The usual verbal diarhea from Najib Tun Razak at PWTC (59th UMNO Genera Assembly) last night. All I can say is that the speech before the wanita, pemuda and puteri  delegates is TOTALLY UN-INSPIRING.

It has 66 points. Just short of  one 6 (or 666) to make it the speech of the devil himself. But Najib is the 6th PM of Malaysia, so guys, go figure!

There are several flaws as well in the 66 + 6 speech.  Najib, like his mentor Mahathir Mohammad, speaks as if all Malays are UMNO. Malay does not equal to UMNO and soon UMNO wakes up to that reality, the better!

And UMNO did not get the most seats because more people ‘SAYANG’  UMNO, but because seats allocation strategy in Barisan Nasional ensured that UMNO dominates!

2.  In point 9 of the speech, Najib quotes the Holy Book about Allah having the power to bestow and snatch away everything from one.

I remember not too long ago, Najib practically pulled away the carpet from under the feet of the rightful government in Perak. Are you thinking what I am thinking?

3.  Najib’s historical rethoric is laughable – delving only into the outcome but not the origins of history, of the may 13, 1969 racial massacre for example.  In other words, quoting history for the sake of quoting without proper context can be dangerous.

4. He speaks about money politics as if he were totally free of it. What about this guy Fauzi Muda who claimed Najib tried to bribe him to defect?

5.  In point 30, Najib says UMNO needs leaders who are courageous to make changes, and accept changes; those who are brave to criticise and receive criticism. Hahaha! Lim Kit Siang just spelled out all the doom that is about to happen with Najib’s incoming premiership. What is Najib talking about?

He also talks about embracing the Internet when six (the number 6 again!) new media were banned from covering the UMNO assembly.

6. Malay and UMNO cannot be separated? That’s point 55, a warning to all those who dare steer away. In a way I pity the Malays. You are trapped. And any attempt to drift away will be met with great force. Najib uses this as an excuse to blame others for questioning the social contract, etc. Another excuse to use draconian laws like the ISA on those who question UMNO’s domination.

7. In his next point, Najib insults the Malays to say that policies are made in their favour because compared to other races, they are still very much left behind. Well, who put them there in the first place?

8. And lastly, because I am dying of boredom reading this speech, is that Najib is all set to be PM. And this I feel is sadly, the TOTAL failure of the opposition and civil society to effect change in the country.


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  1. wits0 says:

    67 points or 69 points would have nicely fulfilled the real significance (ala lok c**t or lok k*w), no?

  2. monsterball says:

    hahaahahahahaha…I was actually thinking about the 66 points….to find the other 6…thought his age plus one year for each…….heaven earth and himself… may add up 60……….but left it.

  3. monsterball says:

    But if you count properly.he is the 6th PM!!!
    So the 666 is there.
    Tunku…Razak…Hussien…Mahathir…Abdullah….equals five!
    Sixth is him!

  4. monsterball says:

    ALLAH have directed him to put out 66 points.
    RAHMAN have hoped “UMNO BARU” be dead and gone.
    Mahatghir is devil reincarnated.
    It needs “UMNO BARU” first President..first member… perform his last act…to kill the party himself…by appointing Najib…..his adopted do it. Malaysians to be totally calm…suffer in silence…do not be easily provoked….nor loose hopes.
    No time is so important that right now..up to 13th GE…that Malaysians need to read and learn the life of Mahatma Gandhi…how he freed India with no violence and total disobedient to the British…..and do not be afraid to die for your country.
    We really need to be inspired and free ourselves…or else…be prepared to be second class citizens for life.

  5. expatriate81 says:

    Even the BBC reported that he will the MOST UNPOPULAR incoming prime minister of Malaysia. The fuzzily charted road ahead of him will undoubtedly be very very bumpy, and don’t discount the probability that he will be the catalyst for the eventual dis-integration of UMNO. A very uncertain future with the potential of unmitigated turmoil looms large for Malaysians, and the next GE will likely be the watershed that determines what shape the country will be transformed into. Only time will tell!

  6. monsterball says:

    Malaysians are not easily frightened by tyrants.
    It is the time to be calm and not submit to provocations.
    Do not fight……just run away.
    Be humble….and use your might votes again in 13th GE.
    Do not predict bad news or bad intentions.
    Let it be….and truths will always win.
    UMNO itself is divided.
    I am sure….many thousands will not stand by and let UMNO rouges and cheaters to bully or make Malaysians suffer for nothing.
    I and millions are seeing great future for Malaysians after 13th GE.

