Pidato Perdana? Celebrate March 8? Pakatan Rakyat, what is there to celebrate? Yes, I know, it’s International Women’s Day and it’s also one year of the political Tsunami, but wither Pakatan?

There is not much to celebrate because:

(1) Economic recession is everywhere;
(2) People are losing their jobs;
(3) Pakatan Rakyat states are in shambles;
(4) Pakatan lost Perak, and may lose Kedah;
(5) We lost (or haven’t we) Elizabeth Wong;
(6) Najib Tun Razak will become PM;
(7) And the list goes on…and on and on…

What can Pakatan Rakyat supreme leader Anwar Ibrahim say on March 8 that could possibly change anything?

I do not want to be a wet blanket for Pakatan supporters, but truly,give me a good reason to celebrate March 8!


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  1. eeyaw says:

    Victory for Pakatan a year ago is a good start. What else can be worse after 51 years of one party mis-rule.
    Anyevent if you think we should not celebrate Pakatan achievement then at least we have International Woman Day to celebrate where you are part of it. Keep up the good work Susan.

  2. 1 yr progress vs a 51 yrs one. Celebrate or not, I am grateful for the 1 yr, nonetheless. The bad economy is a shame but not a by-product, but it happens even to the great nations of US in the west and Japan in the east.

  3. hawkeye says:

    There might not be any reason to celebrate,but there is no reason to moan either. There is every reason to be glad that we are alive,and we that can continue to fight the war in spite of the battles lost.

  4. eagle says:

    Simply celebrate and keep the momentum. Be happy, happy, happy……… the struggle will continue and God willing we will see it through.
    It is not about you and me now but more for the future generation. Stay tune my dear friend.

  5. wandererAUS says:

    Susan, with your pessimistic attitude, we might as well throw in the towel and let these mongrels to continue screwing up the country?!
    Before we reach a thousand steps, one begins with the first….

  6. Muslim says:

    We need to continue to educate people surrounding about the changes that we want to bring. The struggle will continue no matter what is the outcome. We are dealing with those who are ruling this country with jungle law understanding even though we have proper laws. The misuse of power will still continue until the people POWER turn the table. One day we will achieve this if we continue to be consistent and not back off.

  7. caravanserai says:

    It isn’t easy
    Harm Noh going to self destruct
    Using the goons to make its impact
    The final journey going to GE13

    The tear gas and water cannon
    Red trucks menacing on the people
    Life so colorful white smoke rising in the sky
    The tears flow unashamedly
    For democracy calling

    PR too knows
    The way to black art
    In witches terms don’t play
    It brings chaos internally

    It isn’t easy
    Changing the format
    Of governing enterprise
    It needs unity and doses of honesty
    into the realm of realization
    For God, country and people

  8. maie58 says:

    a week is also too long in politic.i believe this occasion could bring back the spirit of change among spearhead this vision i have the confidence of selangor state should take the lead with the present of all pakatan rakyat leaders together with dsai in this celeberation to show how dedicated and strong all of them to overcome the present and future challengers.

  9. aja49 says:

    If you think it’s a waste then it’s a waste.
    But this is to show the BN that we are still alive and very much in the fighting spirit to bring Malaysia back into the rightful hands.
    BN will take advantage when PR is quiet and so this occasion will go to tell the BN that time is running out on them sooner or later.

  10. nutbean says:

    Dont expect too much but atleast we see changes.
    Most of all , the Pakatan dont have the free hands to do whatever they planned.

    Not supporting Pakatan in that sense even we are in their
    shoes we are not able to perform much too in the time frame and restriction. Moreover they are good and weak leader in any party.

    If not for the march 8th..cant imagine what is going on out there but now atleast Rakyat are MONITORING THE SITUATION so the regime think twice on every move they make..

    Good or bad is good to have STRONG Opposition.

    If not , ARROGANCE rules…..

    Bottom line is that with Marc polictical tsunami…
    you are more cautious cos-


  11. tszou says:

    March 8 celebration is to show that no matter what dirty tactics BN practised, people’s desire to change the corrupted government is becoming stronger and stronger. Otherwise, BN will think that the spirit of change of the people has diminished.

  12. sarah says:

    A bit curious here – when we say Pakatan states are in shambles, are we saying that in contrast the BN states like Johore, Malacca, Pahang , Sabah and Sarawak are pictures of good governance?

    Don’t u think we are just holding the Pakatan states to a much (sometimes a bit unrealistic and demanding) higher standard?

    I believe that despite the hiccups the PR states are facing, at least their hearts seem to be in the right place and that to me means very much.

  13. neutral says:

    We are not talking about celebration but
    after Mar 8th is definitely a welcome change.

    We have learned that there is no perfection !

