This is an abstract of the speech of former law minister Zaid Ibrahim’s presentation at KL’s Royal Rotary Club. He is almost telling us that we can’t ignore Najib Tun Razak’s “involvement” in the Altantuya Shariibuu case. Najib has to address these issues whether he likes it not. It is not true that he is ‘legally’ cleared of this accusation as his mentor Mahathir Mohamad would like us to believe. Bullshit. If he wants to be legally cleared, go to court. But that will never happen.

Consider this. Commissions were paid to an agent for the procurement of submarines through the Defence Ministry, Najib (then) being the defence minister. It is unthinkable that he had no knowledge that the agent was his adviser and aide, Abdul Razak Baginda. The commission paid out was exceedingly large, in excess of RM400 million.

The defence minister was dutybound to direct enquiries to see if there had been any impropriety in the way the contracts were awarded when news of the commission surfaced; after all the price of the submarines would be considerably lower without the need for such commissions.

Taxpayers, you and I, have paid for those submarines at a price that in all probability factored in the commission. Taxpayers are yet to be told of an inquiry let alone the result of such an inquiry.

Consider the Altantuya Shaariibuu affair. A young woman was brutally murdered, her corpse destroyed by explosives.

These explosives are not the usual type of explosives, yet no inquiry was held to determine how they were available to these killers. Those accused of her murder are police officers serving in the Unit Tindakan Khas, a highly specialised unit who amongst other things serve as bodyguards to the prime minister and the deputy prime minister.

Amidst evidence that the accused were employed to protect the PM and the DPM, they were directed to (Abdul) Razak Baginda through the aide of the deputy prime minister. Amongst other things, we have heard of the senior investigating officer admitting that the deputy prime minister was an important witness and yet no statement was taken.

It is not unreasonable to think that this is irregular, more so when evidence of SMS text-messages from the deputy prime minister concerning material matters have surfaced. The text-messages cannot be ignored, proverbially swept under the carpet.

Even if they do not establish – or are not capable of establishing – any culpability on the part of Najib, these issues must be addressed.

The air must be cleared, it is thick with accusations and doubts which can only undermine the office of the prime minister if he were to assume it. The deputy prime minister’s cause has not been aided by the fact that charges were preferred against (Abdul) Razak Baginda only after public outcry, the manner in which the prosecution was conducted and the decision of the High Court acquitting (Abdul) Razak Baginda not having been appealed.


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  1. paraquat says:

    Ooooooo now Jean the jinn will be teaching us manners and how to shut up – again.


    Zaid didn’t say that.

    Majority of the Bolehland people want him out and no one will be proud to have this kind of leader~tainted with so many scandals. He is next to Mamak Kutty.

    Yes, the King have many other good choices, one of them is Tengku Razaleigh.

    Let him become the PM and brings back the glory when he was the Finance Minister in 1970’s whereby One Malsysian Ringgit =1.2 Singapore dollar.

    Just ask Najis and his gang to F$#@ off and go to H..L.

    The people in Bolehland want to see the murderers hanged for this crime.

  3. BT Lee says:

    Remember,the witch hunt has already begun……

  4. eeyaw says:

    By his reluctance to go through due process of the law ie through Court actions, he is deemed to be guilty. To Badawi is it not prudent to lean on safe side by clearing NR name before his ascend to PM ship? By your inaction or lack of it you are equally guity of accesory to murder.

  5. Ganesan says:

    Too many unanswered question, too little answers. We should be a nation of clear conscious rather than muddled with such unanswered question. The Nation is bleeding for sanity. In this economic frustration, we cannot imagine the leadership fiddling with the nations live.

  6. DANET7882 says:

    WTF, when is this case going to settle or take a new twist? the deadline is nearer… OMG Najis is going to be the next PM soon.. or will he not?

  7. Maverick says:

    Fairdinkum ,



  9. caravanserai says:

    The subtle messages
    We don’t have to speculate
    The country needs upright leader
    To stir the ship on the stormy seas

    A strong hand; a steady command
    For the rough seas don’t give second chance
    One wrong move the heavy damages
    On our shores as we try to start over

    Too many rains
    Soaking the streets and drains
    Whispering the ills of the ruling elites
    Harboring alleged ill-gotten baggages
    Pulling them downwards into the sewers
    Yet they proudly display
    The dirty aroma walking on the corridors of power
    Nobody dares to touch them

    The ghosts of the past
    It is now rearing its way
    Owning it up the alleged leaders hide
    Putting up excuses swearing on it
    It isn’t the correct approach to right a wrong
    The undercurrents spin and toss around

    The ghost of Atlantuya
    One soul C4ed away
    Into tiny pieces of silvers
    Waiting for a time
    To engrave her marks

    The alleged person and conspirators
    The dark shadows will not let them go free
    The subtle messages moving around
    Retribution will arrive

  10. chandran says:

    I think if there time when Malaysians need to get together its now. We have every Institution that oversees illegalities captured and controlled by UMNO.Institutions are defined broadly as the “rules of the game” that emerge from formal laws, informal norms and practices, and organizational structures in a given setting.
    The Police, Anti-Corruption, Judiciary, Customs, Attorney General Chambers-are all controlled by UMNO and there is no oversight.The Judge in Perak decides to have a case that deals with public interest heard in chambers, the AG with all the evidence that would have meet a prima facie case for murder refuses to prosecute, or enquire into the police investigation of the Mongolian models murder.
    Laws are being broken with impunity-In the United States one bank reported that corruption between 1980 and 2000 amounted to more than US $100 Billion.
    I dread to think Najib will be PM-I can see that every draconian piece of legislation will be used widely to stifle dissent-we will be more than what a Police State will be.

  11. SlumDog Siva says:

    Malaysians are now an educated lot in the 21st century.I am still shocked that we cannot stop Najib Razak from being the PM of Malaysia. Isn’t this ridicilous.I like many Malaysians read all the material that dealt with the allegations of murder -the conspiracy, the ‘raw evidence’ and I am convinced that as a retired criminal lawyer-there is a clear case that needs to be met!

    How can we have a PM who is alleged to have murdered someone.I have heard about Clintons or Kennedys and their affairs in the White House .But when a homicide had been committed and the PM is implicated, he still wants the position without vindicating himself!

  12. Without Fear of Favor says:

    Didnt Dr M cover up for a murder case by a royalty? Now he is mentor for Najib. Guess what? Corruption at its zenith !!!

  13. llheng says:

    Zaid is a great man. He got the guts to speak his mind even on the future PM. From his speech, I do not know what this country will become if we have a PM with so much dirty evil baggages over his shoulder.
    I sincerely hope our great King will heed Zaid advice.
    No matter what, I will and I beleive most rakyat will support Tengku Razaliegh to be the PM instead. He is a much much better person that the coming PM. He will be the saviour of Malaysia in this trouble times.
    There are just too many doubts and questions on the Mongolian woman murder that have not been cleared. Keeping quiet and hope that everything will be alright is an indication of guilt.
    The whole world is now in trouble economically at the least and we cannot afford to have PM with dubious character running the country.
    Unless we want to go to the status below Zimbabwee.
    God help Malaysia.

