The photo above is obviously the Mongolia’s Honorary Consul in Malaysia Datuk Syed Abdul Rahman Alhabshi with PM in waiting Najib Tun Razak.

He defended Najib, saying he could not be involved in the Altantuya case. (Read this)

It was taken at the end of 2008, in the house of Najib? Datuk Syed had said to Stev Shaaribuu that he had a “high political position”. So Shariibuu found it hard to “antagonize” Datuk Syed.

According to Shaaribuu, inside Datuk Syed’s reception hall, there was a “huge portrait” of Najib. This scene was related to the French Journalist Arnaud Dubus, who broke the story about how Altantuya was allegedly blown to bits yesterday.

His story created waves in Malaysia, where it was even raised in Parliament. Actually, he has written a side story attached to the main story in the French Liberation.

This short story was recently republished in the March issue of Gavroche monthly magazine (French magazine based in Bangkok).

It’s entitled: Datuk Said, the double faced diplomat (see below the translations by Dubus himself)

After the murder of Altantuya, a charitable soul contacted Shaaribuu Setev, the father of the young woman : Datuk Said, honorary consul of Mongolia in Malaysia. “I am ready to do everything to help you”, said the diplomat to Shaaribuu Setev. His dedication even pushed the amicable Datuk Said to make revelations to the father. “The Malaysian governement is ready to spend one billion of tughrik (mongolian currency, equivalent to 500,000 euros) to cover up the case”.

Shaaribuu as many Mongolians is a straightforward and trustful man, unable to imagine the tricks of a machiavelian mind. Thus, when Datuk Said asked Shaaribuu for all documents – pictures, notebooks, films, computer files – to help the murder investigation, Shaaribuu did not hesitate : he gave him everything he had found in his daughter appartment in Ulan Bator. This was a bit naive : the double faced diplomat kept the documents for himself, not giving them to the court, or leaked them on some internet news website to discredit the Shaaribuu family. (Asia sentinel’s photos on Altantuya)

“We thought he was working for us, but actually he is working for the malaysian side”, says Shaaribuu with bitterness. Altantuya’s father has asked the Mongolian foreign ministry to dismiss Datuk Said from his position as an honorary consul. For the time being, the ministry has summoned the diplomat in Ulan Bator to ask him to explain his behaviour. To justify his attitude, Datuk Said has said to Shaaribuu : “Given my high position within Umno, it is not possible for me to oppose Najib Razak”.

By Arnaud Dubus

This man, Dato Syed, often spoke on behalf of Shariibuu to the press, without the latter’s approval. He gave conflicting statements and put words in Shariibuu’s mouth. (What happenned to the DNA test?)

During one of Shariibuu’s visit to the Women’s NGOs office in Kuala Lumpur,  Dato Syed followed him closely, watching him like a hawk.

The question here is: what is Najib’s private photo with Dato’ Syed doing with Shariibuu?


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  1. PeoplePower says:

    Will the photo of Najid, Razak Baginda and Attantuya in taken Paris had been destroyed by this Double face?

  2. Rashid says:

    I have no in my mind that this Alhabshee beast was paid to infiltrate the Shaariibu family and get their documents so that they are C4-ed as well. Dr Shaariibuu should stop conversing with this certified hypocrite and get another person having already being cheated by Alhabshee the slave.

  3. GoMalaysian says:

    for chinese can see here…

    welcome to my blog!

    Malaysia Politic View from a Malaysian Chinese…

    comments and suggestion are welcome 🙂

  4. Tay says:

    RPK had in his article quoted Syed said the murder was order by Rosmah. I totally believe what RPK has written. Would you , the public?

  5. aca says:

    by the way, his name is Syed. no different from the moron who think he is the law unto himself.

  6. wudan says:

    The question here is: what is Najib’s private photo with Dato’ Syed doing with Shariibuu?

    Oooops! Load 3 bullets into the pistol chamber. Do it Nikky! Do it.

  7. wandererAUS says:

    This bloke Syed must be worth quite a hefty sum with some of evidence in his possession.
    Another millionaire in the making! Who can we now trust in Bolehland?

  8. faizal says:

    RPk mentioned this incident some articles back…

    My question is, can’t Shaaribuu call for a press conference and tell all and demand justice? Can’t he get his govt to help?

