

    Such is his mettle,a true human being who lost not only his god given freedom,fly love,a good law practise but also his health and no surprise if he loses his life too sooner or later.All this,just for standing up for justice and truth.Sad to say I dont see a single politician on both side of the divide in Malaysia today,with such honesty and passion to fight for humanity.But there is one individual,not a politician though,whom I never failed to admire.Yes,I hear ,who else it can be,if not RPK?Another amazing human being,to say the least.I am so proud of these two fellow Malaysians.May god always shower them wth love,good health and a strong iron will to fight injustices in our beloved Malaysia.

    Good luck to our PR candidates.

  43. wits0 says:

    If Tun Dr. Ismail had outlived Tun Razak, things might have taken a better turn. Here’s how and why: http://tinyurl.com/c68vtr

    Note that Tun Dr. Ismail wanted Harun to be arrested for his 513 machination while it was only after the death of Tun Razak that Harun was arrested(for only corruption). And Kutty may not have ascended and left his long weighty trail.

  44. apapunboleh says:

    it’s all a show, perfect timing but, it’s too obvious to show that he’s sincere

  45. Navin says:






  46. Silent Judge says:

    In the first place, HINDRAF is lebih one. There are so many successful Indians in Malaysia. Yet a few of these wanted a political platform by raising sensitive issues. So kena ISA lah. See Slumdog Millionaire and see the deplorable conditions even in Mumbai !!!

  47. Nothing lah….

    Mahathir released 19 ISA detainees when he took office and gave 22 years of hell…

    So, Najib’s 13 should translate to 13/19 X 22 = 15 years of hell!

    Don’t be hoodwinked guys…

  48. If he is sincere, he will immediately :

    1. take actions on the Lingamgate Royal Commission Report;

    2. institute IPCMC;

    3. Charge those guilty in PEMPENA case

    BUT how to, he himself is tainted, nanti get lash back, how?

  49. oA says:


    he is just another piece of turt in the mouth like tun m.

    everything he said is just for mental pleasures and this is what they do best for the past 25 years or so.

    he is avoid of substance and can only EMBELLISHES just to make himself look good.


  50. monsterball says:

    Najib is totally not sincere.
    How long does it take to type out a release letter and sign it?
    Up to now…all promised…..not released yet.
    Maybe he heard 6000 PPP members resigned to join PR in Perak…….leaving that big mouth ….balless Kyveas as only member.
    Maybe he knows….fishing for votes does not work…….so relax….let Khairy and Mat Tyson do the job. Now PM…got power to order. Enjoy it ..while it last…and he knows…..not for long too.
    You can never get such news in papers. Go to Malysiakini.

  51. monsterball says:

    ‘Release detainees. Do as I did when I became PM. It made me PM for 22 years”…..first advice from Mahathir to Najib.
    Act but cannot work fast. So used to forget and slow work.
    The two cunning crooks are from different species…..one crocodile….the other alligator….look alike..but different brain structures.

  52. Monstergirl says:

    I admit to having been conned by BN most of my life. I don’t intend to be defrauded by BN again. -Kitykat

    Or – was there “treasure$” to snatched when u r a MCA member? Others, I heard, who joined the BN parties make it quite rich. I am not a member of any political parties btw.

    Hi monty, my family of monsters. good morning.

  53. Pissed says:

    He is all bullshit and hogwash. I don’t believe nor trust him one single bit.

  54. mico says:

    Mahathir is even bragging about his identical greko gifts…..how do we learn from this historic event??? thats the question!

  55. mahasitua says:

    A baggage named …. still dragging his feet far behind. Whoever is holding the photos of Najib with ongolian model together is holding the PM by the balls and day by day the stakes is getting higher.

    The Mongolian model require USSD500k to close the case .

    When he became the Finance Minister , he would have needed USD100m to close the case.

    Now that he is the PM, the amount require to cover up will be in excess of USD1b.

    We don’t hear of the Molgolian model’s father venting his anger / frustration any more. Possibly

  56. monsterball says:

    hahahahaha…..good-morning Monstergirl and all.

  57. monsterball says:

    Kittykat….is Kit Tan and we go a long way as friendly commentators.
    We know each other very well…..but I will not rely on him to vote for PR….as he is such a smart operator…will vote where he personally benefit most.
    Thank goodness…UMNO and BN have disappointed him now.
    Which means one more vote for change in government is counted in..with a question mark..not confirmed.
    There are many Malaysian Chinese labeled as smart voters…but in actual fact…very selfish and cunning.
    Lets hope they seriously think of their young Malaysians….children and country….more than personal benefits.

