1. King has not accepted Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s resignation, yet invitation letters to attend najib Tun Razak’s swearing in ceremony as new PM has been sent. (malaysianinsider)

Isn’t this an insult to the King?

2. Pak Lah is only going to send his resignation letter on April2, then how can the King accept or reject?

Pak Lah,why so reluctant to hand in letter?

3. Pak Lah is indeed dreaming if he thinks that Najib will continue his legacy, like Islam Hadhari.

More like Najib will reinstall Mahathir Mohamad’s legacy. We already see it happening.

Just as Anwar Ibrahim is bracing himself for a possible arrest, you also better get ready for the biggest nightmare of our times.


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  1. monsterball says:

    Those bloody UMNO hypocrites say they respect the Royalties.
    Just wait for the King or any royalties decides against them…and out they come…with their insults.
    We have seen Mahathir did that…now known as the Messiah returning to UMNO. What racialists and hypocrites these UMNO are.
    Unity will kill their hopes to govern the country.
    Unity or Diversity. Strong or be Weakened. Races or just Malaysians.
    Mind control by a religion or be real free to control the monkey mind.
    Free to choose any religion …as all religions are equally good..or continue to fool yourselves….to be caged….to be hypocrites out of no choice.

  2. Maverick says:

    Fairdinkum ,
    I hope that all that said above will not happen!!!!!!!!!

  3. Untuk Melayu? NO! Please stop from insulting our King.

  4. Johnny Cheah says:


  5. kittykat46 says:

    Your mouths-within-mouths poster is so scarrry lah…I had a nightmare exactly like that once….

    Yes, Najib is PM is shaping up into a long, dark, night for Malaysia…..

  6. whispering9 says:

    Mahathirism is more a personality trait than a workable solution or leadership for anyone to imitate. If Najib uses it like some SOP, he will appear more like a lopsided angry politician without character. For politicians to survive, it is important to for them to demonstrate their own unique individual personality and ways of handling situation. The more people equate Najib method with Mahathir, the more likely he is going to fail miserably as a serial copy cat without credits due.

    Yeah…look like it is only alright for them to influence HRH the Agong. Wonder if Rocky Bru will highlight this article and give his readers a fairer representation of derheka.

  7. hahaha! says:

    On Friday we see a new ‘king of kings’!
    Now, who is insulting the royalties…..Nizar or Mongolian C4?
    Perhaps, UMNO goons can explain…..

  8. imwatchinu says:

    Yes, it’s rather presumptuous of Najib to jump the gun. What if the Agung turn down Badawi’ resignation or object to Najib as the PM? So who’s the one not respecting the Agung now?

  9. Badawi said he will meet our King on 2nd of April.
    Susan…., meet only lah..! Badawi will have things to say to our King.

    If the King rejects.., at least Badawi will say… “””Hey ! I actually want to resign but the Agung told me to stay on till the next GE.
    Really….!!! Remember, I even send you all the invitation for Najib’s (PM) installation ?? Honest lah….. I really wanna quit..!
    This is the Agung’s request..! And we must accept & respect the Agung’s decission..!!!!!!”””

    Now that his Son In Law’s seat is secured.., the both of them can rule Malaysia till the cows come home !!!
    That……!!! I don’t know when.

    If Najib becomes PM…….
    There PKR goes just walking down the street. Singing doo wah dee dee dee dee dum dee do…………………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now that Botak has ban all talk on the Altantuya’s case. Is Najib gonna get away with it………..?????????????

    And how & who the hell is this Botak that can simply ban whatever he likes without getting a majority vote in Parliment for this first…??????????

    Can he take & make the law in his own hands…????????????????

    Malaysia sure is ‘Boleh’ !!!

  10. sk keung says:

    come April 3 (Friday) the script will unfold. a lot of UMNO Ministers will
    get thank you notices for their past services. there will be lobbying & josting for GLC posts. just folllowed the script. your not so friendly Mr.Botak may be one of them

  11. free says:

    Don’t be naive guys, we all know that the king will accept whatever Umno says. We should by now aware that the one who holds the country’s moneys controls everything. Pak Lah is a soft PM, he doesn’t mind Najib doing this kind of thing to him.

