After all the sensationalism caused by the story on Altantuya Shariibuu in the French Liberation, one must now ask several questions.

It is not fair to OUR most beloved future Prime Minister and his lady that these questions hang ‘like a sword’ over their pretty heads.

How can we progress as a nation when the word ‘murder’, C4, Mongolia, continue to ring in our ears?

Let the court decide? The court will decide only the punishment or the acquittal of the person(s) involved. It can never answer our questions.

It can never answer our questions because it has failed to call pertinent persons to the stand.

Therefore, we shall continue to ask:

(1) What happens to the testimonies by the three accused in Court now that the caution statement by Sirul Azhar Omar has been released? If it is authentic, why was it not brought up in court? Who benefits the MOST from its non-disclosure? What happens to Azilah Hadri’s testimony now?

(2) Should the “First Lady in Waiting” allow such allegations to made against her? That Altantuya’s commission of RM500K was blocked by Rosmah Mansor, the ‘jealous and feared’ businesswoman and wife of Najib? Can the French Liberation make such an accusation without evidence?

(3) The Defense Ministry must speak up! Allegations continue to be made against this ministry, that the explosives used to blow up the Mongolian woman can only come from its offices. So, who ordered them?

(4) This allegation also continue to surface, time and again. That Altantuya’s entry into Malaysia was erased from the immigration records. Who then was blown up in the eerie confines of Puncak Alam? Is Altantuya Shariibuu still alive?

(5) Why has this person not been called to the docks? The Liberation said that “The taxi driver hired by Altantuya for the day did not appreciate that his passenger was kidnapped under his eyes without payment for the fare…”

What information does he hold? Or has he gone missing like the PI Balasubramaniam who alleges that Altantuya was also Najib’s mistress?

(6) The Liberation accuses Najib of trying to cover the case with text messages sent: “I will see the Inspector General of Police at 11 am today… The problem will be solved. Be cool”.

In this matter alone, should not Najib and the IGP be called for questioning?

(7) “The Malaysian government is not even answering to the letters from the Mongolian Foreign Affairs Ministry,” (Stev Shariibuu). What is the Malaysian government trying to hide by not responding to these letters? Or is it merely being rude?

(8) Can Shariibuu now turn his sights onto the French company responsible for giving out the Commissions – without which, it seems now, the entire Altantuya episode will not happen?

The case has now gone international. And if the right momentum picks up and the jigsaw puzzles fall into place, I don’t see where and how the murderers of Altantuya can hide.


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  1. Merdekablog says:

    Hi guys, how is it going?

    My name is Tian. I am a Malaysian who is so frustrated and so sick to see what has been going on in Malaysia all these years.

    I have made a video to call for video responses to fight for justice and democracy!

    Please go to: to watch the video!


    People, no matter where you are, who you are, if you have anything to tell this undemocratic administration, if you have anything to tell her citizens, please send me your video response, I will compile them into one video by the end of the month, and show to the whole world of what you and I can do to change Malaysia to make it a better place to live in!

  2. Hantu says:

    Untuk membersih nama Najib serta negara Malaysia Amnya, Najib patut ;

    1. Saman khabar Peranchis berkenaan kerana telah menjatuhkan nama baik beliau serta imej Negara Malaysia

    2. Menggambil tindakan undang-undang tehadap wartawan berkenaan

    3. BERANI memberi keterangan di mahkamah dalam proes perbicaraan Altantuya walupun tidak dipanggil

    4. Dedahkan penyata bank beliau, kalau setakat baki hanya tinggal satu atau dua rinngit, apa nak takut, tiada komisyen

    5. Be transparent, itu yang selalu diingatkan kepada kita penjawat awam
    oleh para pemimpin dan bos-bos


  3. football player says:

    Going against Najib, or BN for that matter in our country is like playing football where your opponent has a “12th” player on their side, the referee. You never win.

    It is just a matter of when this “12th” player will, or has the guts to be fair, and let the game plays on level playing field.

  4. aja49 says:

    Come to think of it what have Azilah and Sirul got to do with Altantuya?
    Why must they kill and blow up her body for no reason? They are police personnel who are supposed to protect people and not to do otherwise.
    They just cannot be killing people for the sake of killing and on top of that making use of C4 to blow up the victim. The C4 cannot be used without obtaining approval from the minister of defence.
    They must have orders coming from the top to get rid of Altantuya.
    If Azilah and Sirul were to kill Altantuya, on what ground have they done so. They were not in the picture from the beginning and their role in this episode came towards the end. So they cannot be having a motive to kill and blow up the victim but orders coming from the top to do so.

  5. Idzan Ismail says:

    Nice try Susan.
    Like a dog barking at a mountain.
    The case has gone interational.
    So what now?
    The case can only be tried in Malaysia because it happened in Malaysian soil.

  6. eeyaw says:

    C4 is guilty as hell by virtue of his actions or inactions to taking legal recourse to clear his name. The scumbag even have the cheek of milking milions from the submarine deal and says its legal. Not only he’s a lier but also a conman, a murder, a womaniser & a power crazy Pee M wannabe. Who would want such a character to be their PM. Perhaps only Malaysia boleh.

  7. Phua Kai Lit says:

    Nice try Ms Idzan Ismail

    The French companies involved in
    (alleged) kickbacks/bribery of foreign officials will be tried
    on French soil for breaking French laws.

    The free press of France will publish more
    based on their investigative reporting (J’accuse).
    More details will be forthcoming from France.