    Eventhough we dont see much changes but it’s much much better than to let the gang of Monopolist Goons to mislead and killing the nation unshamefully.

  14. Julian says:

    I’ve forgotten all about today being March 8 but I’m thankful of what happened on that day last year. Everyone seem to be more sober and braver now.

    I’ve got to agree with Item 6 and for the others, I’d just pray that things turn out just fine.

  15. FIfi says:

    Susan, just go on blaming PKR or pointing their faults, so EASY!!! to defeat our government, why not u do the job

  16. kittykat46 says:

    I’m still thankful for what happened on March 8, 2008. The genie escaped the bottle, and its not going to be imprisoned again, unless we allow it to.

    The potential which 0308 released remains unfulfilled, but that does not negate what we set out to do.
    The global economic recession was not manufactured here, but we all need to help put in place measures to mitigate it. And it starts with the Federal Government, which after all collects all our income tax. The funds for stimulating the economy need to be focused on areas which help retain jobs, keep money flowing through the economy. NOT to make the world safe for UMNOPutras.

  17. telur dua says:

    You should. Go buy a Peugeot 308 to commemorate. 🙂

  18. moni says:

    308 is RAKYAT CELEBRATION DAY . We rakyat always behind you PR .

  19. carmanio says:

    “moni Says:
    March 8, 2009 at 11:25 am
    308 is RAKYAT CELEBRATION DAY . We rakyat always behind you PR .”…



  20. Joenathan says:

    I did not expect any miracles from PR in this one year but certainly I did expect a good and efficient governance from the Pakatan controlled states.Unfortunately I am yet to see it coming.On the contrary PR lost Perak to its nemesis.One year ago,I dont think Anwar in his wildest dream had thought that PR would win 4 states,retain 1 state and reduce the BN’s 2/3rd majority in the August house.The rakyat gave him and PR this mandate.Unfortunately Anwar got carried away with this historical success and became over-confident that he overlooked the aspirations of the ordinary rakyat hence indulged in the cross over mantra by luring irresponsible,sinful and corrupt BN MPs,in his quest to take over the federal govt in a very undemocratic and overzealous manner.Such was his overconfidence or rather shall I say,complacency that he even set a date i.e 16th sept,to take over the helm of the federal govt.I wasn’t amused with that deadline,on the contrary it worried me.

    Well months later we saw what happened to Perak.Furthermore Anwar had also failed to vet the integrity of his party’s candidates properly before allowing them to contest the GE.Probably because he is so use to patronage politics while with UMNO before.To make matters worst,an off-guard Elizabeth Wong was caught in a catch 22 situation due to wrong choice of partner in a sleeping beauty position.Well we may argue that these are trivial matters compared to the atrocities commited by UMNO led BN fellas.But the point is,these trivial matters are what will make or break PR,as the rakyat expect them to be totally different from the BN goons.Esp those fence sitters,who will be watching PR’s every move.All these will certainly be a factor in the next GE.There are many uncouth individuals like Khir Toyo,who will not waste a second to draw 1st blood should PR politicians lose their guard.

    I still have faith in PR,I hope they will sincerely rebrand themselves and concentrate in governing those states under their control transparently and efficiently and improve the lives of poor Malaysians in their states.This very step alone will win the hearts and minds of the voters as well as all right thinking and peace loving Malaysians.As much as I am dissapointed for losing the silver state of Perak I also wish to register my sympathy here for Elizabeth Wong who was a good ,kind and commited politician,may she prevail and may god give her the courage and strength to decide whatever the best in the interest of the people and herself too.


  21. clearwater says:


    The very fact that there is an alternative to BN rule is sufficient cause for celebration. Methinks you expected too much, too fast and consequently suffered too much disappointment in too short a time. They say Rome was not built in a day nor was it burnt and destroyed in 24 hours. It takes time and perseverance for PR to make headway, what with BN cronies in the civil service and government institutions playing Trojan horse. Your constructive criticism would be more helpful than blank negativity. There is always GE13 to look forward to, where the message can be reinforced. By that time, hopefully, PR would have absorbed some hard lessons and be the better for it.

  22. wits0 says:

    Susan, I think clearwater is correct. There really is no choice. We can’t keep rewarding the greater and entrenched evil that is BN. That’s out of the question.

    BTW, Animal lovers have often said that a country is judged by the way it treats its animals. How much more so the way it treats its women.

  23. Richard Loh says:

    Susan, I am a little surprise over your sudden weakening fighting spirit.

    No political party is good but there are people within it that can make the change. What choice do we have. We need to hitch a ride to freedom and one came along disguised as PR and we just hop on. At least there is hope of freedom on this ride or you rather take the ride with umno/bn?

