If this is all it takes to destroy a female politician, I am at a loss for words.

This blog mourns for Elizabeth Wong, the Bukit Lanjan state assembly woman who has been pressured to resign because of nude pictures of her being publicly distributed.

The person(s) who did the act of taking her pictures without a consent and distributing it continues to enjoy impunity.

I know it was the party she represented – PKR – who asked her to resign. And that to me, may be a strategic but a most disheartening thing to do.

It gives credence to gutter politics, to sleaze and evil politicking, within and without the party.

As a woman and friend of Eli Wong, I weep over what has happen to her. It will take me sometime to recover for sure.


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  1. dezzire says:

    I am in medical industry, i seen nude in hospital, in my friend house, is nothing about human body and all organs are the same, nothing to shame about !!!! is even normal for us (those Doctors or nurses) too see each others naked because is just a body of human, all the same. only those who “rarely” seen will make a “WAH!!” about it. really sad with what happened!!! she seems like a FIGHTER ! for people

  2. matt says:

    See susan to what level Malaysian politics have come to,these guys from u must not oppose are the scum of the earth.

  3. Katharina Sri (former: Noor Aza Othman) says:

    Dear Elizabeth, see how much support you’re getting! That means continuing being a brilliant, young woman MP is your ministry (i.e service for God for every believer, not just for priests and nuns as misunderstood), to serve God, but only through serving for the good of humanity (if you believe God that is, I don’t want to impose, apology if I do). As Pastor Rick Warren says in his New York Times best seller book, “The Purpose Driven Life (Zondervan, USA, 2002, pg: 285)” God intentionally allows you to go through painful experiences to equip you for ministry to others….If you really desire to be used by God, you must understand a powerful truth: The very experiences that you have regretted or resented most in life – the ones you wanted to hide and forget – are the experiences God wants to use to help others. They are your ministry!”

    So dear Elizabeth, say to the macho perverted minded Khir Toyo, c’est la vie! This is is the life!

    Katharina Sri (former: Noor Aza Othman)

  4. de minimis says:


    I share your sentiments completely. The whole episode reeks of crass sexism. Elizabeth Wong IS THE VICTIM. Instead of an outpouring of anger at her privacy being violated, Khir Toyo does the despicable thing of calling for her resignation. I pray that Malaysia’s mixed community has more common sense and higher values than mere hypocrisy.

    Be that as it may, Elizabeth’s tendering of her resignation will be seen by the general public as dignified and, honourable.

    I would like to jpin the voices that call on Elizabeth Wong to withdraw her resignation. Selangor needs her.

  5. pete says:

    Dear susan,

    Pls all readers do not fall into the MM spin including blogers not knowing the full facts. She is not naked.Period. Her modesty was out-raged by persons unknown. For more information a reader has put-up a link in M2day.

    By using tthe word nude which is not as she is fully clothed, brings wrong interpretation to the whole issue. She was violated period. She should not resign on this issue.


  6. monsterball says:

    In terms of principles in life……she did the right thing to resign….as she was elected and she should go back and get the voters consent…in a by election again.
    If keDAILan advised her to do so..that’s a noble and right decision.
    But she must stand for the by-election.
    If it is another….then keDAILan is not treating her fair and right.
    If she declines…it is her own decision.
    Nothing to weep……a the die is cast…the show must go on.
    Almost 400 commentators have pleaded to her…not to resign.
    And in every blog….same thing.
    Is she that weak…that can be destroyed by nude photos?

  7. wandererAUS says:

    Resign will give an impression of admission of guilt. Why should she, if she has not done anything against the law. What decent human beings will question her morality. She is a normal lady who will do what all of us do. So what is the issue?
    Sometimes, especially the lady Aduns must learn the art of deflecting questions and stay cool. Never allow especially the MSM to play up an issue. Making a mountain out of a mole hill.
    How long the likes of Toyo can continue to harp on this issue, the longer they carry on their despicable and evil actions, the more the people will detest them, except morons from the same party.
    A civilized society, will not not accept these hypocrites who in their own closets are filled with smelly filth.

  8. bamboo river© says:

    I saw the PC on NTV news. I just could not hold back my tears seeing Eli reading her press statement. My, this was really a big knock on my so called macho ego.

    My 73 years old mum too was very sad when she heard about the news.
    My mum got to know about Eli way before Eli was an elected ADUN. You see, Eli had exhibited some photos during the “Save The Valley Of Hope’ campaign . Among the photos that my mum took notice were the photo of a Chapel (Our Lady of Lourdes) with the evening sun shining on the front facade. That Chapel holds many sweet memories to my mum.
    My mum was baptized, married my late Father, had her only son baptized and seeing him receiving his first communion in that Chapel.
    I had inform her the background of the photographer ( Eli) and she was delighted when Eli was elected as ADUN during the GE12.

    My mum prayed that Eli be strong,have faith in GOD and move forward.

    P/s; If you visit Eli’s blog, look at the flickers photos at the side bar. The photo at the bottom (fourth)is the Chapel.

  9. hawkeye says:

    So far she has only offered to resign,so we have to wait and see what happens next. Her next moves will demonstrate whether she has what it takes to be in the game of politics. It is not the same as being in an NGO. Although I sympathize with the predicament she is in, for which she was a party to,,you can’t survive in politics on sympathy,you have to be made of sterner stuff.Lets see.

  10. monsterball says:

    She has done nothing wrong….and resigning is not admitting she is guilty too.
    She felt she let her voters down….and her resignation is based on principles in life….that she was elected by people…and not based on guilt.
    She should stand for the by-election…to get fresh mandate.
    If she shunt away…then she does feel guilty…of another kind..or too weak to face political problems….plenty to come…once you get famous.

  11. ah long says:

    Those who buy their University degrees on-line should also resign. Khir Toyo’s PhD ain’t worth the paper that it is written on.

  12. bukit lanjan voter says:

    Princess Eli is just simply not suitable for politics let alone an elected state rep.

    Hey! Even in Australia, England, Japan or US, if you are in such situation, there is no other alternative but to resign in disgrace.

    Spitzer hooker crashes New York fashion show

  13. Sofiairdina says:

    What’s the fuss with nudity? Does an accidental pantiless upskirt constitute to nudity as well? This is a trend already lah in America. I prefer to do a cameltoe upskirt.

  14. danet7882 says:

    khir toyo a.k.a TOYOL is what we call a natural politic toyol.. I don’t know how come this fella was a former MB for Selangor..Pity for those living under his leadership..

    how could he compare between Eli’s case and chua’s case… even a 6 years old could say it’s different.. I do hope this TOYOL will be extra careful the next time he visits a public toilet.. Hopefully someone could snap his pecker and post it online.. then we will call for his resignation too 🙂

  15. bukit lanjan voter says:

    Eliz is nothing, there are many capable talents who can supersede her. Eliz is just not a paradigm for the Malaysian girls, especially Chinese girls.

    If you want to sleep around and before marriage, you should not be an public icon.

    How would the bukit lanjan voters tolerate their daughters sleeping with man when itchy bawah come ala Eliz?

    Would you love your daughters to sleep with a man before marriage? If yes, then vote Eliz again in the coming by-election and Eliz should continue be our rep screwing around in Bukit Lanjan!

    That’s the problem with Eliz especially if you are given the people’s power.

    Since Eliz just squandered the people’s power assigned to her, time to go back to Australia beach and lay bare there for nobody cares!

  16. rajan says:

    Miss Eli,
    You dont have to be ashamed of your body. Its gods gift to you.
    Forget about those perverts, Go do what you do best for the people and state of selangor.
    I too sleep naked ,is that a sin? i feel comfortable .
    To the person who took the pictures ,i got this to say to you ” You son of a BITCH whore”
    May the lord above watch over you msss eli

  17. Will Khir Toyo resign from his seat and contest against Eli in Bukit Lanjan ?
    Is calling for her resignation all you have ?
    You are a bloody shame to the human race !

  18. Eric says:

    @bukit lanjan voter
    “Hey! Even in Australia, England, Japan or US, if you are in such situation, there is no other alternative but to resign in disgrace.
    Spitzer hooker crashes New York fashion show”

    I guess you are a bit confused here. Comparing with Spitzer, where is the prostitute here?
    I guess land-grabbing, immensely rich ADUN and MB are no problem to you, while what people do in private in their own bedroom is of concern. Says a lot about you, hopefully not a lot about Malaysians.

  19. whispering9 says:


    I don’t think the word ‘nude’ should be used at all. Go take a look at the pictures available on the net. It is not nudity. Some of the editors, including Malaysiakini, have spun the peeping tom photos into something scandalous. Very shameful indeed.

  20. worm catcher says:

    Bukit Lajang voter;

    Where do you get your info. FromC4 closet?
    Just to refresh your dull brain, did Clinton the ex-Us President resign?
    Did Tamby Chik resign you want more? Susan may not allow me to fill her blog with all the filthy activities of your UMNO master. Be a farking lapdog by all means but, don’t twist and spin. Even that you are no good at it.
    You are real maggot that thrives on S#it!

  21. imwatchinu says:

    She doesn’t have to resign but she did. You are right that she did it for her party’s sake. It it takes for her to sacrifice herself her position to bring Najib and the BN down, then it’s worth it. She will rise another day and we will be there waiting to support her. Principled people like her will not go into oblivion. She can still function and contribute to her party in many ways. PKR would be stupid not to put her experience to further our fight for true democracy.

    By the way, I think RPK should consider putting up Irene Fernandez up to stand for election. She’s a real fighter and a true daughter of Malaysia. And she certainly would not sell her soul to the devil for 40 pieces of silver like the Hee woman.

  22. Eng Kok Thai says:

    Dr Khir Toyo has started talking about moral values with regard to Elizabeth Wong’s victimisation. He should constantly ask himself where he has acquired his huge resources that have enbled him to spend so lavishly in his current campaigns to be elected as UMNO Youth boss. Extracting teeths can’t be very lucrative . Otherwise, many of my dentist friends would have been very loaded. When talking about moral values, it’s imperative that the person himself uphold them first.

  23. AKIKO says:

    Read this and find out the crap TV3 is made of. Eli should sue the station

  24. Anonymous says:

    Something fishy is going on!!!
    Whatever it is, PR have to be very, very careful about this.
    It could be something unexpected or “shocking”.

  25. Simon Sim says:

    Elizabeth should continue to serve the people. Stay on and ignore those immature people out there. We need good representative like you four our voice to be heard. Your private life is your life and not for anyone to judge. Do not fall into the dirty tricks of those low type politicians out there. Be strong and continue to fight for the people of Malaysia!

  26. Oh!Shit! says:

    bukit lanjan voter,

    What shit are you talking about? Have you seen the photos or not? If you have not, then just shut the f*%king shit mouth of yours up!

    Oh sorry! What is that? Oh… You are actually talking about yourself? I see… so you are the one being screwed round and round by Toyol, Najis, KJ? Is it because they treat you like a whore and you have no avenue to vent your frustration, therefore you come here to pick on Eli and desecrate this blog?

    My condolence to you

  27. bamboo river© says:

    I hope my earlier comment re appears! 🙂

    I was disgusted with CSL statement to the press.
    Let me ask CSL this…. Have you ever thought what had gone thru your poor WIFE’s mind mentally the last 48 hours after you were ‘exposed’ on your cheating sex romping in that your regular hotel room?
    So, CSL, ZIP UP your pants!

    Bukit Lanjan voter, nice try over here. But you are on the wrong track.
    Ours is heading to a light at the end of the tunnel. Yours is heading straight to a brick wall. Get a life.

    W9, MSM are licking the arses of the powers to be. That is what they are ‘trained’ to do. LICK ARSES.
    ‘Shameful’ is the mildest word you can describe them? I would say they are despicable,incorrigible oxymorons.

  28. bamboo river© says:

    Aiya, Susan dear, two comments already sangkut.!

  29. zulkifli abdullah says:

    I bet my bottom dollar UMNO and her clowns are behind this incident. Who elese do you think would want to such a thing?

  30. thepplway says:

    Mostly I wrote in Chinese in my blog . I think the civil society needs to be united with all languages and any background to support Eli and more.

    If you can write in English and Malay ,pls to come my web,share your opinion and yours deeply concerning about what is going around our lovely country.


  31. thepplway says:

    http://thepplway.createbloggers.com/…sorry this is the web link..

  32. We Care says:

    Those who “.. spun the peeping tom photos into something scandalous.” can be sued in a civil litigation.

    They were ” Peeping Tom photos ” . Usage of it is called criminal blackmail and criminal intimidation. MSM Media are criminally vicariously liable for publishing those photos as they are in possession of them.

    Where is ” WOMEN POWER ” to support YB Elizabeth to stay on as ADUN and State Excos. WOMEN POWER are known to bring positive changes to formulation of new Laws to Protect Ladies in general.

    Anyway beware of MSM Media spin to create psychologial fallout ?

  33. Lizzie wong says:

    Susan, though I do not know Elizabeth, but my heart weeps for her too… gutter politics or not. we cannot ignore the reality in Malaysia. She had done nothing wrong, but being in a coalition, particularly when one leg is PAS, it is not an easy call to make.

    There is no way that she can get voters mandate again, the system does not provide for that.. While women voters form a big proportion of the electorate, any suggestion that she was asked to step down is also a damaging one, not just for PKR but for the entire Malaysian hope for change.

    In a battle, particularly when we are facing such wicked ruthless opponents, we are bound to hve casualties along the way. Do we like it? NO!! But it is a reality.

    As a pakatan supporter, I was just wondering…. if the risk is the 2 upcoming by-elections, would the Pakatan leaders gain more support in the long run, if they throw their support behind Elizabeth? In the short term of course, there is no guarantee that the Kedah and Perak seats can be retained.

    There is risk for the Pakatan future, either way. The leaders have alot to chew over it, and with Elizabeth offering to resign, it gives them time to ponder the way out….

    Our anger should not be directed towards the pakatan or pkr leaders… our scorn shld be reserved squarely for the person who did this thing, the politicians who shamelessly took advantage of this (maybe even entice this person to do what he did), and the newspapers (Mail and the Sun) for publshing this piece of junk they call news. Stop buying the Mail, and don even bother to pick up the Free Paper, and let them rot for all we care!!!

  34. ylcw says:

    Just ignore bukit lanjan voter. Such people are either trying to get attention or have never experienced being loved before.

