I was really sorry for not being around to blog about Jed Yoong’s case. She may be positive about the whole police investigation, but it is still big time intimidation to me! And I have told Jed so.

Why are the police holding on to her computer? Do they know how to operate it?

Also it’s such cowardice to hold back a reporter’s work tool, and prevent her from doing her job. Jed can really sue the police force for loss of income, etc.

You may not always agree with what Jed says in her blog. But I support her right to say her piece and do her work.

If you feel the same, do your little bit to make her life and work easier, DONATE to the Jed Yoong fund so she’ll get herself a laptop and start working again:

Bank Name: Maybank
Account Name: Yoong Yui Foong
A/C No.: 107144038074

Hope you’ll weather this storm with much resolve to provide Malaysians your side of the ‘truth’ and more ‘truth’.

Good luck, Jed


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  1. I wanted to donate. And I left comments whenever I disagree with her on her writings but what I really do not like is that she uses her discretion like our MSM censorship board and weed things she doesn’t like to hear. Unfortunately altho i am really sympathetic towards her cause, I would rather donate to you instead. Do let me know your account.

  2. I wanted to donate. And I left comments whenever I disagree with her on her writings but what I really do not like is that she uses her discretion like our MSM censorship board and weed things she doesn’t like to hear. Unfortunately altho i am really sympathetic towards her cause, I would rather donate to you instead. Do let me know your account.

  3. Richard Loh says:

    Its sad but true, the police are running this country like a police state. They are given a free hand to do what they like by umno should you cross path with them. Head they win, tail you lose.

    I may not like her way of doing things but we have to accept her democratic rights.

    Will donate and I hope others will do likewise irrespective of your like or dislike of her.

  4. Yes, I respect her democratic rights, not enough for me to part with my cash for her. You don’t buy magazines you dun like to read…haha…the same you don’t donate to UMNO although you may respect their democratic rights until they abuse them. Like I said, I am contemplating to donate, just that Jed Yoong is sometimes quite a loose cannon and I prefer a more principled blogger, else I rather donate to those who really fight for the welfare of the poor. I hope Jed would read this comment, I tried to tell her on her blog, oh well..censorship.

  5. Jed Yoong says:

    Malaysian Salt, I don’t censor comments unless they are baseless or unsubstantiated allegations.
    Susan, Thanks for this.

  6. Baseless to you I guess.

  7. Ken says:

    People dont worry about Jed Yoong. She will be alright. She has protection from some powerful people. Those who are not sympathetic to umno be warned. Do not do a “Jed Yoong”.

  8. Suz you have a heart of gold.

    But Jed is twisted. Begging for a Viao says a lot about her character or lack there of.

    The world is better off with Jed Yoong out of work.

    Hey Jed I hear McDonald’s hiring.

  9. Teh Manis says:


    Jed Yoong is NOT from poor family.

    I repeat. Jed Yoong is NOT poor.

    She can easily get money from both sides.

  10. Din she know from the way she writes and slashes readers’ comments/erase comments and putting her neck so far out that something like his will happen ?

    Any fool can see that…and now this

  11. sarah says:

    Jed is a very sad frustrated person . She rants and raves at everyone and everything.
    She is angry with everyone – DAP, tony, PR, Eli wong, UMNO, the West, the pig farmers, the royalty ….(but ironically, a bit defensive of MCA).

    She has no charity of spirit and very little goodness in her. Like a toxin.

    She is nothing like you, Susan.

    But hey! it’s her blog and she is entitled to her opinions.

    However I JUST CAN’T STAND HER! And i won’t miss her.

    Sorry Susan.

  12. kittykat46 says:

    I think Ken 7.24 am above is correct.

    Doesn’t make sense for UMNO to shut down the owner of
    “Blog Penyokong Khir Toyol” alias “Blog Anti-PKR/DAP” .

    They will go through the motions but they’ll let her go.

    I stopped visiting her blog quite a while ago after she blocked almost all my comments.

    But I support the right of bloggers to express their opinion without such intimidation. And I’ll put some of my money where my mouth is.