  14. casper says:

    Yes, the office of the DPM is too closely tied in with Altantuya’s death but the hidden hand got in quick and managed damage control quite successfully. Till now, there is no word from one Musa Safri while the two UTK fellas have been lying through their teeth every which way and Bala is still missing !

    Can anybody in the media please follow up with Bala’s nephew ? No surprises if he clams up but at least make the approach. To the many journos out there, this is one hot potato that cuts to the gist of your profession, feel free to investigate.

    As much as questions have gone unanswered, there exist two degrees of separation between Altantuya to Najib but what stands out is the hundreds of million in kickbacks from the arms deal. That’s corruption that the European Union might want to look into. In the UK, there was initial inquest in an arms purchase between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and British Aerospace. Former Saudi diplomat to Washington, Prince Bandar was the central figure in question with kickbacks amounting to US$1.2b bantered about but the House of Lords has put investigations on hold citing Official Secret Acts that limits the flow of information.

    We may never get to the bottom of Altantuya’s murder but we can sure work it into our queries to follow the money trail, the Euro$111m that was funneled through Perimekar(Razak Baginda). It is almost a certainty Razak Baginda plied her with money originating from the arms deal. And oh ….. in part, I would like to say out loud – both Mr.Rosmah and Mrs.Najib are both thieves nesting high up there in UMNO’s nest while royally screwing both the Malay community and M’sians at large. And it beggars believe how a particular Sultan saw fit to endorse the actions of one man hell bent in bringing destruction to us all.

    Who are we suppose to turn to and just where are we to get help when terror lurks right in front of us ?

    Regards susan and all.

  15. neutral says:

    Like it or not.. the take over is ongoing…

    We just can make some noises , grouses , bla bla but the power
    of $$$$$ just too strong.

    Even idiot loves $$$$$$.

  16. wudan says:

    Bloody hell! Zaid cannot sleep peacefully at night and I have insomnia for the past one year.

  17. How did the policeman Gan came to the conclusion that Najib’s not involved in the Altantuya’s case..???? How..??

    How is it that the judges came to a conclusion on Razak & released him……???????????????? Based on what judgement..???

    Much much more questions but I guess it will never be answered.
    The trial is one hell of a circus show.
    Just to pleased the rakyat & then “no case” attitude..!!!!

    We are all just sitting “suckers”..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    If there’s anything that everyone knows
    Then there’s no need to talk about it
    If there’s a trump card that no one shows
    Then there’s the need to openly reveal it

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 180309
    Wed. 18th Mar. 2009.

  19. Putrajaya says:

    Najib was definitely involved. The police stopped their track halfway in their investigation when the tracks leads to najib’s house.

    Altantuya’s murder trial can be liken to a drug case. The drug’s pushers are on trial while the drug traffickers are out there on the loose. The police knew who they are, but their investigation stopped at the pushers.

  20. Nyonya Khan says:

    Someone said let Tengku Razaleigh become PM and bring back the glory when he was the Finance Minister in 1970..

    Yeah! Bring back the glory and let’s have more of the likes of Carrian Holdings Scandal when a BBMC official was murdered in Hong Kong.. yeah.. bring back more of the gory glory to Malaysia, we are all so hard-up for the great BN to rule us.


  21. Gong Tuah Tai says:

    Tengku Razaleigh (Ku Li) is definitely better choice than the PM-in-waiting. But don’t get carried away, folks. There was no “glory” in his time as Finance Minister. Much as I dislike MCA, at least Tan Siew Sin managed the finance portfolio better than Ku Li. RM then was on par with SGD. It was after Ku Li took over that it slipped to RM1.2 to SGD1.

  22. SlumDog Siva says:

    At the end of the day it was the UMNO and MCA -hand in hand that made a lot of money for themselves.The Bumiputra status was also granted to the Chinese businessmen.Look at Vincent Tan, YTL, Ting and Robert Kuok-anything they wanted in terms of contracts they could get! So frankly, if you talk about dismantaling of institutions to protect against corruption-the Chinese should as take blame.

    That is why Pakatan is a better bet.I am a Christian who prefers to deal with strict Muslim than a hipocrite.I will be happy with PAS in power and see how many hands are chopped off-half the cabinet will be handicapped-manybe more.

    What we need is to remove this government and have strong policies with regards to segregation.The present policy instills racial discrimination, segregation and not a respect for diversity.

  23. wits0 says:

    Gong Tuah Tai :
    ” ..There was no “glory” in his time as Finance Minister…”

    Nope, certainly not. There was George Tan and Carrian(with its carrions for scavengers) episode with murder and corruption included.

    I believe Tan Siew Sin was at least loyal and frugal – qualities unappreciated by U know Who. He probably died a disappointed and grouchy man(he was a grouchy Sime Darby chairman). For squeezing the non too rich ‘middle classes’ with high taxes on imports come each budget day, Siew Sin apparently didn’t die smiling for his sins finally.

  24. MalaysianWoman says:

    Malaysiakini reports:
    “A bomb squad conducting a routine sweep of the Umno HQ stumbles upon Jawi inscriptions and a piece of wood wrapped in white paper under the president’s table.”
    Someone put a ‘charm’ on Abdullah Badawi, poor man! No wonder he acts like a piece of wood … no performance, etc … though he is such a nice guy. Hope he stays on.

  25. paraquat says:

    `see how many hands are chopped off-`

    The i-LIMB Touch Bionics Prosthetic Hand

  26. pohyee says:

    Zaid said Najib is involved with Altantuya affair BUT Gobind told me Zaid is involved with Altantuya’s mother affair!!! Who is Altantuya??? Why is she so famous in Malaysia??? Is she and her mother also a PROSTITUDE????

  27. Richard teo says:

    The King will perform his ceremonial duty and hand the baton to Najib without the blink of an eye.there is no way the king will do any thing else.They have to jaga their rice bowl too.As for kuli, forget about him. He is another UMNO man who will just continue with UMNO’s policies. Very unlikely he can change anything.Only way is to get rid of UMNO and whatever and whoever it represents.No if and Buts.

  28. pohyee says:

    hahaha… so many of my friends are saying bladee hell why Zaid cannot keep his bladee mouth shut-up?????

    Sure cannot shup-up lah… because of his idiot boss step down early and no more EX-GRATIA to MAKAN…

  29. youbeggars says:

    Jean the cow has now got the bull pohyee to service kekekeke

  30. youbeggars says:

    “A PUTERI Umno candidate who was going to Kedah to meet some delegates was confused when she received a text message asking “Sek Kebangsaan atau Sek Inggeris?”

