Dotty seems to have learnt a new skill. She’s become a fortune teller of sorts: “Najib’s destiny to lead”. Wow. Dotty is really multi-talented. Now, all you ungrateful Malaysians. Why don’t you appreciate the fact you will inheriting such a nice lady when Najib Tun Razak become PM?

Unlike you, I thought of Dotty when I saw this on Youtube. I hope Dotty enjoys this as much as I do.


Have a healthy weekend.

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  1. Joshua says:

    The duo may get away with it but sepandai-pandai tupai melompat, akhirnya akan jatuh ke tanah juga, maybe neraka…WUAHAHAHA

  2. JS Ong says:

    There is no way anyone in the world will get away with any form of murder i.e. take away a life given by our Almighty God. They may escape from the rules of the law; but rooster shall come home and roost in one way or another. This law of nature is what Piggy Dotty and Najib are subject to.

  3. kittykat46 says:

    Thagarajoo, Nalla-the-Snake’s driver had an SD swearing that Najis and Dotty use the services of a Guru-Ji shaman.

    Yes, it sounds like Dotty has a firm believe in fortune telling.

    Najis will be the PM, no doubt about it, but he is also the last “N” in RAHMAN.

    After that its Adios UMNO. No thanks are due for plundering the country.

  4. Idzan Ismail says:

    Ms Agent Provocateur

    It’s not funny!
    Please stop insulting my friend Rosmah.
    Anyhow, she’s gonna be First Lady come April.

  5. eeyaw says:

    To all those who voted barisan you get what you ask for. Yes, a nasty slap of saturated fats good only for manufacturing cholesterol. Not only that she will suck you dry before you blink your eyes. Only the branded stores wil rub their hands with glee. Poorah Malaysia!

  6. JS Ong says:

    Dear Idzan, you may or may not stop Susan from so-called ‘insulting” Piggy Dotty friend of yours…….but there are tens of million out there who despise her and Najib. Your emotion is unfortunately reminiscence of umnoputra’s arrogance and ignorance. But so be it………

    Please continue to ampu your piggy dotty for as long as you want. Is your choice whilst letting million others entitle to their opinion.

  7. caravanserai says:

    The dot in the dark
    Crawling right to the top
    Eyes red with anger
    Of those who still deny
    The right she has
    On the throne

    The unruly hair
    Dusting white web
    Years walking in shadows
    Now the dot finds
    The destiny she thinks she has
    On the throne

    The fortune whispering
    The Indian witch says
    ‘You have a chance
    To sit on the throne
    A price must be paid
    If you aren’t careful’

    The dot knows
    The extra baggage on the shoulders
    Let the people scream
    “I am going on my throne”

    The paint brush hides
    Waiting for the opportune time
    On the day the paint falls
    A new light will shine

  8. Patek1472 says:

    Destiny! Rosmah Mansor is a fan of Nostradamus?
    (Takdir! Rosmah Mansor peminat Nostradamus?)

  9. eeyaw says:

    God save Malaysia!

  10. timmy says:

    Unity Government the only way to prevent this from happening.

    Some people are condemning the idea of unity government raised by Tengku Razaleigh without understanding why the unity government was booted in the first place.

    PR supporters argued that they do not want PR to work with the corrupted BN leaders. Well, that’s a true concern, because they believe if you start to live along with the corrupted, you will be perceived as corrupted as well.

    BN supporters argument is relatively more simple to understand, why the need to share the power when we are in control of the Parliament.

    Let’s reflect what were thinking when we first heard the news of Pak Lah would not be defending his UMNO presidency and then Najib won the UMNO presidency uncontested.
    We knew in our heart this is not right, as the next leader has so many unanswered allegations hanging behind his backs. Can he perform his duty well with all the on-going attacks against him?

    You can read Kim Quek’s article here on why Najib should not be the PM here.

    Many shared the same view. Now let us examine what ideas do the public comes out with to prevent this from happening.

    i. Most of people, includes PR and Raja Petra, calling Pak Lah to continue as PM. One blogger even said, “Pak Lah, please made this flip flop as the most counted one!”. With Pak Lah no longer the UMNO President, he has lost his support from within UMNO itself. In order for him to continue as PM, he needs to command the support of majority of MPs in Parliament. With UMNO no longer supporting him, he needs PR MPs votes plus 30+ BN MPs to show support to him for Agong to convince that he still commands the support of the majority, therefore he can continue as PM.