  13. rajan says:

    Hi susan.
    You must be kidding about the contribution to jed who ,the blogger who dare belittle RPK.
    Why isnt she spinning enough to collect her allowance from umno.
    To hell with the spinning top.
    I prefer to donate my cash or what little i have to the PR election efforts.

  14. whispering9 says:

    Yes…Jed should stop censoring comments. It belittles the commentators. I don’t agreed all the times with Susan and Rocky Bru but I respect them for posting all the comments whether bad or good. They even allow commentators’ insults to be posted. That says a lot about intention and honesty. Even politicians should see the real benefit of allowing such bloggers to flourish without intimidation.

    Why are the police holding on to the computer? By now, they should have engaged experts to get the job done. The host’s computer is a treasure for cookies, passwords and information extraction, especially on the commentators. Even clicking onto blogs whose owners’ passwords have been compromised can turn your computers into zombies, especially if there are links.

    Yesterday, I read an article which has the following punchline ‘In God I Trust. The Rest Pay Cash.’ 🙂

  15. Carmel says:

    I don’t think many will feel the loss of Jed…. yes, she’s got a right to be heard but she’s young and able… there are way too many people out there who need our help more. Put in more elbow grease and smoke less. Good luck.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Jed Yoong : ” I don’t censor comments…..”
    Yes, you did ! You just can’t accept people comments what you don’t like to hear. Not only that, you lied & twist & turn the facts in order to gain extra readership mileage! Frankly speaking, that i consider you lack journalistic ethics !

    She is inconsistent. And i agree with Sarah. She is nothing like you Susan. I would rather donate to you if the need arise.

  17. blong says:

    There are some who rushes in without really sitting back and reflect and ponder. There are those who sit back and ponder and these people are usulally labelled “lazy” or “backward” but the will strike at the right time and reap the benefits. You’ll find these two groups of people in every organisation. Timing is more important than being seen to be hardworking, busy, brave or even brazen. I’ve mentioned this a couple of times in my comments in Jed’s blog. Timing, girl, timing.

  18. chong says:

    A bunch of hypocrtites….can u all not ba racists & biased…i dun support UMNO or PR but why are u all always cursing UMNO…is it bcoz there is a MALAY word ????You are all the ones making the whole of malaysians races fighting against each other…stop it for goodness sake…& also i dun see any progress done when PR takes over PERAK…

  19. I have only logged onto Jed Yoong’s blog sometime black and left my comments. It was never published.

  20. justme says:

    Chong croaked!!!

    “A bunch of hypocrtites….can u all not ba racists & biased…i dun support UMNO or PR but why are u all always cursing UMNO…is it bcoz there is a MALAY word ??? ”

    UMNO is mat salleh word!!! United Malays National Organisation. Darn, i really don’t know how Umno is called in Bahasa Malaysia? Anyone please help?

  21. kittykat46 says:

    UMNO’s BM name is Pertubuhan Kebangsaan Melayu Bersatu
    Strictly speaking , the UMNO founded in 1946 is no more – it died in 1998 when it was ordered deregistered by the High Court due to irregularities during its party election process.

    UMNO Baru is a Mahathir spawn, with him as Member 0000001.
    As far as I’m concerned UMNO Baru only fights for its own right to be rich.
    The rest of you can go eat cake.

  22. orange says:

    support that club wielding banshee? no bloody way.
    she can go do some real constructive work like the rest of us.

  23. wits0 says:

    Kittykat46 you meant 1988, of course.

    “..As far as I’m concerned UMNO Baru only fights for its own right to be rich.
    The rest of you can go eat cake.”

    The Baru one being much more openly brazen than the comparatively more stealthy Lama one.

    Otherwise little to choose between them. Others will be expected to eat cakes.

