Oh yes! I think I know what you mean by ONE MALAYSIA.

One word, one thought, one action.

No disagreement. No criticism.

Judging by all the recent crackdown, it can only mean:

The ONE MALAYSIA that agrees with YOU!

Everyone else goes MISSING!

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  1. Tingkat 4 says:

    “One Malaysia” is most apropos for Malaysian society divided by poor losers of the election and an exPM who fails miserably to retire gracefully. Even George Soros could get him to change his stand. Definitely, Mamak Dilemna!!!

  2. NoktahHitam says:


    Happy 2nd April fool susan

  3. wits0 says:

    “ONE MALAYSIA – what it means”

    Yours is NOT to think!

  4. NO-JIB says:




  5. justme says:

    Yeap,when all opposition are ISAd.

  6. Joe says:

    One Malaysia – “Only me in control of Malaysia,” says Najib. Too many voices will split the nation!

  7. hasilox says:

    one very screwed malaysia

  8. apapunboleh says:

    Goodbye freedom, hello oppression and police brutality

    BTW, corruption is definately here to stay with the new administration.

  9. When you say “One Malaysia” speak for Najib & goons alone.

    The rest of us Malaysians are “Anak Bangsa Malaysia”…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you…!!!

  10. wandererAUS says:

    Let PR alliance shows the UMNO goons, we no longer tolerate racial parties…only adoring their Money god.
    We, the rakyat strive for Integration of multi-races, in Spirit and Vision, in Oneness and ONE MALAYSIA.

  11. Pissed says:

    Let the spirit of March 8 soar….then it will be ONE ANAK BANGSA MALAYSIA.

  12. bee yong says:

    One Malaysia – Two systems; one for NoNo goons and the other for you n me.

  13. Siew Eng says:


  14. kittykat46 says:

    Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia – sudah lima keturunan dibumi Malaysia.

    Najis’s One Malaysia – talk reform, act suppression.
    UMNONOK rules.

  15. ChrisYong says:

    This was the same QUESTION I thought of when reading this!

    This baggage ladened PM MUST elaborate what he means by ONE MALAYSIA………….. BN/UMNO changes what they feel and think when the wind blows………..in their direction or opposite direction. Badawi has TALKED enough but NEVER CARRIED OUT…………this guy is going to be worse – when desperate UMNO/BN can do anything to defend …..I feel sorry for the UNcorrupted and godly Malays who are blinded by what is said…………….the cabinet is made up of gangsters and corrupted ppl…

  16. Idzan Ismail says:

    Hi gals and boys

    One Malaysia means just that
    One race, one mind, one heart.
    Divisive people like Looney and her kind will have no place.

  17. xy says:


    1. if you think good, it is good,
    2. if you think evil, it is evil.

    Malaysia itself has no thinking.

  18. monsterball says:

    It means…treating all races equal…..so they said.
    It means each race takes care for themselves.
    It means ..to divide and rule……like before…no change.
    It means there are first class and second class Malaysians.
    And it means the first class cannot choose any religion. They re not ready yet..to be free and easy.
    It means bunkum talks by bunkum government…to make MaLAYSIA the one and only South East Asian country going backward…..never forward.

  19. Kah Seng says:

    One word: Fascism.

    Here I argue the ground is ready for fascism in Malaysia, cultivated on the fertile soil of bad laws, a corrupted political culture that desires strongman and cares not about a coup in Perak, bad world econ, unemployablel youth, national service training, and a PM to be who is multi term defense minister.

    Seeds of Fascism Germinate

    Fascism in Malaysia is indeed a realistic scenario – albeit a low-probability and long-term scenario – but one that we cannot ignore.

    The 2008 election earthquake has toppled some decayed trees, and today we bask in the sun in this small jungle clearing. But the jungle can fight back; federal powers can strangle any seedlings of change.

