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And for the rest of Malaysians, this is for you:




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  1. Grand Marquis says:

    So Susan, its time for you to apply for the citizenship of Thailand.

  2. monsterball says:

    Why so?
    She loves to be a Malaysian.
    It’s her job that posted her there……and she returns regularly to Penang….to see her mom.
    Is the govt. in Malaysia going for her?
    Many admirers ….after her..cannot handle?
    She stole something?
    Which one?

  3. Pissed says:

    Susan: Don’t cry for me Malaysia… the truth is I never left you
    But its so painful to see the country I love, blown away by C4s.

  4. ceong2000 says:

    The most it’s take 3 years and will become the shortest in the world.

  5. Phua Kai Lit says:

    Philippines 1965-1986 ??

  6. wira says:

    Change the law and limit all PM to a maximum of 2 terms.
    I don’t want to be stuck with another Mahathir for 22 years.

    Be fair to me, Malaysia.
    Time is not on my side.

  7. RIP, Malaysia….????
    You giving up so… fast, Susan??????????

    I disagree…!!!! We will carry on till the cows & cars come home…!!!

    Now that Tun Mahatir is back.., expect more & more ‘hot’ dramas…..
    He’ll be the one thats pulling all strings…! Najib is just his ‘lap dog’ !!!!!
    You’ll be blogging your pants/skirt off…….!

    Though Najib will be our PM.., Mahatir is the person to watch..!!
    Anwar might not be so “hot stuff” for the next GE..!

    PKR now have to really, really work very hard for the rakyat.
    It is us, the rakyat, that these politicians have to rely on, for our votes..!

    The next GE is sooo…… gonna be happening lah….!

  8. kankong man says:

    This son of a bi**& mahakutty should be arrested, sent to jail in noman island and all his loots which he plundered from us for the past 22 years must be confiscated and be distributed to the poor.

  9. kankong man says:

    Najib must declare all his assets and should not be sworn in as pm.

    If the Agong cvonsents his premiership, time to sack the Agong to kampong planting jagong.

    All these royak sultans and agongs are just a waste of tax payers’ money.

  10. kankong man says:

    Lks, kapal terbang singh, lge, nik aziz, ai, otk, okt, tp, tc, cmf, lee kim sai, ktk, lka …. all must declare their assets.

  11. kankong man says:

    Else don’t vote for them. They are alllll corrupted bast*&%S.

    Those who vote for them their children have no kacngs..

  12. Hahaha says:

    The senile old fart is back! What’s the big deal?
    He is back to make his presence felt, definitely not for the melayu…this mamak has a hidden agenda to promote his enunch son who head is not stuffed with so many dirty tricks like his old man….must have taken more to the mother’s side.
    Let this old fart answer to his Maker…..yes, RIP when his time comes…the earlier the better!

  13. ANiceMancalled-PakLah says:

    From the STAR online-
    Today, a new chapter begins for Malaysia, and for Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

    A man who does not care too much for pomp and pageantry, Pak Lah’s stewardship of the country as Prime Minister from Oct 30, 2003 until he officially stepped down yesterday, will be judged differently in the years to come.

    The media may be a chronicler of instant history but it is the historian who will have the perspective to look at both the positive and negative sides of Pak Lah’s ledger.

    Pak Lah will be the first to admit that he has his flaws.

    “Leaders are mere mortals,” he once said. “And mortals are imperfect.

    “In seeking to better himself, man needs to be advised and to accept criticism. Therefore, advice and criticism should be constructive and rational, and offered with honesty and sincerity,” he said.

    No one will dispute that the democratic space for open discussion of many issues rose many notches under Pak Lah.

    Spurred on by the proliferation of new media technology, Pak Lah became the first Prime Minister to openly have to endure relentless attacks on both his policies and his personality.

    Not all was sincere or honest. In fact, many bordered on slander and destruction.

    But Pak Lah, being the man of the people, did not do what lesser leaders might have done. He kept the space open.

    Pak Lah ascended to the highest political office in the land knowing full well that Malaysians had not had a change of leadership for 22 years. The shadow of the previous administration loomed large but his message struck a chord among the people.

    He went to the people in 2004 for a mandate and we gave him an overwhelming landslide. It was to be the high point of his political career.

    But the vagaries of politics are such that when he went back to the people in March 2008, the verdict turned the other way. It was, as he puts it, the lowest point of his political career.

    Although there were many factors beyond his control, quite a number were probably the direct result of the actions of the administration he led.

    The hope envisioned by his promises was a little too late in coming.

    It is a testimony to the democrat in him that Pak Lah accepted the verdict of the people. Though the political landscape has changed tremendously, and remains hot to this day, he never resorted to any extra-constitutional measures to move things to his advantage.