    I hope there’s other things he can do to demand justice rather than relying on Msian courts…

  9. Fair To All says:

    Najib must have paid this Syed crook Altantuya’s commissions for the submarines deal. How depraved can these politicians behave????

  10. Payback Time says:

    All her evidences, threesomes photo, letters, dossiers whatever link has been C4 by this double face bastard like what they did to Tuya body. Any monetary gain he receive is all soak in blood and flesh..imagine its retribution and karma..i wonder how well he can sleep everynight?

  11. Navin says:

    Syed seems to be a wolf in disguise.
    I really pity the parents of Altantuya for going through all this.
    I do not wish anyone to go through such tiring circumstances.

    I wish the perpetros of this crime do some soul searching and think if this victim had been their son/daughter,how would they feel if justice was not done to them.

    May Altantuya’s rest in peace once the guilty party is punished for the crimes.

  12. hudu vudu says:

    I iknowe of many of tjesewbtypoer of who would sell tjeir mothers and sisters forf gold.
    The big Q is hpw much is a mother or sister worth? Im, 5km, or 10km.?

  13. hudu vudu says:

    I iknow of many of who would sell their mothers and sisters for gold.
    The big Q is how much is a mother or sister worth? Im, 5km, or 10km.?

  14. Fair To All says:

    Sick to the bones, these hypocrites !!!!

  15. wits0 says:

    “Honorary”, but devoid of honor. Without normal duties furthermore.

  16. Justice 4Altantuya says:

    These killers & all who have blood on their hands directly or indirectly are hoping given time (we all live busy lives) the memory of the murder of Altantuya will will slowly fade away.
    Let us affirm here that her cruel murder will not go away until the REAL MURDERER and those who order her death are brought to Justice.
    This Consul is a two face Crook and has betrayed the TRUST the family of Altantuya all for the love of money.

  17. kittykat46 says:

    In Bolehland’s UMNO, the word Honour has less value than used toilet paper.

  18. imwatchinu says:

    Now it is clear why there are no photos of the threesome in Paris. This guy is another shithead who has been bought to cover Najib criminal act. Altantuya’s father make the mistake of not photocopy all the documents before handling over. The next best thing he could now do is to make a SD on the specific things that he handed to this slime ball shithead.

  19. Ismandy Hamza says:

    Huh! what else is new? who among the Malays is not connected to Umno?
    Let this kind of Malays rot in 7th Hell for all I care.
    Well I’m a Malay too, but I don’t belong to those group of people.
    Seems like all Malays in Semenanjung have been infected by the ‘Umnocancerism Virus’ or UCV.
    Why not, after 50 years of imploding this country of its wealth, and giving the proceeds to its deserving members who forever lick their leaders’ asses.
    This is the outcome and what kind of Malays that we get today. The UCV just cannot be wiped out in a forthnight.
    So we need all the help that we can from those Malays who are out of Umno now, who have been healed physically and spiritually, to fight back and give us the annectode to wipe out this national threatening menace and wipe them out from this face of the Earth forever.
    We really need all the help from Ex-Umno members who have repented to turn the tables around and help rebuild this country which is on the brink of catastrophy politically, socially and economically.
    To scumbag like – Syd Abd Rahman Alhaprak, may you ‘be jinxed’ here and in life thereafter as a result of curses from people from all walks of life for associating yourself with killers and, being the Devil’s Advocate.

  20. Idzan Ismail says:

    Top of the morning Susan the Looney girl
    Aha. Now you are branding Datuk Syed as a double-faced diplomat.
    I remember during the trial, you were singing high-falutin praises on him.
    You are incense because the case didn’t go your way.
    I and many others were cheesed off because we think Datuk Syed was a lap-dog of Mongolia.
    Now you painted him as bad because he has a a big portrait of Najib.
    For maximum impact, you portrayed him with Najib (in uniform of course).
    In the first place, Datuk Syed was never a career dipomat.
    Is it wrong to be photographed or for having a photograph of Najib, our DPM.
    Does it mean many Malaysians who have photos of Najib including me are pariahs in your eyes.
    And what is the purpose of the link that Australia doubles scholarships to Mongolians.
    Do we care? Malaysians too received scholarships from Australia.
    And what next?
    Shaaribu anointed a saint or Messiah.

