From Defense Industy Daily:

The Franco-Spanish Scorpene diesel-electric attack submarine competes on the global market against an array of competitors, foremost of which is ThyssenKrupp HDW’s U209/212/214 family. In June 2002, the Malaysian government signed a EUR 1 billion contract with Armaris (now DCNS) and Spanish naval shipbuilder Izar (now Navantia) for 2 SSK Scorpenes and associated support and training. The first of class KD Tunku Abdul Rahman has begun trials, and is scheduled to enter service in 2009.

Within Malaysia, the sale has been compromised by an ongoing trial and set of legal actions around the public kidnapping and private execution of Mongolian modeling student, translator, and paramour Altantuya Shaariibuu. The case took a dramatic turn when the victim was closely connected to EUR 114 million in “commission” payments to Perimekar, a firm owned by a close associate of Malaysia’s current Defence Minister and impending Prime Minister. The monies were paid by Armaris (now DCNS) for for “support and coordination services,” a term that may bring to mind the murder of Taiwanese Captain Yin Ching-feng in connection with a bribery scandal involving Taiwan’s DCNS frigates.

Full and impartial accountability for public figures is not a prominent feature of Malaysian justice, but French Journalist Arnaud Dubus added to the pressure with a March 5/09 report in France’s Liberation, “Un cadavre tres derangeant: L’etrange affaire du meurtre d’une interprete mongole qui gene le pouvoir en Malaisie” (Page 30-31). It names very prominent names, offers details, and reveals the contents of documents the Malaysian court has refused to admit…

If the documents are true, Altantuya was murdered on the orders of Abdul Razak Baginda. Baginda is a close associate of Najib Razak, who is Malaysia’s Deputy PM and Minister of Defence, and impending Prime Minister. Baginda has been acquitted in a Malaysian court, but Razak himself has been implicated in the associated bribery deal, and Dubus’ report includes detauls of text messages Baginda was reportedly sent by Razak, which strongly imply efforts by Razak to cover up the case and interfere with police investigations.

The motive for Altantuya’s death was reportedly twofold: EUR 500,000 she wished to claim as her share of the “commission,” and the public embarrassment caused to Baginda’s marriage after she tried to collect. The kidnapping was carried out by by agents of the Malaysian Special Branch police, in broad daylight, in front of Baginda’s house, with witnesses present. Malaysian sources have not published full details, but media organizations outside of Malaysia have.

On March 16/09 the case took another turn when Malaysia’s ruling party suspended an opposition lawmaker for a year, after he called Razak a murderer and demanded that he answer questions about his role in the affair.

As is usually true in these operations, it’s the small details that matter. The entire wet operation apparently gave insufficient consideration to the payment of Altantuya Shaariibuu’s cab fare. Somewhere, a cadre of retired Bulgarian KDS professionals are shaking their heads, and wondering what’s wrong with the kids today.


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  1. monsterball says:

    If Atlantuya can read this…she should be ever grateful to Susan’s never ending passion for justice to that poor girl.
    Do not forget..her record in the Immigration Dept…all vanished into thin air!!
    So much contradictions…so much valid much accusations…yet the real killer is set free….with the mastermind…??????

  2. the Scorpene submarine look like najib sperm which travel tru many many girls ovum.kah,kah,kah

  3. chong says:

    as usual, malaysia government will tak nampak, tak dengar & tak boleh cakap!!!!

  4. eeyaw says:

    When the world is agog with rumours about the murder & murky submarine deal, Malaysia ruling party & perpetrator C4 ‘buat tak tau’.

  5. BT Lee says:

    Remember correct,correct,correct !!!!Malaysian senang lupa..

  6. aris says:


    High time for you to ban monsterball from your blog as his comments do not add value to the discussion. They are often out of point, talks about what people already know, and is just a waste of your valuable bandwith. Many people are getting fed up of an irritant like him who only seeks cheap publicity, not only in your blog but other blogs

  7. SameSame says:

    Aiyah…they dont care one! For them only their so-called community are the best, the happening, the relevant one wan.

    So now this story is world round but our PM to be no care, no bother, no hear no nothing just like them la.

  8. lee says:

    worst than a insane ppl

  9. billauchris says:

    I am not about to suggest whether the two submarines that Malaysia bought was not another squandering spree of the BN Government, costing the tax-payers more than a RM1 Billion,

    Deep in my mind, that whopping sum of money could otherwise have helped thousands of school chidlren to pursue their higher education or expended on renovating the 100’s of delapidated mission shools.