    It would be wrong to judge Pak Lah solely on his years as Prime Minister. He is, in fact, a man born to serve the country and he did. Pak Lah’s service to the nation is long and extensive.

    As a politician, Pak Lah never used racial and religious issues to stoke the fires that cause disunity among the people. He was just too nice and too much of a statesman to want to play to the gallery.

    He always put nation above self. And he never wavered from trying his best to be truly a Prime Minister for all Malaysians.

    Yes, today marks a new chapter for the country. This is a defining moment in our history. It is also a poignant moment for Pak Lah.

    Now that the burden of office that he has served so sincerely for the past 1,918 days has been lifted, we want to wish him well.

    We pray he will enjoy good health and a peace that transcends all that the world can promise.

    We, the people, thank you, Pak Lah.

    Yeah, I miss you Pak Lah……

  14. kankong man says:

    Don’t vote for bn or pr.

    There is no 1 malaysia, new dawn or 69 virgins from heaven.. don’t be duped by them!

    Vote independent candidate or x on empty space.

    Long live people power..

  15. SAM 12 ... SayaAnakMalaysia says:

    Malaysia C4ed …. max 3 years … Voters of 2 BukitS and 1 Batang shorthened it to say 1 month ???
    Guess C4 might be the next words to be bannned or is it already ?
    Kesian those kids get a C4 in their exams because they might end up in jail !!!
    C4 …..C4

  16. Kee says:

    I cant accept a PM and the First Lady who r tainted with murder…

    Mourn for Malaysia!!!

  17. newkidonblog says:

    we had 5 good years of partial democracy under Pak Lah. I know it’s too good to be true. Najib will take all these away. You’re right Sue, stabbed in the back by the weaselS.

    We will live to fight another day and that day is no sooner than today!

  18. huhu says:

    The DPM sworn in as PM in front of the YDP Agong Mizan at 10am today.
    I thought the YDP Agong would made an announcement to approve or decline AAB’s resignation. I felt that the rakyat should be informed, it’s not between the 3- Agong, AAB and NR, right, anyone!

  19. lucia says:

    today is a sad day for malaysia. malayisa will RIP even more after 3.2.2009 lah.

    agree with huhu. with the rule that malaysia PM has to be UMNO president, only a handful out of the malaysian public get to choose their PM. so unfair! our king is deaf to the pleas of the public. he knows so many of us public are not in favour of HIM as PM but yet….

    cry for malaysia. RIP forver!!

  20. patrickayu says:

    good luck and all the best malaysia with tun m coming on board can expect some fire works.

  21. jean says:

    No. Its not the end of Malaysia jez bcoz its not Anwar or Eli Wong or Gwo Burne or Monsterball (hahaha-jez kidding) who is going to be PM.

    Its a nightmare for some. But again, not all. The rest of us prefer facts over fiction, assumptions, gossips and statutory declarations.

    I know that some are so eager to pin DSN for the death of Tuya. But lets be fair lah… it takes more than gut feeling, palm reading, Tian chua’s pic doctoring and Anwar’s spinning.

  22. caravanserai says:

    The anxious wait
    Will the evil smile?
    The day it is done
    The darkness comes

    The history of the past
    The father and the son
    Playing behind getting wishes done
    Now it is
    The story comes alive

    The heavy baggage
    The heavy load on his neck
    Carrying his personal noose
    He must come clean
    Else it will be
    Bad name for the country

    The current by election
    The voters must send a firm signal
    We don’t tolerate tainted and corrupted politicians
    They can be from either side of the divide

    The number 6
    Too many alleged crimes and corruptions
    He must come clean
    Don’t shame the nation

  23. armaggedon says:

    I believe in the phoenix
    I believe in the resurrection
    That all is not the end
    It is the beggining of something
    In the freshness of a new birth
    I believe in destiny
    That the “N” is the end
    A newness will begin
    And we can start rebuild
    From the quagmire that we face for the moment
    As we await for fate to run its course

  24. In malaysia, there many yes man around.Someone says no maggie mee all agree. Yesterday, Obama announced big projects in Bukit Selambau and he was found to be cleaning drains during the campaign. They think that we can be taken for a ride.If Obama thinks that people will vote for him think twice.Well, DSNR its a jungle out there and see for yourself whats it like.Regards

  25. Idzan Ismail says:

    Dear guys

    Yep we are at peace.
    Good bye sourpuss Anwar.
    Hello Najib. Happy retirement Tun Adullah.
    Najib is now THE PM.
    Happy that another Pahangnite is number ONE.
    Happier he was born in my homteown of Kuala Lipis.
    His dad was my late dad’s generation and he is my generration.
    Rule in peace Najib.

  26. 4RAKYAT says:

    najis is not my pm.


  27. ericind says:

    Evil Najis n Mamak kutty will doomed this beloved country,sigh..