  21. caravanserai says:

    It’s no use crying over spill milk
    What had been done it is gone
    All the documentary evidence disappeared
    Maybe leaving behind negatives
    God always work in mysterious ways

    The aggrieved father
    Mind drifting away
    Knowing how his daughter got murdered
    Into pieces blown away

    Justice must be done
    We pray it should be
    Years down the road
    The dreams shattered once more

    One got free
    Gone to UK to pursue his degree
    No appeal on his acquittal
    The précis clockwork begins

    The main players free as the breeze
    Not one is called to testify in court
    Every turn it seems it is blocked
    The investigations covering holes

    The fall guys hanging by the thread
    As it is according to the script
    They may sentence to death
    After a few years royal pardon
    It has happened before
    About one Harm Noh minister

    The sun never shines in the police
    It is darker still in the judiciary
    Bending low for sake of power and wealth
    Forgetting the rule of law and Constitution

    The power of God and His children prayers
    The demons will pay of their sins
    They can hide oh sure they should
    When the time arrives they realize
    What they have it will not bring paradise

  22. allen says:

    I think money holds the power of anything.This chap must be fanatically bought over by u-know-who and it is a disgrace for his double-faced life.

  23. dubus says:

    The Mongolian government must sacked this running dog for not looking after the interest of Mongolians. He should be charged for abetting the murder. Possibly be arrested and tried in the Mongolian courts.

  24. anak Selangor says:

    Aiya, like that you also don’t know. This b*****d is a businessman, just like P I Bala, collect information from parties concerned, bargain with, better blackmail the other party(ies), negotiate for a price, then turn his back to the victim(s).

    Warning to all these b*****ds, you have wife and children, God will punish your next generation for those bad things you do to others.

    If you cannot do good things, or if you cannot help others, don’t do bad things or sabotage others.

    All religions teach people to do good things. Jagan baik baik, you may not have good sleep, you will suffer from critical,illness.

  25. Yap says:

    Take the case to the world court and more will surface.

  26. Goldee51 says:

    It is not surprising he had betrayed others as well. He even will readily sell his mother, wife and daughters just for $$$$$. A bastard of the worse kind. Won’t be surprised this shit guy will be elevated soon in the UMNO’s triad.

    HELL has no place for BETRAYERS.

  27. huhu says:

    Yap says,
    Take the case to the world court and more will surface.

    betul sekali!

  28. wildbil says:

    Time and time again, it is proven never trust a race that will sell their soul to a highest bidder. Malay….. bolih.

  29. cinapek says:

    I said it before on RPK’s blog – Shariibu should have known NOT to trust ANYONE, especially in such instances. He has ONLY himself to blame now that the “evidence” is gone. In today’s “jungle law” political climate, it is best to ALWAYS keep copies of documents and to NEVER trust anyone.

  30. wits0 says:

    Cinapek, when you ‘re in distraught, that’s when you’re the most vulnerable. That’s also the optimum time for con men to strike.

    If you’re really an ah pek, you should know this everyday truism well enough.

  31. Fair To All says:

    Unbridled corruption !!!!

  32. imwatchinu says:

    By the way, isn’t he an accessory to murder?

  33. sloone says:

    Get your facts correct
    I have NEVER sang praises of Datuk Syed.
    Everyone knows that as well
    except you it seems.

  34. wits0 says:

    Idzan doesn’t care for anything except making babies and smirking at others less favored by man-made cruel circumstances. No other “outstanding accomplishments” noted. Certaintly not factuality or integrity.

  35. ericind says:

    OMG,Sigh,this Syed really shame all Malaysians,a product created by Ameno just like Idzan…

  36. kittykat46 says:

    Idzan hanya satu lagi Hulubalang UMNO yang mindanya sudah ditutup berpuluh tahun dahulu.

  37. waikiki says:

    Idzan…. nak mengampu pi jilat bik mama ass hole…

  38. rider says:

    Demons in disguise, the purveyors of an evil regime to fool people like idzan.
    sorry to digress, susan, the story at Top Ten Letters section today
    “a construction company for submarine rescue” by Mohd Arshad Raji, makes for interesting research into the corrupt umno mind.

  39. Zainal Abd says:

    Just look at this despicable, double faced a_sehole with Mr.C4 can tell you that this bum is not only greedy and corrupted but downright immoral.
    If only someone can check this bum personal background and his friendship with Mr.C4, maybe there are convincing clues to the Mongolian woman murder.
    Great work again Susan.

  40. sgbertih says:

    Hopefully this syed will get his own c4 in due time.