  58. ericind says:

    Najis should release all the Isa detainees n instead put himself in the kamunting cell,who is more dangerous?Hindraf?islamiah?terrorist?they never used c4 like najis did.

  59. Monstergirl says:

    hahahahaha…..good-morning Monsterball and all.

    I am always with u unc(le). While it’s really great to read Susan’s commentators’ daily (or shall I shall minutes hahaha) bashing of the BN persona and the affiliated goons, I am wondering how may among those who are chameleons.

    Kittykat (kaki urut) may be a repented defector [from MCA to (DAP?, but I smell a rat in him]. Anyway, it’s ok, always give someone a benefit of a doubt. While jeanmy Qiu Qin has already shown his true color. (S)he’s{BIG HAHAHA} like Rocky Bru who only wanted the ouster of Pak Lah and the re-admission of MM.

    I rarely read Marina Mahathir’s blog, but I happened to read one of her post, she stylishly insinuated the UMNO goons who threatened Kapal Singh at the Parliament precinct. Wowwww. That’s mighty cun, sorry I mean mighty kind of you Marina.

    Oh Monty, keep up your good work unc, I am with you…….You name will never be forgotten and written in our history….

  60. wits0 says:

    Aiyooo….. Monstergirl, please to find you this side of the universe but AFAIK Kittykat46 is no double agent or a chameleon. 🙂 I think he began to sound a little PC(politically correct) like even LKS do when they belong to a political party. You oughta overlook that sort of thing. 😉 He’s a good guy. He’s harder hitting than Dr Hsu.

    I never have need to go to blogs where long winded skewered and amoral views are presented. The owners of them can imagine themselves locomotives pulling a long line of addicted and dependent passengers for all they want! That’s their constant ego tripping – that of verbose narcissists. You do not find Susan’s stuff like a thesis ala Prof Azly Rahman’s.

  61. kittykat46 says:

    I’m a high-income person, yes; I’ve paid the maximum Income Tax bracket for many years now.
    But I work very hard for it, nothing to do with the Government, BN, MCA or anybody. And I sleep very well at night, because every sen has been earned ethically.

    My political journey is a long and complicated one. Not much of interest to anyone else, I think. Like a lot of the educated middle-class in Malaysia, for a long time I bought the argument that there was no alternative but to support BN, the alternative would be chaos.

    Suffice to say, my eyes have been opened wide now.

  62. monsterball says:

    Are you still an MCA member….kittykat?

  63. bee yong says:

    One Malaysia – Two Systems.
    Rot in Kamunting jail ; evidence ‘Not’ required.
    Mongolian C4ed ; evidence required.

  64. wits0 says:

    Kittykat46 ” Suffice to say, my eyes have been opened wide now.”

    Hahaha! And really good for you, for sure. Many were like you on this, but not yours truly, one who never voter for BN. Imagine this, the unknown but added mental angst of those conscious ones who have had to bear the burden of knowing all along and all this while. Now as part of your voluntary “attonement”, you’re with PKR. 😉

  65. monsterball says:

    Monstergirl….You are sharp….funny “spot on” and .”bingo”..{quoting two famous witso words}
    Yes….for years I have said political bloggers are looking for highest bidder to buy their services…and we are seeing few became parliamentarians…and few……with no principles in life at all.
    Susan Sheih…and I have gone a long long way..with me taking all the insults…protecting them from… “All Blogs” gang.
    Leaving Patrick Teoh…Jeff Ooi..Elizabeth Wong.. out. of “All Blog”..I was so glad Shieh resigned and protected me…and those three bloggers I mentioned earlier are not in “ALL BLOG” to hero worship UMNO….but join in to unite and fight the govt. on court cases against Rockybru and Jeff Ooi.
    Even now….Sheih have confirmed…I am not a racialist ..as accused non stop by pro UMNO buggers….whom you can see were here….trying so hard to shoo me off Susan’s blog.
    yes… I am now concentrating on the smart characters….that are racialists and one small timer Gerakan die hard blogger do not like my style…right now.
    Rockybru is my great great disappointment. He clearly said to me……that he loves Anwar and hates UMNO racialists.
    His blog seems to promote UMNO and Najib…right now…but few are so brave to expos him….making my job easier.
    The one blog owner I hate most is Zorro…who is exactly like Brutus…and much more worst.
    I appreciate your love and respect..and one more…bamboo river…..a man of few words….but never ceased to respect me too.
    I am back….and hope witso and I can have few good laughs..like before…..which monstergirl….bamboo river..whispering 9…Harrison bin Handsome….Stenson…few more.
    Jeancumlately is always in my heart….no matter what.
    It is like a marriage…”.for better or worst…we stick together”.
    She has tilted to UMNO side…..but is harmless…as she never vote too busy making money………hahahahahahaha
    My job is not finish…..until 13th GE.
    I hope I can live that long….to cast my vote for PR government……and see my dream comes true…a Malaysian Malaysia…free to choose your religion….ISA thrown out….making everyone so proud to be Malaysians.