  28. jb says:

    What justice have we got here in Malaysia. It is a conspiracy of some powerful and rich who want to maintain their status quo, advocate a ruthless tyrant to run the country.

  29. Beetle says:

    Sorry to use some of your space here coz just saw Roc’s post “0001 is back ” in malaysiakini.Do not both to read his blog.

    Who wants 001,we prefer 003 lah!!!! mr. future spin master of nst, so they believe.

  30. hunk says:

    1)Tunku A.R
    2)Tun Abdul Razak (the father of the newly sworn PM)
    3)Tun Hussein Onn
    4)Mahathir Mohamad
    6)Najib Razak


    Can one notice that the odd numbers (1,3,5,) are at least moderate PM by relaxing their powers on political dissents (one that just disagrees with your view).

    The even ones are “brutish, tyrannical, and (murderours?).

    I know this will not goes down well with the UMNO hardliners and people like Idzan Ismail, but prepare for the worst – the dead of Democracy.

    Some say Najib/BN will be voted out the next GE. Najib is not that easy pushover. His evil scheme, will undoubtedly using the armies and police to the full extent to
    intervene after instigating some kind of a national disorder (if the opposition wins the next GE).

    In Myanmar

    You can imagine Daw Aung San Syu Kyi’s 1998 landslide election victory and the junta takeover and her persecution awhile later. In 2007, the National Election, just after a cyclon that wrecked disaster, the Junta won more than 90% of the popular votes. Can you just imagine – just months before tens of thousands civil disobedience led by monks were crushed and mauled? So, how come the Military junta win that high amouint of votes?

    In Iraq

    Similar analogy can be presumed from the tyrannical rule of Saddam Hussein. He claimed 100% of the election victory (even Hitler who holds election had not win that by that margin). When Saddam wen into hiding, during the US (land)incursion, you can clearly see on cable news network (CNN) and others that Saddam’s statues’ and other insignia were pulled down, smacked with shoes and spat on.

    In Malaysia

    Just trust me, all true democracy lovers, never never trust people like M. Bakri Musa and Marina Mahathir. Their neo-trickeries will never work on me, but it works like suga(r) on a bunch of stupid ants. But sadly, the ants are infinite people who are the decider of tomorow. Boleh….

  31. hunk says:

    Well Susan, do I still have a moderation clearance? Just askin’ 😀

  32. halim says:

    if it is r.i.p. for malaysia, who are the rest of Malaysians, Susan?

  33. Billau Chris says:

    I was so happy when DAP, PAS and PKR joined hands to form the Peoples’ Coalition (PR) to fight the BN at the General Election last year. The Peoples’ Coalition did not only succeed in thumbing BN into its collars but also admirably deprive her of the two-third majority in the Parliament House. A great victory – right?

    I am like many of my fellow citizens who advocate for a two-party system like in the United States of America to provide for check and balance so as to rid of the scourge of corruption that is so rampant in the country. It is causing a lot of good money being drained out from the treasury to a handful of privileged UMNOputras while a great portion of the masses are living below the poverty line.

    Yes, we have a new PM, the sixth in line after Merdeka in 1957. We must give credit to the past ruling Alliance leaders under our late TAR who did bring some progress to the country and honoured the social contract to which the three major races of the country assented.

    But, just after 51 years, we saw and experienced in recent times very ugly developments in the country. The country is torn by chasms – political, racial and religious devides at all levels of the society; be it, in schools, colleges and universities; in the civil service; in the armed and police forces; and in all GLCs and most public corporations.

    Let us review the highly lob-sided economic development of the country. By applying the NEP to the extreme by way of merger, acquisition, privatization, bail-out and regular injection of public funds, the BN invariably squandered the taxpayers money to forcibly buy and take control of the banking, mining, palm oil, telecommunication, water, electricity and public transportation sectors. What is left for the other races are but crumbs! Hence, the people are not happy with the BN.

    The present cohort of leaders have forgotten about or are pretending to forget about the tenets and substance of the social contract. They try to pull wool over the eyes of the masses through irrational, arrogant and selfish means. When challenged, they deploy the Mat Rempits to create and foment violence and hatred among the populace. When they allow ‘samseng-ism’ to prevail, they do not realise that the people get even more determined to fight their cause for justice.

    We know the disparities existing. Open fighting is futile. We need to use our brain and discipline to fight the nuts in BN.

    The first lesson PR must learn is: strive for peace and harmony from within; secondly, avoid all temptations to cross over; thirdly, be more humble and work hard for the rakyat; fourthly, keep your ideas and strategies to yourselves and avoid blasting them out in public prematurely and fifthly, do what you can within the limitations of your resources; and lastly, interact frequently with and inform your electorates.