  35. bukit lanjan voter says:

    Sigh! Eliz wepy not because:

    1) She hasn’t fulfilled all her promises to demolish all the tolls in Selangor as advocated by her before the 8/3 campaign
    2) The Selangor State city councilor posts not elected by the rakyat as per PKR manifestos
    3) All the corrupt BN buggers haven’t put into jail yet
    4) All the giant bill boards which put up haphazardly not being removed ….
    5) The lifestyle od Bkt Lanjan voters have not been elevated yet….

    She wept because:

    !) She lost her fat salaries
    2) All the prerogatives gifted to her are gone
    3) Her new Camry bought for her through Bkt lanjan voters sweat and blood money even at this difficult of times will be taken away from her…
    4) All the invitations for free food and drinks and egos at functions organized NGO/ Businesses are gone

    Eliz is just not a dedicated 25 hr state rep who would work like shit day-in and night-out but a 9-5 employee.

    Dey! Go get job and stop weeping like a spoiled manja princess and be an ordinary girl…. then the nude pictures/ videos are of no value in the markets…

  36. chanjoe says:

    Any SA or MP who resign during their term will be barred from recontesting for 5 years. This law was passed by UMNO after Sharir won the by election after resigning from Umno and contested as an independent and won with a big majority in JB. So if Eli resigns, she will be barred from recontesting for 5 years.

    Heard her ex-bf was a handsome but dubious Malay chap and they stayed together for some time. Some of the photos were taken without her knowledge when in intimate positions. This was the nail to her decision to resign. I think its best fro her to resign under such circumstances and wait behind the scene for 5 years and then come out to contest again. She did well during her renure…without any doubts but her past came back to haunt her.

    Too bad for her as her ex follows HEE’s footpath…ie…for Umno’s money via Khir Toyol..

    We must look at things in macro and the best solution under such circumstances…is for her to resign.

    I salute Eli and wish her all the best. Live for another day.

  37. chanjoe says:

    Any SA or MP who resign during their term will be barred from recontesting for 5 years. This law was passed by UMNO after Sharir won the by election after resigning from Umno and contested as an independent and won with a big majority in JB. So if Eli resigns, she will be barred from recontesting for 5 years.

    Heard her ex-bf was a handsome but dubious Malay chap and they stayed together for some time. Some of the photos were taken without her knowledge when in intimate positions. This was the nail to her decision to resign. I think its best fro her to resign under such circumstances and wait behind the scene for 5 years and then come out to contest again. She did well during her tenure…without any doubts but her past came back to haunt her.

    Too bad for her as her ex follows HEE’s footpath…ie…for Umno’s money via Khir Toyol..

    We must look at things in macro and the best solution under such circumstances…is for her to resign.

    I salute Eli and wish her all the best. Live for another day.

  38. ah long says:

    Sleep naked or in flimsy clothing in the privacy of your own home….cannot….make f*&@ing mountain out of a molehill but go and f&%$ around with Mongolian model is ok?

    And I believe RPk has evidence of somebody screwing around in Port Dickson and some others having sex with under aged girls?

    If sleeping naked warrants resignation, what about the others?

  39. wits0 says:

    Well, bukit lanjan voter, in your life you can avoid weeping for anyone this way, for example:

    Die first in your family so that others will have to weep for you instead!

  40. oscar says:


    If you strip naked, nobody wants to look at you! If you take pictures of yourself naked and distribute it to the media, none would want to have them published! The simple reason is that you are TAK LAKU, not wanted in this blog or elsewhere…so buzz off!

    monsterball Says:

    February 18, 2009 at 6:23 am
    In terms of principles in life……she did the right thing to resign….as she was elected and she should go back and get the voters consent…in a by election again.
    If keDAILan advised her to do so..that’s a noble and right decision.
    But she must stand for the by-election.
    If it is another….then keDAILan is not treating her fair and right.
    If she declines…it is her own decision.
    Nothing to weep……a the die is cast…the show must go on.
    Almost 400 commentators have pleaded to her…not to resign.
    And in every blog….same thing.
    Is she that weak…that can be destroyed by nude photos?

  41. chanjoe says:

    Please remember you are a PUBLIC figure once you are a Rakyat’s Rep. You will be scrutinised in everything you do and even your past will come back to haunt you. Thats the price for being a public figure.

    Let Eli go and let her find solace out of the public’s scrutiny and wait for her come back after 5 years from her resignation.

    We should give her our support even when she is no longer a public figure.

    Politic is DIRTY and like Chinese saying “All the crows are similarly black” and this is the price to pay but we want her to bounce back after 5 years.

    So all present and wannbe politicians must be clean even in their past and present.

  42. Fair To All says:

    Chua of MCA and Wong of Pakatan; You both dont have my sympathy!!!
    Please dont turn Malaysian politics into porn!!!

  43. Bola Hangus says:

    why want to quit? teresa kok after winning her seat, gloat with pics of roasted pigs dont quit oso. Winners never quit. Quitters never win

  44. prihatin says:

    I heard the boyfriend that took the pictures is a Malay PKR member. If it is true, this case is more complicated than it looks. I want to weep too for that Malay Boy. Just because he is not a YB, nobody bothers about him. Eli Wong is not malay but this guy can be haul up to the Syariah Court.

  45. devarishi says:

    Let her live her private life,dont meddle.

  46. pauline says:

    I weep over Eli Wong’s resignation…..

    me too, anyway I signed up a petition last night at YB Charles Santiago’s Forum to support her. May God bless her in this trying moment…

  47. Scott Thong says:

    Yesterday on my blog, more than 800 searches for nude/bogel pics of her brought perverts to my blog.

    It is worth noting that the overwhelming majority of searches were in Bahasa Melayu.

    Leering at unattainable educated Chinese women?

  48. wandererAUS says:

    This bohonland where the evils are made to look good and vice versa.
    Even in this blog, some who still champion the evil minds….not respecting the invasion of one’s privacy, blaming the victim rather the low down culprit.
    Is this the moral teaching of the “I am holier than thou hypocrites”?
    To these scums, I say, go and get a life!

  49. Wait N C says:

    If your wife went to a departmental store to buy cloth.
    And without her knowledge she was photographed naked by hidden camera in the fitting room. And the photos were posted everywhere.

    What shall you do ?
    1. Beat up your wife, and demand for a divorce ?
    2. Throw her out and disown her ?
    3. Allow your neighbors (kay po ji ) to spread the news, and instigate for a divorce ?

    Above situation is very similar to this case.
    Do you know differentiating who is the culprit and who is the victim ?
    Why we Malaysians have all our Moral values screwed up.

    PKR and Voters of Bukit Lanjan, please don’t beat Eli and throw her out.
    You should sympathizes with her.
    And UMNO, especially the K-Toyo fellow, stop being the kay-po-ji, and SHUT UP.
    In fact you are highly suspected of being responsible for setting up the hidden camera.

    We should go after the Culprit and not beating up the Victim.

  50. ylcw says:

    This bukit lanjan voter seems to know a lot about Elizabeth Wong. Sounds very vindictive to me. Wonder whether this person is her ex-beau?

  51. ylcw says:

    This bukit lanjan voter seems to know a lot about Elizabeth Wong. Sounds very personal and vindictive to me. Wonder whether this person is her ex-beau?

  52. ylcw says:

    Sorry for duplicate. Had some problems with PC.

  53. The Beetle says:

    Does this Toyol guy knows the meaning of immorality??? We all know how desperate this Toyol is trying to climb back into power since he lost it in 03/08.

    How many of you would join me in proposing that we give a broom stick as a present to him for his understanding of moral?. Just like what he did when he was the failed MB of Selangor,awarding non perfoming civil servants with broom stick. Maybe we should should give him a taste of his own medicine and see how he feels.

    Or maybe his heart is so harden that he will not feel anything at all.

    Toyol,you are a gonna and we the rakyat do not need leaders like you, but thanks for helping us destroy UMNO.

  54. Menyalak-er says:

    I just wish that all of us respect Eli’s decision, which hasn’t been accepted by PKR leadership yet.
    Not knowing her personally, i shall not judge her reasons. She must be in severe anguish and confused when she took this action, especially so for being deceived by a deceitful (and other foul-words, not printable here) ex.
    Being highly principled/honorable and seeing the impact this ‘stirrings in a teacup’ on her Party, she is actually holding on to a ‘higher moral’ standard for herself and future political wannabes.
    She is not a mere political animal, concerned about self but she see’s the whole panaroma of things that cn be. She sacrificed herself, for a greater cause and to me at least, it represents ‘agape’ love – the unselfish love, beyond familial, kinship, friendship and romantic.
    As Scott Thong is saying, there will always be beasts undressing her with their eyes/filthy thoughts, even if the ‘nude’ is not nude!
    Let her rest, heal and mature in spirit for time and true righteousness is on her side.
    For her detractors, they will always be:”Do and Do, Rule on Rule, a little bit here and a little bit there… and they will all fall backwards, be injured and ensnared!” Now that you won’t get from Rick Warren!

  55. chikuteh says:

    maybe Selangor MB Khalid wants her to go. Did you ever wonder?

  56. gg says:

    Please do not even take a look at the photo if reached the public. Show your respect and support to Eli Wong.

  57. chikuteh says:

    well, it looks like her ex-beau joined hee and saiful.

  58. kittykat46 says:

    Eli, please don’t quit. The public is behind you.

    Don’t let the bastards win. Even my mother, who doesn’t care much about politics, showed her disgust at the events. How could they do this to her ?

    PKR, especially Anwar Ibrahim, shouldn’t be worrying UMNO’s shit stirring with conservative voters.
    Right is Right, Wrong is Wrong. Leadership is about convincing people to follow what is Right.

  59. kittykat46 says:

    Eli, please don’t quit. The public is behind you.

    Don’t let them b*st*rds win. Even my mother, who doesn’t care much about politics, showed her disgust at the events. How could they do this to her ?

    PKR, especially Anwar Ibrahim, shouldn’t be worrying UMNO’s muck stirring with conservative voters.
    Right is Right, Wrong is Wrong. Leadership is about convincing people to follow what is Right.

  60. huhu says:

    The guy khir toyol always bla bla out cheap talks.

  61. two-face says:

    Is she a practising Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu, Christian or whatever religion? If yes and correct me if I am wrong, no religion condones pre-marital sex.

    In her press statement, she said that she is not ashamed of her sexuality and being single. What is she alluding to?

    As a leader whom is look upon by the younger generation, what message is she giving to the school girls (boys)? That it is okay to have pre-marital sex as long as you are single and your partner is single and done in private? And also don’t get caught!

    This is her personal problem and she is politicising it to cover her own shortcomings. Go sue the guy, surely she knows him. Unless they are more to it than what is being published.

  62. Lawrence says:

    Drown with tears and emotion after watching your press release and with those strong supports from various races, Just can’t imagine how dirty and evil those who demand our dear YB Eli to resign? You has done no wrong as that is your personal value and no one can snatch that away from you by just exposing your picture. You don’t have to quit, continue to serve the people, we all need you. May God blessed you.

  63. oneworldmaybenot says:

    Sounds like Bukit Lanjan Voter got an axe to grind with Eli. Just ignore that attention seeking twit

  64. lsy says:

    this bukit lanjan voters comments is much too vindicative and personal to be ignored. He/she seems to have a score to settle. I suggest anyone who wants to get to the bottom of this setup start with this fella. Her comments appear in other sites as well.

    To eli, i do not know you, but you have my full support. Hold your chins up, whichever angle i see, you are just a vicitim here and should not be victimised further. I pray your resignation will be turned down as malaysians can’t afford to lose you.

  65. hari says:

    I too weep for her and for our country too. I wonder whether we can go any lower than this…. Why do we treat our women so badly ?

  66. wits0 says:

    Bukit Lanjan Voter is an environmentally rich target, one just begging for it. 😀

  67. thepplway says:


    sorry to read the blameless word.

  68. wits0 says:

    Hari : “Why do we treat our women so badly ?”

    Sucking up to cultural Arabism, that’s why.

  69. alvin says:

    The recent sensational stories seem to have achieved the objective of some guilty parties who try to make us forget about the Altantuya murder case.

  70. I am a fan and an admirer of Eli Wong. I do not know her nor have I met her but I have always observed her activities in the press and has great admiration for her dedication and her boundless energy when she gets into fighting a cause she believes in. Her resignation would be a great loss to Malaysians seeking justice and fairplay. PKR should offer her a second opportunity to stand again in Bukit Lanjan and let the voters there decide. The decision to accept or to refuse to stand again as ADUN should be hers alone. Only then would PKR be seen to be a fair party and has acted fairly towards her.

    But who is working on getting the person who violated her modesty and invaded her privacy?

  71. noevil says:

    I think you should also weep for Jed Yoong, many readers attacked her for her story on Eli, which I think she deserved it. She seems to have lost herself and her Christian’s values, may God bless her.

  72. If someone, maybe you Susan, could pick up the IP address of the person who posted as Bukit Lanjan Voter in all the sites saying the same thing, you will have one person to start working on.

  73. Menyalak-er says:

    Jed is a Christian? Omigosh! What diversity eh?

  74. mei chern says:

    The person behind this despicable act should be castrated. lets hope positive politics and people with integrity like eli wong will prevail over these gutter politics.

  75. bamboo river© says:

    “Jed is a Christian? Omigosh! What diversity eh?”- menyalak-er.

    She needs the blessings from above!

  76. Jed Yoong… if I defend Eli Wong and ask that she stays on, are you also saying I have set my moral bar too low? Go get a life… You are acting as judge of others’ morality including mine and honestly, you are like Khir Toyol and Ibrahim Ali and MCA’s Liow Tiong Lai… all hippocrates!

  77. kee says:

    Elizabeth, I just want to tell you – Fight on and shame that bastard ex-bf of yours. He think he can destroy you just like that. Prove to him, he is wrong, you cant be bullied.

    Wonder how much he got from selling the pics?

    Anyway, Elizabeth, it is ok. Forget abt that bastard and get on with your life.

    You see, the people love you so much, even me, a stranger.

    I say again, DONT QUIT, FIGHT IT BACK!!!

  78. Sabran Hindi says:

    Elizabeth Wong was “wong” to resign. She should uphold her dignity and respect voters who have voted her a place in Bukit Lanjan. Look at the number of people who would like her to stay on. As an intelligent woman with good credentials, Elizabeth should take this episode with a “pinch of salt”. Look at how courageous DSAI face his enemies. Its a tough act to follow but now Elizabeth has the backing of the Rakyat who trust her innocence and believe in her. For the sake and love for your voters Elizabeth, dont follow your heart ….. listen to the cries of your people who are with you in your time of need.

  79. Lizzie wong says:

    So the problem with elizabeth is sex before marriage?? I think if we do a secret polls in parlimen, it cld well be 1/3 or more who had done it, so to speak.