  66. kittykat46 says:

    My MCA membership card was shredded back in 2007.

  67. monsterball says:

    hahahahaha great news kittykat!
    Now you are free as a bird..like me.
    Monstergirl….I agree with witso ..that kittykat is no chameleon.
    Perhaps…living on cloud nine…with his success…quite natural to show off…and love massages…..hahahahahahaha

  68. monsterball says:

    A man cannot be judge by being long winded or so smart to be precise.
    I am long winded when I notice the blog owner allows it…like in Lim Kit Siang’s blog.
    No everyone have such great command in English.
    But my thoughts are usually clear to put them into words.
    The power are THOUGHTS…IDEAS…DEBATING SKILLS…ARTISTIC INSULTS..and not judge a person’s character or the way he writes.

  69. monsterball says:

    A commentator should not be judge by being long winded.
    It should be judge by the points or ideas put out.,,,,by an idiot,,braggart or smart bloke.
    I am usually long winded too.

  70. wits0 says:

    Monsterball also performed(belatedly tho’) his “voluntary attonement” for ever voted for BN via baptism in chemical laced water with Bersih…quite natural to show off that too. Hahaha!

  71. aftab says:


    Marketing activities designed to influence about political issues, particular candidates for public office, or public issues and mind set of general public, politically called voters. Although political marketing uses many of the same techniques that other forms of marketing do, it is actually used to promote a concept or an idea, rather than a specific product or service, and to motivate people to vote for that idea.


    Generally all type of marketing activities is focused on self-interest, but that in politics is focused on the common good and public interest. Political marketing is beneficial for both, the leaders and voters. Political marketing is an effective key to success, by practicing specific marketing techniques we can build public image of specific leader. The scope of Political marketing is not narrow, to increase number of voters, it also includes to make new and existing voters more loyal to their party and leaders.

    I offer My services for Political Marketing and Consulting in Malaysia. i Guarantee for success in election for a party or a person. Political Consulting must be started at least two years before election to get good results. if you are a party leader or a Political personality and or a association, and if you want to get political consultation just contact me and i will do the rest. just email me with full requirement and contact details to aftab@pakimpex.com

  72. monsterball says:

    kittykat and monsterball are show off buggers.
    Perhaps that makes us compatible in many ways.
    Now more so..no more MCA to bridge us apart.
    witso in the mood to be happy….having said what’s in his mind…about me.

  73. Idzan Ismail says:

    Dear Susan and worshippers

    Nothing pleases, nothing satisfies you except if Anwar is the PM.
    That will be never.
    Go Transformasi.
    Die Reformasi.

  74. Tingkat 4 says:

    Maybe he will be our “Alexander The Great” ???

  75. wits0 says:

    Idzan the Medusa would hope to turn all those in agreement with Susan to stone – if she could but she’s a fake one. 😀

  76. Pegasus says:

    Najib’s act of releasing the 13 ISA detainees and lifting of the ban on the 2 publications seems so saintly and as if God send him to Malaysian…well we know better!!..the whole thing is a mere eye wash to soothe the feeling of anger towards the BN regime and to manipulate as the 3 by-election are just around the corner,this big time crook and full time robber now will bankrupt the nation with the help of his mentor ,the Mamak kutty. The BN regime arrested those Hindraf guys and did not budge when the rakyat ,NGO’s ,Opposition parties and their families pleaded with BN regime to release them ,telling the world they are a threat to the Nation…then on the day Najib is appointed PM, these 13 guys are suddenly not a threat…just does not make sense, leaving other ISA detainees at the mercy of the powerful PM ,even the Agung has no say in this. The others will be use as a pawn chess by the BN regime. The ISA should be abolished and all ISA detainees should be released immediately without any condition attached !!!