  41. Pegasus says:

    Idzan ,its only you who think yourself as pariah .The double face asshole had taken most Malaysian for a ride and make us a fool. Mr Sharibuu in agony of his daughter’s death has unwittingly given all photos and materials without making copies at that time trusting the double face asshole. You must be one of the those bloodly umnoputras who can’t see things exactly there are and need to twist and manipulate things to ensure umno survives!!!. Get the fuck out of this blog!!! Everything will come around, those murderers will face the music and the truth sooner or later.!!!

  42. goldenscreen says:

    What did you expected from the brother of the Cheras UMNO goon who is angling for the Federal Territories Minister job? The same goon whose thug “accidentally” punched a Chinese reporter? The same goon who was the strongest supporter of Ahmad Said in KL? The same goon who is looking for a promotion in Najib’s Malaysia?

    It’s too bad that Setev didn’t really know Malaysia before this. If he did, he would be wary of handing over any evidence to the so-called law enforcement agencies. He would probably have made multiple safe copies and kept it hidden with various relatives around the world.

  43. Joshua says:

    Susan, you’re doing the Malaysians a BIG favour for the Altantuya upates.

    Nevermind those who is clearly on the dark side.

  44. Perhaps this “double faced” fella is still keeping Altantuya’s documents & things…!
    Better go ransack his office…!

    This fellas all should be very ashamed to even wear a ‘songkok’….!!!

    I’ve said this sooo……. many times !
    Why are these Muslim behaving so unIslamic..??????????

    What they have done is not the Quoran’s teachings…!

    Situation in Malaysia is so bad now…!

  45. tan says:

    How many percentage of Mongolians are muslims?

  46. My Oumrie says:

    I’d like to meet that b*****d face to face and give him a very tight slap on his smug face. Just watch me!!!

  47. wits0 says:

    Rather than believe that the ‘Datuk’ title automatically stands for anything respectable and trust worthy, the rest of the world should wise up and realize that it usually stands for Bolehland deviousness – unless and until proven otherwise.

  48. Menyalak-er says:

    Whoa, goldenscreen and friends, are we saying that this double-faced beruk has Mr. Setev’s stuff?
    That would mean there is damning ‘evidence’ in his possession, which also means that he is the ad hoc P.M. to be, not that ‘dumpling in cartoon fatigues’! The true ‘main-belakang’ guy!
    Forget what i said about foreign ‘undue influence’ – this flur is the nut-crusher! Mme. Lumpiolus better do something – c4 ain’t enuff.
    My heart grieves with Mr. Setev to have met the deceiver-demon himself!

  49. Fair To All says:

    Bloodguilty politicians !!!!

  50. Pramod Kumar says:


    i found yr blog very much interesting.

    Do keep in touch.

    Pramod Kumar

  51. monsterball says:

    Malaysia is a land….welcoming…plenty of con men… crooks and political actors…all pally with the government of today….as long as you can be their cronies…their gun men…their couriers…their pimps…for billions of money stuff…stolen from Malaysians…….by the UMNO masterminds…all having power to cheat ..con…..and steal.
    When the people involved are willing to be corrupted… is very easy for a crooked corrupted government to keep lying cheating… more and more are converted by them…to cheat and teal.
    Reveal..get cold feet and talk too will vanish into thin air!
    Under such living condition….a Smart Tunnel…….first in the world….turned out to be the most Stupid Tunnel….educational system…worst in Asia…Police and Judicial key personnels….are puppets on the string.
    Perhaps…Malaysia is also the biggest users of tear gas in any peaceful..developed country.
    Yes… conditions dictates the future….and viewing a crook smiling to another in a photo ..that is nothing compare to the art to be free of all sins….by swearing by the Koran.
    I think…..all convicted Muslims in court need only to do swearing by the Koran….case close….not guilty!!
    Yes…….Malaysia living conditions with two sets of laws…welcome all sorts of crooks.
    Day in day out…..non stop……Malaysia is a land of plenty ..enough for all….and also not enough….where hunger and poor becomes poorer…….rich become richer….such contrast…can only mean….our government is most successful master crooks.
    This cannot be..unless supported by certain people….with the power to vote.
    This is a fact… Malaysia is a sick sick country too.

  52. Victor says:

    Amazing place to visit, interesting blog…

  53. bamboo river says:

    This ‘dishonoured consul’ (dc) gave that photo to Sharibuu to ‘warn’ him (Sharibuu) his connection with Najib and to hoodwink Sharibuu that Najib is prominent ‘military head’ with that National Service camou.

