Can a 12 month suspension of MP Gobind Singh drive the ghost of Altantuya away from Parliament?

No sir, it wont. What it will do and has done with the announcement of the suspension today is to revive her spirit.

If some quarters believed Najib Tun Razak and Rosmah Mansor had nothing to do with the heinous crime of blowing out her body, well, with Gobind’s punishment today, some may start to believe that maybe there might be some truth in it.


Or else, why such an action against an MP? Isn’t 12 months a bit too long? What about his constituency? Wouldn’t this be eventually punishing his people?

Why should Najib be afraid of being called a ‘murderer’? Get Gobind to prove it in Court!

But there are too many unanswered questions about the case and if not cleared up anytime soon, Najib could become a caricature for everything wrong about a Malaysian politician. (Malaysian Insider)

You see, I did not say that. But I am sure that many are thinking on similar lines. The suspension only enforces Gobind’s allegations, it seems. That Najib may have something to fear.

So was it wise to let Gobind Singh have his cake and eat it too, Najib?

The DAP and Pakatan Rakyat will crow about this ‘injustice to an MP’ to high heavens, from today until kingdom comes.

What more, Gobind’s dad, Karpal Singh (Lion of Jelutong, etc) will be (has been?) slapped with a sedition charge(d) over his plan to sue the Perak Sultan over the Perak Crisis.

Why do the papers say ‘threat’ to sue? The word connocts something ‘violent’ whereas it is just a citizen’s right to use the law to protect him/herself, isn’t it?

If ordinary citizens can’t even plan to do this, I  must say, we have totally lost it. And along with this, will investor confidence in the country be lost too.

Who dares to invest here, when they perceive that justice could not be fought for in this land?

Meanwhile, Karpal and the DAP are sure (already happening) to gain alot of political mileage out of these two incidents.

So is this a wise act, Najib? Seems like you may  want to rid the world of Altantuya, but she lives on even more eerily in the dungeons of your mind.


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  1. harrison says:

    Marks the return of the brutal force of the incoming Najib admin. Good morning Sloone. 😉

  2. rider says:

    Liverpool scored 4 goals against Manchester United’s 1, but this jittery fool is scoring own goal after own goal afer own goal into unmo uniteds goalpost. Good God this ghost is real, and is taking its revenge slowly but steadily.

  3. anak sarawak says:

    Najib had better come clean or peace will be out of reach for him! Why isn’t he defending himself in court, to clear his terribly tainted reputation? Can such a man be a fair PM? What is he so afraid of? He and Rosmah keep denying ever meeting/knowing Altantuya…why is that? If I were them and I were innocent, i would sue and counter all accusations in court to prove my innocence to beyond a shadow of doubt!! Denials do not equate to innocence! Denials are a coward’s way out! Come clean, la, Mr PM-to-be! All your recent moves proved one thing: DEMOCRACY IS DEAD OR DYING….

  4. k c low says:

    Its unbeliveable that Gobind is suspended for a year. The offence – being courages to get to bottom of the most gruesome murder in Malaysia. The report in the french newspaper – Mr. Foreign Minister, what action will you be taking to refute the report. Its serious you know. Malaysia’s international reputation is at stake.

  5. aja49 says:

    Every move BN makes to stop PR from revealing the truth will always be backfired in the end.
    It will garner more support from the people in the coming GE 13. Let’s wait and see.

  6. Wow! sloone,

    “Business” sure is brisk for you. Congrats, keep up the good work and sure you will have a lot of friends.

    As to Najib, he has money and powers but has no real friends.

    It’s lonely ‘up’ there. Hope his ‘real good friend’ Altantuya could accompany him ‘up’ there.

    Proverbs 19:7

    All the brethren of the poor do hate him: how much more do his friends go far from him? he pursueth them with words, yet they are wanting to him.

    Here is an accurate observation by King Solomon. Human nature is rather ugly, when men’s motives are analyzed honestly. A man’s own family will forsake him, when he is financially poor. And he will certainly lose his friends, for they no longer see any reason to associate with him. Though he may express much affection, they leave him anyway.