    “After asking around, she found out that Sek Kebangsaan – or SK for short – means salam kosong, which literally translates to “empty handshake” meaning no money, while Sek Inggeris – or SI – stands for salam isi or “handshake with contents” meaning there is money.

    “Later she learnt that delegates were also using other discreet terms like satu tiang for RM100, dua tiang for RM200 and tiang seri (seribu) for RM1,000 to demand for cash in exchange for votes.”

  31. pinkpanther says:

    This is d LAW.Malaysian law FBI-All so call otorotis_F……,B…… Idiots.What law ?Malaysian laws for 2 cents. NEGARA-KU.

  32. spectator says:

    aiyoh you’re hoping for the palace to look after the peasant.

    You tell me one example WHEN that has happened since PArameswara?

  33. justme says:

    If there is a world record for the most irrelevant of withnesses in a murder trial, I guess bolelahland(and that trial) gets that honour.

  34. spectator says:

    pohyee – i think you should stitch your anus,,,it has started to tokok.

  35. DrGiGi says:

    I dont give a fck who killed altantuya…..all i care is the basteds responsible gets death sentence. if by the end of the case no one is convicted, then malaysia is doomed!!!! women was shot, exploded in the middle of kl, all immigration evidence deleted, had close connection with top dogs, involved in a corrupt submarine deal, statutory declarations…what else the police needs!!!how are they gonna solve other cases when such blatant and obvious crime cannot be solved ? what if she was your own sister…how tormenting can it be?…..while this is happening the country is going down the drain…..50 years of no major natural disaster, country rich in resourses, hard working rakyat and yet we have not achieved anything great!!! damn BN damn UMNO

  36. free says:

    You don’t need a genius for the answers. The mastermind(s) has to be someone who had the ordering authority over the two assh~s. Their reluctancy to investigate and question the RIGHT people is f~ck obvious who has got their hands dirty.

  37. bamboo river says:

    So now the gomen is going to charge Zaid for sedition?


    At least for the time being, compared with Najis and gang, Kuli is still the most suitable candidate in this transition period.

  39. wandererAUS says:

    The Chinese has a saying, “When I introduce a bride, I need not have to show her organs to prove she is a woman”

  40. hahaha says:


    Since you are so well verse with underworld women, did you check if your mother and sister are slugs working in Chow Kit area.

  41. hutchrun says:

    Pak Lah goes about as a marionette, making explanations and statements on cue. He means nothing and says the obvious but which is given wide play because of who he is. He was in Bangi this week to open a new agricultural park, harvested the fruit trees as part of the opening ceremony. It normally takes three or four years to harvest the fruits, but the trees were planted only last year. The farmers who attended said they were not allowed to pluck the fruits, and saw it as another attempt to burnish his image.

    He does all he can to keep his enemies at bay and so that his son-in-law would be a force in government. Recently, he and the deputy prime minister, Najib , called on Mahathir for advise on the 9th Malaysia Plan. (But why see the former prime minister so late in the day?) They also saw Razaleigh Hamzah, a former finance minister and a powerful leader in UMNO but on the outside.

    A ground swell, particularly in UMNO, believes the successor to Pak Lah is Najib, but he, cautious as ever, hopes to accede without fighting for it. Mr Khairy has put the knife in, with incriminiting evidence which he will reveal if Najib ever becomes prime minister.
    -MggPillai [2006-03-04]

  42. hutchrun says:

    Pak Lah goes about as a marionette, making explanations and statements on cue. He means nothing and says the obvious but which is given wide play because of who he is. He was in Bangi this week to open a new agricultural park, harvested the fruit trees as part of the opening ceremony. It normally takes three or four years to harvest the fruits, but the trees were planted only last year. The farmers who attended said they were not allowed to pluck the fruits, and saw it as another attempt to burnish his image.

    A ground swell, particularly in UMNO, believes the successor to Pak Lah is Najib, but he, cautious as ever, hopes to accede without fighting for it. Mr Khairy has put the knife in, with incriminating evidence which he will reveal if Najib ever becomes prime minister.

    -MggPillai [2006-03-04]

  43. Justice 4 Altantuya says:

    Datuk Zaid Ibrahim is today admired by so many Malaysians of all Races for his principles in the Country and also internationally .
    If there is any Man suitable to lead Malaysia one day as Prime Minister , Datuk Zaid Ibrahim
    is the Best Choice for the Rakyat of Malaysia .
    THere are so many unanswered questions on the Najib-Altantuya murder and so many links that until today no one in the Police dare or unwilling to seek the TRUTH.
    This goes to show the ROT has set in ……and Malaysians are cheated and denied the TRUTH !
    Well said Datuk Zaid ………you have the support of the Majority of decent
    People of Malaysia .

  44. Bolehman says:

    Anyone linked to Mahathir has to be absolutely shit….exactly what Najib is……this country must get rid of Mahathir once and for all….the guy who invented the quota system, money politics, cronyism…and eventually bankrupted Malaysia financially and politically…..this bastard was dangerous from Day one….a snake of a drama king whom only the Tunku analysed well ……

  45. centrifugal force says:


    , the King have many other good choices, one of them is Tengku Razaleigh.

    Let him become the PM and brings back the glory when he was the Finance Minister in 1970’s whereby One Malsysian Ringgit =1.2 Singapore dollar.

    Aiyo! THis fella squandered billions of tax-payers’ dollars playing forex in the 1980’s.

    This fella should be in jail right now and you want him to be the pm?

    You must be kidding!

  46. Odie says:

    If ever Malaysia has Najib as PM, the country will be in deep trouble. Nations such as Singapore, Russia and France may have all the incriminating evidences (if he is guilty)and use that to blackmail Najib. Malaysia will be at their mercy, because whatever they ask and want they will get because Najib will approve without question. He will sell the country away just to ensure his links to Altantuya will never re-surface.

    There are many ways for the Rakyat to show their displeasure. If they allow this to happen and meekly accept the outcome, then the whole nation will suffer. The power is in your hands.

  47. […] Is Zaid saying that Najib is involved in the Altantuya affair? This is an abstract of the speech of former law minister Zaid Ibrahim’s presentation at KL’s Royal Rotary […] […]

  48. hutchrun says:

    `If ever Malaysia has Najib as PM, the country will be in deep trouble.`

    Maybe the country must be in deep trouble before real change can take place. Don`t forget – the Phoenix rises from ashes. So, M`sia must be in the real doghouse like Japan and Germany after WW2, before any `greatness` can creep in.
    The best the `smart` ones can do is to have certaion options to minimise the effects of `deep trouble` on themselves.

  49. gee67 says:

    Justice 4 Altantuya –
    yes looks like Zaid is the best person to clear up mess in the country.totally agree wt u.
    pohyee…. u better go do odd jobs, ill mannered n brainless idiot

  50. kumbalaya says:

    “Khairy has put the knife in, with incriminating evidence which he will reveal if Najib ever becomes prime minister.”