    More at

  20. monsterball says:

    wawawawa…UMNO now very brave with their Messiah who can easily forget…returned to help build boats to shoo us all out of Malaysia??
    We defended Malaya from Japanese. We will defend our rights with our lives too.
    Lets RUMBLE!!
    This time…the ONE MALAYSIA RACE will be greatly divided…in favour .. ONE MALAYSIA MALAYSIANS…defending the combined minorities.

  21. victor says:

    i don’t understand why he can’t act while he was the freakin deputy prime minister. liar..don’t trust him!!!!!

  22. eeyaw says:

    More like ‘One Malaysia for Altantuya’
    On his ascend we shall declare the day of “Shame for Democracy” in Malaysia.

  23. eeyaw says:

    To Waiting to Pee-M,
    Hope you remember your past deeds creep up on you. Aminah’s karmic curse on you & Dotty.

  24. wits0 says:


    One Nation under Goons deitified by the Idzans.
    Screwed blind and stupid stays the masses
    That must stay the united lot of mere peasants
    From the fields and cities, such dutiful impasses.

  25. bergh says:

    trust susan to twist a very fine idea just to suit her twisted political agenda..

    too paranoid la susan.. sooner or later u will suffer obsessive compulsive disorder syndrome!


  26. chong says:

    how come!!! how come??? he basically has contributing nothing to the nation even since he was a MP can be the PM…

    let’s go hell together!!!

  27. dodgy inc says:

    One Louis XVI Fish Head Curry!

    Coming soon in the One Malaysian Nation

  28. Marco Polo says:

    O N E Malaysia is

    O only N najib E enpowered Malaysia

  29. ChrisYong says:

    Hey, not point trying to explain ONE Malaysia. You are not the PM, we are not stupid, we just want to HEAR what his guy has to say. IN HIS OWN WORDS………………

    Susan is alright, she asked a very relevant question!!!

    Those blided rats still try to protect a baggage ladened leader!!!! If an opposition is suspected of this, the leader is long gone to ISA or death sentence.

  30. wits0 says:

    Bergh: “trust susan to twist a very fine idea just to suit her twisted political agenda..”

    Balderdash, man, whenever someone speaks for human rights, that’s always dubbed political agenda by the political beasts and their minions. Somethings never vary, especially in Bolehland. Inability or rather, perverse kneejerk refusal to see beyond trite names and labels.

  31. bergh says:

    trust wits0to be the pathetic cheerleader talking over issues that he himself is confused about.

    human rights? more like slandering rights…

    he is not even the pm yet n you guys howling like horny mad dogs

    show proof la for once… if not forever hold your peace.

  32. amoker says:

    What a PR disaster. It is even worst than the AAB’s 100 days of promises.

    What is one Malaysia?
    Like another cheap slogan coined by MIC. This is trully a joke.

  33. kittykat46 says:

    One Mongolia
    One Orgy of lust
    One Mega deal
    One brutal act of power
    One dead woman,
    Someone’s mother,
    Someone’s daughter
    One Mega Coverup
    One date with Infamy

  34. Fifi says:

    He is bloody thick skin!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Only we, can save Malaysia, don’t depend on the opposition, they can’t do it by themselve. they are struggle to get support from all Malaysian. They got no money to play their card with BN la!

  35. wits0 says:

    Bergh. “show proof la for once…”

    One can lead a donkey to water but one cannot force it to drink. Not even when the water is from a mighty river. But man is supposed to find his own water unlike a mule.

  36. My2cen says:



    He can sit in the office, but he will never be OUR PM! He is only UMNO’s PM!

  37. Hahaha says:

    What is a point of being an babaric ‘king’ with a kingdom but, with no loyal subjects…. perhaps, thrilled by a court jester like Idzan who is waiting for the crumbs to fall off the the table…better be a divisive looney than a beggar!

  38. tengkulaila says:

    One Malaysia!!! yes, for the one and only one most corrupted and murderous guy in the country.
    Just wait and see. Cross your fingers and pray.