    Some of the people of late made stupid statements and blamed PR for its failure to solve the problems of the Indian community. If BN for the past five decades could not solve their community problems, do you think PR can do it within one year with the stringently controlled resources from the BN.

    There is a lot of work before us to see to the realisation of a two-party system in the country. So do your part by voting the PR to show that the BN has failed all the races – Malays, Chinese and Indians.

    My friends, do vote wisely and show that you are responsible citizens who care for the future generations.

  34. ct says:

    Najid is elected by UMno as PM.Dont understand why they in such a hurry to appoint Najid as PM.Why cant they wait 3 more years when Badawi finish his mission till next General election.Why, i wonder? very suspicious. Why King accept Badawi resignation and why not encourage or support Badawi to continue with his reform in judiciary, transparency, accountability, corruption etc.What wonders can Najid do. All he could do is just take EPF money, tax money to save economy.Soon the well will be dried up.Just like Tun M style- spend spend spend very easy job mah!Every one knows how to spend, not their money-mah.Now, Najid will be a Puppet PM to Tun M and a Yes-man PM to UMno.Goodbye Democracy Hello ISA & Aristocracy!Sad day for Malaysia.But Justice must prevail and Democracy must live.Never give up so easily.R.I.P UM.

  35. monsterball says:

    Jean is my dear friend….but sometimes….she defends a murderer a with such weak arguments.
    She cannot be a lawyer. All her clients sure to loose court cases.
    She entirely ignore….immigration records…disappearing of one witness..sms message…to Baginda….cocksure to be set free.
    Why not sue all and proof his innocence?
    I guess….. smart dear Jean accepts swearing by the Koran proves beyond any doubt….100% innocence?
    Why I hope she gets married…let her playboy husband…swear by the Koran….goody goody….make a fool of her…for all her friends to laugh at her back!!
    Seriously speaking..like a good marriage…trust is the main issue ….after love.
    Do we trust Najib??

  36. My2cen says:

    UMNO only loves themselves, but we the Rakyat, still love Malaysia. That’s why despite all the harrasment and suppression, we are all still around to do what we can in all our very small ways to help spread the truths so that it will prevail some day!

    In the meantime, brace for very bad times with Dotty on the throne!

  37. Langsing says:

    It is amazing that a guy who has so so many evil and corrupted baggages on his shoulder can be a leader of a country. This is indeed Bolehland.
    God save the poor rakyat.
    But, we hope that the people’s power will thrash those BN political monsters in the coming 3 by-elections. Just heard that the Hindraf group has sadi they will support PKR. They said they have be miquoted by the BN control media. How down trodden can these media can be.
    Long live PKR!!!!

  38. huhu says:

    Malaysian hit by a Tsunami this morning.

  39. huhu says:

    Malaysian hit by a Tsunami this morning!

  40. LHHeng says:

    Susan, you are great. You indeed have open up our eyes and ears to these corrupted and murderous politicians in Bolehland.
    For sure, the rakayt will thrash these BN bums out in the coming 3 by-elections.
    Lets vote for PKR and save the country..
    Long live PKR!!!

  41. the man from no way says:

    Tengku Abdul Rahman – Father of Merdeka

    Tun Abdul Razak – Father of 513, riots, NEP,

    Tun Hussein Onn – Father of Muhibbah,

    Tun Dr. Mahathir – Father of Corruptions, All-in-1 despot, ISA, divide &
    rule, Mamakputras, Useless Mega Projects…

    Tun Pak Bodoh Lah – Father of body Snatchers, ISA, Islam Hadhari,
    Holidaying, biarkan, Zzzzzzz

    Tun Najib Razak – Father of C4s, Scorpene submarines, Sukhoil
    Fire Fighters, 1-Umno Malaysia…

    Sloone – Mother of all mothers

  42. lovepeace says:

    no…..no…we will never let our malaysia die………

  43. TheWrathOfGrapes says:

    A pathetic epitaph…

    Here lies Malaysia
    Born with golden spoon
    Natural resources aplenty, a boon
    Wrecked by incompetence
    Metastasized by corruption
    Ruled by malice
    Killed by malaise

  44. Pegasus says:

    Mamak Kutty overstayed for 22 years , Paklah 6 years , Najib..? Can’t see him going beyond 5 years.!! The truth is out there waiting to emerge with a C4 bang!! Then it will be R.I.P…

  45. mixed up says:

    The Razaks are proven to be notorious..

  46. zorop says:

    if not najib who then can be pm now.
    umno is tight somehow.
    they cant be not around.
    else the malay word will not be found.

  47. Tun says:

    Susan, do not worry, for Tun MM is back. He is GOD and he has the power to pull the country out of darkness. Have TOTAL faith in HIM.

    TUN is GOD !

  48. sklee says:

    Pak Lah has just stepped aside,
    His legacy the historians will decide.
    Let’s leave out the negatives
    And focus on the positives.

