Like I said in an ealier post, it seems to be an obvious co-incident! The nearer he gets to become PM, the dirtier politics become! Anyway, here’s a statementby women’s groups condemning the politically motivated attack on Elizabeth Wong’s pesonality and privacy.

The Joint Action Group for Gender Equality (*JAG*) is appalled that private, sexually intimate photos of Elizabeth Wong, Assemblyperson for Bukit Lanjan, Selangor, was taken and circulated without her consent.

JAG is very concerned to note that politics is being practised in an
increasingly violent, sensationalised and sexualised manner. We note that in recent months, we have seen the sex tape scandal of Chua Soi Lek, Molotov cocktails being thrown at the house of Teresa Kok and now these photos of Elizabeth Wong being circulated.

These photos are being released at a time when the tussle for power between Barisan National (*BN*) and Pakatan Rakyat (*PR*) is
increasingly intense. Under no circumstance should anyone sink to this low level of politicking.

JAG cannot help but note that Ms Wong is also victimised as a single woman, as highlighted in the media. Such tactics meant to deliberately cast moral aspersions and indirectly question her ability to carry out her duties as a politician and as a leader deserve no less than our utmost condemnation.

JAG demands that the police forthwith investigates the matter, and bring the culprit or culprits to court. We also hope to hear strong statements from both the BN and PR condemning the circulation of sexually intimate photos and videos as a means of practising politics.

This underhanded tactic must not be part of the political culture of this nation.

Maria Chin Abdullah
Executive Director
Persatuan Kesedaran Komuniti Selangor (Empower)


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  1. Anton says:

    Politics at it’s dirtiest. Let all Pakatan Reps be more vigilant in protecting themselves since it’s so obvious that the recent scandals were meant to slowly chip away Reps support and strongholds.

  2. justme says:

    I won’t be surprise if our renown investigators investigate the victim instead of the perpetrator.
    Its a plot hatched to sow discontent among Pakatan memebers, esp. between Pas and Dap .
    The public is behind YB Wong, we now need the top leaders, such as LKS, LGE, Nik Aziz, Anuar to publicly voice their unwavering support for YB Wong. And Please, YB Wong, do not resign, ride out the storm ,and not give BN the satisfaction of another by-election.

  3. oA says:


    smear campaign!!!

    of course it is dpm. what can he do to PR if he has to resort to reasonable moral tactics – NADA.

    The only way of casting aspersion on PR is to resort to these low down tactics – or better known as – the dpm way.

    of course to make himself look better in his seriously damaged repute.


  4. ah long says:

    The economy is heading south and the budget is going into a bigger & bigger deficit. All the EPF money has been squandered. Why do you think it is taking so long to formulate a second stimulus package (mini budget)?

    The Government has no idea where the money will be coming from. Currently, most international financial institutions including the Middle East are experiencing a liquidity crisis, multi billion ringgit loans are difficult to obtain.

    Our ex-Finance Minister (the one that retired a multi billionaire) is back in the country, does that mean anything?? He was very good at negotiating loans for acommission. Remember?

    So given the current crisis the Government needs a few distractions and sex scandals are most effective at diverting peoples’ attention away from more pressing issues.

  5. flyer168 says:

    We are witnessing the Desperate PM wannabe “Gutter Politics & Law of the Jungle” vs the Perak Mentri Besar Mohd Nizar Jamaluddin’s courage, integrity and mental clarity in the face of grave adversity.

    This Desperate PM wannabe has “lost the Plot” completely & “blown” his last “Trump card” to be the incoming UMNO President.

    The son of our 2nd PM has now “Destroyed” his own party UMNO beyond “Redemption”

    So he might as well forget about being the 6th PM of Malaysia…maybe we should send him out as our Ambassador to Mongolia !!!

  6. roy says:

    It is a sad day for Malaysians in general. I am really upset that politicians who are suppose to do their jobs like finding creative ways to overcome the hardships ahead with the economic downturn is insted more preoccupied with gutter politics.

    Like who is in the nude, who had sex with whom, and who commited sodomy? These are stuff we talk when we are teenagers and still blur blur about the world. Are our politicians still blur blur?

    Morons do your jobs lah. Let us be proud of you for once. Each time I look at Singapore without any natural resources and yet able to acheive first would status. I feel really crapy and sad for all of us.