    Just wonder where the two subs are going to set sail – in the Straits of Malacca? or in the South China Sea.

    If it is in the Straits of Malacca, I would not be surprised one find day the subs would run aground on the shallow seabed of the Stasrits particularly during low tide.

    Besides, the Straits is very heavy in traffic. I just hope the two subs
    would not collide with the oil tankers. If that ever happens, there goes our RM1B in smoke.

    By purchasing the two boats, a commission of over RM100 million were not only paid but also caused an innocent life to be c4ed. What a tragedy,

    God bless Altantuya.

  10. llheng says:

    How amazing when the whole world is talking about devious deals, corruption and murder happened in Bolehland, our government seem to be behave that its ok, as long as our “beloved” MrC4 is ok. Real Bolehland.
    Susan, I admire your perseverance on this evil murder. Please do not give up until justice is done for the Mongolian woman.
    Bless you!!

  11. Aiiiiiii says:

    A document, which could establish a link between Altantuya and the French company is the guarantee letter written by Abdul Razak Baginda so that his mistress could obtain a visa to enter the Schengen zone (of whom France is a member country). The French embassy could not refuse this service to a man decorated with the Legion d’Honneur. But the role of Altantuya in the submarines negotiations is still not clear. Intelligence agencies find her background intriguing and the Russian FSB (ex-KGB) is following closely the case

    In March 2005, Altantuya and Baginda departed for Europe, touring France, Germany, Italy and Portugal in the red Ferrari of Baginda, staying in posh hotels and dining in the finest restaurants of the old Continent. This trip, however, was not only for tourism: the contract for the sale of the submarines had been signed in 2002, but important details had yet to be settled.

    “We knew that Baginda was used by Deputy Prime minister Najib Razak as an intermediary for weapons systems deals, especially the high level ones,” says a regional security affairs expert.

  12. 104East says:

    To add insult to injury, someone secured a RM38million contract for submarine rescue. Submarine rescue? No kidding. Do you tink we have the technology? Only a handful of countries in the world can do submarine rescue and even fewer countries have successfully done so. Even Russia, the super power failed in the Kursk disaster. Sounds like a 38million ringgit service that will never be required. This bn gomen stinks to the heaven.

  13. xy says:

    malaysia is getting so “small” internationally that it is becoming irrelevant.

    look at those leaders in africa, they pretty much do as they please irrespective of external criticism. No one cares.

    the change has to come from within.

  14. wits0 says:

    104East, after the Kursk disaster, there was this Russian mini sub one that took British ROV(Remotely Controlled Vehicle)specially flown in, to effect the rescue. Russia didn’t have the equivalent rescue tech. The British Scorpio ROV arrived before the American counterpart and effected the successful rescue.

    This RM38million contract for submarine rescue does not sound right at all! A company having no related experience, furthermore. Only in Bodohland can this sort of BS be advanced. Lumut Shipyard redux?

  15. Sulaiman Mahmud says:

    O, please proof with genuine picture (s) of Najib+razak+altantuya. Or French and Russian companies produces copies y of related documents or pictures of these figures plus Rosmah while they were in Paris

  16. Aiiiiiii says:

    KUALA LUMPUR, 2 Okt (Hrkh) – Blogger yang baru-baru ini ditangkap di bawah Akta Hasutan, Sheih, sekali lagi membuat dakwaan menggemparkan apabila meminta Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi menafikan bahawa beliau pernah menerima RM200 juta dari isteri Timbalan Perdana Menteri, Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor, sebahagian dari komisyen urus niaga kapal selam berjumlah RM500 juta yang didakwa diterima oleh Abdul Razak Baginda.

    “Adalah satu langkah baik jika Abdullah menafikan beliau pernah menerima RM200 juta dari komisyen urus niaga kapal selam berjumlah setengah billion ringgit yang kita dakwa diterima oleh Razak Baginda.


    Let not the path to the earthly throne
    Be strewn all over with prickly stones
    Leaving behind many people to pick bones
    While only a handful need wear dummy’s cones

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 250309
    Wed. 25th Mar. 2009.