    Family is usually tighter than friendship, so the world says, “Blood is thicker than water.” But Solomon here teaches that money is more important than family! The world should coin a new saying, “Money is thicker than blood”! Philosophical talk and romantic songs about eternal love and the precious value of a soul are nice, but the reality of life is that without opportunity for personal gain, most men will forsake both family and friends.

    Some proverbs state an observation, and you must discover the lessons. Solomon observed that most men are selfish: when they perceive no further financial opportunity in a relationship, they will dump the person. And he saw that this horrible trait extended even to family and friends. What can you learn from this terrible indictment of your race?

    Mankind is inherently selfish, greedy, and opportunistic. They know lust, or self-gratification, much better than they know love, or self-sacrifice. A wise man learns this trait of men and considers it when analyzing situations or making decisions involving others. He will remember the underlying ambition and selfishness in most relationships.

    Most friends are fair weather friends. Their commitment and loyalty to you are only as deep as your pockets! When the going gets tough, they get going … right out the door! True friends, of whom the world knows little, are not so fickle. Solomon also wrote, “A [true] friend loveth at all times, and a brother is born for adversity” (17:17).

    If you earned your poverty by slothfulness or stupidity, you should not complain about your lack of friends: you have driven them away by your own folly. Diligent and honest men rightly despise lazy and stubborn men. They fear to be near you, lest you will ask for another handout to subsidize your sin. Get to work, avoid foolish scams, and save some money; they may return (19:4,6; 20:4; I Thess 4:11-12; II Thess 3:6-12; Eph 4:28).

    The only true friends are those united to you in Jesus Christ, Solomon’s Son. They are not fair weather friends, for outward circumstances and lustful ambition neither motive them nor affect them. They are committed to you by their love of God and His family. They are more interested in your perfection than their profit. Where are such exceptional friends found? In a church of Jesus Christ, where they assemble for this very purpose!

    There is no shame in legitimate poverty for those that follow Jesus Christ, for He has chosen the poor of this world to be His children (I Cor 1:26-29; Jas 2:5). And though false friends may leave and forsake you, the blessed God, Who has adopted you to an eternal inheritance with infinite riches, will never forsake you (Rom 9:23; Eph 1:18; 2:7). His love is everlasting and unchanging, regardless of circumstances (Rom 8:38-39).

  7. bamboo river© says:

    This is the month of ‘Cheng Beng’. Prayers for the departed .

    To the oppositions, please bear in mind more of you will be suspended for any excuse possible by the BN. Your lack of quorom in the Parliament will be an advantage for BN especially Najib.
    Please be on your toes! Don’t do the piroutte. 🙂

  8. monsterball says:

    All Godind did was asking Najib what Malaysians want to know.
    Gobind do feel for Malaysians and got punished so harshly for it.
    Foremost of all….immigrations record of how the late Atlantuya///how she came and gone.. ..out from K.L..lost.
    Witnesses recorded statements against Najib… lost.. One witness against Najib…disappeared into thin air.
    Clear evidences….showing Najib knowing the outcome of the case…against Baginda…at the very beginning…one year ahead of time….not approved to be submitted hurl him to court.
    But the Koran swearing by Najib….deem very truthful and nioble of him.
    Does UMNO think Malaysians can easily forget???
    Yes…I also feel the ghost of Altantuya is desperate to be heard in Parliament through Godind….besides performing his utmost and finest duty to represent the voters……..and usually all good….brave righteous politicians are gunned down. You need to accept money…or else..under UMNO government.
    Once you can be bribed…you have sold your whole family to them.

  9. monsterball says:

    Why is my comments keep disappearing?
    Real frustrating.

  10. wandererAUS says:

    I have said many times before, God works in a very mysterious way. Crime does not pay!
    Altantuya maybe blown to pieces but the full size ‘Ghost’ will be haunting those who murdered her.
    It is interesting to note that Fat Mama shed crocodile tears, she is human alright but, a rotten one!

  11. molecule says:

    Just pay her her due and she will go away, Najib!