    Many years ago, I was chatting with a Muslim colleague of mine, a chartered accountant in fact, who told me that, he was getting married. I was surprised at how he setltled the matter…. it was through family ntroduction, he met her, took her out, and then pop the question. All taken care of just like that, no dating, no getting to know you, etc.

    I was shocked. And then he told me, he had done with ‘playing the field’ while he was in the UK… now is time to get a good girl to settle down. Another outwardly modern Malay chartered accountant who had also ‘played the field’ settle the marriage issue just like that too. These 2 ‘fine’ men from pedigree background are now doing very well in the corporate circles sometimes I get to read about them in the press…

    What am I getting at? Well, I think many many people are involved in pre-marital sex. We just don talk about it, becuz we are hypocrites!!

  80. flyer168 says:

    For our YM RPK, Eli, MB Nizar and all our other “Fighters”, if you have done & given your best for what you believe in, as one of the “Defenders of truth, Justice, Freedom & Equality” – have no fear, as God Almighty hears your voice.

    Remember “What goes round, will come round to these Desperate UMNOputras” SOON.

    Through “Devine Intervention”, the “Opressors” will “FAIL” & God Almighty will ensure “Justice” will be done.

    May God Almighty bless, protect & guide all our “Defenders of Truth, Justice, Freedom & Equality”.

    This great nation, its assets & its Anak Bangsa Malaysia have been abused for the last 40 years by these “Moronic Idiots & their Goons” through “Gutter Politics” & the “Law of the Jungle”.

    Through “Devine” intervention, UMNO, its Leaders & their Lapdogs are now “Destroying” each other with their “Power, Greed & Henious Crimes”.

    Our prayers to God Almighty seeking “Truth, Justice, Freedom & Equality” will be answered.

    Every new day will be another “New Revelation” to reveal the “Truth” in its Self Destruct motion towards its “Demise”.

    Just give them enough rope to “Hang” themselves at every turn in their “Final” chapter.

    May God bless, guide & protect this great nation, its remaining assets & its Anak Bangsa Malaysia forthwith.

    “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”
    – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

    “We must accept finite disappointment, but must never lose infinite hope.”
    – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

    For all Anak Bangsa Malaysia :

    “True peace is not merely the absence of tension, it is the presence of justice.”
    – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

    “We know through painful experience that freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.”
    – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

  81. ylcw says:

    lsy, so you agree with me. This bukit lanjan voter sounds like someone out for vengeance!

  82. kittykat46 says:

    I think nowadays Jed Yoong just writes whatever she’s paid to write…..You make your own conclusions…

  83. bukit lanjan voter says:

    I have no grudges with Eliz.

    We have the constitution and Federal, state laws to follow. In schools we have to abide by the school’s rules and regulations, and similarly every family has its family’s rules and regulations.

    If Eliz has been abiding by the rules and regulations of her Constituents, she won’t land in such abysmal state.

    Heyt! This is in Malaysia, you have to abide by the lifestyles and rules and regulations of Malaysia and not some Western countries’.

    Our culture just does not permit this kind of culture to be practiced here.

    So sorry! Eliz, you have to go because of your stupid ignorant!

  84. kittykat46 says:

    Khir Toyol’s badut..

  85. bkt. kunjan bloater says:

    Ignore this Bukit Lanjan cocky rooster. The coot does not know what it means when we say invasion of privacy, the more we reply the more cocky he gets.

  86. monsterball says:

    Jed Yoong is a sick bitch.
    If I strip naked and anyone cares to look….that person is dum dum…oscar boy.

  87. lsy says:

    to bukit lanjan voter
    Kindly quote what rules and regulations of the constituent has eli violated. And what lifestyle of the east dictate that one can’t be in the nude or in this case partially nude at one’s own privacy? Mind you, she was asleep and her privacy invaded. Don’t just shoot your mouth and pass judgement like a total idiot. Have you not heard each time you start pointing a finger at others, the other 3 points back to you? Do us a service, please shut up. We dont want to choke on your high and mighty so called ‘values’.

  88. monsterball says:

    Whose culture is “our culture”?
    Famous to love sex…gambling and drinking…talking about culture.
    Our reputation….plenty UMNO MUNAFIKS

  89. bukit lanjan voter says:

    There is no way Eliz can come back to politics. Eliz is finito ala CSL as far as politics is concerned.

    Looking at Chua Soi Lek now, he is a mere cacat, can’t do great things for the rakyat but only for his interests.

    Let’s face it. Eliz will be a sitting duck with her nude photos and videos in the markets!

    Can Eliz fight against developers who want to develop hill slopes with massive housing schemes? Can Eliz do her job effective with her nude photos circulating all over towns and cities.

    Alas! Eliz will have to relent to the avaricious developers.

    Do we want an ineffective state rep to represent us? Dey! Eliz is not the only brain in the world! There are lots of others far more intelligent than her. Example? Look no further than this web-blog…

    So just pack and let her go! She is finito politically and her life is confined to an ordinary citizen boundary or migrating to another part of the planet.

    This is the cruelty of political life!

    Life in bukit lanjan will go on with or without Eliz!

  90. lsy says:

    yicw, can’t agree with you more. bukit lanjan voter comments reeks of such hostility all pointing towards a personal vendetta to bring eli down. He’/she’d be wise to shut up or the game will be over for him/her.

  91. wits0 says:

    Bukit Lanchan Voter rants :

    “Heyt! This is in Malaysia, you have to abide by the lifestyles and rules and regulations of Malaysia and not some Western countries’.

    Our culture just does not permit this kind of culture to be practiced here.”

    So go suck up to the Ayrab’s misogynist culture, eh? So blessedly kosher an in-thing foisted upon all, eh? The pass decades have shown how twisted in their knickers M’sian have become because of this zombie creating repressiveness as umno pretends to be the moral guardian but ends up as the most outstanding hypocrite of all. All rigid forms, and no real substance.

  92. Lizzie wong says:

    Elizabeth is passionate about her work. Legislators such as her, is the fruit bore out of the Nation’s aspirations for change.

    To allow her to resign from her post, is to deal a cruel blow to the rakyat who voted for Pakatan. We voted Pakatan for change, to restore justice and righteousness into the administration of the nation.

    Where is our change agenda from this point on? Would allowing her to resign give more encouragement to the lions who are waiting to devour all the pakatan administrations???

    It is risky for Pakatan to stand by Elizabeth, but not to do so, could be worse. We let her go, we wld unwittingly hve set a high moral benchmark which wld give the pakatan lots more problems going forward.

  93. fslam says:

    Dr. Chua’s porn case is two world’s apart from Eli’s.

    Firstly, Dr. Chua is a married man and as such this is classified as extra-marital affairs which is not accepted by society.
    Eli is a single lady and entitled to have a boyfriend or lover.

    Secondly, Eli’s privacy had been invaded by the very ” lover ” out to get pecuniary and political gain by exposing the photos. In fact , she was taken advantage of.

    If we take the case of her nudity in the privacy of her own house , the person who captured and exposed these photos ought to be jailed as this photo was taken without her permission.

    I may surmised that her lover may be a spy from the BN/UMNO or police department planted into PKR to extract information about party politics and destroy Eli and PKR at the right moment. Afterall, Eli was a human rights activist , NGO movement leader and member of pressure groups not mentioning her political affiliation.

  94. bangmalaysia says:

    Hilmi Malek, the punk who was alleged to have taken Eli’s photos when she was asleep is on the run. Latest on the ‘Kiss and Tell’ episode:


  95. wits0 says:

    That’s why CSL’s so called “offering of sympathy to Eli” is actually a sickeningly contrived bid to make some headlines and moral capital for himself. Slimy, soiled and leaked humsup.

  96. zztop says:

    Dont worry, Susan, Eli will come back no matter what.
    She will carry on with her job as rakyat representative as before.
    Just wait and see.

  97. Kherry Scarry says:

    To bukit lanjan voter , why do you hate Eli so much ?

    What has Eli done to you ?

    You have been attacking people (Soi Lek n Eli) who has been personnally implicated by others against their consent and will.

    Hope you don’t experience what others have.

  98. This is the moral disturbances in Chinese Community …In 2001 The famous Chu Fei Feng scandals in Taiwan anda 2002 Carina Kar Ling Incident in Hong Kong..2008 Choi Soi Lek Malaysia..now pittiful Liz.When you are in politics the surest means of keeping oneself from becoming Scandal’s victim is to be dutiful for the politician.When you are in politics you have no more induvidual pervilage and human rights….things done been done for those out there is a good lesson ..be careful ..with friends and enemy if you are in politics…

    Falling standards in Media etics been alarming phenomenon in Malaysia.One particular trend is to treat sex scandal’s as info-tainment for the masses and boost sale.

  99. amoker says:

    My blog too mourns for her. We are very much unfair to our lady folks. Why is men given the superiority to exhibit the sexualities yet women are defined differently?

    Eli, we support you. She makes her decision and is more than mature. LIke Soiled leak, she can make a return with her dignity intact.

  100. Billau Chris says:

    Litz need not resign. There are more crooks in BN than one can imagine and they seldoml resign despite that they have soiled their hands and characters in worse crimes or offences they had committed.

    The public is with you Litz. Do not fall into the evil design and scheme of the BN.

    The whole atmosphere of politics stinks like a skunk in the country. Where is the sense of decency? When politicians could resort to such degradation, I doubt there will ever be peace and harmony.

    Let the people decide what is good for the nation. Do not think that the rakyat do not know what the hell is going on in the country? Do not think that the rakyat can be so easily fooled by what happened? Do not underestimate that they do not know the constitution of the country and their rights.

    You can fool most of the rakyat some of the time, some of the rakyat most of the time but you cannot fool all of them all the time.

    The people will trash you and continue to thrash you again at the coming by-elections to make sure that you learn what is peoples’ power.

    What is wrong will always be wrong. Come on, don’t tell us or force into our throat to accept what is blantantly wrong to be right.

    So do not be ashamed Litz, stay on and continue to do your good work that the people have entrusted you.

    Do not let SOB like Toyo affect you at all. That empty vessel has to be put away by the police. The wrongs, moral or otherwise, he committed while he was the MB of Selangor brought the down fall of BN in Selangor and FT.

    I shall be solidly behind you.

  101. hostage88 says:

    It is cofirmed that her ex bf also from Keadilan sold the pix to Khir Toyo and in turn Khir Toyo use it to blackmail her to jump to BN and with it Khir Toyo and BN will grab for power in Selangor.

    Her ex bf is paid for the pix and we should all otracise Khir Toyo and his mat rempits and stand up to their sma seng tactics for YB Eli.

    Her ex bf is a leftist and thinks along the lines of a communist and did it for:

    1. Money
    2. Get even after YB Eli dump him to pursue her career in Politics and be married to her supporters

    Bet the Police is not going to wrap up the case even it is known who is involved and that is Khir Toyo and her ex bf, Hilmi.

  102. harrison says:

    fslam Says:
    February 18, 2009 at 3:06 pm,

    Dr. Chua’s porn case is two world’s apart from Eli’s.

    Firstly, Dr. Chua is a married man and as such this is classified as extra-marital affairs which is not accepted by society.
    Eli is a single lady and entitled to have a boyfriend or lover.

    Secondly, Eli’s privacy had been invaded by the very ” lover ” out to get pecuniary and political gain by exposing the photos. In fact , she was taken advantage of.

    If we take the case of her nudity in the privacy of her own house , the person who captured and exposed these photos ought to be jailed as this photo was taken without her permission.

    I may surmised that her lover may be a spy from the BN/UMNO or police department planted into PKR to extract information about party politics and destroy Eli and PKR at the right moment. Afterall, Eli was a human rights activist , NGO movement leader and member of pressure groups not mentioning her political affiliation.


    Dear sir, that’s my point yesterday and the day before. Both case are of the inversion of one another.

    If Liz quit any of her posts, this would suffice to say that by e.g. – if someone planted a hidden camera/s in my room, capturing me in nude – than I would be bearing the implications of the effect instead of the perpetrators. Is that justified?

    Liz should learn from great personalities like Anwar Ibrahim, Raja Petra kamarudin. Winners will not give up so easily like a pushover. I don’t mean to be harsh on Liz, but I believe – “good wo/men don’t hide”, just like me. 😉

  103. oneworldmaybenot says:

    wahlau! Her ex bf better go find good place to hide, police better arrest him not cos of crime but to protect him bwahahahaha!!

  104. Katharina Sri (former: Noor Aza Othman) says:

    Such hypocrisy from that twisted mind Khir Toyo! What a pervert; probably secretly lusting and ogling after other women besides his poor wife! Elizabeth Wong is not a Muslim for goodness sake! And besides, even Muslims can do whatever they want in the privacy of their home; this Khir Toyo thinks he’s God? Let me tell you Khir Toyo, only God can judge, and that’s the beauty I find in the my true religion, in Christ, as mentioned in the Gospel! By the way, I lived BLISSFULLY outside marriage, for TWO YEARS, with my American ex-husband, before our marriage that is, when still a Muslim, what do you say to that Khir Toyo? Call the religious police after me now and packed me off to the Ulu Yam Islamic Concentration Camp for “immoral” Muslims? Pathetic! That’s why, I got out fast from this religion! I bet this man as many UMNO politicians are **** GROs in lounges! By the way, the unfortunate Altantuya was forced to go naked before murdered so brutally by the Special Branch Malay gangsters! The chances are she was probably brutally raped by these evil monsters, who call themselves Muslims – one had supposedly just “buka puasa!”! No one is bringing this up during the trials or investigation! And yet, Elizabeth Wong’s private picture is being used to criminalize her, and she was the one who sexually violated, as Altantuya probably was too! Such hypocrisy and sadism of these Umno Malay politicians is unbelievable, and yet they keep claiming how pious they are to the kampung pakciks and makciks!! (oh yes, looks like the Umno hypocrites are wearing songkoks nowadays to show off how “alim” they are!)

    Katharina Sri (former: Noor Aza Othman)

  105. Yamuna says:

    Eli should stay on and let the voters decide. They voted you in and they are the only one who can ask you to go and NOBODY else. Look at Clinton and yet he still walk tall. Come on, his recent talk was packed!

  106. jonathan says:

    The media esp MMail is prostituting themselves to make money out of EW’s humiliation. We hope there are journalists who see through the hypocrisy of the moralist including their own and do investigative journalism on those who are casting stones at her like that Toyo, MCA, Wanita UMNO fellos if their past records were super virgin clean or whether they had give a peck or peek a boobs or two of their galfren or squeeze their bf’s balls or boink their mistress or their children boink with their loved ones in college. Expose these hypocrites and see how they feel. see Wong’s wrong is Media’s Right? http://www.jonathan66-my.blogspot.com

  107. wits0 says:

    Clinton does not make a good analogy ; he was a humsup liar carrying too much baggages.