  7. dayakbaru says:

    When you are Minister of Defense for so long – you tend to have fan inside the army. Army are trained for many purposes and deceit and propaganda are some of those subject.

    Malaysia is going down the drain – through one leadership personality and his ways of managing problems (through cloak and dagger) tactic.

  8. imwatchinu says:

    This is how low Najib and gang is willing to sink. Sleaze, goons and guns are the order of the day. Nothing is sacred to them as long as they can hold to power. Sadly, most Malaysians have still not woken up and believe all the craps that the BN must be supported.

  9. eagle says:

    Anybody can sleep bogel, so no issue.
    Only people like Khir Toyol who is so despicable and even making wrong comparison with what was done by Chua Soi Lek, idiot Toyol!!!
    The person who took the photo and distribute them must be stopped and punish under the law.
    If Khir Toyol is involve in this despicable act, it will be a disaster for UMNO to have this kind of leader.
    Just remember this “for every action, there is an equal opposite reaction”
    Stay on YB Eli, your voters will remain with you.

  10. common says:

    The syaitan of the country is showing his true colors but the people must not give in. YB Eli, please stay on.

  11. paloi says:

    maybe one day amno will make tido bogel is an offence muahahahaha

    jaga2 sap suka tido bogel 🙂

  12. Is that all you can call BN, sleazy….?
    Susan…, you can do better than that ! Give them a better tag line. They are more than sleazy, right…?

    Now only DPM & he has done wonders. When PM…., we are all screwed to the last nail…!
    PM is just waiting to go off. Whatever DPM is currently doing, do lah…! And yet he still wants the rakyat to email him. He can’t even do nuts !
    Oh well….! Maybe he can have longer Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz………………………………………..!!!!!!!!!

    Susan why is it that every time when there’s a political “drama” the rakyat have to be involve or suffer. Why are we always drag thru THEIR ‘shit’……..???

    For 52 years BN has been running/ruinning this country. When the rakyat vote for PKR to run certain states, that’s when BN started to be “sleazy” at all cost…..!
    Am I right to say that…….?

    You tell me…
    When have we ever seen sooo……. much of “sleazy drama” from BN ???
    They sleep very well for 52 years under their money filled pillow…!

    When BN lost certain States, that’s the time they wake up & start to move their arse.
    For them its NOT “what you can do for your country”…!
    Its “what’s in it for me first”…………………………………!

    Bloody sick & tired of them..!

    But I still wanna comment.
    Becoz I am angry…!

  13. If Gutter politics is the way BN and especially C4 is playing, no politicians from the opposition will not be exposed to under hand tactics. Do the ruling UMNO-BN regime need to stoop so low to clinch on to power?
    Where are the so called ‘Moralists’ coming out unreservedly condemning this sort of activities. Where are the human values and decency?
    Should we used the statement from baldie Syed Albar, the HM as a guidleline to the mentality of the ruling govt….playing politics and almost condoning to this low being act, we are definitely heading the path of doom!
    Another, the Indo migrant and a muslim by name, the low down Toyo, he even has the audacity of asking the victim to resign instead, condemning the culprit/s. Are we Zimbawe in the making?
    This is so much a civilized society for Bohonland!

  14. steven says:

    YB Elizabeth, pls stay on… to protect the interest of our rakyat.
    This battle is going to continue until We the “Rakyat” defeated the “Be END”.
    Ignore about others negative comment from the Pariah idiot Be END, especially the Khinzir Toyol..

    We will support you & PR until the Rakyat gain the victory……. Long life PR !!

  15. prihatin says:

    It seems that DPM get to be blamed for everything this days. Maybe he is the one that hide behind Eli Wong bedroom and took all the pictures. This is what the Agong was commenting yesterday. Just because you do not like the person, you keep on talking bad about him. You should be fair in your comments.

  16. annie says:

    I so agree with justme, looking from past history of police investigations, the victim will be be slaughtered through and through, I hope YB Eli will remain strong.

  17. JusticeNeeded says:

    Well 2 can play the same game. If They are gonna do this . Then i suggest that the Rakyat can also look to find any nude pictures of politicians or take pictures of politicians doing any naughty things and post them on the internet and force those politicians to resign

  18. Antares says:

    Prihatin, don’t buat tak tahu & carry Rosmah’s balls. We are not referring to the original HUMAN personalities these power-hungry creatures once may havre been… before they allowed themselves to be possessed by NON-HUMAN ASTRAL PARASITES that know no compassion, mercy, or wisdom. Once their bodies & minds are taken over, they become channels for evil – like a DISEASE. And that’s exactly what UMNO/BN has become…. A LETHAL DISEASE THAT THREATENS TO KILL THE SOUL OF A COUNTRY!