  39. ChrisYong says:

    This guy actually can’t make a Leadership speech or respond like one druing inteviews. Nothing spontaneuos from him………….became a politician at 23………..Haha….name a few achievements? He only carry baggages!!!!

  40. hang jebat is still alive & kicking says:

    Dear sloone and all,

    Apa khabar, ni how ma, genaral Makkal Sakthi? Sudah makan nasi, ze pau fan, shaperek neh?

    This one Malaysia can be defined as follows:

    1) All the people irrespective of race, religion, creed are living in one roof

    2) All the people in Malaysia can mingle well among themselves freely.

    3) All are born free and equal and there is no ketuanan Melayu, Cina or India..

    4) Everybody has the equal opportunity in education, jobs and promotions..

    In short, everybody is the same under one Malaysia.

    Isn’t this understood?

  41. monsterball says:

    UMNO guys spent hundreds of millions tax payers money……to surveyed the whole world to find out..if there is only ONE MALAYSIA..or more.
    Toyo was assigned to Disneyland…..to see dream world holds any secrets………with land looks like Malaysia. Mahathir went to places no UMNO guys dare to go….Iceland…terribly cold land…talk to Eskimos…and Dollah surveyed the sea…if any hidden countries under the sea…looking like Malaysia.
    The others….to the 230 countries…one by one…surveying ad reporting.
    Najib dare not go anywhere…haunted by Mongolian ghost.
    Final report ….only ONE MALAYSIA!!

  42. TheWrathOfGrapes says:

    /// Idzan Ismail Says:
    April 2, 2009 at 8:41 am
    One Malaysia means just that
    One race, one mind, one heart. ///

    Idiot Ismail – one race?
    What do you do with the Chinese, Indians and others?
    Send them back to China, India and Mongolia?
    Or c4 all of them?

  43. billauchris says:

    Najib is afraid of uttering “Satu Bangsa, Satu Negara”. His One Malaysia concept is stale, it is Malaysia for them and not for us.

    The rhetorics have no more effect nor impact on the insensitised and immunised populace, who have been bombarded with all these empty promises and pledges. These carrots normally are dangled before the noses of the electorate during election or by-election campaign. To me, they are just campaign slogans.

    Take it from friends, no sooner the by-elections are over than these pledges are forgotten.

    I want to reiterate this statement about politicians: they say A meaning B having in mind C but actually D.

  44. Gadfly says:

    ONE Malaysia means Malaysians cannot talk about that ONE.

  45. Jay Jay says:

    As long as one is aligned to the BN, it’s One Malaysia?

  46. kittykat46 says:

    hang jebat is still alive & kicking –

    What you wrote sounds a nice and sweet BUT THAT IS NOT WHAT UMNO STANDS FOR.

    We just had confirmation of that in the just concluded UMNO General Assembly, which also confirmed Najib as its new President. I heard no such statement from Najib repudiating fundamental UMNO policy.

    UMNO is a racist party and all we are getting from Najib is Public Relations talk without change in base policy.

  47. free says:

    The biggest problem in malaysia is, we can’t stop remind ourselves of our skin colors. I think ONE COLOURFUL MALAYSIA sounds a lot better.

  48. kittykat46 says:

    By the way…the rumour mill is abuzz with talk that the Agung

    a) Has accepted Dollah’s resignation
    b) Has not confirmed Najib’s swearing in ceremony tomorrow.
    The government had already sent out official invitations to lots of VIPs.

    What do you folks make of that ???….We live in interesting times…

  49. Idzan Ismail says:

    The Wrath of Grapes

    One Bansa means one bangsa Malaysia.
    Even people in my squatter colony know this.
    You guys are so obsessed being racist, that’ why.
    Go to East Malaysia. Ssee how harmonious they are.
    Susan to head the study group.