  24. carmanio says:

    i say this for selangor & penang PR state govts :-

    i) they are being sobataged by putrajaya. selangor (re:water case) and penang (re:bridge case). partisan politics rear its ugly head in the narrow-minds of the putrajaya bn goons.

    ii) khir toyo & previous bn cant hold a candle to tan sri khalid & his excos.

    iii) umno+gerakan cant hold a candle to lge & his excos (ok, maybe not the dcm fella…)


  25. ahila says:

    Nothing comes easy. Is it easy to uproot a 51 year old gov? But last year March 8 – I saw some light that things are changing for better.It isnt going to be easy though! for we still have to topple the biased and corrupted Bn government; there is HOPE. Its how you see it,Susan. I see the glass half full;despite the arising problems. Have FAITH ! Rakyat knows its a uphill task,yet our hope and faith in God will bring change. Maybe NajisMugabe will not be the next PM.Maybe he will BUT maybe it will only for a few weeks or month. Anything is possible. The majority are thinking of change and CHANGE we shall have for sure. Pakatan Rakyat will rule soon! Have faith sister ! and meanwhile lets ‘celebrate’ the begining of our success in 12th GE.

  26. justme says:

    I don’t think Susan has weaken in anyway, she is being realistic.

  27. Give them time says:

    Who has patience at this internet age nowadays? We implement something today, and expect results tomorrow. Is it even possible to right so many wrongs PR inherited from BN in 365 days? Most of the elected PR representatives are probably first timers sitting at where they are right now. Just give them some more time. They will come around for sure. If you don’t like the results then, vote them off next round. That’s democracy.

    I personally like what I see in Penang, and Perak, before the BN coup. Selangor is a tougher nut to crack though, the damage done by Toyo is that much more deeper.

  28. kittykat46 says:

    I live in Penang, though I spend a lot of working time in KL and Selangor.
    I don’t consider Penang “is in shambles”. Plenty more needs to be done by LGE and Co., and the state is facing serious challenges. But as far as I’m concerned they are going about it reasonably competently.
    To Gerakan and MCA’s credit, they have not attempted (to my knowledge anyway) to undermine PR in the state by dirty tricks.

    Selangor is a much more complex situation. Khir Toyol and Mafia treated Selangor as their Gold Mine, and many in the Civil service fed from the trough as well. The damage goes deep, and almost all of the soiled senior civil servants are still there.
    That, coupled with Khir Toyol’s continuing dirty tricks campaign to try to claw his way back to his ex-Gold Mine makes it a very messy situation indeed.

  29. kittykat46 says:

    I live in Penang, though I spend a lot of working time in KL and Selangor.
    I don’t consider Penang “is in shambles”. Plenty more needs to be done by LGE and Co., and the state is facing serious challenges. But as far as I’m concerned they are going about it reasonably competently.
    To Gerakan and MCA’s credit, they have not attempted (to my knowledge anyway) to undermine PR in the state by dirty tricks.

    Selangor is a much more complex situation. Khir Toyol and cronies treated Selangor as their Gold Mine, and many in the Civil service fed from the trough as well. The damage goes deep, and almost all of the soiled senior civil servants are still there. That, coupled with Khir Toyol’s continuing dirty tricks campaign to try to claw his way back to his lost Gold Mine makes it a very messy situation indeed.

  30. C Yang says:

    Dear Susan,
    Good time or bad time, we can celebrate to keep the momentum going, what’s so wrong here.
    When you make friend with the guard from LITE-ON, he got no money and only bring you around with his scooter, but you celebrate with him everyday right, so be fair lah.

  31. calvin tan says:

    celebrations or not is immaterial .the point is we made it after 50 yrs, why
    give-up, just be patient 4 a few more yrs, its a fight 4 our future generations even if we do not live to see it. to me it is a great leep forward, i really appretiate MARCH THE 8TH 2008, it`s HISTORY!!!
    I STILL HAVE FAITH IN DSAI anyone out there pls correct me if i`m wrong

  32. Menyalak-er says:

    I think all our expectations were too high. The fact remains that PR, with the exception of PAS had no experience in governance. Anwar did, but then he was stuck in the swamp and filth of ‘unmentionables’. What can one man do? Choose intelligent, moral, just, capable and incorruptible people, which he couldn’t for most part during the last GE.
    The examples of fumbling and near apocalyptical doings of immature, ‘not yet ready’ MP’s and Assembly Persons who had always been on the other side of the poliical divide, and not keyed into the real system of governance will surely impact their ability.
    In order that fast, effective delivery of election promises reach the people the PR have a very steep learning curve, which many are not able to learn. Instead they bicker and backbite which was evident in Eli’s case. The reality has not even sunk in for some of them!
    Give them time, Susan… kick out the loafers and deadbeats, and we hope they can confront the enormous tasks and problems of the rakyat.
    In essence, they are their own worst enemy; and ‘concensus building’ is a slow dispute/crisis management art-science of the possible.
    Hope and faith passes away, but love never does… and I love anarchy!