    But this plan has already 2 setbacks.
    a. Agong had thanked Pak Lah for his good work and wanted a smooth transistion of power, which means the Parliament has accepted the fact that Pak Lah has indeed going to resign in March.
    b. Pak Lah supported the BN takeover in Perak showed that he is not a person that uphold the constitution. He allows laws to be interpreted to their own benefit instead of turning to the rakyat for the answer on who should be in charge in Perak.

    ii. There are some like me who thinks Tengku Razaleigh is a better choice as the caretaker PM before the next general election. He has just the right mix, BN, UMNO, royalty, speaks for the rakyat and has the knowledge on how to save the economy.

    He has been talking about bold reforming that the government and country needs. He has always call a spade a spade. Look at some of his bold comments here:

    For him to become PM, he also needs the PR MPs + 30+ BN MPs to vote for him, the same scenario for Pak Lah to stay on. But he is the better choice, commands greater confidence that he is a different breed of UMNO from the rest.

    As you all can see both plans, needs PR to work together with some BN MPs to achieve its main objective which is to prevent Najib from taking over and to appoint a better PM who can lead Malaysia out of this mess. Hence indirectly if this happen, it will automatically gives birth to unity government without us creating one, as we understand.

    The reason for the unity government is clear, to save the country from deterioting further by appointing the right PM to lead the country. This can only be done by the 2 plans above, which will results in creating the unity government automatically. I hope the people can understand that the unity government was not created purposely, but is created as a product to help the country securing a better future.

    To be fair to Najib, if you don’t have so many baggages, I would not have mind you are going to be my PM. The same applies for everyone as the leaders in the countries. If you are tainted anyhow, or the public perceives you as tainted, you have to leave the office, to ensure the confidence of rakyat towards the integrity and credibility of the government and government agencies maintained at a high level.

    As Tengku Razaleigh rightly puts it to the leaders of the government
    “Our action must be guided by a vision, designed around a strategy and governed with integrity.”

    And the person who uphold that principle deserves to be the PM of Malaysia.

  11. Najid and Rose are the best.

    With 6 billions in najib’s hand, every one in Bolehland will get a sum of Rm 2,400 from the first couple.

    Long live najib and wife x 3 hahaha….

  12. If najib fails to hand out the cash to every rakyat in bolehland, najib should not be the pm and instead declare a ge.

    If najib got balls…

  13. This will be a acid test for najib:

    An intelligent pm or

    a pariah pm!

    I hope najib is an intelligent pm!

  14. bamboo river says:

    Yeah, she is going to be the First Lady to be April Fooled come April. Ha,Ha,ha,ha.

    I still like Whoopi Goldberg in the movie GHOST.
    The song too !!!!!

    Susan, take more high fibre food and lots of water . 🙂

  15. Menyalak-er says:

    Yeah right, Mme Lumpiolus – the seer, prophetess cum oracle – the most adept of guru Ji’s disciples. Of magic and dark arts she has few peers, for even Mongolian shamans are no match for her skill at making ‘annoying’ people disappear. Btw, what did she graduate in? Was Maona Fandey her co-student?
    Of course the are many shoe and bootlickers out there… they are trying to get the best seats for the coming C-grade movie “The Destinator versus the Terminator!” As for the plot, who can tell? Except that the ‘good’ persecuted guys always win…

  16. wandererAUS says:

    Lady Macbeth is on the prowl!
    C4 maybe a PM, Fat Dotty got his B#lls!

  17. wits0 says:

    Macbeth was(at least) a warrior. and not really effete.

  18. ericind says:

    Aiyo,this fat mama goin to b first lady,n looks like Idzan goin to b ????

  19. harrison says:

    (1)If “God says it is his turn, it is his turn,” Rosmah added. “That is the thing we all have to accept, because when (Abdullah became leader) … we believed that it was his time, his destiny and we went on with our lives.”

    You can imagine how angry they were when Pak Lah was made PM and readily plot for Pak Lah’s downfall.

    (2)She stressed that her conscience was clear, saying that her own test of character is “whether you wake up in the morning and look in the mirror, whether you like yourself or not, whether you have told the truth or not.” – AP – Source from the Malaysia Insider

    ha ha ha. Every morning when she looks in the mirror of her own mug, she really, really wants to rip that “over-construct” mug-of-wax.

  20. Ahmad Ismail says:

    You all pendatangs, don’t ever disturb my sister, Ms. Idzan again, ever. You listen to me, hmmmm……

  21. orange says:

    the face! argGGgghhh!!!