  7. OBserver10 says:

    Many many times, it has been blogged or written in the NET about the power transition. I can assure you most are against the power transfer and it is written utmost emotional feelings.

    Some were saying two weeks from mid March is a long way and now much feared reality sets in.

    Malaysian are in real dilemma and the situation is like a bitter medicine either to swallow or spit our. On one hand UMNO controlled Govt. has the might and resources to even suppress any peaceful gatherings. On the other hand, waiting for GE13 will be too late by then. As it is, you can see the carnage has started in the August house. What a about the ordinary Rakyat?

    Had the Rakyat jointly on the whole marched to their respective Sultans palaces and demanded their basic democratic rights, even the mightiest Army will not overwhelm the citizens power.

  8. Malaysian Salt says:

    Haiya you guys should be smarter. Let us congratulate them when they get the posts, let us not tell them what is wrong, let the worms multiply more in the can, let us not let them know what we think, we praise them, we no need to criticise them, they oso dun want to listen one, wait la 3-4 more yrs then we give them nice presents during the 13th general election. 🙂 Sweet isnt it, but needs patience and co-operation from you guys tho.

  9. Hamba says:

    It’s actually 66 pints of beer Najib has consumed before coming up with the drunken speech. That’s why his speech induced vomiting to any sober listener. 66 drunken points is to much for any normal human being. Only the most hardcore and heavy lies drinker ( read UMNO members) can tolerate it and even want more. UMNO too drunk on power and money! UMNO members are drunk on corruption and driving the nation to ruin. GOD SAVE US!

  10. common says:

    I am ashamed to have such a ‘leader’ for our country. What a hypocrite.

  11. apapunboleh says:

    Nothing we could do. Nothing the opposition could do. Nothing the monarchy could do. Only miracle can do something and i think we are short of that.

  12. monsterball says:

    More revealed!!
    3rd April becomes PM.
    666-3-4…..GUI…SUNG…SAIE….meaning the devil will be active {3.sung}as PM…and gone{4.saie} very soon.
    If we can stand the FATHER…devil reincarnated for 22 years….what so hard for his adopted son till next 13th GE.

  13. wandererAUS says:

    Media friendly! All opposition media were locked out…this Mongolian is a real joke! Talking is cheap, put your money where your mouth is first and….
    When he addressed the wanita puteri, I could only see two Sumo wrestlers ready to flatten each other’s b##bs!
    All UMNO delegates’ minds were more interested in $###@% than his boring speech. As for the general public the obvious mindset is, “New broom sweeps well”. The question is, does it really matter who becomes what? If one put his hand into a snake hole and what ever you pull out it will be a snake…only which one is more poisonous.
    The delegates are keeping mum because their mouths are stuffed with RM notes!
    So the bottom line is with this hu-hua….business as usual!

  14. monsterball says:

    66 points….6th PM…3rd{alive}…April= 4th:{saie…dead or gone}

  15. gerak kilat says:

    Shut the fuck up monsterball! As usual you are uttering rubbish. Why must you always want to post more comments than other? It’s so sickening to read the garbage you post. It should have been you instead of altantuya who should have been blown up by C4! So shut the fuck up!

  16. ptxyz says:


    Much as we don’t want verbal diarrhea from UMNO youth speech of Najib, neither do we want cyber diarrhea from the likes of boring people like monsterball

  17. candid says:

    666 – no. of the BEAST:

    “And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.”

  18. talkkok says:

    Ha ha ha
    What do you expect from an ASS-hole?
    Of course, stinking hot air and shit!!!

  19. ktteokt says:

    And I believe Najis will be the one who will not only destroy UMNO but he will be the one to prove the Mamak wrong with his WAWASAN 2020 which is less than 10 years from now! Perhaps the only WAWASAN we will see is the crumbling of UMNO. So, does that prove the Mamak had great FORESIGHT – foretelling a great WAWASAN – the crumbling to bits and pieces of UMNO???? What a great leader! What a great foresight! What a great vision! Malaysia truly BOLEH (mati)!

  20. Susan…!
    The way Najib talks at the Umno Assembly is excatelly the way he behaves…!

    You see….
    Nobody will talk with sooo……. much knowledge unless he has experience to it…!

    666, 999 or the Devil..!
    We are all soo………. screwed..!!!

    Our billions of rakyat’s money are just going to ‘pockets’ only !!!!!!!!!!