  33. Joenathan says:

    Dear calvin tan,
    You are not wrong to have faith in Anwar,but do not have blind faith thats all,otherwise as you said fight for our future generations even if we do not live to see it,if we the rakyat do not provide the checks and balances and leave everything to these politicians per se,one day we will be taken for a ride,just as what BN did to us the proud people of Malaysia,and our future generations will suffer too just like us.You see politicians are always politicians,they will do anything to hold on to power.Please dont mistake me,I am not demonising Anwar here,infact I am a domicile of a western country,but I have spent a lot of time and money campaigning for PR from abroad,just to see that we as Malaysians can live peacefully and co-exist in harmony.I left my beloved Malaysia out of mere frustration so I know how it feels,to be side lined,marginalized and discriminated.I do not want any other Malaysian to go through the same feelings what I had.So instead of cursing I took it on me to campaign for PR to bring about a fundamental and drastic change and not mere window dressing,so that people like you,my folks ,my siblings and all your kids can live in peace and harmony and considered as Malaysians and not as pendatangs or orang asing.I wish you guys all the best and am proud that so many Malaysians like you have realized the need for change,God bless all of you.GOOD LUCK.

  34. I know..! I know..!

    OK..! The good reason to celebrate March 08 is BN woke up form 52 years of Zzzzz………………………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Have we ever seen them in high gear before…!
    Only now they promise a lot of goodies. Only now ah…!!!

    They still have not “move their arse” by shaking it yet..!

    Don’t forget PKR have taken over only for 1 lousy year. Very difficult to judge. Can judge also……!!!

    BN..? For 52 lousy years..???
    Susan why don’t you comment on this ???

    I am not celebrating either. With all the “shit” being thrown around in Malaysia..??
    The world is laughing instead..!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Bola Hangus says:

    The problem with pakatan is Anwar worship. Without Anwar their trinity wont exist. Anwar is the pilot of the rocket heading for the moon. Without teh astronaurt the rocket crashes and burn and the moon fades away as the sun appears.This is a problem of the man becoming bigger than the party. Despite having DUI pilots, BN dont seem to be having shortage of astronauts. After 1 year in selangor i dont see much difference also.


    You are right, DSAI and PR are not celebrating. DSAI has made it very clear in his speech and yes, they have work to do.

    DSAI is sensible, and full of wisdom, unlike the other corrupted evil power crazy faction. (Kuli is right, they just cannot accept defeat and they will never change. Hence, the only solution is for the people to bury them once and for all).

    A Samad has made a point by saying that the only language that these evil goons understand is “THE LANGUAGE of VOTEs”. So the people must use them wisely and flush these evil goons out.

    How can the PR celebrates when a bunch of evil goons are lurking out there, trying to bring them down(just look at what happened to the Silverian State).

    These desperados will do everything to go against and exploit the Rakyat for their evil gains. The Children for the next generation will suffer if we allow these evil, power-crazy goons to rule.

    PR will have to fight a tough battle against these evil power brokers, but as Zaid has said, the people are awakening, there is no turning back. No change, no reform means “DEAD END”.

    You just need to think about your children’s fate in this country, and you will sure know the right thing to do.

  37. donplaypuks says:

    your cynicism and pronouncements are childish and despicable!

    You expect Pakatan to undo BN/UMNO’s 50 year shenanigans in 12 months?

    And to be fair, the blame for the Gobal Economic disaster and recession cannot be laid at BN or Pakatan’s doors. UNcle Sam wins it all!

    Get real, woman!!

  38. kittykat46 says:

    The more I think abou tit, It is necessary for Najib to become the next PM. This completes UMNO’s Karmic fate and likely to end up with its removal from national power.

    Things may get very ugly indeed for the duration while Najib is in power, but it is a necessary pain to allow Malaysia to move on.

  39. machitam says:

    the reason is we have set our foot into the road of building this nation upon the principles of justice, fair play and opportunities for all…….if you think otherwise….so help me God!

  40. wits0 says:

    Yes, Kittykat46, I often felt the same too. Some people are very slow learners and cringes at the prospect of necessary change, preferring only their known cocoon. They’ll probably need to feel the pain more to think better. The consciousness of a country is greatly affected by the lowest common denominator (in terms of astuteness)of it masses.