  22. wandererAUS says:

    Ahmad Ismail and Idzan. you both will make a fine pair, why waste your time here. You are better off, making your presence felt with Fat Mama….. you will probably be served with some delicious peanuts.
    Pretty sure, you are used to this sort of practise!

  23. looes74 says:

    So what! You wants us to say, All Hail Najib! All Hail Rosmah!


  24. Fortune teller? Haha from what I see, maybe more like ehem…playing God. Insulting Rosmah is worse than insulting the Sultan you know.

    *Disclaimer: This meant to be just a joke 😉

  25. Antares says:

    Dottie looks like a kabuki witch in this photo… or a Japanese Lady Macbeth, same thing lah.

  26. Pegasus says:

    Well Fat mama has said it…and she hasn’t sung yet..Looks like Najis will be sworne in as the PM and the people will be swearing on this asshole.The country has already gone to the dogs…they will rip it apart and with Najis , he will sodomise and rape the nation. By the time he is expected to step down, the country will have gone bankrupt…! May God Bless the Country!! cheers!


    “Man proposes, God disposes” [Proverb]
    Don’t be too hasty in what one discloses
    Under whatever cicumstances or purposes
    For we know too well “life is not always a bed of roses” [Proverb]

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 140309
    Sat. 14th Mar. 2009.

  28. wits0 says:

    Kabuki! U got it, Antares! That apt descriptive word eluded me.

  29. kooler says:

    Lady Macbeth

  30. kali_ugam says:

    The faith and destiny will be seen by the M’sian and the whole world very very soon. It’s coming and no one can stop it, it’s GOD’s wish, the sinful being will be totally eliminated and for whoever being preach the law of nature will observe the greatness of GOD as a great lesson being taught.

    We’ll see it.

  31. My2cen says:

    Do you all notice that Dotty is starting to look more Chinese by the years? Fairer, slittier eyes, and basically everything on her face ‘up-lifted’… hahahaha, maybe she consults the Chinese feng-shui masters while hubby consults Guru-ji…hahaha…

    The cosmetics drs should know better then doing anymore surgery on her face, or she’ll end up like MJ, unrecognizable. Nanti itu Prosperity God pun lari sebab sudah tak kenal itu muka! hahahaha….

    Since I cannot stop her destiny to be Mrs PM, I choose to ride along and have a good laugh at her expense. Since we all already paid our dues (tax) and they’re using it Ikut-suka-kita, there’s the least I can get out of this Rosak couple!

  32. Nyonya Khan says:

    With Pak Lah gone to tanam jagung, the whole nation will be cast into witchcraft, and I thought fortune telling is haram in Islam.
    We’ll get a witch for a first lady… at least till GE13. God bless ameno.

  33. It’s not destiny, Rosie..!
    You & Najib made it happened in the very wrong way.

    It’s not destiny…!
    It’s being forced down all of the rakyat’s throat…!!!!!!!!!!!

    So many Malaysians “cursing” you & Najib.
    Don’t you guys feel the shivers down your people’s spine..?????????

    There’s no such thing as destiny..! It’s against the teachings of Islam. You don’t know meh…?????????

    I think you just can’t wait to be 1st lady.

    You don’t deserve to be called “1st Lady”.
    Not at all…!!!

    I totally disagree………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Najib says:

    Come 31 March 2009, Najib will be the next PM and Rosmah will become the First Lady. This is without doubt. Any one not happy ? SO WHAT. Leave the country if you want to, go some where else and rot

  35. altantuya says:

    I will forever be with you… naaa….j…i….b…. wherever you are……. i will ….not……. leave…..Malaysia….until i got …my…commission……

  36. Edi神 says:

    only rosmah can save hee yit foong… from being no1 hate woman in msia…..

  37. allen says:

    Destiny to lead………Destiny My Foot!!! This waiting PM would do all sort of tricks to hoodwink the people and destroy our beloved Malaysia. His tainted background would ultimately led to his downfall as we had seen recently how the Perak crisis was taken into account.

  38. Ha, ha… greatest joke of the year. Yea, Altantuya wants Najiz to be the PM.

  39. KTE says:

    Hey, does she has the qualities to be the 1st lady?

  40. Najib says:

    Give him a chance to show his mettle. He will definitely goes after Mamak Kutty after the ex PM begin to make threats before he has ascend the throne. The only way for Najib to win the heart of the people is to bring Mamak Kutty to justice for the malaise he bring to this country.