    Alessandra Mussolini is a better one. And she simply loves to display her body in Playboy etc and yet remains well accepted at home in Italy and the European Parliament. People like “Bukit Lanjan Voter” can choke aptly in his gall and barf.


  108. JusticePaw says:

    Online Petition – *REJECT* YB Elizabeth Wong’s Resignation As ADUN of Bukit Lanjan and Selangor EXCO


    Let’s do our small part … email this link to *ALL* our contacts and urge them to “pen” their signature to support Eli … to convey a *STRONG* message to Menteri Besar Selangor and Sultan of Selangor that we, the rakyat … want the resignation of YB Eli to be *REJECTED*. She stays as ADUN and Selangor EXCO!


  109. JusticePaw says:

    Let’s do our small part … email this link to *ALL* our contacts and urge them to “pen” their signature to support Eli … to convey a *STRONG* message to Menteri Besar Selangor and Sultan of Selangor that we, the rakyat … want the resignation of YB Eli to be *REJECTED*. She stays as ADUN and Selangor EXCO!


  110. chinlwu says:

    YB Datuk Anwar & YB Tan Sri MB,

    Why is there a need for ELI to compromise her Exco position ? PKR leadership may say, it is just speculation. The voters of ELI can’t help feel
    rumours have a ” funny twist” especially when the rumours come from inside PKR leadership office.

    YB Tan Sri MB, do not just pay ” lip service ” to ELI, when you said publicly that ELI had performed exceptionally well as an Exco. If those words of truth and fact are spoken from the heart, why should ELI be asked to quit as EXCO. Please standby ELI, we as men must protect good lady like ELI who had undergone a ” political rape”.

    There are some lowlifer politicians of the opposite side of your DUN who can’t differentiate between morality and invasion of privacy, then why should PKR submit to them.

    Please be advised, it is not going to good for PKR if ELI is asked to quit as EXCO. The 12,000+ voters of Bkt Lanchang want ELI to remain as EXCO.

  111. wits0 says:

    Spot on here by P Ramakrishnan of Aliran:

    Hypocritical moral outrage?
    P Ramakrishnan | Feb 18, 09 5:50pm

    Aliran is perturbed that the personal privacy and space of Bukit Lanjan assembly person Elizabeth Wong has been violated in the most callous and vicious manner.

    The private space and personal privacy of any individual is a sacred thing and is a fundamental right of a person. This is a basic principle.

    This being the case, shouldn’t our anger and outrage be directed at the scumbug who maliciously violated this principle without any moral remorse? Why isn’t he being crucified for his unconscionable act of betrayal that had exposed an innocent victim, causing her mental anguish and emotional trauma?

    Why doesn’t the media condemn this dastardly rascal who has shown no decency in his relationship with his former girlfriend? Did it raise the question of possible monetary gain and political exploitation associated with this despicable episode?

    Why did these photographs surface only now when there are concerted efforts to destabilise the Pakatan Rakyat-controlled states?

    The ex-Selangor menteri besar Dr Mohd Khir Toyo is baying for Wong’s blood by demanding for her resignation on moral grounds claiming that there should be no double standards. ‘Otherwise,’ he contends, ‘it (Pakatan) will be seen as a party with no moral values.’

    What would this paragon of morality have to say with regard to the toppling of the duly-elected Pakatan Perak government with the help of two former PKR members who have been charged for corruption?

    By his own logic, isn’t the BN ‘ a coalition with no moral values’ for exploiting them in the change-over of the Perak government?

    Some years ago a very top Umno leader who is riding high today was allegedly caught for khalwat by the religious affairs department officials in Port Dickson. Would Khir Toyo be consistent and now call for his resignation so that his party will not be seen ‘ as a party with no moral values’ or one that practises double standard?

    Would he demand, ‘How can she allow a man into her room when they are not married? What’s the status of their relationship?’ Would he dare?

    If he doesn’t respond to this challenge, doesn’t he deserve to be labelled as a hypocrite?

    In the case of Elizabeth Wong, as Farish Noor observed, ‘No crime has been committed, no public funds embezzled, no state secrets revealed and no Mongolian models blown to bits.

    ‘The pathetic demonstration of moral outrage on the part of some conservative quarters should therefore be exposed for what it is: an instance of gross hypocrisy and double-standards at their most vile.’

    The life of a young and up-coming assembly person has been ruined and destroyed for political expediency. But let’s not ever forget the lessons of March 8.

    Once again, I like to quote Farish Noor to drive home this fact:

    ‘In the wake of the elections of March 2008, Malaysian society has demonstrated our desire for change, and for a new politics that befits and mirrors the new Malaysia we live in. This was the clearest call ever for a new political culture where feudalism, corruption, nepotism, hypocrisy and double standards are done away with once and for all.

    ‘We are sick and tired of the vacuous moral claims of those who speak of morality and religion on the one hand, while robbing the state and eroding our fundamental human rights at the same time.’

    Let’s reclaim our rights, protect our democratic space, reassert our notion of what is right and wrong and punish those ‘who speak of morality and religion on the one hand, while robbing the state and eroding our fundamental human rights at the same time’ whenever we get the opportunity to do so especially when elections are held.

    Let’s remember this, always.

    The writer is president, Aliran.

    Hopefully Anwar can read the tea leaves correctly for the good of all.

  112. ktemoc says:

    Wear or carry a sunflower as a show of support for Eli – it’s the symbol of her courage; it shows our support and love for her. She’s our sunshine; her class of politics is our hope of the future.

  113. thepplway says:

    is that a trap?

    who is the Boss?

  114. Disgusted says:

    Bukit Lanjan,

    Perhaps you need to suck more eggs into your brain. Which part of the rules and constitution that says that Malaysians should not or cannot sleep in the nude, partially or semi otherwise. You and Toyo share the same brain?

    Speaking through your asses is also against the rule and constitution of good health. And one more thing, it’s voters like you that voted in the incorruptible lawmakers.

  115. rlau says:

    Sue your ex boy friend to kingdom come.
    Bring him to cournt and get his pant down.

  116. vsp says:

    Elizabeth Wong is one of PK’s most promising recruits. She is hardworking, honest and efficient. When she was given the portfolio of environment, the administration of land was under her ambit of responsibility. In fact so religiously did she do her work that many doubtful development projects by property developers were placed under the back burner. She was the despair of many a developer that they resorted to bribery, threats, name-calling, and threats of law suits. But she stuck to her guns. This was revealed mere days after the Bukit Antarabangsa landslide.

    Under such circumstances, it’s no surprise that there are many enemies who tried to discredit her.

    Apart from the suspects from the developers’ fraternity, another probable suspect is the BN. BN was trying to topple the Pakatan governments in Selangor and Perak immediately after the 2008 tsunami. After the failed deal with a group of PAS MPs, lead by Hassan Ali, the BN was looking for other ways to destabilize the Pakatan government in Selangor.

    It was no coincident when the ISA was unleashed the earliest targets were all women: Teresa, the Sin Chew reporter and one of the PKR woman’s MP (the name seems to slip me). They were the weaker sex and the ISA was meant to intimidate them to submission. I suspected these women were subjected to inducement of jumping over to the BN and threats of being sent to Kamunting to rot. But these were redoubtable women and together with public disgust over the manner the ISA was being used, the BN failed again.

    However, the BN did not give up. This time they got her through her boyfriend. In fact her boyfriend is a PKR member. With money dangling before his eyes, this despicable man is even willing to betray his lover to the BN Pharisees. How delightful Toyo was when news broke out on the scandal. Of all the blackest pots and kettles, Toyo was the first one to bay for blood because many of the development projects that he approved when he was the MB was put into abeyance.

    Now, however high a pedestal I put Elizabeth on, unfortunately, she is damaged goods. She will not be able to perform her duties as before because of the high possibility of blackmail. Her nude photos are in dangerous hands and you can imagine the BN will not take any action to stop the circulation of the photos in the Internet. This is only my opinion.

    I am very sad that such abysmal level of politics has befallen on the country.

  117. justme says:

    Nik Aziz, the Tok Guru commented anyone can expose their aurat or whatever, naked or semi naked in the bedroom and it is ok. Says he, Eli should only resign her exco seat, and remain a state rep. See, our Tok Guru is 100 times better than that toyal guy.
    Anyway, if Eli feels resignation is the best way, I wish her all the best.

    bukit lanjan voter, which culture you talking about? The one that witsO spoke of?

  118. monsterball says:

    Jed Yoong is no Christian.
    She is simply..a low down ugly bitch….sooooooo jealous of Liz.
    Liz should be wiser and smarter now.
    Make mistakes….but never repeat same twice.
    Easier said than done…but I must say it.
    It’s will power.

  119. stcin says:

    sori, off topic : the speaker has suspended zombie ( 18 bulans ) & the other 6 ( 12 bulans each ) !!

  120. thepplway says:

    well done ,good punishment for the thief behave

  121. bukit lanjan voter says:

    In this New Millennium, 21st century and advanced high technologies in communication and information where traveling to space is just a cup of tea, we still have nincompoop like Nik Aziz praying the the moon and rocks and preaching all these even to modern era people in this new information age.

    The funny thing is, there are still people believe in him. No wonder Kelantan is destined to be an ancient cave town..

    Nik Aziz belongs to the deserts still believing in using sands to clean his As*h*&*.

    Can Malaysia be an advanced country praying to the moon and rocks?

    Niz Aziz is not just suitable to be involved in politics.

    Malaysia is in such a deplorable state and quagmire has a lot to do with this ancient nincompoop praying to the moons and rocks and wearing turban and desert gowns going places.

    Sigh! Malaysia Where got future wearing desert gowns and turban in kampongs and cities?

  122. ghostline says:

    We all weep for Elizabeth Wong, and rage against the despicable tactics used against her by a traitorous ex-boyfriend and his UMNO paymasters.

    We should focus that rage into a cold, sustainable fury, and work on dismantling the foul UMNO regime, and hunting down that scum who sold the photos.

    As much as I hope she will not resign, her resignation may actually be a strategic thing. Forcing the by-election will shine a spotlight on this despicable incident and provide a platform to focus the public rage and disgust into a renewed and even stronger mandate.

    Stand again, Elizabeth, we will be behind you.

  123. bukit lanjan voter says:

    Well! I am not vindictive or going after Eliz. I have no personal interests ala Eliz bf.

    Eliz I think is a stupid and ignorant girl who does not know how to manage her life- whether privately or publicly!

    In private, we have this fiasco which led her to resign. This has a lot to do with her image. Her reputation is gone and is a bad model for the bukit lanjan denizens especially ladies, especially especially by and large Malaysian Chinese girls.

    This is an outrageous relationship and a killing example for the ladies and girls in Malaysia.

    This has a disastrous effect not only to the societies in bukit lanjan, Malaysia but also the whole world.

    Can we Malaysians condone this outrageous and unforgivable relationship ?

    Eliz has brought shame not only to the Malaysian Chinese, but to Chinese all over the world.

    The Chinese in the world are feeling aghast and shameful to what Eliz was doing.

    Can Eliz still represent the Bukit Lanjan constituents?

    I don’t think so! Even now she admits she has done nothing wrong! Eliz just doesn’t fit to be a Chinese girl, period!

  124. Fair To All says:

    It wasnt too long ago when a pornstar campaigned to be PM of Italy and everyone laughed. Now we have one in our backyard.

  125. bukit lanjan voter says:

    Eliz is also an ignorant politician! She should not invited that Petaling Jaya traitor to her cerama campaigning for her during the 12th 08/03 GE.

    This Petaling Jaya traitor had betrayed the Petaling Jaya voters buy selling his nomination ticket to the corrupt MCA bugger!

    This is a crime of the highest order! In China, this traitor would be sent to the firing squad and the bullets charged to his next of kin.

    Could you imagine Eliz associating with this traitor of the highest order inviting and protecting this traitor of the highest order?

    If Eliz supporters are angry and furious to what her bf had done to her, can not them vicarious the feelings the Petaling Jaya voters against this Petaling Jaya traitor of the highest order?

    Could Elez undersatand the feelings of the Petaling Jaya voters being sodomized by this Petaling Jaya voters for so long?

    No! This Eliz is just to ignorant and oblivious the feelings of the Petaling Jaya voters.

    If Eliz condones this betrayal and says its ok, why is she and and her supporters going after her b/f?

    Eliz had made big and serious blunders and prone to blunders and a propensity betraying her voters, the best is for her to go!

  126. nkkhoo says:

    From the photos circulated in the internet, I do not see Elizabeth Wpng shall resign IF the dirty work was done by a peeping tom.

    I believe there are more untold stories behind this scandal to make Eli quit. Maybe more shocking videos awaiting to be released soon.

  127. monsterball says:

    “bukit lanjan voter” writer speaks like Toyo and Jed Yoong.
    These three are the new three stooges…..talking cock and bull.

  128. Kherry Scarry says:

    Notice too many coincidences with this Indonesian born guy “Toyol” a.k. SORE LOSER:

    1) Teresa Kok – ISA ,

    2) Eli – photo,

    3) Menteri Besar Khalid – some issues on his personal car

    4) Menteri Besar Khalid – slaughter of cows – korban issue

    What a Toyol – can he focus on how to help Rakyat in fightjing current economic turmoil than channeling his energy “framing” others ???

    What happen to the Balkis issue where funds were taken out illegally by Toyol’s wife ? Criminal charges or CBT ?

    and many more

  129. harrison says:

    I just happened to read one of my dearest sofiairdina’s comments. hahaha. I am sure it makes sense -the upskirt, but only if you are a public figure. Remember me saying about the – badger-game? 😀

  130. vandross says:

    Dont blaim anyone,its was taken in her house & i guess she is doing the right thing.

  131. Anonymous says:

    First , they planted saiful bukhari in to mess up Anwar’s life.
    Now, they planted Hilmi in to mess up with Elizabeth’s life.
    To those plotters, they could be dirty and cheap but to PR, they are really dumb and never learn.
    Come on PR! Please be alert at all times!!!

  132. fslam says:

    At least Tok Nik Aziz is honorable enough to be fair to all the rakyat in Kelantan. He gave land for religious house of worship. What has BN done in the developed state of Selangor. Know how to destroy places of worship and allowed cronies to erect advertisement structures illegally all over the state.

    Which state is more like a caver town ?