  21. candid says:


    Ku Li: What RM60 bil?
    Koh Shing Yee, Nash Rahman & Steven Gan | Mar 22, 09 4:52pm

    exclusive Former finance minister Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah lamented that only RM15 billion of the second stimulus package goes directly to the people.

  22. One eye is the king of the blind !
    What can anyone expect from UMNO, king of the blind (not blind to corruption) the one eye Najib ? UMNO cannot even find someone, with sight, to contest him. They want an one eye to be their head
    a country of the blind.
    May be they can look for another half breed amongst them like pariah Indian Mahathir !
    Just wait and see he will use the excuse of AAB’s departure to crawl back to UMNO (when very few left UMNO with him), with his tail in between his legs with a glorified title.

  23. TheWrathOfGrapes says:

    To Najis, 666 is spelt as sex sex sex – dapan dan belakang…

  24. candid says:

    In the beginning, the Sultan of Perak was actually not in favour of sacking
    Play it again, Sam
    Wednesday, 25 March 2009 06:13

    Nizar. When Nizar had his audience with the Sultan, His Highness was actually quite receptive to the idea of dissolving the State Assembly so that new state elections could be held. But His Highness got cold feet after Najib visited him and reminded Tuanku that he would be jeopardising his throne if he took Pakatan Rakyat’s side in the Perak Constitutional Crisis.

    Yes, that’s right. Najib threatened the Sultan and reminded His Highness that his future lies in the hands of Umno. And Najib has the gall to say that Umno is the defender of the crown.


  25. candid says:

    In the beginning, the Sultan of Perak was actually not in favour of sacking
    Play it again, Sam
    Wednesday, 25 March 2009 06:13

    Nizar. When Nizar had his audience with the Sultan, His Highness was actually quite receptive to the idea of dissolving the State Assembly so that new state elections could be held. ……..
    Yes, that’s right. Najib threatened the Sultan and reminded His Highness that his future lies in the hands of Umno. And Najib has the gall to say that Umno is the defender of the crown.


  26. caravanserai says:

    Camouflage in colors
    The Albino quickly acts
    Getting off into the high gears
    Let the opponents lay waste

    In the boardroom
    The strategies apply
    On the print media
    Hit the nail banned them

    Unless Albino wants to shut down
    The MSC and back to the old under coconut trees
    Swaying with the breeze listening to the falling waves
    So simple nothing to worry the affairs of the world

    The Albino knows
    This can’t happen
    The country has to move with the times
    Involving every aspect of a person life

    The harsh reality
    It is the wealth protection
    We elect leaders to fight for us
    They are biting us instead

  27. justme says:

    With his style of leadership, and his promise of a cabinet reshuffle,there are no doubts, only eunuchs with a “yes sir” vocabulary could survive.

  28. Merlin2001 says:

    Najib is the going to be sixth PM, together with his 66 points, that makes it 666.
    If this number is indeed the Devil then Malaysia will be ” The Devil Incarnate” over his rule.
    We the people will be in deep trouble, fire and brim stones will spread like wild fire.
    A persistent dark cloud will over hang this Nation as never the likes seen before.
    Wake up people it is now the time to get charms to protect your family or go to your God to seek salvation before all new born have horns.
    Malaysia will be burnt to the ground or sunk like Atlantis never to be found again.
    May God Bless Us All.

  29. timmy says:

    Now you know the important of history? To detect lies even from a very inspiring speech (to some who don’t use their brain to think)!

  30. lamepug says:

    the 6 pronounce s.e.x

    that “N” kaki s.e.x…

    every body believe the “N” had s.e.x with mongolian women..

  31. m says:

    He is a TOTAL WASTE of TIME and SPACE ….

  32. kittykat46 says:

    Sex…sex…sex…the number of the beast.

    Maybe Razak Baginda helped write his speech ?
    He used to, before his umm….legal problems..

  33. kittykat46 says:

    Rumour is that Altantuya was briefly seen by some delegates in the PWTC during Najib’s speech…hovering over the podium…

  34. eeyaw says:

    The ascend of the first ever a Murder tainted PM, a Guinness Record of sort. I shall bestow him the title of “Thieving, Womanising, Poofter, Murderer & a Power Crazy Liar!!! (6 sins of the Devil Inc. ie SATAN)

  35. simba says:

    flash: Photo of Najib with Altantuya?
    Posted on June 29th, 2007 by Nathaniel Tan

    A Mongolian witness caused a stir in court today when she revealed that murdered Mongolian national Altantuya Shaariibuu had been photographed having a meal with a Malaysian government official named Najib Razak.