  8. watchout says:

    In the end, the 2 special policemen who happen to be fall guys will be given a short prison term, with parole in a couple of years. This means that they would be back as special police in 2011. Watch out, you miserable monkeys who tried to get them! They will be coming to get you!

  9. alantanblog says:

    So many questions without answers! Only God will known

  10. Pissed says:

    Yes, since the (alleged) kickbacks/bribery of foreign officials and french companies involved in the dubious and shady deal was on French soil, surely there must be people (French, malaysians or otherwise) who can make a police report to the French Authorities. Do the French have an Anti Corruption Agency? Sure, they must have. If this case is taken to the French courts, then perhaps we can see a glimpse of the dirty deals and also Altantuya, Razak Baginda and ‘others’ during the trials there.


  11. Even though it happened in Malaysian soil, the victim was a Mongolian from another country.
    Don’t the world have an International Tribunal..????????

    Our own Malaysians even condem this case the way its being trialed !
    Culprits are getting scott free & the scape goat is gonna “scaped”……!!!

    I wanna know…………….

    How did the OTKs get the C4 since it is the military’s…?

    Don’t anybody sign a form to take a C4 out of the military base & to also give a reason what’s it being used for……???????

    How can a Mongolian enter Malaysian soil through immigration and her details are not in the system…?

    Who has the power to delete her details when even the top immigration officer has no right to do so….??

    Even if deleted, the data CAN still be retrieve from the computer, right…….??? We are so high tech. IT can be done !!!

    How is it that this French reporter has the details while we can’t on Malaysian soil…???

    Why should these 2 OTK fellas not “spill the beans” & willing to take the death sentance…?
    Aaahhhh…….. They might change the sentance..!!!

    Are they being threathen or rewarded…??????????????????????

    Why does Bala have to go into hiding…????
    This…., I really want to know.
    There must be some truth in his SD…! He must have been rewarded big time or faced being C4ed…!!!!!
    Why his nephew so silent now…????

    Why was Najib & Rose not put on the stand……????

    Why does that Gan fella behave like “stupid”…? So proud to say been in the police force for many ‘donkey’ years but investigate like an ‘ass’…?????
    Moreover put in charge to investigate & still come out with “”I don’t know”” answers…….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You are “stupid” or what…..????
    No you are not…!
    You are just doing your job that has been ordered to be “stupid”….!

    Leave it to Malaysian court…????
    Aiyoh……. The biggest criminal is free..!!!

    Continue to ask questions…????
    Cars & Cows wii NEVER come home lah…………..!!!!!!!!!!!

    If the Arnaud Dubus fella have solid evidence please show it. Writing & reporting is just hearsay only…!

    We, Malaysians &…… Mongolians have the right to know as it involves very high profile people…..!!!!!!!!!

  12. SameSame says:


    So did our nonsense media carry the story in the front page??NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO not at all. So I rest my case with our bias media coverage.

    Oh Malaysia I weep for you as you will be under a murderer & his wifes’ reign…Aiyoooo so SAD LA.

    Susan, do you think they will come clean and loose their ‘wind-fall’ opportunity to rape the country? NEVER…..

  13. kittykat46 says:

    Internationalising it ensures the questions about the case cannot simply be swept under the Tikar by the authorities by doing things like locking up RPK or other bloggers under ISA or “Criminal Defamation” WTF that means.

    Frankly, by now its only Hard-Core UMNO Hulubalang who still believe Najib is an upright, moral leader of high-integrity.

    Most of the rest of the silent majority are kind of passively resigned to the fact that he WILL, unfortunately, be the next PM , heavy with doubts about his character, his morality, his conduct, his integrity (or lack of).

    Apa boleh buat ?

  14. Poop then Boom says:

    The only media that have reported this explosive story so far:

    Star (very very small blurb)
    Suara Keadilan

    What is disappointing is that harakahdaily, the PAS media is also scared shitless to touch this hot potato!!

  15. popycock says:

    yes nice try idzan ismail
    for all u know mr shariibu might just approach the French opposition party about all this military dealings, commission and killing and maybe for the sake of transparency in France(because goverment company involved)
    they might just bring it up in their parliment, hopefully(just my wishful thinking). Then all hell break loose.

  16. Phua Kai Lit says:

    French judges in operation.

    Inspiration for our Malaysian judges??

  17. EQUAL says:

    Ha.. leave it to the Malaysia Court…just forget it. If the police, AG and Judiciary are serious about thios case, Musa Safri and the high profile suspects will already be in the docks, Bala’s statement will be scrutinised, the deletion of immigration records and najib’s SMS will have been investigated and Razak baginda would NOT have been freed.

    At most the court will try and crucify Azilah and Sirul but even that I doubt it very much. A more likely senario will be that they will say that Altantuya crossed over from Thailand without going through immigration After being spurned by Razak, she went to the Shah Alam jungle growth shot herself and exploded her own body with C4. Remember Mahathir said that Anwar’s black eye was self inflicted..hahaha ..these malaysians are a joke.

  18. BraveSusan says:

    Dear Susan, thank you very much!

  19. Does N***b really have a penchant for an** s*x?

  20. justice says:

    Internationalising the case will be the best option now starting with making corruption reports involving the French companies with the French authorities. The malaysian courts are already making a mockery and a joke of the justice system in malaysia so..jang harap apa-apa.

  21. wits0 says:

    KK46: “Frankly, by now its only Hard-Core UMNO Hulubalang who still believe Najib is an upright, moral leader of high-integrity.”