    Eli’s supporters and voters are not angry but sympathise with her and no one has the right to demand her resignation. She is made of sterner stuff and she decides and no one else.

    There is no shame when someone took your photo without your knowledge or permission. This is akin to those peeping toms taking pictures of ladies in the toilet and can we shame the innocent ladies ?

    Simple reasoning and some people just cannot understand simple logic.

  133. joke says:

    From now on, all politicians BEWARE! BEWARE even in your own home or bedroom or bathroom, a hidden camera or your partner will take your pix while you are sleeping half naked or naked or piss in your bathroom or bath naked.Now new rules- all politicians male or females alike, plz bath with your full clothes on and change your clothes inside the wardrobe make sure in pitch dark to play safe and sleep with a leotard inside your pyjamas for double security and ensure you buy those luggage locks to fasten your bra and a chastity belt with lock for your ***** and refrain from having sex and intimacy.Cannot play play at home too! The BN female Umnoputeri could be a victim too. Dangerous.Bahaya.All single female politicians cannot go dating -bahaya- cepat cepat kahwin if you are single and make sure your “husband” dont photograph you.Times are bad. People sell and circulate anything for money and politics!Where is womens’ rights.Whoever that did to Elizabeth Wong MUST be jailed and before going to jail Must be photograph naked and pix must be circulated as a deterrant for future incidents & to put a total full stop to all these low moral “otak”(brains or no brains at all only shit) nonsense and laughing stock. This case is perceived by the rakyat as political dirty tactics and a desperate move to “kill” a competant pro-rakyat iron lady of Pakatan.If you look at records, all these allegedly dirty tactics alledgedly
    done by BN. The No 1 tactic BN sexual motivated destructor- our old ginger Dr. M who exposed Anwar alledged sodomy, 2nd own party MCA sexual motivated destructor exposed Dr. Soil Lek secret love escapade, now another alledged God knows who behind, exposed PR Elizabeth Wong. All these could be perceived as linked to BN who is not willing to accept the verdict of no 2/3 majority and rakyat’s choice amd vvv desperate to rule again.Altantuya case, suspect scot-free and so many other cases are all potilically tainted. No stimulus package could save this country as long as all these shit by the Party involved is still be allowed to go on and as long as Dr. M still want to open his big mouth to attack and be seen as racist fanatics and a propagator of hatred.

  134. kplee says:

    With this “bukit lanjan voter” bum continue polluting this blog with stupid and idiotic comments, I for one found it not only entertaining but also very amusing indeed. This bum is trying to show off what he knows. In fact, he did not know he was telling the whole world how stupid, arrogant and distasteful he is all this while. As one says, EMPTY VESSEL MAKES THE MOST NOISE”.
    Here we got a typical example from one “bukit lanjan voter”.
    BTW, Susan, dont weep, Eliz will come back to lead the state again. Not worth to weep over idiotic and despicable actions by that racialistic, greedy, “pendatang” KT. Soon he will be drown with law suits from whole of Malaysia. He will soon be the first male poilitical bum in Malaysia who have the most lawsuits. Guarantee to be in Bolehland Guinness Book Of Records. Just move on Susan.

  135. wits0 says:

    Kplee, “Fair to All” and “bukit lanjan voter” are both blathering like headless chickens aka CTs, virtually resorting to utterances resembling spams.

  136. joke says:

    Just because Ekizabeth is a lady she felt ashamed. She should not feel ashamed of this, instead she should fight for women’s rights as this could happen to any woman in future or to any female politician.The suspect cum photograher should be the one feeling ashamed to do such cowardly act. Bring the coward desperado out and if found guilty, splash his naked pix in all media as a deterrant.Eli, you should not resign but be brave about this,. You did not do anything wrong, you are very normal just like everyone of us and you did not break any law by sleeping even naked at home, its your rights. The photograher should be guilty and put to jail for this shameful and cowardly crime. The media should splash the photograph of the KGV “boyfriend” to pressure him to admit mistake and be trial in court.Elizabeth, you must not resign for our rakyat sake but to stand up tall to push the law against recurrence of incidents like this.Be our HEROINE and SAVIOUR. If you resign or the PR ask you to resign to protect the party, then, the PR is weak and this will allow the other party to do same dirty tactics to future culprits.Its a dangerous weapon, equally dangerous as C4! Do not take this lightly.This is a serious crime, crime of the digital world- DIGITAL WEAPON = CRIME OF THE HIGHEST DEGREE (as it destroy the life of innocent individuals).Mandatory death for such crime, its worst than drug trafficking. Its trafficking of naked pictures to destroy people’s life for life!!!New law must be implemented for this new digital crime.

  137. public says:

    what pkr is doing is not strategic but stupid and showing to the public they also practice double standards, just like Bn. annuar had sex with another guy also what. why pkr didn’t ask him to resign?

    why is elizabeth resigning? she should make a statement why! She claimed she did not do anything wrong. But why resign? Out of shame? Shame of what! The boss asked to resign? why? strategic? Bull shit!!!! That’s not what the public thought!

  138. public says:

    publish my earlier comment please.

  139. Menyalak-er says:

    Wits0: “…blathering headless chickens…”, which are dead anyway.
    Not only that, they are in the abyss of hatred & vitriol – fanatical, hypocritical, immature, self aggrandizing, rascist, misogynistic, irrerevant, deceitful, desert owls.
    It does not matter, cos i just bypass their postings – but they do take alot of bandwidth don’t they? That’s what we call ‘anal retentives’ eh?
    Probably need some ECT’s! Wits, kindly inform to them their ‘need’.

  140. bamboo river© says:

    bukit lanjan voter was rewarded with 20 crates of ‘Tempe’ by toyol to smudge this blog. Those ‘tempe’ are not for his face but his arse.
    Toyol is not happy because bukit lanjan voter’s arse is too wrinkled and rough. Not good for toyol’s ‘smoothened’ face.

  141. kittykat46 says:

    Kherry Scarry,
    “1) Teresa Kok – ISA ,
    2) Eli – photo,
    3) Menteri Besar Khalid – some issues on his personal car
    4) Menteri Besar Khalid – slaughter of cows – korban issue”

    Khir Toyol richly deserved the rejection by Selangor voters on March 08 2008. Since then, he has been bankrupt of ideas on how to get back into the good books of the electorate, except playing up Racism, Dirty Tricks and More Dirty Tricks.

    Khir Toyol paling Menjijikan

  142. Phua Kai Lit says:

    Someone suggested giving a broom to the
    ex-MB of Selangor.
    Since he appears to have little sense of dignity
    as the ex-MB, how about an industrial size vacuum cleaner instead?

  143. Lizzie wong says:

    I think, we shld be calling on Pakatan leaders and PKR leaders to not accept her resignation. She has handed in the letter, and it is now in the hands of the leaders. Dear Pakatan leaders, listen carefully to the people, dont do what you accuse the Perak Royalties of, which is not to act according to the will of the people.

    Giver her your 200% support, and let us then reciprocate and stand behind your coalition with our 1,000%. No matter what BN hurls at you, if u don lose the support of the people, you can still triumph over them.

  144. jean says:

    Sorry Harrison, you’ve got the wrong person and I think you know that you’ve got the wrong person. You know that sofiairdina has stopped commenting and you know that her identity has been stolen and somebody has been using it.

    BTW… when you looked at Eli’s pic so far, there is nothing really incrimininating and they are so blurry that Eli could simply say “how do you know that was me?” IMHO, she does not even have to resign for those two photos. I won’t if I am Eli. The two photos show nothing. Not even the upskirt one. Nope. Not for the two photos.

    A bit jumpy ain’t she? But I am thinking as a not so well-informed, a readily- jumping-to-conclusion-after-blaming-BN naivette.

  145. wits0 says:

    Menyalak-er: “That’s what we call ‘anal retentives’ eh?”

    They literally need the broom handle from that item that the Toyol received and if they cannot retain that, I’m sure they can come to seek your expertise to suture up that os. I’m sure you’ll gladly do that on a non-profit basis.

    Then again, they’re performing a great service in Cyberspace by displaying and reminding everyone the true scum quality of umno/bn supporters.

  146. nkkhoo says:

    Nobody can force Elizabeth to resign if she did nothing wrong legally and morally.

    I urge her supporters think carefully before you pointing your fingers to blame BN or others for her fall.

    How many of you know her private life? As a public figure, her private life is scrutinized by the society as well.

    Do you accept a leader with “koyak” lifestyle like Chua Sok Lek? MCA elected Chua as a vice president is a tragic event for Chinese community, its wrong message is to encourage more Chua go play around with young ladies.

  147. tulan says:

    Why the need to resign if it over 2 lousy pictures? I suspect there is something more to this which is not known to the public yet, otherwise why the haste to quit if she insisted she has done no wrong?

    Why PKR and the Pakatan Rakyat partners are not coming out strongly to support and defend her and instead ask her to go on leave and wait for royal guidance? The public is not stupid lah.

    To me, Eli wong’s political future is as good as gone now and I do not blame it on BN but the spineless PKR and their ball-less MB. Remember, the enemy within is more dangerous than the fucking Toyol or BN. If my assumption is right the Eli was pressured to quit, me and my fellow voters will boycott the by-election!

  148. Menyalak-er says:

    Will gladly do so, Wits, brided stainless steel sutures 0/0 size! But then we should colostomize them don’t we… hahaha.
    Jean, hv not seen them photos etc., but i think neither has Eli fully comprehended the support she’s getting. Err… methinks there are other more ‘distasteful’ ones and we should not hold our breath, as there’re more groppers/perverts out in lalaland… Jumpy? Nah, its called hopping mad and being soulically ravaged by some sob!
    Do us a favor Jean, smother with your denim knickers, if you catch up with that flur, cos most of us use cotton/polyester- no good for smothering!
    Tok Guru Nik Aziz’s solution might be the best compromise at the moment. Cheers.

  149. IT says:

    Pakatan should not be ashamed of Elizabeth photo and should not be pressured by the media nor any party to ask Elizabeth to resign. She should be using this by gaining more support for the Pakatan to become relevant and stronger. Pakatan shouldn’t pressure her to resign, instead should stand strong behind her to nap the criminal to end such problem from recurring. All the women, i think even the men, would be very grateful if Pakatan could pass a bill to stop this cowardly crime or cyber traffickers. Eli, you would then be in our history for such brave act. You are innocent, the other party is outright guilty. Why punish youself by resigning or why Pakatan must purnish her? She didnt commit any wrong or any crime, the other party should be severely punished and jailed for his criminal act. Do not let this destroy your life and your bright future in politics. You won the seat for a good reason. The general public does not feel ashamed of you, instead we are angered by what the other party was doing to you.Please do not resign (don’t emulate soi lek, it is not a precedent).If you resign, then Pakatan will be like another MCA) its like accepting your wrong. You have done NOTHING WRONG!! Protect your rights and fight to the end for all women’s rights.We will be grateful and will remember you for life if you could expose the one that did this to you once and for all so that everyone can move on in life and make us feel safer in our own homes!

  150. kittykat46 says:

    I read, with a great deal of sadness Malaysiakini’s write up on Eli’s message before she left the country.
    I think she’s got to the point where she simply does not want to put up with all of this anymore, especially with people issuing threats to drag her name through the mud even further.
    Women, even very strong women take this quite differently from men.

    Lets respect her privacy, and allow her the room she needs to recover.

    To UMNO and Khir Toyol – we will remember , and we will not forgive.

  151. Kherry Scarry says:

    You can deny until Badwee comes home and goes to sleep, Rakyat still convince that this is “Najis and Toyol” piece of work. See how bad when both combine !!!

  152. wits0 says:

    Kittykat46, the die is cast ; umno has to perish for others to live decently and this is being made ever more manifest. Not my will, or hubris but by operation of the Law of Karma.

  153. 求真 says:

    it‘ s the ending story?after eli last statement?


  154. 求真 says:

    sorry do disturb,i just use this wp,I like Susan writing …lol

  155. Dumbo says:

    Why should Eli resigned? She herself has said she has done no wrong? As someone has pointed out earlier, even Clinton didn’t resign or that guy in Melaka or that other one who fooled around with a Sultan’s daughter.

    So why should she resign?

    Unless she has something we know not? How about these 2 theories:

    (1) She and Anwar pakat to this plot – hey, the photos NOT really that obsene lah. Rather tame. Yet she screamed “FOUL” and “I quit!” This will allow by-election and judging from people’s anti-BN mood, will be landslide victory for Pakatan. And Eli will come off smelling like roses.

    (2) She also bad like Hee woman. But she more clever. Take money, distribute pictures – and very mild ones too – but make mountain out of molehill, then cry “FOUL” and “I quit”. Then migrate somewhere. Or still stay around to be most loved woman in the country.

    I may be wrong (very probably as my nickname is Dumbo) but as I have said, IF DONE NO WRONG, THEN STAY. DON’T RESIGN. DO SOMETHING GOOD FOR THE VOTERS.

  156. wits0 says:

    Dear Dumbo, could it be that Anwar and party thought she should resign as the standard conveniently politically correct measure. And consequently her tears of disappointment and noted protestation that she has done no wrong with and these now form her the determination to quit. IOW, her party let her down – bottom line.

    Keep it simple, the Occam Razor’s way. Anwar misread the tea leaves, miscalculated the public support for Eli by doing the riding on two horses (again!). Looks like it although he should know by now how hardly appeasable are many “conservatives” here. That’s why he could not make a decision by 2pm on that day.

  157. Dumbo says:

    Ya, WitsO, you are probably right. I have never trusted Anwar (he just want to be PM by hook or by crook) who was a high-ranking UMNO protege. I hope Eli wasn’t fooled by him into this if it is at all a ploy schemed by Anwar. That’s why I said she mustn’t quit but has got to fight on to prove her innocence.

  158. MF says:

    Online Petition – *REJECT* YB Elizabeth Wong’s Resignation As ADUN of Bukit Lanjan and Selangor EXCO


    Let’s do our small part … email this link to *ALL* our contacts and urge them to “pen” their signature to support Eli … to convey a *STRONG* message to Menteri Besar Selangor and Sultan of Selangor that we, the rakyat … want the resignation of YB Eli to be *REJECTED*. She stays as ADUN and Selangor EXCO!


  159. croak croak says:

    The tittle Yang Berhormat comes with heavy responsibilities. You are PEOPLE’S REPRESENTATIVE, whatever you do represent the PEOPLE..She is stuck with it 24/7. Not any TOM DICK and HARRY have the priviledge of going around addressed as YANG BERHORMAT, one who stand and deliver in the DEWAN yang MULIA.