  41. vsp says:

    Hey, I think Fatty Mama is right after all. The RAHMAN oracle has foretold this would happen. If Najib were not the coming PM, then this prophecy will not take place.

    But she is only telling half the truth because everytime she looks into the mirror she will see and hear what Atantunya has to tell her: “Rosmah, Najib will soon join me. Before he does, he will destroy you first.” So it seems that Najib will be the last mongrel pedigree of the UMNOputra emperors.

  42. miracle says:

    joker of the year ..

  43. My2cen says:

    In case the day never comes, Dotty already recorded a song ‘If Tomorrow never comes’ – watch it on You tube. (And I thot they said she’s a very good singer, cheh, I can sing better, hahaha)

    If the day ever comes, we know for sure we have a witch as the 14th Lady (she comes after all the Sultanahs and Governor’s wife in ranking). I like that – sap sei, sounds like sat sei – hope it’s her, not anymore Mongolian/Chinese beauty!!! hehehehe…

  44. Anonymous says:

    Look at Nazri’s highly debated is-he-isn’t-he photos at links on This clown has a bit of explaining to do. So do Dotty 🙂

  45. johanssm / khun Pana says:

    Susan, pls delete her photo.
    It makes me nausea and am sure many felt too.
    Can easily replaces her photo with that of a pig , a skunk or a pile of garbage.

  46. […] Dotty the fortune teller… Dotty seems to have learnt a new skill. She’s become a fortune teller of sorts: “Najib’s destiny to […] […]

  47. pinkpanther says:

    i saw a group of mongrel dogs in the padang, on closer look a pair was mating,then suddenly up the sky night a bright star shining,OMG its his turn now !!!!!

  48. kittykat46 says:

    Her photo plastered at the top of the post is really unpleasant to see….

  49. Sarah Lam says:

    I don’t think there is any other pictures that make her looks good..

  50. wits0 says:

    I spotted another at MT that really made her resemble her husband. Some couples do, over time.

  51. Khalid says:

    A very nauseating prophecy indeed.

  52. The botok faced dotty has no conscience and yet she has the audacity to claim that hers and the husband’s conscience are clear ?
    T the one who posted the comment that those who do not agree with his view that Najib will be the next P.M. comes April to go and rot.
    Why then the Malaysian government, on so many occasions sent delegations to beg these people who are aboard to come back , with lots of lots of incentives , to serve the country ?

  53. SameSame says:

    She never fails to amuse and irritate allof us aint it. Well she probably doing tarot cards la. Hangman!!!

    Whatever, she is just waiting for the perks of 1st Lady..not for anything else. YOU can’t take “my” right is more what she is telling the Malaysians.

  54. molecule says:

    Sloone, thy shall be blessed and to those bn-putras, please repent for all your sins committed before it’s too late!!!!

    Proverbs 10:25

    As the whirlwind passeth, so is the wicked no more: but the righteous is an everlasting foundation.

    All wicked persons will be torn to shreds and never seen again, like the passing of a noisy and violent tornado. In stark contrast, righteous persons build solid lives and leave a lasting legacy, and then they pass on to dwell forever in heaven. The wicked have come and gone for 6,000 years, and their arrivals and departures should not bother the righteous. Godly men and women should instead build lasting families with confidence.

    Wickedness is a sure way to shorten your life and ruin your hopes, but righteousness will extend your life and realize your plans. Trouble will certainly come and destroy the wicked, but the righteous are firmly established on a foundation that cannot be moved. This contrast between the wicked and righteous is one of Solomon’s main themes (10:6,9,16,24-25,27-30; 11:3,5-8,18-21,31; 12:2-3,7,13-14,21,26,28; 13:6,9,14-15,21-22,25; 14:11,14,19,32; 15:6,8-9,24,26; 20:7; 21:12,15-16,18,21; 22:12; 28:10,18; 29:6).

    When you choose a wicked lifestyle, you set in motion God’s supernatural judgments against you and the combined effect of human punishment and high risk. This is a hopeless scenario, which only fools presume upon. By choosing a godly lifestyle, you bring to bear God’s supernatural blessings, the favor of men, and the benefit of safety. There is no comparison between these two ways of living. What is your choice this day?