  50. lagiberita says:

    Gempar: Isu Peralihan Kuasa Perdana Menteri, Perletakan Jawatan Pak Lah Diterima Tetapi Yang Di Pertuan Agong Tangguhkan Perlantikan Najib

  51. Joshua says:

    Thank God that there is only ONE Malaysia.
    May God have mercy on Malaysia.

  52. Menyalak-er says:

    One Malaysia, the new tagline by the ‘Dear Leader’ is an euphemism for Up Yours! And is appropiate coming on 1st. April. Only fools can believe it.
    If this self-anointed one is serious, very soon all ‘nons’ will be circumcised forcibly, without the benefit of anaesthetics. Yep, that’s the only practical way to enforce his wet dream…
    Notice the snide, subliminal message with M. L. King’s: “I have a(one) dream…” Even that can be perverted, lol.
    Aiya, don’t put too much faith in when he’ll be ‘anointed’, he will, besuk.

  53. wits0 says:

    Never underestimate the perversity of the long indulgent murderers of semantics. Theirs is the only voice that can be allowed and the only bangsat creed determining bangsa and all things thereof.

  54. hang kasturi says:

    Hey brudder Jebat,

    We know that Najib is a congenital lalang, hence what Najib is insinuating is a One-Lalang Malaysia.

    My version of Najib’s One Lalang Malaysia is as follows:

    When the Rakyat, say race A wants to continue the 9 MP, it’s no problem to Najib; and if race B wants to use a vernacular language for Maths and Science, Lalang Najib would consent without any problem…

    If Pak Sudah Pergi Lah wants to continue his Islam Hadhari, no problem also to Lalang Najib…

    If that son of kutty wants to build a crooked bridge to Kelara, no probbleem…

    Najib will be a lalang forever trying to practice egalitarian.

    This One Lalang Malaysia though is supercilious but is good for the nation.

    Only weakness with Lalang Najib is we have to keep Viagra away from him, else we will have Mongolian2 in the pipe-line..

  55. hang lekiu says:

    Ya Bang hang kasturi,

    This Lalang Najib could alter the history of Malaysia if he didn’t switch camp joining that son of a b*&*h a/l kutty from Kelera instead of Tengku Razali!

    Now that this Lalang Najib is espousing One Malaysia, don’t give too much hope!

    This is akin to the Malaysian Malaysia advocating by dap aka the Democratic Dynastic Party also known as the Eunuch emperor No balls Party.

    All these politicks are all pests to the nation. All are cakap tak serupa bigin.

    Before the 12th GE, they castigated others for wearing songkok, didn’t practice democracy, declaring assets, third votes etc…

    But when they came to power, all are the same.

    This dap aka dynastic party is practicing nepotism, cronyism and all can not be trusted… no accountability, transparency but favoritisms are rampant within the party.

    The 3 by-elections are an omen to their demise come 13th GE.

  56. ktteokt says:

    I am yet to see ONE UMNO, so what ONE MALAYSIA is he talking about? He cannot even unite the people in UMNO itself, not to mention the Malays! So, how can he ever expect to achieve ONE MALAYSIA???????

  57. wits0 says:

    After the Indonesian Confrontation threat was demolished, umno went all out to impose its destructive anti-Malaysia ideology. WTF “One Malaysia” is it talking about now?!

    Irony of ironies.

  58. Pegasus says:

    One Malaysia to one Indonesia then one Pakistan and finally one Afghanistan!!!!

  59. Pegasus says:

    Soon the mamak kutty will be advising his protege to continue with the crooked bridge and maybe take up George Soros advise to built a bridge to the moon!!! One Malaysia will be bankrupt and all will be standing alone to fight alone unless we are united now to fight all the corruption and mismanagement happening in front of us.!!! . May God Bless All of Us.!!!

  60. sampang says:

    Depends on which boat you are in.

    That’s ONE WAY TICKET ,

    If you are in the LANUN’ship. All your belongings plundered ,strip naked and not even your underwear being spared.

    One and only one , One instruction, take it or leave it.