    Burmaa Oyunchimeg, also known as Amy, told the Shah Alam High Court that Altantuya had shown her the photo when she returned from a trip to France.

    “She (Altantuya) was having a meal with Razak (Baginda), a Malaysian government official and other people,” she replied.

    Karpal then asked her on the identity of the government official, and she replied: “I remember the name Najib Razak, they had the same name. I thought they were brothers. I asked her (Altantuya) if they were brothers.”

  36. amoker says:

    just visited rocky bru’s blog and i agree with the comment that it is a pity to be of a race that is ‘forced’ to be associated with UMNO. with 51 years of rule and 2 NEP programmes that failed, UMNO has failed in its quest. It is only good for enriching its own members.

  37. monsterball says:

    Some have kept asking me to shut up…but I am still talking as loud as 5 years ago.
    You don’t like….you move on…idiots.

  38. Aiiiiiii says:

    There’s also talk raging in blogosphere that Tan Sri Sanusi Junid may be back as National Security Adviser after the assembly! But then there have been a lot of commenters saying that this blogger will definitely be made editorial supremo at the NSTP! How sweet …

  39. Idzan Ismail says:


    A lot more verbal diarrhoea here.
    In fact some have cholera after ingesting poisoned food cooked by you.
    Yes Umno is still THE beloved party of the Malsys.
    No apologies for that.
    If you want to admit, it is the singular party which won the most seats in every ekection.

  40. Aiiiiiii says:

    Idzan Ismail Says:
    March 25, 2009 at 10:47 am

    If you want to admit, it is the singular party which won the most seats in every ekection.

    aiyoyoyoyo mebbe Najib getting cancer (like his father) of prostate… get “ekection” bukan “erection”.

  41. Aiiiiiii says:

    “Yes Umno is still THE beloved party of the Malsys.”

    yayayaya betoi “malsys” – system failure. tak lama lagi all shut down kekeke

    Whoops! Maybe you were looking for gilo ko opo?

  42. kolimac says:

    najib missed a point he should have reaches no 69

  43. arrow says:

    Idzan ismail,if you keep your fucking mouth shut no one will say you are stupid.Your stupidity is known to all.Collect your pension and waiting for your time to go to grave.You are paid to talk rubbish.Your brain if you one is deadly expensive cause you dont use it.Spend more of your time in whore house.That is where you belong.

  44. wits0 says:

    Idzan : “Yes Umno is still THE beloved party of the Malsys.”

    She meant, of course, “Malay$” – like herself. Can’t spell out of agitation despite all that overseas education given but not based on merit.

    She doesn’t, and of course, can’t erect, only ‘ekect’, ler…and eject scums.

  45. Aiiiiiii says:

    Sekolah Kebangsaan and Sekolah Inggeris, actually means SK or SI which are abbreviations for salam kosong or salam isi which mean “empty handshake” or “handshake with something inside”.

    Satu tiang, or one pillar means, a hundred ringgit and dua tiang means two hundred ringgit. Tiang sri, or main pillar, means a thousand ringgit.

  46. Idzan Ismail says:


    You want to quibble over a typo error.
    Go wash your mouth with Rinso.
    Small-minded people with peanuts for brains.

  47. kittykat46 says:

    Funny that.

    Most of the Malays I know don’t love UMNO at all.

    Ah, yes Idzan Ismail meant Malay$, that’s a separate species. Very easy to spot.
    They drive huge gas-guzzling SUVs or Beemers, own the biggest Mahligai around, the wife wears enough Barang Kemas to compete with KM Oli.

  48. Aiiiiiii says:

    kekekekeke Sekolah Inggeris – SI- SALAM ISI $$$$$$$$$$$$$

  49. Aiiiiiii says:

    Salam Isi (Sekolah Inggeris UMNO)

    Satu tiang, or one pillar means, a hundred ringgit and dua tiang means two hundred ringgit. Tiang sri, or main pillar, means a thousand ringgit.