    I believed you and RPK had one way another ‘sniffed’ this dc when Sharibuu met RPK in person.

    RPK did write about this dc and I suspect he must have been ‘offered’ the moment the murder was blown up in MSM.

    Well, we will see if this dc will face the wrath of Late Altantuya’s spirit!

  54. bamboo river says:

    Ohh one more thing! This is my message to Najib ..okay lah, Idzan Ismail, tell najib this dishonoured consul has made COPIES of whatever he gave to him.
    He is a double faced crook, as insurance lah!

  55. alantanblog says:

    look like nothing happen so far for these few day..What happen?

  56. chong says:

    well, what do you expect from our BN man? they are celaka by nature.

  57. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous Says:

    If the PeeM in waiting can be implicated in Murder and Corruption then why the Police Murderers & Autopsy Pathologist & now the double faced snaky diplomat who want to keep his job cannot do the same with impunity, they are just following the footsteps of their revered leader Najis who had done very well in swearing to Allah on the Koran and every one of them can learn on how to swear their innocence despite all evidences have shown their Guilt, so only Allah can give them the real Judgement come Judgement Day as there is no escape from Allah’s real Justice for the deeds they have done.

    Bandit Najis had been cheating and robbing the Nation’s Coffers for years with fictitious and non existent Defence Contracts, with either non supply necessary or supply with inferior quality products, by awarding these to his wife’s nominee Companies.

    Loser, Loser & Loser Najis UMNO & BN therefore the biased EC must choose the same date so that they can try to cheat by using Phantom Voters if the Pakatan is not too careful on all three fronts.

    History will repeat itself the most corrupted of all, implicated in Corruption & Murder, call Najis will helm UMNO to oblivion.

    Beware of the Najis & UMNO underhand deceits, filthy lies and dirty tactics which must be exposed so that they will be shunned by all Rakyats in order to be thrown out in the next GE.

    The Era of Anarchy has just begun in the coming Premiership of Najis, the most corrupted of all corrupters, all Malaysians beware that they, Najis & UMNO, will spend Government Money to buy Chaos in order to impose Dictatorial Government without election or after they have lost the Election in GE 13, we have all learnt from Perak Government’s takeover by deceit and by force of using the Police Force which could be bought and the Assemblymen who were bought either with money or in kind like no case in court for their corruptions’ cases pending trials if they defect from Pakatan and of course the sole DAP betrayer could be bought with a great sum of money as Najis knew and as well as the betrayer that she could never be elected ever again in Jelapang and of course the pension sum must be huge including allowance for her permanent retirement for making a betrayal to Pakatan for short term benefiting of Najis?

    There must be a good reason for the Sultan well learned in law and also once holding the highest office in Supreme Court took a lowly decision in support of the most corrupted Politician call Najis, PeeM in awaiting. No offence intended to the Sultan who was highly regarded until just now only, it is either he has been threatened with some secret files on him held by Najis, or like all the other froggies that had been lured by huge sums of money offered by the most greedy of Corrupters called Najis who used the nation’s coffers as his own kitty bank. Knowing very well that Najis would not last the next GE, this is the best opportunity to make some good cash funds for keeps as the next Government under PKR will be clean and righteous for the God, King, People and Country.

    Not realizing that Corruptions breed even more Corruptions and this is the vicious circle and the people of Perak are ones who would suffer in the long run and they will not forget what a Sultan they have had. If Najis and UMNO is in Power it is most likely that the nation’s coffers would be decimated and there will be nothing left for our Children’s Children, therefore make sure the UMNO along with all their goons are thrown out the next election.

    God bless you the people of Malaysia

  58. k c low says:

    Looks like Mongolia got themselves a Honorary Consul that is not worth 2 cents. Mongolia should terminate his services immediately. You don’t need this type of person to represent you.
    It’s a pity that Altantuya’s father trusted and entertained him. By now, the whole world knows who the murderers are. I hope the Honorary Consul have read the ‘Liberation news report’. It reported that Altantuya was pregnant, shot twice and blown to bits together with the unborn. That means the murderers have killed two person. What a cruel act. Wonder who is the father of the baby?

  59. Zhang Jian Hao says:

    My friend is migrating.