    Sodom rejected God’s sexual laws, but fire from heaven destroyed them all! Pharaoh abused God’s people Israel, but the Lord destroyed his land and drowned him in the Red Sea! Ahab rejected God’s prophets, so a chance arrow killed him in battle, dogs ate his wife, friends cut the heads off his 70 sons, and his daughter killed his sons-in-law! Judas chose to betray Jesus Christ, and in great grief he dashed his bowels across a field!

    Alexander was named great and thought himself great, but he and his family were cut off and are no more! What happened to Cleopatra’s ambition and the nation she ruled? Can you find remains of Attila, Genghis Khan, King Tamerlane, or Sultan Suleyman? Where is the demented and devil-possessed head of the third Reich? These wicked men and their nations have disappeared from the earth or remain as jokes of their former glory.

    Righteous men rejoice when the wicked are destroyed (11:10; Ps 58:1-11). Though the wicked are destroyed first by death, they shall be raised again to stand before God and be cast into hell. The righteous build their houses on the rock of divine wisdom lived and preached by Jesus Christ, and they will survive the storms of this life and that of the final judgment (Matt 7:24-27). He that doeth the will of God abideth forever (I John 2:15-17).

  55. monsterball says:

    Dotty said it is hubby’s time. It’s God’s will.
    Hubby used the Koran….and said…”I swear I never met Mongolian girl before”
    Both have created the first… using Allah.
    Both will have places in Paradise Island….reserved for convicts.

  56. Fair To All says:

    Whenever Najib addresses the nation, he seems to have a troubled mind. Guess he is thinking out loud; they think I am a killer. That bitch wife of mine. Should have just paid the woman off like others I shagged!!!!

  57. Sabran Hindi says:

    The most hated person in the Guiness Book of Records!!!

  58. huhu says:

    jezebel or wicked queen victoria

  59. FuckBN says:

    Wow, I never know a bottle of pig saturated fat can talk…

    Destiny my foot.

  60. Nancy Ho says:

    Our fat mama must really got stimulated from her husband highly stimulus package. As a result, she is now whining here and there to release her stimulation.
    Coming to that two bums Ahmad Ismail and Idzan. They have got the same disease like fat mama. Both got real stimulated as they do not know what they were talking about. Hey, you two mama bums, dont waste time on this blog la. We bloggers do not want to get stimulated like you clowns.

  61. wits0 says:

    Speaking of fortune telling and mystical/occult matters, any self-respecting amateur Palm Reader knows that a ‘Simian’ line is not so great a thing to have. ( Normal hands usually have a separation between Head and Heart lines and this space is often called the ‘Trapezium’. )

  62. LimSo says:

    This is totally crabs. I’m wondering how she can sleep at night making such comments & in this state of denial. God Bless Malaysia !!! Having murderers to lead the nation. This is unheard of.

  63. najib sez says:

    Guru Ji and Destiny?:

    “Wallahi, Wabillahi, Watallahi (With Allah as my witness) I swear I do not know or have any connection with the Mongolian woman. I do not know if others want to swear or not but I know I did no wrong. This is between me and God,” he said. (Bernama, 23 August 2008)

    That same day, Thagarajoo a/l Thangavellu also swore, through a Statutory Declaration, that Najib and his wife, who may be born Muslims, are practicing Hindus.

  64. bee yong says:

    Thoughts lead to action
    Actions lead to habit
    Habit lead to character
    Character lead to DESTINY.
    Come April Fool day and you all will know the DESTINY of Malaysia.


    Just look deep into the eyes, the truth is in there.

    Have some visualizations, you can see the C4, the guns, the innocent woman killed etc.

    You will also see the laughing faces of the corrupt husband and his advisor.

    You just have to believe RPK’s words.

    Yes, just have some imaginations, Big Mama was there, ordering the…

    Alty’s ghost will haunt them forever.

  66. Ugly Rosmah says:

    The more I look at Rosmah, the scariest she gets…I think whoever that in their destiny will be doom or boom!.

    We are doomed, dear fellow Malaysians!

  67. sampang says:



  68. Please tell me if my message is true …… please

  69. Is Elijah Really Have A Crush on me even before ? 😐

  70. Chris says:

    Fortune tellering is a poor man’s psychology

  71. Chris says:

    I like for my fortune telling. Madame Zora is one interesting lady

  72. JEFFRY BONG says:

    What goes around will turns around what goes up will comes down .High tide will have low tide.
    Every human being carry a moral compass ,the time will come
    when devine interventions will take place .Peoples who continues
    to sins will face retributions now or in later life… be prepared
    to face the wrath of GOD.

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