By merdekareview. Najib Tun Razak is doing everything in his power to prevent Pakatan Rakyat from winning the by-elections. To the extend that it seems now, the Opposition will have and can have nothing to say during their ceramahs!

According to Malaysiakini (BM section), these new rules were issued by the police to an assistant of the Sepetang State assembly person Tai Sing Ng when he went to the police station in Taiping.

Another taboo is to speak about decisions made by the royalty. You are never to question these things. So, no matter what, Pakatan Rakyat campaigners cannot explain about the Perak crisis to the people during election campaigns.

I can understand about not speaking about race, religion or royalty. But Altantuya? Why? Isn’t the Altantuya issue worst than race and religion? It involves MURDER!

Tell me, what can the Pakatan Rakyat campaigners talk about? Cats and dogs ONLY, I guess!

Or they can talk about Elizabeth Wong, the wronged politician from Bukit Lanjan, and how her tragic tale was a conspiracy by UMNO to shame Pakatan Rakyat. It seems Ezam Mohd Nor is already doing his rounds about this issue.


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  1. eeyaw says:

    Najib is learning well from chedet in using PDRM & all the Government machinery to stay on to power & in this case to cover up the truth about the murder of Altantuya. The Voters will do what it’s necessary to tell them who is the Boss. Comeon Perakians!

  2. monsterball says:

    Murder involves Najib la….no can talk.
    No can talk about Royalties..except UMNO and Mahathir la
    Yes talk about the moon .. stars…cats and dogs.
    Now you know where freedom of speeches going to.
    In Hyde Park…in London..anyone can talk anything against the Royal family….and they are much much more powerful than Malaysians.
    Ah yes. here we call it….guided democracy.
    Malaysians are all idiots…need UMNO keep guiding us to paradise.

  3. elifenet says:

    Unbelieveable. Shows how afraid they are.
    The more they try to shut the truth up the more it will surface for all to see.

    I would vote for Nizar but alas I’m in Penang.

  4. Thurai says:

    it never fails to astound me when people express their belief that we have free and fair elections in this country!!!

  5. OneRakyat says:

    May be one day, all Pakatan candidate’s speeches will be prepared by them.

  6. Mastiara says:

    Dear Friends, stay cool man. Even all ceramah and campaigning are forcibly stopped with immediate effect, PKR surely can win all the 3 BE

  7. alrawa says:

    Just mention ALTONTOYA instead of ALTANTUYA. I am sure the Police are not PEKAK.

  8. prof JOHN B says:


    ” Most men live lives of quiet desperation “- Henry David Thoreau. And such is the life of the incoming premier. His hopes and expectations are constantly frustrated. Now he blames on issues, other people or the circumstances around him, which might hinder his winning the by-election. He is deperate to change the outcome. He is desperate for a win in Bukit Gantang. He is so blinded that he fails to realize, that reality, however, remains steadfast. What’s the end result. His frustrations will only continue to grow. He may go to all lengths to silence his threats, but all will be in vain. Truth will prevail. He is at the end of his road.

    prof JOHN B

  9. wandererAUS says:

    The only way to shame this Mongolian ba#tard is to win all 3 by-elections.
    This will cement the support that PR have gained.
    With the global financial crisis hitting home, there are never going to be lack of issues to draw to the attention of many who will be affected. PR needs to outwit this evil regime with brains!

  10. Mastiara says:

    They claim aids of 10 B, 15 B or even 60 B, no feels at all. Is there anything wrong with me that I dun feel any impacts or reliefs ? You people out there call feel anything or not !!??/!!

    Dun talk big, let the Rakyat feel the momemtum , reliefs and effects.

  11. localgrad says:

    yo man, perakians, we need u guys to teach this bungled killer a better lesson. Cant imagine his face after being shit by perakians on the evening of 7th April.