  41. lucia says:

    susan, you do sound like a wet blanket. 🙂
    and i agree with wandereraus that you are pessimistic and richard loh that you are low in spirit. anyway of course, this is your personal view and i’m fine with it.

    the very fact that it had been a year PR had been ruling (the 5 states) is the reason for the celebration. most of us celebrate anniversaries, esp. the first one. e.g. wedding anniversary, baby’s 1st year etc. so it is understandable that PR wanted to celebrate its anniversary… and the people (some) wanted to join in. yes many people had been complaining too what is there to celebrate looking at the situation in our country today (recession, corruption, perak political fiasco, etc) but of course these things will happened and even if they happened doesn’t mean we stop looking at the bright side (there are, believe me, if you look at it like you look at the negative/pessimistic side).

    maybe to some people it is because of the word ‘celebrate’ that pissed them off to ask “what’s there to celebrate?”. then we don’t use the word celebrate but maybe ‘in commemoration of PR’s 1st year’? anyway the ‘celebration’ in penang on 7 march has no ‘celebration’ in it but it was “Malam *Penerangan *Setahun Pemerintahan Pakatan Rakyat” and “Ceramah Perdana”

  42. Ex Neutral says:

    It’s something to celebrate at least. It’s only 1 year of rule in some PR states but they have done reasonablely well. We must also note that they are up against a very bias, unfair, arrogant, terrible umno led bn.
    I also think that more of us should step up or step out in terms of support. We should not only be contributing in terms of vote only. I for one is contributing in terms of helping out physicaly in Bkt Gantang. Please volunteer anyone for the sake of justice.

  43. Menyalak-er says:

    Ditto, kk46 & wits0.
    Unfortunately in this scenario, the Darwinian “survival for the fittest” means elimination of the poorest segments of our society.
    ‘Dumpling’ and Mme Lumpiolus are deadset on their throne and mind you the world economy aren’t doing us any favors, whatmore the racial-religious instigation. Corruption, cronyism, nepotism are their callsigns (ala’ Mahatirism); and
    they still have control of the instruments of power and torture which they are using with diminishing returns…
    Basically, i think that PR has to re-armor constantly to withstand their assaults – until the day they blow themselves up.
    So bunker down, be patient and lay down the landmines.

  44. It is just a year for Pakatan Rakyat to rule and 1 year vs 51 years of BN in this country, we just need to do justice and fairness for Pakatan. It is still too early to tell and the timing doesn’t go their way. It is just a bad time to rule with recession going on everywhere.

  45. Joshua says:

    The higher expectation from the rakyat for PR to perform far better than BN is perhaps reasonable … what to do? We have been ‘liberated’ after 50 years of ‘oppression’…cannot blame us lor for having such high hopes.

    Ok, give credit where credit is due, Ambiga said:
    I write this piece to put on record what I believe to be the most significant events from a human rights perspective: events that members of the Malaysian Bar and other NGOs were pleased to be part of. These issues that had remained outstanding for many years saw quick resolution in the last 10 months in Perak.
    Read all about the piece here:

  46. donkey says:

    They are wearing songkoks and underwear!

  47. donkey says:

    They are given free new Toyota Camries!

  48. donkey says:

    They don’t have to declare their assets!

  49. donkey says:

    They are staying in big bungalows free of charge.

  50. donkey says:

    They family members and cronies are well taken care off!

  51. donkey says:

    They don’t have to pay tolls and income tax..

  52. donkey says:

    Dey! Len Nooi, they are so many reasons for us to celebrate …

    Apa lu cakap…. ? Still got the hangover after a long hiatus?

    Wakie.. wakie

  53. llabesab says:

    Oh Yes! Only 705 days till mid-term elections when all of us, fed up with “Obamics” will vote those spawns of unmarried parents out of office.

  54. keriandkim says:

    but at least we’ll all be skinny. hah hah hah. I was laid off (though I may be recalled with stimulus package). I’m gong to keep shopping (very moderately), volunteer, expand my mind, and keep my chin up. I don’t like the other option. Though I agree, it’s daunting to think about the situation.

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  56. concerned says:

    when najib finally becomes PM,it’s gonna b all over for Anwar n PR . najib wil make sure anwar is found guilty of sodomy 2. anwar goes to prison, no real leader for PR. as till today the public sees anwar as the real potential for alternative PM. anwar even eclipses najib n paklah n who ever UMNO may hav. wt anwar gone,there’s a vacum that no one can really fill in for PR. AS for perak NAJIB will manipulate the judiciary to stifle watever suits nizar n PR has brought in. it’s gonna b an augustinepaul-like judiciary where e’thing PR does is NONRELEVANT, while UMNO is all RELEVANT. democracy wil die..sad sad days coming indeed.

  57. donkey says:

    hi concerned,

    why don’t you go back to your mother’s womb.

    In this new millennium, you still think like staying in an archaic cave.

    Go and hang yourself upside down like a bat in Batu Cave together with Semi no value now in the Batu Caves.