  60. motherchell says:

    Keep up the expose Susan. We must go on with greater force to bring all these criminals to book.

    Honarary Consul !!! ?? a joke , he must have been a student of Jack the Ripper. His world is money , and an Arab like him sharing the same camel with his crony Albar. The camel must be parched!

    There is nothing that he has done to bring justice for Mongolia . Money spoke the language for him . Lets make sure we don’t see him in Malaysia.

  61. nutbean says:

    Dark Ages…the bad moon is rising and the
    Evil reign.

    All $$$ knees will kneel down before him and all $$$ lips will worship him and you can hear voices calling out Heaven , Heaven help me from the temple of the “King”….

  62. kunalsachdeva says:

    thnx 4 sharing….
    Nice post…


  63. arlcreath says:

    hai…. pak….. suka photogaraphy ya

  64. Setiaselalu says:

    Looks like all the crooks are swimming in the same pool of deceits,lies,corruption and murder to attain great wealth…….Malaysia is losing its soul with these bunch of evilmen.
    What a rotten bunch !
    Thank God we have honorable men in Anwar,Nik Aziz,Zaid Ibrahim,Tengku Razaleigh,Kit Siang,Guan Eng,Manickavasagam,
    Uthaya (now held under ISA ) and many more who wont take bribes .
    Hidup Reformasi ! Hidup Pakatan Rakyat !

  65. Jackluo says:

    This is very tragic. To know that the victim’s father was conned by this beast in order to destroy all the evidence available is very sad and disappointing. To know that our country going to be led by the big devil will send chill down the spine of every Malaysians. He will rule not with an iron-fist, this time he’ll come with a C4 in his hand!

  66. […] for starters.. By futuredwights aah, where to start…have no idea if I’ll be much of a blogger or not, but I’ll try anything. guess start with some things I like or think worth checking out: […]

  67. fly eager fly says:

    This Mongolian girl was a slut. She was dancing with the wolves. That doesn’t mean she should be blown up in pieces.

  68. fly eager fly says:

    If Najib has some conscience and practices a tooth for a tooth sermon, Najib should tied himself with C4 and has a deja vu ala that Mongolian Girl.

  69. fly eager fly says:

    Thank God we have honorable men in Anwar,Nik Aziz,Zaid Ibrahim,Tengku Razaleigh,Kit Siang,Guan Eng,Manickavasagam,
    Uthaya (now held under ISA ) and many more who wont take bribes .
    Hidup Reformasi ! Hidup Pakatan Rakyat !

    If these buggers are in power, they are worst than the BN dogs!

    Screw them up…

  70. anak_perelih says:

    my bet is, all those documents are still with this Syed in a safe place… it’s an investment especially Najib will be the PM… to blackmail him…. in UMNO.. everything is possible… backstabbing is a culture….

  71. newsendorser says:

    Let the truth come out!

    If you have news or stories to share, just submit stories like this (from your website or other blogs, or websites), photos and videos at

  72. Fair To All says:

    Malaysia’s credit rating will be C4 when Najib becomes PM !!!

  73. sosong says:

    Will our neighbours ask for favours/concessions after 1 Apr. 09

  74. calvin tan says:

    my GOD all this while Dr Shaariibuu Setev has been taken on a wild goose
    chase. that`s why he ended crying for his beloved daughter back home ,
    really sad indeed Dr Shaariibuu met a smiling DEMON.AN AMENO groom
    demon, my prayer 4 u & all in the family Dr Shaariibuu.

  75. susan says:

    Altantuya’s father shoudl have kept copies of all docuiments given to that beast spy. Being a highly educated man, he would not have been that naive. Dont worry, he defintely will prodice all those as last resort. Who knows some great things happening soon to prevent Najib to sit as PM end of March?

  76. Setiaselalu says:

    Razak Baginda is now in UK living in a multi million home (paid by Malaysian taxpayers & submarine dirty commission money drawn fr the blood of ALTANTUYA ) ! YES,If we see him,we shall shout out (‘altantuya murderer !) His BIG BOSS Najib also has a multi million home there (wang curi dari Rakyat ).
    How could any Leader sleep at night or attend conference abroad with world Leaders having this ALTANTUYA murder suspicion hanging over his head ? Malaysia Boleh ?
    No, we shall never forget all that led to the killing of Altantuya !
    ‘All is not lost , we have an alternative in Pakatan and God Bless people
    like YM Raja Petra who is sacrificing his life to expose the killers behind Altantuya killing , Umno Datuk Zaid Ibrahim who resign on principles & Uthaya & Waythamoorthy who gave up so much to fight injustice-the killing of Indians & minorities under police custody Datuk & marginalisation of minorities.
    We need change, and we need it desperately as soon as possible.