  12. localgrad says:

    oh, cant mention altantuya, then use perempuan mongolia la

  13. maleloves2cook says:

    Adoi!!!!!!!! Just shows how the UMNO/BN specialist are so darn scared to face the reality of their new PM.
    There will be only ONE winner in all 3 by elections – PR. But if it was an erection, than it will be the UMNO/BN fellas!!!!!

  14. sampang says:

    Aiyo , like thah also can. If people cannot say anything then we ask the
    hantu perempuan to campaign loh.

    I heard many times she helps to win by-elction, dont know true or not lah. But this time people say not easy for her becos somebody will call Bomoh to disturb her.

    So this time I am not so confident pakatan rakyat can will all the 3 election becos she only can be at one place at a time to avoid
    the Bomoh.

    Now life is so difficult you know. Want to be people also cannot , want to be Hantu also cannot.

    My Hainanese friend say nowaday you want to cali makan better
    like- Nang botik Nang , Kui botik Kui.- Orang tak macam orang , hantu tak macam hantu. .

    Wa,ini macam ini tumpat sudah bahaya , apek kina naik sampang balik tongsan loh.

  15. Idzan Ismail says:

    The Mongoloid is a non-issue.
    Since when does a by-election involve race and religion.
    Is Fakatan so stupid as not to know how to circumnavigate issues without running foul of the law.
    Nizar is really desperate that he grabbed a mike to state his case at a mosque.
    This is his last kopeck.
    If he loses, he fades into obliivion.

  16. wits0 says:

    Imagine a Bill Clinton forbidding the mention of, Lewinsky or O’Bama, the mention of his birth cert. And these had not as serious an implication.

  17. cool says:

    again, they prove to us that they r the running dogs of umno/bn

  18. popycock says:

    if cannot use ALTANTUYA than use aminah can or not.he he he….

  19. Patek1472 says:

    Malaysian’s Sensitivities. A Foreigner’s Guide?
    (Sensitiviti rakyat Malaysia? Panduan untuk Pelawat Asing?)

    Malaysians are sensitive like the plant called Mimosa. They curled and closed up so fast the moment something touches them.
    (Rakyat Malaysia adalah sensitive umpama tumbahan Mimosa. Ia mengerekot dan menutup dengan cepat apabila disentuhi.)

    Malaysians are also sensitive like a woman scorned. Say anything right or wrong and wait for her to unleash the storm.
    (Rakyat Malaysia juga seumpama wanita dihina. Cakap betul ke salah tetap tetap kena belasah umpama menunggu angin ribut.)

    So, if you are a foreign visitor to Malaysia, please be aware of the following, else you may be charged under the Internal Security Act or Sedition Act or maybe get whacked or maybe get a cold reception.
    (Jika anda seorang pelawat asing ke Malaysia, kenalah prihatin, silap-silap terkena dakwaan di bawah ISA atau Akta Hasutan atau kena tumbuk atau mendapat reaksi dingin.)

    1. Do not talk anything about Pigs or Dogs or Cows or Snakes.
    (Jangan bercakap apa-apa berkenaan Babi atau Anjing atau Lembu atau Ular.)

    2. Do not talk anything about Mongolia, Israel or Singapore.
    (Jangan bercakap berkenaan Mongolia, Israel atau Singapura.)

    3. Do not talk anything about C4.
    (Jangan bercakap berkenaan C4.)

    4. Do not talk anything about Sodomy.
    (Jangan bercakap berkenaan Liwat.)

    5. Do not talk anything about Religion.
    (Jangan bercakap berkenaan Ugama.)

    6. Do not talk anything about God.
    (Jangan bercakap berkenaan Tuhan.)

    7. Do not talk anything about Bumiputera or Race.
    (Jangan bercakap berkenaan Bumiputera atau Bangsa.)

    8. Do not talk anything about ISA or Sedition Act.
    (Jangan bercakap berkenaan ISA atau Akta Hasutan.)

    9. Do not talk anything about sleeping.
    (Jangan bercakap berkenaan tidur.)

    10. Do not talk anything about oil.
    (Jangan bercakap berkenaan minyak.)

    11. Do not talk anything about any sound or prayers you hear.
    (Jangan bercakap berkenaan bunyi atau sembahyang yang kedengaran.)