  58. Patek1472 says:


    R.A.H.M.A.N Theory (Teori R.A.H.M.A.N)

    R – Tunku Abdul Rahman
    A – Tun Abdul Razak
    H – Tun Hussein
    M – Tun Dr. Mahathir
    A – Datuk Seri Abdullah
    N – Datuk Seri Najib

    M.A.H.A.T.H.I.R Theory (Teori M.A.H.A.T.H.I.R)

    M – Mahathir? Musa? Muhyiddin? Mohd Ali? Muhammad Muhd? Money?????????
    A – Anwar? Ahmad Zahid, Abdul Rahim? Abdul Hadi Awang? Altantuya? ???????
    H – Husam Musa? Hishammuddin? Hang Tuah? Hang Jebat? Hang Siapa? ?????????
    A – ??????????
    T – ??????????
    H – ??????????
    I – ??????????
    R – ?????????

    Why teori MAHATHIR? (Kenapa teori MAHATHIR?)


    Answer coming soon! Subject to endorsement by DYMM SPBYD Agong.
    (Jawapan akan menyusul! Tertakluk kepada DYMM SPBYD Agong perkenankan.)

  59. Menyalak-er says:

    Dear concerned, if Anwar goes to “prison” on trumped up charges by the nemesis of all who’re decent, just and fair, you may rest assured that this country will be automatically become ‘ungovernable’ – failed nation status.
    All the “Kings men and all the Kings horses won’t be able to put Humpty Dumpty back again.” Remember all the syphlitic dictators of yore?
    The last GE saw a 51% popular vote for PR in the Peninsula…

  60. billauchris says:

    A year passed by without much fanfare. There is nothing for BN nor PR to brag about in terms of real socio-economic contributions, development, progress and benefits to the masses.

    BN has been seriously wounded on 8 March 2008 and is still very sore and bitter over its unexptected defeat. As such, in the aftermath of the 2008 General Election, much intrigues and subversive activities have been perpetrated against the PR Coalition. Of course Perak State is most vulnerable as PR merely edged BN by a few elected representatives in the State Assembly. Three PR members subcumbed to the temptation of instant wealth by crossing over and joining the BN; thereby causing the current constitutional crisis in the State.

    As a Perakian I am most disappointed and dismayed at the untoward political development in Perak. While I extol what the Speaker, YB Sivkumar has done, I cannot in fairness make myself condone the ostentatious and blatant abuse of power of the BN. Nor can I forgive its unbecoming attitude, arrogance and violent conduct of its youthful wing of “Mat Rempits”. The judiciary and the police were a disgrace to democracy.

    As I see it, the only practical solution to the impasse is to go back to the people to decide on who they really want to govern the State of Perak. The emergency State Assembly Meeting was held on 3 March under the “Democracy Tree” and three motions had been passed. Would BN bow out to what PR had done without a fight? Very unlikely. As I see it, BN will fight and continue to fight to its very teeth to defend and preserve its blend of dirty money politics that is plaguing UMNO at the moment.

    In the meantime, millions are squandered while the country’s economy is experiencing recession which the BN goons are not seeing nor admitting.
    While, factories are continuing to lay off workers and cutting back their poductions, our leaders are still fighting for power and trying to hood-wink and distract the masses by fomenting protests on and creating problems on other social issues like teaching science and maths in English, Federal and Selagnor tussles over who should take over the control water, MACC probe into money politics ,and land-related issues and linking issues to the royalty, race and religion etc. Nothing but empty rhetorics, political backruptcy and naked show of immaturity.

    There is nothing to brag and celebrate about seeing the mess and turmoil that are surrounding the country.

    I can only see and experience the growing LAMENATIONS.

  61. wits0 says:

    Perhaps the word should be, “commemorate”, rather than, “celebrate”. It’s rightfully ‘commemorate-able’, imo. Glee, or any suggestion of it, has no relevance under the gloomy circumstances.

  62. treasure island says:

    If we really want to celebrate a truly Malaysian Malaysia, put all the corrupt political buggerios (nn and pr) and exiled them to the surrounding islands.

  63. treasure island says:

    If we really want to celebrate a truly Malaysian Malaysia, put all the corrupt political buggerios (bn and pr) and exiled them to the surrounding islands.

  64. treasure island says:

    Kick out Badawi and his immoral gangs and put them in exile in Penang Island.

  65. treasure island says:

    Dump C4 najib and his stale salt-fish cronies and sycophants into Pulau Tioman.

  66. treasure island says:

    Sky dropped the old and no-cured corrupt Nahathir, Ling Liong Sick, Saliva LK Aid and Semi no value into No Man Is in the Antarctica.

  67. treasure island says:

    The makan tak habis Okt, Otk, Ong K C, Keris, Botak hid- all the traitors- be sent to Hainam Island

  68. treasure island says:

    As for the dynastic eunuchs aka Lks, lge and dil and all the useless goyang kaki rocket’ men and women, cronies and sycophants would swim to Pulau Besar.