  12. najib manaukau says:

    Looks like we just have to wait until the next GE for whatever we are expecting !
    How much longer would the law allows Najib to rule ?
    Just kick out all the corrupted UMNO cronies and make sure they are all send away for good once and for all. They can’t instruct the IGP and the AG once they are kick out too !
    The piriah Mahathir is off again to London (very very regularly, I must add) , to make his side trip to somewhere in Europe. To check on his ill gotten gain?
    Otherwise why would he be going there, so very regularly, especially at his age and the heart problem he has,not to mention his Look East policy?
    He does not want to meet any Malaysian there !
    Surely it has got to be something more important than the well being of his life ?
    It has got to be his ill gotten wealth parked somewhere in Europe ? I will give two legs and two arms just to have a look at his passport !!

  13. Idzan Ismail says:

    Susan Looney

    It’s just a matetr of formality and protocol.
    Abdullah a religious man will not reneged on his promise.
    To you it’s eternal nightmare.
    To me its sweet dreans.
    To most who call themselves Malaysians too.

  14. Does it really matter to some of us? We are still deep in the midst of a bad recession and we need to get food on the table! To hell with these idiotic politicians.

    In Penang, many issues are cropping up in the various state government depts, many of the old boys from the previous govt is delaying projects and creating new road blocks to frustrate the present govt-of-the day! Who suffers?

    Imagine the guy whose portrait they tore down in front of TV3 and stepped on now working hands-in-gloves with the fella who stepped on his photo!

    Malaysia got future meh with this kind of idiotic politicians?

  15. mat t says:

    idzan oh idzan you mean dreams,hope they are not of the wet kind.

  16. TIUUUU Nya seng lorr,how come this bodohwi still want najis become PM?even thou he know he is evil man.all the poor malaysia kena kangkang on this friday?

  17. Idzan Ismail says:

    Matt bro

    Wet or dry. it’s good to have dreams.
    In the squatter area where I live, people have BIG dreams of Najib doing better for us.
    Remember his promise of helping poor urban Malaysians.

  18. jean says:

    Huh? What nightmare?

    Too much imaginations – monster under the bed kinda thing. Some people never outgrew facts from fictions, Anwar and Santa Claus, real life and fairy tales, September 16th and April 2nd.

  19. mat t says:

    idzan darl thank god for Malaysia we get wifi connections in squatter colonys.LOL


    How to be braced for any nightmare
    With all the souls this Easter to bare
    With human trust these days so rare
    Who else on earth but only God cares

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 010409
    Wed. 1st Apr. 2009.

  21. miwaki says:

    Frankly speaking,I prefer Altantuya to be our PM.

  22. wandererAUS says:

    It will be great if PR round up 10,000 or more on Mongolian’s ‘Coronation Day’ and get everyone chanting “Hidup Altantuya” let see whether the police will rope in the lot!

    This Indo migrant botak will make a good match for the equally dumb Idzan …how does that grab you wet dreamer?

  23. October 2007 Incident says:

    Idzan Ismail and jean- together, they formed a formidable tag-team -whew, it’s just 1st April btw alrite. What a con-incident. 😉

  24. chong says:

    i hope paklala will flip flop this time.

  25. Beetle says:

    Idran,hope your sweet dream will not become a nightmare!!! Ha,Ha.

    50years of lies and corruption and you still place your hope on this present government.

    Only umnoputras put their dream in umno because of their own self interest!!!

  26. Ahmad Ismail says:

    Matt dan “October 2007 Incident”. Kamu orang jangan cuba main dengan api! Ini Tanah Melayu. Lu faham. Kami semua melayu bersatu padu – “Takkan Melau hilang di dunia ini…..” (tahu apa makna, hmmmmm…)

    Lu orang jangan cabar adik aku, Idzan lagi. Kami orang Melayu tak suka dicabar. Gadis Melayu “itu-benda’ kecil, so lu jangan kasih lu punya peler yang besar masuk kami punya orang nanti “itu-benda” jadi besar dan lebar. Gadis melayu untuk Melayu aje, aku punya peler juga kecil. Puak-puak kami tak suka dicabar…Balik ke negara masing-masing….

    Jom Idzan, jangan gatal, nanti sakit….ikut abang balik….

  27. kittykat46 says:

    “Monster under the bed”

    Yes, its called a piece of Najis….

  28. amoker says:

    They will push it through.. for sure. That is how much they respect the royalty

  29. Ahmad Ismail says:


    Jangan kau berani cabar “puak-puak kami”. nanti lu susah….

  30. Satish says:

    I for one, as with many others, am not happy with Najib being PM. He’s a man with too many controversies & allegations surrounding him. Even the international press don’t talk nice things about him.

    Till the day Najib even tries to clear his name in court, I will never be convinced or happy with him as PM.

    As for UMNO, as long as certain people are still there, UMNO destroying itself is as good as done.