    12. Do not talk anything about the Bar Council.
    (Jangan bercakap berkenaan Majlis Peguam.)

    13. Do not talk anything about the latest world fashions.
    (Jangan bercakap berkenaan fesyen dunia terkini.)

    14. Do not talk anything about the latest world singers.
    (Jangan bercakap berkenaan penyanyi dunia terkini.)

    15. Do not talk anything about the latest novels.
    (Jangan bercakap berkenaan novel terkini.)

    16. Do not talk anything about the latest music.
    (Jangan bercakap berkenaan muzik terkini.)

    17. Do not talk anything about the best universities.
    (Jangan bercakap berkenaan universiti terbaik.)

    18. Do not talk anything about local universities.
    (Jangan bercakap berkenaan universiti tempatan.)

    19. Do not talk anything about keris or songkok.
    (Jangan bercakap berkenaan keris atau songkok.)

    20. Do not talk anything about Mat Rempits, Ah Longs or Transvestites.
    (Jangan bercakap berkenaan Mat Rempit, Ah Long atau Pondan.)

    21. Do not talk anything about tolls, electricity or water.
    (Jangan bercakap berkenaan tol, elektrik atau air.)

    22. Do not talk anything about prices of cars, education, sin or not sin taxes.
    (Jangan bercakap berkenaan harga kereta, pendidikan, cukai haram atau tidak haram.)

    23. Do not talk anything about Press Freedom.
    (Jangan bercakap berkenaan Kebebasan Akhbar.)

    24. Do not talk anything about Past Malaysian History.
    (Jangan bercakap berkenaan Sejarah Malaysia Lampau.)

    25. Do not talk anything about The Malaysian Constitution.
    (Jangan bercakap berkenaan Perlembagaan Malaysia.)

    In short, when visiting Malaysia, pretend to be Malaysians, be dumb and deaf and don’t even think because a lot of people can read your mind and know ahead what you are thinking or planning to do.
    (Secara ringkasnya, apabila melawat Malaysia, berpura-pura jadi rakyat Malaysia yang bisu dan pekak dan jangan sekali-sekali fikir kerana ramai orang boleh membaca minda dan ketahui apa yang difikirkan atau dirancang oleh anda.)

    If you are the type who just need to talk, just talk about the weather only in Malaysia and anything else critical of any other country except Malaysia. Don’t even wish anybody, else you may be seen offending someone’s religion.
    (Jika anda jenis yang suka bercakap, cakap sahaja tentang cuaca di Malaysia dan benda-benda lain yang mengkritik Negara lain kecuali Malaysia.)

    Just enjoy the scenery and pay as you go along. Better still, get an Electronic Payment Toll Card and you don’t even have to talk to anyone.
    (Nikmatilah pemandangan sekeliling dan bayarlah semasa merayau-rayau. Seeloknya dapatkan Kad Bayar Tol Elektronik dan anda tidak perlu bercakap dengan sesiapa pun.)


  20. wits0 says:

    “This is his last kopeck.”

    Despite his kopiah, I would vote for him, if I am from there – as I did for PAS, the last time around! I’ve NEVER voted for BN, nay, not even once! I have not been so stupid and/or a masochist.

  21. Beetle says:

    Nizar represents bangsa malaysia and is popular amonst all the races so without doubt Nizar will win with a bigger majority.

  22. PeoplePower says:

    To All Pakatan Rakyat Supporters,

    Bukit Gantang: The latest survey show PAS looking tough to woo for Malay voters support.

    If you have any frens/relative who are the voters, pls call them and request them to cast their Holy votes to PAS MB Nizar.