    Is’nt “work with me and not for me ”
    Better than “I know what’s best…listen to me”?
    Letting peoples to have their say;
    Is’nt that better than having no say?

    Realizing the need to change,
    Pak Lah has “planted” the seed of change.
    Will the “soil” allows it to grow and mature,
    To bear fruits and increase in stature?

    The peoples’s hope is for democracy to flourish!
    Two alternating, working Coalitions,
    Both having the interests of the peoples;
    Existing, competing for our votes!

  49. Monnstergirl says:

    Monsterball says:

    Jean is my dear friend….but sometimes….she defends a murderer a with such weak arguments.
    She cannot be a lawyer. All her clients sure to loose court cases.
    She entirely ignore….immigration records…disappearing of one witness..sms message…to Baginda….cocksure to be set free.
    Why not sue all and proof his innocence?
    I guess….. smart dear Jean accepts swearing by the Koran proves beyond any doubt….100% innocence?
    Why I hope she gets married…let her playboy husband…swear by the Koran….goody goody….make a fool of her…for all her friends to laugh at her back!!
    Seriously speaking..like a good marriage…trust is the main issue ….after love.
    Do we trust Najib??

    No, we cannot trust Najib, my uncle, family of monsters. In regards to what you said of jean – I agree or almost there. hahaha. No hard feelings to jeanc.

  50. amoker says:

    No trust in this chap la…

  51. Can-He? says:

    Seems lots of condolances sent to najis on his first day of power instead of congrats? He must be next to hopeless with majority disapproving his premiership. Is he useless and wicked? His face looks wicked and confused. But he is the pet of the old mamak! Don’t know yet…….The best thing to do now is Look-see Look-see first.

  52. Sang Kancil says:

    Not RIP Malaysia lah. It is VIVA Malaysia.
    God has give Malaysia a powerful leader. All will see the result of truth in Altuya murder case very soon. Najib will remove the divider of people – Aljuburi from politik. Malaysia will be the only country in SEA to overcome golbal ekonomik recessen with the help of very able Najib Tun Razak. Pembangkang will relise how wrong they are feel about Najib and united with normal people to make Najib dream of “ONE MALAYSIA” be come true.

  53. whispering9 says:

    Drug resistant tuberculosis is on the rise world wide. Mostly due to the sufferers’ failure to complete the full course of antibiotic treatment. This makes the variant strains resistant to drug and incurable. Well, if the majority do indeed accept DSN as a probable leader, I hope it won’t become another case of a resilient variant political strain which refuses to bug; incurable and destructive. Tears and regrets won’t matter then. The three by-elections will be good indication in our spirit. In all, I wish DSN and us, Malaysians, good luck. Most of us are getting fed-up with politics….Pakatan should stay focus on business on hand, rather than politicking and making ‘an important annoucement’ anti-climax. It is better to rule Selangor, Penang and Kedah proficiently then try to be king of neverland; like a peter pan who never grow up, forever fighting Captain Hook and that damn crocodile.

  54. monsterball says:

    Where is jean?
    Monstergirl….welcome to the family of Monsters.

  55. LHHeng says:

    Here comes that Sang Kancil again. You know i really love “kancil” meat. Very very tasty if marinated. So watch out our Sang Kancil or else you will get end up in a cooking pot. That will a great victory dinner for the PKR members in the coming 3 by-elections.
    You know, the way you write is like someone talking thru his arsehole.

  56. wits0 says:

    Monnstergirl Says: “No, we cannot trust Najib, my uncle, family of monsters. In regards to what you said of jean – I agree or almost there. hahaha. No hard feelings to jeanc.”

    The kitchen is a hot place ; the Universe is a dangerous place.

    The Clones are the bad guys here whom the true Jedi Knights must fight.

    Salvador Dali’s surreal world is of another dimension, not this one…thus is the line drawn as it was then in the Kurukshetra War…even with kinsmen against kinsmen.

  57. bee yong says:

    To HUNK says:
    According to I CHING; the Chinese Art of Divination, 1st, 3rd and 5th line represent ‘Yang” energy the good energy, while 2nd, 4th and 6th represent ‘YIN energy, the bad energy.
    Hard luck, Malaysia is in deep shit.
    Anyway “N’ is the end of RAHMAN, this is divination. ‘YIN” energy either ends very long or very short. What do you hope, Hunk?
    I sensed it will be short as the 4th overstay too long and as there is a father/son relationship. Best of luck Malaysia.

  58. *cosmic*rainbow* says:

    Take Away, Tapau, Bungkus, Packed Up. whatever you call it, its still Bungkus at the end of the day. This is meant for food.

    But, in this country when you have NTR as the new PM, its TAKE AWAY. DRIVE-THRU as it may be, this country already TAPAU. What do you think?