  18. monsterball says:

    I repeat so many valid proofs …..all vanished or not accepted as evidences.
    Besides the vanished Immigration record…of the coming and going of the murdered lady…..Najib’s sms to Baginda…saying something this…”Stay cool. All will be taken cared of ” Why can’t the court summon him to explain.
    You see…once in court…he will be like Mahathir… cold feet and talking nonsense…14 times…..”I FORGOT”.
    But this is a murder case…and Najib mind is not as strong as Mahathir.
    Most probably he will break down and confess.
    For UMNO’s survival…..Najib must always be innocent.
    Aris….are you reading?

  19. OrangRojak says:

    Just out of interest – where is Malaysia’s submarine pen? I imagine you could use an ordinary port. but I imagine that’s not ideal.

  20. rlau says:

    If this type of case happened oversea I am sure whoever involved
    will be a goner. He will be investigated until kingdom come. Only in
    Malaysia the person involved still walking freely like nothing happen.
    Look at UMMO dogs not one of them dare to raise the Altantuya case
    all these while. All UMNO dogs have no balls and their skin are nither brown or white but yellow.

  21. wits0 says:

    Never heard of ‘Malaysia’s submarine pen’, but then , I boycott local noose media.

    Similar to the time when the Czech’s tanks was initially ordered divorced from tank transporters. Not enough money? Or didn’t strike a lucrative enough commission then? Only long afterwards, considered.

    Not to worry, when the Sukhoi and Submarine thing cool, there’ll likely be be the Iskander-E tactical missile systems drool…..:

    “Quite a Few Nations Interested in Russia’s Iskander-E Missiles
    Syria, the United Arab Emirates, Malaysia and other states are interested in buying Russia’s Iskander-E tactical missile systems.”

    It’s short-range ballistic missile of the earlier Scud genre.

  22. han mong says:

    Will the idiotic and moronic one known as monsterball stop insulting the intelligence of bloggers by spewing rubbish and haprak which has become common knowledge, in fact so common that no one is talking about it, except an idiotic and attention seeking moron like monsterball! It is better for you to shut up monsterball rather than trying to show how smart you are because in trying to do so, you make yourself appear stupid! Bodoh! That is exactly what you are in this blogging fraternity. I know you are a bored retiree having nothing to do, so you everyday surf the net to kacau others. If you are so bored, I have a suggestion – go put your face in the jamban with all the shit and flush it! That should wake you up. YOU are an utter disgrace to everyone in cyberspace monsterball!

  23. Fern says:

    Please, please all you out there, dont get all heated up over monsterball inputs.Its good to remember some of his points.Nothing wrong here if this retiree wants to play detective.Good for stimulating our brains in some mudane postings.
    No harm done and remember all views to be accepted.It’a free world.

  24. LOKE says:

    Why is Najib the next PM without challenge from other politicians? Just because he is the son of Tun Abdul Razak???

  25. arumugam says:

    Mr Fern, we don’t need idiots like monsterball to stimulate our brains with his mundane postings which either put everyone off or make them want to throw rotten eggs at him! If he’s bored and wants to play games, go elsewhere. Don’t come and irritate others with stupid postings

  26. Fern says:

    Hi arumugam,
    Sometimes he has the points and perhaps like rough edges of a diamond but he never strayed from most of the topics.Yes! irritation here can be very subjective but then again i find this blogs really interesting with such diverse views.Some do get out of line and some do get whagged properly but that is name of the game in most blogs.Dissenting views should be accepted with a pinch of salt!It does’nt hurt us but should be tolerated.
    Learning to ignore can be a fine art thats need tunning sometimes.

  27. captain marvel says:

    Submitted on 2009/03/26 at 10:10am

    Hello Fern,

    I think you miss the bottom line of Arumugam’s view of monsterball, a view shared by many others, including myself. There is nothing wrong for people to give mundane or even nonsensical replies. – if it is a single comment or so. The problem with monsterball is that he DOES NOT KNOW HIS LIMITS.. Even after people have pointed out his nonsense, he still insists on spewing his remarks and in fact intends to flood the blog with them…By the time, you come to half of his long gibberish nonsense, you already get fed up because you don’t know what he is saying…and often in very bad English and wrong spelling…distracts your concentration. If we all want to benefit from meaningful discussions and debates in popular blogs, then the likes of people like monsterball, who post merely to seek cheap publicity and thrills because he’s bored, must be curtailed.

  28. wits0 says:

    Submitted on 2009/03/26 at 8:56am

    Fern : “Learning to ignore can be a fine art thats need tunning sometimes.”

    True, the choice is ours, no one is pushing us either way.