  12. molecule says:

    Karpal and son should declare their assets and then demand all the parliamentarians to declare their assets.

    Dey! Use your brain and not your heart.

  13. imwatchinu says:

    The way events are unfolding in the country, one cannot help but feel that indeed the spiritual presence of Altantuya following her killers everywhere. I think she will not rest until justice is done. The live has been snuffed off her because of the greed of those responsible for her death.

  14. kautim says:


    you are right. my skepticism on the murder allegations have gradually disappear as UMNO and its apparatus went the extra mile to subvert evidence.

    if najib is not involved, why go to such an extent.

    najib, your last call. dont run and just give us a mere denial. let evidence surfaced to clear your name once and for all. if you are not guilty, there is no need for any cover-up, isnt it? malaysians deserve a PM without the word “MURDERER” hanging over his head, aint it?

  15. Resh says:

    ‘please don’t kill me ,I am pregnant’.These were the last words from the victim,to her killers.She must have thought only about her unborn baby then.What kind of animals,can carry out such a heinous crime,against a helpless and a defenseless,pregnant lady?What has become of this wonderful planet earth?People have called her slut,bitch etc,etc,but sincerely ,even if she was one,is that a bigger crime than murder?Does that warrant her to be killed in such a brutal manner,esp when another innocent life is developing within her?So far all the suspects and also those who are linked to this murder are people who profess the islamic faith,which suppose to be the perfect religion on earth as muslims always claim.How come then a perfect religion produces animals like this,who goes on killing even people in custody?What is the punishment for such animals in islam then?How come there is no punishment for Baginda who admitted that he indeed had an affair with Altantuya?I believe,in Islam adultery is dealt with a heavy punishment,if I am not mistaken.I am sorry ,I hope my muslim brethren do not construe me as maligning Islam,not at all, thats not my intention,I just want to know the truth.Maybe some one can be helpful here.Whatever is it,in the end we are all human beings,either criminal or not,we dont go around taking the lives of people,bcoz those lives belong to the maker,i.e GOD.

  16. lucia says:

    quote: “Why should Najib be afraid of being called a ‘murderer’? Get Gobind to prove it in Court!
    You see, I did not say that. But I am sure that many are thinking on similar lines. The suspension only enforces Gobind’s allegations, it seems. That Najib may have something to fear.”

    exactly what i think too, susan. (great minds think alike eh?). my post last night i mentioned about karpal’s charge – well good in a way he can prove himself but why was that DPM never ever even call up as witness? he didn’t want to prove himself completely innocent? yes something to hide apparently, something to fear.

  17. Joshua says:

    the ghost of altantuya is in 5 continents of the world and 7 seas. wuahahaha

  18. The minister who took the move to suspend the M.P. to please the coming P.M. so he can remain as a Minister when Najib takes over.
    He forgot it is only for the duration before the next
    GE, we all know what will happen, after which no Minister will remain jobless for good.
    May be that is why Najib needs to appear to come up with more ‘packages’ for himself and soon to be jobless Ministers !

  19. neutral says:

    Well , everyone knows the rule of cause and effect.

    The ONLY glaring difference happening all along here is the application of “DOUBLE STANDARD “.

  20. ktteokt says:

    This suspension of Gobind will only jeopardize further BN’s winning in the coming by-elections for this tantamonts to a silent admission of guilt!

  21. eeyaw says:

    I see the extent to which barisan colludes in protecting the scumbag from the Altantuya’s murder case means that they are equally guilty of the crime. I tell you God and the Rakyat will not foresake Altantuya until Justice is served. That I can you assure of.

  22. Idzan Ismail says:

    The Deo man asked for it.
    How can you abuse the immunity of Parliament to cast asprsion on others.
    If you go by that, any Mp can even say Sussan kiledl that Mongolian woman.
    No rep in Puching? Says whom?
    The government is giving him one year to be a hands-on MP.
    From what I heard from friends living in Puchong, he’s not interested in mindane thingi like water cuts or clogged drain..
    Not even seen his shadow.
    The hot-shot got bigger fish to fry.
    Same goes to the father. Jelutiong people left to fend for themselves.
    Spewig leglal mumbo-jumbo is his ONLY forte..
    Malaysia is a better place wtout them.