  77. Idzan No1. Son says:

    Not being Medusa, she can try being Circe……she already got her pink lips Ulysses in Putrajaya.
    Do they have he courage to survive?

  78. Idzan No1. Son says:

    Not being Medusa, she can try being Circe……she already got her pink lips Ulysses for a PM (post mortem).
    Do they have he courage to survive?

  79. Idzan Ismail says:

    Hey WitsO

    Glad you are still alive my dear.
    I thought you died of a heart attack last night.
    You know after hearing the news that never was.
    Big annoucement hah? Pfft your baloons burst.
    How come you guys are still taken in by such lies.
    And still pretending as though it never happened.
    Denial at its best.

  80. Idzan No1. Son says:

    AIDS telah menyebabkan UMNO lupa keEsaan Allah S.W.T., mempersendakan Agama Islam dan Nabi Muhammad S.A.W., menghina para ulama, menyamun khazanah negara dan merompak wang rakyat, serta menfitnah dan menganiaya DSAI. Gejala AIDS, Mahafiraun kini semakin hanyut dan sesat di alam fana ini. Ke mana saja dia pergi masyarakat akan menjauhkan diri darinya. Rakyat dari segenap golongan, dari sekecil anak hingga setua manusiahatta orang kurang siumam dan mahluk-mahluk Allah S.W.T. yang lain di mukabumi ini telah sekian lama membencinya. Dan akibat AIDS ini, apabila tiba saatnya UMNO menemui Ilahi, akan adakah insan yang sudi dan sanggup menziarahi, memandi, mengkafani, menyembahyangi dan menyemadikan jenazahnya? Hanya Allah S.W.T. Yang Maha Mengetahui!

    Sesungguhnya penyakit “Akibat Ikut Dorongan Syaitan (AIDS)” yang subur
    membiak di hati dan tubuh Mahafiraun serta haman-hamannya telah membawa pelbagai kesan buruk kepada AGAMA, BANGSA dan NEGARA. Oleh itu adalah menjadi tanggungjawab KITA SEMUA untuk menghapuskan sama sekalivirus-virus AIDS iaitu Mahafiraun dan haman-hamannya dari BUMI BERTUAH ini. InsyaAllah dengan terhapusnya pengidap-pengidap AIDS ini,
    MALAYSIA kelak akan mendapat keberkatan kembali dan penghidupan rakyat
    mendapat keredhaan ILAHI.

  81. lkl says:

    hope malaysians will think a little harder before they vote. Don’t be fooled by a little well-timed nice gestures. Nobody can change overnight (not even that person is a PM). Especially nice gestures from people controlling the Government machinery. If they are so good why not do it before now when election is progressing?

    You think Najid is great? well, remember year 2004 when Pak lah took over and everybody thinks he was fantastic?

  82. monsterball says:

    Here comes the clowns!
    Idiots cannot differentiate between an elected PM and an appointed PM by UMNO.

  83. jean says:

    Monty, I was so busy making money (like you said) I missed what big announcement Anwar made last night lah… care to update me?

    Idzan No1. Son, what were you saying actually? Is choosing PKR or BN the same thing like choosing between heaven and hell? Going back to kafir-mengkafir again kah? Come on lah… I also pray and pay zakat and I don’t eat pork. Just because I don’t think Anwar is an angel and I don’t jerit-jerit with palestinian flag, it does’nt mean that I kena AIDS. Sheesh… mana ini orang mari?

    “….Dan akibat AIDS ini, apabila tiba saatnya UMNO menemui Ilahi, akan adakah insan yang sudi dan sanggup menziarahi, memandi, mengkafani, menyembahyangi dan menyemadikan jenazahnya? Hanya Allah S.W.T. Yang Maha Mengetahui!”

    Yes Izan, “Hanya Allah S.W.T. Yang Maha Mengetahui!.” And you were contradicting yourself silly with that statement.

  84. monsterball says:

    You can visualized what is Najib and his admirers…by reading those two clowns.
    No1 son is a gone case…..going to hell for sure.
    Ismail IQ is so so low…..poor fella.

  85. monsterball says:

    Jean hantam clowns!!

  86. hitec hang tuah says:

    Whether you like it or not, Malaysia is practicing despotism.

    Only the rakyat is in the capacity to transform despotism to democracy.

    That’s the ultimate goal of the rakyat.