    Perhaps they truly have no understanding of things like, “uprightness, morality or integrity”. They only care for self, and partisan interests plus especially his entitlement to be PM as a reward for what his father did. they know, he knows – his very words at the TPCA stadium in ’87 hinted strongly at that.

  22. daniel says:

    In order to reveal the truth, a truly independent tribunal must step in to trial the case. Looking at the current situation, especially following the incident happening in the state of Perak, I don’t think us Malaysians would ever get to know the truth after all.

    Leave the case to our Malaysian court? I highly doubt that Altantuya’s case would get a fair trial. It is pathetic to know that the principle of the separation of powers is bullshit in Malaysia, and Malaysia is now a Titanic…sinking into a deep ocean of dirty political plots..Condolence to all Malaysians..

  23. bamboo river© says:

    My take to your questions ;
    1) The statements of the three accused probably points to one person that is the superior of Azilah. This will indeed forced the defense lawyers to subpoena Azilah’s superior to the witness stand. But from whom does the superior take orders from?

    2)The ‘First lady’ already stated to the press regarding RPK sedition charges that she is only the ‘Wife’ of a politician.So she is really a ‘jealous and feared ‘ but businesswoman? Well, until she becomes the ‘First lady’ . Your last question in item 2. We will wait and see if the French paper will show us the ‘photo’

    3) Now the Defense Ministry is being led by our ‘outgoing’ PM. Will he play his cards well considering the abrupt switch over of portfolio with his ‘incoming PM’.

    4) This is a toughie Susan. CAN our immigration records be altered from outsource? Since some of the ‘GOV’ websites has been hacked before. Altatntuya is still alive? Late Kugan’s FIRST post mortem also questionable.

    5)The taxi driver was not called to the docks becos the prosecutors felt that they may have to call the toll collectors, hotel bellboy, cleaning maid,front desk and even the artist from Central Market to testify.Probably the taxi driver is now chaufeured to his taxi companies some where.

    6) Regarding text messages, there are two classifications. One is classified as ‘sustained’ and the other ‘overruled’ .
    The answer to this question is the second classification.

    7)They are not trying to hide , they are giving us a run around until when confronted, will answer ‘ no such records ‘ bla bla bla. Ohh they are not just rude, incorrigible recalcitrant ?

    8)Ahhh, I remember I did comment on this sometime ago.
    Get some foreign press /people to dig around the parties involved in the ‘Scorpene’ dealings overseas. But, I suspect lots of arm deals involves ‘kickbacks’. I don’t know any companies ‘admits’ giving kickback lest they want to compromise their business with the potential clients.
    But remember, every household there are rats and crockcoaches .You want them to come out , put some baits!

    Yes the news had gone international and yet in our bolehland, it was reported in the MSM like any other petty theft news! 😦

  24. bamboo river© says:

    Susan, my earlier comment followed Bala SD. 🙂

  25. wits0 says:

    Nice try Ms Idzan Ismail.

    But you’re better qualified to be another Nadya Suleman.

  26. pundik says:

    If NR (and wife) doesn’t clear himself, indeed the sword of justice will forever be hanging over their heads. I can imagine them attending a high level EU conference in Paris or a state dinner where all the EU Heads of States are there. As they walk in, all the stares, all the talk behind them will be the murder or an innocent young Mongolian girl. Won’t they feel any shame or even a tinge of guilt. Oh my god!!!

  27. Pissed says:

    Idzan Ismail, are you condoning a cold blooded MURDER. Then you are just as guilty as the perpetrators and share the sins of their grizzly act. Nice try.

  28. Truth says:

    YES! NO R.I.P. for Altantuya’s soul until JUSTICE is served and the actual murderer/s is/are prosecuted and all involved are revealed and the truth is unveiled, without fear or favour, without cover-up, without corruption,without injustice.Malaysians and the world at large is still waiting for d verdict.This looks like a high profile crime and it must be dealt with as it involved alledgedly our PM-to be, Najib Razak. Bring the truth out.Bring it all out, we want the truth no matter how long it takes so that the country can move on.Our PM Adbullah Badawi (A.B.)must not hide and cover-up this case, otherwise he can be also charged for abetting in this case by covering it up.He might think he was doing this to protect the ruling party, Barisan Nasional faith, but he would then become another hypocrite as he professed to the countrymen his transparent and just administration and reform the corrupted judiciary.If A.B. is not revealing the truth,he is then equally guilty and corrupted, just like his predecessor Dr.M.The Opposition must pursue this Altantuya case and the Lingam vs Mahathir case till the end so all of us can R.I.P. including Altantuya soul and her father & family.Don’t those guilty ones involved in this case have any moral fear of HELL OR GOD??? FEAR HELL,FEAR GOD so OWN UP & SINS FORGIVEN OR LESSEN.TRUTH MUST PREVAIL ON THIS LAND OF SO CALLED “TRULY ASIA”(AN INSULT TO ASIA IF CASE IS NOT SOLVED).

  29. Dave says:

    Case Close?????

  30. wonder why says:

    This is such a sensational breaking news.Wonder why our pro-government newspaper/media like THE ST** did not report this front page.Why are they hiding it. Previously, THE ST** glorified Tun M like a 5-STAR celebrity and misled the people and country.But now all knows what “dirty tricks” Tun M did to the people and country’s fund behind the curtain.How shameful!Now, same thing.THE ST** is also trying to cover-up for the Altantuya-Razak case.A hypocrite newspaper!! That’s how those editors got their Datukship & TanSriships, so what to do, must “cari makan”-mah.Stoop so low.No conscience at all.Don’t trust what we read in tat newspaper anymore. Bullshit news but serve well as an advertisements catalogue and pull-outs.Objective, make millions from advertisements.