  19. Khoo says:

    Sleazy? What do you expect from UMNO? After all the “law” is on their side. If the pix were that of an UMNO member, the offender would have been arrested & charged. Instead there’s a lot of feet dragging here so to make UMNO looks good.

  20. zulkifli abdullah says:

    What really dissapointed me most was that not many came out to support EW. Instead the “G” controlled press, the bloddy press exploited every angle, every nook and every course to their advantage.
    Or maybe the editor in chief knew that tomorrow’s newspaper sales will definately sky rocket!!!!!!!!! and who knows maybe get a pat on the back from the “G” men for a brief of news well reported.
    The Malaysian “G” controlled media has show inmaturity when they acted in this irresponsible manner.
    By thrusting this sad news on the front page and feasting on the incident like a pack of vultures going for the carcass.

    I would recommend that the ministry of information look into revoking their licenses.

    Poor lady has been exploited by every media in the country. Her only fault was her mistake in trusting people. And as for the clown TOYO who gleefully also exploited the situation.
    By asking for her resignation clown TOYO has also shown his child like revenge. This is totally uncalled for.
    Clown TOYO cannot make a comparison agaist Dr.CSL’s case. Dr.CSL’s case was utter disgust. As he had brought shame and was irresponsibile towards all those he knew.
    And he resigned becase he was guilty of that misdeed but as for EW hers’was noting like that.
    EW we who voted for you would like to urge you to stay on and let’s fight this “unfortunate war” together.

  21. Anonymous says:


  22. Anonymous says:

    I’m gonna scour the net.
    Get some photos of that toyol and rafidah.
    Maybe Rosmah will do good!
    Superimpose and put them together on bed.
    And upload it on the net.
    Wowee!That will really rock,man…..!

  23. tan, tanjong bungah says:

    Hi everyone,

    I think Eli Wong would come out stronger in the political arena. You’ve offered to resign but I strongly urge the PR leaders not to accept her resignation.

    If it’s a personal matter between her and the one who exposed the photos, then the police should come down hard on the perpetrator.

    Otherwise, the public outrage over the criminal invasion of her privacy – she is single and totally different from the case of CSL – is another example of how her politcal opponents have shot their own foot!

  24. Noyawns says:

    Bottomline, let’s all start working for the next GE – and let PR get its house in order to govern after that. We, the Rakyat, must kick all this NAJIS BN out! If I was impatient for the last GE in 2008, I’m even more so for the next GE!

    Time for Malaysians to clean up Malaysia; throw out BN!

  25. angry says:

    “The nearer he gets to become PM, the dirtier politics become! ”

    i juz want to emphasize on this specific line

  26. george says:

    Obviously PM position is not like a token that can just easily pass on and it is not working now… without the consent and respect from the Rakyat… Najis just isnt the good material to be a PM for all, but only to his only race….

    No doubt Najis and gangs are behind all this… only a fool like prihatin still believe in this man, perhaps u have not yeat realised the true fact.

    Go to talk on the street about Najis, I sure u get plenty of it on ur face from Rakyat…


  27. stcin says:

    zzzz : ” i still ada work till ogos lah !!”

  28. justme says:

    Unfortunately, she has crumbled under pressure! 12 noon news report she has resigned.

  29. kittykat46 says:

    Yes, Susan.
    Perak, Kedah, now Eli’s case in Selangor.
    Connect the dots, and I see a pattern; and it has a Najis trail all over it.

  30. elizabeth wong says:

    I sense sthg more sinister…. The dark side is shooting a warning shot to the Pakatan Reps…. “take your money while you can, if not…….. ”

    I cry for Malaysia… oh what a doom awaits us!!

  31. […] Original post: Najib’s PM-ship and sleazy politics – a coincident? « *SUSAN LOONE … […]

  32. Rasa_Sayang_Malaysia says:

    Friends, this is only the start of Malaysia’s dirty politic

    When the new PM in power, you will see more “dirt and poison” from his rule..many will fall victims of his wickedness including many many from UMNO…there will unrest because country is ruled by unrighteousness and injustice

    Many many by-elections to come, dear country men! We will be the most worn out and most fooled people by BN unchanged politics..

