Yes. Don’t even go to the toilets! Sightings of ghosts below, in cartoon form, is provided by courtesy of Stephff.


More sightings inside. And I urge my fellow journalists friends to please report on any sightings, if you come across them!



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  1. xy says:

    ghost will appear to those who have the ghost in their hearts…

  2. TOKZ says:

    Hi Susan,


    Tell you what…….the GHOST is actually coming right out of ya SMELLY PUSSY.

    This is one fucking dumb article. If it’s atleast FUNNY…I can accept it but it’s neither HERE nor THERE. What a DUMB WANKING SLUT you are!!!


    You have within you the right ghost
    When you have the Holy Ghost
    You have within you the right spirit
    When you have the Holy Spirit

    Samuel Goh Kim Eng
    Wed. 25th Mar. 2009.

  4. garuda says:

    whatever ghost there is i am sure that Najib has it under control!!
    lets hope the spirits of all that is good come upon him like the fury of a hurricane!!
    Maybe even that wont suffice as Najib is never remorseful, has a good bomoh and also a very good ally in Satan.

  5. Altantunya says:

    Na….j….i….b, where is….my….commission???? I want….want…. you … to… give me….my share…. of the commissions…..or else….. I will…. chicket you… chic….chicket…you… till… you…. mangpus!!!!

  6. ghostbusterl says:

    Jangan risau..Hantu kita lagi kuat..

    Hantu diapa nampak macam hantu tapi hantu kita lagi
    dahsyat. Orang tak macam Orang , Hantu tak macam Hantu.

    Lagi lagi hantu kita Hantu Mabuk..tak sedar diri. lebih bahaya !!
    Main jauh sikit , jangan jangan muntah kat muka u .

  7. kittykat46 says:


    as I wrote in the earlier post, there’s a rumour going around the delegates that….Altantuya has been seen at the PWTC….

  8. Hahaha says:

    I have unfinished business with you C4. I will get you in good time…you rotten rat!
    I will be right behind you, Lover Boy. Where can you run…..

  9. My2cen says:

    Tonite he’ll be in high spirit, after hosting his boys to many, many rounds of gin, martini, XO. ..!! Maybe Dotty might recognise the other spirit!

  10. Anwar says:


  11. Aiiiiiii says:

    When the Chinese saw that I had a gun, she begged me not to kill her saying that she was pregnant, says Sirul Omar. Azilah threw her to the ground and I pointed the gun to her left temple. Then Azilah took her clothes off and put them in a black plastic bag. Azilah saw that her hand was still moving and I was ordered to fire a second time, which I did. Liberation has obtained a 5-page document which had remained a secret up until now. Sirul thought she was a Chinese national.

    The taxi driver which Altantuya hired took down the car number which transported her to her death. Police discovered that it was an official car, a bind which Najib cannot escape from. A few hours before his arrest, Najib sends Baginda an sms, « I’m meeting the inspector general of police at 11am. The problem will be resolved »

  12. Aiiiiiii says:

    “I’m a man reborn,” said Jaafar Hussin, a delegate and senior UMNO member from Pahang. “I, like many of my friends, didn’t think twice about accepting money or contracts in exchange for votes before, but now I am free. I feel the wonderful void which all the corrupt thoughts have left behind. I am at peace with the universe.”

    “Thank you for the rousing speech, Datuk Seri!” he said, before running barefooted around the hall, throwing flower petals onto the appreciative crowd.

    The sense of well-being was shared by every UMNO member nationwide, from top leaders to young members.

    “We’re returning all our ill-gotten wealth to the community,” said Datuk Seman Azizuddin, a Terengganu branch chief and businessman when met at a hotel nearby. “My friends and I, who had amassed hundreds of millions of ringgit from our close ties to the administration, will now denounce our corrupt ways and live the life of clean, honest people, thanks to last night’s speech. What Datuk Seri Najib said resonated with the child within our souls, and released us from the clutches of our greed for money and power. We shall now embrace purity, selflessness and spirituality.”

  13. ktteokt says:

    Time for the guilty one to get an EXORCIST to drive away the poor spirit! Otherwise, how can he ever sleep well!