  31. MIKO says:

    The lead to the murderer are those who erased the record/s from the immigration’s database.
    No need to look else where

  32. sensational ?

    it’s not even in buletin utama or the star…

    it’s just a fiction to boost sales, that’s all…

  33. Poop then Boom says:

    “it’s not even in buletin utama or the star…”

    Probably directive for media blackout. Malaysia is bolehland.

  34. While we leave it to the court and/or continue to ask questions, we could also do another thing (with the support of BN and PR) and that is to engage the services of all bomohs in our country to go into trance to summon the spirit of Tuya to come forth and speak the truth.

    Now howzz zhat??????

  35. wandererAUS says:

    Idzan Ismail

    “The case can only be tried in Malaysia because it happened in Malaysian soil.”

    That does not mean the gruesome murderers should be spared from justice or are you feeling very proud of our judiciary!?
    I can guess what a sicko specimen you are…. a celaka Umno dicko with no moral upbringing. Enjoy your peanuts while the going is go for you.

  36. SAGARAN says:

    i am malaysian . iam sick with the smallboy game in this country.
    when can it be end ?
    looks like the majority malaysia does not egreed with najib to became PM
    so why the king still quite
    and what are his waiting for

  37. cool says:

    Miko, you are a genius!Brilliant idea! Investigate the Immigration Dept.Who instructed them to erase record of Altantuya and cousins entry to Malaysia b4 she was C4-ed.That would be a very good clue to who is the actual Murderer(s). The 2 police who did the actual killing are only scapegoats but not the actual murderers, they acted on instructions.The ones that instructed or abetting in that instructions are the actual murderers – the silent murderers. The 2 policemen are innocent murderers.So, Karpal Singh & PR how are you all going to solve this mystery murder case.Now Karpal Singh life is threaten so it is also to prevent further probe into this –tuya case.So obvious and desperate from our public’s point of view.Thanks to blogging, at least we are not ignorant and blinded and can vote wisely in future.

  38. machitam says:

    idzan ismail…
    so, you’re save and sound since the case is been tried here in malaysia. the jungle court reign supreme. so what? it is we who can decide who suppose to go to jail or be hang. no international court or law can do justice to Altantuya! is that what you thought of idzan!

  39. wandererAUS says:

    Go to the court, one will see only court jesters performing. Ask too many questions, Botak will go cukoo and will be slamming everyone with his notorious ISA!
    UMNO govt wants you to stay silent and be good boys like MCA, MIC and Gerakan beggars.

  40. citizen says:

    Excuse me plssss….i have a problem….
    i got a client from india coming here to demand his outstanding payment which i owe his company…
    i appeal to the Immigration director,
    Dear sir,
    if you are reading this, please erase his records once he enters malaysia.

    I also appeal to the IG Police,
    Dear sir,
    Please help me your country’s citizen to apprehend this man and just make him vanish.

    I really hope both of you will help me in this matter since you already have first hand experience in handling this kinda situation and the MODUS OPERANDI and Standard Operating Procedure for this kinda predicament have been duly set by the DPM department.

  41. dubus says:

    I have a feeling that this case will be blown wide open NOT by the Malaysian justice system or by the lapdogs MSM in this country but by INTERNATIONAL news agencies and perhaps the French courts if they or somone in France takes up the case.

    The news has already appeared in the Hollywood Celebs’ Gossip. Perhaps some Hollywood producer might take up the story and turn it into a movie. Afterall it has a damn good plot and streches internationally fro KL to Ulan Bator to Paris.

  42. harrison says:

    “Leave it to the courts and ask questions?”

    Ha ha ha. In AI’s 1st sodomy trial a decade ago, when most of the evidence tendered by the PP are negated, we continue to see the biases of the Judges.

    The Altantuya’s murder trial is again another big farce. The Judge even objected to the defense lawyer of Azilah to subpoena DSP Musa Safri.

    How many times have we heard that esp. the opposition members/supporters to the ruling BN Govenment said and boasted that – “The truth will be reveal in court” (alluding that their persecutors’/ their misconducts will be revealed) in law-court.

    And how many times have they failed?

    Augustine Paul, remember? I always remember his name.

    Like I mentioned before, it all depends on one man (who still can)- AAB, with his powers to call for a RCI to probe Najib. If the latter becomes the PM, even if photos of him having sex with the late Altantuya, won’t do any favour to justice.

    There is still time for AAB to act, but the way I look at it, AAB is laying an egg.

  43. chrisyong says:

    Hi, Only 2 reasons for un answered questions!! First, judges are bribed. 2. they are under their boss’s instruction to protect their boss at whatever cost and cause!!!

    Sigh. It is so easy to investigate this case and yet it is taking YEARS. If anyone from opposition party did this, haha, they should be dead by now under the law!! It would have taken 2 weeks to hear this case!

  44. ken says:

    Hi Susan,

    The reporter is based in Thailand and you were in a series of seminars, too busy to blog until….. Hmmmm
    Brilliant work! Thanks

  45. anoni says:

    The sleepy head said look forward and dont look back..

    Investigation completed and found no foul play.
    Case closed and dont raise the issue anymore.