    Dirty PM, dirty government, dirty laws and orders……a sure scenario

  33. Fair To All says:

    If Anwar was set up with Saiful, it would be interesting if pictures were made available ……. After all, politics is dirty game right????

  34. Menyalak-er says:

    kk46, or you can say: “it has a Najis TRIAL all over it.”
    Well, Fair To All, i’ve seen many things weirder than what you just stated. Would you like to see some pics of 2 size ‘D’ EverReady batteries or a sawed off broomstick stewing in someone’s nether regions? And he/she sure ain’t a poltician! I have them for ‘record purposes’.

  35. SameSame says:

    Well it will get dirtier by the day….esp with you know who/which gang is behind all this. Lets really show them WHO ARE THE REAL BOSS…unilaterally come the next GE! Main-main la they all…TAK KERJA….thats why even have to revise his so-call Growth rate! God knows what else he is gonna revise!!

  36. Khir Toyol says:

    Sementara itu, Menteri Belia dan Sukan, Datuk Ismail Sabri Yaakob, berkata Wong perlu meletak jawatan jika gambar yang tersebar itu gambarnya.
    “Sebagai pemimpin yang bermoral adalah wajar dia meletak jawatan. Dia pun sudah mengaku, memang patut letak jawatan, mana boleh bogel sesuka hati,” katanya. (Source Berita Harian 17/02/09)
    -The most dumbest comment ever….

  37. mohd ali ismail says:

    I have my respect for Eli for offering to resign.That’s exactly what BN wants.Another by-election,it’s Hari Raya for UMNOPUTERAs and they will have more money in their pockets.We tax-payers suffer.Stay on Eli just ignore what people say.For all that you know they have been doing things more incriminating than you do and they don’t even budge from their seats.

  38. jean says:

    Ya lah… how could this Najib guy stoop so low… I was late for work this morning because the traffic jam is bad and I was running low on petrol. So bad lah this Najib. He purposely put so many cars on the road and the petrol station so far from my house and my office has to be in the middle of KL some more… Darn, if Anwar is the PM, it would’nt be like this lah. For sure, Eli will not get a jerk as a boyfriend and my office will be infront of my house and …

    Sheesh… how could someone planted a boyfriend and asked Eli to sleep half-naked and took her picture and then… ooohh… that is so low! And you know something? My colleague said it was all Najib’s plan to have that maid pregnant and then hide the baby in the drawer! Sungguh…

  39. boh tong says:

    What’s wrong with sleeping in nude? Me and some stewardesses slept naked in our hotel rooms too but sia did not ask us to quit…hahaha

  40. Penang Voter says:

    If pictures like that can circulate at such a speed, how about pictures of DSAi and Silly Fool? If they have it, it will be everywhere faster than a speeding bullet !!!

    Fellow Malaysians, use your wise judgement.

    UMNO = Untuk Monyet No Otak

  41. whispering9 says:

    The pictures are now in the internet. If you have seen it, your blood might boil like mine because our so-called journalists from the MSM have jointly victimized her with sensational and misleading write-up. She was clearly victimized. If her ex-BF did it, the police should throw him into jail without delay. Our papers lied! Bloody hell.

  42. machitam says:

    hola jean Says,
    what’s up? why you get cranky. nobody planting no boyfriendlah. eli become victim loh…boyfriend brag/said/show he got eli’s photo. your “gang” thought”this is agood one lah! naked photo punya! can “kena” PR cause PR YB caught naked. can use as bait. if she kena pressure, can offer her money/protection what? boyfriend also can make money mah..eli became hot issue lah. PR must divert to handle situation. you also one kind lah. last night you enjoy till late. you sleep don’t put petrol and tis morning don’t have time to mandi/gosok gigi to go to work. lucky onelah you don’t go to work with your sarong/underwear! i suggest you jadi YB PR not BN one lah…why meh? you can become frogy what! like Jelapang Hee. you can get offer what…Camry, driver and also money. no need to working mah…no need to get up early morning…no need to drive proton…driver wait for you even until 12 noon you wake up also can wait one! like Eli, she vely good YB one. she ‘s an asset to PR. 99% rakyat agreed she a victim. women group also pity her what. you orso women mah…why you jealous hah? carmon lah…sporting lah…..najib and umno only want spend our tax payer money for his cronies and “ketuanan melayu” gang. you he want to help you pour petrol hah? last time crude oil price high he increase price oil price vely low, petrol orso high what. yeh better rent place near office. can save petrol money what….bye bye levi’s jean!