  59. Idzan Ismail says:

    Dear all

    Najib has released 13 ISA detainees.
    He will be reviewing the ISA.
    He also revoked the ban on Harakah and keadilan mouth-piece.
    So where is the dictatror, the Maharhirism, the autocratic.
    Soon you guys will be bankrupt of things to write.
    Or you will creare lies and spin half-truths?

  60. Menyalak-er says:

    Susan, are you playing mindgames with us again?
    Now there is no ‘weasel’ in this country even though some of the hardcore establishment types look and smell like them.
    Our closest equivalent is the ‘musang’, a monicker, for dear leader’s henchman par stinko.
    The female versions of these, are ‘binturongs’ really big fat mommas who happen to come from the same generation as dear leader transformater and an evolutionary dead-end.
    Due to ‘global warming’ these pheremone driven creators will not survive their own mutation/transformation into homo sapien sapiens.
    The endangered species called homo musang-binturong is said to become extinct by 2012.
    As such, i implore you to remove that epitaph and tombstone…

  61. jean says:

    Eh… I defended a murderer? Are you sure uncle Monty? Who is that murderer? You ada nampak ka? Court sudah convict ke? Paper mana ada keluar itu news?

    Oooo… I see, u just came back from ceramah again ah? Heard of “tidak bersalah sehingga dibuktikan bersalah?” Aiyo uncle, that is the basic of justice lah.

    So, until and unless he was proven guilty, kasi dia peluang buat kerja can or not? Tak kira lah dia nombor 1 ke, 3 ke, 5 ke, mata shifty ke, isteri gemuk ke, bibir merah ke, tapak tangan ada pangkah ke… Tired of politic lah uncle. Too long mah. Sept 16 pun sudah lepas lebih enam bulan tau! Ekonomi pun sudah ini macam nanti saya punya staff siapa mau kasi makan?

    Ok lah, saya janji sama uncle. Kalau Najib tak boleh buat kerja, kita sama-sama hentam dia. Kita sama-sama demonstrasi. Kita sama-sama baling batu lepas tu kita baring atas jalan. Ok uncle? Fair kan…

  62. Why MCA? says:

    from malaysiaKini:
    MCA tells Najib to create a 2nd DPM post
    Apr 3, 09 4:02pm
    The MCA, an influential partner in Barisan Nasional, today called upon Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak to create a post for a Chinese deputy prime minister and a Chinese deputy chairperson of BN.

    These MCA flers are really quick off the mark isn’t it.
    Bloody stinky vultures. quick on the trough.

  63. Disgusted says:

    kak susan ni drama lebey la, skali tgk gambar dah tau banyak sangat tgk soap programmes on tv.

    now that najib has released the ISA detainees, i wonder what she’s gonna write about next. ahh, anwar said he was gonna make a revelation about najib tmrw, probably she’ll just swallow it up and blog about that.

  64. Sang Kancil says:

    Sang Kancil no talk thru arsehole, Today 1st day of Najib and you see 13 ISA detainee freedom, Suara Keadilan and Harakah free to publicate. You going to see many changes you like. We are going to be the happy people in Malaysia becoz Najib is PM material definite! “One Malaysia” is the slogun to follow.

  65. wits0 says:

    The oppressive system of 51 years robs you of 100 bucks, then returns 5 for your bus fare home. For this PR exercise used as a ploy to win 3 by-elections, you are to feel eternally grateful and vote for its perpetuity and sing its praises for ever more. Now we know that 3 birds doth a summer makes!

    So, the darn MCA wants a Chinese deputy prime minister and a Chinese deputy chairperson of BN for show. Scums doing stunts.

  66. kittykat46 says:

    What I can say is…the issues which Susan Loone and others have been fighting for….Human Rights, removal of the ISA, Freedom of Speech, Good Governance, Bangsa Malaysia, No to Racism, No to Corruption & Abuse of Power are all issues which must be addressed for the sake of Malaysia’s future.

    Of course there is no such thing as absolute freedom in this world, but that doesn’t give the government the right to trample on people with jackboots.

    I’m thankful that Najib has taken some baby steps to address these valid issues…but we have a long, long way to go.

    I’m yet to be convinced that Najib is part of the solution…so far he IS a BIG part of the problem.

  67. kittykat46 says:

    To continue with your analogy, concern about drug-resistant TB doesn’t mean we stop fighting infections with antibiotics.
    I’m sick of this daily non-stop politics, too, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to give BN a carte-blance to continue plundering the country.

  68. the man from no way says:

    This Mamakthiu is a jinz to the nation.

    Whatever he touches, everything turns to kaput, be it Proton, Mas, Dayabumi, National service, English in Maths and science, North-South Highways, LDP, Iskandar Corridor, Crooked bridge, Government service, army, PKFZ, Twin Tower, education, army, marine and air-force… the list is unlimited…

    If Mahathiu appears in Bkt Selambau and Gantang, bye bye to Umnoputras….