  23. whispering9 says:

    Malaysia has a good established set of laws and order. But the present government appears to be breaking them to their whines and fancies just to maintain political hegemony. Suspending Gobind and going after Karpal is akin to covering fire with papers. Sucking up the coming boss with some dire consequences. Sigh….the coming by-elections should be a good indicators on the soul of this nation because most of BN current actions can darken any country spirit. Are we another Hitler country in the making?


    “There’s no smoke without fire” [English proverb]
    Even for all those on secret hire
    In grave circumstances dire
    Waiting for ultimate truth to sire

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 170309
    Tue. 17th Mar. 2009.

  25. john says:

    Someone said Malaysia is a better place without them (Karpal and Gorbind). Pray tell is our country better with a murderer as your leader? Is this country better governed when the ruling party twist the constitution to suit its agendas? This is what the Singhs are trying to do, prevent all these from happening and here we have a loud mouth trying to undo all the good work.

  26. caravanserai says:

    The ghost appears
    On the steps of Parliament
    The ruckus it causes
    Until the Speaker gets jittery

    The way he meted out punishment
    On a wayward MP
    All because of Alantuya
    The beauty once death images haunt

    People know
    The burying of the dark angels
    It is evolving soon
    As the light begins to beam

    The shadows trying to hide
    in the dark nobody knows
    Unless death claims
    In living there is no way to run

    No doubt Go Bin tried
    A mistake he paid
    For a way to bring justice
    He forgot about the dark angels
    Majority rules so he lost his game

    Albino thinks he gets rid of a pest
    He will be surprise when it is his way out
    For the nail will keep hammering in
    Until there is no where to escape

    The ghost on the parliament steps
    Whispering her vengeance in space
    For the truth will finally arrive
    Atlantuya is her name

  27. Toh Woon Lee says:

    Don’t think that when you have commit murder you can get off with it.
    Even if you can escape the law you cannot escape from the haunting spirit.
    In modern times, there was a guy who commited murder during the Ming Dynasty and through a long period was reborn again into modern time and the spirit of the one he murdered during the Ming Dynasty followed him until
    the present time waiting for a chance to take revenge. This incident was related to me by a well respected Monk.
    So watch out. You won’t be able to escape even if you die and reborn again.

  28. kittykat46 says:

    Yes, answer me, you murderer !

    The more he wields the big stick to silence the questions, the more people will be asking questions.

    Even the Makcik who sold me the goreng pisang this morning knows about “soalan pasal kes perempuan Mongolia itu”.

    PM2B is coming in with the heaviest bagagge of any official in Malaysian history.

    The other day the medium at my local temple just kind of mentioned he can see PM2B has “things” following him…..if you believe in such talk…kekekek….. 🙂

  29. kittykat46 says:

    Yes, answer me, you murdxxxx ! !

    The more he wields the big stick to silence the questions, the more people will be asking questions.

    Even the Makcik who sold me the goreng pisang this morning knows about “soalan pasal kes perempuan Mongolia itu”.

    PM2B is coming in with the heaviest bagagge of any official in Malaysian history.

    The other day the medium at my local temple just kind of mentioned he can see PM2B has “things” following him…..if you believe in such talk…kekekek….. 🙂

  30. najib sez says:

    My darling Idzan Ismail killed that mongolian whom I never knew nor met.

  31. najib sez says:

    My whore Idzan Ismail kiled that mongolian whom I never knew nor met.

  32. ipohMali says:

    this stupid and mindless move will only stir up more people curiosity to know more about Altantuya murder case… Well, I think there isn’t much moved the pile of shit can do, either move is disadvantage to them 😀 😀

  33. wandererAUS says:


    What kind of animals,can carry out such a heinous crime,against a helpless and a defenseless,pregnant lady?