  23. popycock says:

    if can not use ALTANTUYA then use aminah can or not

  24. jb says:

    I only hope that the BN supporters can distinguish between truth and corruption/murder. Just look at the better managed countries in this world, and ask yourself is corruption/murder/injustice swept under the carpet like we have here. Is that what you call progress?
    It is time for change if you want a just future.

  25. ShiokGuy says:

    May be next taboo is Neuro-linguistic programming or NLP. 😛

    Once the Malaysian learn how to use NLP to detect someone who has lied.. Then it will be BANDED too!

    I put together some basic NLP tutorial, get yourself some NLP knowledge. Then watch the video call “How to know if Najib was lying”


    Have fun and be a detective!!

    Shiok Guy

  26. PL says:

    cannot talk there, talk here lah!

    but i’m afraid if we talk here then the whole lotta Malaysian citizens will be banned also from talking about Altantuya in the future.

  27. TQBANG says:


  28. hahaha! says:

    Idzan Ismail Says: If he loses, he fades into obliivion.

    If nizar lost, I will drop my pants infront of you.
    If he won, will you do like wise? ooooooooops! I mean will you drop your skirt infront of me?

  29. Gadfly says:

    Can Pakatan Rakytan print a million copies of posters telling the voters “Don’t talk about Altantuya”?

  30. najib manaukau says:

    Someone talked about it in parliament and he is banned from parliament for a year and loosing all its privileges too ,not to mention all the money that goes with it.
    This is not democracy ! Or shall I say it is his Malaysia’s democracy.
    Now he does not want any one to talk about this ….. woman at all, after all he has sworn to Allah he has nothing to do with her.Now he might want to stop me from getting my pension for talking about the woman and that is why I did not mention the woman’s name.
    He has called Allah ( very intangible witness but it is calling the Almighty’s name in vain) to be his witness. He has called all Malaysians to give him a ‘chance’ to be the P.M..
    We cannot see Allah but we can see him so shall we believe him ?

  31. Idzan Ismail says:

    Hahaha. Don’t cheapen yourself.
    What is Nizar?
    A weak puppet on the string of Nga and Negeh.
    Can’t even keep Perak.
    Now wants to be MP.
    Stubborn not firm.
    Is that PM material?
    Its clear as day you guys want a weak Malay PM.

  32. Chicken says:

    This cannot talk, that cannot talk?? We have a bunch of CHICKEN ruling the country. Hello!! wake up and face the fact…..it’s the 21st century and please do not think you can force and cheat the public of their right to speak on anything. Why???? So scared?? That means the allegations are all TRUE. Besides, it’s a free country and may all you chicken bn goons lose terribly now and the next GE.

  33. Malaysiana says:

    Gadfly, tat’s a cool idea!
    If only somebody ll finance it, it ll be hot!

    Bout the Althan, tat’s simply stupid, they hv no power to do tat,
    But, not speaking about race, religion or royalty,
    r u kidding?
    those are what BN speaks the most!

    Rmb wat they talking about during their recent Umno assembly?
    and during all their elections ceramah?
    tat’s a joke..

    did they take any IQ test before? It’ll be interesting to know.

  34. justme says:

    If BN lost all 3 by elections, what would the fallout be for BN? Some powerful warlord demanding a change at the top? But wonder if there are any marbles amongst them?

  35. chedet says:

    “If BN lost all 3 by elections, what would the fallout be for BN? ”

    Mat Rempit take over.

  36. monsterball says:

    SUSAN…March 31st….2.34pm is a copycat…not mine.

  37. chedet says:


    kah kah kah… KAH KAH KAH… kah kah kah…

    woit… ITU LAH KAU ORANG SALAH NAMA….kah kah kah…

    kah kah kah… BUKAN ALTANTUYA …NAMA DIA AMINAH… SITI AMINAH…kah kah kah…

    woit… TAK PERCAYA SILA BACA UTUSAN MELAYAU…. kah kah kah….

    kah kah kah…. SITI AMINAH BINTI ABDULLAH…. kah kah kah…





    Let’s learn from the bamboo
    How to handle any taboo
    It bends but hardly breaks
    Through silent wind it speaks

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Rng – 310309
    Tue. 31st Mar. 2009.