  50. monsterball says:

    wa wa wa…witso….a bunch of UMNO flies are here!
    hi…Idzan Ismail…typo or no typo error…only idiots wash mouth with Rinso.
    Cultured ones use dettol.
    It is people like you…that love to disunite Malaysians.
    Keep your Malays in UMNO and do not mix Malaysians up with your crooked kind. looks like the out-dated…race and religion dirty politics is the only way…you guys know how to live comfortably.
    I have news for you….get ready to pack up and go back to your kampong ….easy life.easy money…sleep all day..or buck up…stand straight and be counted to qualify yourself as a true Malaysian.
    I am most qualified to f…k you….as I am now proven…a non racialist Malaysian…of Chinese origin…by your own kind….welknown Muslim blogger too.
    So buck up..or ship out to kampong….tic-tam-pong…tak untong….hahahahahahahaha

  51. Menyalak-er says:

    Susan, kudo’s to you for having read the aforesaid ‘speech’. I for one can’t, with all its banalities and inanities.
    “666” as the number of the beast in the Book of Revelations was meant to be the alpha-numeric identity of Imperator Claudius Nero, who was said to be ‘fiddling’ when Rome burned. It’s also said that he personally was the arsonist, but blamed the Christians. His motive? Urban renewal, rebranding and change ala much bandied speeches in the sacred Halls of Idzan Ismail’s ‘Malays’.
    Of murder, mayhem, corruption, cronyism, incest, nepotism, torture and all things ‘evil’, Nero was second to none.
    Are these the characteristics of our ‘elect’? Go figure and our beloved nation will burn, as had Rome.
    Anyone read Augustine of Hippo’s “City of God?”

  52. monsterball says:

    kittykat46…Have you resigned from MCA?

  53. Thor says:

    “666” or “999”, it doesn’t matter!
    As long as the opposition will to win in every of the by-election from now on, Umno big brothers will tremble with fear.
    Till then, it’ll be the end of Nutjib reign for the supreme council will remove him for good.

  54. wits0 says:

    Monty: “hi…Idzan Ismail…typo or no typo error…only idiots wash mouth with Rinso.”

    Unless I’m mistaken, only the rich buys (imported)Rinso for laundry instead of the ordinary crust who gets buy with Fab, Breeze, Dynamo and a whole list of locally produced detergents. Idzan is showing that she belongs to the upper crust and beholden to umno.

  55. monsterball says:

    hahahahahaha….there you are at your best!!

  56. monsterball says:

    More cultured ones use Listerine…..hahahahahahaha

  57. monsterball says:

    Pariahs use Rinso….hohohohohohoho

  58. alan says:


    Your blog is good except that you have to do something about excessive and irritating posting of the likes of people like monsterball! Is there something you can do to ban him from posting as I gather many people are fed up with all the rubbish he has been posting – not only in your blog but in other blogs too. People like monsterball are mentally sick and have nothing better to do than to impose their dull and boring views on the cyber community. If I were running a blog, the first person I’d ban would be monsterball

  59. gatekeeper says:

    Just ignore idiots like monsterball who are only seeking cheap publicity for themselves. most of the time this monsterball is only talking to himself and nobody cares about him

  60. mazen says:

    The disease is called hierophantiasis.

  61. bee yong says:

    It has 66 points. “N” is the 6th letter of RAHMAN prophecy. Therefore it is a “666”; a sign of doom, a sign for evil, a sign of “N” (the end – close shop).

    Make way for “RAZALEIGH” prophecy. It has 9 letters, a sign of everlasting peace, harmony, happiness and success. Long live Razaleigh.

  62. Samy Vellu says:

    Samy Vellu will be next

  63. monsterball says:

    Najib is a transitional PM, the real messiah in the form of Son of Dr Mahathir will ascend the throne and lead the country to another Golden era again. Just like what his father, the Great Tun has done for the country. Father & Son there is no equal in this world. How fortunate we are to be blessed with such leaders that ascended from Heaven. May Tun live to a thousand years and be revered by all Malaysians.

  64. zztop says:

    Just look at him speaking to all the zombies, makes one puke. God bless the rakyat, if this guy is to become the leader.
    The whole world is now talking about this guy involving not only corruption but murder of a young woman blow to bits!!
    In most countries, one would have resign immediately. However, in Bolehland as long as you have $$$$$ and a bunch of zombie supporters under you, anything can.

  65. monsterball says:

    Susan do you allow copycat of my my nick?
    My logo is conctant!
    The March 25 3.09pm is not me.
    Just look at the logo.Please delete it. Thanks.

  66. sloone says:

    Monty, I have spammed your copycat! Thanks for informing me.