    Only when there is separation of powers, checks and balances and when the rakyat is the owner of this land, there is no proprietorship of Malaysia by the rakyat.

    Right now the proprietorship is in the hands of Bnputras.

    Don’t be duped by 1 Malaysia when there is NO REAL DEMOCRACY IN MALAYSIA!

    Video: Despotism (1946)

  87. monsterball says:

    No need to update anything la….jean dear.
    All in Malaysiakini.
    But if you want to know….firstly miss your comments.
    Secondly…Anwar announced 6000 PPP members crossed over…..to PR.
    Remember…cross over…….not bought over.
    Love to hear response from those two clowns….now that my Wonder Woman is back.
    witso should be most thankful.

  88. JerryMohan says:

    It’s all BULLSHIT! The Hindraf detainees have not been released. They are still in police custody.

    BN has realized that if they go to Bukit Selambau or Gantang to campaign for PR, they will lose.

  89. wits0 says:

    Problem with the none too bight or discerning of the true blue believers, like Idzan, is that they imputes their own shabby passion with personage in which they are obsessed on to others. I was hardly on the lookout for what Anwar had to announced. Susan is hardly a blind advocater of him either.

    Consider yourself now just a low magic Hydra defending the Umnoputra’s illicit Golden Fleece from which no Anwars must threaten to take away. That’s your sole beef with him, wrt the golden fleas that you also breed.

    Yo, Monty, 🙂 I don’t understand what’s that I should be thankful for.

  90. SameSame says:

    This release is an eyewash,hogwash..whatever you name it la. It was not done with sincere thoughts…just so that Najib thinks we can be bought like his other buddies. Are we that easily BOUGHT??? Are we??

    Aiyoooooooo get a life la Najib! You and rosy…long way before I can res**ct you as PM/1st…ahem lady (konon-nya). No way man…not with all uncertainties hanging around you,rosy…..and gang.

    As for the release….aiyaaaaaa…..even monkeys know what you up to…LOL!!!

  91. rakyat says:

    Our big brother is always willing to help to oust all these human garbage from the government and send them to kamunting.

    Let them taste their own medicine

  92. http://malaysiaclowns.blogspot.com/2009/04/isa-mari.html

    “Now that he is “turning good” so to speak, it should be interesting to see how Anwar and company would be able to take this fight further. Of course, Najib being the devilish clown that he is, his guise would likely not be able to be maintained for long before his mischiefs surface again. But for now, he looks good; and as long as that fat Rosmah can keep her big mouth firmly shut (or at least, open only to take his “susceptibe to anal” cock), Najib should be able to gain more brownie points.”

  93. monsterball says:

    witso read Idzan Ismail 5th 6.30pm…and there is no doubt in my mind…..Idzan No1 is one and the same…with different logo and nicks.
    I noticed when Jen came out…this character disappeared.
    I said you should be thankful to jean…..indirectly defending you.
    I maybe wrong….but it depends how your mid works.

  94. wits0 says:

    Dear Monsterball, Idzan No.1 is not the same and he’s not a ‘hostile’. Susan would know that for sure. Smart hi-tech kid like Kittykat too. Jean was defending her own beliefs. Idzan is making a spectacle of herself. If we take to task every nutty statement we have detected that she makes, we won’t have time for ourselves or other things.

  95. Asian Holocaust Survivor says:

    The moral behind the “trojan horse” should alert us to FOREIGN powers like the US which has failed miserably to put their gayman to become PM of Malaysia. Watch out for their financial henchman “George Soros” an evil doublefaced man who makes Madoff look like an amateur.

  96. Tun Mahathiur is the no. 1 public enemy of Malaysia.

  97. […] Beware of Greeks bearing gifts… Only replace the Greeks here with Najib. So this guy releases 13 ISA detainees and the promise to undertake a […] […]

  98. Idzan No1. Son says:

    monsterball Says:
    April 6, 2009 at 12:43 am

    witso read Idzan Ismail 5th 6.30pm…and there is no doubt in my mind…..Idzan No1 is one and the same…with different logo and nicks.
    I noticed when Jen came out…this character disappeared.
    I said you should be thankful to jean…..indirectly defending you.
    I maybe wrong….but it depends how your mid works.

    Soooooo stooopid this old man. he cant play one on my knee even. maybe his donkey died father cried, now old man in 2nd childhood

  99. Fern says:

    Hi folks,
    Ignore trash like Idzan Ismail as you see this cybertroopers being a pain in the arse distracting most blogs that are not favourably to bn .You see the same people in blogs praising the might of umno.This are pests that needs destroying by shelltox lah!