  39. amoker says:

    Allantunya .. the new taboo word.

    Najib is really despearte

  40. kittykat46 says:


    The PM-to-be has many unanswered questions about his relationship with Altantuya.

    What a f*cking joke for Polis Barisan Nasional Malaysia to treat her name as a sensitive issue.

  41. sampang says:


    Interested applicants pls call-Mr Hantu or Puan tiana.

    Only short-life applicants need apply cos we wont be paying u anyway.

  42. monsterball says:

    There you see ….an UMNO supporter… how low class he can be..and one one …copying my nick elsewhere.. to confuse readers.
    Is that the party you wish to vote for?
    What are you afraid of?
    Cannot imagine a 52 year old man…want to be spoon fed by UMNO…on and on…who is a father now.
    What will these Malays be…forever need to depend on UMNO?
    hi man..wake up!! Why be a copycat?
    Be original…that is ….if you have balls enough to be a man.

  43. monsterball says:

    I bet you..no DAP….keDAILan..or PAS fans will ever want to copy any UMNO commentator’s nick.
    You think you are smart doing that….to confuse readers?
    It shows you are afraid..very afraid.
    Good! You copy…I exposed and lets see those UMNO fans feel proud or shameful.

  44. azali zain says:

    Just imagine sloone ! a 66 years old man like me feeling under seized. This is really getting on the nervous system and I wish I could transformed into an incredible hulk. Many thanks to people like you, anil and others which kept this ship of ours rocking otherwise I’ll freezed to death.

  45. monsterball says:

    And one who fed Malays for 22 years with money stolen from Malaysians…which include stealing from his his Muslim brothers and sisters…he called that man…Mahathir…. The Messiah….hahahahahahaha
    And the copycat is a natural born Muslim…???hahahahahahaha
    Some are natural born ..liars…but in Malaysia…UMNO buggers are natural born hypocrites and never stop shaming Allah. hi..just say you pray to stolen money as almighty…then Malaysians will have some respect for you low class scums of the earth.

  46. Conspirama says:

    New Malaysian taboos: Altantuya, race, religion and royalty ……

    I can understand about not speaking about race, religion or royalty. But Altantuya? Why? Isn’t the Altantuya issue worst than race and religion? It involves MURDER! Tell me, what can the Pakatan Rakyat campaigners talk about? ……

  47. Kee says:

    How i wish there is ghost like what we see in the movie so that Altantuya can appear to haunt Najib and Rosmah and those who killed her…

    So that Najib and Rosmah and all those murderers will be made insane by the ghost of Altantuya…

    Najib, y r u so scared of the name of Altantuya that the politicians are banned from mentioning the name of Altantuya during the by election campaign???

    If you r guiltless, why do u need to expel Bala ???

    The Rakyat want to know where is Bala???

    Altantuya…….Altantuya……. Altantuya

  48. hahaha! says:

    Idzan Ismail says: Is that PM material?
    Its clear as day you guys want a weak Malay PM.

    If you are so cock sure, put your money where your mouth is.

    Stick to the issue. Who will win Bkt Gantang. Let Perakians decide.
    As for Nizar, he is by far a more decent man than all the corrupted UMNO goons…at least, he will not use C4.

  49. vsp says:

    This what I wrote on 20/03/2009:

    What is very worrying to Malaysians now is that the UMNOputras seem to behave as if they were gods and they can turn white into black and black into white. They simply don’t feel the shame that they have done so much criminal damage to the country.

    With such blatant display of arrogance and criminality, they are now trying to justify their actions by hijacking Allah himself. Allah is now confined to a gilded cage. First non-Muslims will be prohibited from recognizing that Allah is a just, merciful and loving God. They have not even insulted Allah but have made known that Allah is the all-mighty God and yet the Hadharists have declared that they are the only people who would own God. Next even Muslims themselves would one day be prohibited from using the word “Allah” unless they are Hadhari-certified. Since the word “Allah” is being copyrighted by the Hadharists, it follows that all the attributes of God would also be the copyrighted properties of the Hadharists. Anyone, other than the Hadharists, claiming the rights of justice, mercy, truth and love will be denied.