  67. ace says:

    Some people can talk big, can claim to be No. 1 but the fact is that they can only servive on 30% (you know what I mean). Therefore, the Never Ending Policy.

  68. wits0 says:

    The Never Ending story of a mix of bathetic arrogance and hubris used as a drug that heeds not facts.

  69. han mong says:

    Whether the Mar 25 3.09 pm posting is yours or that of a copycat makes no difference at all to us monsterball, because BOTH, plus your other postings STINK TO HIGH HEAVEN. You should know by now monsterball, but unfortunately you don’t, of how so many people are fed up of your boring, useless, out of date, wrong info postings, so much so that some people even resort to using your nickname to shame and humiliate you…yet you carry on thinking you are king of the world or something! Get lost from blogging monsterball, because you are not contributing anything at all except to make a fool of yourself

  70. monsterball says:

    witso…..I have posted a message at LKS’s blog…concerning what you told me. I glanced through…I see no tickler.
    To those who yearn for my loving responds to you…keep dreaming..keep hoping….keep talking with no supporting facts.
    I treat a copycat and you all…as positive signs.
    I am humbled by so much attentions.

  71. zipppp says:

    All Malaysian do not go to Mongolia/France we are all ban after najis become our no 6 PM

  72. captain marvel says:

    Your loving responds, monsterball? you can’t even spell the word “response” properly. You are indeed sick, monsterball, mentally sick, sick, sick, my friend. You remind me of Idi Amin, having delusions of grandeur contacted through VD. You are humbled by so much attentions? How many buckets of shit has your face received monsterball? As they say, you have no shame, skin of face thicker than durian skin!. As someone said earlier, if you are bored don’t play games in cyberspace to insult people’s intelligence on current issues! Go put your face in the toilet bowl, make sure it’s full of shit first, then flush it. That way, you will feel refreshed and come back to reality…and maybe start to learn how to spell and write…CORRECT SIMPLE ENGLISH

  73. monsterball says:

    This so call Captain Marvel seems to know all the blogs I visit.
    Are we on my English spelling and grammars again?
    Hi idiot…I am speaking Mangalish….don’t you know?

  74. xyz says:

    Stop passing all the shit through your arse (or rather your mouth) to pollute Susan’s blog monsterball. Like they say, you are the pariah of the blogging community

  75. asli says:

    lets not judge the incoming PM too harshly give him a chance and we wait and see what are his plans (clean,honest and efficient cabinet) to govern the nation. Sabarlah sikit dah tunggu lebih daripada lima puluh tahun jom kita pergi teh tarik tea break style raayat Malaysia.

  76. Aiiiiiii says:

    Caligula might have been the victim of a mental disease which was unknown in his day.

    But if he ever loved anything, it was his horse Incinatus. His often foolish treatment of this beautiful white stallion may have been an indication of his deteriorating mental soundness.

    Whatever the reason, Caligula’s adored horse has passed into legend.

    Some have indicated that the horse was attended to by eighteen servants, and was fed oats mixed with gold flakes; according to Suetonius, Incitatus had a stable of marble, with an ivory manger, purple blankets and a collar of precious stones. Suetonius wrote also that Caligula planned to make Incitatus a Consul. Caligula even procured him a wife, a mare named Penelope. It has also been said Caligula claimed his horse to be a ‘combination of all the gods’ and to be worshipped as such.

    The horse would also “invite” dignitaries to dine with him, and had a house with full complement of servants to entertain such guests.
    –Suetonius, Lives of The Twelve Caesars

    Caligula used to invite Incitatus to dinner, where he would offer him golden barley and drink his health in wine from golden goblets; he swore by the animal’s life and fortune and even promised to appoint him consul, a promise that he would certainly have carried out if he had lived longer.
    –Cassius Dio: Book 69

  77. […] Verbal Diarrhea @ UMNO General ASS-embly The usual verbal diarhea from Najib Tun Razak at PWTC (59th UMNO Genera Assembly) last night. All I can say is that the […] […]

  78. wits0 says:

    Where’s Idzan the umnoputrid now and why isn’t she defending these toxic waste?

  79. billauchris says:

    Do we need 66 points? Far too many. In my view we need the six big THINGS for our country:

    1) Free of Corruption
    2) A Transparent & Efficient Civil Service
    3) Equality for Races
    4) Freedom of Expression
    5) Right to all Priviliges
    6) Justice and Peace.

    Focus on just the big six and the country will prosper.

    Let us strive for excellence in all our endeavours.

    Good Luck to all

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