    The same type of animals who cornered a disabled man outside Parliament House. Celaka Binatang Delinquents are the same low beings like Altantuya murderers. Surprised?

  34. chong says:

    yes, altantuya is back! and ruined the government’s ‘no eyes to see, no ears to hear & no mouth to talk’ plan on this vicious issue.

    since the celaka pemuda UMNO don’t dare to do it, i suggest that the Pemuda keadilan to do it.

    ‘TO LAUNCH A COMPAIGN TO BOYCOTT FRANCE!!!’ let’s do the hindraf’s style!!!

    by doing so, the government is forced to reply if they wanna throw away the malaysia integrity and good name just to save the najis murderer suspect.

    let’s launch the campaign now!!! call upon all the international medias!!!

  35. Saiful Haq says:

    Resh….If Islam can have its way here, all those culprits will be dealt with severely after a stringent investigation and a fair trial, status and position notwithstanding. The prospect of being punished under Islamic criminal law is always spine-chilling to the criminals, who commit crime for crime’s sake, those in UMNO/BN included. That’s why despite professing to be Muslims UMNO never support Islamic laws such as hudud and never help non-Muslims understand it. They know, if Islamic law is put in place, they are at the receiving end and sooner or later that very law will catch up with them.

  36. Ahmad Ismail says:

    Betul (a)dik. Kamu dah pandai berperang sekarang ya. Abang sokong dinda. Balik lah kalau tidak suka tinggal di Tanah Melayu.

  37. Sim Kwang Yang says:

    I have been told by quite a few parliament staff members that the Parliament house is indeed haunted. When parliament is not in session, the people working there have seen small kids running around in the mainhall outside the chamber. Cleaners had seen women ghosts floating in the air outside the window in the tower block where MP had their offices. I never used my own so-called office, just in case. The office tower is really weird.

    So they have a new addition. So wgat’s new.

    sim kwang yang

  38. FuckBN says:

    Idzan Ismail and Ahmad Ismail, fuck off. Dont waste precious internet bandwidth with your “licking Najis and Roast-pig-mah’s asses” comments.

  39. TQBANG says:


  40. OK says:

    OK, All you MPs out should repeat what Gobind said, in Parliment.

  41. OK says:

    OK, All you MPs out there should repeat what Gobind said, in Parliment.

  42. vj says:

    Are we living in a democracy or barbarian country ??? So busy charging opposition….What happen to Kuhan’s murder case???

  43. Menyalak-er says:

    Conscience and guilt are wonderful human attributes. It leads to all sorts of ‘knee jerk’ and infantile responses if one is evil, don’t you think?
    Of course it’s detrimental to YB Gobind, but it certainly shows that the goons are so desperate to hold back Genghis’ Golden Horde after their horse (including missing PI) has bolted!
    Mme Idzan Ismail, you need some sleep and calm down… your spelling has gone down the gutter. But since you are a masochist (dunno about the sadism part though), you’re most free to share your anachrostic views here…

  44. yeahright says:

    Tuhan itu Maha Adil tak kisahla Tuhan mana- mana agama pun. Buat baik dibalas baik, jahat dibalas jahat. Tak dapat kat dunia, alam mati nanti dapat balasan. Kena ingat kita ni makhluk tuhan bukannya tuhan tu makhluk kita.

  45. rider says:

    One loud mouth is not a nation!

    When you meet Mr. Shaaribu, you walk away, an MP ask you a question you walk away, when Liberation implicate you,you walk away, who do you think you are Najis? An Emperor? We don’t need emperors no more unless you have a nation of loud mouths to rule over!
    Relics like you belong not in the museum but in a zoo to be laughed at.

  46. allen says:

    I believe the speaker of the parliament is subservient to Najib and he has to follow instructions or else his position is at stake.This fler is nothing more than a robot and has no feelings.

  47. amoker says:

    It is the speed and the fact that there was no real debate.
    Were the MPs allowed to debate whether Gobind have the facts to say that Najib is a murderer? No, it was rammed thru.