  43. Fair To All says:

    The sleaziest politician award has to go to Anwar Ibrahim aka Pak Buntut.

  44. FuckBN says:

    Fair To All,
    clearly u r a BN trooper through and through.
    well, tell u wat. go to C4’s office. Ask for a “scholarship”. maybe u can ask Saiful and Auntie Pet to join in too, and make it a foursome. This will be a better job for u, rather than BS-ing here and everywhere else.

  45. Perhaps that Toyol fella don’t ‘bogel’ when he have sex…!
    And they want to talk about ‘moral’….!

    What morals do all these goons have when they admit to corruptions, bribery, cronies & & much more…………………?????

    If Eli pose with her eyes wide open, different story lah…….!
    But she sleeping lah………!

    I sleep naked too with my partner…!

    NO issue on me coz I am not PKR. That’s why…..!

    Since they know that she can’t be bribe, better to get rid of her once & for all….!

    These goons “morals” are soooo………. low…., they are almost reaching HELL…!
    Never mind Eli…!
    They are doing all the wrong things now at the right time……………!!

    Perhaps they forgot that it is we, the rakyat that do the voting..!

  46. Sabran Hindi says:

    Elizabeth Wong was “wong” to resign. She should uphold her dignity and respect voters who have voted her a place in Bukit Lanjan. Look at the number of people who would like her to stay on. As an intelligent woman with good credentials, Elizabeth should take this episode with a “pinch of salt”. Look at how courageous DSAI face his enemies. Its a tough act to follow but now Elizabeth has the backing of the Rakyat who trust her innocence and believe in her. For the sake and love for your voters Elizabeth, dont follow your heart ….. listen to the cries of your people who are with you in your time of need.

  47. flyer168 says:

    For our YM RPK, Eli, MB Nizar and all our other “Fighters”, if you have done & given your best for what you believe in, as one of the “Defenders of truth, Justice, Freedom & Equality” have no fear, as God Almighty hears your voice.

    Remember “What goes round, will come round to these Desperate UMNOputras” SOON.

    Through “Devine Intervention”, the “Opressors” will “FAIL” & God Almighty will ensure “Justice” will be done.

    May God Almighty bless, protect & guide all our “Defenders of Truth, Justice, Freedom & Equality”.

    This great nation, its assets & its Anak Bangsa Malaysia have been abused for the last 40 years by these “Moronic Idiots & their Goons” through “Gutter Politics” & the “Law of the Jungle”.

    Through “Devine” intervention, UMNO, its Leaders & their Lapdogs are now “Destroying” each other with their “Power, Greed & Henious Crimes”.

    Our prayers to God Almighty seeking “Truth, Justice, Freedom & Equality” will be answered.Every new day will be another “New Revelation” to reveal the “Truth” in its Self Destruct motion towards its “Demise”.

    Just give them enough rope to “Hang” themselves at every turn in their “Final” chapter.

    May God bless, guide & protect this great nation, its remaining assets & its Anak Bangsa Malaysia forthwith.

    The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.
    – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

    We must accept finite disappointment, but must never lose infinite hope.
    – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

    For all Anak Bangsa Malaysia :

    True peace is not merely the absence of tension, it is the presence of justice.
    – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

    We know through painful experience that freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.
    – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

  48. Fair To All says:

    PKR has a closet full of scandalous naked bones hahaha.

  49. bbbbbbbbbb says:


  50. lsy says:

    Eli do stay on. trust me, people’s memory are short. All those talk about how you are going to face the rakyat are silly. People’s memory are short. Pretty soon everyone will forget about this episode. What may linger is that you are a victim, full stop. Nothing to be ashamed of. We can’t wait 5 years for you to make a comeback. So, stay on and continue to do what is right. Thats the only way.

  51. Dumbo says:

    I fear that we have just only seen the tip of the iceberg.

    With money, Army, Polis, C4, ISA, Judiciary, MACC, EC, DERHAKA, and now sex scandals, as his personal resources, I feel we all have no chance in next GE.