    I definitely will never allow my children, grandchildren, nieces or even their friends to be near anyone with such CARELESS character as this, no matter who this woman is.

    Being in her position, she should consider the sensitivities of others in this country, eventhough not subjected to Islamic Law, does she not have any respect for The Sultan, Tok Guru Nik, Anwar, Khalid, HER SUBORDINATES, HER VOTERS who are Muslims? And not forgetting our neighbouring countries, Brunei and Indonesia having the largest Muslim population in this world.

    Of cos even if her religion or culture permits this doing, the likes of Rose Chan, prostitutes, call-girls, GROs etc, acceptable however, she is an ADUN, A RESPECTABLE PUBLIC FIGURE OF SELANGOR, a part of Malaysia.

    Scandal? She brought it onto herself.

    “I left my doors wide open at night, left all my valuables in full view, and when a thief stole it, do I need to cry foul and say it is the thief’s FAULT?”

  160. justme says:

    To dumbo,
    Much as i agree with you about the photos,but i feel you are a prick that kicks a person when he/she is already down.
    It also very hyprocitical of you when you utter these word: “I may be wrong (very probably as my nickname is Dumbo) but as I have said, IF DONE NO WRONG, THEN STAY. DON’T RESIGN. DO SOMETHING GOOD FOR THE VOTERS.”

    Why don’t you just say it plain and simple that she is an immoral person. Yet you too ,tried to somehow drag Anwar into the picture as well. If you are that dumb, why try masking your nick using “Anonymous” at other blogs?

    Though I am no admirer of Anwar, but when you insinuate Anwar has a hand in Eli’s downfall, you indirectly questioned the integrity of all Pakatan Rakyat’s leaders. That’s your real purpose is it not?

  161. Fair To All says:

    In the first place, I wouldnt turn my head if she walked passed me. Now exposed with nude photos??? Certainly a big turn off. Told you guys, PKR is after everything “recon” hehe

  162. wits0 says:

    Justme, Dumbo is disingenuous, ler.

  163. zildji says:

    Eli a whore. Even Pornstar is smarter than her. A Pornstar get money when she show her body but ELI got shame and run away and maybe she will lose everything now. Hahahahahahahahaha what a whore

  164. whispering9 says:

    Politics is disgusting. It sometimes ends like a left-over party dinner. Unwashed dishes with rubbish, rats, cockroaches and flies all over the place. TGIF.

  165. Kam says:

    Susan, I weep with you. This is real new low for me. I am losing hope for this country. Some of your commentators here are simply reinforced my perception that our country is lost…lost to corruption, lost to racists, lost to hatred, lost to sexism, lost …

    and i am lost too.

    “zildji Says:
    February 20, 2009 at 7:18 am

    Eli a whore. Even Pornstar is smarter than her. A Pornstar get money when she show her body but ELI got shame and run away and maybe she will lose everything now. Hahahahahahahahaha what a whore”

    You disgust me. I don’t know what sort of people will say such a thing. Even an Umno scum will have a little empathy. You suck. And thanks for ruining my day as a Malaysian.

  166. orange says:

    bukit lanjan voter – who and what do you think you are to make such sweeping statements on behalf of us women?
    “Her reputation is gone and is a bad model for the bukit lanjan denizens especially ladies, especially especially by and large Malaysian Chinese girls”.
    keep your fixation on womens’ sexuality and moral policing to yourself!
    we do not need frigid people like you to speak up for us.
    and do have a good look into your own mind, as it is probably your perversion, fear and dishonesty that is motivating your need for validation from out here.
    no need to try so hard, ok?

  167. OMG says:

    Hello Zildji, how could you say such filty thing. So, your girlfriend or your wife or your mother or your daughter also a whore lah because have intimacy with loved ones. You are SO…. SICK….SICKO. You should be castrated so no more whores will even go near you!

  168. Menyalak-er says:

    I think Susan, all needs to be said has been said and now this particular blog has degenerated into personal grudges and self-righteous, hypocritical condemnation.
    It does not serve any purpose to continue in this vein. If there is nothing positive to say about this sad, sorry & sordid affair, then it can only devolve and be mired in the abyss.
    Compassion becomes a byword, for many have none – and the ‘stone throwers’ gather.
    Take care of Eli for us and Godbless.

  169. bamboo river© says:

    Eli had left a farewell posting in her blog. I guessed we won’t be able to read all the incoming comments in that posting becos Eli may not want to open her blog until the dust has settled.

    I hoped Eli, will remain strong as ever with the support from her friends like Susan. If you happen to meet Eli one day, please give her a hug on my behalf.
    Well, we hope the politicians from PR take notice of such dirty tactics applied by their nemesis.
    Najib just DARED the DSAI to show proof that BN was the ‘Dalang’.
    I just pray that the proof and evidence will surface just like how Karpal did to Zaki. If DSAI /PR wants to do it , do it fast before the March bumno AGM.

    This will be my final comment about Eli as to respect her wish to have this matter closed.
    God Bless Eli and we are always with you.
    YOU ARE NOT ALONE that’s for sure. …Elizabeth Wong.

  170. wits0 says:

    Menyalak-er: “…personal grudges and self-righteous, hypocritical condemnation.”

    Not to mention that shameless Schadenfreude promoted by the pro-establishment CTs.

    The matter exposes the systemic consequence of stressing on mindless outward morality while losing the pants on ethics. The form without substance ; the brain without a discerning mind. The fruits of select religiosity stunting any Light of understanding from growing and evolving. That self-serving ideology of making zombies of the people so that they may be securely subservient. See that not also in the Mahathiran “Eastern values?”

  171. zildji says:

    ELI is A WHORE

  172. kittykat46 says:

    Bamboo River,
    I already have the evidence that UMNO is the key organisation behind the way the photos were spread. Somebody sent me one of those damned e-mails – I hate it, but its a gold-mine of data for kittykat.

    The person tried to disguise the source of the mail by deleting the forwarded part of the mail, but with the right tools, the whole history of the e-mail is still in the encoded portion of the mail.

    Its UMNO all right. Chain e-mails by people associated with UMNO, computer servers associated with UMNO.
    I don’t want to say too much, but I’ll pass the evidence to the right people.

  173. bukit lanjan voter says:

    Eli just doesn’t have the knowledge to be a professional politician! Go study some political science before joining any political party-la!

    Eli also doesn’t have the skill of a professional negotiator who is supposed to be round and smooth.

    El also doesn’t practice the six thousand year of Chinese culture which teaches her that the head of a sex there is a knife.

    Eli should not sleep with a man, especially a Malay man.. most of the Malays could turn traitor when dangling with a carrot, eg. Mahathir, Pak Kau Lah, Najib, Botak hid, Ezam, Jefri, saiful, zaidi, …. The Malays are untrustworthy… never trust a Malay especially a Malay politician..

    Eli is not the first and also the last, so no big deal on this..

    Eli should apologize to all the Bukit Lanjan and Petaling Jaya voters before she resigns for good but she hasn’t! What a stupid girl is she?

    Eli has to go! Why? Watch this and people will link to Eli…

  174. oneworldmaybenot says:

    Lets have this die a natural death & let the dust settle. Unfortunately with this email going around its gonna be around longer. It’s like being raped over & over again. If it was me I wouldn’t wanna come back for a long time.

  175. the cheapskate joker says:

    Hopefully Eli will come back reinvigorated from overseas. More sexy, more juicy with monsterballs.

  176. Nyonya khan says:

    Toyo, Hilmi, bukit lanjan voter and zildji,
    go do yourselves a favour, go kneel down and pray and ask God for forgiveness, at least He’ll remind you not to accuse or judge people. If you need to condemn, condemn the act rationally, but do not condemn the person, for God forbid, it might happen to you.

  177. the cheapskkate joker says:

    Leave Eli alone and stop vitiate Sloone sacred web-blog. Eli needs a good rest please!

  178. the cheapskkate joker says:

    Eli’s supporters contains mostly plebian sycophants and philistines.

    It’s a great joke if Eli is still around.

    cheapskate joker

  179. the cheapskkate joker says:

    Eli’s supporters contain mostly plebian sycophants and philistines.

    It’s a great joke if Eli is still around.

    cheapskate joker

  180. the cheapskkate joker says:

    Hahaha! Looking at sloone photo and who said that Eli is her compatriot and she is willing to weep for her!

    I wonder Eli’s photos also contains Sloone in them.

    Whose know if both of them are lesbians?

    cheapskate joker

  181. the cheapskkate joker says:

    If sloone nude photos/ videos are circulating concurrently with Eli’s, I wonder sloone will have to close her web-blog and joining Eli overseas also??

    the cheapskate joker

  182. the cheapskkate joker says:

    Well! Lesbians are allowed to marry each other! I wonder who will want to be the husband?

    Or either of them at the next day alternately?

    Hahaha! Go to San Francisco and nobody will bother about you two!

    The Muslims in Malaysia can only fuming….

    the cheapskate joker

  183. the cheapskkate joker says:

    Sloone sycophants will sure be like Eli’s sycophants begging sloone not to close her web-blog.

    How about closing your web-blog for few days and see your sycophants jumping into rivers/ seas… just to protest for closing your web-blog?

    the cheapskate joker

  184. wits0 says:

    The “the cheapskkate joker” oral diarrhea suggests that the truth hurts more than the toyol broomstick up his inferior os.

  185. Menyalak-er says:

    Yep, wits, severe case of “Onanism”. That’s why ECTs (ElectroConvulsiveTherapy) an absolute necessity in such times – as never before! A lot of borderline personality disorders don’t you think?

  186. wits0 says:

    Menyalak-er, this may also be a case even outside your clinical readiness to handle ; you may need to apply a straightjacket and pack it off to TR under heavy sedation. Please use a stained and old straightjacket, not a brand new one for vile subjects already fully creamed by reeking vomitus.

  187. DAIJEK says:

    No matter wat…still people vote for opposition..who cares for those dirty ruling party did? for eli …i treat u as my HEROINE forever…those cowards only do third world mentality kind of job….VOTE OPPOSITION…NEVER PRO GOVT……

  188. Fair To All says:

    Was her boyfriend a pimp for her? Circulating nude pictures to solicit? Her dark past?

  189. Anonymous says:

    How about a tooth for a tooth.

    Since Toyata and jib are womanizer, why don’t set them up and take some sleazy photos/ videos also.

    The best defence is offence.

    Since liz and sloone are equivalent to miss world, just show a little bit of leg and a little bit of vv, sure they tak tahan and then take some videos and photos.

    Sure toyata and jib will be like vehicles without spark plugs for the rest of their life…

    the cheapskate joker

  190. the cheapskate joker says:

    As for bodohla, kung fu michele will be the best bet. Just provide bodola some anlene and show some stunt kung fu, sure bodola will fall in the trap…

    bodola will relent to pr demand and hand over the pm to our two beauties… he he!

  191. Anti-PKR says:

    PKR has been exposed; first its leader an arse banger with its promotor ,RPK, a malicious tongue slinger. Then another giving away cows to buy hearts. Now one has bared naked for all to see. Sure many more skeletons to come out of the closet.

  192. Ray Chin says:

    Susan, I know u r Elizabeth Wong altered Ego.

    Joke: Scotmen wear nothing nothing beneath their kilts so do Elizabeth Wong in her sarong.

  193. bukit lanjan voter says:

    This Hilmi is the son of a mother of all f*&*kers alright.

    He must be skinned alive.

    Skinning this mother fu**&ER

  194. bukit lanjan voter says:

    So this will be the result for playing with Chinese girl, you mother fu*&*& of the highest order.

    This fuc*&*g basta&* is the enemy of mankind

  195. monsterball says:

    Elizabeth Wong has confirmed she resigned…no going back.
    She left Malaysia.
    Hope she is with one of her closest friend…Susan.

  196. BL says:

    Unlimited Money Nabbing Organization.

    Unethical Money Nabbimg Organization.

  197. credit to GRK says:

    There is a tinge of hypocrisy in your tear jerker press conference so contrived. You make an admission where one is not yet necessary. No one yet convincingly has demonstrated or led any proof of the existence of nude photos of you. In admitting to it by your conduct you accept the truth of the allegations against you. At least that’s the inference you now compel us to draw by your actions or inaction on the matter.

    It is also evident that the purpose of your whole press conference and your failure to deny or to assert the substance of the allegations about your personal life captured supposedly in pictures was to elicit sympathy and the adulation you associate with the office you hold.

    Such histrionics is to be expected of you with your long history of courting the media to further your personal causes like the other narcissistic parliamentarianTheresa Kok. Your contrived grief is also understandable to a point since, the euphoria that followed you and your party’s election into office quickly degenerated into an internal orgy of bickering by a foul cacophony of mudslingers with little or no real political objectives other than wild accusations which they failed to substantiate ending in the debacle that is Perak.

    More important the failure of your group to demonstrate a clear and unequivocal agenda that would be an alternative to the current BN has driven your credibility into the sewers of politics where you find yourself now crying foul struggling to get out. There was a well orchestrated chorus of “dont resign” like the cursory encore at a boring ballet not genuine yet repeated because it is the thing to do.

    You took an alternative morality with you into government with an impressionable permissive generation of youth in tow who expect the party to rage on forever. Thats youth. But with the privileges of your office comes responsibility. You failed to discharge that responsibility to a standard expected of an elected member of parliament. But then so too did most of your Pakatan colleagues who stand metaphorically naked for all to see. Full of rhetoric, promises and threats and little of substance if any other than self help.

    This is not the first dalliance of yours where you clearly left yourself open to the sort of perfidious actions of a former lover through your own dance with lust. Power as Henry Kissinger once said “is the greatest aphrodisiac”. You attracted it not once but also flaunted it as often as there was an audience.

    This is not an attack on your sexuality. If that what you are trying to make of this situation you are clearly out of step. It is of your promiscuous behaviour which you attempt to equate with women’s rights and privacy that’s at the core of this situation. And yes a conservative in every camp will reject what you see as right.

    If you promote promiscuity, an act that should be reserved for the privacy it deserves then advocate it as a virtue so liberally equate it with democratic and liberation feminist doctrines typically using feminism and women’s rights and democracy as your fig leaf, the leaf is too small a cover. It will fall off as it just did for you.

    This is an issue you cannot simply internalise or localise to suit your own personal situation. As a public figure you are public property. Thats a fact of the life you now lead.

    The western liberalism you and Anwar promote has its pitfalls. It may be okay to “let a thousand flowers bloom” as Mao proclaimed in the cultural revolution a philosophy of unleashing unbriddled youthful energy against established conservatism you and Anwar now exploit for your powerbase. However remember it cuts both ways.