  24. Katharina Sri (former: Noor Aza Othman) says:

    I amy not agree with happen to her; but I’m not going to donate to such unprincipled lady like this! People, DONATE TO THE PENAN’S CAUSE INSTEAD, WHO ARE IN NEED OF EVEN ELECTRICITY AND WATER PIPES, that many of you take for granted! SEE http://www.brunomanser.org – SIGN PETITION TOO! Katharina Sri (former: Noor Aza Othman), Germany.

  25. comix says:

    She DOES censor comments that are not complimentary to her.
    I don’t like her, so why should I donate anything? There are lots of hungry people that I’d rather feed.

  26. machitam says:

    i may not agree for the police to confiscate but i think jed is going overboard on issues especially racism. Jed should step back and think of her action. i would as much donate to any fellow bloggers who are the victim of the goverment double standard but i don’t Jed is a victim. she must learn a lesson.

  27. fly eager fly says:

    This is the works of the eternal evil Madhantiu.

    He created this police gangsters to help him achieving his evil machinations.

  28. fly eager fly says:

    This eternal evil Madhantiu should be arrested and locked up in jail and alll his plundered assets whether local or overseas must be confiscated and returned to the people of Malaysia.

  29. fly eager fly says:

    We can then use the confiscated money from this eternal evil Madhantiu and buy a new and latest computer for jy.

    The police can keep the confiscated computer. The computer has been infested with spyware and adware and is contagious.

    Very soon the police gangsters will be infested with spyware and adware.

    To cure them? The only solution is to change their mothers’ boards!

  30. Alice says:

    There are many people who need donations these days, but not Jed Yoong. Perhaps when she grows into a mature blogger and stops throwing tantrums, I might take her seriously.

  31. Haslinda says:

    I got a gunny sack of aluminium cans from the soft-drinks way back last Raya. I wish to donate it to jed Yoong. I thinks they sells for high price if i am not mistaken. I even polish em’ with brasso so that it sparkles and adds some sands into the can to manipulate the weight. Anyone wants to pay for the freight charges?

    Haslinda (formerly known as “Malay Girl”)

  32. Non-Supporter says:

    I think this is the last thing Jed would have guessed. Instead getting some money for a laptop (which Cantonese says Lei Hoi Wai Er!) She gets all the @#*&% from the readers. She must have an illusion of her popularity in the blogshpere. Now she knows exactly how she is perceived. Poor lady.
    And sorry Susan, you have camphioned the wrong cause.

  33. Fern says:

    You got to be kidding? This loud mouth lady is an umno lover whose mouth should be at the lower posterior ranting worst that a china prostitute.Now !she is begging for help!Sheesh!!!does’nt she knows what shame is??? Sorry i put my money to other worthy cause.HEY! YOU WILL NEVER KNOW IT MAY BE AN ACT or main main with the police to tell you bloggers “Beware”.

  34. OrangRojak says:

    Please give me some cash. My laptop is very old and the battery no longer holds a charge. If I write something derogatory online about UMNO, are you sure the police will come for the old one? The council dump is very far from here and I don’t like to throw stuff by the side of the road.

    I don’t have a bank account in Malaysia and it’s very difficult to get my money once I transfer it to my wife’s account, so if you see a badly-dressed white man walking his kids to school near Port Dickson, can you just throw the money out of your car window? It’ll be more ‘anonymous’ that way. Thanks. This is great isn’t it? I feel like I’ve caught the wave for a new Internet craze.

  35. Sabran Hindi says:

    Sorry Susan, you pushed the wrong button! Jed, maybe you should try your luck in Rocky Bru’s blogsite. There lots of people in his blog who belongs to your kind!

  36. Richard Loh says:

    Yes, blast at her for all you want. Many do not like her way and style of entertaining everyone in the blogsphere. A genuine appeal is requested through Susan’s blog and we must take it with an open mind.

    We are all Malaysians fighting a cause but each individual has his/her way of presenting it. In most families there is always an ugly duckling. This ugly duckling cannot be in good terms with the whole family and always create havoc every now and then. Nobody in the family likes this ugly duckling and leave him alone to fight the outside world. One day this ugly duckling has a serious problem and rush home to appeal for the family help. As a family do you think you will let this ugly duckling die or help him?