  31. Menyalak-er says:

    Hahaha, interesting word this ‘Lu’? Is it Bahasa? But, I thought it was Hokkien?
    “Takkan Melayu hilang di dunia ini…” hmmm… Is Manadoan Malay closer to Bahasa Melayu or Bugis/Javanese etc Malay? But, the Manadoans are Christian, so I guess the don’t qualify. However, the Illanuns (precursor of Lanuns) do.
    No, the Malay (Austronesian) race is truly never going to disappear nor become extinct, only the umnoputs. Then it will no longer a nightmare, but reality.
    Susan, are you acting up like Ripley aka Signourey Weaver in “Aliens” again – whats with this mouth within a mouth thingy…?

  32. kittykat46 says:

    “Ahmad Ismail” ni Badut Ahmad Ismail UMNO Tanjung , ke ?

    “Jangan kau berani cabar “puak-puak kami”. nanti lu susah….”

    Ahmad Ismail UMNO Tanjung tu sebenarnya keturunan tulin India Kerala….cuba berlagak sebagai Melayu…

  33. SameSame says:

    People who think that Najib will be good PM for m’sia….well sorry la you think wrong. One man’s meat is another’s poison!

    As for people like Ahmad Ismail and are still katak dibawah tempurung cos thats how UMNO wants you to stay so they can be richer and prosper with on your behalves but sorry so selfish that they wont share!

    Relish it….cos thats what YOU (Ahmad/Idzan and UMNO gang) want.

  34. armaggedon says:

    Let’s not kid ourselves. Politics are not for the fainthearted, the timid and the weaks, the sentimentalist and the romantics. It’s all about power and the immense wealth and recogniton that go with it. In a sense, its quite barbaric, where the laws of the jungle hold sway, where the ends justify the means. Moral is no more an issue here. So don’t ever expect the new PM to be nice and cosy, he is going to come out with his bazooka blazing if he needs to survive the daily onslaught from his enemies.
    I would expect DSAI to do the same if he is in Razak shoes for if you want to be nice and perceive to be the high moral reference point, then be like Prof Chandra, an armchair critic good at stringing up high sounding sentences or good at rhetoric like our RPK.
    So if you don’t have the guns and the guts, then I suggest you all forever hold your peace rather than squabbling like monkeys in the jungle.

  35. Sang Kancil says:

    DYMM Tuanku Mizan will endoss the good Najib to be the PM. He will be axcept Badawi resignation becoz he is the King of the rakyat and he know what is good for all Malaysian. This cabinet of new Malay and strong muslim will take care the rakyat aginst the Aljuburi and gang very fast.

  36. wits0 says:

    Idzan: “In the squatter area where I live, people have BIG dreams of Najib doing better for us…”

    Hahaha, she lives on a squatter area? Like Mat Deros , huh?

    Beetle: “Only umnoputras put their dream in umno because of their own self interest!!!”

    That’s why they exhibit all the complex paranoiac mix of narcissism and bathos as the precursor to justify their fascistic propensity.

  37. billauchris says:

    The UMNOputras are in cloud seven now. They are taking for granted that the YDP Agong would accept the resignation of ABB and also his proposal of NR to be his successor.

    Yes I do agree that UMNO actually have no respect for the Royalty.When thr Royalty accedes to their request, they would jump sky high but when she rejects their request, they would start their derogatory spree.

    Let us look at what happened when the Sultan of Trengganu who is also the YDP Agong did not accept UMNO’s candidate for MB in his State, they caused an inquisition as well as a hue and cry.

    UMNO’s tongue is forked like a snake. It sways where the wind blows.

  38. mat t says:

    AHMAD DENAN NI SAYA JANJI TAKAN BESARKAN oops what am saying i am not from pahang.

  39. mat t says:

    sori mat typo dengan.

  40. nikmj says:

    Its really an insult to the KING

    By right the AG must sue those people and upheld Seditious Act

  41. monsterball says:

    Dollah provocations did not work.
    Najib is putting the heat on…..hoping they will be unbearable.. .making PR calling Malaysians to take to the streets.
    The only way UMNO can ever rule forever…is by appealing to the Malays how powerful Malays are by being racialists..and protect their God gifted religion at all cost.
    It leaves all Malaysians to wait and see if majority Muslims will buy that false hope and dream.