  61. storm62 says:


  62. Menyalak-er says:

    Yeah Pegasus, ‘cos they will also re-circumcise their recalccitrant nonbumno ‘malay’ detractors. Ouch!
    And all the hang’s will be much less hung. Sorry “brudder” hangs, that’s the way it is… and they will start on that ‘mamak’ kasturi.
    Fried, stewed, baked, BBQ’ed foreskins or remnants thereof, anyone?
    Maybe since trade is at a low ebb we can export it to China and India, as ‘Most Edible One Malaysia Prepuces’ with the Jakim seal of approval…

  63. TheWrathOfGrapes says:

    /// Idzan Ismail Says:
    April 2, 2009 at 4:22 pm
    One Bansa means one bangsa Malaysia.
    Even people in my squatter colony know this.
    You guys are so obsessed being racist, that’ why. ///

    Sorry Idiot Ismail, you can’t even use the excuse that you were mistranslated as you did not write in Melayu. Scroll up to your first post and you will see that you wrote in English. Find out the meaning of “race” from any English dictionary – not melayu dickie.

    Wonder who are the real racists in Malaysia?

  64. wits0 says:

    If Idzan is smart, she wouldn’t have contradicted herself by claiming that she lives in a squatter colony but uses imported Rinso. People who lives there are more likely to use Trojan. They may never have even heard of Rinso. All the talk about bangsa signifying just bangsat-ness and dishonesty.
    And she has the audacity to browbeat Susan!

  65. monsterball says:

    Message responding to dear Jean,…gone to Timbuktu???.

  66. monsterball says:

    One Malaysia….not Malaysian Malaysia.
    It means each race take care of themselves…under BN.
    Same policy…new words.
    Yet those MCA MIC idiots are so happy.
    And why not?….both are more desperate than UMNO…hoping UMNO will save them.
    One Malaysia….as if there are two in the world.

  67. pat ling says:

    Not original. Copied from 1-Utama.

  68. bee yong says:

    One Malaysia means One country Two systems.
    One Malaysia means What is Mine is Mine, What is Yours is Mine
    One Malaysia means I reserve the right to shift the goal post
    One Malaysia means I talk you listen

  69. wits0 says:

    The Children OF The Law Of One and The Lost Teachings Of Atlantis – Edgar Cayce. page 328 :

    q/ “There are many things today that are similar to conditions in Atlantis before the great Earth changes that destroyed it – including the political powers. The forces of darkness – the Sons of Belial, have grown very powerful, and seek to enslave the world, at any cost. Many people who are not directly Sons of Belial, are pawns – by virtue of their own selfishness they ‘unconsciously’ follow the conscious evil ones. This is no excuse however, because they chose their ‘unconsciousness’. They are but selfish cowards who have willingly participated in the evil that will bring their own destruction. The brave people of this world open their eyes to what is hap- pening, and refuse to be pawns. Even many of the brave ones are not aligned with the light yet, but at least they have resisted the darkness. These people can save themselves…” u/q

    Yea, it’s all about human SELFISHNESS behind it all here.

  70. ktteokt says:

    I have heard of ONE UTAMA and now ONE SHAMELIN. Both of these are housing projects in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. Is Najis planning to build another housing project called ONE MALAYSIA?

  71. monsterball says:

    It also means….after stealing..
    One and only one Malaysia…so rich..so much…plenty to steal.

  72. […] ONE MALAYSIA – what it means  Oh yes! I think I know what you mean by ONE MALAYSIA. One word, one thought, one action. No disagreement. No […] […]


    “One Malaysia”, the best method to be used is the DEDUCTION approach and the out-comes shall be :

    1. All the powers of Monarch, judiciary etc are in ONE Hand, you know who…

    2. There is only ONE whos is the most powerful: Mamak Kutty, Najis and Co.

    3. All the government projects must be given to only ONE crony.

    4. All commissions from the purchase of the weapons must go through ONE Crony company.

    5. These commissions must be in the pocket of ONE person, in ONE account, and in ONE off-shore bank.

    6. All privatisation projects initiated by Mamak Kutty must benefit only ONE political party and their cronies only.

    6. All other Guomen machineries are to serve ONE political master, yes, you know who.

    7. All draconian acts must be used against ONE common enemy, yes, the opposition and those who oppose them from within.

    8. Other answers which are acceptable. You can deduce many many more as you wish.

  74. fists of fury says:

    We don’t want 1 Malaysia.