    Such is the evil face of this deviationist Hadharist’s Islam that the country is now sliding fast into an abyss of hopelessness and despair.

  50. caravanserai says:

    hi susan……..most of the time I get kicked out here with my posting. Now i surf…….

  51. caravanserai says:

    The rules of the game
    It will be soon in our lives
    Say what we want now
    The battlefield will be passed

    A new general taking charge
    Yet we have known his arsenals
    Money, submarines and women
    And a big fat lie………….

    The cruising speed
    Steer steady keeping on even keel
    The sea water splashing waves
    Crushing into seaweeds entangling engines

    The general barking orders
    Eyes staring at the swallowing sea
    Fear creeping into his mind
    As the naked shadows arise
    Dancing flowing naked in the roaring waves
    The past deeds come to haunt him again

    The general knows he isn’t a seaman
    The roaring wind and the rolling waves
    Raising high stakes and vengeance writing on it
    The white womanly shadow floating angrily away
    As the underground sea waves engulf the ship

    So it is said
    The general finally meet his doom
    In the shadowy mist of a pretty woman
    Raising from the sea taking him away

    p/s trying….

  52. goldenscreen says:

    It is quite broad the definition of cannot raise the issue of Alatntuya. So if we utter the word Mongolia (a sovereign nation) will it violate the ban? What about if we say that there is a grieving father in Mongolia? Does that also violate Syed Botak and IGP Musang’s diktat?

    And about the ban on royalty discussion, are they going to ban the Malay proverb handed down through the generations from their Hikayat: Raja adil raja disembah, raja zalim raja disanggah. Are they going to ban Hikayat Hang Tuah next? And they call themselves Malay. PUI!

  53. SameSame says:

    So now she (Alt) is suppose to vanish like her immigration records and her blown to piecesbody? Is this what Malaysians want? To vote in a government that canteven face up to truth and so frightened????

    I suppose when Mahathir spoon fed all those Umno goons…he also put some “mantaram” malyalam style – thats spell casting – to make sure that his die-hard supporters will rule la.

    Aiiiiiiiyaah! He forgot that peoplepower is much greater than his mumbo-jumbo just like his ardent student…Najib ala kutty. Well i wish i was voting in the 3 places…but i cant. Howver i pray that the voters exercise their proper civil rights and amend what they(BN/UMNO) are doing/did! wrong.

    Show them the door….PEOPLEPOWER!!!!!

  54. Johnny Cheah says:


  55. wits0 says:

    This asinine bid at Draconian lips sealing with this, “She, whose name shalt not be spoken”, is bound to work against the one who ordered it. Besides, unless one has that unattainable means of mind control, such an attempt only irrevocably reinforces the public’s negative conviction about the whole matter.


    Ha, ha, ha.

    Democracy is dead. These goons are all DEMO CRAZY and PARANOID.

    This is the strongest piece of evidence that NAJIS and BIG MAMA are in fact the MURDERERS.

    Thanks to SHIT HAMIT’s and MUSA’s PLP tactic.

    Well done, AMINAH.

  57. Menyalak-er says:

    Aiya, very constipating, all this cannot do or say.
    But then, their mandor menteri mentor is running all around the world spewing verbal diarrhoea. He must have a huge dose of laxatives…
    The anal retentive goons seem to have ample supply of that and enemas,
    because of their chronic, malignant ‘ketuanan bUmno’?
    Please-la JohnnyC , ‘screwed’ can mean almost anything, better specify – by what? A large corkscrew? Anyway, she’s welcome to her views – morbid as it may seem.
    I’ve just taken a large dose of Eno fruit salt, and good news is going to spew forth soon.