    That could be the easiest way to finish off Najis Razak. It is very possible that Khairy has such evidence. Maybe even that “missing” photo.

  51. sauron says:

    Ku Li warns Ali Rustam has the right to stop Umno election

    Razaleigh is among the latest to join the slew of leaders who have spoken out against his party’s decision to bar Ali Rustam from contesting the deputy presidency because of alleged involvement in vote-buying.

    “Mohd Ali can appeal to the Registrar of Societies to put a stop to the Elections if he is unlawfully deprived of his eligibility for office. At the very least, his appeal against his punishment needs to be heard before the party elections commence next week,” said Razaliegh in his latest blog posting.

  52. sauron says:

    Ku Li warns Ali Rustam has the right to stop Umno election:

    Similarly, if the Disciplinary Board has found Mohd Ali guilty of bribery, direct or indirect, it is legally required to report him and his agents to the MACC and and to hand over all the evidence it has collected to the MACC and to the Registrar of Societies immediately. If the Board fails to report and submit all the evidence of corruption it has found, it risks making Umno, as a party, accomplice to corruption, in which case the Registrar of Societies is required to act against it.

    The disciplinary board is not a replacement for the Courts of Law. Its job is to investigate and punish violations of Umno’s Code of Ethics. If in the process it comes upon legal violations, it must report them. In other words, the board is there to investigate ethics violations and not to provide Umno a managed alternative to legal justice.

    I don’t recall Parliament having passed an Act to exempt Umno from the laws of the land. It’s not as if there is a misdemeanour of “money politics” for Umno, and “corrupt practices” for everyone else.

  53. tiunyaseng says:

    Najib is a lalang.

    Now he is in Mahatieu’s camp. He needs to be tieued.

  54. tiunyaseng says:

    Can Malaysia be an advanced country under a lalang with his ball’s squeezed by the Mahatieu, sons & daughters?

    The rakyat sure will be tieued everyday under this two tiunyasengs!

  55. tiunyaseng says:

    The MB of Selangor Khalid Ibrahim has declared his assets, liquid and fixed.

    How about Mahatiu and Najib?

    “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” — Prof. John E. E. D. Acton

    “Power draws the corrupted; absolute power would draw the absolutely corrupted.” — Colin Barth

    “Power kills; absolute power kills absolutely.” — Prof. R. J. Rummel

    “The greater the power, the more dangerous the abuse.” — Edmund Burke
    “Grant no power to government you would not want your worst enemies to wield against you.” — “Smokin'” Joe Freeper

  56. jean says:

    So easy to win some people’s accolades and admiration. Just speak, hint or whisper anything against Najib or anytthing najib or for Anwar or anything anwar and you are there. Suddenly you will become a man of principle and some even suggest that he should be the PM of Malaysia.

    I bet on rosmah’s palm that if Zaid speak against anything Anwar, he would be damned and the same people here would describe him as a hopeless drunkard who got rich by accidently being born a bumi and received all the benefits and lucrative contracts by being a crony. No?

    BTW kk46, I did not even vote for UMNO/BN in the last election. I am not taksub to anyone or any party. I tried to stick with facts and figures and I am not apologizing.

    To those who thinks that name-calling is cool, I have nothing to say to you. I saw flies and bugs splattered on my windshield everyday anyway.

  57. SameSame says:

    How so true Bolehman (11.29am). However the old man obviously is not dying on us anytime SOON!!

    He (the MAHA M) started all these nonsenses and we the Rakyat are sitting duck with all whats happening. Are we SO DUMB/BLIND/STUPID???? What do the UMNO-BN and its tri-s**t-parties takes us for??

  58. bee yong says:

    He swear upon the holy book that he does not know the “Mongolian”. Did he sweared that he does not know ‘Altantuya’ – did he mentioned ‘Altantuya’???

  59. billauchris says:

    I salute Zaid for being so direct and forthright with his views on the impending transition of premiership from ABB to NR. He did not mince his words with regards to what happened to the poor lady who was c-foured and the recent shameful usurpation of the State of Perak which went against the national ideology of “Rule of Law”.

    I admire Zaid all the more when I read his book “In Good Faith” which was launched not too long ago. He is one who speaks his mind without fear and favour – a gentleman hard to come by. How I wish we have more people like him in the country.

    Who dare say when offered a ministerial position, “I do not need the job”. I do not think anyone nor any UMNO lackey dare utter such a statement without facing reprisal actions the politico-bureau. But Zaid stood his ground and said that when he took on the offer of becoming the De Facto Minister of Law.

    I merely pray that our YDP Agong will do his part by not accepting NR as the PM of Malaysia. he must exercise his power for the sake of the nation.

  60. SameSame says:

    Sorry Billauchris (3.05pm) if our Agung is anything like the other Royalty…dont la hold your breathe. They dont know how we the simple Rakyat feel or want. For them we are just cashing cows so we can work hard and pay taxes so they can just ‘makan-makan’ no need to ‘kerja-kerja’.

  61. sauron says:

    Malacca, like Perak, needs 2 CMs now – “dirty” one from UMNO & “clean” from Pakatan.

  62. SlumDog Siva says:

    Malaysia will never succeed unless every immigrant is an equal citizen.There cannot be a preferred or special immigrant. All should be equal and policy makers should move for improving race relations like Singapore,USA and Europe. Have a Malaysia Multiracial Day-Public Holiday and Festivals.This used to be practiced in the 1960s and 70s. Somehow since 1969 Elections -the Muslim religion and Malay rights became a major issue and that is when the rot started in race relations.
    So for a starter all citizens must be equal.

    Affirmative action can be implemented-but you must decide -who do you ant to give specail benefits-“needy” and “poor” would be a cathegory and how long are you going to positively discriminate.The reason for the time is because -you dont want them to be on crutches and later on wheel chairs and welfare queens for life!

    Finally pick people with merit.Do pick a lawyer to be the Minister of Education.As a lawyer he was only average and he has no training as an educationalist.Also its hard to say that you are teacher when you carry knives in Parliament threatning other citizens that you also represent. That is one example-the other -the US Female Soccer team can thrash the Malaysian Mens side-why? in the 1970s we had great players-Tan Aik Hwang, Mani Jegathesan, Mokthar Dharai and today -our hockey team is made up of whimps. Who is the Minister of Sports given for helping i the elections.Someone who obviosly has no record of sports!

    Such is the problem and I have given the remedy.If the government wants to segregate Malays, Chinese and Indians-must we follow them.We must act by ourselves and bring ourselves together in civil society meetings.

  63. sosong says:

    Someone commented that, once RM1= SGD 1.20, this was never, never true!!!
    The highest RM ever go against SGD is around 1975 – 76, when RM 1= SGD 1.03 or so, n Ku Li was just an ordinary UMNO member then! That time PM was Abd. Razak/Hussein Onn

  64. pak kau says:

    Malaysia is a blessed land but as soon as you put all these monkeys in this blessed land, it fast became a condemned land!!