    We want our democracy back.

    We want to restore democracy and that means bringing back the separation of powers and checks and balance systems and to limit the pm terms to two.

    Other than these, Najib can keep his 1 Malaysia in his tempurung in Pekan!

  75. fists of fury says:

    Malaysia can never progress if we have a despotic system managing by a despot under the pretext of one Malaysia!

    Yes! Folks! Don’t be fooled by Najib’s one Malaysia and the release of 13 ISA detainees and the lit of ban of opposition newspaper.

    This in, as a matter of fact, a precursor of despotic system.

  76. fists of fury says:

    If Najib and all elected representatives refused to declare all their assets, vote them out come next elections- general and by-elections…

    Vote only those who promise to declare their assets- starting from the 3 ongoing by-elections..

  77. sellsoultoopposition says:

    one malaysia = one nation like indonesia

    chinese, indian, if you support opposition, thats mean you support the opposition dream to make malaysia EXACTLY like indonesia.

    one nation, one race

  78. sellsoultoopposition says:

    want to survive in malaysia? be an educated
    racist who always took care of his own race while respecting other race. Or else, you will end up like chinese or other race in indonesia, always being supressed by majority native javanese.

  79. monsterball says:

    Please please do not talk of “one malaysia” spoken by Najib when only they understand what that means.
    How can UMNO…MCA…be one…when all agree to divide and rule?
    How can UMNO expects Malays to decide what is right or wrong.when all the time…pampering them and control their minds…not to be free to choose a religion they prefer?
    hi..Space Age…talking jungle laws.
    And it’s call “sensitive issues”….because truths must be buried….afraid Malays getting smarter.
    What is this…”one Malaysia”..to you smart pro UMNO commentators?
    Just tell me .how many times you hear speeches from UMNO…addressing us as Malaysians?
    Anwar doing that in all his election speeches.
    That’s why he is getting stronger and stronger.
    UMNO only know how to divide and rule..control Malay minds..pamper them….make them happy and contented….make them weak….free and easy.
    So what is this….”one malaysia”?

  80. Morning Dew says:

    Idzan wrote :

    One Malaysia means just that
    One race, one mind, one heart.
    Divisive people like Looney and her kind will have no place.

    Bangsa malaysia was also one of the many sound bites that Dr.M used to gain acceptance. All these are nothing more than slick publicity stunt. The very fact that someone from the gutter(squatter) had to be used to defend this slick advertising campaign went to show umno’s desperation to gain acceptance.

    As long as Najib do not based his programs and administration on fundamental principles of life he will continue to need more and more cosmetic disguises and lapdogs like idzan. All the talk of one this or that meant squat.

    This is like spraying perfume on najis 8-).

  81. wits0 says:

    Monsterball, “So what is this….”one malaysia”?”


    Verbal garbage delivered via the anal orifice of the MSM. In Kutty’s time it was, ‘Pimpinan Melaui Teladan’. Ha! Couldn’t survive more than a few months, that slogan, because it was so glitteringly hypocritical and ironical.

    It’s always back to the same old vomit for ’em in sloganising hype.

  82. RLau says:

    I don’t see any thing will change, just a new name only.
    Just watch ans see what will come up with nothing. Do you
    think UMNO dogs will change fat hope.

  83. JEFFRY BONG says:

    This is absolutely NO ,NO NO NO Mr No No NO no nononono………………………………………………..

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