  14. storm62 says:

    what is hantu to najis when he doesn’t even fear Al-mighty!

    he only fears losing money & power. otherwise he is DEAD!

  15. Johnny Cheah says:

    TOKZ, if you don’t like this blog, then don’t enter. If you are looking for something funny then go somewhere else. You don’t have to call the writer SLUT and use the word SMELLY PUSSY. If you are a man then behave like a gentleman

  16. ktteokt says:

    I wonder if he is afraid of HANTU or TUHAN!

  17. sam says:

    please give the respect to the death.
    Only fear those Alive worst then ghost

  18. Najib et all are living on borrowed time.

    We know it.

    They know it.

    What ever they do to us .

    We will do back to them double my brothers and sister.


  19. cuckoo bird says:

    If the agong consents Najib as the pm of malaysia, malaysia can be considered as a cuckoo country.

  20. dev says:

    Well, dictatorship is what Malaysians need most as they just can’t use their heads to think before they vote. We Malaysians deserve a government like UMNO as we just never learnt to use the power of the ballot effectively. UMNO knows us Malaysians too well, all they need to do is make some cosmetic changes and walla! Malaysians will be captivated and the votes will come pouring in. Lets hope that we still can hope in the three by elections that are coming.

  21. dev says:

    Well, dictatorship is what Malaysians need most as they just can’t use their heads to think before they vote. We Malaysians deserve a government like UMNO as we just never learnt to use the power of the ballot effectively. UMNO knows us Malaysians too well, all they need to do is make some cosmetic changes and walla! Malaysians will be captivated and the votes will come pouring in.

  22. caravanserai says:

    Albino unleashed
    Others are wrong
    They are right!
    In running the affairs
    Of the country

    Mind you
    The country comes last
    That’s telling the people
    What these selfish leaders intend to do
    Power, wealth, race, religion
    Royalty and country last on its list

    Read about it
    The rhetoric statements
    The country’s economic nosedive
    Albino takes potshot at its opponents
    We don’t need these leaders
    They never learn to see the bigger picture

    The economic agenda
    Don’t they realize how bad it is?
    They want to show
    How relevant they think they are!

    We already know
    The agencies at Albino controls
    Separation of power on paper
    In reality it is under Albino

    Only one ghost appears
    The vengeance slowly arise
    Nothing can stop now
    The hungry ghosts unleashed
    In April the gate opens

    One country one people
    Is it that hard to say?
    Changes will come
    It has to for the country survival
    It is what we are
    One people one nation

  23. Idzan Ismail says:

    Hi fans

    Another cock and bull story.
    I have worked years and years at Parliament.
    Nothing. Nada. Zilch.
    Only a ghost can see another ghost.
    Cleanse your thought, honey.

  24. rongaronga says:

    the ghost of altantuya is appearing in every international newspaper.

  25. rongaronga says:


    Fatso says

    By the pricking of my thumb
    Something wicked this ways comes
    Open locks, whoever knocks
    Hee Hee, its me, Altantuya
    Tenteramkan roh saya!

    Blonde-haired Macbeth says:

    Double double toil and trouble
    Fire burn and cauldron bubble
    I see an apparition
    I know she’s here, Altantuya!
    Oh guruji, selamatkan saya!

  26. monsterball says:

    hi fans
    I befriended so many ghostbusters and they confirm…many UMNO guys wear talismans to ward off ghosts.
    Nothing is because something is worn.
    But certain ghost power can overcome those useless talisman.
    Keep believing it….honey bunny.

  27. Aiiiiiii says:

    Idzan Ismail Says:
    March 25, 2009 at 10:10 pm

    Hi fans

    Another cock and bull story.
    I have worked years and years at Parliament…………

    yayayaya parliament full of cock and bull like you

  28. captain marvel says:

    “……Nothing is because something is worn….. What the shit are you talkking about monsterball? If you can’t even string a sentence properly to make yourself understood, don’t waste people’s time and Susan’s bandwith with your utter gibberish! Ptooey!!!!