    “The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in a time of moral crisis, maintain their neutrality.” — Dante, The Inferno

    “In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” — Martin Luther King, Jr.

  65. monsterball says:

    Talk as much you want….linking Najib to that murdered and blown to pieces poor Mongolian lady.
    Najib is surrounded by bomohs..voodoos….supported by his loving wife…..and he has indicated……corruptions will be on going…by supporting Ali Rustam can continue as CM of Melaka. ..while he promise to get rid of corruptions. How weird and crooked can one be. Even the sly fox…Mahathir said…it is absurd and ridiculous…..Ali found guilty on corruptions..cannot stand for UMNO election..yet…approved by stay on.. as Melaka CM. Mamak..when he is at his best…with his twistings and tunings…no one can match him to play dirty politics …at it’s best.
    Najib have sworn by the Koran…..protected by the Almighty too.
    The mightiest of all….will be the voters.
    Trust no one….but yourself…to do the right thing in 13th GE.
    Even Ong Ka Ting is exposing UMNO’s fraud…right now.
    Do you trust him? Mahatnir have shown more love to see Malaysians are united. Do you trust this snake..who started all these and encourage corruptions.. ..for 22 years?
    He is riding high…his son is successfully protected by him…so far so good.
    Malaysians have nothing to complaint about Zaid. Let it be that way…for time being.
    People’s Power is getting stronger and better.

  66. wahab says:

    “I saw flies and bugs splattered on my windshield everyday anyway.” Jean

    Aiyoyo sayang got flied dan bug(gered)

  67. storm62 says:


    how long have you not been laid? keep ur bladee kunt shut will you?

  68. Payback Time says:

    Zaid Ibrahim balls is bigger than the moon..only RPK can compare

  69. kittykat46 says:

    Hey Monty,
    Nice to see you back in Susan’s blog.
    How about some nice Mocha at the Kopitiam V.3 ?

  70. Silent Judge says:

    Zaid’s conscience is still working !!!!

  71. spectator says:

    >Even Ong Ka Ting is exposing UMNO’s fraud…right now.

    Ong Kata Nothing??

  72. wits0 says:

    “Zaid’s conscience is still working !!!!”

    His Balls are also functioning.

    “Ong Kata Nothing??”

    He and Koh So Con can both jump off the Penang bridge.

  73. Samg Kancil says:

    Whatever everyone say, Najib Razak is the PM and he is going to stabilise this politiks and push foward Malaysia through this economic gloom to be at once with the first world in the future.

  74. fairtoall says:

    Even as the government spends 67 billion ringgit ($18 billion) on economic stimulus, Lin Yun Ling, managing director of Malaysian builder Gamuda , told a seminar last month that ethnic quotas may lead Malaysia down a “long and slippery road.” Foreign direct investment may fall 50 percent in 2009, the government forecasts.

  75. wits0 says:

    Digressing a bit but not too much, take a look at the Proton(if not also Perodua) “car scraping rebate” offer for old cars. Working hand in hand with existing Puspakom requirements since ’07 regarding old cars, note:

    In the hard copy of the Sun paper on Monday, page 9, it seems that owners must get a certification from Puspakom (for RM20/-) that their old trade in car is roadworthy… thus said Syed Zainal of Proton. This is little known on the Net itself. Only the stupid hype is being broadcasted here.

    WTF, man, these old cars are generally roadworthy when the owners have only ONE. This is simple logic enough.

    Now we also see the onus and hassle of Puspakom being pushed to the customers while it SHOULD be the onus of Proton to handle this aspect of any such trade-in. Hassle of spending a day at Puspakom is a real disincentive per se. Not really the RM20 or RM30! This factor alone would make me keep my old faithful jalopy!

    It appears that Proton also wants to milk from the old crates, the last good working parts as well from vehicles meant for scrapping as well!

    In Germany, they offer 2,500 Euros and with less demanding conditions.

    Malaysia Boleh’s GLC company doesn’t know how to do business and wants everything to suit themselves. Expect this sort of attitude as the norm, everytime.

    Stimulus package!!! No honesty and brains in business. Customer hostile.

  76. the man from kampung says:

    You reaped what you sowed.

    Umnoputras are fond of reaping the fruits sowed by others.

    Malaysia is doomed under Umnoputras’ reaping the sowing of others policy aka nep…

    Proverbs 19:15

    Slothfulness casteth into a deep sleep; and an idle soul shall suffer hunger.

    Slothfulness is doing a job s-l-o-w-l-y. It is d-r-e-a-d-i-n-g a job and resenting the effort it requires. It is a lazy attitude and effort toward work; and it starts a vicious cycle. Laziness saps your energy, slows you down, intimidates your spirit, and puts you to sleep. Laziness begets more laziness, until you are a worthless bum. It leads to, “I’m too tired to do anything; I think I’ll take a nap.” Soon you are too “tired” to even eat (19:24: 26:15)!

    What are the consequences of laziness? In a godly world, you would starve to death! The Lord Jesus Christ of the Bible does not allow lazy people to eat (20:4; II Thess 3:10)! An idle soul – a person not moving and working – shall suffer hunger! Because you are lazy, noble employers will not promote you or pay you very much; you will stay in lowly jobs and get poorer and poorer (10:4; 12:24; 13:4). You will soon not have enough to eat.

    What is slothfulness? It is acting like a sloth! What is a sloth? The sloth is a mammal that lives in the trees of South America. They move very slowly – upside down. They are the slowest land mammals and travel very sluggishly on the ground (only 5 feet in a minute). When moving through the trees upside down, they travel at a quicker speed (about 12 feet in a minute). Sloths are very lazy animals and sleep an average of 15 hours per day.

    Each day brings several tests to prove whether you are a sloth or not. One is in the morning, when it is time to get up. What do you do? If you roll over, cuddle yourself under the blankets, and wish you did not have to get up, you are a sloth. Solomon mocked your antics in bed as resembling a door on hinges, rolling back and forth in the comfort of your covers until poverty has fully destroyed you (6:9-11; 24:33-34; 26:14)! The diligent man is thankful for another day, a place to work, and things to do; he gets up and going!

    Another daily test is when you face an unpleasant task, like a sink full of dirty dishes, or a large lawn needing to be cut on a very hot day. You will either, jump on the job and go at it with full strength, or you will tell yourself how miserable it is that you have to work so hard, and groan and moan all the way through it. Don’t be a sloth! Don’t think about how hard a job is! Think about how thankful you are for health, strength, sunshine, lawnmowers, grass, and having your own yard! Get out there and make it look great!