    Yes, please R. I. P. The earlier the better, we have had too much from you..

    “Most of the major ills of the world have been caused by well-meaning people who ignored the principle of individual freedom, except as applied to themselves, and who were obsessed with fanatical zeal to improve the lot of mankind- in-the-mass through some pet formula of their own. The harm done by ordinary criminals, murderers, gangsters, and thieves is negligible in comparison with the agony inflicted upon human beings by the professional do-gooders, who attempt to set themselves up as gods on earth and who would ruthlessly force their views on all others – with the abiding assurance that the end justifies the means.” — Henry Grady Weaver

    “Those who have been once intoxicated with power and have derived any kind of emolument from it can never willingly abandon it.” — Edmund Burke

  69. wits0 says:

    Kittykat46, : “..Of course there is no such thing as absolute freedom in this world, ..”

    Since no one identifiable has clamored for what’s self-evidently not possible, the question actually does not arise although the matter, for sure, has been manipulated by the oppressive regime to ridicule its various detractors with such nonsensical imputing. As if its entrenched impudence can be washed way by just PR(Public Relation)cum election exercise we see now.

  70. Menyalak-er says:

    Release 13 from ISA, that’s good – so did kuda-kutty when he first became dear leader…
    Suara Keadilan and Harakah disbanned, getting better – so shall we expect ops Lallang III soon?
    Does this pre-empt DSAI’s revelations tomorrow? I think not.
    Is this the repeat of kudakutty’s reign, including shafting Anwar? Could be.
    Forget antibiotics? Certainly! Now go take ‘jamu’ and do ‘jampi’…

  71. kittykat46 says:

    For months, Utusan Malaysia has been telling the Malays that Hindraf are dangerous fanatics allied with terrorist groups. Same with NST and the Star.

    Najib now releases 2 of them and 11 others just because there is a by-election on Tuesday.

    So…..are they really dangerous fanatics….or not….

    Najib….Wolf in sheep’s clothing….

  72. rongaronga says:

    Why not release Uthayakumar who is very ill. Fish-baiting kah? Little by little! depending on the groundswell in the by-election hotspots, more goodies are coming our way! On the eve of April 7, Uthayakumar could be a free man to secure Bukit selambau and gantang. Best wishes from Perth

  73. mira says:

    ISA release, tarik balik pengharaman dua akhbar pembangkang dan kes MB vs MB..

    saya harap PR jangan excited sangat..dah tahu perangai najib macammana kan?

    Ingat lagi drama trojan horse Adun Bota Datuk Nasarudin Hashim?

    Dia bagi seorang tapi dapat SATU NEGERI PERAK..

    ini semua cuma nak kaburkan pandangan rakyat ja untuk menang PRK 7hb ini.

  74. whispering9 says:

    Hi kk46,

    I didn’t mean that we should stop using anti-biotic. The similarity between TB and Malaysia politics, is basically the same and contagious. Amongst some commentators here and bloggers elsewhere, there is a definite or sublime message that DSN should be given a chance to change Malaysia. They think that it is time to stop the ‘expensive’ treatment and give BN-UMNO back her prominent. But has BN or UMNO learned a valuable and humble lesson? Personally, I think not, and Pakatan should be given another term to effect a complete cure for Malaysia current politics TB even though some of the PR elected officers are also craps. Otherwise, we might lose antidote to right the wrong again .

    It is better to concentrate on ruling the existing states well, rather then giving the fatigued public a perception of perpetual politicking. DSN is here to stay until the next GE and his advisers are good unlike the greenhorns 4th floor. Many people just don’t care whether it is DSN or another guy. The only way for Pakatan to stay relevant is to produce clear results for the next election. They are wasting valuable resources and time to fight by-elections. And if DSAI surprise announcement tomorrow is another farce, I pity the trust of those who believe he can make a better government. Have a nice weedend.

  75. Disgusted says:

    i would like to agree with mr whispering9 11.53pm, to tell you the truth, i was very close to supporting PR after march 2008, i was speculating which political coalition would be best to represent the country.

    but then it went downhill, the world’s in a recession and all anwar can talk about is accusing najib of murder despite having any real proof. all he raised was just questions, like as if we’re all in an unsolved investigation tv show.

    so i asked myself, do i really want a PM who talks too much and dont really do any work? seriously people, has anwar done any real work after his permatang pauh victory except politicking around accusing and minding other people’s business??

    sigh, so now, thankx to anwar and his goons, i will always remain a fence sitter, we’ll see what revelation he has tmrw, if its as lame as 916, i might just swing to the dark side (depends on which side ur on), hehe.