  100. arrow says:

    I have strange feeling that bn will sweep the 3 seats.Malaysians are easily deceived.Just hang a cucumber infront of them they will vote bn (esp.Jean) even though the head is a bloody shit cow.

  101. monsterball says:

    Soooo smart this low class munafik Idzan No.1
    You smell like shit all over…with your knees with with maggot holes.
    Calling my late father a donkey….sums him up.
    2nd childhood? Why can live that long?
    witso said you are not hostile?
    Is he blind?
    And for what it is worth…I do not believe jean is that low class.
    She maybe pro UMNO….and are we not… pro change of government commentators?
    In LKS’s blog…we battle pro UMNO commentators from wits to wits..highly intelligent comments…and beat them all flat.
    Do it here and stop insulting.

  102. munafikidzanNo.2son says:

    Rubbish ego old man should stay in kit siang blog best place for the breed most of whom are past their shelf life. Can count commentors there on fingers n toes and this smelly goat want to advertise all the conmen there.

  103. munafikidzanNo.2son says:

    I agree monsterball is blind donkey (kaldai) bodo punya change of govt now he want najib pink lips. Ini bodo dono nursery rhymes even fingering in his ah pek shorts and scratching his nuts

    This old man, he played one,
    He played knick-knack on my thumb;
    Knick-knack paddywhack,
    Give a dog a bone,
    This old man came rolling home.

    This old man, he played two,
    He played knick-knack on my shoe;
    Knick-knack paddywhack,
    Give a dog a bone,
    This old man came rolling home.

    This old man, he played three,
    He played knick-knack on my knee;
    Knick-knack paddywhack,
    Give a dog a bone,
    This old man came rolling home.

    This old man, he played four,
    He played knick-knack on my door;
    Knick-knack paddywhack,
    Give a dog a bone,
    This old man came rolling home.

    This old man, he played five,
    He played knick-knack on my hive;
    Knick-knack paddywhack,
    Give a dog a bone,
    This old man came rolling home.

    This old man, he played six,
    He played knick-knack on my sticks;
    Knick-knack paddywhack,
    Give a dog a bone,
    This old man came rolling home.

    This old man, he played seven,
    He played knick-knack up in Heaven;
    Knick-knack paddywhack,
    Give a dog a bone,
    This old man came rolling home.

    This old man, he played eight,
    He played knick-knack on my gate;
    Knick-knack paddywhack,
    Give a dog a bone,
    This old man came rolling home.

    This old man, he played nine,
    He played knick-knack on my spine;
    Knick-knack paddywhack,
    Give a dog a bone,
    This old man came rolling home.

    This old man, he played ten,
    He played knick-knack once again;
    Knick-knack paddywhack,
    Give a dog a bone,
    This old man came rolling home.

  104. monsterball says:

    hahahahahahaha….famous again!

  105. munafikidzanNo.2son says:

    Nursery rhyme for old men who spend toom much yime in kit siang armpit (siapa punya ketiak busuk)

    nky Pinky Ponky,
    Daddy bought a donkey.
    Donkey died, daddy cried.
    Inky Pinky Ponky!

    And this old man thinks it is all about his father. With all that ego this nut should have floated away long time ago with that swollen head.

  106. munafikidzanNo.2son says:

    Nursery rhyme for old men who spend too much time in kit siang armpit (siapa punya ketiak busuk)

    nky Pinky Ponky,
    Daddy bought a donkey.
    Donkey died, daddy cried.
    Inky Pinky Ponky!

    And this old man thinks it is all about his father. With all that ego this nut should have floated away long time ago with that swollen head.

  107. monsterball says:

    I read same poem for LKS at his blog…now to me?
    How nice.
    Want to chase me out again?
    Tak malu ke? Tiap 2 kari chakap gila2…sama monyet balu lepas di zoo melaka?