    I am very busy with my fishing and gardening…
    Do Not Disturb.

  46. nutbean says:

    In the begining zzzzzzzzzzzzz
    In the end zzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Leader of the SlumberLand started a Joke which started the whole world zzzzzzz.

    Takeover on April fool day also zzzzzzzz

    All I have to do is zzzzzzzz.

    Sleeping Beauty of the Year.

  47. wits0 says:

    “Leave it to the court or continue to ask questions?”

    Of course that’s only a rhetorical question.

    Every decent thinking and we;;-informed person knows this:
    Time we forced our institutions to do their jobs

  48. Fair To All says:

    Najib’s motto as premier will be : Corruption, corruption and corruption!!!

  49. Fair To All says:

    With Najib’s premiership imminent, the word JUSTICE will be replaced by the word CORRUPTION in the eyes of the world. A very sad development.

  50. OrangRojak says:

    “somone in France takes up the case”
    You mean the country that bombed the Rainbow Warrior? You think C4 is bad – save yourself from disappointment!

  51. Fair To All says:

    Najib’s motto is : CORRUPTION AND COVER-UP.

  52. ZainalAbi says:

    Sick to know that our country judicairy are so unethical and corrupted. What reform is that sleepy flipflop lame duck guy is talking about???
    Hope the rakyat will pursue this heinous crime on the Mongolian woman and get to the bottom who are those murderers at all cost.
    Must never ever let go of these despicable murderers.

  53. kittykat46 says:

    50 years of UMNO rule has brainwashed many officials, even in supposedly independent institutions that they are required to take orders from UMNO.
    Police, judiciary, civil service have all been reduced to Anak Syarikat of UMNO Tiada Berhad..

    I have heard from people in the PR state governments of both Penang and Selangor who have been very frustrated at the civil service’s foot-dragging on directives which run counter to previous UMNO policies. These people have become an Opposition-within. And unlike the politicians, the voters can’t actually remove these people.

  54. carmanio says:

    i) najis will not be he pm. pak lah and anwar is ganging up… all the tell-tale signs are there lately…

    ii) najis will be incarcerated. fat rosmah will also be incarcerated.

    iii) the whole country lives happily ever after.

    the end.

  55. ahila says:

    Ask the court???
    Justice has been long DEAD in this country.
    Even the Rulers have no say! The Public ‘pening’.
    But one thing for sure,susan…ONE may excape the gallows, but HE will not escape HELL !!!

  56. ktteokt says:

    It’s a disgrace and insult to the Malaysian Judiciary that after more than a year of hearing, the Altantuya murder case was finally set for proper hearing on the two accused, after more than 70 witnesses were called to give testimony. But the fact remained that the identity of the two “accused” who attended court all these while remained a mystery because their faces were all the while covered up. Eventually, even if the death sentence is passed, who can be sure that these are the two being hanged?

    In fact, calling these large number of witnesses is a waste of time. The court did not even establish how Altantuya was taken away from custody of the police and where the C4 used to blow her up came from. Wouldn’t it be sufficient to just get testimony from the policewoman who escorted Altantuya on the day of her death suffice? She should know how her prisoner was killed and how her body was disposed of. And wouldn’t the guy in charge of the arms department in the army be answerable as to where and how the C4 ended up being used for blowing up the corpse. Just a check on the simple entry of the inventory will suffice. How much C4 was originally held, how much was ordered in, how much was taken out and by whom, and how much is the actual balance, and whether the records tally with the actual stock of C4!

  57. Menyalak-er says:

    “…I don’t see how the murderers could hide.” Susan.
    I don’t think they are going to hide, but do a ‘make-over’. Notice how the beak (err.. nose) of Mdm Penguin Limpiolus has sharpened recently? The waddle is more pronounced though, due to constant gyrations to keep the justices and maddogs in line! There was an option for liposuction, but that was ‘ruled out’ after one of their own had ‘fat embolism’ recently and conked off.
    I also heard there is no such thing as a ‘witness protection’ scheme ala Bala, but they have a ‘perpetuators make over & relocation’ scheme if the explosion becomes hypercritical.
    We seem to be awaiting a photo or something like that, are we?

  58. chong says:

    Celaka all the BN components parties!!! you wanna hand the malaysia future to a monster and let him lead us to the hell???

    are you guys really have no conscience at all???
    is there an ounce of goodness left in you guys???

  59. navinda says:

    Susan, So many questions have been asked and we are yet to get any decent reply. The whole Altantuya affair has been hushed up. Even the defence lawyers are reading from ready prepared scripts to coached answers from the witnesses and the accused. We will never know the truth from the court.We can foresee the conclusion the honorable judge will arrive at. The court proceedings seems to be just that, to show the world that charges have been made and action taken. A really not so well scripted drama.

    We will continue to ask questions but we have lost confidence in the judiciary, the police, the newly acclaimed MACC, the Election Commission and the whole government machinery. We will continue to question, to keep alive the memories so that come next elections, we will convey to all concerned that the people’s wish is KING.

  60. Nyonya khan says:

    Idzan Ismail is commenting under different nicks, always contradicting in each, must be a sicko freak or suffering menopause.


    ‘Justice is mine!’ says the Lord
    Those who live by the sword will die by the sword
    There’s no escape for those who forsake my Word
    Is there any price too high that none can afford?

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 060309
    Fri. 6th Feb. 2009.