  76. StevenO says:

    Najib will be a very effecient PM. That I can assure all Malaysian. His standard operation, when the problem gets too big, just C4 it away.

    Even the Agong have to pacify him cause he has the Army, Police, Judiciary, ISA, OSA, all kind of Permits that ordinary folk need to eek out a living, Mat Rempits, tons of money to burry anyone, Ultra Racist that threaten innocent people with parang/keris….C4!!

    Even if the opposition were to win the next election, I doubt he’ll step down. My guess is he will pull a Burma, Zimbabwe, North Korea stunt on us.

  77. storm62 says:

    i acknowledge najis as the Crime Minister of Malaysia until he clears his name from those corrupted scandals and Altantuya’s murder.

  78. monsterball says:

    Usually good news from UMNO PM is to divert public’s attentions from something.
    Lets hope Najib is more sincere…….but I suspect…impossible for such a cunning man to do any good for nothing…to benefit UMNO only.
    But the die is cast….change of government is so right now…..no matter how good UMNO tries to me.
    All these 35 years… dividing Malaysians….is most sinful….cannot be forgiven……must be thrown out.

  79. monsterball says:

    No worry…StevenO…His stunts will backfire.
    The might of the powerful voters intending to show who is the real boss over politicians is real.

  80. ktteokt says:

    A black day for Malaysia! My condolences and deepest sympathies!

  81. monsterball says:

    A black day for Malaysia provided Malaysians are selfish and irresponsible….love to be known by race…..not Malaysians…submit to divide and rule with jungle laws.
    The young educated Malaysians know how powerful they votes are and trained to be responsible Malaysians by thousands of commercial firms.
    They over shadow the lazy UMNO govt. workers.
    These Malaysians aim to earn good salaries and future… based on productivities….never based on any double standards ..favouritisms….or nursed to be zoombies….like vegetables…no need to think…just know…jobs are assured as long as you vote for UMNO.
    Malaysia depends on few millions young voters.
    They are smart and no one can fool them.
    Just look at 2 Hindraf ISA guys released and 2 opposition news papers free to print again.
    These are done to win votes for the 3 by-elections…..just give some small good news to opposition voters. Look at the timing.
    If Najib is sincere ..all 11 detainees should b released and ISA abolished.
    Not any UMNO PM is brave enough to do right things..only small ways…to win confidence and votes…..never for the country peace and happiness..
    Doing so will spell sure defeats. By not doing so…these hypocrites hope to fool Malaysians with their usual play acting skills.
    No…Malaysia is not facing any black days. UMNO is.
    All Malaysians are no more selfish…nor fear anything….nor wish to respond to provocations…..or be intimidated. People’s power are waiting for the ONE DAY….13th GE.
    The 3 by elections results will only mean…whether do Malaysian voters need to wake up and do more soul searching….or with results….so crystal clear…..all are not fooled by UMNO race and religion politics and non stop corruptions…anymore.

  82. kittykat46 says:

    I take this as a small but welcome victory for the many brave souls (including the owner of this blog, Susan Loone) who have been opposing the ISA for ages. This is just one little baby step, and we will be hounding Najib all the way.

    I thank THE ISA OPPONENTS, not Najib. He and BN have their backs to the wall, and he knows it.

    I say this as a person who is a former BN supporter all my past adult life. There is something so WRONG about this law which allows the government to lock people up indefinitely for years just on the minister’s say-so.

    This is not about absolute freedom or tolerating terrorists. If there is evidence they committed wrong doing, charge them in court, present the evidence in the open, and We, the People can also judge whether justice is being done.

    Even last night’s sudden release announcement has no bloody due process involved, simply driven by Najib’s desperation to prevent BN defeats in the upcoming by-elections.

  83. Sang Kancil says:

    All my friends, please trust Najib, he was not in control of ISA or polis or judge. It is all under former admin. Now he into power he will decide what is good for the country. We don want Malaysia to be like Filipina do we? Please support PM and see what out come.

  84. chedet says:

    Najib father got taken by cancer – long and lingering it seems

  85. monsterball says:

    lukiemia.{hope spelling is right!}…bad blood…..need to change very 6 months.
    Yes .a living dead painful disease.

  86. RLau says:

    I am sure the people power in Malaysia can bring
    down the UMNO/BN goverment in the next GE. Let
    Malaysia RIP for the time being and RIP (rise in
    peace) again in 4 years time for a new goverment.

  87. rakyat says:

    I hold pak bodoh lah and that sohai agong for any consequences for putting c4 to the throne.

  88. huhu says:

    the dead shall be raised to life again in the second coming of the LORD.
    “Every cloud has a silver lining”.

  89. Kaizen says:

    Yesterday, the kangaroo court charged the Penang housewife for insullting the Sultan is yet another testimony of another stabbing at the back by the C4-weasel.

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