  52. sklee says:

    All in Public life
    Aware and beware.
    To the unscrupulous
    And the overzealous,
    In political warfare
    All is fair and square:
    Corruptions and temptations,
    Infiltrations and trojans,
    Bullets and threats,
    Also disappearing acts,
    All in the name of
    Race, religion and country.
    Fitnah and Zina,
    Khalwat and meliwat,
    Semuanya boleh.
    Political minefields
    Here, there, everywhere;
    It’s dirty, sleazy mafia politics__
    Gutter politics of the worse kind,
    As the ends justify the means!

  53. Anti-PKR says:

    PKR has been exposed; first its leader an arse banger with its promotor ,RPK, a malicious tongue slinger. Then another giving away cows to buy hearts. Now one has bared naked for all to see. Sure many more skeletons to come out of the closet.

  54. kael says:

    Dear Friends and commenters

    1. I was so sad for the last 6 months on what is happening to PKR and opposition.

    2. The main thing that makes me sad surprisingly is not what the gutter politics that BN played. But what is happening within.

    3. I saw the undisciplined, low level of sense of brotherhood, emotional, impatient among the runners of this beloved party. To make things worst a simple argument can be turned to betrayal. Some dont have respect for the party law. Some took punishment not as a lesson but reacted back on revenge. Some cant take a build up criticsm. And some still in Cloud 9 since 10 months of this sweet victory. Some just wanted to take revenge and punish UMNO people.

    4. The BN knew our weakness which are money and time. They knew sooner or later the reality will start and come to bite.

    5. What happened in Perak is a betrayal. A betrayal that was caused by our failure on damage control of the bribery case. Yes, those 2 man took bribery but why? Yes they make a big mistake and we should punish them. But they dont deserve the insult and abandonement. Wheres the sense of brotherhood? Im not backing them up but im questioning wheres the sense of brotherhood support?

    6. Is not that easy to be a YB without money in rural areas. You will get people lining up for money and even sleep at your office. But those 2 guys worked and sacrifice for PKR until they won. They campaign with their own resources without asking any from management. But they were forgotten cause of one slip.

    9. BN doesnt need to pay any money at all to them. Those 2 are going to jail after all and the 2 seat will be vacate and the BN can recontest and use the bribery case as their campaign. Those 2 guys just react cause they wanted to get even with the management, thats all. Just a little psychological push from some BN guys is enough for it and it is free….

    10. The Bota guy, just playing with us cause of the September 16 effort to take over the country. He just proving a point. And i was so embrassed and did not know what to say

    11. And what happend to eliza is a betrayal from within, i was shocked at first and extremely angry with BN. But i paused for awhile and think, if BN wanna get to her, they can send someone to follow her and catch her khalwat or put a multi angle cctv like what they did to chua soi lek. And again it started from betrayal…and i was so sad. I couldnt believe it, it was like 3 betrayals in 3 months. This is not happening…

    12. It didnt happen in PAS or DAP, it happens only in PKR, whats wrong…

    13. BN got no interest to take back the lost states atm, why should they. The economy is bad, why they should stretch their resources to get it back. They just simply put all the economic burden on our shoulders and focus on their party election. They knew the mood of the people which still angry at them, so they choose to wait instead.

    14. What they wanted to do for us is to stall. That is all. What happen in Perak and now Selangor especially about the Syabas and MB court case is stalling. The Syabas court case will be dragged atleast for 2 years and MB case will not be solved in a short time. Drama in Perak will be dragged at least 18 months.

    15. From this stalling it will definately effect the economic activities, nothing is happening, no one get paid. For the 1st year the BN will not tackle the “Rakyat” first but they will focus their attention on investors and BCI (business, commerce and industry community) to earn back their trust. And sadly it is working. They loved the transparency that we offered but time is money for them. They are making the fence voters and businessmen hating us.

    16. Some of PKR guys and partners are starting to get restless. Most of them wanted to move on and focus on their job, but the command center are too distracted with BN entanglement. The BN ppl are more focused about their position within their party now and we should take advantage by solidifying our positions for last 1 year. But we didnt…And i have a feeling that more will defect.