  62. Edward says:

    …heard from the grapevine that altantuya’s father was also “paid off” too and was told to shut up and dont come so often for the case anymore…
    you can sense that He is “less vocal” lately…does not attend the case anymore…
    TIME seals…everything…let bygones be bygones…
    $$$ settles almost everything…
    Only the Mongolian and French “Gomen” can bring the murderers to light!!! and the actual persons involved in the underwater deals of the the torpedo-types…u know what ah mean yo!

  63. joey says:

    This case and many other cases, as we all know, will never ever be resolved in the malaysian courts given the state of our Judiciary. It is no point pinning our hopes when again and again we have seen the injustices and the prejudices. So, the best bet is to to pursue justice in the international courts or institutions. The Mongolian government should file a complaint with the UN about the death of their citizen in Malaysia and the coverup being perpetuated.

  64. Edward says:

    want to add another comment:
    Malaysian Politics is at the lowest ebb and disgrace last few years…
    there’s no confidence and security by the general public and masses of the Gomen of the day, the Police and the Judiciary…
    The Gomen of the Day is disgracing the Agung himself…allowing and condoning such silly and obvious things to happen…all of which link to CORRUPTION of the highest degree…
    We do not have racial problems…Racial problems are created by vicious politicians who want to stay in Power and want to get the MONEY!!! The money is in the Gomen…
    sigh!!! General McArthur might change his words to ” I shall NOT return…”!
    God bless everyone come 31st march 09 or we may have the biggest April Fool joke on the 1st next month???…take care.

  65. Najib Rzak says:

    Kamu semua sedap-sedap membuat komen kat sini ya? Takpe, saya sedang memerhatikan kamu semua. Hahahahaha…

  66. Idzan Ismail says:

    Whoa. You guys are sooo laughable.
    Show me the proof and I will be sheep like you all.
    Nothing to offer except to invent lies.
    Just like the FAKATAN you support. NOTHING TO OFFER.
    WitsO, mummy Nadya Suleiman says go change your new born-sibilings diapers.
    Machitan, stop playing marbles.
    Do your homework. Your grades are falling.
    And Nyonya Khan, your customers want Chicken Ponteh. Cook it fast.
    Nyonya restaurant but with a Pakistani name.

  67. ipsg007 says:

    well a nice discussion is going on here….
    i would just say nice try susan..

  68. wits0 says:

    Susan doesn’t have to try, ipsg00, when she points to what’s obvious for the insightful. Only the mentally blind and bigoted cannot perceive.

  69. wits0 says:

    People’s hope in the judiciary has been misplaced
    The nakedness is complete.

  70. Najis-Boleh-Land says:

    All your questions and doubts points to Najis and his umnooo goons. The Perak issue of grabbing power, The C4, His sickening wife, the missing witness of Atlantunya case, blah, blah, blah……everybody knows who is guilty here. No need to guess anymore. You all know it, everyone’s is aware of it. Get this botak to stand trial since his face appeared on the france newspaper. Why hesitate? Why no news about this france newspaper on our local newspaper? All our newspaper are born chicken, stupid and one-sided story. If Botak is allowed to be our next PM, then it is going to be the laughing matter for the whole world! Guys, keep on sending and highlighting this matter to anywhere in the world you can so that international communities can understand our democracy in malaysia in boleh land. Maybe Pak Lah stay on as PM and get rid of this dangerous animal!!!!

  71. Postman says:

    The two accused would be free one day, and by the time their are free, the Acts of witness protection will be in place and they will change their identity to live a new life…
    Wonder why until today they still cover their head??

    haha….lousiest trick by the BN government.

  72. monsterball says:

    UMNO beloved feelings and actions are only for their UMNO own beloved ..all crooks….protecting each other….on and on and on.
    If Abdullah have any decency and guts…he should do his one most noble last act…before retiring and order Najib to be questioned and investigated.
    But doing that… Najib’s supporters will go after Abdullah and recommend him to be investigated for massive corruptions.
    To conclude…whether we trust Najib or the so many accusations. onto him… the public which through one so call stroke of his ‘genius”…swearing by the Koran….we are labelled as rumour mongerers … liars and he is telling the truth.
    It is either Najib is a dam big liar or Malaysians
    are such dam big idiots…disrespecting their own future PM.
    But to me…Malaysians have woken up….fighting for democracy ad freedom of rights .never had …and never can be united.
    Yes….respected..High Court Judge Ian Chin…forced to retired….was right.
    Led by a devil reincarnated Mahathir…for 22 years….most UMNO ministers are devils in disguised.

  73. klsusie says:

    all people no like NR so ZZZZzzzzzz can pass premiership to son-in-law KJ, the kera handsome but jahat.

    kera handsome but jahat all girls like, susan also like, klsusie also like atleast half country happy….indon girls also, tigers also, sin-girls also, asean girls also like.

    all umno mat-rempit also like.

    malaysia and asean will come to life….. *$%*@?$”+£*

  74. lala chong says:

    The way the two police bums always cover their heads when appearing in court show that something fishy is going on. It seem strange that NOBODY from the defence to the prosecution has utter a word to ask them to take the covers off. OOpps!!! forget that this trial is only a sandiwara. Everyone is an actor/actress.
    For all we know, these two bums are fakes. The real culprits must be enjoying their life in a far away land now. Anything can happen in Bolehland.
    Susan, I really appreciate your time and labor pursuing info on this heinous crime. I wish i can be of help. But keep it up. We need justice to be done and the murderers hang till death.