  42. monsterball says:

    Stay focus and get real!!
    Najib is UMNO’s PM ……and not the MALAYSIANS..and will be so. No one can stop that.
    Dollah had 92% support..down to not more than 37% now. That’s why he was forced to resign.
    I think……almost all Malaysians are against Najib….and even a large amount of UMNO members do not like him.
    If Najib is sincere about his position…he should gladly declare the 13th GE…..right now…and save the 3 by-elections millions of ringgit.
    No..he will crawl slowly……plan every step…bullshit Malaysians…and any other stunts available.
    UMNO have never been this low class in the history of their party’s formation…….but we forgot..UMNO is dead!!!
    This is a 30 year old…..corrupted to the core..UMNO BARU…abandoned by the founder and is returning back…. to ensure ….divide and rule.. is alive and well.


    Mamak Kutty will be going to the battlefield to campaign for those evil goons and the most corrupt party.

    Will this evil fox able to garner more votes for the evil and corrupted party, let’s wait and see.

  44. Idzan Ismail says:

    WitsO. If I am Umnoputra and I still stay in a squatter area. shouldn’t I be ashamed of myself?
    Why can’t you privilege guys be happy and accepting like me.
    Whoever is PM, I am still the same.

  45. kittykat46 says:

    These few days we can see Najis attempting to put on sheep’s clothing.
    But we can see signs of his wolve’s teeth everywhere.

    Thank goodness for blogs like Susan’s and alternative media.
    If it were still the bad old days when we depended on our morning NST or STAR many of us may have been conned again.

  46. hi-tech hang tuah says:

    Hi sloone,

    Your perception on Najib is just the antithesis to Najib’s 1 Malaysia.

    It’s only time will prove who is right- our darling sloone or our incoming pm Najib?

    The rakyat hope 1 Malaysia is in congruous to 1 people 1 nation

  47. kittykat46 says:

    Najis’s 1 Malaysia – do as I say or you will be

    a) C’4ed
    b) ISA ed
    c) Sodomy charge manufactured
    d) Tear Gassed
    e) Sprayed with nasty chemicals

  48. kittykat46 says:

    The problem Najis has is – he’s asking people to judge him by his actions.

    We are doing exactly that, as he is already defacto PM, and we dislike what we see.

    Its evidence based, not just irrational fear.

  49. wits0 says:

    Kittykat46: “Its evidence based, not just irrational fear.”

    Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
    Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
    All the king’s horses,
    And all the king’s men,
    Couldn’t put Humpty together again.

    Not certainly the MSM(Most Slavish Media).
    More than 2 decades too late for them anymore.

  50. Tingkat 4 says:

    Nightmare? No No. Pak Lah got a damn good deal. It’s the Opposition who’s getting a nightmare. And Dr Mamak is the nation’s biggest nightmare. Totally ungentleman by “showing dirty linen publicly” when Malaysia was worse under his regime!!!

  51. […] Brace yourself for the biggest nightmare!   (image) 1. King has not accepted Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s resignation, yet invitation letters to attend najib […] […]

  52. bee yong says:

    In United States there is this Kennedy curse. In Malaysia is there such curse? This will indeed be the biggest nightmare.

  53. huhu says:

    Agung = Immunity

  54. Kaizen says:

    I cannot agree more with kittykat46:

    Najib is asking people to judge him by his actions.
    ..his henchmen continue to spread fear and draconian mesures in the 3 by-elections, C’4ed, ISA ed, Sodomy charge manufactured, Tear Gassed, Sprayed with nasty chemicals. banned on real issues leaving ceramahs like kindergarten talks and so on

    “Its evidence based, not just irrational fear” what more can we judge..

  55. Jay Jay says:

    Let him be the PM for one term. It’s his redemption time.

  56. storm62 says:

    najis = crime minister of malaysia.

    kesiannnnnn malaysia, sungguh memalukan.

  57. sampang says:

    So much talk about God fearing…..true fact is that they Worship $$$$$$ , That’s the Religion.

    Learned from the Lame Duck , softy dont work. Have to show the muscle right from the first day.

    It’s better for you to have nightmare instead of me.

  58. Morning Dew says:

    I believe that the Agung decided to go with the flow so as not to cause further turmoil in this uncertain time. The rakyat will have another opportunity to express their will again in the not too distant future. The next time it will be loud and clear and Najib will go down in history to be the shortest-lived PM of malaysia.

    Often Sultans and Agungs claimed to be above politics but they really aren’t so. Their choices always have political consequences and as such wouldn’t it be wiser to always go back to the people through referendum for controversial decisions such as this one ? Afterall it is always the rakyat that have to bear the consequences of those decisions ?

  59. Hutch says:

    that pic there looks like a pussy

  60. […] I told you so. I said it earlier here. And even before this, I said something about “the biggest nightmare“. […]

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