    I, e.g. take an exception to the LKS blog’s slip shod moderation because basically it has a narrow focus and this focus is supposedly and expected to be somewhat more serious. Why pamper some worse monkies there and chastise others? Just because the first type knows how to flatter the moderators?

  29. munkee umno says:

    Submitted on 2009/03/26 at 8:55am

    Monsterball “like rough edges of a diamond” kekekeke. Kedai mas ada lebh baik punya bukan jalan kaki lima.

  30. monsterball says:

    If rough diamond..polished….grind.. to be perfect… few carat …perfect 4 Cs….sudah jual….orang kaya paki.
    Stay as rough and easy.

  31. monsterball says:

    Captain Marvel cannot solve simple problem?
    What superhero are you?
    Come on..say.”SHAAZAAM” and get lost!
    Try another nick.
    Thanks Fern….I appreciate your kindness.

  32. monsterball says:

    hi han mong…I am still working.
    I hope you have the luck to stay active when you reach my age.

  33. monsterball says:

    Please …please dickhead Captain Marvel….stop reading my messages
    You are actually making a fool of yourself.

  34. monsterball says:

    My postings have convinced so many to vote..change of government.
    Declare yourselves…..are we one or are you against change of government?
    Dare to be truthful….dickheads??

  35. monsterball says:

    Right now….one blog owner…who was so interested to join Gerakan….become so useful in Penang…joining DAP…listening to logics.
    Declare yourselves….FOR or AGAINST change in government.
    Judging from your idiotic remarks….all are pro BN buggers…correct correct correct…….hahahahahahahaha
    Siapa kasi monsterball tarok….rasa bola sakit…….hahahahahahahaha
    5 years I have stood tall against much much more worst insults from you all Tiny Tims.
    Nak lagi?

  36. monsterball says:

    Fern…..witso still cannot get it.
    Lim Kit Siang is an elected parliamentarian…a legend..and all his life…he fought against corruptions….freedom of speeches and equal rights for all Malaysians.
    His attitude…his blog..his posts…are free for all to battle it out.
    He does not entertain foul languages…that is all.
    Most blog owners are political …or non government persons.
    I am sure Susan and many will expose LKS or Anwar…if they find them…unreasonable.
    witso should not mix them up…..and try to battle “Tickler” or anyone…like a free man.
    In LKS blog…I do feel to express myself…and not so greatly insulted by people. So many will come out to defend me at LKS’s blog..notb here. I w9onder why.
    I appreciate Susan and others allowed me to defend myself.
    I will try not let anyone get me into frenzy moods…which I am sure..all are waiting.
    I hope witso will accept my sincere explaination ….and I have actually taken the liberty to complaint what witso said …at LKS blog.
    He keep saying……”tickler”..and I keep looking out for him… messages.
    So lets presume LKS took note and respect witso…..which I hope..he will
    comment there… proud of the man…who fought for our freedom..all his life.
    I am not saying LKS as a person …is all admirable and respectful.
    I am saying he got nerves of steel and guts…which he proved that….so many times.
    Why are we so ungrateful and unappreciative to a real freedom fighter?

  37. xyz says:

    Go get fucked monsterball. You are out of date, not out of sight

  38. barrelsoflaffs says:

    LKS blog is for the 70 year old fuddy daddy mindset crowd. But LKS only can collect handfull like this kaki lima monsterball. Mahathir got many more.

  39. sang kancil says:

    Wat it Monsterbomb?

  40. monsterball says:

    I am here!!

  41. monsterball says:

    Susan…Sorry to trouble you again.
    March 27…1.58pm is a copycat of my nick.
    See the different logo?.
    Noting few are out to just insult me…I will reduce my comments.
    Thanks …and sorry to give you so much trouble.

  42. kittykat46 says:

    Wah, so many people want to be Monsterball….

  43. tourman53 says:

    monsterball ,
    you may find many UMNO fans in here… keep it up & take care!

  44. monsterball says:

    Thanks kittykat and tourman53.
    I fail understand what benefits do they get..doing this at Susan’s blog.
    I put out one comment at current post…and out come another copycat with different logo.
    Actually….this do not discourage me to post at all.
    It is Susan I wish to avoid giving her too much problems.
    If those copycats have any respect for Susan…they should stop it.

  45. OBSERVER10 says:

    It is rumored that the submarine `pen’ is located in East Malaysia built at a cool RM1.6 Billion (NO MORE PLAY MILLIONS).

  46. ANTUYA says:


  47. ANTUYA says:


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