  75. vsp says:

    I doubt whether the Malaysian justice system will prevail. This is what I wrote 2 weeks ago:

    It does not take the wisdom of a King Solomon for anyone to realize that the administration of Malaysian justice has degenerated into a joke – the laughingstock of a civilized society. From a justice that is without favour and fear and blind to colour, skin and status, it has morphed into a completely different animal altogether. Now it is a cross between a donkey and a kangaroo, sired by a once powerful but still living demigod who was fascinated with and dabbled in genetics engineering.

    It is part donkey because its main characteristics are servitude, weak-mindedness, avariciousness and its sycophantic abilities as exemplified by conniving and weak-minded judges; a crafty and unprincipled Attorney-General; a castrated Anti-corruption chief and a goon Police chief.

    It is also part kangaroo because of its naked power, greed, arbitrariness and selectiveness as symbolized by an unsavoury, scandal-proned Prime minister soon-to-be; an incompetent, irresponsible and powerful Home minister; and, ministers with unfettered powers above the ambit of the Courts. In sum it resembled a kangaroo justice system. Malaysian justice looks like and sounds like justice but is not justice. Outwardly, Malaysia has the biggest courts in the third world and a bloated justice administration but inwardly it is sheer manipulation, naked power, greed, vindictiveness, selectiveness, shifting-of-the-goalpost and a technicality game – anything but justice.

    Here’s a checklist of how the Malaysian justice system works.

    1) Who and what are you: if you are from the top echelon of the ruling party you are untouchable. For example, a coming emperor whose name was implicated in a grisly murder of a Mongolian beauty was not investigated, and those who were closely associated with him were not even been interrogated in the court proceeding which is still ongoing. Incriminating evidences and critical witnesses disappeared. All he did was to swear on the koran and it was accepted as gospel truth by the sitting judge. A lot of inconsequent judicial motions and moves took place but the prosecution team was programmed to lose the case.

    2) Who do you know: if you are a member of the component parties in the BN group and is aligned with the power wielders you are safe from all investigations and prosecution. If you are not, you will become the sacrificial lamb in order to appease for the public’s call for blood.

    3) Money talks: Malaysian justice is being commodified. The guardian of justice are making money out of it. If you are a businessman or a gangster you can pay yourself out of trouble. Rules and laws can be bent and modified for your convenience. Judges can be chosen and bought. The Royal Commission investigation in the Lingam case is ample proof. If you are an ordinary mortal, you can still buy justice: go to any BN MPs and they can intercede on your behalf, with some under-the-counter considerations enriching the enforcer.

    4) Political enemies are always wrong: If you are a politician from the opposite camp you must be an angel. You must not be involved in the slightest wrongdoing. If you are, a ton of bricks will land on your head. The recent case of the Selangor MB is an interesting case. The MACC chief was not interested in the billion upon billion of ringgits that was reported and stolen by the BN politicians throughout the years but is only interested in the cow-and-car technicality case.

    5) Frogs are welcome: If you are an opposition MP but not impeccable to corruption and sexual impropieties you will be targetted. But you can come out of your predicament and become a few million richer if you are willing to hop over to the other side. This is froggies’ season but be sure that the BN are still two-thirds short of power. Once that is achieved you are not welcomed anymore.

    6) Doctrine of majority: As Nasri has commented in one of his interviews that something is not true if the majority in the kampongs do not talk about it in the coffeeshops. For example, if Nasri’s wife or daughter got raped in Chow Kit Road and if the newspapers do not carry the story so that the kampong folks will not know and talk about it in the coffeeshops, then it did not happened! That’s Nasri’s logic. People in the urban areas might blog, demonstrate and get disgusted about an event but if it was not reported in the MSM to get the kampong folks excited, then the truth of the event is not there. So the tyranny of the majority applies in the arena of justice.

    7) Only police reports of UMNO Youth is entertained: Yes, UMNO Youth reports against the Sin Chew reporter and Teresa Kok got swift retribution and landed them under ISA detentions. Kapal Singh and Lim Guan Eng was called up. Reports from the opposition against BN thieves were never entertained and would never see the light of day.

    8) Attorney General and police have discretionary power of investigation: The AG and police can pick-and-choose what they want to be investigated. Anything that are not investigated even though they were the truths are assumed to be false and the courts will accept them as gospel truths. RPK’s case is a classic example of misplaced justice gone wild.

  76. k c low says:

    Well ,Susan, after reading Liberation report, these killers have killed not one but two as she was pregnant when she was blown up together with the unborn. This unborn child could belong to one of the two Razak’s. This is the most gruesome act that no words can describle. Hell is certainly the right place for them.

  77. machitam says:

    hey idzan ismail,
    the world are watching our jungle law and kangaroo court. whatever the court decided, the whole world knows how the authorised mafia(police) can go about blowing he up anybody. yes, the kangaroo court had rejected evidences brought to it(erase of immigration record), denied witness to testify, acquited razak and don’t appeal. that killing evidence(caution statement ) were not heard in the kangaroo court. can you call them a human being for that? still in a state of denial… much money you were paid? if not….is it worth your soul?

  78. pelandok says:

    Since France press Liberation has come out with such serious details/allegations, and threatening more to shame Malaysian-beloved DPM & UMNO/Youth-beloved Rosmah (and so our Nation image/goodname&mauruah-tarnished of UMNO leaders as TRUE & RELIGIOUS MUSLIMs) , Kapal Singh & DAP & PKR & PAKATAN leaders can now openly CHALLENGE, insult, humiliate, provoke UMNO Youths/Goons, to rally/protest/burn French national flags in front of KL French Embassy threaten to burn it down if no retraction & apology & $ compensations,burn 1000 copies of Liberation papers and threaten loudly to hunt down the Reporter in Bangkok…….