    What about the other young men and women who are exploited daily whom you pay lip service to? Prostitutes held to ransom by Tai Kongs and OKT’s? the police protection of money lender sharks, the murders of young people in police custody? they don’t have that luxury of switching boyfriends and living out of wedlock for all to see? again they do not rate for you, Anwar, Theresa Kok and that old fool Kit Siang.

    Why should anyone see your misfortune as anything more than something to comment about in coffee shops today and forget about tomorrow? yuo too after all engaged freely in unsubstantiated claims against other public figures, the chickens perhaps have come home to roost.

    This is Malaysia where there are no privacy laws or did you just realise it. Remember what happened to the former MCA chief ?. This scandal will circulate throughout the world. Some will see you as a martyr of free and unbriddled passion in bed, a carefree soul who cares little about discretion and then uses the effect of her indiscretion as a political tool to further her dying popularity.

    Elizabeth, from Australia’s universities where you learned your craft, you have failed to realise that you cannot change a conservative culture that is Asia overnight with a foreign degree, foreign ideas and then seek to impose it on the vulnerable, the youth. Together with freedoms come responsibility.

    At least in consolation I can say this. if you and Theresa Kok both ran down the streets of KL naked, it will be the offence for which attention will be paid to you not for anything more. Nothing personal;. But learn to be discreet and not to champion those causes that end up biting you in the Behind.

    Gopal Raj Kumar

  198. Menyalak-er says:

    I’ve read your comments on Eli’s blog, and i think you are a decent God-fearing man. Just don’t be too easily provoked by some flurs will you?
    Thanks for your support.

  199. klang crow says:

    This Hilmi Malek is a disgrace and reflects the Malay race.

    This mother fuc**r of the highest level must be skinned alive and the carcass chopped to 10000 pieces before feeding to the crows in Kota Damansara!

  200. klang crow says:

    This is the only way to pacify the bukit lanjan people against this mother of all fuc**RS.

    There is no room for this mother fuc**R to live in this planet.

    This mother fuc*$% of the highest level is just a waste of earth natural resources!

  201. Jinx says:

    I really don’t understand what’s the fuss is all about. So much hoo-hah over Liz’s partial nude pics taken in her own home.

    I always strut around naked in my own home. Even if anyone were to secretly take a pic of me in my own home, so what?

    And it isn’t right to compare Eli with Chua Soi Lek who was caught screwing a woman who wasn’t his wife. Even in Chua Soi Lek’s case, what’s wrong? Don’t some of us do it too OR secretly hope for such an opportunity (to screw a willing woman who isn’t our wife). Why be hypocritical about our lust?

    So why should Eli be so bothered to quit in such a hurry? Why must she ran off overseas? Or is there more to it as Dumbo has suggested but no one is listening (reading)???

  202. sang kancil says:

    Same shit different days. Malaysia boleh.

  203. wits0 says:

    Worse shit, any given day, because of the derangement amplification factor via religiosity and its known quirky ‘morality’ imposition.

  204. stcin says:

    IF only IF the ‘agony’ persists, pls let her GO = GODBLESS !!

  205. kael says:

    Dear Friends and commenters

    1. I was so sad for the last 6 months on what is happening to PKR and opposition.

    2. I got a dream of better Malaysia, I got dream that all race could live in one neighbourhood without segregation with full respect of each other and high sense of brotherhood.

    3. So after the non-performance of Pak Lah administration, ive become attracted with PKR. And i worked my ass out to help out.

    4. The main thing that makes me sad surprisingly is not what the gutter politics that BN played. But what is happening within.

    5. Im different than most of u guys which u guys gave ur reaction or comments based on what u wanted to hear. But i see what is happening infront of my own eyes. And it is horrible.

    6. I saw the undisciplined, low level of sense of brotherhood, emotional, impatient among the runners of this beloved party. To make things worst a simple argument can be turned to betrayal. Some dont have respect for the party law. Some took punishment not as a lesson but reacted back on revenge. Some cant take a build up criticsm. And some still in Cloud 9 since 10 months of this sweet victory. Some just wanted to take revenge and punish UMNO people.

    7. The BN knew our weakness which are money and time. They knew sooner or later the reality will start and come to bite.

    8. What happened in Perak is a betrayal. A betrayal that was caused by our failure on damage control of the bribery case. Yes, those 2 man took bribery but why? Yes they make a big mistake and we should punish them. But they dont deserve the insult and abandonement. Wheres the sense of brotherhood? Im not backing them up but im questioning wheres the sense of brotherhood support?

    9. Is not that easy to be a YB without money in rural areas. You will get people lining up for money and even sleep at your office. But those 2 guys worked and sacrifice for PKR until they won. They campaign with their own resources without asking any from management. But they were forgotten cause of one slip.

    10. BN doesnt need to pay any money at all to them. Those 2 are going to jail after all and the 2 seat will be vacate and the BN can recontest and use the bribery case as their campaign. Those 2 guys just react cause they wanted to get even with the management, thats all. Just a little psychological push from some BN guys is enough for it and it is free….

    11. The Bota guy, just playing with us cause of the September 16 effort to take over the country. He just proving a point. And i was so embrassed and did not know what to say…..im sad that we stepped on the banana peel that we planted for BN…

    12. And what happend to eliza is a betrayal from within, i was shocked at first and extremely angry with BN. But i paused for awhile and think, if BN wanna get to her, they can send someone to follow her and catch her khalwat or put a multi angle cctv like what they did to chua soi lek. And again it started from betrayal…and i was so sad. I couldnt believe it, it was like 3 betrayals in 3 months. This is not happening…

    13. It didnt happen in PAS or DAP, it happens only in PKR, whats wrong…

    14. BN got no interest to take back the lost states atm, why should they. The economy is bad, why they should stretch their resources to get it back. They just simply put all the economic burden on our shoulders and focus on their party election. They knew the mood of the people which still angry at them, so they choose to wait instead.

    15. What they wanted to do for us is to stall. That is all. What happen in Perak and now Selangor especially about the Syabas and MB court case is stalling. The Syabas court case will be dragged atleast for 2 years and MB case will not be solved in a short time. Drama in Perak will be dragged at least 18 months.

    16. From this stalling it will definately effect the economic activities, nothing is happening, no one get paid. For the 1st year the BN will not tackle the “Rakyat” first but they will focus their attention on investors and BCI (business, commerce and industry community) to earn back their trust. And sadly it is working. They loved the transparency that we offered but time is money for them. They are making the fence voters and businessmen hating us.

    17. Some of PKR guys and partners are starting to get restless. Most of them wanted to move on and focus on their job, but the command center are too distracted with BN entanglement. The BN ppl are more focused about their position within their party now and we should take advantage by solidifying our positions for last 1 year. But we didnt…And i have a feeling that more will defect.

    18. The reason we didn’t, cause we didnt function as one unit and immediately shift to 1st gear. Some are surprised that we won but mostly our management rather find BN mistakes 1st. I still remember that we behaving like detectives finding khir toyo and kho soo kun mistakes for the first 3 months. We and the people already knew it, thats why they lost. And we were busy to get even with Tun Mahathir….and hes retired…

    19. Just like eliza said unemployment is rising, business is going the drain, corruption is run rampant. And we lost one bloody year due to this unnecessary drama. 90% of us have forgotten that PKR or PR is beta or trial version in Malaysian politics. The people have give us chance, PKR need to seize this moment and proof ourselves. All of us are qualified and smart people but sadly we choose to get provoked and ending up involve in a bloody circus. BN just provoking us, we should ignore it and maintain position.

    20. And the saddest thing, most us in self denial that we couldnt accept that we got some bad apples in our organisation. Everytime sheet happens, immediately a press conference says that this a political motivated from BN. Everytime…We didnt show to the people that we got our own law and order, crime and punishment. We should show to the people that PKR will punish our own ppl if they do wrong. But we choose to show an illusion that we still the knight in shining armor.

    21. 2 days ago, a PKR guy got punched on the nose by another PKR guy. The punched guy went to get pictures while his nose bleeding and going to give it to the press. So the management going to say it is BN political motivated again? How long we going to behave like this? One day PKR going to end up swallow reality again like what happened with party hopping that was initiated by us.

    22. So guys, there are so many things happening within our beloved party which now start to shake its very own foundation. I need u guys help on this matter.

    23. Seriously, please keep on reminding them we are putting all our hope on them. Please tell them to close their ranks. Please tell them to be disipline and reduce arguing among each other. Tell them to be patient and accept whatever shortcomings that happening. Please tell them to ignore whatever BN is provoking them and continue working. Please tell them to get organised. Please tell them do not be ashame and turn in to self denial mode if some bad things that been done by our own people. Show to the people we got our law and we dont hesitate to punish any wrong doings.

    24. I respect eliza decision to resign and we should not talk about it anymore. But I don’t believe she deserve that. I believe that we should find and punish the guy who did this to her. And I believe from today the people in PKR should start to be disciplined and behave accordingly and they need a constant reminder. If DAP and PAS can be discipline, strong sense of brotherhood and organize why cant PKR.

    25. They dont listen to the normal guys in PKR. But they might listen to all of u bloggers. Please…

    sometimes truth can be hurtful

  206. proverb says:

    A foolish woman is clamorous: she is simple, and knoweth nothing.

    Lady Wisdom has a competitor, and most men fall for her. But she is offensive and repulsive to wise men. She is noisy and dumb, overbearing and stupid, talkative and ignorant. Of course, this description is not very flattering to women; but it does not apply to the gracious and wise members of that sex. Here Solomon describes a foolish woman.

    This woman is not only a fool; she is also a whore (9:14-18). She is described in contrast to Lady Wisdom, whom we read about in the first part of the chapter (9:1-6). Solomon’s line of instruction is this: all men, and especially young men, have two women pursuing them – Lady Wisdom and the strange woman. See the comments on 9:4.

    But the teaching here is important for men and women, for wise women will avoid these three character traits, and wise men will reject any woman with them. There are clear indicators that reveal a woman’s foolish heart – she is noisy, gullible, and ignorant. Wise women are quiet, prudent, and knowledgeable. The difference is obvious and significant.

    A foolish woman is clamorous – she is insistent and loud (7:11). The world cannot stand her noise, especially the poor men born or married to her (30:21-23). Men will go anywhere to escape her (21:9,19; 25:24). Her chatter is like a dripping water torture (27:15-16). Young man, if you seek peace, reject talkative or opinionated women (17:1; 19:13). God loves quiet, gracious, and kind women; demand it (11:16; 31:26; I Pet 3:3-4).

    A foolish woman is simple – she is gullible and vulnerable to most any stupid idea (14:15; 28:26). She is a silly woman of the perilous last days – our days – being taken captive easily by false teachers (II Tim 3:6-7). Fads and trivia on any subject catch her childish fancy. Truly a much weaker vessel, as proven by her total collapse in the Garden of Eden, she feeds on emotion, popularity, sentiment, and political correctness.

    A foolish woman knows nothing – she is ignorant of truth and wisdom (17:24; 18:2; 24:7). She is always learning, but never able to come to the knowledge of the truth (II Tim 3:6-7). She has not learned the divine wisdom of asking her husband at home (I Cor 14:34-35). She trusts her own heart, regardless what others or the facts may prove (28:26). She increases only in age and weight; she does not grow in truth and wisdom.

    Two churches also seek the souls of men. There is the bride of Christ, the true church; and there is the Whore and her daughters, the false churches of this world. False churches create an arrogant and noisy clamor, but they are simple and ignorant of truth altogether.

  207. proverb says:

    Proverbs 7:5

    That they may keep thee from the strange woman, from the stranger which flattereth with her words.

    Man! It is God’s blessing to have a wife as your life companion and lover (18:22; 19:14; Gen 2:18; Eccl 9:9; Heb 13:4). Any other woman, though you may know her, though you may want her, is a stranger. She cannot be your companion or lover. She is an outsider, a foreigner, to your marriage. Solomon warned long and loud against the sin of adultery.

    Sexual sin is a great threat to wisdom, success, and prosperity. It corrupts and enslaves body and soul (5:20-23; 7:22-27). History reveals the destroyed lives of men, who did not resist the advances or availability of a woman outside their marriages. From princes to paupers, men have been seduced and sacrificed by adulterous women (23:27-28; 31:3).

    What is a strange woman? Solomon used this descriptive phrase to describe an adulteress or whore (2:16; 5:3,10,20; 6:24; 7:5; 20:16; 22:14; 23:27,33; 27:13). Jephthah was the son of a strange woman, because his father conceived him with a harlot (Judges 11:1-2).

    How is she strange? Does it only apply to liaisons with unknown partners? No, the word is used to describe a woman with whom you have no rights for intimate companionship or sexual pleasures. She is outside your marriage. She is a foreigner to your bed. She belongs to another man, either father or husband. You have no marital rights to her.

    Where is she found? Anywhere, today! Street prostitutes and hired escorts are extreme examples. Women’s liberation and Hollywood give every woman the right to sex, so she is in the office, the neighborhood, the gym, or even church. The perilous times of the last days turn even Christian girls and women into whores (II Tim 3:1-5; II Pet 2:10-19).

    Consensual sex is a lie – your Creator God has not consented! It does not matter that she is willing, wanting, or eager! The King of heaven is angry, jealous, and provoked! Do not call it a “victimless” crime! The Lord is a victim of your moral rebellion! And there are always other victims to sexual sins, even if you are too selfish or stupid to consider them.

    Flattery is her tool. Men are helpless before the smooth praise of a whore (2:16; 5:3; 6:24; 7:21). Here are two lessons: men must avoid communication with flirting women, and wives should praise their husbands. Godly men will guard exchanges with women other than their wives in person, by phone, by email, or by letter. It is for your life.

    Solomon diligently tried to warn his son (7:1-3). How well will you listen? Wisdom, success, and prosperity are impossible, if you allow strange women any place in your life.

  208. ericind says:

    After ELI,the next will be selangor MB s accusation on the cow n car issue stirred up by former MB the anak toyol Jawa..looks like BN/UMNO already ran out of ideas,their doomsday r near.

  209. klang crow says:

    Eli and her supporters are top hypocrites. If they are God fearing, Eli sould not have premarital sex with that scum and ended up with this fiasco.

    Gos is showing His anger with all these hypocrites and Eli has to pack and go..

  210. stcin says:

    susan dear, she MUST have got her ‘choice-less’ headaches = so pls release her & BLESS her !!

  211. Pussycat says:

    Hi thre guys, there are more pussys in PKR camp than this one. Stay tuned hehe.