  29. Horlic says:

    Hahah!!! simple and nice comic !!

  30. Junjungan says:

    Najib tak takut hantu, sebab dia adalah bapak segala hantu.

  31. monsterball says:

    aiyah….Captain Marvel…stop being my English teacher.
    Start to show your brain. Concentrate on the post…not me.
    You re disturbing others…not me.
    Why do you love me so much? Even my father did not care so much about my English or character.

  32. monsterball says:

    You don’t understand….”nothing is because something is worn”..ask nicely and I will explain.

  33. captain marvel says:

    Shut the fuck up monsterball. YOu are trying to behave like your UMNO masters, committing arson while shouting fire! fire! If all the nonsense you post is not disturbing other people, we don’t know what it is. But I can tell you that it is the shit coming out of your arse which you are trying to pass as “intelligent comment”. In doing so, you insult the intelligence of the people. Now go suck Najib’s balls in the same way you once sucked Pak Lah’s balls. Idiots like you never learn. You think your’e smart. Your\e notning but one damn stupid so chai, Ptoooey!!!!

  34. xyz says:

    No need for any explanations monsterball, because the more you explain, the worse the problem becomes. YOu are indeed a jinx monsterball, you know nuts and yet you think you are smart. Go suck Najib’s balls like you once did PaK Lah’s balls.

  35. Porcupine says:

    “Ah cruel Sire ! How dear thy son to me ! The generous offspring of my enemy !” – This was what the Romans said of Pompey, whose father they hated.
    Mahathir was a statesman but without the states of integrity nor dignity, His son , you, may aspire to be like Pompey,
    But the brains you don’t have, what a pity !

  36. monsterball says:

    “Father..forgive them…for they know not what they do”…….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  37. monsterball father says:

    Son! I will never forgive you unless you castrated your monsterballs voluntarily.

    Else I have to choice but to cut off your useless monsterballs personally.

    You are a disgrace to the dinosaurs.

  38. monsterball says:

    I was quoting Jesus last words…and here comes one mocking him.

  39. Anonymous says:

    The hantu will not haunt him at the moment as they want him to accompany them in hell later on…

  40. :) says:

    Didn’t Jesus Christ warn us that the devil will quote scripture?

  41. bee yong says:

    Beware..beware..beware. There is a two years odd baby ghost at PWTC. Remember Altanyuta was pregnant before she C4. Baby ghosts are very atteching. It stick to you as leeches.

  42. alan says:


    Seriously if you want to improve your blog, you must do something about this monsterball chap who thinks he is the owner of the blog and not you. Just look at the cavaliar way he is having a freeway posting his views to all and sundry which many people take with a pinch of salt. My question is do you want you want your blog to be associated with the likes of monsterball – whom many people in the cyber community have called all kinds of names. He has a long history of a mentally sick, bigoted, idiot all the way from Raja Petra’s blog, LKS, Hsu Da Rren and others. He thinks he’s very smart, but if you read his remarks, they are all nonsense..and written in very bad English too. If I were you, I would ban him straight away from taking up valuable space in your blog with all his nonsensicial postings

  43. monsterball says:

    No my real father said that to me…when he lost an argument.

  44. xy says:

    lets respect the dead, let them rest in peace.

  45. billauchris says:

    I never dream nor believe in poltergeist. But after having read the various reports and blogs, I have been rather moved to believe that the spirits of those who suffered violent death may surface and seek revenge against those who caused them to be in the netherworld.

    Seeking justice is a long and slow process in the country. I believe that the spirit of the dead is getting impatient and wants to seek out her killer(s) and torment them to reveal and manifest it all.

    Why only at PWTC and the Parliament House whereat the ghost of Altantuya appears? Does this mean anything to the interpretors of the occult? What do they have to say?

    Does that mean A’s ghost knows where and who to zoom in for the kill?

  46. Anak Malaysia says:

    TOKZ…apa kao kecoh?

    Jentik pun belum dah kecoh?

  47. m@ri@ says:

    Superbbbbb susan, i like wat u did to this site. keep up the good work. By the way…TOKZ CAN U PLZZZZ SHUT UP.

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