    17. The reason we didn’t, cause we didnt function as one unit and immediately shift to 1st gear. Some are surprised that we won but mostly our management rather find BN mistakes 1st. I still remember that we behaving like detectives finding khir toyo and kho soo kun mistakes for the first 3 months. We and the people already knew it, thats why they lost. And we were busy to get even with Tun Mahathir….and hes retired…

    18. Just like eliza said unemployment is rising, business is going the drain, corruption is run rampant. And we lost one bloody year due to this unnecessary drama. 90% of us have forgotten that PKR or PR is beta or trial version in Malaysian politics. The people have give us chance, PKR need to seize this moment and proof ourselves. All of us are qualified and smart people but sadly we choose to get provoked and ending up involve in a bloody circus. BN just provoking us, we should ignore it and maintain position.

    19. And the saddest thing, most us in self denial that we couldnt accept that we got some bad apples in our organisation. Everytime sheet happens, immediately a press conference says that this a political motivated from BN. Everytime…We didnt show to the people that we got our own law and order, crime and punishment. We should show to the people that PKR will punish our own ppl if they do wrong. But we choose to show an illusion that we still the knight in shining armor.

    20. 2 days ago, a PKR guy got punched on the nose by another PKR guy. The punched guy went to get pictures while his nose bleeding and going to give it to the press (another betrayal) . So the management going to say it is BN political motivated again? How long we going to behave like this? One day PKR going to end up swallow reality again like what happened with party hopping that was initiated by us.

    21. So guys, there are so many things happening within our beloved party which now start to shake its very own foundation. I need u guys help on this matter.

    22. Seriously, please keep on reminding them we are putting all our hope on them. Please tell them to close their ranks. Please tell them to be disipline and reduce arguing among each other. Tell them to be patient and accept whatever shortcomings that happening. Please tell them to ignore whatever BN is provoking them and continue working. Please tell them to get organised. Please tell them do not be ashame and turn in to self denial mode if some bad things that been done by our own people. Show to the people we got our law and we dont hesitate to punish any wrong doings.

    23. I respect eliza decision to resign and we should not talk about it anymore. But I don’t believe she deserve that. I believe that we should find and punish the guy who did this to her. And I believe from today the people in PKR should start to be disciplined and behave accordingly and they need a constant reminder. If DAP and PAS can be discipline, strong sense of brotherhood and organize why cant PKR.

    24. They dont listen to the normal guys in PKR. But they might listen to all of u bloggers. Please…

  55. LaLaLand says:

    Please dont stay too long at la la land. The psychiatrists need to collect the rent.

  56. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous Says:

    Beware of the Nargis & UMNO underhand deceits, lies and dirty tactics which must be exposed so that they will be shunned by all Rakyats in order to be thrown out in the nest GE

    The Era of Anarchy has just begun in the coming Premiership of Nargis, the most corrupted of all corrupters, all Malaysians beware that they, Nargis & UMNO, will spend Government Money to buy Chaos in order to impose Dictatorial Government without election or after they have lost the Election in GE 13, we have all learnt from Perak Government’s takeover by deceit and by force of using the Police Force which could be bought and the Assemblymen who were bought either with money or in kind like no case in court for their corruptions’ cases pending trials if they defect from Pakatan and of course the sole DAP betrayer could be bought with a great sum of money as Nargis knew and as well as the betrayer that she could never be elected ever again in Jelapang and of course the pension sum must be huge including allowance for her permanent retirement for making a betrayal to Pakatan for short term benefiting of Nargis?

    There must be a good reason for the Sultan well learned in law and also once holding the highest office in Supreme Court took a lowly decision in support of the most corrupted Politician call Nargis, Peem in awaiting. No offence intended to the Sultan who was highly regarded until just now only, it is either he has been threatened with some secret files on him held by Nargis, or like all the other froggies that had been lured by huge sums of money offered by the most greedy of Corrupters called Nargis who used the nation’s coffers as his own kitty bank. Knowing very well that Nargis would not last the next GE, this is the best opportunity to make some good cash funds for keeps as the next Government under PKR will be clean and righteous for the God, King, People and Country.

    Not realizing that Corruptions breed even more Corruptions and this is the vicious circle and the people of Perak are ones who would suffer in the long run and they will not forget what a Sultan they have had. If Narjis and UMNO is in Power it is most likely that the nation’s coffers would be decimated and there will be nothing left for our Children’s Children, therefore make sure the UMNO along with all their goons are thrown out the next election.

    God bless you the people of Malaysia

  57. erotik says:

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