    The hard worker gets done first, enjoys working hard, has a sense of accomplishment, and is rewarded by God and men. He is going somewhere! He drives his new car past the yard of the slothful and sees him trudging behind his mower. The slothful man finishes much later, complains about everything, is crushed by a defeated and exhausted spirit, and has his used car repossessed. Fire that bum! The hard worker is happy, promoted, and asking for overtime! The slothful man desperately just wants to take a nap!

    It is all about attitude. And your attitude is a choice. If you get up slowly and wish you were still in bed, you will sap your energy and put yourself in slow motion. If you start a job with a sigh and resentment, it will seem like a mountain and take forever. Every job to the slothful man has a hedge of thorns in the way (15:19)! But if you leap up in the morning, thanking God for another day to serve Him, you can be done with several jobs before noon, have a full sense of accomplishment, peace, and joy, and be a great success.

    It is a choice. Don’t sit. Don’t think about what you need to do. Don’t think about it being hard. Don’t think about how long it will take. Start the first job now! Get at it! Don’t think! Work! Before you know it, the task is over; you are refreshed by the joy and reward of a job well done; you are rejoicing in your abilities; and men will promote you.

    A street bum, a panhandler, who sits and sleeps all day near his park bench, began with a choice one day not to work hard. One day of not working hard made it easier to be slothful the second day. In just a few days, he had lost the habit, conviction, drive, and joy of hard work. He lulled himself to sleep, the sleep of a bum. Sloth! Open your paper bag and drink your cheap wine! Fall down in the gutter and sleep in your own vomit!

    The cure? We could rid the country of bums by ending social assistance to such people and firing all slow employees. Our nation’s productivity would leap! Prosperity would abound much more than it does. Starvation is the best teacher of good work habits (16:26; 20:4). Men have a universal tendency to be thankful and motivated about working, when their belly button gets closer to their backbone! If our nation stopped protecting and subsidizing the slothful, men would learn to work, or starve! Either way, society and the workforce are purged of those unworthy of food and drink. What glorious wisdom!

    The cure for yourself? Don’t make excuses (22:13; 26:13,16). Get to work! Learn that extra time in bed is a horrible waste (6:9-11; 20:13; 24:30-34). Get up! Attack your job with fiery zeal, as to the King of kings; and think about working for kings, for that may be your next promotion (22:29; Col 3:22-25)! Work is pleasure and a privilege to the godly man, and he will be content with whatever abilities and job God brings his way.

    Parent, this is a great lesson to teach your children each day. It does not matter who discovered Bolivia, that the atomic number for titanium is 22, or that Spanish for nachos is nachos! But it does matter how children get up in the morning and attack their tasks for the day. Hard work and a zealous attitude are not the properties of any race, nationality, or temperament; they are rather the marks of the children of God. If you have learned the wisdom of God from this proverb, you will not subsidize or protect slothful children.

    Christian reader, the lesson of this proverb applies to all areas of your life, not just employment, washing dishes, or cutting the grass. It includes your attitude and efforts in your marriage, in child training, in personal devotions, prayer, and the worship of God. Are you ambitious, committed, energetic, and fervent in all these duties as well? There is only one way to live and approach our responsibilities – all out for the glory of God!

    Never think for a minute that this doctrine is unique to the Old Testament. Paul condemned slothfulness in the New Testament (Rom 12:11; I Thess 4:11-12; Eph 4:28). He ordered the churches not to let lazy people eat (II Thess 3:10-12). And he called for the exclusion of any church members compromising these orders (II Thess 3:6-15). The grace of God that converts sinners, and the proper preaching of His Word, will transform men from the slothful habits and thinking of this lazy and spoiled generation.

    Our blessed Lord Jesus and the apostle Paul were diligent workers. Jesus often did not have time for leisure (Mark 3:20-21; 6:31). He didn’t want night to come, because He would have to quit working (John 4:34; 9:4; 17:4)! Paul labored more diligently than the other apostles (I Cor 15:10). He preached during the day and worked at night; he preached during the night and worked during the day (Acts 18:3; I Thes 2:9; II Thes 3:8).

    There is no room in the kingdom of heaven for lazy and slothful people (Matt 11:12; Luke 9:62; 13:24; I Cor 9:24; Phil 3:14). Neither Jesus nor Paul was slothful, and they are both our examples (I Cor 11:1). They put their hands to the will of God and did it with all their might, just as we should do

  77. hutchrun says:

    “…..Najib Razak is the PM and he is going to stabilise this politiks and push foward Malaysia through this economic gloom…”


    Thursday, March 19, 2009
    Resolution on Dr M, Daim at next week’s assembly

    Mahathirism & Daimension. Delegates from Kelantan to the UMNO General Assembly next week may table a resolution for the party to appoint Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad as UMNO Adviser and Tun Daim Zainuddin as the National Economic Advisor to help us weather the global economic meltdown.

    Read this article written for NST h e r e.

    [If you don’t remember reading it in the paper, please don’t panic. Because the editors decided NOT to publish it! I was told it didn’t even reach the desk of the Group Editor…]

    There’s also talk raging in blogosphere that Tan Sri Sanusi Junid may be back as National Security Adviser after the assembly! But then there have been a lot of commenters saying that this blogger will definitely be made editorial supremo at the NSTP! How sweet …

    -Rocky Bru

  78. kittykat46 says:

    Its just a sign of how intellectually bankrupt UMNO is.
    By now even the dimmest brains among the members realise they are losing public support.
    For some, they only thing left they can think of is to bring back Mahathirism. Never mind instead of being the saviour, that retrograde step may well be the last nail in the coffin.

  79. DaTongShiJe says:

    Need the cheapest, cleanest colobarium in Ipoh? Call 05-3223413 for more info! Working hours are from 9am to 4pm on weekdays and 9am to 12pm on Sundays.

  80. Silent Judge says:

    Habis lah maruah Malaysia !!!

  81. Anonymous1 says:

    After all the frustrating news, treat yrself to a joke. Coffee on me.

    “Aiyoo said…
    This describes the malaysian politicians in a darn good way!

    A woman went to her doctor for advice. She told him that her husband had developed a penchant for anal sex and she was not sure that it was such a good idea. ‘Do you enjoy it?’ The doctor asked. ‘Well actually, yes, I do’, she exclaimed. ‘Does it hurt you?’ he asked. ‘No. I rather like it.’ ‘Well, then,’ the doctor continued, ‘there’s no reason that you shouldn’t practice anal sex, if that’s what you like, so long as you take care not to get pregnant.’ The woman was mystified, ‘What? You can get pregnant from anal sex?’’ ‘Of course,’ the doctor replied. ‘Where do you think politicians come from’?

  82. wits0 says:

    Maruah Malaysia all the while merely = unmitigating hubris ala umno. Completely suffused in the nonsense of false pride.