  69. zztop says:

    Susan, I know you are great. Dont give up.
    I beleive there will be a day BN especially UMNO will be buried forever.
    WE must fight on irrespective. At the end of the day, at least we have done something good no matter how small for the future generations.
    I know you have the guts and integrity to fight on.
    God bless you!!!

  70. aiyomanaboleh says:

    I am lost at sea for the past 51 years and after following the sun, I finally saw land, though still far away.

    Remember the show, “Papillon”?

  71. treasure island says:

    Nik Aziz, Ai, KI, Ah Tian and all the pkr and rpk could all walk to pulau perhentitian, find sanctuary and pray to the rocks there.

  72. treasure island says:

    Then we shall appoint sloone as our pm like the umno cuckoos did all these years.

    Hey! If the cuckoo umno could, so could we…

  73. treasure island says:

    Today next year, then all the Malaysians could celebrate for a peaceful, racist-free and prosperous Malaysia.

    Malaysia then is truly x2 Asia!

  74. pinsysu says:

    Susan, in time to come, “najib will seeing God. matter will be solved. be cool.”

    “Pls do not say anything to depress ppl today. as explain all over again, we are facing a tentative setback but all is not lost”.

    we’ll celebrate, juz wait and see!

  75. Francis says:

    Opposition Parties have been fighting for the Rakyat patiently, they also sacrify a great deal. So, we should not feel disappointed at all. If we do not see changes in our life time, so to speak. We want our chlidren or gran-children to enjoy the fruits of success. Be positive my friend.

  76. dugong_darat says:

    well to be sure it my birthday…
    i’m a little bit proud cos on my birthday…
    Malaysia witness the political tsunami…

    but in the mean time…
    what you have said is true…
    our nation still struggling with economic instability…
    more people are still getting poorer and poorer…
    yet the politician still f*ck up the nation…

  77. kittykat46 says:

    BN loyalists who gush over how Najib is going to sweep the Opposition away and make the world safe for BN again are totally, utterly over-estimating their man.

    I suppose he is mildly more intelligent and better educated than his UMNO colleagues (which is nothing much to crow about, really) , but This is not the one to lead BN/UMNO out to its Promised Land.

    On the contrary, I think his tendency for dirty tricks and unethical conduct will lead to UMNO and BN’s destruction as the ruling party.

  78. wits0 says:

    Kittykat46: “….dirty tricks and unethical conduct ”

    Not forgetting the readable greed and expectation of entitlement from lineage(of dubious worth in history) and from narrow partisan support – written all over him. What (good) qualities are there?

  79. Kam says:

    it’s alright zewt. u re planning or at least heading to the so called greener pasture down under. not many people have that option to escape from this nation. in fact, not many people want to give up all the goods in this nation.

    wither thy pakatan? I say Pakatan is prudent in not splashing silly money to commemorate silly anniversary…in 4 yrs time, the real party will begin.

  80. PKR & Anwar are not the ones celebrating…!!!

    We are the ones doing it on the net…!!!

    Just read all the coments lah……………..!

  81. daryl says:

    Why we can’t celebrate the day when 2/3 of BN’s majority was denied? Is a big step for the PR and that includes DAP and PAS on the same ship. So cut the NGO crap and also about the economy because the incoming leader will push Malaysia back to the 19th century.

    Leader shape the direction of a nation not current economy. So, please get off the PR case and start to look at things as an overall not the narrow lenses of an NGO…

  82. treasure island says:

    Hi our darling sloone,

    We can only celebrate jubilantly when all these gullible and ignorant denizens are politically conscious and awareness of politics in Malaysia.

    “The World is not dangerous because of those who do harm but because of those who look at it without doing anything.” — Albert Einstein

    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” — Edmund Burke

    “A society of sheep must in time beget a government of wolves.” — Bertrand de Jouvenal

  83. Alex says:

    No miracles except hard work. PR can not sole depend on Anwar’s Rhetoric charisma, we need to go back to face the reality of life! Its time to reconcile and less politicking.

    Guan Eng has to do away with the Gangsterism politics in Penang. Hey Parking boys’ boss is ruling Guan Eng now! Tan Kok Ping sound familiar??

    No more street unnecessary street demo! It is driving away investors and tourists. Enough dosage of tear gas already.

    Perhaps its time for all to consider looking for proper jobs for the NGOs members who survive on idealism as we need butter and bread too to survives!

    Tian Chua already has a decent job as MP while fellow civil society activists still ” Kais pagi makan pagi”

    We just can not afford to see another party hopping incidents that haulted Perak administration.

    Najib please let Perakian dcides again!