  58. justme says:

    When did PDRM become the law ministry and home ministry all in one?

  59. Li says:

    They called him Dr M M (Mani Making) is back.This is the most hypocrites man on earth i ever come across….all of a sudden showed up again @ ArmNo Ass….. after 22 years tak Cukup kut? Nak gagau lagi nampak! Hey Jeep! What can he do for our love land? Yes…. he can! Just sitting down and waiting for our Jeep to polish his kecut Balls.Every time he condemned PL,i can’t imagine how PL can stand it.Now only you are talking about corruption,what about during your time? During your time if talk about corruption that’s it….few years masuk dalam! Jeep, if you need a corrupted advisor, i think you are not fit to be a President,meaning….you have to rely on corrupted idea! PL.. Ooo.. PLah, i betul2 kesian sama PL, i can’t imagine how PL can stand it apabila dia condemned PL, apa-tah lagi PL seorang PM. Dia ni pandai,dulu melantik PL sebab nak tutup mulut untuk Rakyat Penang. Sudah ada krisis dengan DSAI, dia sangka PL orang Penang juga…. Rakyat Pulau Pinang boleh support dia.M M letak jawatan pada masa itu sebab dia pun tau dia akan terguling dan akan kalah teruk. Sekarang dia bagi excuse that he Pick a wrong PM……This is a nonsense remarks from a very Hypocrite guy! Hopefully, you will stay on as PM,compare you & other Guy i think Rakyat prefer you.If not your SIL either get sack or suffering inside there

  60. hi-tech hang tuah says:

    This is just a kampung football match and is not sanctioned by Fifa, hence the results will not be recognized and the results are irrelevant to Fifa.

    In the beginning before the match & first half, it’s

    Bnputras 3 Pariah Rakyat 0

    Since this is just a kampung match, Fifa rules and regulations will not be applied here but will follow some bintang, babi, babarian, botak, bantai, bakario or whatever rules and regualtions the local authority fancies.

    Now we have the Bnputras + 1 referee + 2 linesmen lawan Pariah Rakyat.

    It doesn’t not matter whoever wins the match since this is an unsanctioned match but to the parties involved, they can reap even bigger rewards from the sanctioned Fifa.

    These political pariahs have ‘no eyes’ to the rakyat- their bosses.

    Kick both parties out and elect independent candidate for a change! Hahahaha….

    Dey! Just a kampung match, no big deal. Don’t spend too much time playing and wasting rakyat’s precious time and money fooling around!

    The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

  61. syaiful says:

    kunjungan perdana. baca-baca dulu ya

  62. Phua Kai Lit says:

    Hmm … latest Keystone Kops
    (err … I mean police) ban on the mention of “Altantuya” in the
    upcoming by-elections??

    Here are my suggestions on alternatives (with all due respect to
    the deceased):

    1. Ayutantla (name spelt backwards, get it?)
    2. MW (Mongolian Woman)
    3. Mrs C4
    4. Mrs IRD (Immigration Records Deleted)
    5. …………..

    Please add to the list (let your creative juices flow!)

  63. allen says:

    Cannot say anything about Altantuya or the Royal family.It seems that we are heading to a dictator regime under the new PM.Beware of this Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde regime!!!

  64. *cosmic*rainbow* says:

    then like thislah. if cannot mention the name altantuya, i was suggesting another name-C4. can ah? sounds sexy! dont you think so?

  65. llheng says:

    Just look at the strong arms tactics our incoming guy use even before he becomes PM. It is real scary. What will this Mr.C4 do if he officially becomes the PM. God help the rakyat.
    The voters in the 3 by-elections must vote for PKR to sent a message to this guy. Go all out to ensure a BIG, BIG victory for PKR.
    Save the country at all cost.
    Long live PKR!!!