    UMNO Goons’ reaction in silence is unusual and DEAFENING! This is unlike their NORMAL practice for the last 51 years of threatening-noisy-uncivilise protest & defence the dignity (I like this word MAURUAH!!) of the NATION called MALAYSIA and their much sanjungtinggi/supported/nominated UMNO leader n soon-to-be PM of Malaysia IF HE IS INNOCENT & UNCONNECTED!

    Tell UMNO goons (whether youth or Cabinet ministers) their silence is setting a DANGEROUS PRECEDENCE ! Either they are eunuch (tadah bola)
    n their clean leader is unclean n guilty as alleged!

  79. tanveer says:

    This is not possible to answer moral question that arise in this type of situation.

  80. h.k.lee says:

    purchased of 3 submarines cost 1 billion euro, commission around 115 million euro have the money to buy and disposed people off. so what is the big deal?
    the honorary consul of Mongolia, Datuk Syed are you a true good muslim?
    You will be answering to Allah and Judgement is at your bedside.
    Be prepared for that painful Judgement. Amen

  81. Payback Time says:

    Both accused face was covered to pacify event if they are found guilty another person will be hang..thats the deal for their silence. Will it happen?? Our C4 gang will see to it they will be hang to death because both of them are star witness in this case. How could they allow them to make a comeback and testify ?

  82. […] Leave it to the court or continue to ask questions? After all the sensationalism caused by the story on Altantuya Shariibuu in the French Liberation, one must now ask […] […]

  83. cilipadi says:


    refer to

    I am a non-Malaysian which resides in Malaysia for long enough to be familiar with the politics of this country. I’ve been actively giving my views in Dr. Hsu’s Forum.

    I witnessed how Umno / BN was and is running the country. Just look back during Mahathir’s rule, the main 3 pillar of significant, namely Legislative, Executive & Judiciary were being raped by the Executive which resulted in Legislative & Judiciary no more an independent institution of their own. It is very clear, one does not need to be highly intelligent to understand what I meant here. The recent Perak fiasco, Lingam Video case, Altantuya,autopsy reports of Kugan, just to name a few, are the very few examples that reflect how sick is this country that I adopted.

    I agree with Andrew’s points to a certain extent, but what he said about Penang DAP led government are just peanuts compared to what Umno / BN had done to the country. Their sins are far more deplorable that warrant Malaysian people to somehow ‘casting their votes blindly’ to Pakatan Rakyat. Only then, these Umno and their goons can repent truthfully their wrong doings to this beloved adopted country of Malaysia.

    To Andrew, I appreciate your views, if they are of clear conscience without any malice or hidden agenda. Keep criticizing PR if they do wrong so that they can fine tune their inexperience in their administration. Your vote to Pakatan Rakyat is still needed to teach Umno / BN a lesson that they country has been raped by them for far too long. Let them realize and repent their wrong doing. Only then, democracy of this country can thrives on healthy 2-party system that emphasize on ‘morality’.

    Malaysian people need to go all out to support Pakatan Rakyat, ensure both Federal and State governments go to Pakatan Rakyat in next General Election. If not, you can see the mess that we witnessed in Perak fiasco. Federal agencies are being used at their whim and fancy to hang them on to their powers at all cost.

    To me, a Malaysian Outsider, Pakatan Rakyat should concentrate on disseminating this message of mine to all Malaysian people. You guys are at losing end going to your Judiciary to seek justice.


    Anil, I will re-post this comment of mine in Dr. Hsu’s Forum, The Middle Ground and blogs that I am familiar with so that more people get what I commented. I have no other motive but to let Malaysia has the chance to regain its past glory.

  84. DANET7882 says:

    News is that the photo taken which shows NB, NR and AS is going to expose in a week or 2.. right before NR appointment as the new PM.. 🙂

    Concrete rumours is that AB will continue to be PM until the next GE..

    Perak will under go fresh election as the deal for AB to continue. No more ‘katak’ until next GE as promise by AB and AI..

    Cabinet reshuffle is due after UMNO GA.. For those who supported NR will be replaced.. all bribery cases involving VVIP of UMNO will be proceed while impending cases involving PKR and AI will be dropped!

    This 2 months will be full of actions

  85. aca says:

    najib and rosmah,

    think you gotta sue the French else your names will be forever tainted.
    hope you are brave enough to do that else everyone will think that you two are guilty as alleged in the paper.
    but are you two prepared to be grilled in a neutral arena where no one can hide behind some incompetent or corrupt judges like in M’sia?
    Hobson’s Choice, aint it?

  86. Open sky says:

    Two allegations against Najib that could be used to gain leverage over him and the country were that he had met Tuya in singapore and in france. The singapore’s ISD are very on the ball, though it could be a dizzying experience for them, and I would not be surprise that they had captured some compromising pictures of najib meeting with Tuya.

    The french too had been known for their thoroughness and their experiences with years of intel-collection before and during the cold war had made them very effective and efficient. It would not be surprising that they too had pictures of najib dining with Tuya.

    Such evidences could be used as a leverage by these 2 countries against najib and hence the country. It had gone beyond Najib or Tuya. The country’s soverignity is at stake.

  87. Yup, Open sky makes sense.

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