  84. Citizen Affiliate Pte Ltd says:

    Guarantee win In KEDAH and PERAK despite what you hear and read.

    PKR candidate : Bukit Selambau ” Sritharan” sure to win even without any posters blastered in the street.

    on the 7th April you will know what i said here is 500% true.

    Najib become PM , I celebrate!!! why? because the only way for BN to fall is to promote an Low capability person to run the country.
    That is for sure a big bonus to PAKATAN RAKYAT

    The almighthy has it’s ways to bring down the corrupted govt and some yet to awake bloggers and citizens.

    God bless all of you in Susan’s blog

  85. NotInMsiaAnymore says:

    PKR, do something. Show to those who had been with M’sia for the 51 years. I am very sure they are old enough & want to see a good M’sia for their next generation. Don’t dissapoint them.

    Anyway, we (our family) chose to migrate. Tired to stay around. Besides complaint, is still complaint. Whichever party taking over, please do it for the sake of the people in the country. Dun fool anyone. No One Side Justice! I hardly see justice there.

  86. Phua Kai Lit says:

    Dear Susan

    Stay optimistic!
    Without legitimacy in the eyes of the vast majority
    of its citizens, a ruling regime can only stay in power
    with the use of truncheons and guns.
    (And even that failed badly in the case of the ex-communist
    police state regimes of Eastern Europe).

  87. Khalid says:

    Dear Susan,
    I must really say that I’m quite surprised at your pessimistic attitude in this article. I have a good reason to celebrate because 8th March marks the day the people stood up and fought for their rights. This is our first step in winning the war. We will definitely keep fighting to make Malaysia a better place for us and for the generations to come.
    We have confidence in Pakatan Rakyat. We must all be optimistic in our vision for a better Malaysia.

  88. pelanduk says:

    Celebrate! in a month time, April 09 you will get news from Palace that Najib is denied the PMship!! so say the Seremban Diety!

  89. pelanduk says:

    Celebrate! in a month time, April 09 you will get news from Palace that Najib is denied the PMship!! so said the Seremban Diety, on Jan2009!

  90. free says:

    The blogger is right. We can celebrate when we kick out dirty BN in GE13. Save it!

  91. Patrick Siva says:

    If you’re caught with someone in a room, it’s called khalwat. But if some UMNO goons do it with someone in a room, it’s called having fun, UMNO-style.

    With all this double standards between UMNO and us rakyat, and a murderer taking up the premiership soon, I too can’t see what to celebrate on Mar 8.

  92. sam says:

    because we will have 2 PMs later since we have 2 MB hahahaha
    celebration !!!!!!! kool and the Gang Malaysia Boleh

  93. Malaya says:

    Najib will become PM, so what ?

    If I have a clear conscience , I will not stand as PM. The Almighty is still great and the evil doer will face his ultimate test.

    Come March 8, there is cause for celebration because :-

    PR govt. ruled with Transparency , Competency and devoid of Corruption.

    I do not want to relive the 50 years of torturous, corrupt , arrogant and yrant BN rule. This is the reason , the rakyat wants to celebrate 1 year of Pakatan rule. Billions of ringgit under BN rule went un-accounted.

    Yes, we see more transparency and accountability under PR. That’s is for sure. PR governments are more caring and initiated programmes for the benefit of all.

    Susan, why didn’t you comment on the BN ruled states as well ? All the dirt and scum dug out from the past government practices is a sure sign
    of incompetent governments.

  94. 4RAKYAT says:



    “shong, di Mac 19th, 2009 pada 12:43 pm Kata:
    sokong!!! “tak nak, najis!!!”

    and i have an idea. i think we can’t oppose him directly as he will use all the government agencies to frame us, the simpliest way, ISA. why don’t we use the hindraf tactic? you know to attack a dummy and let it rebound and hit him hard on his face!!!

    in this case, let’s launch a campaign “boycott France!!!” as the France newspaper which reported on the altantuya case has badly tarnished our country image at the international level!!! make it a big huha!!! invite all the international medias during the launching!!!

    under the name of protect the country integrity and image, we urge the france to apologize or to show proof. and the government can’t do anything to us but to co-operate and to clear our country image.

    do you think it can work?”


  95. Anonymous1 says:

    Good idea! I support 4RAKYAT’S SUGGESTION! (See quote below)

    “4RAKYAT Says:

    March 20, 2009 at 9:56 pm


    “shong, di Mac 19th, 2009 pada 12:43 pm Kata:
    sokong!!! “tak nak, najis!!!”

    and i have an idea. i think we can’t oppose him directly as he will use all the government agencies to frame us, the simpliest way, ISA. why don’t we use the hindraf tactic? you know to attack a dummy and let it rebound and hit him hard on his face!!!

    in this case, let’s launch a campaign “boycott France!!!” …….”

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