  77. […] The double faced honorary consul of Mongolia The photo above is obviously the Mongolia’s Honorary Consul in Malaysia Datuk Syed Abdul Rahman Alhabshi with PM […] […]

  78. Cheyenne says:

    For too long, everyone in Malaysia knows we have corruption from the top to the bottom but no one did anything. Now we also know that we have murderers from the top to the bottom. Are we going to do something about this ? Who will be next to be tortured to death by the police or C4 by their politicians ? Surely Malaysians must do something about this or else we will end up as another Zimbabwe. Enough is enough.

  79. my oumrie says:

    That bloody Yemeni probably was recommended to the Mongolian Govt. by BEE END, only that the Mongols didn’t know that he is a gomen spy! That MAMAK TONGKANG with no maruah. PTUI!

  80. Shadow Boxer says:

    AND they say Setev has a PHD in Psychology..????????

    His daugther was already blown up to itsy tiny whiny bits by unknown Malaysians and he trusted this other Malaysian with all his documents?

    I do not recommend a Bsc or Phd in anything from Mongolia.

  81. Snoop says:

    It’s not easy to lose a daughter to murderers in a foreign country, confusion sets in a turmoiled brain, crippling all rational thinking, which no shadow boxer can unravel, much less a Phd.

  82. LimDokSa says:

    Who was the cameraman who took picture of Altantuya, R.B. and N.R. having dinner in Paris….? Maybe he still has the film or in his computer/memory card..?

  83. Anonymous says:

    You guys should check out The blog claims to have pictures of the womanizing sons of Nazri Aziz and Najib.

  84. Siti says:

    Excellent job Susan! Pls continue be strong for the truth. Coz the truth will prevail…

  85. *cosmic*rainbow* says:

    Idzan, this is for you.

    I am not concerned with the political undertones or overtones or whatever that may affect considerations other than that of determining the issues involved purely and strictly within the confines of the Federal Constitution, abjuring any concomitant political or emotional offshoots springing like Athena from the head of Zeus in its wake. You and your loudmouthed friend, ahmad ismail, meaning well no doubt, presents visions of doom when both of you speak of the respective interests involving the current political situation, but my short answer to this is, fiat justitia, ruat coelum – let justice be done, though the heavens should fall!

    Got it?

  86. wits0 says:

    *cosmic*rainbow* : “fiat justitia, ruat coelum – let justice be done, though the heavens should fall!…”

    Unfortunately, to morally perverse people, real justice is beyond their comprehension or consideration.

    Racist-fascistic people may also be regarded as insane(as madness itself, often enough) except that the word ‘insane’ imputes one as holding no personal responsibility attached. This isn’t the case because they bear the full share of the load of guilt and filth. They chose their own path. If they have been indoctrinated, they allowed themselves to be so.

  87. *cosmic*rainbow* says:

    these dogs are full of bullshit! thats what i meant, BULL SHIT!!!

    this are pariahs running the country now.

  88. aussieman says:

    Susan loone, i think u better get your facts right before you get in trouble. There is always an empty spot for you in ISA.

  89. aussieman says:

    Susan, I find your enthusiasm quite interesting. You try so hard to make Datuk Syed & Najib look bad. Face it, you’re just a roadside blogger. What truth do you know and how reliable is your sources? There is nothing wrong in the picture above. I think everybody is entitled to be in a picture with Najib. Unless Altantuya is in the picture, then something is wrong. Find something better to do because you don’t even know the Mongolians personally. A roadside blogger like you shouldn’t be so arrogant in judging & making statements. You should be detained under ISA.

  90. […] In case, you are wondering who is this man, here he is (Honorary counsul of Mongolia). […]

  91. […] ^ “The double faced honorary consul of Mongolia“. The MalaysianInsider (Susan Loone’s Blog). 2009-03-06. Retrieved on 2009-03-06. […]

  92. edaman says:

    Hoorey…. Susan… keep it up… He is really a DOUBLE FACED HONORARY CONSUL OF MONGOLIA…. AKA SI TANGGANG !!!

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