  48. bamboo river© says:


    Becos the ghost can float thru walls while the devil have to piggyback on humans. 🙂

  49. justme says:

    If I am rich and powerfuland and my name being quoted all over cyberworld as a murderer, all you bloggers can expect my lawers calling and suing each and every one for defamation and what not.

    But then going to court, damn, the defence most probably have the 2 tiger Singhs in their defence team, and by all probability mauled my testimony apart on cross examination, their sharp claws are capable of digging and unearthing precious material not complimentary to me.

    So “silence is golden” as the saying goes, but then it is also deafening.

    I’ll just stick to “beheading of cockerels” on the altar , and thats good enough, take it or leave it.

  50. Xi Ah Mang says:

    If Ronnie James Deo Singh think Najib murdered Altantunya, as a lawyer he should know that he cannot accuse people in the parliment without proof since it is unethical. It is also unethical to talk about an ongoing court case.If Deo thinks he is right, do it in court.

  51. justme says:

    if I, being rich and powerful I would sue each and every blogger for criminal defamation for dragging my name through the mud.
    I won’t, because you bloggers would have the 2 tiger singhs in your defence team, and they are capable of tearing and mauling all my withnesses testimony apart, and their sharp claws could dig up more dirt.
    So I’ll crawl into my shell, and practice the “silence is golden “rule. And for your information, in the presence of my favourite monk, I have sworn and beheaded 2 cockerels at the altar.

  52. billauchris says:

    The one-year suspension of Gobind is too much, too long and too severe a punishment for someone who represents the people to speak his mind boldly in Parliament.

    What sort of Speaker are we having in the Parliament? Not long ago, when the Perak State Assembly Speaker exercised his power to suspend the magnificient seven for contempt of the Assembly, he was severely criticised by all and sundry for abusing his position. He was taken to court and was not even allowed to be represented himself and by lawyers that he appointed. Subsequently, the High Court’s decision was set aside. What has our judiciary degenerated to – a kangaroo court?

    All MPs are allowed to speak without fear and favour in the Parliamen where they are immunized against any form of court actions when raising, arguing and deliberating any issue which is of public interest. The suspension slammed on Gobind indeed spells the doom of parliamentary democracy in the country. Shame on all the BN MPs. You have disappointed every freedom loving citizen of the country. You guys have lost all your sense of proportion, justice and sanity by doing what you did to your fellow MP!

    Then came the charge levelled at Karpal Singh under the Sedition Act for having threatening to sue the Perak Sultan for appointing Zambry as the new MB while the old MB was still in office. Could not a commoner, let alone a MP, sue the royalty for committing an offence or a wrong against a human being? If this could not be done, then where can we seek justice?
    I thought our former PM Tun Mahathir already clipped the power of the royalties; in that they can be tried for committing offences against the people and the state.

    Now Karpal is being charged for sedition? What offence did he commit? What the heck is going on ? BN you have forgotten what your party leader had done previously. Where is your sincerity? You talk but do not walk your talk.

    How can the rakyat ever trust you guys anymore?

  53. Pegasus says:

    The heat is on!, there is no escape or lubang cacing to run and hide. . sooner or later the whole thing is going to be C4 again…! Najib have to eventually face this as a man and clear this ! Gobind does not deserve this but this should be to his and PR advantage ! The people wants to know the answers to the immenient questions on Altantuya’ murder. We will wait for the 13th GE !…Gobind, You’ll Never Walk Alone!!!! We are with you bro.!!!


    Now, everyone in the most corrupt party has distant themselves from Dollah and they are moving closer to Najis, both palms on his LP (bodek, ampu etc).

    These goons better be careful. Otherwise they will be “poey” by Najis till “kiaka”.

    (Poor Dollah, he should have cleansed his party first., and he should have learnt from tun Hussein, sent the murderers to the gallow. Now the extremist hero from Melaka and the son-in-law are in trouble. Is it too late for dollah to act? May be.)

    Have they forgotten that Alty’s ghost will continue to haunt these two most wicked murderers in Bolehland.

    Even Mamak Kutty , the greatest magician from Kerala cannot make her Ghost disappear.