  66. mohd ali ismail says:

    Hi susan,
    Normally i just surf and read whats in your blog and today i want to ask something that give rise to suspicions as to KJs victory as UMNO youth chief.(1)It was absolutely ridiculous to take 6 hours to count 750 or so votes.(2)There should be a 2- hour blackout while counting 750 or so votes.(3)on the 1st count Mukris was leading by 12 votes(4)after 6 hour recount and a blackout KJ won by 300 or so votes.
    Was there a conspiracy going on?Maybe KJ knows something that we don’t.Can anyone guess what is going on.

  67. billauchris says:

    I enjoy Patek1472 and vsp write-ups about the abominations and pohibitions imposed on the non-Malay Malaysians. Your thoughts just reveal how empty and nakd the umnoputras can be. Majority of them are weak in or lack knowledge of science, mathematics and economics; which they dare not admit that they are poor in discourse thereof. Hence, they pick on and play up inconsequenctial topics like religions and race in order to stay in power.

    After going through the list of prohibitions of Patek, I exclaimed aloud, “Allah – Mak, why are they stooping so low to do that!”. Where is democracy in Malaysia? Down th drain obviously.

    I wrote sometime ago lamenting that the Education Ministry have miserably failed Malasia as a whole for producing ill-mannered, irrational and intolerant products like the UMNOputric Mat Rempits who often take the law into their own hands, create mischiefs and foment violent demonstrations at the instruction of their higher-ups. Beides, they have imbued various undesirable idiosyncracies like bigotry, blind allegience, and mentality of strike-rich-quick through foul and dishonest means.
    Look at the number of corrupt cases among the UMNO-associated members being brought to the courts during the past five years. The figure is frightening! Discount the number of of GLCs that have been bailed out each year and the amount of money pumped into the leaked pockets of these GLCs by the UMNO-controlled Government. This is UMNO’s way of creating a bumiputric entrepreneurial society!

    The fact remains – it is not that UMNO do not realise this predicament. Without up-front capital participation, the so-called UMNO appointees will never be able to cultivate the sense of commitment and the will to struggle and manage these GLCs for success. Looks like these GLCs are only meant for the UMNOcrats and nobody else.

    With the familiar rhetorics of Tan Sri Muyiddin that all shall be accorded equality during the campaign for the three by-elections, I shall sit back and see he next 12 months to what extent, depth and width is this philosophy or policy going to affect the men in the streets. I would wish to see that all public universities be open to all eligibile citizens of the counry regardless of racial origin, religion and creed. This is the most important step. Secondly, to integrate all the races at the national schools and public institutions of higher learning.

    Unless UMNO can do that, they will continue to reamin as empty vessels.
    We do not have the time – we cannot accord you the next 50 years. Your sincerity shall be assessed and judged within the next couple of years; probably before the next General Election.

  68. k c low says:

    Well, susan, I believe the word ‘Altan…..’ Mongolia’ are registered trade mark of BN thats why nobody can use it now unless with BN’s consent. Those who use these words will face serious consequences. Those who want to use these words must apply to BN.

  69. […] New Malaysian taboos: Altantuya, race, religion and royalty By merdekareview. Najib Tun Razak is doing everything in his power to prevent Pakatan Rakyat from winning the […] […]

  70. bee yong says:

    In the very near future there will be an emergency meeting at UN as well as in FIFA. They will be debating on the new ruling of shifting “goal-post” inposed by Malaysia, Truly A**-hole.

  71. hamderhak says:

    Now the police are taking over the function of the SPR by issuing notices on the ban of this and that. SPR is the rightful authority to issue guidelines and not the PDRM.

    Anyway, the rakyat is more informed. When one is innocent he/she should not be worry. Only those with guilt feelings do as the ghost of Aminah Abdullah will haunt them

    When a merciless murder is committed in Malaysian soil, definitely the people are interested to know who had C4d this poor innocent Mongolian lass. Those with no conscience will have the balls to come out and swear that they were not involved.

    In the final analysis, a leader of the country must in his own conscience be free of baggages and tainted background. Any thing less is tantamount to cheating the country and rakyat.

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