    I had just donated a small amount into her account to let her start all over again. My hope is that after reading all the comments here, she will look seriously into it and make changes where needed.

    Just give her a chance, like you will want to be given a chance should you make any mistake.

  37. gong jiao oii says:

    Only sony laptop can do work??
    I guess she must be the lady who born with mouth with golden key!
    others brands laptop are useless???

  38. Richard Loh says:

    Susan, my comment did not show up?

  39. Carmel says:

    Richard Loh,
    As you put it, duckling… not ayam pencen… so Ugly duckling can work her way out of the situation instead of running to the family expecting a bailout.If this were a severe issue the situation would be different but replacing a computer… and demanding it be a high end one… come on.. i just came home from an orphanage today where the conditions are so bad the kids share towels and toothbrushes and eggs are a year round menu specialty.. I know where my money’s going.

  40. Arek says:

    JY should be ashamed or cashing in on her misfortune of her computer being on hold by the authorities to appeal for donation for a new laptop! Furthermore, she dare ask for a Sony Vaio!!! She really got high taste!!

    By the way I’m still using a 2006 Acer notebook. Anyone cares to donate to me? (juz joking la…I won’t stoop that low to ask anyone for donation as long as I can still afford for two humble meals to feed my family).

    Sorry, Susan, if you or the poor or deserving cases, without second thoughts, I’d be glad to donate.

  41. rainstorm says:


    I’m a firm believer in giving people second chance. From my past experienced with her , I gave her second chance & she blew it ! I guess the adage of “leopord will not change their spots” is till very true. Doesn’t she knows respect need to be earned & is not to be demanded! She has long way to go & learn the hard way if she wants the respect from others ! Jed, i hope with all the comments in this blog, you’ll learn your lesson & be humbled. My 2 cent worth.

  42. Anonymous says:

    I agree strongly with rainstorm. Nonetheless, even with the comments on this blog, JY will not change, mark my words. Even after the UMNO whom she protected reported her to the police and got her stuff seized, so ok la. Goner. The worst kind of unprincipled blogger I have ever seen. will never deserve my cash, richard. Black sheep? that’s being nice to her.

  43. the truth says:

    What an imbecilic act of asking money from the public to buy a new laptop. And you, Susan, must be a case of one journalist helping another of your kind, muka tak malu, asking for money to buy laptop, so many needy children and people out there whom need PCs more than what you call tht …err…yes! Journalists!

    Only an idiot will donate. I hope the PDRM would look into this matter as well.

  44. the league of extraretarded bloggers says:

    That sorry cry for money should be targeted at bloggers only, instead of taking advantage of readers/blog hoppers. I have a friend who once lost his car, he was a blogger, and he didn’t go around whining and begging for money using catchy phrases like “..The public who wish to support my cause..”

    I am posting this here while quoting from Jade’s page, the reason: She/It would never allow people to read this there. So much for freedom of speech…ade..ptui! Ptui! ptui!

    @Jade: Get a job, and get a life!

  45. areka says:

    “I hope to buy a Sony Vaio AW http://tinyurl.com/4ov65f among other things….and a Sony X1 http://tinyurl.com/d8v9u7. This would allow me to cover Bukit Gantang.”

    The more I think abt it, the more ashamed I feel for her that we’ve such a blogger in our midst. Notice what she asked for? A high-end notebook and hp! Just like the proverbial chinese saying – “Lion opens its mouth wide.” She’s no different from some politicians – enjoying questionable gains thru’ ripping the public by questionable means.

    Many would agree that there are many people out there who deserves BILLION times more help than JY.

    JY – come on, there’s no free lunch! We M’sians no doubt are helpful and generous. But don’t capitalized on this good characteristics of us as an advantage for yourself. Don’t take us as idiots and fools.

  46. aiyomanaboleh says:

    Susan, I think your good intention has turned to be a JY bashing for your regulars.

    I visit her site off and on and many of my postings got posted. Maybe, my postings were mild and harmless. I do however, find her writings sometimes provocative and at times irritating/nonsense but that is her style.