    Now, the whole corrupt party’s grass roots will be haunted as well, by her Ghost for a long long time until justice is done.

  55. SameSame says:

    Billauchris….Who trusts them? For sure I don’t and never have. Much to laugh, mahathir also commented on Najib’s baggage in the Interview with Reuters printed in The Malaysian Insider. The old man also got doubt ah??? That speaks volume aint it

  56. LimDokSa says:

    Everyone should know that “person is innocent until proven guilty”…so Gobind Singh may hv gone a step too far by calling Najib a murderer. Instead he shud hv asked Najib to sue those who accused and clear his name in court, especially when he’s taking over the top post – PM of Malaysia.
    Anyway this is for Najib:-
    Halo bang, dalam 2 – 3 minggu lagi kamu akan menjadi Perdana Menteri Malaysia…..gimana dong, sampai saat ini nama kamu semakin tambah buruk!! How to be a PM if your name is so tainted?? How are you going to face leaders of other countries with confidence? You shud sue all those who accused you, bring them to court and clear your name. Be like the ministers in Singapur….they never give chance….sued their accusers from every sides, including the backsides….until all hancur and bankrupt!! That is the way….otherwise you are telling the whole WORLD that you are – GUILTY, TAKUT, PENGECUT, TAK ADA BUAH…..!

    Kalo kamu tidak BERSALAH…..jangan takut!! There is nothing to FEAR if you are innocent. By swearing on the Koran does not make you an innocent man…..any Tom, Dick and Harry can do that!!! This Altantuya case will continue to go on….You just hv sue and go to court to clear your name, that’s the only way….unless you got something to hide…!

  57. storm62 says:

    nazri took quick action on YB Gobind but what about the french reporter, nazri?

    you mentioned in your PC that if no action was taken, people will think that najis is guilty. am i hearing right?

  58. paraquat says:

    Nazri took quick action as he knows that this is the best way to give Najib publicity that Najib could well do without particularly with regards to the UMNO elections this month.
    In the much touted RAHMAN nomenclature of PMs, we have to think out of the box. `N` could well be Nazri – not Najib.
    In winning the “bumiputra” elections uncontested, Najib will win the battle, but lose the war.

  59. kittykat46 says:

    Sim Kwan Yang :
    Nice to see you here. I’ve always enjoyed reading your articles in Malaysiakini.

    “……..Parliament house is indeed haunted. …. The office tower is really weird.”

    Not surprising. The building is over 50 years old, and nobody actually lives there.
    Before March 08, the office tower was mostly deserted. It all changed after GE12, with Ministers and Deputy Ministers camped in the office block when Parliament is in session, especially during the Anwar “katak” scare.

  60. tONY says:


  61. billauchris says:

    Same Same, it is encouraging to hear that you do not nor ever will trust the BN scums and bums. But the number is certainly dwindling ever since March 12, 2008 after the shocking defeat at the election.

    Look at how dirty the pre-UMNO Assembly election campaign can be! It looks like N knows how to get rid of certain guys who can be his threat in the near future. MACC merely targets at those N wants it to go for fdor their neck.

    I just could not stand the BN’s conspirary levelled at Karpal Singh who was being charged for sedition by merely opining that the Perak Sultan could be taken to Court for his wrongful decision in appointing Zambry as the MB while the other MB’s appointment still subsisted. What was wrong with that?

    Why did not they go for MM when he initiated the move to clip the power of the royalties? You know why no one could touch him? He was the Home Minister as well! So he ruled supreme!

    In a parliamentary democracy, everyone is preseumed equal before the law but some of those imbeciles are trying to change the rule of the system such that they will become more equal than their equals where free speech is concerned within the House of Parliament.

    If MPs cannot speak freely in the Parliament nor can they express their opinions, frustrations and grievances outside without facing the water cannons and police brutalities, then Malaysia will fast tend to an autocracy where one race can speak while the rest shut up!

    That is what I perceive. Let us preserve our sanity and objective to oust these scumdogs from the Parliament. They just defile the sanctity of the House.