    In Ozzieland he can’t speak England, now he can!
    “‘I can speak in English,’ says Muhammad Taib”

  83. no-maruah says:

    Maruah Malaysia? Apa itu, malaysians do not know what is “shame” –

    Sirul Azhar Statement

    Report No : 7380/06
    Station : Travers
    Name : Sirul Azhar bin Haji Umar
    IC No : RF125591
    Race : Malay

    After asking for the Chinese woman’s articles, the Chinese woman surrendered her jewellery. She then asked to be allowed to urinate. Azilah brought her down from the jeep and I saw the Chinese woman urinating by the side of the jeep.

    After urinating, she saw the weapon that I was holding. I saw that she was in a state of fear and she pleaded not to kill her and said she was expecting.

    At the same time, Azilah wrestled the woman to the ground and I could see that she had fallen and was in an unconscious state. I opened fire towards the left side of the woman’s head.

    After the Chinese woman was shot, Azilah removed all her clothes and I took a black garbage bag and Azilah put all the Chinese woman’s clothes into the bag.

    After putting all her clothes into the bag, Azilah noticed movements in the Chinese woman’s arm and ordered me to fire another shot but the gun did not fire. I then emptied the weapon and loaded the gun again and fired another shot at the same area which was the left side of the woman’s head. I then took a black plastic garbage bag and with Azilah’s help put the bag over the Chinese woman’s head to prevent blood from spilling.

    After that I lifted the hands of the victim while Azilah lifted the legs of the victim and we carried the victim into the woods. Azilah then carried the bag containing the explosives and handed it to me. I took the explosives and attached it to the victim’s head while Azilah attached the explosives on the victim’s legs up to the abdomen.

    Azilah then pulled the long wire towards the jeep and I altered the position of the jeep so that it faced away from the woods and drove the jeep about 15 meters from the victim.

    After the detonation of the explosives, I pulled the excess wire into the jeep and left the scene and headed towards Bukit Aman.

  84. kittykat46 says:

    Haha, Wits0.
    The rich fella can afford the best private tuition….kekekke..

    You know, his acquittal in the Australian court is not reversible, but he can be charged for giving false testimony….he better be careful on his next visit to Australia..

  85. wits0 says:

    The most H/P6 one wants a Meiji Restoration so that the nons also will admire ’em, it seems!

    Sure thing. As soon as he commits Seppuku for the loss of the REAL Malaysian maruah!

  86. hutchrun says:

    “….so that the nons also will admire ‘em…”

    Just as they slaughtered goats and cattle in Parliament, I`ll admire the BN if they start comitting sepukku*.

    *(“stomach-cutting”) is a form of Japanese ritual suicide by disembowelment

  87. hutchrun says:

    Article from: The Australian

    FORMER Federal Court judge Marcus Einfeld has been jailed for lying to court to avoid a $77 speeding fine.

    NSW Supreme Court judge Bruce James said Einfeld’s “deliberate premeditated perjury” was “part of a planned criminal activity”.

    He sentenced him today to a total of three years’ full-time jail with a non-parole period of two years.

  88. hutchrun says:

    Hey Monty,

    You got a mention here:

    We used to put the blame on Monsterball for spreading the seed of disunity but the truth is, we are what we are. What had happened to us was a miracle, united by what we perceived as the weaknesses of a man named Abdullah.

    However, what we actually perceived as his weaknesses is actually his strength. Blogosphere will never be same again.

  89. Samg Kancil says:

    Very soon the two special squad murderer will be sentence to death and Najib Razak name will clear. He is the finance minister and he know what he is doing. When he becom the pm only than we can see the improvment in the country. Zaid no platform but talk nonsense. Dont be mislead by Al Juburi, he will fail our country. All the developpment and nation building and wealth will wasted. Mahathir has warn rightly.

  90. Jazebelle says:

    Most Ministers in Malaysia have permission to murder-Look at Moktar Hashim -murdered, convicted-sentenced to death ….but as UMNOputra Pardoned. The laws in Malaysia are to protect the politicians from the public who want transparency.This must be a convaluted democracy where the laws will punish the public for asking questions!

    Even as we speak this Blog is being monitered and each individual reply will be scrutinized by the Police-working for the government and down the line, trust me you will receive your reward! Scary huh? C-4 , and more.

  91. hamderhak says:

    When the Selangor PR State Exco declared their assets, all the BN members were clamouring for their say and comments. What a scum these UMNO/MCA/Gerakan leaders.

    When these scum leaders were in the government, they never even dare to declare their illegal gains during their term. What’s more, the present Federal Cabinet Ministers did not dare to mention the declaration of assets. Also why are’nt the other BN state exco asked to declare their sources of income ? Why the double standards ?
    Why ? You know the answer.

    As with the wily Tun M , he is the master of political strategy. His flip flop support of Najis showed his true colours. One day Najis is a lousy leader and on another occasion he is the best among the crop. What nonsense !

    Tun M is now busy plotting the removal of Abdullah Bad. expediently and next manoeuvring his son’s Mukhriz to the UMNO Youth leadership in the coming party elections. Well, being the UMNO Youth head, he has a fifty percent chance of becoming the next deputy PM.

    After this , he will strategise to destabilise Najis downfall after which Muhiyuddin will assume the PM’ship followed by Mukhriz as the deputy PM.

  92. wits0 says:

    IMO, Monty was never a racist ; he may be many things but not a nasty retard as to be one. He may not care to parse his expressions eloquently enough, especially in the past and one may not often agree with them but a racist, surely not!

  93. harrison says:

    My dear friend Wits0, – you are absolutely right.

    I thought he was but when I further sleuth a case-file of him. He got his dossiers divulged by a Chinese blogger – all arises from the spat at FSZ.

    Then he claimed that Bernard Khoo a.k.a. Zorro betrayed him by divulging personal details to someone.

    Then he (you-know-lah-that-time) when he was kicked-out by Susan for being a racist.

    The very fact that we know of him was that his enunciation was totally misunderstood.

    Like I say before, racism is one of the oldest motivation to con someone/anyone ala Mahathir Mohamad who now started to spark his Machiavellian tricks again.

    He started by sly-ly slamming the Malays of not being united but all out in power-grabbing and avarice for wealth. he was right. Because he was playing this game from the start . Mahathir will do anything to outdo his enemy- the present one – Khairy Jamaluddin. I wonder an author who wrote a malicious book about Khairy that resulted the latter to lodged a police reports was come from the architect of lies and falsehood- mahathir Mohamad?

    Monty is never a racist. Not that any facts that can support so.

  94. Silent Judge says:

    Money talks and money kills !!!