  212. stcin says:

    the jawa tukang gigi is desperate 4 the youth post = causing turmoil to cover up his waterloo on the 308 tsunami !!

  213. mohd ali ismail says:

    What’s going on around us now is all about money and power.When you have money,you want power.UMNO has plenty of money with reduced power.To gain back the lost energy use whatever tactics, known, to wrest back the lost power.Simple for UMNO because they can use whatever resourses they have to gain power lost.Tenaga Nasoinal, last fiscal year, lost MR970mil. and now you know that TNB’s loss is UMNO’s gain,get that.That’s why TNB CEO was voted Best CEO in this region,not for nothing.My friends,we are living in BOLIHLAND,dont forget that!The victim for now is ELI.This trend will continue,you bet.Are we going to sit by and let UMNO and BN bully us and ruin this country?The power is with us and we have to use it wisely.The ball is at our feet and it’s up to us where we want to kick it.

  214. imyfish says:

    mark my words, she will BE back.

  215. LaLaLand says:

    Sudah lah. End of story. Next please.

  216. klang crow says:

    Suan and Eli are twins. Both are stupid whore!

  217. klang crow says:

    As a matter of fact, Chong Eng, Ng Yen Yen, Eli & Sloone have 1 thing in common. they are all stupid whore.

  218. the cheapskate joker says:

    They don’t like Chinese. They like foreign cocks.

  219. stcin says:

    what about ibu crow ?

  220. wits0 says:

    The MCA sent a Penang chairman here to try his CT bit and got nowhere. This wildly cursing crow can make any impact?

  221. kittykat46 says:

    This Klang Crow has made many idiotic remarks in Susan’s blog under so many different nicks…but he can’t escape being tagged

  222. Porn Stars says:

    Eli wont even make it front page on Playboy. Please lah. Enough is enough on pornlitics in Malaysia.

  223. Kittydog says:

    Enough of weeping lah. She is not worth it. People with such “lusty” past must know they would come under close scrutiny and the spotlight may be too much to bear.

  224. the cheapskate joker says:

    Eli is just a waste of bukit lanjan tax payers’ money, now holidaying in Australia at the bukit lanjan voters’ exppenses.

    No wonder AI is destined to be a sodomite of the people forever.

  225. coconut says:

    Chong Eng is just another joker and no different to Eli.

    Married to an Indian but still portraying like a Chinese fighting for the bananas.

  226. coconut says:

    Chong Eng is a hypocrite of the highest level.

    Dap is another pariah party but portraying alike a democratic party.

    Lks, son and dil are bananas and should be hung like bananas.

  227. coconut says:

    Chong Eng, Ng Yen Yen, Eli and Sloone have one thing in common.

    They are bananas and they love bananas!

  228. Ray Chin says:


  229. Eli! Please come back, we desperately need you!

    the cheapskate joker

  230. monsterball says:

    Ray Chin….No they are not!

  231. monsterball says:

    Jealousy….hatred…..cannot stand seeing others more happier than him/her…and downright cruel …vicious toothless snakes…that will lick any balls for money to bring someone down…..are the few reasons….why Elizabeth Wong is in a mess today.
    I wish his ex BF will one day…have a daughter….fcuk by so many…for money….to shame him. Every action has an equal reaction.
    Most of all….I hope Eli learn from this. …”why like that/”….’how come..it happen to me?” Know the reasons…and it boils down to…some weaknesses of Eli that need to be identified…change and be stronger. Never too late to learn. it all boils down to selfishness.
    In Eli’s case..she hurt no one…no matter what her weaknesses are.
    And to those….that feel so happy..the have succeeded to make her resign….you have actually proven you are the lowest kind of human being in this planet.
    If this is politics…..than you are another devil reincarnated follower….maybe a pimp….or a FOC open leg woman..for UMNO men…to do what they like to you…as long as you are paid well.
    Unfortunately…a woman like Jed Yoong..open leg.fully naked…no one wants her.
    She should try Eli’s ex BF…..pay him…for satisfactions.
    Get paid to be laid?….dream on…Jed Yoong!!

  232. This sloone is just a strayed and stupid wild cat colluding with this petaling jaya traitor-bukit lanjan traitor.

    Therefore sloone is also a traitor of the highest order and should be skinned alive and chopped to pieces and fed to the penang crows.

  233. bamboo river© says:

    So many CTs (castrated trolls) wondering here.

    KK46, if ia m not mistaken, someone ‘hacked’ into Eli’s blog.

  234. monsterball says:

    No one is hacking…BR.’
    If you are using streamyx system…go to Lim Kit Siang’s blog….and read the real reasons.
    Today seems is be better..than one week ago…and then back t o same difficulties…all over again.
    You know how government agencies are….smart to make money…fast to collect out-standings…no planning ahead….no upgrading…no QC..never admit any mistakes.
    Live with it.

  235. kittykat46 says:

    Yes, I think Streamyx has quite significant network problems from Saturday Feb 21 until today Feb 24.

    Not fatal, as the network was, strictly speaking, still functioning. But many users will face intermittent problems accessing the Internet.
    I think Streamyx resorted to “load shedding” as a temporary solution. Small, easy to load web-sites had no problems.
    If you go into a large web-site which takes a lot of megabytes to load, the network will cut you off halfway and do something else, even if you paid for a fast broadband line.

  236. kittykat46 says:

    Bamboo River,
    The latest post in Eli’s blog Feb 23….was not done by Eli.
    I’m not sure whether it was hacked, or she had given someone permission to administer her blog while she was away.

    Anyway…I like the the photo which was posted.

  237. Bkt.kunjan bloated says:

    Bukit lanjan voter, cheapskate joker and Klang crow are all one and the same person, look at the nicks, which show an inferiority complex syndrome.
    Chong Eng, Ng Yen Yen Eli and Sloone are people of high calibre whom inferior people attack by hiding under their nicknames.
    Remember, only trees bearing a lot of fruit get beaten by sticks and stones.
    The bukit lanjan voter is a cheapskate crow like what his nicks suggest.

  238. lonesome goat says:

    So is Kherry scarry, alvin, worm catcher, vandross, noevil and anonymos.. inferior, attention seeking and contradictory. Empty vessels make the most noise and a differing din at that.

  239. Kherry Scarry says:

    Wow!! Lonesome Goat…big thank you for reading and paying attention to my comments !!! Thank you so much.

    Btw, I usually either ignore or laugh those that promote umno (filthy) ideology.

  240. Amirul says:

    If i am not mistaken, Susan is trying to stay low – i read Rocky Bru this moments ago that he was summoned to a police station for an “offensive” commenteries(argumentative, betul???) commentator/s had posted in one of his thread. So had Jed Yoong (also got the source from Rocky Bru).

    It’s good to lay low, Susan dear or else they come and dragged some of the “victims” (bloggers) to be persecuted.

    I ain’t sure y I had difficulties getting to FSZ3? For the moment being, i really miss my darlin’, Sofiairdina. I want to plant a deep kiss on your lips and locking your tongue and you should know that we probably “don’t wanna wake up AGAIN”. sungguh sa(yang)….

  241. kittykat46 says:

    I suppose the MACC guy can’t help it if his kiddo ummm…”likes” children.
    But has he been compromised by doing any deal with the government to let the son keep his job and not prosecute him ?

    After all, if the son was piloting a flight originating in Malaysia, in all likelihood, there was also an offense committed under Malaysian law.
    And the son is still flying – as I understand it, MAS considers the whole period their staff are overseas as “on duty” and any personal offense committed outbound or inbound can be treated as a job disciplinary matter.

    As a parent with young children, I have a particular disgust toward child-pornography.

  242. kittykat46 says:

    Jed Yoong is being intimidated by the police after complaints were made against her blog. I think she deserves our support. I will support a blogger’s right to express an opinion in peace.

    I almost felt “serve her right” for what she wrote supporting the THUGS in their actions against Teresa Kok, Jerit, Anwar Ibrahim, Hindraf and her yucky support for Khir Toyol’s campaign against Eli Wong.

    But no one deserves the persecution by Polis Raja DiMalaysia.
    So she has my support and sympathy.

  243. kittykat46 says:


  244. kittykat46 says:

    Jed Yoong is being intimidated by the police after complaints were made against her blog. I think she deserves our support. I will support a blogger’s right to express an opinion in peace.

    I almost felt “serve her right” for what she wrote supporting the THUGS in their actions against Teresa Kok, Jerit, Anwar Ibrahim, Hindraf and her disgusting support for Khir Toyol’s campaign against Eli Wong.

    But no one deserves the persecution by Polis Raja DiMalaysia.
    So she has my support and sympathy.

  245. redtrap says:

    that y la never sleep with your boyfren then u got blue pic after that u nangis and hope sympaty from people cry cry befor u go to sleep never thing that hapend padan muka

  246. hell lo says:

    What happen to our Helmi aka Malaysia Edison Chen.If he is not a coward, come out of hiding and appear in public to kiss and tell.Is anyone else behind him??? the people want to get to the bottom of this to prevent others being victims of similar threats and victims being betrayed by those traitors at large to prey on women for personal motives.This traitor has no more moral fear and moral shame & fear factor. Fear HELL & Fear GOD!!

  247. monsterball says:

    Is Susan still weeping?
    Eli has decided…. life must move on…no need to weep so long .

  248. eeyaw says:

    Hi Susan,

    Your inactivity gives me some cause for concern. Are you being haunted by the mata mata like what they did to Jed? Stay the cause!

  249. We all weep for Eli. You din get arrested did u (like Jed)? Hope u r fine too.

  250. Fed Up says:

    Enough of this naked truth lah plzzzzzzzzz

  251. pencuri says:

    Eli, you know he is married. Why do you still sleeping with him? Now you can see that this is the problem that show.No wonder you choose to resigned.

  252. Jake Tham says:

    No, PKR has asked her to reconsider.
    It is she who is bent on resigning.
    Anyway, her resignation, though a loss, would ultimately boost any anti-BN campaign. And her resignation should only be accepted after the other 3 by-elections.
    We’ll win Bkt Lanjan handsdown.

  253. monsterball says:

    Pencuri writer…..I am sure ….when your daughter grows up….you will be a wonderful father…to give her same advise and judgement.
    Hope she will not be that easy to trust others …as Eli did.
    If you are still a bachelor ..or married without any children yet…why…you are a real bastard trying to put salt onto a wound.
    Your nick suits you fine….a thieve trying to advise others.
    Although in blogging…you are faceless and nameless…..what you wrote…sums up what kind of low class thief you are…no personality….no brain…just a big mouth…trying so hard..to prove how right you are.
    Readers simply pity your low class character.

  254. monsterball says:

    Pencuri writer…..I am sure ….when your daughter grows up….you will be a wonderful father…to give her same advise and judgement.
    Hope she will not be that easy to trust others …as Eli did.
    You are a real bastard trying to put salt onto a wound.
    Your nick suits you fine….a thieve trying to advise others.
    Although in blogging…you are faceless and nameless…..what you wrote…sums up what kind of low class thief you are…no personality….no brain…just a big mouth…trying so hard..to prove how right you are.
    Readers simply pity your low class character.

  255. monsterball says:

    Pencuri writer…..I am sure ….when your daughter grows up….you will be a wonderful father…to give her same advise and judgement.
    Hope she will not be that easy to trust others …as Eli did.
    You are a real bastard trying to put salt onto a wound.
    Your nick suits you fine….a thieve trying to advise others.
    Although in blogging…you are faceless and nameless…..what you wrote…sums up what kind of low class thief you are.

  256. monsterball says:

    Pencuri writer…..I am sure ….when your daughter grows up….you will be a wonderful father…to give her same advise and judgement.
    You are a real bastard trying to put salt onto a wound.

  257. monsterball says:

    Pencuri writer…..You are a real bastard trying to put salt onto a wound.

  258. siew eng says:


    Stop the war on women’s bodies
    Jac SM Kee | Mar 2, 09 3:32pm

    The Women’s Candidacy Initiative (WCI) strongly rejects the violation of women’s sexual rights in public politics.

    The recent invasion to Bukit Lanjan assembly person and Selangor executive council member, Elizabeth Wong’s right to privacy, and the continuous usage of sexualised arguments to discredit public officials is completely unacceptable.

    Women’s bodies and sexual rights have been continuously targeted in our political landscape.

    From sexist and degrading comments by members of Parliament, to sexualised caricatures of political candidates during the 2008 elections period, to the current violation of Wong’s right to privacy, we have seen women’s sexual rights being violated over and over again to further the interest of political parties.

    The violation of women’s sexual rights in politics relies on arguments of morality and shame. The ability to control women’s sexual body by political parties is taken to mean good governance. Conversely, the inability to control women’s sexual body by political parties is interpreted to mean bad governance.

    In the process, a woman’s ability to exercise control over her own body and to define her own sexuality is being violently removed. Instead, women’s bodies become a place where the nation’s struggles are fought over, where everyone else has a right to define and regulate.

    This clearly demonstrates a lack of concern paid by decision-makers in this country over gender equality and women’s right to autonomy, bodily integrity and self-determination.

    At a time when the nation should be focussed on the promotion of women’s participation in public and political life – women barely make up 10 percent of the total number of MPs – such tactics creates serious and damaging barriers.

    If we continue to allow sexualised arguments to dominate our political landscape, we are allowing ourselves to be misled about the real issues facing our nation.

    Based on the Global Gender Gap Index which measures women’s equality vis-a-vis men, Malaysia’s overall ranking has fallen from 72 in 2006, to 92 in 2007, to 96 (out of 130 countries) in 2008.

    The Global Gender Gap Index captures the gap between men and women in the areas of economic participation and opportunity, educational attainment, political empowerment, and health and survival.

    WCI strongly rejects any further sexualisation of politics in this country. We demand that all parties instead take concrete action to promote, protect and realise all aspects of women’s rights.

    This includes sexual rights and the right to privacy. Through this, we can we build a truly democratic nation where every Malaysian, regardless of sex or gender, has the capacity to participate freely and meaningfully in public and political life.

    The writer represents the Women’s Candidacy Initiative(WCI).

  259. ericind says:

    Hi,Susan,r u hiding somewhere?we have long not heard from u ,scare to be c4ed by Najis?????

  260. billauchris says:

    Dear Friends

    If we are concerned about Eli, let us pray that she would not resign and give up her EXCO and State Aseemblyman positions.

    Why don’t each and everyone of us send an email to the Selangor MB and ask him to pursuade Eli to stay.

    Under the circumstances prevailing, she must not resign and fall for the UMNO intrigues. The rakyat want her to stay and we will continue to support her.

  261. It’s just ridiculous that she has to quit because of a violation of her privacy.

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