  62. billauchris says:

    The golden rule states, “Do not do unto others as you would not want others to do unto you”. This rule has survived the test of time and it applies to the spiritual dimension as well.

    If one does evil to another human being, the spirit thereofl will haunt and continue to haunt the perpetrator for live. He will have no peace of mind until the day he kicks the bucket.

    It is interesting to note that the soul of Altantuya is paying a courtesy call to Malaysian House of Parliament – a House that was supposed to uphold and perpetuate justice, peace and harmony as well as promotion of prosperity and commonwealth of the people of Malaysia.

    Legends have their say in that the spirits of those who died an unnatural and painful death like altantuya will return to torment those who were involved directly and indirectly in her “evaporation”.

    For her spirit to appear at the House of Parliament might suggest that she could smell and single out for vengence those who were responsible for her C4 death.

    The trial of Altantuya in my opinion is likened to a “wayang kulit”. It must be retried for justice sake and for the judiciary to redeem its lost credibility. Those responsible for Altantuya’s death must be brought to the Court for trial and justice must not only be done but seen to be done.

    There are a lot of questions that were supposed to be asked but were not asked. Instead, the Prosecutor went about and around the bush wasting the public’s time and money.

    The AG must ensure that the following responses be obtained from those responsible:

    1) Who authorised the issuance of the C4 exlosive?

    2) Where was the armoury wherefrom the C4 was drawn?

    3) Who was the officer on duty on the day when the C4 was issued?

    4) Who signed for the receipt of the C4, the quantity, the date and time of issuance thereof?

    5) Where is the register kept at the armoury concerned to keep track of who issued and received the C4 explosive at what time and for what purpose and who was the officer who issued the order for the release of the C4 explosive. Where is the letter of authorisation?

    6) Was there any C4 left and returned to the armoury?

    Had the inquiry be more focused, I am sure the the identity of the culprit would be found. On conviction, the culprit must pay back his life for the one that he so mercilessly took.

    Best of luck. May the apparition continue to haunt those “killers” who are roaming in the august house of parliament. May the ghost bring to justice those who killed her.

    THERE IS GHOST…Suppose someone killed anyone for unreasonable reason, the GHOST will appear and kill him and will follow him and disturb
    him throught the life. GOD WILL SAVE EVERYONE FROM EVILS.

  64. monsterball says:

    I saw a very pretty ghost …dressed in night gown…at 2am sitting alone at a football field. I approached her and tell her to go home.
    She smiled and I just left her there.
    Next day…I heard a girl commit sucide……long before 2am….just opposite the football field.
    Yes…this is a spirit world.
    I have a strange feeling ……Najib wears alot of talismans to protect himself.

  65. JEFFRY BONG says:

    In Malaysia, there is no need to repeat a lie.When a lie is told
    in the Mainstream media, opposing views do not see the light of
    Day and if the lie is left unchallenged. It becomes the only version
    out there and by default, the truth.

  66. asimo says:

    hahahha,too much allegation that have been made…its not a real ghost,”Thousand meaning” depends on people perception..anyway,we can’t accuse or prove najib was behind the murder scene..just let highest court decide either he is involve or not…Can be but not guarantee…As you know “world is not fair” yes that is the truth..crony,politician,powers is exactly happened before najib reign.

  67. tokkok says:

    Najib murderer

  68. asimo says:

    How do you know najib murder altantuya,no alibi can define what exactly happen..DOUBLE FAIL!!!!

  69. trantor says:

    asimo – farter and MULTIPLE FAILURE living in umno fantasy land and sleeping on Musa Hassan and AG`s mattress

  70. asimo says:

    do i said im with UMNO side??hahahhah fantasy land???its a fact,even you,me,community living in UMNO can see what is infront of you..but you still denied…haahhahahaha….if you think you can beat UMNO hahahahahhahaha…you’re totally SUPER FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…yeahh you have a right to talk and give some opinion…IN BLOG actually..heheheh…if you want to throw your idea/haters that is not the way gentle and matured…

  71. saiful says:

    asimo……..arse i more

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