  95. monsterball says:

    Thanks to all…especially witso.
    I am near 70 and everyday is a blessing to be alive..healthy .. for me.
    I am not money rich….but have no problems with money to stay happy too.
    My biggest pride in life…is having so many rich people trust and willingly want to help me….if I turn to them. So far so good…never trouble anyone….not even my children.
    I have no selfish ulterior motives..but speak what I sincerely feel….even exposing certain people. Zorro alias Bernard Khoo is one man..I despise blogging. Mahathir in one ex PM…I hate most…because he divide to rule and encourage corruptions.
    Witso and I were a great team….in those old days..where jarkuns were plenty…talking cock all the time.
    I recalled he said…I am indispensable in Susan’s blog…not so now…as assassins have turned to be goody Malaysians…hahahahahaha
    Thank you ..o0ne and all again….and I thank Susan for having me in her blog too.
    Our last meeting on a 5am breakfast was memorable…and I look forward to meet her again.
    My only wish ….is to live long enough to cast my 13th GE vote….for a change in government and see the results.
    God bless all Malaysians!!

  96. monsterball says:

    My reply is lost in the dustbin.
    My first kind thanks to witso..after so long…..gone!!

  97. PIG(Police Inspector General) says:

    Dear Malaysians, WELCOME to the remake of Bollyhood land called Bolehland……too much hindi movielah! No wonder the TYT Melaka gave Shahrukh Khan “Dato” title. The police , AG & courts have been told to train their personnel based on Shahrukh’s movies……now can you see where the C4 came from!!!!!!! The plot is in a movie where Shahrukh falls in love with a terrorist but in the finale to save innocent people from being blown up by a suicide killer in his lover & become a hero he hugs her and is blown up into pieces………only the motive & plot revised by Big Mama !!!!!

  98. daryl says:

    Malaysian as a whole is quite dumb and let me provide the prove:

    1) A soon to be PM that never clear his name in so many controversies that make Hitler look like a saint. The only thing he has done to try to clear his name is to swear on the good old Al-Quran. I am not sure about this but I bet almost daily criminals in Malaysia swear on this holy book but is still guilty of a crime. What make you think a “politician” get away with this swearing?

    Do I need to go any further or that basically cover everything? Now we will be going back to let our pants down and let BN have a go at our behind again. Welcome to Malaysia.

  99. the man from kampung says:


    You are right! This ‘Malaysia’s kini Zorro unmasked’ is a real disgrace to the original and genuine Zorro.

    This ‘Malaysia’s kini Zorro unmasked must be arrested and sent to Alaska together with that Mamak fro Kerala joinning the sea lions and let the killer whales sodomized them.

    They are a disgrace to mankind!!!

    Killer Whales

  100. Ulan Bator says:

    Najib is welcome to seek asylum here if things get too hot in Malaysia.

  101. itdas says:

    Zaid may be ISA soon

  102. Tickler says:

    the man from kampung Says:
    March 24, 2009 at 9:12 am


    You are right! This ‘Malaysia’s kini Zorro unmasked’ is a real disgrace ……
    They are a disgrace to mankind!!!

    Rocky Bru?????????

  103. Slumdigger says:

    My gut feelings ( and I get sick thinking about it), that after all this pain and suffering that we had to endure these 50 odd years with the Barisan Government, all will be forgotten and we have another 50 years of the dishonesty,lack of transparency,fraud,corruption and very bad governance-leading to further breakdown in race relations………shall I say more.

    What disgusts me is that Hishamuddin Hussein Onn, the cousin of Najib Razak has the audicity to talk about Malay rights as if the other non-Malays are not in existence.I dont say any malays standing up and demanding that Politicians also consider the Non-Malay citizens of this country.

    That is why I lament that this will not go away and BN will remain as a black cloud over Malaysia.

  104. monsterball says:

    Tickler….Rocky as I know him is grateful to Mahathir for helping him. in the past…..but he is no body’s puppet….especially to Mahathir.
    I am sure…Rocky do feel sorry for Mahathir many times….but cannot say that out.
    For what it is worth most….Rocky is casting his vote…for change of government. This I am 100% sure.
    I maybe wrong…but you see…working class people and self employed ones…cannot think the same ways. Both shave different objectives and characters…and only those who yearn for promotions…yearn for success in their working lives….may understand Rocky as I do.
    Rocky needs to be systematic..realistic… practical…intelligent…to see his business survive.
    Where have he got time to balls carrying politicians…….especially Mahathir?
    He should balls carrying Abdullah….Najib to get tenders. Is he doing that?
    Tickler….when comes to money…people do change….but for what I know Rocky personally….he is so busy focusing on his assignments…to earn decent livings..which happens t be reporting.

  105. Slumpdigger says:

    Actually there is nothing to talk lah.Either the malays want to accept that the Indians and Chinese are citizens of Malaysia or not is the issue.If the answer is in the negative-then lets leave.I am sure that most OSCE coutries will accept including the USA.If the answer is in the positive-move for policys that bring the races together-like in the USA.

    Have affirmative action for the poor.Disband UMNO, MIC, MCA and everything that segregates.Be honest to each other and amend the constitution to follow-Allah. Did God/Allah make everyone unequal?? If the Muslims think in Malaysia they are special, then they should join hands with the Jews as the “Chosen race”. What is the difference?

  106. Slumpdigger says:

    Monsterball , please dont talk nonsense.Who cares about Mahathir and who the F…is Rocky ( Marciano). Listen to me.In one month malaysians will be looking to the country for direction because there will be no jobs, food and a whole lot of banktrupcies….everything in Malaysia will be BUNKUS!!! The economy is DEAD!

    Now you have a PM who has made peole also DEAD! So stop pussy footing and get on track-I believ Mathias Chaing will be sucking up to Big M because his law firm has a major suit to contend with.

  107. monsterball says:

    Slumpdigger….You want to prove you are so smart and comment….just do so..and stop using me as your excuse.
    Actually….what the shit are you talking about?

  108. Almighty says:

    I feel sorry for all you Malaysians….for so many reasons….

    The whole case with Altantuya…poor little girl….what a waste…and what a joke. The case is pretty clear, the evidence is there…but of course, in the world of Bumiputras…how can Baginda or Najiib be prosecuted ?! Of course not, this is Malaysia afterall.

    As for all the non-Malays….poor you….you live in a country with no rights…you’re all second-class citizens at best….that sucks.

    To all those that think Malays or Malaysia will rise to greatness one day….keep on dreaming…guess none of you has ever been abroad…you guys will never know what greatness is….though you all firmly believe that your shitty country is great….what a joke….hahahhaahah….man…..

  109. monsterball says:

    Almighty..Our country is great…….because of the 3many great races many natural resources…and it does not take all Malaysians to go overseas to know that. You need brag to start your message.
    In any country…there will be rouges…thieves…con men…hypocrites..gangsters.
    Unfortunately…our country is govern by these people..
    It takes voters to appoint them. It will take voters to replace them.
    We are not dreamers. we are realistic and practical.
    How many countries have you visited?
    If you have traveled the whole world…you will note…Malaysia is one of the very few land of plenty and beautiful.
    Like all good family….it takes a bad son to spoil the reputation.
    What country do you come from?
    Usually one who writes like you…is one with full of jealousies ..perhaps no citizenship approved…..still an Alien?

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