    Defending her is not the purpose of my post. I think we should look at life with broader strokes and don’t get so worked up with whoever disagrees with us. Afterall, even husbands and wives disagree but life do goes on.

    It’s gonna be one boring world don’t you agree if everyone has the same opinion of things.

  47. Shadow Boxer says:

    JED YOONG IS EITHER A DOUBLE AGENT OR JUST A VERY HYPOCRITICAL `JOURNALIST`. i have the pleasure of seeing how forked-tongued she can be just last year when she was doing a series of very pro-anwar write ups together with some pro-anwar/PKR banners. I believe she was paid for the banners and write ups.

    I was quite taken aback by these posting on her old blog as she was usually true to her form – anti PKR, anti anwar and pro KT and Madhater. So imagine my surprise to see all those pro-anwar banners on her blog.
    After 1 week ( advertisement expired?) or so – those banners came down & she was back to her usual self.

    If there is one hypocrite who deserves her come-uppance it is this slimey reporter wannabe. I am NOT going to donate a single cent! not even my spit.

  48. Donato Donater says:

    JY likes to use chinese in her blog. So:

    Lei Shing Oi yat lap Sony Vaio
    Lei yat thiu mo doe dak hmm doe..
    Sik Ji Gei.

  49. Oh dear, that’s so cheap. She is asking for public donation for her laptop and a phone as well?! Can’t believe what I am seeing. Genuine ppl will get it without begging, but in her case, I guess she is just taking advantage over the situation.

  50. storm62 says:

    what about me? and the rest who just run out of job?

  51. noevil says:

    Well v r in d internet age, ppl ask for donation for all sort of reasons, don’t b surprised when some will ask for donation when he is sex-starved n need to visit a xxxxxxxxx….. hahaha

  52. moni monique says:

    Shameless JY, hoping for a freebie! Why are you even posting this, Susan?

    There are always genuine and worthy causes that one can donate something to… remember that old Malay lady who lives in a chicken coop? That was the only rent that she could afford! There are always people like her, whose life stories are heart-rending. Remind me again why this JY qualifies for some help?

    You say you respect her right to say her piece. Well, I reserve my right to want to have nothing to do with her or her site. The way I look at it, it’s a blessing that she’s been deprived [albeit temporarily] of her platform from which she spews her vitriol. She’s not relevant to me, and, it would seem, from the response this is getting, to many others as well.

  53. I don’t always agree with Jed, but what happened is definitely an attempt to silence bloggers.

  54. FuckBN says:

    chong Says:
    March 8, 2009 at 1:46 pm

    A bunch of hypocrtites….can u all not ba racists & biased…i dun support UMNO or PR but why are u all always cursing UMNO…is it bcoz there is a MALAY word ????You are all the ones making the whole of malaysians races fighting against each other…stop it for goodness sake…& also i dun see any progress done when PR takes over PERAK…


    u, r truly a dumbass….who talks to his ass, just like a certain bottle of pig’s saturated fat, who says it his beloved d…head’s destiny to be PM…

  55. *cosmic*rainbow* says:

    susan, i would rather donate to you and also care for you. my doors are always open to you shall you land into any problems.

    as for jed yoong, fuck off!!! you claim that its the spirit of muhibbah that led this country to be peaceful.

    fuck your cunning thoughts out of your strategic alliance with rocky as you are one fuckatan with him that kills the rest, not bothering how the suffering parliament is going through now.

    even if you crawl on the floor to beg money from me, i would rather buy the dog next to you a hearty meal.


  56. Johnny Chiam says:

    I don’t read her blog and from your link, I found that she actually asked for donations in her own blog for high end laptop and phone.

    I don’t know if there is any other bloggers who are as thick skin as her.

  57. sam says:

    IS Jed Yoong a blogger.. ? she hardly writes anything of any substances.. just dribble. even that small amounts.

  58. *cosmic*rainbow* says:

    this daughter of a florist in berjaya times square doesnt deserve anything.

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