  108. munafikidzanNo.2son says:

    heehee orang tua ni suka fohisap kit siang. Tak malu dah tua pun cari bibir, anjing punya otak lebih baik. Patutlah tak malu

  109. monsterball says:

    I got a dog name Pinky
    Another name Ponky
    One is a munafik
    The other is No1 gila
    Put them together….jadi homos….bapak Sapians….hahahahahahaha

  110. munafikidzanNo.2son says:

    See see this is the quality of this miserable old man`s life, what a wasted person

  111. munafikidzanNo.2son says:

    hahaha MOR-ON homos dont come from dogs lah – unless you have been teaching your dogs to be playback singers

  112. monsterball says:

    apa ini anging otak?
    Ayam bulum pertulor…saya sudah pass Oxford exam la.
    Saya banyat pantai..sampai jadi sikit bodoh champor ortak tak centre munafiks…sama ku.
    Otak saya..besih…kuat…pantai fhikir charat banyat wang.
    You….dua otak tua chakap gila2..tak tau untong 2.. nak ditampong2…jolly…yanyi..joget dan borak sahaja.
    Saya anging..ku cacing….yang bagus ..oleh panching ikan sahaja.

  113. monsterball says:

    Ooooiiiii!!!! Tak nak mian lagi. Nak sayang darlin2.

  114. munafikidzanNo.2son says:

    I still trying to get it clear:
    This fellow who claim his father is donkey played the dogs first, or did he get the dogs to play him.

  115. lhheng says:

    Another big slap on the face of our sleepy, flip flop and lame duck guy. But dont you worry, with such a big slap, he will still in slumberland.
    Why only release them now and not during his tenure. And for that matter during the 3 by -elections period. Umm…Real fishy here!!!
    A cunning way to buy sympathy votes for the BN. Only a dumb dumb fool will buy it. Of course, the rakyat is happy with their release.
    In the very first place why are they arrested and then release them. These poor guys including their families have been used as pawns by these BN politicians. Those BN politicians are both “human and devils” as a chinese saying goes.
    No matter what, the voters in the 3 by-elections must support and vote for PKR.

  116. SameSame says:


    Got news from ground Bkt Gantang that BN is giving gifts left, right and centre and also getting the people’s name and IC so they can catch them if they dont vote for BN!!

    Betul ka ini? Aiyoo there has never been a fair fight with people like BN/UMNO & gang. WHYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!????

    I am so disgusted la! They cant even fight fair means they know la that they cannot WIN!

    So folks in there, take the money and vote for the right party….the party that will stir us out of hell! Not BN..thats for sure!

    Some more that old man, balik into UMNO and becoming a nuisance over there! Ahhh Cukup La…

  117. Idzan No1. Son says:

    Greeks bearing gifts:

    The police have visited the gangsters in Bukit Gantang and told them to make sure that Barisan Nasional wins this seat. If Barisan Nasional loses, then the police will launch an operasi and crackdown on the Bukit Gantang underworld. This means two things. First, the police are more gangsters than the gangsters. Second, the police make deals with gangsters. Now, are we surprised by that?

    Anyway, the gangsters have told them to go to hell. They are not going to allow themselves to be used by the police or Barisan Nasional as bouncers to threaten the Bukit Gantang voters to vote for Barisan Nasional. Hey, even gangsters have principles and code of ethics. And that is more than what I can say for the Malaysian police who are even less principled than the gangsters.


  118. Idzan No1. Son says:

    More significantly, a flagship website of the top leader in Malaysia is hosted outside Malaysia, a vote of no-confidence to Telekom Malaysia and a slap on the face of Mahathir’s grand MSC project in Cyberjaya. It is as if saying all those grand-looking data centres erected in Cyberjaya are not good enough for 1malaysia.com.my.

    Thirdly, the domain name was registered through an Australian company called Instra Corporation Pty Ltd (www.instra.com). This is interesting because 1malaysia.com.my is a domain name under the Malaysian ccTLD “.my”. MyNIC, an agency under Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, is the registry of .my ccTLD. There are plenty of Malaysian companies who can perform the domain registration, including the larger ones like ExaBytes. It is puzzling then why “1malaysia.com.my” has to go through Instra, which charges USD105 (RM374) per .my domain, compared to RM50 from ExaBytes.


  119. Idzan Ismail says:

    Hey Guys

    Thanks for wanting to be my sons.
    Hpw many sons do I have om this board?
    As far as I know I have a son and two daugthers.
    Quality people they are.
    Not like the pretend sons here.

  120. monsterball says:

    Reading Idzan Ismail message…you know full moon is near.

  121. mountebank says:

    shame shame shame , our new PM appeared on Korean newspaper with a wicked image.


  122. Idzan No1. Son says:

    Idzan Ismail Says:
    April 6, 2009 at 5:17 pm

    As far as I know I have a son and two daugthers.

    Mummmmmy you mean you were winking with pink lips and that`s how you got me. You also GRO?

  123. Idzan No1. Son says:


    Doktor Mahathir Muhamad telah memarahi Doktot Zambry di hadapan orang ramai.

    Doktor Zambry ini telah dimarahi kerana yang hadir ke jamuan makan menyambut kedatangan Bomoh Tua ini hanya 253 orang sahaja.

    Madey marah bagaimana sadikit sangat orang yang datang walhal ini ‘big makan’.

    Para jurukamera dari semua stesen tv langsung tak berani hala kamera ke arah tamu – kerana dewan kelihatan kosong. Yang ramai hadir ialah bangku, kerusi dan meja.

    Bomoh Tua kemudian kata dia tidak sehat dan terus blah.

  124. Idzan Ismail says:

    Nizar’s elder brother is campaigning against him in Bukti Gantang.
    He told folks there to vote for BN in an open ceramah.
    If your brother don’t belueve in you, who will.
    In Kedah 5 Keadilan division leaders resigned enbloc with their suppporters.
    So guys brace yourselves for Fakatan losses in the 3 seats.

  125. zztop says:

    Hey, dumb dumb Idzan Ismail, what so big deal that Nizar brother campaigning fof BN. As a matter of fact, his brother has done PKR a big big favor la. You know why? Because he has sold out his very soul to BN.

    You also mentioned that you have 5 Keadilan leaders resigned.
    Then they must be dumb dumb like you. If what you said is true, then I would say they are good riddance not only to Keadilan but to the whole country.
    By the way, I also heard that 50 BN leaders are resigning from BN and join PKR. Next time when you puke, clean your arse_ole. Dumb dumb.

  126. Critic says:

    Hey kawan kawan, it’s truly amazing all these “rubbishings” do not damage our economy. Now the western imperilists want to “sabotage” our economy with UN Sanctions and u guys are still rambling over sweet nothing!!! Wake up to the realities man!!!.

  127. ct says:

    That Tun M declared to the world that when he retired, he would not be involved in politics, but from the day he retired to now, he puts his hands and feet into every political issue every decision and now aspires to be Najib’s adviser.It is as good as Najib being a puppet PM to Tun M and a “yes man” to Umno. To stay on the throne, Najib better do as told before he faces the same faith as Badawi – being “chopped off” and “put to cold storage” by his saudaras/ris Umnos and by Tun M & powerful filthy rich cronies. So as usual like Tun M, gomen is “flop-flop” again.One day detain, next day release, at their whims & fancy.How can the other countries in the world trust our country anymore?No proper direction, no rule of law, everything decided by Umnos in their favour.So easy release the 13 detainees (why not release earlier why upon appointment of new PM?) & so easy detain them, just ISA-ed them.So why were they detained if they were not guilty?Is it not INTIMIDATION & OPPRESSION by some powerfool Umno big guns?Another thing, don’t Malaysia has any “clean” creditable people to run the country? All our PM’s are alledgedly linked with “unclean” cases like Tun M accused in Lingam correctx3 case, Najib & tink tanker Razak accused in Al-Hantu-ya case, Badawi accused in corruption case alledged by Tun M & sons, Anwar accused of sodomy, etc.So, where is LEDERSHIP BY EXAMPLE???How to be a leader if cannot show good example to the people and country?Back to “Square 1 Malaysia”.This goes to show Malaysia got no credible leaders to lead this country eh? Actually there are many but if those leaders are credible and ethical, their life span as leaders will be short.U have to be a crooked fella to stay long as a leader because all the others in the camp reject honest, credible, ethical, righteous, hardworking, responsible, trustworthy, caring, accountable leaders.Very hard to change until those crooked leaders change and “INSAF”(realization/repent).DO NOT TURN MALAYSIA INTO LIKE NIGERIA!! Look at the crime rates now,No longer safe to move around freely without feeling suspicious and anxiety and trust.Save our country & people.

  128. Truth Seeker says:

    The worst criminals are the CIAs working under their President’s order to cause chaos and anarchy to countries to put their “man” in office. They even have their financial henchman George Soros to destroy their enemies’ currency and stock markets to achieve their goal. Guess who’s their “man” for Malaysia????

  129. Winston says:

    Well, Najib. Stop being barbaric, and if you have balls, just call for the repeal of the ISA.
    If he did that someone will cut them off for him!

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